Maria Augusta, d. Leader and Malinda, Apr. 12, 1819.


George Henry, s. Henry and Hannah, Sept. 24, 1835.

Harriet Newell, d. Henry and Hannah, Dec. 30, 1839.


Dean Robinson, s. twin, Joseph and Judith, May 9, 1825.

Eliza Robinson, d. Joseph and Judith, Aug. 20, 1834.

Eliza Robinson, d. Joseph, bp. July 8, 1838. CR2

Joseph Newell, s. twin, Joseph and Judith, May 9, 1825.

Rodolphus, s. William and Mary, Nov. 20, 1835.

Stephen Bailey, s. William and Hannah, Mar. 24, 1825.

William Edwin, s. William and Hannah, Aug. 18, 1823.


Charles Sullivan, s. Wadleigh and Betsey, Apr. 28, 1825.

Betsey, d. Wadleigh and Betsey, June 6, 1826.

Julia Ann, d. Samuel and Mary, bp. Nov. 6, 1831. CR1

Rufus Wadleigh, s. Wadleigh and Betsey, July 18, 1823.

Sarah Frances, d. Samuel and Mary, Dec. 5, 1831.


Charles Brown, s. Rev. Elijah and Lucy B., Aug. 4, 1823.

Lucy Ann, d. Rev. Elijah and Lucy B., Feb. 6, 1825.

Sarah Ellen, d. Rev. Elijah and Lucy B., Apr. 2, 1826.


John Edwards, s. John G. and Elizabeth P., Dec. 16, 1843.


Anna, d. Enoch and Martha, at Newbury, Oct. 12, 1812.

Lydia Noyes, d. Enoch and Martha, Apr. 30, 1821.

Sarah, d. Enoch and Martha, at Newbury, July 8, 1810.


Arthur [Abram Arthur. CR1], s. Abraham, jr, and Henrietta [D. (Carr). CR1], Mar. 3, 1836.

George Carr, s. Abraham, jr. and Henrietta [D. (Carr). CR1], May 11, 1834.

Henrietta Carr, d. Abraham and Henriette D. (Carr), bp. Nov. 6, 1845. CR1

Justin Edwards, s. Benjamin and Elizabeth T., Dec. 17, 1832.


Caroline Abby, d. Amos, laborer, and Abigail, Feb. 19, 1848.

Mary Anna, d. Amos and Abigail, Aug. 25, 1843.


Horace Wadley, s. James, shoe manufacturer, and Martha, Feb. 15, 1848.

Samuel, s. Samuel, shoe manufacturer, and Lydia A., Oct. 10, 1849.


Nancy Short, d. Jacob G., wheelwright, and Achsah H., Mar. 9, 1845.

Otis Sewall, s. Jacob G. and Achsah, Apr. 18, 1838.

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