Elizabeth, Miss, and John J. Close, both of Lowell, Sept.20,1834.*

Levi (末末i) [Levi in later handwriting, int.Levi] of Grotton and Betsy Jones, Aug.9,1807. [Levi of Groton.CR1]


Roxanna, Miss, and Heman H. Bowers, int.Mar.25,1849.


Sally of Bolton and Howard Brown, int.Dec.31,1808.


Alice and Samuel Fitch, Apr.23,1778, in Chelmsford.*

Asa of Tingstown [int.Tyngstown, ME] and Elisabeth [int.Elizabeth] White, Jan.4,1803. [Asa of Tingstown (so called) and Elizabeth White.CR1]

Samuel W. and Miss Harriet Parker, June1,1843.


George Washington of Concord and [int.Miss] Lucy Wheeler, Nov.29,1810. [Lucy.CR1]


Horace of Westford and Polly [int.Miss Polly H.] Billings, Oct.13,1835.


Elizabeth and Zacheus Green of Carlisle, Oct.21,1795, in Carlisle.*

Joseph and Miss Nabby Buttrick, Sept.19,1824. [Buthrik.CR1]

Nathan [int.Worner] of Harvard and Abigail [Elizabeth written in pencil above Abigail, int.Elisabeth] Heywood, June28,1784. [Warner of Harvard and Elisabeth Haywood.CR1]

WARREN (Warrin)

Sampson of Charlestown and [int.Miss] Mary Piper, Feb.15,1838.

WARRIN (Warren)

Oliver of Littleton and Elizabeth Allen, int.June20,1761.


Releaf, Miss, of Concord, and Isaac Harrington, int.Aug.25,1825.


Esther of Townsend and Luther Gilbert, int.Oct.6,1811.

WELLINGTON (Willington)

Eliza, Miss, and Eliezer S. Hendley [int.Eleazer S. Handley], Apr.22,1824. [Willington and Elezar S. Hendley.CR1]


Adeline, Miss, and Amos Blood of Lancester, int.June13,1849. [m.末蔓末,1849.CR2]

Maria E. [int.E. Maria], Miss, and Isaac T. Flagg, Sept.20,1838. [Miss Eunice Maria, Oct.末.CR2]

Mary E., Miss, and William R. Lothrop, int.July27,1845. [m.Sept.末.CR2]


Agnis and Joseph Hager, Aug.19,1793.

Ammi and Dolley Barker, Feb.25,1810.

Catherine [int.Catharine] and Nathan Wheeler, June11,1811. [Catherine.CR1]

Daniel 2d and Clarissa [int.Miss Clarisa] Jones, July19,1836.

Edward and Elenor Davis, int.Jan.30,1777.

Edward Jr. and Susanna Hapgood, Dec.24,1807.

Harriet [int.Harriat] and Frances [sic, int.Francis] Tuttle, July14,1812. [Harriet and Francis Tuttle.CR1]

Harriet, Miss, and Winthrop F. White of Ashby, int.Oct.6,1839. [Miss Harriot, m.Nov.末, removed to Ashby.CR2]

John Jr. of Boxborough and Miss Louisa S. Brown, Jan.1,1835.

Lucinda [int.Miss] and Silas Jones, Oct.12,1809. [Lucinda.CR1]

Lucy Ann, Miss, of Boston, and John D. Robbins, int.Nov.21,1839.

Polley and Edward Harrington [int.Herrington], May2,1811. [Harrington.CR1]

Mary, Miss, and Stephen Hosmer 2d, May26,1831.

Oliver and Polley [int.Polly] Davis, Feb.29,1816.

Phineas and Mary J. Willoby of Peterboro, NH, int.Oct.29,1848.

Sophia, Miss, and Winthrop F. Conant, Dec.29,1842.

Susannah, Miss, and Abraham M. White, Sept.5,1833.

WETT (Witt)

Samuel [int.Wite] of Marlborough and Lucy Adams, Oct.30,1787. [Witt of Marlborough.CR1]

WHEELAR (Wheeler, Wheelor)

Olive and Peter Barker, int.Aug.10,1800.

WHEELER (Wheelar, Wheelor)

Aaron and Miss Betsey Chaffin of Pepperell, int.Nov.末,1810.

Aaron and Miss Phebe E. Rogers of Boston, int.Mar.29,1846.

Abigail and Elias Foster of Wesford, int.Apr.12,1746.

Anna and Nathan Jones, Nov.18,1804.

Asa of Carlisle and Polly Davis, Mar.25,1784.

Asa and Miss Amanda Brown, May12,1825.

Cyrus and Miss Fidelia Heald of Carlisle, int.Jan.12,1828.

Daniel 2d [int.Wheelar, omits 2d] of Concord and Mary Hosmer Furbush [int.Forbush], Apr.2,18末 [1800 written in pencil and crossed out; 1801 in later handwriting, int.Mar.15,1801]. [Wheeler 2d of Concord and Mary Hosmer Furbush, Apr.2,1801.CR1]

Dorcas and Joseph Blodget of W. Nottingham, int.Apr.3,1756.

Eleanor, see Ellenor.

Elener and William Edggel of Naraganset No. 2, int.Aug.1,1752.

Ellenor [int.Elenor], Miss, and Cyrus Hapgood of Concord, Jan.18,1842.

Eliza, Miss, and Silas Conant, Feb.22,1825, in Cambridgeport.

Elizabeth and Lemuel Whitney of Stow, int.Mar.14,1761.

Betty of Boxborough [int.Littleton] and Ebenezer W. [int.Warrin] Fuller, Sept.6,1792, in Boxborough.

Eunice, Miss, and Henery Flint Jr. of Carlisle, Mar.1,1820 [? in Carlisle].

Francis [int.of Concord crossed out] and Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.] Mary Hayward, June5,1755, in Lexington.

Franklin and Miss Susan Collins of Marlboro, NH, int.Mar.23,1845.

Hannah, Mrs.[int.Miss], and Joseph Chaffin, Dec.10,1826.

Hezekiah and Mary Gilbert, Nov.12,1767.

Jacob and Moley Kebby of Concord, int.Jan.1,1774.

John and Ruth Hosmer, May20,1784.

John H. and Betsey Brook, Mar.25,1817.

Jonathan and Margaret Martin, int.July6,1737.

Jonathan and Sibbel Carkins [int.Carken], May20,1792. [Corkens.CR1]

Jonathan and [int.Miss] Eda Davies, June2,1818.

Jonathan and Miss Mary Angeline Baker of Westford, int.Feb.26,1834.

Joseph Procter [int.Proctor] and Betty Morros [int.Naby Munroe] of Billerica, Dec.9,1779. [Joseph Procter Wheeler and Betty Munroe of Billerica.CR1]

Joseph and Judith [int.Judeth] Barker, Apr.11,1793. [Judieth.CR1]

Joseph and Miss Gratitude Marble of Ashburnham, int.Feb.18,1822.

Josiah Gilbert and Mary Perren [int.Perrin], May17,1798. [Perren.CR1]

Judah and Lucy Corey [int.Cory] of Westford, May20,1762, in Westford.

Judith [int.Judeth] and Samuel Hayward, Oct.20,1799. [Judith.CR1]

Louis, Miss, and Marshall Farr, Feb.16,1832 [? in Boxborough].

Lucinda J., 24, dress maker, d.Jonathan and Hiram Butters, 29, miller, s.Nathaniel, Aug.25,1844. [Lucinda Jane.CR2]

Lucy and Daniel Furbush, int.Jan.22,1770.

Lucy and William Graves of Stow, Dec.24,1779.

Lucy [int.Miss] and George Washington Wallace of Concord, Nov.29,1810. [Lucy.CR1]

Lucy, Miss, and John Hodgman of Bedford, int.Mar.25,1832. [m.Aug.末, "and removed to Woborn,"CR2]

Martha and Nathaniel Barret [int.Barritt of Chelmsford], Nov.30,1748, in Chelmsford.

Mary and William Reed Jr., Feb.21,1804.

Nancy, Miss, and Albert Sawen [int.Sawin] of Cambridge, June末,1832.

Nathan and Lois Cobley of Littleton, int.Aug.31,1799.

Nathan and Catherine [int.Catharine] Wetherbee, June11,1811. [Catherine.CR1]

Nathan H., 22, s.Abel and Nancy, and Elizebeth H. Shattuck, 19, d.William and Elizebeth, Oct.1,1846.

Nehemiah and Susannah Proctor [int.Susanna Procter] of Westford, Dec.10,1746, in Westford.

Oliver and Abigail Wood of Groten, int.Oct.10,1747.

Oliver and Hephzebath [int.Hepsebeth] Munroe of Billerica, Mar.3,177 [1773 in later handwriting, int.Feb.12,1774].

Phinehas, Lt., and Lucy Parling, int.Nov.15,1799.

Phineah [int.Phineas] and Hannah Jones, May6,1802. [Phineas.CR1]

Phineahs and Mrs.Elizabeth Hodgman of Bedford, int.July10,1831.

Phineas, Dea., and [int.Mrs.] Lucy Hayward, Apr.14,1836 [Lucy, wid.CR2]

Rachel and Elias Whitney, both of Stow, int.Nov.18,1758.

Reuben [int.Ruben] of Carlisle and Hepzibah Heyward [int.Hapsebah Heywood], Oct.20,1789, in Carlisle.

Reuben (末ben) [Reuben in later handwriting, int.Reuben] and Rhoda Ditson of Littleton, Apr.29,1806. [Reuben.CR1]

Roger and Eunice Gilbert, Aug.30,1764.

Ruth and Ephraim Cobbley [int.Cobley] of Bolton, Dec.19,1797. [Coblaigh of Bolton.CR1]

Ruth and Allen Richardson, Jan.26,1808.

Sampson and Sarah Parlin [int.Perlin] of Concord, May23,1751, in Concord.

Samuel and Martha Hosmer, int.Mar.17,1759.

Samuel and Lydia Munroe of Billerica, Feb.13,1777, in Billerica.*

Samuel of Bolton and Anna [int.Anne] Hosmer, Nov.7,1793. [Anna.CR1]

Samuel of Bolton and Miss Abigail [int.Abbigail] Keyes, Jan.17,1832 [? in Boxborough].

Sarah and John Penney of Stow, int.May2,1753.

Sarah and Timothy Taylor, Feb.11,1765, in Concord.

Sarrah and Asahel Eveleth of Stow, int.Dec.1,1797.

Simon and Sarah Temple of Westford, July13,1742, in Westford.

Susannah, Mrs., of Boxboro, and Palatiah Brooks, int.Mar.21,1841.

Theodore and Hannah Reed, Apr.7,1803.

Thomas and Miss Sarah Wood of Littleton, Oct.8,1786, in Littleton.

Winthrop F., Rev., and Lucy Robbins, d.John and Sally,末蔓末, 末末.*PR3

WHEELOR (Wheelar, Wheeler)

Josiah D. [int.Wheeler] and Miss Mary W. Wood, Nov.27,1838.

Susan F., Miss, and Luther S. Noyes, Sept.22,1839.

William [int.Wheeler] and Miss Eliza Bright, Sept.16,1838. [Wheeler, Sept.30.CR2]


Zeliah, Miss, of Boston, and Joseph Erwin, int.Apr.19,1835.

WHITCOM (Whitcomb)

Samuel and Mary Reed, both of Littleton, Nov.30,1826,*CR1

WHITCOMB (Whitcom)

Nabby Lealand of Boxborough and Joseph Tucker, int.Apr.1,1808.

Abraham of Stowe and Rebeccah Fletcher, Dec.11,1780, in Stowe.*

Benjamin F. of Stow and Miss Susan T. Withington, int.Nov.20,1842.

David of Stow and Nancy Hayward, Nov.20,1803.

Hannah [int.Miss] and Franklin Hosmer, Apr.16,1829. [CR1]

Joel H. and Miss Eliza J. Perley, int.Nov.8,1846.

Mary, Miss, of Harvard, and Nehemiah B. Robbins of Littleton, Oct.6,1836, in Harvard.*

Sarah [int.Sally] of Bolton and Simon Hosmer, Jan.26,1796, in Bolton.

Sally B., Miss, of Boxborough, and Samuel Hosmer 3d, int.Jan.5,1833.

Sibel of Bolton and Peter Tenney, int.Mar.16,1815.


Abil [int.Abel] and [int.Miss] Sarah Green of Brooklin [int.Brookline], NH, Aug.22,1819.

Abraham M. and Miss Susannah Wetherbee, Sept.5,1833.

Anna and Paul Hayward, July14,1768.

Ann and Joseph Barker, June23,1742.

Asa and Miss Lucy H. Brooks of Lincoln, int.Oct.9,1830.

Charlott [int.Charlotte], Miss, and Elbridge Robbins, Jan.16,1833 [? in Concord]. [Charlotte.PR3]

Daniel of Billerica and Mary Hunt, Jan.1,1784.

Daniel Jr. of Rockingham, VT, and Nabby [int.and dup. int.Nabby] Hapgood, Sept.27,1815. [Nabby, Apr.27.CR1]

Dorothy and Francis Barker, int.Apr.28,1753.

Ebenezer and Mary Hayward, int.Sept.27,1774.

Ebenezer [int.Ebenezar] of Leominster and Lucinda [int.Miss Lucyndia] Jones, Jan.5,1802. [Ebenezer of Leominster and Lucinda Jones.CR1]

Ebenezer and Jerusha Dexter, Apr.19,1804.

Elisabeth and Daniel More of Sudbury, June末,1743.

Elisabeth [int.Elizabeth] and Asa Walker of Tingstown [int.Tyngstown, ME.], Jan.4,1803. [Elizabeth and Asa Walker of Tingstown (so called).CR1]

John Jr. and Charlotte Hapgood, Oct.17,1811. [John Jr., s.Daniel and Mary, and Charlotte Hapgood, d.Abraham and Mary.PR8]

John, Dea., and Miss Abigail Sartwell of Townsend, int.Jan.20,1822.

Luther B. and Miss Hannah M. Tufts, int.Jan. [? June] 1,1845.

Lydia and James Fletcher, May4,1786.

Mark and Anna Chamberlain [int.Annah Chamberlin] of Westford, May14,1742. [Anna Chamberlain of Westford.CR1PR8]

Mark and Mary Read, int.Sept.17,1757.

Mary and Thomas Stearns of Littleton, Oct.4,1739. [Sterns of Littleton.cR1]

Mary and John Heald, Dec.19,1771.

Mary and Jonas Brooks, Mar.4,1779.

Marah [int.Mara] and Ebenezer Heald, Sept.2,1779. [Marah.CR1]

Mary [int.Miss] and John Harris Jr., Apr.26,1829. [CR1]

Mehitable, see Hetty.

Hetty [int.Mehitable] of Westford and Josiah Noyes, June26,1794. [Hitty of Westford.CR1]

Rebecca and Daniel Davies, int.Sept.27,1772 [sic, ? 1774, rec. between two entries each dated Sept.27,1774].

Ruth of Westford and Samuel Adams, Nov.25,1783, in Westford.

Samuel, see Samuel Wett.

Samuel and Lydia Billing, June27,1765.

Samuel and Dorothy Billing, June4,1772.

Sally and Timothy Proctor [int.Procter], Sept.17,1787, in Littleton.

Sally, Miss, of Westford, and Gilbert Parker, int.Mar.18,1820.

Sheribiah H. and Lois Stocker, Sept.26,1811. [Sherebiah H.CR1]

Thomas and Hannah Faulkner, int.Feb.4,1748-9.

Winthrop F. of Ashby and Miss Hariet Wetherbee, int.Oct.6,1839. [Miss Harriot, m.Nov.末, removed to Ashby.CR2]


Charles of Stow and Catherine H. [H blurried out, int.omits H.] Swift, Mar.6,1787. [Dr. Charles of Stow and Catherine Swift.CR1]

Emma, Miss, and 末末 Hartwell of Groton,末蔓末, 末末.*CR2

Susanna and Oliver Blood, both of Stow, Dec.24,1797.*


Jemmima, "then living in Bedford," and William Howard, Mar.9,1782, in Bedford.*


Abraham of Bolton and Rebecca Dudley, Feb.28,1776, in Concord.

Charles of Quabin [Quabin written after Stow crossed out] and Rebeckah Wood, int.July14,1753.

Elias and Rachel Wheeler, both of Stow, int.Nov.18,1758.

Betsey of Watertown and Isaac Taylor, Oct.20,1793, in Watertown.

Jerome B. and Miss Elvira H. Hoar, both of Pepperell, Jan.19,1837, in Boxboro.*

Lemuel of Stow and Elizabeth Wheeler, int.Mar.14,1761.

Mary of Stow and Peter Chaffin, Mar.20,1787, in Stowe.

Mercy of Stow and Abraham Furbush, int.Nov.18,1769.

Mercy and Ephraim Hosmer, both of Boxborough, Nov.6,1783.*

Nicholas Bowes [int.Bows] of Hingham and Anna Adams, Nov.13,1800. [Nicholas Bowes Whitney of Hingham.CR1]

Samuel and [int.Mrs.] Lucy Handley, Sept.13,1808. [Lucy.CR1]

Sarah and Loami Burges of Tingsborough, int.Nov.18,1791.

WILD (Wilde)

Amasa T. and Miss Sarah Butler Babb of Boston, int.Mar.15,1820.

Benjamin [int.Jr.] and Sophia [int.Miss Sophi] Davies, Jan.21,1817.

Elisabeth [int.Elizeabeth Hunt Wild] and Peter Thatcher Trask of Boston, June4,1811. [Elizabeth Wild and Peter Thacher Trask of Boston.CR1]

Joseph and Sarah Conant of Stow, int.Sept.23,1815.

Sarah Ann, Miss, and James F. Tasker of Boston, int.Nov.6,1839. [m.Nov.28, removed to Boston.CR2]

WILDE (Wild)

Mary, Miss, and John A. Berry of Charleston, int.Aug.16,1846. [Wild and Mr. Berrey of NH, m.末蔓末,1848.CR2]


Anne [int.Wilkens] of Carlisle and Jonas Heald, Jan.6,1785, in Carlisle.

Luther and Miss Almira F. Hamlin, int.Dec.6,1845.


Sarrah [int.Derara] of Littleton and George Hybrus [int.Hibrus], Dec.10,1763.

WILLINGTON (Wellington)

Miraann, Miss, and Leonard Hoar Jr. of Lincoln, int.Oct.7,1832.


Eli Jr. and Miss Mary D. Haynes, both of Sudbury, Apr.30,1837, in Sudbury.*


Josiah and Polley Connery, int.Feb.22,1776.

Martha M., Miss, of Boxborough, and Charles A. Green of Littleton, Apr.18,1837, in Boxborough.*


Mary J. of Peterboro, NH, and Phineas Wetherbee, int.Oct.29,1848.


Catharine Josephine and Luke Jones Robbins, Aug.8,1829, in New Orleans,*PR3

John of Carlisle and Miss Nancy Reed, int.Dec.31,1823.

Roxana and Abram Hapgood, July26,1846,*PR4


Louisa [int.Miss] and Nathaniel S. Adams, July30,1835.

Mary of Concord and Samuel Forbush, int.Sept.13,1823.

Parmelia [int.Pamelia], Miss, and Stephen Hosmer, Oct.23,1832.

Susan E., Miss, and Abraham B. Hendly [int.Hendley], Jan.15,1828 [? in Littleton].

WITE (Wett)


Susan T., Miss, and Benjamin F. Whitcome of Stow, int.Nov.20,1842.

WITT (Wett)

Alpheus and Miss Hannah Carter, Nov.14,1830.

Alpheas [int.Alpheus] and Miss Sally Wood, Nov.17,1833.

WOOD (Woods)

Abigail of Groten and Oliver Wheeler, int.Oct.10,1747.

Alden of Boxborough and Sally Hayward, Oct.16,1817.

Anna and David Chace, resident in Newton, Feb.24,1805.

Ann, Mrs., and Samuel Starns of Killingsly, int.May23,1749.

Bennet and Lydia Law, Jan.末,1739. [Jan.31.CR2]

Ebenezer of Concord and Miss Abigail [int.Abigal] Harris, May31,1820. [Ebenezer of Concord and Miss Abigail Harris.CR1]

Ebenezer and Miss Pheba F. Flint of Concord, int.Apr.18,1830.

Lewis and Abbigail H. [int.Miss Abagail M.] Jones, Oct.10,1827. [Abigail M.CR1]

Loel and Miss Tabethy Hayward, int.Mar.25,1820.

Lowell F., railroad engineer, s.Lowell, and Abba L. Hosmer, d.Simon, May5,1847.

Martin of Littleton and Nancy Hunt, int.Dec.28,1800.

Polly and Samson Stevens of Chelmsford, May29,1817.

Mary An[int.Miss Mary Ann] and Josiah Piper, Jan.14,1827, in Wallingford, VT.

Mary W., Miss, and Josiah D. Wheelor [int.Wheeler], Nov.27,1838.

Rebeckah and Charles Whitney of Quabin [Quabin written after Stow crossed out], int.July14,1753.

Rebecca W., 17, d.Lewis and Abigal, and Henry O. Lothrop, 23, carpenter, s.Charles and Mary, Nov.22,1846.

Ruth and David Forbush of Marlborough, int.May14,1734.

Sarah and William Reed [int.Read] of Marlboro, May28,1740, in Concord.

Sarah, Miss, of Littleton, and Thomas Wheeler, Oct.8,1786, in Littleton.

Sally, Miss, and Alpheas [int.Alpheus] Witt, Nov.17,1833.

Timothy of Harvard and Sarah Hapgood, Aug.24,1797, in Harvard.


John and Miss Eliza W. Bride of Harvard, Nov.8,1837, in Harvard.

WOODS (Wood)

George of Fitchburgh and Sarah Sartel, Jan.17,1782 [1782 in later handwriting].* [Wood of Fitchburg and Sarah Sartwell, Jan.17,1782.CR1]

Moses and Hazadiah [int.Hasadiah] Spaulding of Chelmsford, Apr.16,1793, in Westford.

WOOLEY (Woolley)

Dorothy of Concord and William Conant, int.Mar.9,1745.

Sarah and Isaac French, Jan.11,1771 [sic, int.Oct.25,1775].

WOOLLEY (Wooley)

Hannah [int.Wooley] and Oliver Jones, Dec.29,1763.

Lydia [int.Wooley] and Amos Jones of Royelston, Oct.11,1770.


Ebenezer and Lydia Brabrook, Feb.17,1799.

Elijah and Rebecah Batchelor [dup. REbeccah Batcheller, int.Rebeckah] of Boxborough, Sept.7,1797, in Boxborough.


Bridges and Lucy Borden of Littleton, int.Nov.11,1797.

Sewall and Miss Esther Boyes of Londondary, NH, int.June28,1824.

Stilman [int.Stillman Worsters] and Miss Mary Fletcher, Apr.18,1826. [Stilman Worster.CR1]


Ruth, Miss, of Stow, and Aaron Jones Jr. int.June7,1818.


Abel of Ashby and Sibbel Hayward, June21,1792.

Almon of Troy, NH, and Mrs.Hannah R. Fletcher, Apr.11,1844. [Hannah, wid., "Dismissed to Chh.in Troy, NH,"CR2]

Calab of Wesford and Elisebeth Cleaveland int.Mar.25,1760.

Delia D., Mrs.and 末末 末末, Dec.末,1838, removed to Boston.*CR2

Elisebeth of Concord and Dea.John Heald, int.Nov.10,1759.

Elizabeth of Concord and Thomas Noyes, Jan.3,1765.

Elisabeth [int.Elizebeth] and Nathan Brooks, Oct.22,1797. [Elisabeth.CR1]

Esther, Miss, and Jonas Keyes [int.Jr.] of Pelham, NH, Oct.13,184[cut off, ? 1842, int.Aug.28,1842], [末,1842, removed to Pelham, NH.CR2]

Eunice and Asahel hosmer of Concord, Jan.6,1800.

Hannah E. [int.Miss] and Thomas Howard of Cambridge, Dec.3,1835.

Jonas of Concord and Polly Hapgood, Mar.30,1794, in Concord.

Joseph of Concord and [int.Miss] Sarah Davies, Oct.20,180 [1801 in later handwriting, int.Sept.27,1801]. [Joseph, 80, of Concord, and Sarah Davies, 71, Oct.20,1801.CR1]

Lois of Marlborough, NH, and Samuel Wright, int.May24,1792.

Lydia of Marlborough, NH, and Samuel Wright, int.Feb.24,1814.

Maria H., Mrs., of Westford, and Charles Tuttle, int.May5,1833.

Mary of Concord and Abraham Hapgood, Mar.13,1783, in Concord.

Mary and Winthrop Faulkner, Oct.23,180 [1800 written in pencil, int.Aug.31,1800]. [Oct.23,1800.CR1]

Mary and 末uel [Samuel in later handwriting, int.Samuel] Tuttle Jr., Sept.5,1805. [Samuel Jr.CR1]

Mary, Miss, and Amos Handley Jr., Nov.3,1831 [? in Concord].

Mary, Miss, and Obed A. Symond, June15,1843. [Simonds.CR2]

Nathan Meriam [int.omits Meriam] of Concord and Sally Tuttle, Apr.7,1808. [Nathan Meriam Wright of Concord.CR1]

Nathan and Asenath Brook [int.Brooks], Feb.22,1814. [Brooks.CR1]

Samuel of Concord and Rachel Proctor [dup. and int.Procter], May6,1756.

Samuel and Lois Wright of Marlborough, NH, int.May24,1792.

Samuell and Lydia Wright of Marlborough, NH, int.Feb.24,1814.

Sylvia Sacharrissa [int.Silvia Cecharissa] and Silas Piper Jr., Oct.5,1817.

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