HAGGET (Haggit)

Amos of Charlestown, and Anna Skilton, Nov.13,1806.*

HAGGIT (Hagget)

Mary of Andover, and Nathaniel Rogers, Oct.26,1724, in Andover.*

HAILE (Haill, Hale)

Ann, wid., and Samuel Trull, June15,1668.* [Hayle.MR]

HAILL (Haile, Hale)

William and Anna Case, Oct.30,1662, in Charlestown.*

HALE (Haile, Haill)

Susan Ann and Joseph Russell, Mar.25,1832.*


Abigail and Abraham Stickne, Feb.20,1727-8.*

Abigail of Westford, and Oliver Abbot, Aug.1,1769, in Westford.*

Joseph and Mary Stearns, Feb.22,1820.*

Mary, Mrs., and William Gerry, Jan.9,1834.*

Richard Jr. and Sarah Pollard, Feb.9,1726-7.*

Samuel and Hannah Kittredge [dup. Kittredg], Jan.25,1727-8.*

Samuel and Hannah Sanders of Tewksbury, Apr.24,1751.*

Thomas and Lydia Keyes, Apr.15,1761.*

William and Mary Fletcher, Oct.30,1764, in Lexington.*


Joanna [and] John Patterson, Dec.29,1702, in Concord.*


Benjamin of Pelham, NH, and Virginia S. Webster, Oct.19,1826.*

HAMBLET (Hamlet)

Joseph Jr. of Nottingham, and Susanna Durant, May1,1735.*

HAMLET (Hamblet)

Jacob and Hannah Parker, July22,1668.* [Hamlett.MR]

Jacob and Mary Dutton, Dec.21,1669.* [Hamlett.MR]

Rebeckah [dup. Rebecka] and James Frost, Dec.7,1664.* [Rebeccah, Dec.17,1665.MR]


Lydia [and] Caleb Farlon, Sept.25,1707, in Concord.*


Ira N. and Emely Duren, Mar.6,1842.*

Mehitable, Mrs., and Samuel Lovejoy, Mar.1,1838.*

William F., 22, carpenter, s.William dec'd and Mehitable dec'd, and Augusta Stearns, 18, "adopted" d.Thomas Page of Carlisle, Jan.1,1846.*


Charls and Mary Chamberlain, Jan.8,1761.*


Judith and Jonathan Alexander, Jan.末,1815.*


Isaac M. of Andover, and Sybil Winning, Apr.8,1824.*

Lucy "formerly" of Andover, and Thomas Maxwell, Nov.5,1837.*

Phebe and Joseph Nixon, Feb.15,1774.*

Susanna of Concord, and David Wetherbe, Feb.12,1778.* [Witherby.MR]


Julia H. and Isaac G. Virgin, June15,1845.*


Marcia and Isaiah Tay Jr. of Burlington, Apr.17,1823.*

Peter Jr. of Watertown, and Nancy Simonds, June16,1805.*

Sarah and Joseph Russell, Dec.8,1829.*


Hannah and Zacharia Shead, July13,1702.*

Richard T. of Charlestown, and Rebecca Orne, Nov.28,1809.*


Noah and Zoa Shed, Dec.3,1818.*


Daniel and Harriet Brown, Mar.末,1837.*


Betsey of Littleton, and Josiah Crosby Jr., Oct.16,1803.*

John of Bedford, and Mrs.Mary Hill, Dec.3,1744.*

Mary and Jonathan Hill, Dec.11,1666.*

Sarah [dup. Sara] and Benjamin Parker, Apr.18,1661 [dup. on Oberne [Woburn].* Sarah.MR]

Susan and Ebenezer Bridge of Harvard, Sept.17,1817.*


Abigail and Thomas Allen, Oct.13,1768.* [Havey.MR]


James of Bedford, NH, and Patte Sanders, Dec.4,1783.* [Patty.MR]

HASELTINE (Hazletine)

Abigail [dup. Haziletine] and Jeremiah Hunt,末蔓末, 末末.*

Ann and Henry Richardson of Chelmsford, Feb.20,1732-3.*

Judeth and Edward Pollard, Oct.21,1725.*

Mary and Samuel Trull, Mar.22,1726-7.*

Sarah and Thomas Man, Jan.23,1731-2.*

Tabatha of Tewksbury, and Joseph Wood of Dracut, Jan.19,1735-6.*


Elias of Harvard, and Sarah Kidder, May14,1761.*

HAYWARD (Haywood, Heywood)

Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth] and Henry Jefts Jr. July10,1716.*

Joshua, Rev., and Lydia French, Dec.1,1800.*

Simon of Concord, and Elizabeth Danforth, Mar.7,1686-7.*MR

HAYWOOD (Hayward, Heywood)

Nathaniel of Woburn, and Amy Richardson, July12,1764, in Woburn.*

Samuel Smith and Sarah Johnson, May17,1758.*


Sylvia and Charles Manuel of Fitchburg, Sept.17,1840.*

HAZLETINE (Haseltine)

Samuel of Tewksbury, and Mary Jefts, May15,1771.* [Hazeltine.MR]


Benjamin H. and Frances Bowers, Aug.4,1842.*

Jonathan, Capt., of Carlisle, and Hannah French, Apr.2,1789, in Carlisle.*


Nathaniel and Anne Crosby, Feb.11,1782.* [Anna.MR]


John and Sarah Procter, Apr.2,1784.*


Agnes and Henry Foster, June12,1751.*

John Jr. and Abigail Munroe, Nov.30,1775.* [Monro.MR]


Benjamin of Reading, and Elizabeth Kidder, Nov.19,1778.* [Elisabeth.MR]


HEYWOOD (Hayward, Haywood)

Joseph of Brownfield, and Rebecca Gleason, Feb.28,1786.*

Mary, see Mary Howard.

Ruth of Lunenburg, and Benjamin Kidder, Feb.12,1761, in Lunenburg.*

Sarah [dup. Haywood] of Concord, and John Baldwin Jr. [dup. omits Jr.], Feb.5,1689-90.* [Haywood.MR]

Sarah and William Manning Jr., Mar.21,1769.*


William and Mary Bonner, Feb.4,1788.*

HIDES (Hyde)

Jonathan and Dorithy Kidder, May6,1673.* [Jonathan Hides Jr. and Dorathy Kidder.MR]


Esther of Westford, and Thomas Brown Jr., Mar.15,1791, in Littleton.*

Joseph Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] of Westford, and Abigail Hill, Feb.22,1744 [dup. 1743], in Westford.*

Richard [and] Dorcas Wilson, Feb.6,1699-1700, in Concord.*


Abigail and John Hill Jr.,末蔓末, 末末.*

Abigail and Joseph Hildreth Jr. [dup. omith Jr.] of Westford, Feb.22,1744 [dup. 1743], in Westford.*

Abihail and Samuel Kidder, Apr.13,1749.*

Abigail and Rev. Mighill Blood, Aug.23,1803.*

Alpheus and Martha Manning, Dec.15,1785.* [Mary.MR]

Anna and Lt. [dup. omits Lt.] Abner Stearns of Bedford, May1,1796, in Bedford.*

Ann and John Simonds, June2,1825.*

Azubah and Josiah Snow, May14,1797.*

Bathsheba and Benjamin French of Dracutt, Nov.6,1766.*

Bethiah [dup. Bethyah] and Breweter [dup. Braveter] Gray, Sept.6,1743, in Charlestown.*

Charles Henry, 27, machinist, s.Brewer and Celindia, and Martha L. Whitford, 24, d.William and Susan, Dec.16,1849.*

Deborah and John Sheldon Jr. [dup. Shildon, omits Jr.], Nov.20,1690.* [Sheldon.MR]

Deborah and Samuel Whiting, May8,1729.*

Dorcas and Ephraim Kidder, Apr.30,1793.

Dorcas and Henry Bridge, Jan.13,1818.*

Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth] and Ebenezer French, Aug.27,1729.*

Elisabeth and Francis Kidder of Oxford, Feb.24,1730-1.*

Elisabeth and Ens.Benjamin Shed, Apr.11,1738.*

Elizabeth and Abraham Jaquith Jr., Mar.13,1755.*

Betsy and Andrew Kembal of Ring, Feb.13,1798.*

Elizabeth and Benjamin L. Judkins, Jan.1,1827.*

Esther and John Nickles, Nov.15,1770, in Charlestown.*

Hannah and Samuel Dutton,末蔓末, 末末.*

Hannah of Charlestowne, and Henry Jeffs [dup. Jefts], Nov.9,1704, in Charlestown.*

Hannah and Oliver Pollard of Bedford, Feb.17,1735-6.*

Hannah and John Miller of Charlestown, Apr.16,1761.*

Isabel and Benjamin Lane of Ashburnham, May26,1785.* [Benjamin Lane of Bedford.MR]

Jane and John Pattin, Feb.4,1736.*

Joanna and William French, Mar.22,1726-7.*

Job and Susanna Blanchard, Jan.19,1790.*

John Jr. and Abigail Hill,末蔓末, 末末.*

John and Abagail Fessenden [dup. Abigail Fesenden] of Lexington, Jan.22, [dup. Jan.25, second dup. Jan.22] 1765, in Lexington.*

Jonathan and Mary Hartwell, Dec.11,1666.*

Jonathan Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Mary Bracket, May16,1704.*

Jonathan Jr. Esq. [dup. omits Jr. Esq.] and Lydia Osgood of Andover, Nov.6,1740, in Andover.*

Jonathan [dup. Jr.] and Mary Lane of Bedford, Jan.13,1746-7, in Bedford.*

Jonathan and Sarah Whiting, May24,1774.*

Jonathan and Mary Proctor of Bedford, Dec.13,1798.*

Joseph and Susanna Baldwin,末蔓末, 末末.*

Joseph and Dorcas Danforth, Feb.18,1808.*

Josiah and Susanna Davis of Bedford, June8,1789.*

Josiah and Abigail French, Nov.26,1812.*

Josiah and Abigail Bacon, Jan.末,1816.*

Lucretia and Sewall Stearns, June23,1836.*

Lucy and Peter Hill, Nov.7,1793.*

Lucy and Joseph Foster, Feb.6,1810.*

Lucy and Isaac Taylor of Dunstable, Oct.末,1814.*

Patte and William Page of Bedford, Dec.8,1763.*

Martha and Benjamin Blanchard of Carlisle, Nov.21,1811.*

Mary and John Fassit, Mar.31,1697.*

Mary and Daniel Stickney, Dec.15,1730.*

Mary and Thomas Dutton, May10,1737.*

Mary, Mrs.and John Hartwell of Bedford, Dec.3,1744.*

Mary and Oliver Pollard of Bedford, June19,1777.*

Mary and Samuel Blanchard Jr., Dec.23,1779.*

Mary and Samuel Butler of Leominster, Nov.23,1824.*

Nathaniel and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth] Homes, June21,1667.* [Hills and Elizabeth Holmes.MR]

Nathaniel and Hannah Walker, Nov.26,1706.*

Nathaniel and Abigail Shed, June18,1735.*

Paul and Dorcas Wilson, Dec.15,1768.* [Willson.MR]

Peter and Rachel Crosbey, Jan.20,1735-6.*

Peter and Abigail Danforth, Jan.30,1745-6.*

Peter and Lucy Hill, Nov.7,1793.*

Rachel and Seth Crosby, Apr.29,1757.*

Ralph Jr. and Martha Toothaker [dup. Toothacor, second dup. Toothakar], Nov.15,1660.* [Toothaccre.MR]

Ralph Jr. and Mehittabel Patten, Feb.1,1732-3.*

Ralph and Abigail Sanders, Nov.11,1784.*

Rebeckah [dup. Rebecka] and Caleb Farley, July5,1666.*

Rebeckah and Isaac Marshall, Feb.27,1746.*

Samuel Jr. and Sarah Page.末蔓末, 末末.*

Samuel and Abigail Richardson,末蔓末, 末末.*

Samuel and Sarah Parker, Feb.21,1773 [blotted].* [Feb.21,1774.MR]

Sarah and John Baldwin Jr., May4,1726.*

Sarah and David Baldwin, June6,1737.*

Sarah and John Brown, Nov.1,1803.*

Sarah I., 17, housewife, d.Asa and Susan, and Isaac Reed, 22, farmer, of Acton, b. Acton, s.William and Mary of Acton, Feb.26,1846.*

Solomon and Hannah Blanchard, Dec.9,1779.*

Susan, Mrs.and Thaddeus Cole of Watertown, Sept.9,1834.*

Susanna and Daniel Procter, Nov.8,1727.*

Susannah and Joseph Patten, Jan.8,1734-5.*

William and Bette Abbot of Tewksbury, May23,1775.* [Betty.MR]

William [and] Sarah Lewis of Concord, May25,1784, in Concord.*

William Jr. and Ann W. Johnson, Oct.26,1817.*


John and Mary Butler, wid., Feb.9,1682.* [Hinds, and Mary Buttlar, wid.MR]


Sally of Holles, NH and Samuel Lovejoy, Dec.4,1817.*

Sophia M., 19, of Lowell, d.Mary C., and John C. Baker, 21, teacher of music, of Lowell, s.Edmund, Aug.26 [dup. Aug.2], 1844.*


Jeremiah of Deering, NH, and Abigail Crosby, Feb.14,1808.*


Abijah of Carlisle, and Rhoda Sprake, June25,1801.*

Abijah and Abigail Dows, Dec.3,1801.*

Patty and Asa Karkin, June26,1800.*[Per a visual inspection of the original record by the Billerica Town Clerk, the recorded name was Polly (Mary)]

HOLDEN (Holding)

Asa Jr. and Amanda R.I. Beard, June20,1824.*

George and Ellen Bennett, Apr.27,1841.*

Martha of Woburn, and Daniel Shed, May8,1823.*

Mary and Edward Rogers of Medford, June12,1825.*

Perkins and Harriet Munroe of Tewksbury, Jan.16,1833.*

HOLDING (Holden)

Abigail and Reuben French, Feb.7,1819.*

Hollaway, see Hallaway.


Sarah of Bolton, and Rev. Nathaniel Whitman, May22,1814. in Bolton.*

HOLMES (Homes)


Abial and Sally Kittredge, Oct.7,1804.*

Elizabeth and Otis Gilmore, Dec.2,1824.*

Levi of Townsend and Sally Stearns, Aug.8,1805.*

Molly of Andover, and John Blanshard, Oct.1,1794, in Andover.*

Mary and Isaac Lewis, June29,1806.*

Mehitable and James Abbot, Feb.20,1791.*

Paul Jr. and Eliza Farmer, May28,1826.*

Rachel of Reading, and James Upton of Reading, Aug.9,1764.*

Zabadiah of Andover, and Sarah Lewes, Dec.23,1784.* [Lewis.MR]


Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth] and Nathaniel Hill, June21,1667.* [Elizabeth Holmes and Nathaniel Hills.MR]

William of Boston, and Sally Gleason, July2,1801.*


Elizabeth and John Trull Jr., Apr.22,1692.*

Ruth, wid, of Reding [dup. Redding], and Thomas Dutton Sr., Nov.10,1684.*


Hannah and Seth Levestone [dup. Leveston], July6,1727.*

Mary and Samuel Britton of Concord, Sept.2,1757.*

Samuel of Willmington, and Sarah Crosbey, July3,1766.*

Samuel Jr. of Wilmington, and Hannah Farmer, July17,1786.*

Sarah and Simon Beard, June2,1725.*

HORSLY (Hosley, Hosly)

Abigail [dup. Hosley] and Jonathan French, Jan.20,1763, in Medford.*

HOSLEY (Horsly, Hosly)

Beulah and John French of Tewksbury, Apr.22,1767.* [John Jr.MR]

Elisabeth and Samuel Danforth 3d,末蔓末, 末末.*

Elisabeth and Samuel Baldwin, Dec.10,1754.*

Esther and James Frost Jr., Feb.8,1731-2.*

Eunice and James Laws, Nov.13,1736.*

John and Elisabeth Tarbell, Feb.1,1749-50.*

Lucy and Oliver Baldwin of Lancaster, May28,1800.*

Martha and John Shed, Oct.22,1755.*

Rebeckah and Joseph Johnson 4th, Jan.31,1765, in Woburn.*

Thomas and Martha Richardson,末蔓末, 末末.*

HOSLY (Horsly, Hosley)

Aaron of Peperrill, and Sarah Hosly, Nov.20,1771.* [Aaron Hosley of Pepperrill, and Sarah Hosley.MR]

Martha and Jonas Parker of Lexington, Aug.15,1776.* [Hosley.MR]

Patty of Pepperell, and Ebenezer Sanderson, Nov.14,1782, in Pepperell.*

Mary and Jessaniah Crosby, Dec.19,1751.*

Sarah and Aaron Hosly of Peperrill, Nov.20,1771.* [Hosley, and Aaron Hosley of Pepperrill.MR]

Sarah of Pepperell, and John Pattin Jr., June20,1780, in Pepperell.*

Sally and John Patten Jr., May8,1794.*


Amos and Susanna Crosby, Nov.20,1791.*


John of Maldin, and Rachel Kidder, July8,1751.*

Rachel and William Adams of Boston, Nov.5,1766.*

Rebecca T. and John Chamberlain, Dec.3,1849.*CR2

HOW (Howe)

Jonathan and Molly Stearns, Apr.13,1803.*


Martha of Chelmsford, and Jonathan Manning, Mar.17,1774.*

Mary of Chelmsford, and Timothy Manning, June13,1776.* [Heywood.MR]

Thomas and Nancy Crage, Sept.14,1809.*

HOWE (How)

Elizabeth R., 21, d.George and Betsey, and Francis Bowman, 25, farmer, s.Abel and Hannah F., Apr.23,1846.*

Lucy Ann and Isaac Merrill of Monroe, MI, Sept.7,1836.* [How.CR2]

Mary I. and Sidney Davis of Lowell, Nov.26,1840.*


Sarah [dup. Sara Hubard] and Samuel [dup. Samuell] Champney, Oct.13,1657 [dup. "Nere Woeberne"].* [Sarah Hubbard and Samuel Champney.MR]

Thomas [dup. Huberd] and Elizabeth Huit [dup. Elisebeth Huitt], Oct.15,1662 [dup. in Cituate].* [Hubbards, and Elizabeth Hewett.MR]


Mary Ann, 18, d.William and Zibiah, and John M. Graves, 19, carpenter, b. Methuen, s.John and Delilah of Lawrance, July1,1849.*


Abigail of Bedford, and James Rolfe, June11,1746, in Bedford.*


Elizabeth [dup. Elisebeth Huitt] and Thomas Hubburd [dup. Huberd], Oct.15,1662 [dup. in Cituate].* [Elizabeth Hewett and Thomas Hubbards.MR]


Abel, 24, farmer, b. Reading, VT, s.Thomas and Deborah of Mendon, VT, and Ellen Greenwood, 25, b. Needham, d.Moses dec'd and Olive dec'd, Mar.20,1844.*

Ann and Oliver Peirce of Chelmsford, Mar.21,1733-4.*

Elizebeth [dup. Elisabeth] and Thomas Farmer,末蔓末, 末末.*

Jeremiah and Abigail Haseltine [dup. Haziletine],末蔓末, 末末.*

Jeremiah and Rebeckah Ballard, June19,1722.*

Jeremiah and Mary Sewart of Rowley, Aug.12,1731, in Rowley.*

Jeremiah [and] Hannah Flint of Concord, Nov.26,1747, in Concord.*

John and Hannah Flint of Reading, July10,1716, in Reading.*

Joseph and Jemima Russel of Andover, July16,1724, in Andover.*

Mary and John Trull, June1,1731.*

Mary of Acton, and Daniel White, May7,1783 [dup. Jan.1,1784], in Acton.*

Peter and Mary Sheldon, Oct.25,1715.*

Samuel Jr. [dup. Samuell, omits Jr.] and Sarah Stearns [dup. Sterns], June18 [dup. June16], 1702.*

Samuel and Anne Stickne, Mar.31,1709.*

Sarah, wid.[dup. omits wid.], and Ephraim Abbott of Andover, Jan.6,1714-15 [dup. Jan.11,1715-16], in Andover.*

Sarah and Enoch Kidder Jr. [second dup. omits Jr.], July19 [second dup. July20], 1722.*

Sarah and John Whiting, Mar.9,1726-7.*

Thomas and Sarah Crosbey,末蔓末, 末末.*


Isaac and Sarah Tompson, Sept.24,1778.* [Thomson.MR]


John C., 24, jeweller, b. Montpelier, VT, s.Perley (Hutchens) and Polly of Montpelier, VT, and Susan E. Richardson, 20, b. Boston, d.Joel and Susan, Jan.11,1849.*

Maria Ann and Joseph Dows Jr., Mar.15,1841.*


Elizabeth of Bedford, and Samuel Stearns, Oct.31,1749, in Bedford.*

Hezekiah and Rachel Gould, Oct.6,1807.*

James and Mary Patten, Apr.18,1798.*

Mary of Charlestown, and Samuel Sheldon, Jan.22,171[8-19], in Charlestown.*

Nathan of Bedford, and Rachel Stearnes, Apr.16,1741.*

Sarah of Bedford, and Zebadiah Rogers, July1,1790, in Bedford.*

HYDE (Hides)

William and Alice Marshall, Apr.22,1810.*

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