Christina of Cambridge, and Jonathan Hastings Jr., Nov.24,1780.*PR


Charles E. [int.Waite] and Mrs.Mary Brown, Apr.30,1843.

James and Deborah Hill, May5,1822.

N. of Hollowell, ME, and Elizabeth W. Richardson, Mar.24,1834.*

Reuben and Lucy Hill, Dec.11,1825.

Reuben and Cynthia Hill, Dec.29,1833.


William and Mary Holmes, Dec.24,1747.*PR


James P. and Lucy Locke, int.Apr.25,1824.


Jonathan and Eliza Locke, Sept.7,1823.

Joseph L., 24, of Westminster, s.Jonathan and Eliza, and Elizabeth A. Barnes, Sept.20,1848.*

Reuben and Miranda Piper, int.Apr.28,1822.


Elizabeth and James Wyman, Mar.28,1847.*


John of Cambridge, and Hannah Prentice, Mar.12,1776.*PR


Amos of Cambridge, and Elizabeth Whittemore, Nov.25,1773.*PR

Ebenezer and Rebecca [int.Rebbeca] Prentiss, Mar.31,1811.

Frances Eliza and William Schouler, Oct.6,1835.

Joseph P., 25, b. Lincoln, s.Ebenezer, and Charlotte Ames, Mar.27,1846.*

Julia Ann of Kennebunk, ME, and Calvin Smith, int.Oct.8,1843.

Sarah Abbot of Charlestown, and Reuben Johnson, May20,1810.

Sarah J. and Oliver W. Blake, Aug.17,1842.*

William W. and Rebecca Bennett, int.Oct.1,1837.


Abraham of Cambridge, and Mary Butterfield, Jan.4,1749-50.*PR

Isaac of Medford, and Ruth Lock, Sept.26,1771.*PR


Samuel of Woburn, and Susanna Swan, Apr.4,1757.*PR


Elisabeth of Cambridge, and Nathanael Fessenden, June20,1771.*PR


Jotham and Elisabeth Russell Jr., Mar.12,1778.*PR

Lydia P., see Lydia P. Nibber.


Cynthia, see Scynthia.

Scynthia M. and Rufus M. Evans, Sept.29,1844.*

Jane of Cambridge, and Artemus Farnum, Jan.6,1833.*

Joseph of Cambridge, and Sarah Russell, Jan.5,1778.*PR


Adaline [int.Adeline] M. and William F. Homer, Sept.1,1831.

Ann Louisa and Charles G. Winn, July2,1837.

Charles and Anna Locke, Jan.12,1809.

Elisha of Cambridge, and Mary Prentice, Apr.12,1768.*PR

Elisabeth of Cambridge, and James Reed, Sept.24,1778.*PR

Frances [sic] [int.Francis] E., 25, s.Timothy and Lydia, and Martha E. Monroe, Dec.18,1845.

Henry and Eliza Teel, Sept.19,1819.

Joseph O. and Sarah H. [int.W.] Hill, Apr.15,1841.

Liberty and Caroline Hurd, Nov.6,1842.

Louisa A. and Eleazer Homer, int.May18,1828.

Margaret of Cambridge, and Timothy Page, June12,1766.*PR

Margaret A. and Joseph Yates, Dec.末,1831.

Mary Maria Dix [int.Mary Mariah D.] and Samuel Orlando Mead, June27,1822.

Mary S. and Andrew L. Grimes, Sept.21,1843.

Sarah M., 25, d.Charles and Anna, and Abel R. Proctor, Sept.2,1847.*

Sophia and Jonas Adams, June18,1815.

Timothy and Rebecca Stone, Sept.23,1742.*PR

Timothy, Dr., and Maria Eunice [int.Unice Maria] Lord, Oct.17,1813.

Timothy, Dr., and Lydia Yates,末蔓末, [int.Feb.29], 1819.


John W., 28, b. Farmington, ME, of Boston, s.James and Sarah of Farmington, ME, and Mariam M. Richardson, Dec.20,1847.*

Thomas F. of Lynnfield, and Sophia R. Reed, Dec.21,1837.*


Samuel, 28, of Georgetown, s.G.P. and Susan of Georgetown, and Almira H. Pierce, Dec.21,1848.*


John and Harriot Huntley, July12,1840.


George of Cambridge, and Martha A. Wilson, int.Oct.9,1842.


Benjamin of Concord, and Lucy Winship, Nov.27,1753.*PR

Joseph and Nancy Dwier, int.May12,1833.

Mary Ann of Weston, and Thomas J. Wright, int.Nov.28,1830.

Sarah and Joshua Avary, int.Nov.29,1827.

Silas and Clarissa Locke, Sept.15,1822.*

Stephen [int.adds Capt.] and Sarah [int.Sally] Whittemore, Aug.24,1813.


Lot [int.of Cambridge] and Elizebeth W. Brooks [int.Elizabeth W. Brook], Aug.30,1840.


Paul H. and Hannah M. Bent, int.Nov.27,1836.


Hannah of Watertown, and George Alien, Sept.16,1756.*PR

Joel, 30, of Woburn, s.Joel and Susan, and Adeline C. Kidder, Dec.24,1846.*

John and Susanna Shattuck, June9,1741.*PR

Sussanna of Littleton, and Cyrus Thorning, int.Oct.28,1821.


Mary C. of Weston, VT, d.H. and D. of Weston, VT, and Walcott Richardson, May3,1846.*

WHITMORE (Whittemmore, Whittemore)

Francis 3d of Medford, and Elizabeth Bowman, Dec.30,1764.*PR

Hannah and Justin H. Lewis, Feb.6,1831.

Stephen of Medford, and Mary Whittemore, July14,1763.*PR


Abby and John D. Grant, Apr.30,1846.*

Harriet W. and Edward [int.Edmund] M. Brown, May1,1836.

John and Sarah Parker, int.Jan.26,1817.

Moses of Boston, and Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.] Lydia Russell, Oct.末,1833.

Samuel of Boston, and Rebecca Perry, Sept.2,1824.

WHITTEMMORE (Whitmore, Whittemore)

Clarissia [int.Clarrissa Whittemore] and Thomas Davis, Oct.2,1808.

WHITTEMORE (Whitmore, Whittemmore)

Abigail of Charlestown, and Abel Butterfield, June5,1817.

Anna of Cambridge, and Thomas Russell, Mar.3,1774.*PR

Anna C. and James Odell, Oct.8,1818.

Anna [int.Ann] of Charlestown, and Samuel Adams, May26,1822.

Charles and Harriet Cutter [int.Cutler], Aug.6,1826.

Elinor [int.Eleanor] S. of Charlestown, and John P. Daniels, Oct.18,1832.

Elisabeth and William Cutler, Sept.15,1743.*PR

Elizabeth of Cambridge, and Amos Warren, Nov.25,1773.*PR

Elizabeth of Charlestown, and Abel Locke, Mar.21,1815.

Ezekiel and Eliza B. Cutter, Nov.25,1813.*

Gershom and Caroline Tufts, int.Oct.24,1824.

Gershom and Lucy Tufts, Oct.末,1831.

Hannah of Cambridge, and Thomas Cutter, May19,1757.*PR

Harriet M.A. and Herman Foster, Nov.8,1826.

Helen and Joseph Tufts Esq., int.June10,1827.

Henry and Eliza A. Cutter, int.Apr.7,1828.

Julia Ann and Jonathan W. Hayes, int.Feb.24,1839.

Letitia [int.Latetia] and Horatio H. Fiske, Mar.29, [int.May8], 1818.

Lydia of Charlestown, and Sewell Winn, Aug.21,1808.*

Lydia of Cambridge, and Joseph Skinner, Sept.17,1811.*

Lydia and Dr. Nathaniel Noyes, May18,1819.

Lydia and Mason Philips [int.Phillips], Jan.29,1826.

Maria and James Cutter Jr., Aug.30,1818.

Mary of Cambridge, and Stephen Whitmore, July14,1763.*PR

Mary Ann and Henry Somes Low, int.Apr.7,1822.

Mary and Benjamin Cutter, Sept.26,1824.

Miranda and Samuel Butterfield, Jan.31,1839.

Phillip [int.Philip C.] and Sarah Cutter, Oct.21,1819.

Rebecca and Amos Adams, June25,1834.

Samuel and Love Stone, June11,1747.*PR

Samuel of Cambridge, and Elisabeth Wilson, Mar.20,1770.*PR

Sarah of Cambridge, and John Dickson, Jan.19,1748-9.*PR

Sarah [int.Sally] and [int.adds Capt.] Stephen Wheeler, Aug.24,1813.

Sarah and Reuben E. Demmon, July2,1843.

Sophia and Ezekiel Cutter, Nov.29,1809.

Susan and Samuel Briggs, Oct.16,1808.

Susan F. of Charlestown, and Paschal Sprague, Apr.15,1832.*

Susanna of Cambridge, and Francis Cutter, Dec.29,1782.*PR

Thomas of Cambridge, and Anna Cutter, Feb.1,1753.*PR

William A, of Charlestown, and Abigail C. Tufts, Jan.8,1838.*

William H., 22, s.Philip and Sarah, and Louisa L. Teel, Sept.21,1845.


Thomas [int.of Beverly] and Mrs.Esther Prescott, Sept.20,1842.

WIETH (Wythe)

Jonathan of Cambridge, and Sarah Wilson, Nov.14,1750.*PR


Cynthia of Cambridge, and Isaac Frost, int.Feb.5,1832.

Nancy, 27, d.Sylvester and Nancy of Beverly, and Timothy Swan Jr., Apr.29,1847.*


Mary Ann of Harvard, and Josiah H. Russell, int.July1,1832.


Aaron of Cambridge, and Deborah Robbins, May12,1772.*PR

Anna of Cambridge, and Ebenezer Parker, Oct.25,1749.*PR

Charles and Mary Elizabeth Sleeper, int.Aug.27,1843.

Gershom of Cambridge, and Martha Wilson Jr., Feb.5,1765.*PR

John of Cambridge, and Elisabeth Priest, Dec.13,1764.*PR

Josiah of Cambridge, and Experience Hovey, Dec.17,1776.*PR

Mehetable of Cambridge, and Manuel Grace, Apr.10,1777.*PR


David and Margaret Bateman, Dec.13,1849.*


Andrew of Cambridge, and Joanna Winship, July5,1757.*PR

Anne of Cambridge, and Edward Richardson, May16,1771.*PR

Daniel and Sally Belsher [int.Belcher], Nov.末, [int.Nov.8], 1812.

Elisabeth of Cambridge, and Samuel Whittemore, Mar.20,1770.*PR

Hannah and Leonard Stearns, Apr.16,1820.

Hezekiah Wyman of Cambridge, and Abigail Frost, May31,1770.*PR

Horace, 26, s.John and Sally, and Caroline A. Frost, Dec.19,1847.*

John Jr. of Cambridge, and Susanna Payne, Oct.10,1765.*PR

John and Sarah Ann Ireland Apr.23,1811.*

John J. of New York City, and Martha S. Dodge, Dec.4,1843.

Josiah of Cambridge, and Hannah Frost, Apr.13,1780.*PR

Katharine of Cambridge, and John Lopus, Nov.6,1760.*PR

Lydia of Cambridge, and Joseph Belknap Jr., Jan.5,1773.*PR

Lydia and Joseph Greene, int.Aug.12,1826.

Martha Jr. of Cambridge, and Gershom Williams, Feb.5,1765.*PR

Martha A. and George Wetherbee, int.Oct.9,1842.

Mary of Boston, and Timothy Osborn, int.Nov.4,1827.

Mary Anne and George B. Richardson, Feb.8,1834.

Phebe of Cambridge, and Nathan Swan, June21,1770.*PR

Phebe F., 23, d.John and Sarah, and Abijah W. Wyman, Dec.18,1845.*

Rebecca F. and Thomas B. Eaton, Mar.11,1844, in Cambridge Port.

Samuel and Maria Frost, Apr.4,1813.

Samuel, 28, s.Samuel and Mary, and Sarah A. Child, Aug.11,1847.*

Sarah of Cambridge, and Jonathan Wieth, Nov.14,1750.*PR

Sally Belcher and Samuel Blackington, May28,1828.

Sybbil of Lexington, and Thaddeus Bowman, Feb.8,1753.*PR

Susan F., 24, d.Samuel and Mary Ann, and Wyman V. Tainter, May11,1848.*


Sophia and Samuel Easterbrooke [int.Eastabrook], Aug.9,1812.


C.F.W. of Boston, and James H. Shepard, int.Oct.13,1844.


Albert and Sarah Prentiss, Dec.14,1838.

Charles G. of Boston, and Ann Louisa Wellington, July2,1837.

Samuel F. and Lucy T. Cutter, Mar.3,1841.

Sewell of Reading, and Lydia Whittemore, Aug.21,1808.*


William [int.Winnek] and Mahala Cutter, June7,1818.


Deborah of Cambridge, and Moses Harrington, June23,1760.*PR

Elisabeth and Joseph Russell, Jan.28,1739-40.*PR

Esther of Cambridge, and Ammi Cutter, Feb.6,1776.*PR

Francis of Cambridge, and Rachel Mason, Jan.6,1763.*PR

Hannah of Lexington, and Leonard Johnson, Apr.2,1812.

Hannah of Dorchester, and John Bowtell, Oct.21,1812.*

Hepzibah, wid., and Jonathan Davis, Feb.29,1776.*PR

James of Lexington, and Lydia Phillips, Apr.15,1762.*PR

Joanna of Charlestown, and Andrew Wilson, July5,1757.*PR

John of Cambridge, and Judith Carter, Dec.5,1763.*PR

Jonathan and Issabel Cutter, Oct.1,1741.*PR

Lucy of Lexington, and Benjamin Wheeler, Nov.27,1753.*PR

Lydia of Cambridge, and Jabez Wyman, Jan.13,1767.*PR

Lydia of Lexington, and John Frost 3d, May18,1808.

Prudence and Michael Geohagan, May10,1744.*PR

Ruth of Cambridge, and Ebenezer Shed Jr., Mar.24,1760.*PR

Sarah and Henry Spring, Jan.30,1743.*PR

Sally of Lexington, and John Frost, Aug.1,1813.

Sally and Thomas Hathaway, int.Apr.3,1814.

Thomas of Cambridge, and Sarah Goddin, Sept.4,1753.*PR

William Jr. of Cambridge, and Mary Johnson, July14,1748.*PR

WOOD (Woods)

John Jr. and Mary C. Barker, Jan.28,1841.*

Maria M. of Medford, and Abram D. Taker, Sept.13,1840.*


Samuel F. and Hannah M. Locke, Apr.5,1843.

WOODELL (Woodhill)

Hannah Maria, d.James and Mary of Claremont, NH, and Michael Kenney, widr.[int.omits widr.], May4,1845.

WOODHILL (Woodell)

Jane of Boston, and M. Kenney, Apr.12,1832.*


Joseph and Agnes Moreman, int.Sept.7,1845.

WOODS (Wood)

John and Eunice Snow, int.Apr.1,1827.


Henry of Medford, and Catherine Mead, Dec.7,1823.


Sarah [? Woolson] of Lexington, and Stephen Robbins, July11,1754.*PR


Mary A.E. of Boston, and Thaddeus Peirce, int.Mar.23,1828.


Amelia and William Clemson, int.July20,1845.

Catherine M., 18, d.Stephen and Nancy, and Jacob Hanscom, Oct.3,1847.*

Elisabeth of Woburn, and John Symmes Jr., Oct.31,1780.*PR

Hannah of Woburn, and Aaron Smith, May26,1833.*

Harriet E. and David Puffer, Dec.7,1848.*

John and Mary Jane Clark, July4,1841.

Margaret, 19, d.Joshua and M. of Bermingham, Eng., and William Clemsen, Aug.3,1845.*

Mary and Sewall Parker, Jan.20,1848.*

Stephen E. and Nancy Nason, int.Jan.18,1823.

Thomas J. and Mary Ann Wheeler, int.Nov.28,1830.


Thomas of Cambridge, and Mary Pierpoint, Jan.27,1776.*PR

WYETH (Wieth, Wythe)


Abijah W., 25, s.Abijah and Sophia, and Phebe F. Wilson, Dec.18,1844.*

Abner P. and Susan Clark, Nov.22,1836.

Ann Elizabeth and Ellis Gray Blake, Nov.15,1821.

Daniel of Woburn, and Lucy Gardner, Jan.26,1776.*PR

Jabez of Woburn, and Lydia Winship, Jan.13,1767.*PR

James, s.Luke, and Elizabeth Ward, Mar.28,1847.*

James M., 22, s.James and Sarah of Wayland and Eliza Barrow, wid., Nov.6,1848.*

Jenny of Woburn, and Asa Richardson, Feb.11,1779.*PR

John P. and Margaret Richardson, Nov.16,1843.

Mary and John Hopkins, Dec.2,1819.

Samuel and Susan Clarke, int.May31,1829.

Susan, Mrs., and Joseph B. Mott, Jan.27,1841.

William of Woburn, and Martha Syms, int.Feb.24,1828.

WYTHE (Wieth)

Mary [int.Wyth] and Samuel Bellows, Mar.27,1809.

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