Daniel and Hannah Lincoln, Nov.3,1837.


Kimball [int.Kimble] and Rhoda Cutter, June24,1818.

Life and Elizabeth A. Locke, Nov.1,1835.

Maria H. [int.C.], 22, d, Kimball, and Eli Robbins, May13,1845.

Nathanael of Lexington, and Hannah Fessenden, Apr.15,1755.*PR


Artemus of Lexington, and Jane Weeks, Jan.6,1833.*


Jeduthun and Sarah Shattuck, Dec.12,1739.*PR

Samuel of Westboro, and Elisabeth Cutter, Apr.6,1756.*PR


Frances A. and Orrin H. Rodgers, Sept.18,1849.*

Hannah of Lexington, and Nathanael Farmer, Apr.13,1755.*PR

Ichabod and Almira Tufts, May29,1834.

Mary P. and Alanson Blanchard, Nov.25,1841.

Mary Jane and Thomas Gordon, Nov.23,1848.*

Nathanael of Cambridge, and Elisabeth Webb, June20,1771.*PR

Phillip Bemis and Rebecca [int.adds C.] Tufts, Aug.31,1820.

Sophronia and George C. Russell, May23,1830.


Richard and Elizebeth [int.Elizabeth] Godhard, Aug.30,1840.


Daniel of Woburn, and Elizabeth R. Locke, Dec.31,1835, in Woburn.*


Abill [int.Abiel] H. and Hannah Locke, July3,1817.

Adeline and Eli Howe, Nov.7,1833.

Anna and Washington Cutter, Jan.26,1823.

Elisabeth and Moses Boadman, Dec.25,1746.*PR

James of Cambridge, and Elizabeth Prentice, June5,1774.*PR

John and Abigail Underwood, int.Oct.30,1836.

Leonard [int.Fellibrown] and Hannah Richardson, Apr.1,1819.

Susanna of Cambridge, and James Blake, Nov.29,1773.*PR

Thomas Jr. and Sarah Adams, Jan.31,1808.

FISK (Fiske)

Sarah Jane of Saugus, and John Swan Jr., int.Dec.11,1842.

FISKE (Fisk)

Elmira [int.Almira] and Joseph Adams Esq. [int.Jr.], Nov.19,1811.

Horatio H. of Boston, and Letitia [int.Latetia] Whittemore, Mar.29, [int.May8], 1818.

Jonas F., 22, of Lexington, s.Jonas and Parmelia, and Lydia Ingraham, Mar.9,1848.*

Lois G. of Waltham, and Calvin Hosmer, int.May6,1827.

Mary [int.adds Mrs.] and John Craft [int.Joseph Crafts], May11,1809.

Ruth of Cambridge, and James Jones, Jan.1,1778.*PR


Eliza of Waltham, and Reuben Richardson, int.Nov.15,1818.

Jonathan V. of Medford, and Mercy [int.Marcy] Ann Hill, Nov.3,1836.

Rebecca A., 18, d.Charles H. and Rebecca, and William F.A. Setchell, Apr.12,1849.*

Walter and Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.] Matilda Stacy, Nov.26,1829.

Walter and Maria Rice, int.Mar.10,1833.


Clarissa of Concord, and Saunders Cutter, int.Feb.7,1818.


Ann [int.Foreman] and George G. Jones, Apr.末, [int.Apr.4], 1813.


Maria W., 20, of Marblehead, and George T. Brown, Aug.29,1847.*


Benjamin of Falmouth, and Rebecca Cutter, Apr.5,1807.*

George and Clarinda Estabrooks, int.Sept.30,1832.

Hannah and Abbot Allen, May1,1825.

Hannah and Samuel Perkins, Apr.7,1829.

Herman of Boston, and Harriet M.A. Whittemore, Nov.8,1826.

Jacob, Rev., of Berwick, and Hepzibah Prentice, Oct.13,1756.*PR

James of Boston, and Sarah Cutter, Jan.26,1773.*PR

Maria and Augustus Babcock, Nov.20,1825.*

Martha and Luke Vila, July3,1825.

Sukey and William Adams, Sept.17,1818.


Annette E. and Edwin R. Prescott, Jan.2,1843.

John Jr. and Abigail Hill, Oct.14,1821.


Benjamin of Charlstown, and Lydia Converse, Apr.7,1757.*PR

Nathanael Jr. and Phebe Frost, Apr.11,1750.*PR


Abigail of Cambridge, and Hezekiah Wilson, May31,1770.*PR

Abigail and Putnam Spaulding, June26,1808.

Abigail C, and Alfred Brown, Oct.2,1828.

Abigail, Mrs.[int.Abagail, omits Mrs.], and Moody Hawkes, July13,1834.

Abijah and Rebecca Locke [int.Rebecca M. Lock], Jan.4,1827.

Almira and Alfred Parks, Oct.9,1849.*

Anna and Lothrop Perkins, Apr.10,1809.

Asa and Abigail Hall, Sept.17,1820.

Caroline, wid., and Elijah Smith, Dec.3,1846.*

Caroline A., 18, d.Ephraim and Caroline, and Horace Wilson, Dec.19,1847.*

Caroline and John D. Soames, Nov.30,1848.*

Charles J. and Maria E. Kendall,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Mar.27,1846].*

David [int.Daniel] and Abigail Russell, Feb.17,1818.

Eleanor and John Snow, Nov.22,1818.

Eliza, Mrs., and Leonard Sterns [int.Stearns], June20,1841.

Eliza and Thomas E. Thorpe, Apr.28,1842.

Elvira and Seth Read, int.July9,1820.

Ephraim 3d of Cambridge, and Lydia Perry Jr., June6,1765.*PR

Ephraim Jr. and Mrs.Sarah Green, int.Apr.9,1815.

Ephraim 3d and Abigail Dickson, Nov.4,1821.

Ephraim 3d [int.Capt, omits 3d] and Caroline Cutter, June10,1829.

Evelina E., 19, and Francis Hill, Nov.12,1846.*

Hannah of Cambridge, and Josiah Wilson, Apr.13,1780.*PR

Harriet Eliza and Jacob F. Hobbs, Nov.23,1848.*

Henry and Miranda Cutter, Nov.18,1830.

Isaac and Cynthia Wilkins, int.Feb.5,1832.

Isaac of Newton, and Cherry Swan, Feb.16,1832.

James and Susanna Dutton, Dec.3,1776.*PR

James of Dorchester, and Mary Teel, Jan.2,1814.*

Joel and Carstine Bartlett, int.May16,1819.

John Jr. of Cambridge, and Susanna Hill Jr., Nov.21,1780.*PR

John 3d and Lydia Winship, May18,1808.

John and Sally Winship, Aug.1,1813.

John and Mrs.Hannah Johnson, June23,1836.

Jonathan and Sibil Nurse, Nov.28,1810.

Jonathan 2d and Lucy B. Frost, May13,1816.

Jonathan and Everline Hull, int.Dec.17,1820.

Joseph of Cambridge, and Sarah Cook, Feb.8,1753.*PR

Lucinda and Oliver Russell, int.Mar.20,1831.

Lucy B. and Jonathan Frost 2d, May13,1816.

Lydia Ann and Henry Swan, May10,1846.*

Margarett [int.Margerett] and Samuel Crosby, Dec.2,1821.

Maria and Enos Prentiss, June25,1809.

Maria and Samuel Wilson, Apr.4,1813.

Martha and Joseph Adams Jr., Jan.10,1739-40.*PR

Martha of Cambridge, and Isaac Tufts, Apr.16,1769.*PR

Mary of Cambridge, and John Lock, Jan.2,1752.*PR

Mary and Zadock Leach, Apr.3,1810.*

Mary and Charles Hastings, int.May4,1815.

Mary Locke and Joseph Teel, Mar.23,1823.

Mary M. and Lorenzo Hobbs, Oct.17,1849.*

Nathaniel and Sophronia C. Cass, int.Feb.1,1829.

Phebe and Nathanael Francis Jr., Apr.11,1750.*PR

Rebecca W. and John J. Craft, June13,1816.

Rebecca and Cyrus D. Harrington, June11,1846.*

Reuben and Eunice Hovey, Apr.17,1813.*

Ruhamah of Cambridge, and John Russell, Aug.31,1769.*PR

Ruthy and Jonathan Russell, Apr.9,1809.

Samuel and Abigail Cutter, Feb.19,1740-1.*PR

Sarah of Cambridge, and John Hutchinson, May20,1772.* p. s.

Sarah and Stephen P. Day, July9,1809.*

Sarah W. [int.H.] and Charles W. Cummings, Oct.17,1824.

Seth and.Anstress B. Trow, int.Oct.5,1823.

Seth and Mrs.Mary W. Hopkins, June15,1843.

Stephen and Eliza Stone, int.Dec.9,1821.

Susan and Thomas Teel, Mar.24,1822.

Thaddeus and Abigail Locke, int.Oct.28,1827.

Thomas F. and Sally Ann [int.Anne] Putnam, July23,1834.

William of Cambridge, and Mary Teel, Feb.21,1811.*

William and Eliza Russell, Oct.3,1819.

William W., s.John, and Susan Putnam, Jan.4,1847.*


Sarah of Cambridge, and Henry Holden, Oct.14,1756.*PR


Eliza Ann, wid., 26, of Boston, and David Low, Mar.15,1846.*

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