Moses B. of Concord, and Elizabeth G. Meriam [dup. Merriam] of Chelmsford, Oct. 13, 1843.*


Asenath C. of Salisbury, NH, and John Pool of Lowell, Jan. 29, 1827.*

GARY (Geary, Gerry)

Josiah of Pomfret, and Sarah Sprake, Dec. 16, 1746.*


Jonathan Jr. of Harvard, and Mary Shed, May 21, 1761, in Harvard.*

GEARY (Gary, Gerry)

Mary of Stonham, and Henry Jefts, Oct. 21, 1731, Stoneham.*

GERRY (Gary Geary)

William and Mrs. Mary Hall, Jan. 9, 1834.*


William "of Nottingham west in Newhamshire," and Mary Blodgett, Nov. 26, 1778.* [Blodget. MR]


Charles, 27, mechanic, of Lowell, s. Martin and Ruth, and Betsey A. Benson, 24, of Lowell, d. Ebenezer and Lydia, June 20, 1847.*

GILCHRIST (Gillgrest)


Elizabeth and Jonathan Baken, June 3, 1694, in Woburn.*


Hannah Fisher of Carlisle, and Elbridge Protor, laborer, of Carlisle, Jan. 14, 1844.*


Susanna and John Keemp, Dec. 5, 1735.*


Otis and Elizabeth Holt, Dec. 2, 1824.*

GILSON (Gillson)


Elizabeth and Jeremiah Goldsmeth Jr. of Andover, Dec. 1, 1831.*

Hannah and Timothy Walker of Brownsfield, Dec. 9, 1783,*

Jonas of Bedford, and Abigail [dup. Abagail] Danforth, Jan. 20, 1795, in Bedford.*

Joseph and Sally Cook, May 31, 1798.* [Sarah. PR2]

Louisa, 32, d. William dec'd and Sarah dec'd, and Daniel Richardson, widr. 40, blacksmith. Woburn, s. John Dec'd and Abigail dec'd, May 15, 1844.*

Rebecca and Joseph Heywood of Brownfield, Feb. 28, 1789.*

Sally and William Homer of Boston, July 2, 1801.*

Sarah and Robert Ames of Woburn, June 1, 1826.*

Susan M. and Silas Cutler of Burlington, Apr. 24, 1832.* [Susan W. PR2]

William and Mary Goss, June 28, 1780.*

William Jr. and Sally Bacon of Bedford, Feb. 11, 1795.*

William S. and Mary Baker, June 1, 1842.* CR2


Polly and Jotham Farmer, June 24, 1794.*

GODDARD (Goodard)


Sarah of Haverill, and Caleb Farley Jr., Apr. 8, 1686.* [Sarah Godfrey of Haverhill. MR]


Anthony and Sarah Polley of Wooburn, Sept. 29, 1686.* MR

GOLD (Goold, Gould)

Sarah of Woburn, and Job Miller of Charlestown, Feb. 27, 1776.* [Job Miller of Charlstown. MR]


Jeremiah Jr. of Andover, and Elizabeth Gleason, Dec. 1, 1831.*


Moses of Marlborough, and Melle Walker, May 1, 1765.*


Zachariah of Dracut, and Mary Toothaker, Dec. 9, 1779.*


Barbara and Daniel Richardson, Mar. 25, 1827.*

Benjamin B., 23, cabinet-maker, s. Charles and Isabella and Fanny T. Bartlett, 28, of Malden, b. Malden, d. Joseph and Fanny of Malden, Apr. 28, 1846.* [Fanny F. CR2]

Charles and Isabella Bowlend, Sept. 20, 1814.*

Charles and Clarissa Frost, Aug. 29, 1830.*

Betsey C., d. Rev. Goodwin, and Benjamin F. Beard of Wilmington, Apr. 4, 1833.*

John T., 25, cordwainer, s. Charles and Isabella, and Mary N. Winter, 21, b. Porter, ME, s. Stephen and Hannah, Oct. 22, 1844.*

Lucy and Lewis Jewel of Boston, Oct. 31, 1810.*

Rhoda and Joshua Reed of Burlington, Nov. 30, 1820.*

Thomas and Mary Ditson, June 27, 1754.*

Thomas and Lucy French, June 3, 1784.*

GOOLD (Gold, Gould)

Lydia of Chelmsford, and Abraham Durant Jr., Nov. 1, 1764.*

Mary and Reuben Durant, Jan. 11, 1770, in Chelmsford.*


John and Elisabeth Davidson, Jan. 24, 1733-4.*


Allice [dup. Alce] and Joseph Foster, Dec. 11, 1672.* [Aliz Gorton of Roxbury. MR]


James of Lanchester, and Mary Stickney, May 14, 1761.*

Mary and William Gleason, June 28, 1780.*

GOULD (Gold, Goold)

Henry of Concord, and Lydia Blaisdell, May 12, 1748, in Concord.*

Lewis and Elizabeth Cumings, Dec. 25, 1800.*

Margaret [and] John Chamberlain, Jr., Mar. 13, 1709-10, in Concord.*

Rachel and Hezekiah Hutchinson, Oct. 6, 1807.*


Sophronia and George Bacon, Mar. 1, 1838.* [Feb. ––, ––––. CR2]


Mary [dup. Going] of Wilmington, and Jeremiah Blanchard, June 17, 1795, Reading.*


John M., 19, carpenter, b. Methuen, s. John and Delilah of Lawrance, and Mary Ann Huddleston, 18, d. William and Zibiah, July 1, 1849.*

GRAY (Grey)

Braviter and Anna Danforth, July 14, 1757.*

Braviter and Elisabeth Blanchard, May 23, 1759.*

Breweter [dup. Braveter] and Bethiah [dup. Bethyah] Hill, Sept. 6, 1743, in Charlestown.*

Briget of Willmington, and Samuel Preson of Willmington, June 22, 1758.*

Lucy and Cyrus Kendall, Sept. 30, 1819.*

William, 53, merchant, of Tewksbury, b. Tewksbury, s. Jonathan and Mary, and Abigail A. Richardson, 24, housewife, d. John and Nancy, Jan. 1, 1846.*


Abel, widr., 41, farmer, b. Carlisle, and Martha Jane Clark, 27, tayloress, b. Unity, ME, d. Reuben and Abigail of Unity, ME, June 27, 1844.*

Abel Gilman, 29, laborer, s. Abel and Abigail, and Mary Dandley, wid., 37, d. Trueman Tyng and Edith, Nov. 6, 1848.* [Dandly. CR2]

Eleanor of Medford, and Joseph Converse of Woburn, Apr. 15, 1805.*

Nahum, laborer, of Woburn, and Mary A. Virgin of Woburn, Oct. 15, 1843.*

William of Malden, and Elizabeth Farmer, May 29, 1707.*


Stephen of Boston, and Rebecca Wright, Mar. 2, 1809.*


Ellen, 25, b. Needham, d. Moses dec'd and Olive dec'd, and Abel Hunt, 24, farmer, b. Reading, VT, s. Thomas and Deborah of Mendon, VT, Mar. 20, 1844.*

Lucy A., 18, of Weston, d. Moses and Olive of Needham, and Lowell F. Jennison, 23, cordwainer, of Natick, b. Natick, s. Nathan and Hannah of Sherburn, Dec. 25, 1844.*

GREY (Gray)

Hery of Andover, and Mary Blunt of Andover, May 13, 1699.*


Louisa H. of Lowell, and James Sladen of Lowell, Jan. 11, 1844.*

Samuel P. and Esther Stearns of Lowell, May 13, 1827.*


Mary and Jonathan Bowers of Chelmsford, June 7, 1726, in Watertown.*

Mary of Lexington, and Samuel Ditson, Sept. 18, 1770, in Lexington.*


Benjamin of Stoneham, and Sarah Bacon, Mar. 2, 1726-7.*

Thomas and Abigail Bacon, Aug. 26, 1725.*

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