L.M., a.22y., merchant, of Lynn, s.Harris and Olive, and Abbie K. Piper, a.20y., d.John and Emeline, Nov.17,1875.


Herbert B., a.21y., painter, s.Robert T. and Matilda, and Francella A. Warner, a.18y., d.James E. and Sarah, Oct.19,1873.


Addie E., a.24y., of Fitchburg, d.Robert and Lucinda, and Sewell G. Cushing, a.27y., machinist, of Fitchburg, s.Isaac and Rebecca, Aug.22,1872.

Leander, 2nd m., a.60y., farmer, s.Jonathan and Betsy, and Anna 末末卜an, 2nd m., a.42y., d.Joseph and Elizabeth, Putnam, Oct.25,1875.

Mary, of Fitchburg, and Hosea Procter, of Fitchburg, Feb.3,1824.

Robert, of Fitchburg, and Hannah H. Wright, Feb.26,1822.

Sarah F., of Ashburnham, and John A Spaulding, of Ashburnham, Mar.26,1857.


Charles S., a.23y., pail turner, of Townsend, s.Sunny and Betsy, and Ella M. Weston, a.23y., of Mason, NH, d.Charles and Julia, May31,1873.

Franklin, of Townsend, and Dolly W. Foster, May21,1839.

Jane E., and Thomas F. Seaver, of Townsend, Apr.4,1839.

John, of Townsend, and Isabel Roberts, Apr.22,1814.

Lydia, of Townsend, and Amasa Roberts, May30,1799.

Lydia B., and John L. Lamson, June4,1839.

Mary, of Townsend, and John M. Roberts, Mar.28,1826.

Rhoda, of Townsend, and Asa Stratton, Aug.4,1800.

Sarah, and Joseph Pingrey, of Salisbury, NH,末蔓末,1789.

Solomon, of Townsend, and Sybel Chamberlain, of New Ipswich, NH, Oct.16,1810.

Sumner, of Townsend, and Betsy Wellington, Jan.25,1842.


Charles O., a.28y., machinist, of Ayer, s.Henry and Caroline, and Isabell E. Wyman, a.29y., d.Charles and Harriet, May14,1877.


Samuel, of New Marlboro, NH, and Sally Gibson, Oct.25,1798.

Samuel, of Marlborough, and Sally Gibson, Oct.25,1798.


Isabell, and Willard Hodgman, June25,1822.

Kate E., of Townsend, and William F. Roberts, July4,1858.


Adaline, and Silas Rice, of Ashburnham, May8,1844.

Reuben, of Westminster, and Abigail Hodgman, Jan.6,1836.

Stephen, and Adaline Kendall, Apr.14,1836.


Joel, of Nelson, NH, and Dorcas Foster, Sept.15,1836.


Arie E., a.30y., of Townsend, d.Oliver and Cynthia S., and George E. King, a.27y., laborer, of Townsend, s.Asa J. and Almira H., June15,1884.


Ada E., a.23y., of Shirley, d.S.B. and Martha, and Edward Wheeler, a.23y., farmer, s.Rufus and Susannah, Jan.14,1885.


Hannah, of Mason, NH, and Bethuel Lock, June20,1824.


Samuel, of Townsend, and Harriet N. Wright, Nov.26,1841.

Thomas F., of Townsend, and Jane E. Sanders, Apr.4,1839.


Benjamin W., of New London, NH, and Harriet S. Jones, Sept.13,1841.


Sylvanus, C., a.20y., farmer, of Elliott, ME, s.William and Susan F., and Mary L. Foster, a.20y., of Townsend, d.Eaton and Mary, Jan.1,1879.


Abel, of New Ipswich, NH, and Mary Bedlow, Oct.22,1811.

Abel, of New Ipswich, NH, and Mary Redlon, Oct.22,1811.

Nabby, and Jonathan Blood, Feb.21,1809.

Adalade D., a.17y., of Boston, d.M.B. amd Dorcas, and John Tyler, a.27y., farmer, s.C.J. and Alice, July5,1865.

Albert, and Julia I. Foster, of Mason, NH, June22,1853.

Chapin, of Townsend, and Lucinda Irish, of Townsend, May6,1841.

Daniel, of Concord, and Sarah Edwards, Apr.23,1816.

Eleanor I., a.23y., spinster, of Milford, NH, d.Edward H. and Lizzie A., and William A. Bills, a.23y., cooper, of Milford, NH, s.Jason W. and Mary Ann, May3,1885.

George F., a.29y., farmer, s.Micah, and Harriett, and Louisa Alden, 2nd m., a.31y., d.Benjamin and Maria Herrick, Oct.26,1868.

Harriet A., and Charles C. Litch, of Fitchburg, Sept.22,1858.

Joshua, and Hannah Whitney, of Mason, NH, Mar.3,1856.

Luella J., a.26y., d.Albert and Julia, and David, H. Jefts, a.26y., fireman, of Fitchburg, s Adriel and Sarah, Nov.10,1881.

Lydia, and Amos Lawrence, Oct.13,1804.

Mary C., a.18y., of Pepperell, d.Josiah and Catherine, and Alvin Green Davis, a.20y., miller, s.John and Eliza A., Oct.27,1867.

Ruth, and Isaac Damon, Apr.14,1844.


Fannie, a.22y., domestic, of Fitchburg, d.William and Sarah, and Clarence F. Ferguson, a.26y., gardener, of Fitchburg, s.James and Lucinda June2,1886.

George L., a.32y., clergyman, s.Elnathan and Mary Ann, and Mary Elizabeth Gates, a.22y., d.Pearly and Mary B., June1,1869.


Betsy, and Josiah Kidder, of Hampden, Dec.28,1808.


Elaina N., a.36., d.Joel and Hepsibeth, and Cyrus K. Wheeler, a.36y., farmer, s.John and Polly S., Dec.19,1864.

Joel, and Hepsibeth Kendall, Nov.23,1820.

Joel, and Abby S. Underwood, of Fitchburg, Sept.26,1857.

Katie M., a.19y., d.Joel W. and Abbie, and Frank Proctor, a.24y., mechanic, of Townsend, s.John S. and Julia E., Oct.28,1880.

Mary Ann, and Stephen M. Lawrence, June27,1839.

Sumner, and Mary Ann Kendall, Jan.15,1835.

William, and Hannah Page, of Fitchburg, Oct.4,1793.

William, and Hannah E. Adams, June29,1837.

William, and Mary French, of Winchendon, May29,1850.

William S., a.27y., farmer, s.William and Hannah E., and Nancy A Reed, a.20y., of Townsend, d.Adams and Jane, Aug.20,1872.

William S., 2nd m., a.31y., farmer, s.William and Hannah, and Ella L. Whittemore, a.25y., of Littleton, d.Nathaniel and Maria, July25,1876.


Abigail, of Townsend, and Amos Eaton, May9,1824.

Cynthia, of Townsend, and John Burr, of New Boston, NH, June29,1837.

Hannah, of Townsend, and Joserph Burr, Apr.1,1830.

Martha, a.26y., of Groton, d.Levi and Mary, and William J. Green, 2nd m., a, 35y., farmer, s.William and Sally, Jan.15,1858.


Lemuel, and Phebe Jones, Feb.23,1797.


John, a.20y., farmer, of New Ipswich, NH, and Nellie M. Hill, a.17y., of New Ipswich, NH, d.Almon, Sept.24,1873.


Almira, and Levi Lawrence, Jan.26,1847.

Arabella, 2nd m., a.46y., cook, of Fitchburg, d.John and Sarah Laids, and James M. Huggins, 2nd m., a.61y., teamster, s.William and Comfort, Dec.8,1887.

Harriet, and Ivers Lawrence, May5,1842.

James, and Nancy Puffer, Mar.19,1819.

Lydia A., and Francis Harrington, of Clinton, Apr.21,1858.

Mary E., and David L. Lawrence, Feb.8,1844.

Mary J., and Elbridge Smith, of Fitchburg, Jan.5,1848.

Mary Ann, and Charles W. Whitcomb, July末,1849.

Obed, and Mary Ann Hartwell, May31,1821.

Obed, and Lydia P. Hartwell, Jan.31,1828,

Richard, of Fitchburg, and Frances E. Balcom, Nov.30,1854.

Susanna, and Peter Haskell, of Fitchbutg, Sept.20,1798.


Abigail, and Ephraim Puffer, Jan.10,1782.

Alfred, a.44y., farmer, of Leominster, and Susan Maria Jo吠n, a.28y., of Leominster, Mar.18,1868.

Arlette M., a.23y., music teacher, d.Alpha and Nancy, and Cyrus Page, a.25y., express driver, of Fitchburg, s.Zimri and Almira, Sept.19,1888.

David, and Rachel Whitney, May7,1807.

Edward, of Lunenburg, and Mehitable Richardson, Jan.18,1820.

Edward, of West Cambridge, and Abigail W. Richardson, Nov.13,1827.

Elbridge, of Fitchburg, and Mary J. Simonds, Jan.5,1848.

Eunice M., and Paris Cummings, of Fitchburg, Dec.14,1837.

George W., of Leominster, and Julia Ann Wetherbee, Apr.10,1838.

Joseph, of Underhill, VT, and Harriet Kidder, Sept.19,1830.

Leslie F., 2nd m., a.30y., machinist, of East Rindge, NH, s.Oliver and Hannah, and Lydia A. Wheeler, a.38y., domestic, d.Erastus C. and Mary, Apr.15,1886.

Levi, and Laura Howard.Mar.24,1841.

Levi, 2nd m., a.45y., farmer, s.David and Rachel, and Eliza Robbins, a.29y., of Mason, NH, d.Amos, June5,1863.

Lorenzo, and Betsy Derby, June2,1840.

Thaddeus, and Saleme Jones, Apr.13,1775.

William H., a.21y., laborer, of Rindge, NH, s.Ira and Abby, and Cynthia A Converse, a.20y., of Rindge, NH, d.Lucius and Cynthia, July31,1873.


Alfred, and Betsey R. Lawrence, May29,1828.

Dana, a.25y., cooper, of Townsend, s.Henry and Betsey, and Mary A. Adams, a.29y., d.Joel and Mary, Nov.1,1866.


Harriet, of Walpole, NH, and Roger Fenton Jr., of Walpole, NH, Oct.12,1841.


Eliza, of Townsend, and John Howard, Mar.20,1821.

Betsey, and Jeremiah Andrews, May15,1838.

Ellery L.C., a.27y., machinist, s.Luther and Almira N. and Hattie Blake, a.21y., operative, of Mason, NH, d.Nelson and Hannah, Jan.14,1885.

Hosea, of Jerico, VT, and Lucy Kidder, Jan.30,1820.

Joel, of Westford, and Silvia Lawrence, Jan.7,1798.

John, of Ashburnham, and Sarah Sampson, of Ashburnham, Mar.26,1857.

Lucy, and Jonathan Whitney, of Sterling, Jan.23,1823.

Luther, and Susan Gregory, Mar.29,1821.

Luther G., and Nancy E. Holt, Oct.5,1847.

Luther, and Rebecca S. Barrett, July16,1854.

Mary S., of Townsend, and Peter Lawrence, July2,1794.

Serena, and Jonathan Page Jr., Feb.22,1825.


Lestina, and Amos Booth, of Natick, July10,1854.

Lincoln F., a.27y., farmer, of Leominster, s.John and Mary, and Lillian A. Wheeler, a.22 t., of Townsend, d.Thadison and Martha J., Dec.3,1888.


Goldie B., a.17y., d.George F. and Nellie L., and John J. Mosher, a.21y., farmer, s.Daniel H. and Harriet, Oct.29,1889.


Carrie A., a.31y., d.Herbert and Lucy, and Lysander B. Willard, 2nd m., a.49y., farmer, s.Alexander L. and Lila, Dec.21,1871.


Bowne, a.27y., reporter, of Boston, s.William and Lucy, and Maria A. Kendall, a.29y., of Boston, d, Amos and Laura, Apr.8,1869.


Caroline A., and Samuel Hosmer, Apr.12,1859.


Noah, and Clara Barker, Nov.24,1829.


Abel, and Persia Lawrence, Dec.4,1817.

Alice, and Timothy Stone, June22,1780.

Betsey, and Abijah Wyman,末蔓末,1768.

Emma L., a.29y., d.Timothy and Eliza A., and Charles E. Burnap, a.28y., farmer, of Ashburnham, s.Samuel and Lucinda, Apr.2,1862.

Ephraim, of Montague, and Lucy Willard, of Ashburnham, Feb.11,1824.

Isaac, and Tila Lawrence, Sept.4,1821.

John, and Elizabeth Fales, May13,1847.


Louisa C., 2nd m., a.62y., of Cleveland OH, d.Elijah and Mahitable Jones, and Samuel Hayward, 2nd m., a.67y., farmer, s.Paul and Lucy, Dec.5,1878.


Asa, of Townsend, and Sarah Hodgman,末蔓末,1789.

Lucinda, and Stephen Wyman, Dec.8,1802.

Martha J., and Elisha Rugg, May18,1854.

Polly, of Townsend, and Benjamin Hodgman, May28,1795.


Charles, of Sterling, and Sarah S. Wright, Nov.7,1850.

Sophia A., and Charles Baxter, of Boston, Apr.19,1837.


Nabby, of Cambridge, and Isaac Keyes, of Cambridge, Nov.16,1817.


Edward S., a.27y., farmer, of Fitchburg, s.George and Mary Ann, and Carrie M. Kendall, a.27y., d.Josiah Q. and Amanda, Jan.5,1886.


Carrie E., a.18y., of Ashburnham, d.Samuel and Ann Maria, and J. Edward Godding, a.23y., farmer, s.G.G. and N.M., Mar.31,1884.

Cherry, and 末末 Davis, Aug.31,1779.

Dorcas, and James P. Barrett, Apr.30,1829.

Edmund P., and Lucy J. Willard, Feb.23,1837.

Edmund P., and Lucy Foster, Nov.17,1844.

Eliza Ann, of Northborough, and Jacob Warren, Apr.30,1843.

Elizabeth, and Levi Wheeler, June15,1829.

Isaac, and Anna Lawrence, Dec.1,1808.

John E., and Dorcas Lawrence, June30,1790.

John Lawrence, of Royalton, and Betsey Bennett, of Fitchburg, Dec.5,1797.

Jonathan L., and Lydia Lawrence, Dec.19,1833.

Mary, and Benjamin Adams, of Townsend, July16,1778.

Samuel, and Sarah Wallis, of Townsend, Feb.24,1778.

Timothy, and Alice Stearns, June22,1780.


Benjamin of Clinton, KS, and A. Maria Brown, Apr.28,1859.

Simeon, of Hinsdale, NH, and Abigail Fairbanks, of Ashburnham, July26,1836.


Emily, of Ashburnham, and Stephen C. Hastings, of Ashburnham, Jan.29,1853.

Joshua F., a.24y., farmer, of Ashburnham, s.Moses and Mary, and Emma Whipple, a.20y., of Ashburnham, d.Rupell and Mary, Nov.30,1860.


Asa, and Rhoda Sanders, of Townsend, Aug.4,1800.

Asa, ans Ann Wilker, of Ashburnham, Aug.28,1834.

Delia A., a.36y., of New Ipswich, NH, d.Homer and Susan, and George Stratton, 2nd m., a.55y., farmer, of New Ipswich, NH, s.Ebenezer and Betsey, Nov.15,1875.

George, 2nd m., a.55y., of New Ipswich, Nh, s.Ebenezer and Betsey, and Delia A. Stratton, a.36y., of New Ipswich, NH, d.Homer and Susan, Nov.15,1875.


Eliza E., and David K. Wellington, Apr.10,1842.

Natt, and Susan Jaquith, Apr.3,1849.

Otis N., and Sarah A. Balcom, Aug.9,1845.

Sarah J., and Charles W. Haskell, of Lancaster, Jan.24,1837.


Nathan, of Wendall, and Lydia Johnson, Sept.1,1800.


Nancy A., and Isaac Foster, Nov.24,1858.

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