John, May30,1842, a.61y.7m.GR1

Joseph N., s.John and Fanny, Sept.24,1839, a.1y.6m.GR1


Abigail [dup., wid.Jesse], Sept.29,1825, a.69.GR2

Abner, s.Benjamin and Mary, Aug.17,1756.

Allice, w.Solomon, Apr.26,1787. [in 38th y.GR3]

Anne, w.Jesse, Jan.28,1779.

Augustine, s.Jesse and Mary, Sept.12,1825. [ Sept.13, a.3y.4m.20d.GR2]

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Mary, Oct.末,1756.

David, s.Jacob and Martha, Feb.4,1749[-50].

David, s.Jacob and Martha, Sept.13,1762. [in 10th y.GR3]

Ebenezer, s.Benjamin and Mary, Jan.25,1733-4.

Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], w.Samuel, June24,1671. [Elizabeth.MR]

Elisabeth, w.Ens.William, Sept.19,1736. [Elizabeth, in 57th y.GR3]

Elizabeth, wid.Lt. William, Mar.23,1790. [in 73d y.GR3]

Elizabeth Jane [dup., d.Theopolus and Polly], Apr.10,1819, a.19d.GR2

Betty, Miss, old age, July末,1843.

Esther, d.Jacob and Martha, Sept.16,1762. [Ester, Sept.15, in 7th y.GR3]

Hannah, d.William and Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], Aug.15,1723.

Isaac, s.Benjamin and Mary, June16,1756.

Jacob, Sept.5,1762. [in 53d y.GR3]

Jacob, s.Jacob and Sarah,末蔓末,1812.

Jepthah, July26,1834, a.62.GR2

John, s.Benjamin and Mary, June11,1757.

Joseph, s.Ephraim and Mary, Sept.28,1712.

Joseph, s.Ephraim and Mary, Dec.21,1716.

Joseph, s.Benjamin and Mary, Feb.26,1737-8.

Lucretia, d.William Jr. and Sarah, Aug.29,1777.

Lucretia, Jan.23,1838, a.56.GR2

Luna, Dec.9,1825, a.40.GR2

Maria, ch.Jacob and Martha, Sept.14,1762, in 11th y.GR3

Martha, d.Jacob and Martha, Sept.14,1762.

Martha, w.Jacob, Feb.10,1798, in 84th y.GR3

Martha, d.Jesse and Mary, Sept.18,1825. [a.1y.3m.23d.[dup. 22d.]GR2]

Mary [dup., d.Jesse], Oct.6,1822, a.54.GR2

Mary B. [dup., w.Jesse], July22,1837, a.35.GR2

Noah, s.Benjamin and Mary, July21,1754.

Roxa, Mar.9,1821, a.33.GR2

Samuel [dup. Samuell], Ens., Feb.22,1710-11. [Samuel, a.67.GR1]

Samuel, s.Ephraim and Mary, May10,1727.

Samuel, s.Benjamin and Mary, Mar.1,1772. [in 28th y.GR3]

Sarah [dup., w.William], July12,1838, a.91.GR2

Sarah, May25,1840, a.71.GR2

Timothy, s.Samuel and Abial [dup. Abiall]. Mar.12,1673-4.

William, Ens., Mar.5,1764, in 87th y.GR3

William, Lt. [h.Elisabeth], Aug.11,1776. [in 69th y.GR3]

William, Lt., Oct.21,1814 [dup. 1811], a.67.GR2


Edward, m., carpenter, b. Lynnfield, s.Daniel and Esther, paralysis, Mar.1,1846, a.30y.4m.6d.[a.30.GR1]

Mary F., housewife, w.Edward, d.Samuel Foster and Anna, consumption, Oct.14,1846, a.27y.3m.1d.[Mary Foster, a.27.GR1]


Abigail, d.John and Abigail, Oct.22,1730.

Cyrus, s.Isaac and Hannah, Apr.11,1796. [a.2.GR1]

David, s.John and Abigail, Apr.11,1733.

Eliza, d.Isaac and Hannah, Apr.19,1808. [ch.Isaac Jr. and Hannah, a.2.GR1]

Erie, s.Isaac and Hannah, July17,1808. [Eri, ch.Isaac Jr. and Hannah, a.2d.GR1]

Hannah, w.John, Sept.7,1665.

Hannah, d.John and Mary, June21,1674.

Hannah, d.Isaac and Hannah, consumption, July23,1845, a.49y.9m.10d.

Ira, s.Jacob and Molly, Oct.8,1777.

Isaac, s.John and Mary, Apr.28,1678.

Isaac, s.Isaac Jr. and Abigail, Apr.8,1763.

Isaac [h.Rebeckah], Mar.3,1797, a.84. [Isaac Sr.GR1]

Isaac, Lt., May14,1813, a.76.GR1

Jacob, s.Jacob and Molly, Oct.19,1777.

John, s.John and Mary, July7,1667.

John, Sergt. [dup. omits Sergt.] [h.Damaris], Nov.5,1702. [a.70.GR1]

John [dup. Marchall], Jan.25,1713-14.

John, s.John and Abigail, Aug.14,1723.

John, s.Isaac and Phebe, May5,1745.

Mary, d.John and Mary, July17,1669.

Mary, d.John and Mary, Oct.18,1673.

Mary, w.John, Oct.30,1680.

Molly, d.Jacob and Molly, Sept.20,1777.

Mehittabel [dup. Mehittabell], d.John and Mary, Aug.末,1680. [Mehettabel.MR]

Nathaniel, s.Isaac and Hannah, Mar.11,1831, a.17.GR1

Phebe, w.Isaac, June9,1745.

Rebeckah, w.Isaac Sr., Dec.13,1789, a.78. [Rebecca.GR1]

Thomas, s.John and Mary, Nov.20,1675.


Abner, Apr.24,1837, a.77.CR3

Lydia, Oct.5,1842.CR3


Thomas Barnard, s.Barnard and Hepsibah, debility, Aug.22,1843, a.12d.


John, Oct.1,1844, a.57.GR2

McKEE (Makee)

Alexander, June4,1836.CR3 [Makee, a.25y.8m.GR1]

Joseph, Aug.2,1836, a.23.GR1

Rebecca, d.John and Rebecca, consumption, Mar.1,1846, a.11y.5m.2d.[Rebecca E. Makee, d.John and Fanny B., Mar.2.GR1]

Cerena, Apr.11,1840, a.23.GR1


Mary [dup., w.Patrick], July17,1837, a.66.GR1

Patrick, widr., distiller, b. Ireland old age, Mar.3,1848, a.85y.2m.8d.[[dup. of St. Johnson, Co. Donegal, Ireland] [dup. [h.Mary]] Mar.4, a.86.GR1]


Lucy [dup., w.Nathan], Jan.28,1827, a.39.GR2

Lydia [dup., wid.Thomas], Apr.3,1829, a.93.GR2

Nathan, June10,1828, a.53.GR2

Thomas, Feb.17,1807, a.68y.9m.15d.[9m.15d., written in pencil.]GR2


Caroline Augusta, d.Jonas Jr. and Sophronia M., bowel complaint, Oct.12,1845, a.1y.6m.29d.


Mary, w.Williarn, June28,1754, a.34.GR1

Stephen, m.laborer, s.John and Sarah, consumption, Dec.23,1846, a.49y.11m.14d.


Lucy, Jan.10,1838.CR3 [[dup., w.Philip] Jan.10,1837, a.54.GR2]

Mary, d.Philip and Lucy, Mar.12,1814. [a.10m.27d.GR2]

Nancy T. [dup., d.Philip and Lucy], July11,1832, a.5.GR2

Oliver R. [dup., s.Philip and Lucy], July22,1824, a.20.GR2


Timothy M., Nov.18,1837, a.80.GR1


Charles, Dec.13,1817 [sic, see birth].GR2

Lavina H., d, John and Nancy, May6,1842.

Mary Ann, d.John and Nancy, Oct.25,1842.

Nancy Maria, d.John and Nancy, Feb.9,1840.


Goldin, Sept.3,1698, a.abt. 89.

Joan, w.Goldin, Feb.18,1675. [Joannah, w.Golden.MR]


Thomas "alias Carrier," May16,1735, a.109, in Colchester, CT.


Rebcckah, Mar.17,1809, a.63.GR1

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