EASTY (Easte, Eastee, Estie)

Abigail, and Rodney Brown, July 5, 1835.*

Benjamin, of Stoughton, and Abigail Farley, Dec. 6, 1732.*

Polly, and Asa Needham, June 29, 1790.*

Mary, and Jacob Spaulding, Dec. 15, 1831.*


Rebecca, of Reading, and Richard Tompson, Sept. 1, 1772, in Charlestown.*

Thomas, and Cynthia Kenney, Apr. 16, 1823.*


John, and Rhoda Richardson, Apr. 2, 1776.*


Sophronia A., 26, d. Thomas B. and Sophronia, and Asa G. Putney, 24 railroad repairer, of Gardner, s. Ezra and Sarah, Apr. 12, 1848.*


Sally, and Isaac Wilkins, Apr. 28, 1793.*


Margaret, and John Magill, Dec. 7, 1823.*

ELLIOT (Eliot)

George P., and Mary Ann Whiting, Feb. 10, 1841.*

Rachel, and John Poulter, Dec. 29, 1662.*

ELLIS (Ellice)

Eleazar, of Dedham, and Mary Crosby, June 5, 1718, in Dedham.*

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Bullard, of Medfield, May 1, 1677.*

Hannah, and David Abbot, Aug. 25, 1752.*

Mary (Sibley), of Needham, wid. Ebenezer, of Dedham, and Josiah Brown, Mar. 1, 1748-9, in Needham.*

Ruth, and John Bracket, Mar. 31, 1675.* [Ellis, and John Brackett. MR]


Eliza, of Wilmington, and Francis Cook Jr., Apr. 6, 1830.*

Joseph, and Hannah Patten, May 19, 1726.*

Mary, and Simeon Butters Jr., Apr. 16, 1837.*

ESTABROOKS (Easterbrooks)

Joseph, of Hollice, NH, and Susanna Dows, Apr. 16, 1780.* [Joseph Estabrook, of Hollis, NH, and Susanna Dowse. MR]


Ichabod, of Boston, and Martha Richardson, Feb. 20, 1812.*

Julia Ann, 28, d. Isaac and Lucy (Currier), and Abel Spaulding Jr., 25, farmer, of Chelmsford, s. Abel and Harriet, of Chelmsford, Jan. 30, 1849.*

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