Ellener and John Durant "Ters" tertius Oct. ––, "later end," 1746.*


Abigail and Amos Peabody of Middleton, Nov. 6, 1828.*

Asa and Polly Easte, June 29, 1790.*

Benjamin and Rebeckah Jaquith, Jan. 9, 1752.*

Benjamin and Mary Dows, June 15, 1775.*[Dowse. MR]

Benjamin and Alice Trull, Sept. 12, 1798.*

Hannah and William Kendall, Feb. 26, 1786.*

John [dup. Needam] and Mary Jefts, Feb. 26, 1702-3.*

John of Tewksbury, and Prudance Stearnes, Jan. 21, 1742.*

John and Phebe Shattuck of Dracutt, Mar. 3, 1768.*

Mary and John Jaquith of Woburn, Oct. 30, 1729.*

Mary, Mrs. and Isaac Whiting, July 27, 1826.*

Mary and Jedidiah Bartt Burtt Jr. of Andover, June 12, 1828.*

Rebecca, see Rebecca Reedham.

William and Mehittabel Blanchard, Feb. 19, 1738-9.*


Ebenezer of Woburn, and Sarah Dows, Jan. 17, 1782.*

Josiah of Deering, NH, and Abegail Dows, Nov. 19, 1782.* [Abigail. MR]

NICHOLS (Nickles, Nickless)

William and Judith Sprake, July 6, 1817.*

NICKLES (Nichols, Nickless)

Asa, 26, farmer, of Carlisle, b. Carlisle, s. Stephen and Eleanor of Carlisle, and Olive Spaulding, 19, d. Edward and Olive, Jan. 14, 1845.*

John and Esther Hill, Nov. 15, 1770, in Charlestown.*

Josiah and Salley Malone of Dracutt, Dec. 6, 1792, in Dracut.*

Otes, 27, farmer, of Carlisle, s. Stephen and Eleanor of Carlisle, and Lovina Duren, 19, d. Willard and Rebecca L. of Carlisle, Dec. 21, 1845.*

NICKLESS (Nichols, Nickles)

Azubah and John Durant of Carlisle, Sept. 30, 1791, in Carlisle.*

James [and] Sarah Spaulding of Concord, Oct. 30, 1766, in Concord.*

Job of Jeffrey, and Polly Frost, June 3, 1794, in Carlisle.*

Mary and Willard Durant of Carlisle, Dec. 10, 1789, in Carlisle.*

Moses and Rhoda Miller, May 28, 1817.*

William and Susanna Brown, Oct. 17, 1791.*


Joseph and Phebe Hardy, Feb. 15, 1774.*


Jacob, Rev., of Weymouth, and Hannah Bowers, May 7, 1813.*

Lucy Ann and Thomas Eames, May 29, 1834.*

NOYCE (Noyes)

Moses of Wilmington, and Phebe Richardson, May 30, 1775, in Wilmington.*

NOYES (Noyce)

Elisabeth of Andover, and Samuel Brown Jr., Nov. 29, 1787, in Andover.*

Mary of Andover, and Joel Baldwin, Jan. 26, 1792, in Andover.*

Sarah of Andover, and Samuel Brown [dup. Jr.], Aug. 16, 1759, in Andover.*


Jonas and Nancy Kittredge, May ––, 1815.*

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