George, a. 23 y., of Fitchburg, s. John and Jessie, and Abbie Piper, d. Joseph and Dora, Jan. 1, 1889.


Abraham, of New Ipswich, NH, and Eliza Ann Jaquith, Mar. 23, 1843.


Betsy, a. 52 y., d. Daniel and Betsy, and Leonard Damon, 2nd m., a. 64 y., farmer, s. Jacob and Olive, Sept. 1, 1873.


Abraham, and Lucy Rumrill, of Townsend, Nov. 25, 1873.

Clara Rebecca, a. 24 y., d. Howard and Clarisa, and Josiah Haskell Reed, a. 32 y., farmer, of Lexington, s. Reuben and Mary H., Oct. 9, 1860.

Daniel M., of Westminster, and Arvilla Lawrence, Oct. 1, 1832.

Elizabeth, and Samuel Whitcomb, of Littleton, Feb. 8, 1831.

Everett, and Cloe Constantine, of Ashburnham, Jan. 31, 1822.

Howard, and Clarisa Kendall, Mar. 10, 1824.

J.K., a. 31 y. farmer, s. Howard and Clarisa, and Charlotte Jones, of Townsend, d. M.T. and Anna, June 28, 1865.

Mary, of Townsend, and Joseph Eaton, Dec. 6, 1821.

Mary, and Oliver W. Kendall, Mar. 10, 1824.

Mary Elizabeth, a. 22 y., d. Pearly and Mary B., and George L. Shaw, a. 32 y., clergyman, s. Elnathan and Mary Ann, June 1, 1869.

Mary C., a. 37 y., d. Howard and Clarissa, and Myron C. Wilder, 2nd m., a. 43 y., carpenter, s. Josiah and Susan, Dec. 26, 1878.

Olive, and Jacob Howard, Feb. 19, 1818.

Paul, a. 62 y., farmer, s. Paul and Elizabeth, and Lydia C. Damon, a. 38 y., d. Jonas B. and Joanna, Oct. 30, 1879.

Pearley, and Mary Burr, Oct. 1, 1834.

Reuben, and Rachel Jewett, of Pepperell, Nov. 30, 1797.

Seromus, of Hubbardston, and Lemira Hayward, Jan. 24, 1844.

Sophia E., and John E. Farwell, June 30, 1842.

Susan H., and Edward White, Sept. 10, 1857.

Susanna, and Stephen Jones, of Windsor, VT, Jan. 23, 1798.

Susanna, and Stephen Towns, of Windsor, VT, Jan. 23, 1798.


Azubah, of Ashburnham, and Allison Lake, of Rindge, NH, Dec. 4, 1823.


Almira, and Isaac T. Bruce, of Hopkinton, Sept. 28, 1848.

Clarence M., a. 22 y., laborer, of Milford, NH, s. Merrick and Roxanna, and Roxie P. March, 2nd m., a. 36 y., of Milfroe, NH, d. John S. Jaquith, Feb. 27, 1873.

Dorothy, and Francis B. Brown, of Acton, Apr. 5, 1810.

Dorothy, and Jacob Puffer, Apr. 4, 1822.

Dolly B., of Fitchburg, and Pyam Burr, Nov. 20, 1827.

Elbridge, a. 27 y., blacksmith, s. Ephraim and Mary, and Mary Whitcomb, a. 19 y., d. Charles and Mary Ann. June 1, 1869.

Elbridge, a. 33 y., blacksmith, s. Ephraim and Mary, and Nancy Wright, a. 24 y., d. John and Mary Jane, Nov. 12, 1873.

Eliza A., a. 19 y., d. Leander L. and Mary, and Irwin O. Bascom, a. 20 y., farmer, of Fitchburg, s. Silas M. and Frolia S., Dec. 17, 1872.

Betsey, and Nathaniel Brown Green, of Acton, Feb. 11, 1808.

Betsey, and Charles H. Kendall, of Waltham, Jan. 1, 1835.

Esther, and Milton Adams, of Brighton, Dec. 2, 1824.

Esther M., a. 19 y., d. Leander L. and Mary B., and David Taylor, a. 23 y., farmer, of Fitchburg, s. Daniel and Mary, Apr. 17, 1873.

Evelina, and George Wood, Jan. 6, 1836.

Hannah E., and Joseph E. Wilkins, June 7, 1835.

Harriet E., and Joseph Foster, Feb. 6, 1840.

John, of Townsend, and Mary Howard, June 9, 1839.

Lander L., and Esther W. Green, May 15, 1843.

Leander, and Mary B. Adam, of Mason, NH, May 19, 1852.

Lois, and Jacob Polly, of Fitchburg, Mar. 30, 1818.

Lorenza C., and Charles Howard, Apr. 28, 1844.

Mary, Samuel Bowker, of Ashburnham, Dec. 21, 1826.

Merrick, 2nd, m., a. 55 y., farmer, s. Henry and Dolly, and Ann Townsend, a. 38 y., d. Lyman and Ann, Sept. 25, 1873.

Samuel P., and Maria Page, Jan. 1, 1835.

Sally, and Samuel Sargent, of New Marlboro, NH, Oct. 25, 1798.

Sally, and Samuel Sargent, of Marlborough, NH, Oct. 25, 1798.

Sally, and William Eaton, of New Ipswich, NH, Jan. 30, 1800.

Sally L, and Joseph Davis, of Hinsdale, NH, May 19, 1839.

Sewell, and Maria Cushing, Nov. 4, 1841.

Stephen, of Stowe, and Hannah Puffer, Feb. 10, 1811.

Susan A., and John Weld, of Worcester, Jan. 23, 1840.

Thomas, and Martha Wilker, of Ashburnham, Dec. 29, 1842.

Thomas, and Anna Whitcomb, Oct. 29, 1846.

Timothy, and Nancy Lawrence, Dec. 1, 1808.

William A., a. 23 y., stone cutter, of Fitchburg, s. Lemuel and Jane G., and Sarah Ellenwood, a. 22 y., of Fitchburg, d. Ara, June 27, 1861.


Amos, of Boston, and Mary Ann Rice, Oct. 31, 1827.


Martha A., 2nd m., a. 45 y., of Townsend, d. William and Diana Dix, and J. Sherman Blood, a. 44 y., cooper, of Townsend, s. Joseph L. and Hannah, July 17, 1889.


Julius K., 2nd m., a. 44 y., milkman, s. Howard and Clarisa, and Nancy N. Richardson, 2nd m., a. 41 y., of Fitchburg, d. Seth and Nancy Fairbanks, Apr. 25, 1878.


John, of Monkton, and Lucy Derby, Nov. 27, 1788.


Lyman, of Greenfield, and Urania, Barrett, Apr. 21, 1824.


Abraham F. of Gardner, and Lucinda Coe, July 29, 1817.


Ella, a. 25 y., d. George G., and George Mayo, a. 26 y., farmer, s. Joel and Rebecca, Feb. 17, 1875.

J. Edward, a. 23 y., farmer, s. G.G. and N.M., and Carrie E. Stone, a. 18 y., of Ashburnham, d. Samuel and Ann Maria, Mar. 31, 1884.


Jason, of Holden, and Sally Raymond, Sept. 20, 1814.


David, and Lucy Johnson, Apr. 18, 1811.

Imiah, of Westford, and Nancy Lock, June 29, 1802.

Laura E., and Amos Dendall, of Lexington, Feb. 21, 1833.

Lucy P., and Samuel Burr, Dec. 28, 1841.

Senir, and Levi Oakes, of Cohassett, Mar. 5, 1824.


Alfred J., 3rd m., a. 53 y., shoemaker, s. Jonas and Almy E., and Mary J. Bailey, 2nd m., a. 33 y., domestic, d. John H. and Hannah J., Aug. 9, 1888.


Jonathan, a. 23 y., chair maker, of Ashburnham, s. Matthew E. and Mary, and Jane H. Foster, a. 18 y., d. Ai and Louisa, Oct. 4, 1863.


Leon, Jr., a. 27., chair maker, of Fitchburg, s. Leon and Elleanor, and Mary J. White, a. 28 y., of Fitchburg, d. Milton and Mary, July 5, 1883.


Emma, and Abraham Lowe, of Ashburnham, Oct. 27, 1822.


Abel, of Bedford, and Nabby Cutler, Apr. 28, 1818.

Amos A., and Sally Burr, Nov. 30, 1854.

Amos A., 2nd m., a. 31 y., farmer, s. Amos and Asenath, and S. Marion Upton, a. 23 y., d. William and Laura, Jan. 1, 1862.

Charles O., a. 27 y., merchant, s. Owenson and Clarisa, and Lizzie Burr, a. 25 y., d. Cushing and Huldah, June 25, 1866.

Colburn, of Brookline, and Sally Davis, Sept. 3, 1801.

Esther W., and Leander L. Gibson, May 16, 1843.

Henry E., and Harriet M. Houghton, June 2, 1858.

Ira, and Nancy Hodgman, Oct. 24, 1833.

Laura A., a. 20 y., d. Amos A. and S.M., and Enos Bunting, a. 28 y., dentist, Newark, NJ, s. Enos H. and Almira L., Feb. 21, 1884.

Levi, and Patty Earl, Mar. 16, 1791.

Lydia A, and Oliver M. Green, of Townsend, Nov. 15, 1854.

Martha C., a. 20 y., d. William A. and Jennie, and Harry F. Bingham, a. 19 y., farmer, s. A.H. and Martha C., June 18, 1881.

Mary, and Rufus Taylor, Nov. 25, 1826.

Moses, and Patty Kendall. Feb. 18, 1805.

Moses, and Patty Kendall, Feb. 18, 1805.

Moses, and Urania A. Coombs, Jan. 21, 1847.

Nathaniel Brown, of Acton, and Betsey Gibson, Feb. 11, 1808.

Oliver M., of Townsend, and Lydia A. Green, Nov. 16, 1854.

Samuel W., a. 29 y., farmer, s. William and Sally W., and Ellen Brown, a. 27 y., d. Nathaniel and Eliza, Mar. 16, 1868.

Sally W., and Silas Wetherbee, May 1, 1859.

William A., and Martha I. Russell, of Groton, Apr. 9, 1857.

William J., 2nd m., a. 35 y., farmer, s. William and Sally, and Martha Sherwin, a. 26 y., of Groton, d. Levi and Mary, Jan. 15, 1868.


Clara M., and George Handley, of Ashburnham, Feb. 20, 1855.

Sarah Caroline, a. 19 y., d. Amos A. and Sarah, and Joseph H. Haydon, a. 24 y., physician, of Newark, NJ, s. William B. and Mary, May 11, 1875.


Abigail, and Oliver Wellington, Oct. 9, 1781.

Amasa, and Lydia Sanders, of Townsend, May 30, 1799.

Elvira, and William Lawrence, Nov. 27, 1836.

Josiah, and Hannah Damon, Jan. 28, 1794.

Mercy, and Leonard Damon, Mar. 8, 1832.

Susan, and Luther Spaulding, Mar. 29, 1821.


Elbridge, a. 22 y., grocer, of Manchester, NH, s. Franklin and Olive, and Ella Fitch, a. 24 y., of Manchester, NH, d. Sylvester, and Susan, Aug. 25, 1875.

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