Daniel, and Maria Mahoney, int. Mar. 29, 1848.

CAMMET (Cammett)

Cyrus, of Amesbury, and Loiza Flanders, int. Oct. 1, 1836.

CAMMETT (Cammet, Cammit)

Jonathan, widr., and Mary a. Keay, Feb. 21, 1847.*

CAMMIT (Cammett)

Paul, and Mary Gill, Dec. 6, 1748.*

Silas and Catren Judkins, Nov. 27, 1746.


Archibald, of Newburyport, and Nancy Webster, Sept. 19, 1830.*


Milan G., of Amesbury, a. 23 y., physician, s. William and Sophia, and Emily M[aria. PR61] Dennet, a. 25 y., d. Thomas G. and Hannah, May 4, 1847.*


Charles P., of Amesbury, and Mary P. Porter, int. Oct. 25, 1834.

Joanna, and Jeremy Peters of Amesbury, int. Aug. 1, 1835.


William, and Judith True, Nov. 17, 1809.*


–––––, and John Freise, int. July 25, 169[6. TC]. NCTBK

Abigail, and David Page of Hampton, Feb. 4, 1746.*

Abigail, Mrs., and Stephen Sweat of Newbury, May 17, 1753. CR1*

Anne, and Samuel Midiff of Newburyport, int. Apr. 12, 1766.

Archelus, and Susana Maxfield, int. May 14, 1788.

Benjamin, and Sarah Collins, Apr. 3, 1750. [Oct. 25, 1751. int.]*

Benjamin, jr., and Sarah Fowler, Feb. 6, 1804.*

Benjamin, jr., and Sarah Shaw of Kensington, int. Dec. 16, 1815.

Benjamin, and Mary Ann Beckett of Newburyport, Jan. 5, 1835.*

Bradbury M., and Sally Tuxbury, July 4, 1824.*

Catherine, of Amesbury, and Thomas Grant, Feb. 16, 1836.*

Charles, and Martha Wells, Feb. 26, 1795.*

Daniel, and Sarah Osgood, Dec. 26, 1733. NCTBK*

Daniel, and Elisabeth Morrill, Jan. 14, 1803. [Jan. 17. CR2].*

Daniel, and Hannah Fowler, Oct. 30, 1806.*

David, and Paulina Wadleigh, Jan. 23, 1825.*

Dorithy, and Nathan Merrill of Newbury. Nov. 22, 1731. NCTBK*

Dolly, and Moses Gill, June 19, 1822.*

Edmund, and Miriam Joy, May 6, 1773.*

Edmond, and Janney Morrill, Feb. 5, 1801.*

Elizabeth, and James French, int. Dec. 8, 1703. NCTBK

Elizabeth, and Ebinezer Kimball of Boston, int. May 24, 1712. NCTBK

Elizabeth, and Jacob True, Feb. 15, 1732-3. NCTBK*

Betty, and Benjamin Colbey [of Kingston. int.], Nov. 12, 1755.*

Betty, and Nathaniel Aubon [Obin of Newbury. int.], Dec. 21, 1760. CR1*

Betty, and Belcher Dole, May 21, 1789.*

Elisabeth, and Moses French Jackman, June 22, 1789.*

Betty, and Reuben Morrill, Oct. 24, 1792.*

Betty, and Joseph Brown [jr., of Kensington. int.], June 27, 1793.*

Elliot, and Joanna Dow of South Hampton, int. Nov. 17, 1764.

Ezekiel, and Mary Winch, late of York, but now of Salisbury, Feb. 20, 1723-4. NCTBK*

Ezekiel, and Molly Eaton [of Hampton Falls. int.], Nov. 10, 1762. CR1*

George, jr., and Anne Cotten, Nov. 8, 1677.

Hannah, and Jacob Whitmore [of Newbury. int.], Sept. 22, 1785.*

Hezekiah, and Nanne Merrill, Dec. 7, 1733. NCTBK*

Jacob, and Anna Brown of Kensinton, int. Jan. 3, 1794.

James, and Mary Greeley, Nov. 24, 1756. CR1*

James [jr. int.], and Mehitable Dodge of Beverly, at Danvers, Jan. 3, 1785.*

Jane, and Daniel Hunnewell [of Newburyport. int.], Jan. 20, 1809.*

Jesse, and Phebe French, Aug. 12, 1784. CR1*

Joanna, and Jeremiah Poor of Rowley, Nov. 3, 1742. NCTBK*

John, and Elizabeth Brown of Newbury, int. Jan. 27, 1726-7. NCTBK

John, and Mary Shepherd, Jan. 7, 1741-2. NCTBK*

John, and Elizabeth Little of Newbury, at Newbury, Nov. 24, 1774.*

John F., farmer, s. Benjamin and Sally, and Sarah Ann Bragg, Jan. 27, 1846.*

Joseph, laborer, and Eliza Eaton, d. John and Lucy, June ––, 1846. [June 6. int.]*

Judith, and Daniell Hoyt, June 24, 1736. NCTBK*

Judith, and James Rees, Apr. 24, 1804.*

Levi, and Mary Putnam of Danvers, at Danvers, Nov. 20, 1797.*

Lydia, and Morrice Tucker [of Kensington. int.], Dec. 20, 1753.*

Macariss, and Elizebath Wait, Dec. 11, 1750.*

Martha, and Benjamin Willet of Newbury, Oct. 4, 1748.*

Martha, and Levi Goodwin, Sept. 14, 1812.*

Mary, and Steven Merrill, July 20, 1710. NCTBK*

Mary, and Moses Hoyt, July 15, 1731. NCTBK*

Mary, and Israel True, Aug. 20, 1761.*

Mary, of Haverhill, and Josiah Hook, jr., int. Oct. 17, 1799.

Mary, and Daniel Pevere of Hampton Falls, Oct. 14, 1813.*

Mary, and William Hinkson, Mar. 11, 1828.*

Miriam, and Elias Pike, Aug. 12, 1778.*

Nanny, and Green Morrill, Dec. 9, 1779.*

Naomi [Nancy. int.], and David Dow [of South Hampton. int.], Jan. ––, 1753. CR2*

Nathan, and Betty Maxfield, Nov. 21, 1753.*

Nathaniell, and Hannah Collins, Dec. 25, 1735. NCTBK*

Priscelar, and Aquila Martin of Amesbury, int. Sept. 16, 1769.

Richard, and Mrs. Sarah Heeley, Feb. 26, 1701-2. NCTBK*

Richard [jr. int.], and Judith [Lydia. int.] Coffin of Newbury, at Newbury, Nov. 18, 1715.*

Richard, jr., and wid. Sarah Chase of Newbury, at Newbury, June 13, 1720.*

Richard, Capt., and Prudence Tufts of Woburn, int. Mar. 29, 1727. NCTBK

Richard, Capt., and Sarah Greely, Aug. 10, 1727. NCTBK*

Richard, jr., and Joanna Noyes of Newbury, at Newbury, Nov. 16, 1770.*

Richard, and Abigail Coffin of Newbury, at Newbury, May 17, 1778.*

Richard, jr., and Lucy Pervear of Kensington, int. Jan. 17, 1794.

Robert, and Susana French, Dec. 4, 1712. NCTBK*

Robert, and Hannah Eliot of Amesbury, Mar. 16, 1730-31. NCTBK*

Roberd, and Dorothy Allen, Nov. 14, 1769.*

Ruth, and Samuel Sanders of Haverhill, at Haverhill, ––– ––, ––––. [May 29, 1753. CR1]* ?

Ruth, and James Smith of Newburyport, int. Sept. 1, 1787.

Samuell, and Sarah Healy, Aug. 24, 1709. NCTBK*

Samuel, and Orpah Sanders of Haverhill, at Haverhill, Nov. 16, 1752.*

Samuel [jr. int.], and Betty Webster, July 12, 1764. CR2*

Samuel [jr. int.], and Molly Baker, Aug. 24, 1788.*

Sanders, and Mary Purinton, int. Feb. 12, 1703-4. NCTBK

Sanders [jr. int.], and Elisabeth Pike, Dec. 21, 1738. NCTBK*

Sarah, and William Hukly of Hampton, Dec. 30, 1700. NCTBK

Sarah, wid., and William Hook, May 17, 1738. NCTBK*

Sarah [jr. int.], and Joshua French, Dec. 20, 1739. NCTBK*

Sarah, and John Ordowa of South Hampton [of Amesbury. int.], Dec. 8, 1742. NCTBK*

Sarah, of Hampton, and Abel Morrill, int. Jan. 27, 1759.

Sarah, and Amos Pettengill, int. Dec. 11, 1773.

Sarah, and Ezekiel Evans, Feb. 19, 1777.*

Sally, and John Davis [of Hampton Falls. int.], Dec. 3, 1799.*

Sally, and Joseph Young, Feb. 12, 1833.*

Sarah B., and Luther C. Merrill of Newburyport, int. Jan. 9, 1839.

Sylvanus, and Sarah Elliott, at Amesbury, Dec. 7, 1738.*

Susanna, and Michel Maxfield, Apr. 8, 1752.*

Silvanus, and Lydia Maccrest, Aug. 27, 1730. NCTBK*

William, and Elizabeth Pike, Aug. 20, 1672.

William, and Ruth Brown, Jan. 15, 1707-8. NCTBK*

William, and Abigail Easman, Jan. 21, 1735-6. NCTBK*


Molly, and Joseph Hall, Apr. 28, 1793.*

Sarah, and Jonathan Wingate, Jan. 6, 1781. [June 6. CR2; May 19. int.]*


William, and Martha Osgood, Dec. 1, 1830.*

William, and Rosilla Shaw of Newport, ME, int. Mar. 28, 1846.

CARSWELL (Caswell)

Mary Ann, a. 37 y., d. Elijah and Mary, and James Wild, a. 23 y., manufacturer, s. John and Elisabeth, Aug. 29, 1849.*

CARTAR (Carter)

Ephraim, and Martha Stevens, Nov. 26, 1717. NCTBK*

CARTER (Carter)

[Abig. TC]ail, and [Ste TC]ven Flanders, 28: 10m: 1670.

Abigail, and Ezekiel Worthen, jr. of Amesbury, at Amesbury, Dec. 26, 1704.*

Bagley, and Judith Bagley of Newtown, int. Feb. 18, 1810.

David [of Concord. int.], and Hannah Buswell, Oct. 28, 1784. CR1*

Hannah, of Haverhill, and Weld Flanders, int. Dec. 3, 1831.

John, jr., and Judith Bagley of Amesbury, at Amesbury, Apr. 25, 1711.*

Judith, and Timothy Currier of Poplin [NH. int.], Oct. 6, 1817.*

Martha [of South Hampton. int.], and Benjamin Easman [jr. int.], Aug. 17, 1742. NCTBK*

Mary, and David Eliot of Amesbury, int. Oct. 25, 1728. NCTBK

Moses, Dr., and Clarissa Poor of Newburyport, int. Nov. 18, 1824.

Robert, and Sarah Morrill, Nov. 26, 1828.*

Samuel, and Sarah Brown, int. Apr. 3, 1703. NCTBK

Sarah [ wid. int.], and Benjamin Easman, Oct. 5, 1719. NCTBK*

Thomas, and Anne Martin of Amesbury, at Amesbury, Dec. 25, 1706.*


Mary, and John Wadleigh, int. Feb. 7, 1718. NCTBK


Gilman D., of Newton [NH. int.], and Fanny Tilton, Nov. 20, 1831.*

Hanah, and Moses Clough, Nov. 14, 1717. NCTBK*

Jonathan [of Hampton. int.], and Tabitha Ring, Apr. 10, 1724. NCTBK*

Joseph, and Sarah Flanders, at Amesbury, Dec. 19, 1751.*

CASSADA (Cassady)

Betsy, and Joseph Sevey, Feb. 22, 1808.*

CASSADY (Cassada, Cassidey)

Peter, and Ruth Fowler, Feb. 13, 1787.*

CASSIDEY (Cassady)

Peter, and Betty Brown, Aug. 17, 1789.*

CASWELL (Carswell)

Elijah [of Northwood. int.], and Mary Greely, Mar. 8, 1810.*

Enoch [of Northwood. int.], and Betsey Eastman, July 6, 1809.*

CEALEY (Cilley)

Betsy, and Samuel March, Sept. 10, 1805. [ Sept. 18. CR2].*

CHACE (Chase)

Betsy, and Jabez Dow, Oct. 10, 1815.*

John, and Lidia Chalice, Dec. 21, 1687. CTR


Joseph, and Rhoda Felkar, Oct. 20, 1825.*

Olive R., of Sanford, ME, and George Buchanan, int. Feb. 19, 1848.

Stephen H., and Lucy H. Beal, int. Dec. 20, 1845.

William, of Amesbury, and Betsey R. Tucker, int. Mar. 21, 1829.

CHADWELL (Cheddil)

Sarah, of Lynn [Lynndield dup.], and Aaron Chandler, at Lynn [Lynnfield. dup.], Mar. 26, 1761.*


Molley, Mrs., of Boxford, and Peter Russell, at Boxford, Nov. 26, 1761.*

CHALIC (Challis)

John, and Sarah Frame, both of Amesbury, Jan. 26, 1698-9. NCTBK

CHALICE (Challis)

Lidia, and John Chace, Dec. 21, 1687. CTR

CHALLIC (Challis)

William, and Margrit Fowler, both of Amesbury, Jan. 2, 1698-9. NCTBK

CHALLIS (Chalic, Chalice, Challic)

Mary, and Joseph Dow, jr., at Amesbury, May 25, 1687.

Mary, of South Hampton, and Daniel Shepard, int. Dec. 8, 1749.

Thomas, and Nancy Weed, both of Amesbury, Nov. 4, 1812.

Timothy, of Amesbury, and Hannah Tuxbeary, int. Jan. 13, 1780.


Catharine, of Newburyport, and Joseph Littlefield, int. Sept. 9, 1841.

CHANDLER (Charlnder)

Aaron, and Sarah Chadwell of Lynn [Lynnfield. dup], at Lynn [Lynnfield. dup], Mar. 26, 1761.*

Aaron, and Elisabeth Quimbey of Amesbury, int. Apr. 4, 1772.

Bettey and Aaron Eaton [of Seabrook. int.], Sept. 28, 1790.*

Isaac, and Susanah Barnet of Amesbury, Jan. 7, 1719-20. NCTBK*

Jemima [Mrs. int.], and Moses Rowell of Amesbury, Nov. 28, 1723. NCTBK*

Nathaniel, and Susanna Rowel [of Amesbury. int.], Jan. 4, 1727-8. NCTBK*

Sarah, and [Rich. TC] ard Smith, 17: 8m: 1666.

Sarah, and John Rowel, Jan. 17, 1737. CR2*

William [Capt. int.], of Woodstock, and Jemima Bradbury, May 22, 1725. NCTBK*


Caleb S., of Newburyport, a. 23 y., carpenter, s. Caleb and Sarah, and Betsey a. King of Newburyport, a. 19 y., d. Daniel and Melinda, Nov. 22, 1849.


Dorithy, and John Welch, Oct. 20, 1718. NCTBK*

William D., and Abigail Brown, int. Apr. 2, 1825.

CHARLNDER (Chandler)

Hannah, of Amesbury, and Moses Eastman, int. Feb. 22, 1794.

CHASE (Chace)

Anna, Mrs., of Hampton Falls, and Col. Jonathan Evans, int. May 12, 1787.

Charles, of Seabrook, and Rhoda Dow, int. Jan. 17, 1783.

Charles H., of Newbury, a. 20 y., seaman, s. Charles and Hannah, and Abba M. Bartlett of Newbury, a. 21 y. d. Charles and Hannah, June 25, 1849.

Daniel, of Newbury, and Elisabeth Collins, int. Feb. 12, 1725-6. NCTBK

David, a. 31 y., wool sorter, s. Chivey and Abigail, of Weare, NH and Sarah T. Davis, a. 27 y., d. John and Sarah, Nov. 2, 1845.*

Elizabeth [of Newbury. int.], and Jonathan Eastman, May 21, 1812. PR50*

Enoch, and Judith Coleby, both of Amesbury, Jan. 25, 1726-7. NCTBK

Hezekiah S., widr., of Windham, NH, cordwainer, and Betsey Foot, a. 33 y., d. Lewis and Mary, Aug. 18, 1846.*

James [of Amesbury. int.], and Mary Tucker, June 14, 1795.*

James, of Epping, and Joanna B. Flanders, Mar. 14, 1820.*

John, of Halestown, and Sarah Morrill, int. Jan. 29, 1774.

John, of Seabrook, NH, and Miriam S. Jones, int. Nov. 5, 1842.

Joseph, and Susan F. Smith, Feb. 26, 1833.*

Mary, of Haverhill, and Josesiah Hask, at Haverhill, Oct. 31, 1799.

Mary, and Moses Gill, June 6, 1803.*

Mary Sanders, and William Merrill, int. July 15, 1804.

Mary D., of Hampton Falls, and Richard Fogg of Seabrook, May 19, 1829.

Mehettebel, of Newbury, and Timothy Osgood, at Newbury, Nov. 29, 1715.*

Paul, of Newbury, and Sarah Pike, Mar. 27, 1746.*

Sarah, wid., of Newbury, and Richard Carr, jr., at Newbury, June 13, 1720.*

Sarah, of Amesbury, and David Currier, int. July 21, 1781.

Sarah and Miles Evans, both of Seabrook, Nov. 11, 1819.

CHEDDIL (Chadwell)

Ruth [Chadwell. int.], and Jacob Currier, Feb. ––, 1776.*


Ellen, of Amesbury, and Timothy H. Bagley, int. May 13, 1848.

CHESWELL (Cheswill)

Joshua, of Newmarket, and Mary Storey, int. Nov. 3, 1827.

CHESWILL (Cheswell)

Maria J., of Newmarket, NH and Horatio Dennett, int. May 18, 1838.

CHEVER (Chevers)

Philip, and Abigail Dole, ––– ––, 1838. PR28

CHEVERS (Chever)

Ezekiel, and Rachel Greely, Jan. 29, 1735-6. NCTBK*

CHOAT (Choate)

Benjamin, of Kingston, and Ruth Edwards, int. Oct. 20, 1741. NCTBK

CHOATE (Choat)

Aaron, and Mary S. Poor, May 20, 1833.*

[Benjam. TC]in, and Janne True, Oct. 6, 1796.*

Ruhamah, and Asa Dearborn of Kensington, int. Apr. 20, 1797.

Ruth, and Enoch Morrill, June 7, 1795.*

Simeon [resident of Salisbury. int.], and Ruth Thompson, May 29, 1770. CR1*

Simeon, and Hannah Norton of Seabrook, Apr. 9, 1797.*


John, of Amesbury, a. 18 y., dyer, s. Joseph and Eliza, of Amesbury, and Zelphia Dow of Seabrook, a. 17 y., d. Tristram and Hannah, Sept. 20, 1846.

John, of Amesbury, and Lydia Webster, int. Oct. 11, 1849.

Joseph, and Eliza Dow, Mar. 16, 1828.*

CHROCKER (Crocker)

Richard, and Polly Cram, July 22, 1793.*


John, and Abygail Severans, 29: 9m: [166–. TC 1665?].


Chauncey C., of Dedham, and Permelia Sabin, June 7, 1842.*

CILLEY (Cealey, Selley, Selly, Silley, Silly)

Calista B., and John L. Pilsbury, Dec. 14, 1843.*

Hannah G., d. Jonathan and Abigail, and Jacob B. Collins, a. 19 y., s. David B. and Sarah, Dec. 31, 1846.*

Margaret, and Joseph W. Currier, Jan. 22, 1839.*

Moses, a. 19 y., farmer, s. Jonathan and Abigail, and Sarah Ann S. Eaton, a. 19 y., d. Henry and Jemima, Feb. 13, 1849.*

CIMBALL (Kimball)

Hannah, of Amesbury, and Philip Wadleigh, int. Dec. 14, 1776.

CLARK (Clarke)

Ann N., and David C. Bailey [of Amesbury. int.], Sept. 14, 1842. PR37*

Edmund N., and Sophrona Locke of Seabrook, NH, int. Oct. 2, 1830.

Fessenden [of Boston. int.], and Nabby Nye, May 29, 1804.*

Joseph N., and Harriot Allen, Aug. 8, 1832.*

Samuell, of Hampton, and Mercy Merrill, Feb. 1, 1736-7. NCTBK*

Sarah [Mrs. CR2], and Dea. David Tuxbury, Nov. 7, 1799.*

Sally, and Stephen Brown, both of Amesbury, Nov. 1, 1812.

Seth, and Susana Noyes of Seabrook, Dec. 5, 1797.*

Seth, jr., and Rebekah Wait Webster, June 22, 1823.*

Susan [Susannah. int.], and John Pickett of Beverly, May 24, 1838.*

Thomas J., and Sarah C. Currier, int. Oct. 2, 1830.

CLARKE (Clark)

Clara A., and Joseph Leonard Eastman, Sept. 18, 1845. PR50

Seth [of Gloucester. int.], and Sarah Morrill, July 3, 1768.*


Joseph H., of Braintree, a. 23 y., bootmaker, s. Charles and Betsey, and Lucy R. Douty of Amesbury, a. 23 y., d. David, May 12, 1846.*

CLEFFORD (Clifford)

Joseph, of Kingston [NH. int.], and Sarah French, Apr. 13, 1710. NCTBK*

Joseph [of Kingston. int.], and Eleanor Wadleigh, Nov. 30, 1758.*

Peter [of Newbury. int.], and Hannah Edwards, Apr. 2, 1805.*

Susa, of Kensington, and Elijah True, int. Oct. 3, 1767.

CLEMENCE (Clement)

Calvin, of Southbridge, and Ann T. Bagley, int. July 13, 1834.

CLEMENT (Clemence, Clements, Clemment)

Sarah, and Abraham Morrill, June 10, 1645. CTR

Willis P., of Amesbury, a. 25 y., bootmaker, s. Stephen and Sarah, of Amesbury, and Sarah E. Morrill, a. 18 y., d. Timothy P. and Polly, Mar. 17, 1846.*

CLEMENTS (Clement)

Faun, and Sarah Hoyt of Amesbury, at Amesbury, Nov. 21, 1688.

CLEMMENT (Clement)

Lydia [Clemmons. int.], of Newbury, and Joseph Osgood [4th. int.], at Newbury, Dec. 15, 1774.*

CLIFFORD (Clefford)

Emily, and William Gale, int. Oct. 29, 1836.

Susan, and Miles Evans of Seabrook, NH, int. Aug. 5, 1837.


Aaron, and Abigall Moulten of Hampton, int. Nov. 26, 1720. NCTBK

Aaron, and Rebekah Brown, Mar. 11, 1744-5.*

Aaron, jr., and Anna Palmer of Kensington, int. Aug. 25, 1797.

Aaron, and Sarah Morrill, int. Sept. 14, 1799.

Aaron, and Abra Greely, Aug. 14, 1817.*

Abel, and Naomi Dow, Jan. 13, 1791.*

Abigail, and Benjamin Morrill [jr. int.], Nov. 26, 1730. NCTBK*

Alfred B., of Georgetown, and Mary W. Sawyer, int. Oct. 1, 1840.

Anna, and Abraham Morrill, jr., int. Nov. 24, 1727. NCTBK

Anna, and Daniel Dudley [of Barnstead. int.], Dec. 4, 1782.*

Anna, of Amesbury, and Azor O. Webster, int. Jan. 5, 1828.

Ann, and Nathan Gould, Jan. 8, 1729-30. NCTBK*

Ann, and Benjamin Hutchins of Kittery, Nov. 13, 1729. NCTBK*

Caleb, and Mary Masone of Hampton, int. Mar. 29, 1707. NCTBK

Calib, and Lidia Perkins, Dec. 27, 1722. NCTBK*

Caleb [jr. int], and Abia Tomson, Nov. 27, 1728. NCTBK*

Daniell, of Kingston [of Salisbury. int.], and Sarah. Baker, Dec. 18, 1740. NCTBK*

David [of Amesbury. int.], and Dolly Stockman, Nov. 19, 1795.*

David, jr., and Pheobe Dow of Seabrook, NH, int. Feb. 13, 1836.

Elizabeth, and John Thorn, Feb. 13, 1734-5. NCTBK*

Elisabeth, and John Morrill, Nov. 8, 1738. NCTBK*

Elizebeth, and Daniel Merrill, int. Apr. 20, 1744.

Betty, and Benjamin Perkins, Jan. 12, 1768.*

Ezekiel, and Miriam Tomson, Oct. 31, 1754.*

Hannah, and Nathaniel Whitehouse (or Whitehead) [Whicher, int], Dec. 3, 1734. CR2*

Hannah, and Hilton Woodman [of Newbury. int], Nov. 26, 1741. NCTBK*

Hannah, and John Norten, jr. of South Hampton, int. Mar. 3, 1759.

Humphry [of South Hampton. int.], and Hannah Daniels, Mar. 9, 1748.*

Icobod, and Rebeckah Clough, Dec. 20, 1722. NCTBK*

Isaac, and Sarah Swaine of Hampton, int. Oct. 13, 1719. NCTBK

Jabez, and Miriam Brown, Nov. 12, 1741. NCTBK*

Jacob, and Mehetabel Flanders, Jan. 29, 1735-6. NCTBK*

Jemima, of Amesbury, and Samuel Fowler, jr., at Amesbury, Dec. 31, 1707.*

Jeremiah, and Deliverance Lovet of Hampton, int. Aug. 3, 1734. NCTBK

John, and Mercy Page, Nov. 13, 1674.

John, and Elezebeth Long, Mar. 5, 1700-1701. NCTBK*

John, jr., and Tabitha Welsh of Kingston, int. Jan. 5, 1733. NCTBK

John, and Mary Worthen, int. Jan. 21, 1826.

Jonathon, and Hannah Guille of Haverhill, int. Dec. 31, 1709. NCTBK

Jonathan, and Martha True, Dec. 10, 1776.*

Joseph, and Mary Blake of Hampton, int. July 17, 1742. NCTBK

Joshua, and Hannah Flanders, int. Mar. 26, 1731. NCTBK

Judeth, and Benjamin Wadleigh of Exeter, Dec. 24, 1722. NCTBK*

Judith, and Jacob Thompson [of Ipswich. int.], Feb. 16, 1743-4. NCTBK*

Kathorine, and Jonathan Hoyt, Nov. 6, 1728. NCTBK*

Love, and John Ring, Aug. 9, 1749.*

Mary, and Henry Hacket, Aug. 13, 1741. NCTBK*

Mary, and Ebenezer Currier [of Amesbury. int.], Mar. 26, 1747.*

Mary, and Jonathan Eliot, Feb. ––, 1751.*

Mary, of Amesbury, and William O. Mills, int. Apr. 7, 1819.

Mary J[ane. int.], and Charles P. [Chase P. int.] Mason of Newport. Sept. 10, 1833.*

Mary Ann, a. 23 y. d. John and Mary, and Daniel M. Lowell, a. 24 y., housewright, s. Daniel and Jane, Dec. 17, 1849.*

Mercy, and Jacob Flanders, int. Sept. 27, 1710. NCTBK

Mercy, and Jonathan Brown of Kensington, Dec. 1, 1743. NCTBK*

Miriam, and William True [jr. int.], Jan. 17, 1764.*

Meriam, and John Wilkinson [of Rumney. int.], Dec. 29, 1803.*

Moses, and Hanah Cass, Nov. 14, 1717. NCTBK*

Rebeckah, and Icobod Clough, Dec. 20, 1722. NCTBK*

Rosilla, and Enoch C. Shaw, Mar. 19, 1828.*

Ruth, of Amesbury, and James Pecker, jr., int. Feb. 5, 1804.

Samuell, and Elizabeth Brown, Aug. 3, 1679.

Samuel, and Sarah Roobe, int. Sept. 9, 1702. NCTBK

Samuel, and Sarah Dow, Apr. 25, 1734. CR2*

Samuell, of Amesbury, and Elisabeth Green, int. Jan. 7, 1736-7. NCTBK

Samuel, and Mary Osgood, int. July 25, 1801.

Sarah, and Daniel Gill, Dec. 14, 1720. NCTBK*

Sarah, and Ephraim Hoyt [of Hampton. int.], Jan. 3, 1726-7. NCTBK*

Sarah [ wid. int.], and Ezekiel Morrill, Mar. 25, 1730. NCTBK*

Sarah, and James Harbert, Apr. 28, 1743. NCTBK*

Sarah, and David Sanborn of Hampton, Aug. 27, 1746.*

Sarah, and Thomas True of South Hampton, int. Aug. 25, 1753.

Sarah, and Samuel Dudley [of Gilmanton. int.], Nov. 7, 1771.*

Sally, and Ezekiel Brown, Aug. 4, 1822.*

Susan C., of Salem, and Micajah Morrill [jr. int.], at Salem, Jan. 22, 1756.*

Susanna, and Isaac Griffin, Jan. 7, 1724-5. NCTBK*

Tabitha, and Phineas Flanders, Apr. 10, 1744.*

Theophilus, and Sarah French, Jan. 4, 1727-8. NCTBK*

Thomas, and Hanna Gile, Mar. 10, 1680-81. [1679-80. PR65]

Thomas, and Ruth Conner, ––– ––, [1688 or 1689.]

William Brown, and Betty True, May ––, 1748.

Zacheus, and Sarah Page, Jan. 21, 1713-14. NCTBK*

CLOW (Clough)

Cornelios, of Kingston, and Ann Eveins, int. Aug. 8, 1718. NCTBK


Ann B., of Pembroke, NH, and Joshua F. Sawyer, int. Nov. 30, 1842.

COFFIN (Coffyn)

Abigail, of Newbury, and Richard Carr, at Newbury, May 17, 1778.*

Amos, and Sarah Hook, Jan. 10, 1747-8.*

Annie, and William Hook, Nov. 3, 1772. PR26

Betty, and Nicholas Pettingell French, May 12, 1799.*

John, and Anna Pettingal, Feb. 18, 1790.*

John, of Newbury, and Judith Moody, July 14, 1799.*

John, jr., and Rebecca Eaton, Sept. 4, 1822.*

John, of Amesbury, and Abba C. Wadleigh, int. Oct. 27, 1838.

Joseph [of Newbury. int.], and Elisabeth Collins, May 15, 1729. CR2*

Joseph M., and Hannah Buswell, Jan. 17, 1827.*

Judith, of Newbury, and Richard Carr [jr. int.], at Newbury, Nov. 18, 1715.*

Margret, and James Baker, Jan. 10, 1799.*

Mary, and Humfry Woodbury, Aug. 4, 1801.*

Mary Ann, of Salisbury, Rings Island a. 22 y., d. John, jr., and Samuel M. Gerrish of Salisbury, Rings Island a. 19 y., mechanic, s. Benaiah and Mary, Aug. 27, 1844.*

Becca, and Charles Molton of Hampton, Apr. 14, 1799.*

Sally, of Hampton, and James Tukesbury, int. Dec. 26, 1810.

Stephen, and Sarah Knight of Newbury, int. Dec. 27, 1751.

Theodore A., and Sally Greeley, int. Aug. 15, 1832.

Trustram, and Elisabeth Lord of Ipswich, int. July 11, 1801.

William B., and Lavina Buswell, int. May 19, 1836.

COFFYN (Coffin)

James, and Mary Severans, 3: 10m: 1663.


Ephraim D., and Lucy M.F. Duce of Exeter, Mar. 18, 1819.*

COLBEE (Colby)

Jonathan [of Amesbury. int.], and Ruth Flanders, May ––, 1773. [May 20. CR2]*

COLBEY (Colby)

Adonijah [of Amesbury. int.], and Hannah Flanders, Feb. 27, 1760.*

Benjamin [of Kingston. int.], and Betty Carr, Nov. 12, 1755.*

Bettey, of Amesbury, and Henry Osgood, int. Aug. 27, 1785.

Isaac [jr., of Amesbury. int.], and Hannah Allen, Jan. 11, 1759.*

Molly, and Aaron Sweat, Jan. 4, 1801.*

Orlando [of Amesbury. int.], and Kezia Rowel, Sept. 12, 1728. NCTBK*

Phillip, and Betty Ring, Mar. 26, 1761.


Elisha, of Hebron, and Hannah Worthen of Amesbury, Nov. 28, 1813.

COLBY (Colbee, Colbey, Colebey, Coleby, Collby)

Abraham, and Salley Smith, Nov. 26, 1807.*

Ann B., and Ebenezer F. Manson, Jan. 12, 1840.*

Bailey C., of Amesbury, a. 25 y., cordwainer, b. Amesbury, s. Elijah C. and Mary, of Amesbury, and Mary E. Corliss, Jan. 27, 1848.*

Charles K., of Amesbury, and Hannah C. Fowler, int. Oct. 4, 1845.

Ebenezer [of Amesbury. int.], and Dolly [Dorothy. int.] Blasdael, Jan. 15, 1788.*

Edmond, of Amesbury, and Dorothy Ring, at Amesbury, May 25, 1749.*

Edwin J., and Mary F[ollansbee. PR39] Wigglesworth, May 2, 1836.*

Elbridge Gerry, and Dolly Osgood, at New York, NY, Nov. 10, 1844.

Elbridge G., and Ann Elizabeth Morrill of Amesbury, int. Nov. 24, 1849.

Betty, of Amesbury, and Benaiah Flanders, at Amesbury, Sept. 5, 1793.*

Betsy, of Amesbury, and Aaron Osgood, int. Aug. 19, 1809.

Betsy, and Timothy Colby of Amesbury, Dec. 4, 1817.*

Elizabeth Ann, and Nathaniel Montgomery Horton [of Amesbury. int.], Nov. 7, 1839. PR38*

Ez., of South Hampton, and Judith Ring, int. July 21, 1744.

Ezra, of Amesbury, and Sally Stephens, May 1, 1838.*

Gee [of Amesbury. int.], and Hannah Edwards, Mar. 23, 1785.*

Hannah, and David Worthen, jr. of Amesbury, int. Apr. 27, 1816.

Hannah, and David Currier, 4th, May 26, 1822.*

Hannah F., of Newbury, and John Lee, int. Nov. 8, 1829.

Isaac, of Amesbury, and Hannah Gatchell, at Amesbury, Dec. 5, 1701.*

James, jr., of Amesbury, a. 21 y., cordwainer, s. James and Nancy, of Amesbury, and Martha a. Sawyer of Amesbury, a. 18 y., d. John and Nancy, of Amesbury, Nov. 18, 1845.

John [of Amesbury. int.], and Anna Morrill, June 4, 1790.*

John, and Dolly Bagley, Mar. 8, 1812.*

John G., of Amesbury, and Laura A[nn. int.] D. Dow, July 9, 1841.*

Joseph S. [Lunt, of Newbury. int.], and Hannah Fowler, Aug. 30, 1812.*

Joseph S., of Amesbury, and Sarah Morrill, int. Nov. 1, 1834.

Judith, and Enos M. Perkins, May 19, 1811. CR2

Laura Ann, and Daniel Herrigan, int. Sept. 10, 1848.

Molly, and Benjamin Page, Feb. 22, 1789.*

Mary, and Joseph Rowell, July 30, 1792.*

Mary Almira, and Jonathan Gage of Bradford, int. Oct. 16, 1813.

Mary O[diorne. int.], and Enoch Fowler, Nov. 20, 1813.*

Mary, and Nathaniel Ring, Feb. 29, 1824.*

Mary O., and David Mann, int. Oct. 2, 1831.

Moses C., a. 21 y., victualler, s. True and Sophronia, and Nancy O. Currier, a 22 y., d. David and Hannah, Sept. 29, 1846.*

Nancy, and David Marsh [jr. int.] of Haverhill, June 1, 1835.*

Obadiah, of Amesbury, trader, b. Amesbury, s. William and Mary, of Amesbury, and Mary a. Simpson, 2d m., of Amesbury, d. Jonathan and Harriet Patten of Amesbury, Oct. 29, 1848.

Peter, of Amesbury, and Mary Brown, int. Jan. 14, 1815.

Philip, and Abra Greely, Feb. ––, 1786.*

Sally, and Ephraim Foot, both of Amesbury, Apr. 2, 1800.

Sally, and John Long, both of Amesbury, Sept. 6, 1818.

Sarah B[agley. PR38] d. John, deceased, and Dolly, and Alfred Bailey of Amesbury, mechanic, s. Thomas and Betsy, of Amesbury, Nov. 13, 1844.*

Susan S. [of Amesbury. int.], and Williams Allen, Aug. 14, 1833. PR5*

Tabitha [of Amesbury. int.], and Joseph Osgood [jr. int.], Oct. 30, 1750.*

Tabbetha, and Thomas Sanborn [of Amesbury. int.], Feb. 26, 1807.*

Timothy [of Amesbury. int.], and Polly Blasdel, Nov. 17, 1785.*

Timothy, of Amesbury, and Betsy Colby, Dec. 4, 1817*

True, and Sophronia Flanders of Amesbury, int. Sept. 26, 1823.

William, jr., of Amesbury, and Sally Paine, Aug. 20, 1818.*

William T., of Amesbury, and Sally Marston, Apr. 23, 1826.*

William T., of Amesbury, and Joanna Gill, Dec. 13, 1829.*

William M., and Adeline Stevens of Amesbury, int. Oct. 6, 1832.


Ebenezer, of Kingston, and Hannah Fellos, Dec. 10, 1719. NCTBK*


Philip, of Amesbury, and Anne Webester, int. May 1, 1703. NCTBK

COLEBY (Colby)

John, and Frances Hoyt, Jan. 14, 1655. CTR

Judith, and Enoch Chase, both of Amesbury, Jan. 25, 1726-7. NCTBK

Sarah, and Orlando Bagly, Mar. 6, 1653. CTR

COLEMAN (Colman)

Erastus, of Boston, and Hannah S. Swett, int. Jan. 30, 1836.

Ruth S., and Ezra Morrill, Aug. 4, 1834.*

COLINS (Collins)

Mary, and Samuell French, Nov. 23, 1721. NCTBK*

COLLBY (Colby)

Thomas Eliot, of Amesbury, and Susanna Ring, int. Feb. 15, 1755.

COLLENS (Collins)

Mary, and Stephen Barnard of Amesbury, at Amesbury, Oct. 6, 1743.*


Jane, and John Hubbard, ––– ––, ––––. [bet. 1689 and 1691.]


Peter, of Newburyport, and Betty Pike, int. May 22, 1790.

COLLIN (Collins)

Comfort, of Seabrook, and Charles Stanwood, Aug. 14, 1800.*

COLLINGS (Collins)

Ephraim, and Sally Edmounds of Sandown, int. Dec. 5, 1807.

Joseph, and Hannah Sargent of Amesbury, at Amesbury, Aug. 8, 1723.*

COLLINS (Colins, Collens, Collin, Collings)

Nabby, and Richard French [of Newbury. int.], Apr. 17, 1798.*

Abijah, and Hannah Wells, June 3, 1810.*

Abraham, and Sarah T. Fitts, Sept. 1, 1842.*

Allice, and Nathan Jones [of Amesbury. int.], Feb. 23, 1737-8. NCTBK*

Amos S., and Ruth Ann Eaton of Seabrook, NH, Sept. 1, 1842.*

Anna, and Rufus Smith, Apr. 6, 1785.*

An, and John Hadlock, int. Aug. 22, 1701. NCTBK

Benjamin, and Martha Eaton, 5: 9m: 1668.

Benjamin, and Mehetebel Woster of Andover, at Andover, May 30, 1722.*

Benjamin jr. and Mary Jones of Amesbury, int. June 17, 1732. NCTBK

Benjamin [of South Hampton. int.], and Anne George, Jan. 8, 1766.*

Benjamin, and Rhodey Joy, Mar. 26, 1774.*

Benjamin, of South Hampton, NH, a. 27 y., farmer, s. Nathan and Ruth, and Joanna T. French, a. 27 y., d. John and Elizabeth, Oct. 17, 1847.*

Caroline L., of Amesbury, a. 20 y., d. Winthrop and Mary, of Amesbury, and Charles Wellington Davis of Newburyport, a. 21 y., carpenter, s. Asa and Ann, Nov. 25, 1847.

Comfort, of Seabrook, and William Morgan, May 24, 1821.

Currier, of Amesbury, and Polly Osgood, Oct. 25, 1829.*

Daniel, and Margaret Bragg of Seabrook, NH, Oct. 23, 1839.*

David B., and Sarah Buswell, Sept. 7, 1820.*

David O., and Mary S. Crown of Amesbury, int. Feb. 3, 1827.

David O., of Amesbury, and Achsah a. Moores, int. June ––, 1835.

Ebenezer, and Apphia Merrill, Mar. 2, 1725-6. NCTBK*

Elizabeth, and Henry French, Nov. 7, 1695. NCTBK*

Elisabeth, and Daniel Chase of Newbury, int. Feb. 12, 1725-6. NCTBK

Elisabeth, and Joseph Coffin, May 15, 1729. CR2*

Betsy, of Seabrook, and Enoch Smith, jr., Sept. 5, 1819.*

Betsey, and Joseph Marshall, both of Seabrook, Oct. 16, 1828.

Elisabeth F., and Leonard P. Locke, int. Feb. 6, 1846.

Enoch, and Hannah Morrill, Aug. 5, 1784.*

Enoch, jr., and Betsy Locke of Kensington, int. Aug. 13, 1813.

Enoch, 3d, and Abigail I. Stevens, Feb. 13, 1823.*

Enoch, and Hannah Morrill, int. Apr. 4, 1827.

Ephraim, jr., and Abigail Dow, int. Nov. 10, 1739. NCTBK

Ephraim, jr., and Rebecca D. Adams, int. Apr. 13, 1834.

Ezekiel, and Hannah Boyd [of Seabrook. int.], June 27, 1782.*

Ezekiel [jr. int.], and Hannah [Molly. CR2 and int.] Boid, Nov. 27, 1793.*

Ezekiel, jr., and Sarah Eaton, both of Seabrook, May 27, 1824.

Hannah, and Joseph Gilman, Feb. 1, 1727-8. NCTBK*

Hannah, and Nathaniell Carr, Dec. 25, 1735. NCTBK*

Hannah, and Israel Morrill, Mar. 3, 1801.*

Hiram, and Nancy Tucker, Nov. 18, 1832.*

Jabez S., and Betsy Sargent of Amesbury, Feb. 9, 1843.*

Jacob, of Lynn, cordwainer, s. Joshua, deceased, and Judith Dow, d. Samuel, July 21, 1770. CR7

Jacob, and Eliza Eaton of Seabrook, Apr. 9, 1824.

Jacob B., a. 19 y., s. David B. and Sarah, and Hannah G. Cilley, d. Jonathan and Abigail, Dec. 31, 1846.*

John, and Susannah Morrill, Feb. 10, 1731-2. NCTBK*

John, of Newburyport, and Anna True, Jan. 1, 1835.*

Jonathan, s. John, and Mary Green, d. John, of Hampton, 21: 11m: 1720-1. CR7

Jonathan, and Sarah Ambrose of Newburyport, int. May 18, 1836.

Jonathan, and Judith True, int. Dec. 22, 1849.

Joseph, of Salem, and Sarah Wheeler of Salem, NH, Apr. 5, 1810. CR3

Joseph, and Lucy a. Gale, int. Sept. 6, 1839.

Joshua, cordwainer, s. Joshua, of Lynn, deceased, and Elizabeth Dow, d. Samuel, May 20, 1769. CR7

Keziah, and Jacob Pike, 3d, Dec. 11, 1823.*

Levi, and Tabitha Eaton, both of Seabrook, Sept. 18, 1825.

Lucy [P. int.], and William Frost, jr., Aug. 11, 1839.*

Lydia P., and Samuel Mitchell of Amesbury, Feb. 11, 1841.*

[Martha. CTR; wid. TC], and Phillip Flanders [Nov. 4, 1686. CTR]

Martha, and Nathan Presbury of Newbury, Dec. 13, 1727. NCTBK*

Mary, and Benjamin Hoyt, jr., Mar. 25, 1730. NCTBK*

Mary, and Moses Stevens, Nov. 10, 1751.*

Mary, d. Tristram, and Judith, of South Hampton, alias Seabrook, NH, and Moses Rowel, s. Philip and Elizabeth, deceased, Feb. 23, 1774. CR7

Mary, and Jonathan C. Davis, int. Mar. 11, 1826.

Mary, of Seabrook, and Daniel Brown, Apr. 19, 1829.

Mehetabel, and Nathaniell Abbott, Feb. 15, 1750.

Miriam, and Stephen Lowell [of Amesbury. int.], Dec. 22, 1727. NCTBK*

Miriam, and Enoch French, Nov. ––, 1775.

Moses, and Abigail Fitts, Nov. 28, 1780.*

Moses, jr., and Susan W. Flanders, int. July 13, 1822.

Moses, and Abigail Morrill, Oct. 29, 1843.*

Nathan, and Hannah Stevens, June 8, 1808.*

Rebecca, and Richard Jones, July 18, 1790.*

Rebeccah, of Seabrook, and Moses Jones, int. Dec. 29, 1817.

Rhoda, of Seabrook, and Edward D. Dow, Jan. 6, 1830.

Richard, and Ann Fowler, Jan. 6, 1737. NCTBK*

Robert [of Kingston. int.], and Joanna French, May 8, 1760.*

Ruth L., and Nicholas T. Pike, Dec. 27, 1836.*

Samuell, and Sarah White, Mar. 16, 1689. NCTBK

Samuell, and Hannah Morrill, Apr. 26, 1734. NCTBK*

Samuel [jr. int.], and Esther Goodale of Salem, at Salem, Oct. 14, 1734.*

Samuel, and Ruth Sanders, int. June 10, 1749.

Samuell, jr., and Rebeckah Brown, July 31, 1750. NCTBK*

Samuel, Rev. [of Sandown. int.], and Betty Hackett, July 5, 1781.*

Samuel and Mary Eaton, Sept. 24, 1803. [Aug. 24,. GR2]*

Samuel, and Elizabeth Townsend, Oct. 12, 1823.*

Samuel, and Miriam F. Stevens of Deerfield, NH, int. Sept. 19, 1835.

Samuel, and Sarah B. Nickerson of Deerfield, NH, int. Dec. 16, 1843.

Sarah, and Benjamin Carr, Apr. 3, 1750. [Oct. 25, 1751. int.]*

Salley, and Mark Smith, Jan. 26, 1808.*

Sally, and Samuel Shaw of Hampton, int. Sept. 13, 1828.

Sarah B., and George H.L. Floyd of Poplin, NH, int. Apr. 5, 1849.

Timothy, of South Hampton, and Janne Osgood, int. Mar. 18, 1797.

Timothy, and Rhoda Morrill, Apr. 3, 1834.*

Timothy, and Mrs. Rebecca Perkins, Mar. 26, 1840.*

Tristram, s. John and Elizabeth, and Judith Fowler, d. Samuel and Hannah, Jan. 7, 1730-31. CR7*

Winthrop, and Nancy Jones, June 10, 1805.

Winthrop, and Ruth Curtis of Amesbury, int. Jan. 25, 1817.

Winthrop, and Mary Bartlet, both of Amesbury, Dec. 5, 1819.

COLMAN (Coleman)

Alfred H., a. 26 y., trader, s. James and Nancy, of Alton, NH, and Lois P. Lamprey, a. 21 y., d. Samuel S. and Martha, Dec. 25, 1849.*


Cornelios, and wid. Elinor Brown, June 17, 1720. NCTBK*

Dorithy, and Jeremiah Green of Hampton, int. Nov. 17, 1721. NCTBK

Elisabeth, and Samuel Barnard [of Amesbury. int.], June 5, 1788.*

George, late of Salisbury, now of Hampton, s. John, deceased, and Elisabeth, and Martha Dow, d. John and Hannah, of Hampton, Feb. 15, 1725-6. CR7

John, s. Cornelius, and Elizabeth Podinton, May 15, 1691. CTF

Ruth, and Thomas Clough, ––– ––, [1688 or 1689.]

Ruth, and Samuell Baverlee of Andover, int. Apr. 8, 1775.


Benjamin F., of Newburyport, and Caroline E. Hoyt, int. Mar. 31, 1849. [Publishment discontinued by request of B.F.C., Apr. 8. written in pencil.]

John L., of Haverhill, NH, and Alice Blumly, int. Oct. 9, 1844.


Sobriety T., and William Dunn, July 3, 1836.*


Simeon, and Abigaill True, both of Newbury, Jan. 5, 1808.


Mary E., and Bailey C. Colby of Amesbury, a. 25 y., cordwainer, b. Amesbury, s. Elijah C. and Mary, of Amesbury, Jan. 27, 1848.*


David [of Boscawen. int.], and Ruth Blazedel, Mar. 17, 1776.*

Jane, of Boscawen, and Joseph Wadleigh, int. Oct. 2, 1813.

COTTEN (Cotton)

Anne, and George Carr, jr., Nov. 8, 1677.

Elizabeth, and Rev. James Allin, ––– ––, [bet. 1689 and 1691.]


Joseph, of Newbury, and Ann Webster, int. Aug. 22, 1735. NCTBK

COTTON (Cotten)

Joanah, and John Stockman, Jan. 1, 1707-8. NCTBK*

Sarah, Mrs., of Plymouth, and William Bradbury, int. Mar. 16, 1695-6. NCTBK


Joseph, and Mary Knight of Newburyport, int. Aug. 30, 1777.


Hiram, of Portland and Sarah O. Whicher, int. Mar. 5, 1836.


John E., and Sally W. Bayley, int. Nov. 12, 1831.


Hugh M. of Bradford, NH, and Fanny Bartlett of Deering, Oct. 28, 1838.


Abigaill [of Hampton. int.], and Samuell Thorne, Mar. 24, 1731. NCTBK*

Nabby, and Richard Blazdael [of Amesbury. int.], Mar. 27, 1790.*

Anna, of Seabrook, and Caleb Dow, int. Feb. 7, 1784.

Joel [of Deerfield. int.], and Sarah Hoite, Dec. 17, 1778.*

Polly, and Richard Chrocker, July 22, 1793.*

Mehitable, of Hampton Falls, and John True, int. Nov. 3, 1786.


Eber, and Caroline Nevens of Methuen, int. Nov. 1, 1834.


Ezekiel, of [Bo–––. TC], and Elizabeth Hook, int. May 28, 16[98. TC]. NCTBK


Betsy, and John Sawyer, Aug. 15, 1799.*


Richard Heyder [resident of Salisbury. int.], and Mary Burnham, Dec. 3, 1772. CR1*

CROCKER (Chrocker)

Abigail, and Samuel Baker, Sept. 24, 1771. CR1*

Abigail M., a. 19 y., d. James and Polly, and Jefferson Currier of Newbury, a. 21 y., shipwright, s. Daniel and Ann, of Newbury, Oct. 16, 1845.*

James, and Polly Page, July 7, 1822*

Lowell, and Clarissa Faltch of Kensinton, int. July 8, 1826.


James M., of Amesbury, and Emily Osgood, int. Mar. 14, 1846.


Sarah, a. 28 y., d. John and Sarah, of Amesbury, and Jonathan Morrill, jr., of Amesbury, a. 33 y., shoemaker, s. Jonathan and Mary, of Amesbury, May 25, 1845.*


Mary S., of Amesbury, and David O. Collins, int. Feb. 3, 1827.

CURIER (Currier)

Joseph, of Amesbry, and Sarah Brown, Dec. 9, 1708. NCTBK*

CURRIER (Curier)

Abigail, of South Hampton, and Jeremiah Allen, int. Oct. 18, 1751.

Abigill, of Haverhill, and Moses True, 3d, int. Dec. 28, 1771.

Abigail, and John Morrill, jr., Jan. 2, 1811.*

Amos M., of Amesbury, and Ruth a. Brown, int. June 16, 1848.

Anna, and Joseph Follinsbee, Dec. 10, 1766.*

Ann, and Samuell Barnerd, both of Amesbury, Oct. 22, 1696. NCTBK

Ann, and Samuell True, Jan. 15, 1735-6. NCTBK*

Anne, of South Hampton, and Barnard Flanders, int. Nov. 17, 1764.

Anne, and Ephraim Morrill [of Amesbury. int.], June 9, 1768.*

Anne, and Nathaniell Webster, Nov. 15, 1769.*

Apphia, and Enoch Pilsbury [of Newbury. int.], Feb. 18, 1757. CR1*

Benjamin, and Rhoda Jewell of Amesbury, int. Dec. 29, 1787.

Charles, and Lydia C. Swasey, Nov. 9, 1841.*

Charles, a. 20 1-2 y., shipwright, s. Jacob R. and Susan, and Lavinia Johnson of Amesbury, a. 19 y., d. –––––, of Amesbury, May 23, 1847.*

Daniel, and Hannah Bachilder, Dec. 2, 1767.*

Daniel B., and Ann Jewell, May 30, 1824.*

David [jr. int.], and Mary March, May 14, 1776.*

David, and Sarah Chase of Amesbury, int. July 21, 1781.

David, jr., and Betty Currier of Amesbury, int. Aug. 4, 1805.

David, and Hannah Riggs, Sept. 15, 1806.*

David, 4th, and Hannah Colby, May 26, 1822.*

Dorothy, and Winthrop True, June 15, 1732. NCTBK [June 16. CR2]*

Dorothy, and Joshua Folensbee, Dec. 7, 1769.*

Dorothy, of Amesbury, and Dea. David Tuxbeary, int. Sept. 18, 1779.

Dorrothy, of Amesbury, and John Osgood, jr., int. Oct. 8, 1809.

Dorothy [of Newtown. int.], and William Swett, July 5, 1810.*

Dorothy Jane, a. 26 y., d. Jacob and Sarah, and James F[rench. PR54] Morrill, a. 25 y., blacksmith, s. Benjamin and Sally, Oct. 28, 1848.*

Ebenezer, of Amesbury, and Judith Osgood, Dec. 8, 1713. NCTBK*

Ebenezer [of Amesbury. int.], and Mary Clough, Mar. 26, 1747.*

Elenor, of Amesbury, and Henry Morrill, at Amesbury, Oct. 5, 1756.*

Betty, of Amesbury, and David Currier, jr., int. Aug. 4, 1805.

Elizabeth, and Samuel Brown [3 d. int.] of Newburyport, Aug. 13, 1806.*

Betsy and Eliphalet Wadleigh, May 8, 1814.*

Betsy, and Nathaniel Boardman, June 19, 1814.*

Elizabeth, of Amesbury, and Page M. Ring of Weare, Oct. 7, 1829.

Elizabeth, and Oliver P. Bagley, int. Feb. 5, 1837.

Betsey F., and Benjamin N. Webster, Nov. 18, 1841.*

Elizabeth B., and Joseph Green of Amesbury, Feb. 22, 1843.*

Enoch [of Amesbury. int.], and Abigail Osgood, Dec. 22, 1737. NCTBK*

Enoch [of Amesbury. int.], and Sally Wadleigh, Oct. 6, 1806.*

Ephraim, of Amesbury, and Polly F landers, at Amesbury, Apr. 7, 1796.*

Ezekiell [of Amesbury. int.], and Mehetabel Morrill, Jan. 15, 1732-3. NCTBK*

Ezekiel [of Amesbury. int.], and Mary Stockman, Jan. 31, 1759.*

Gideon [of Amesbury. int.], and Mary Brown, Feb. 21, 1737-8. NCTBK*

Hannah, and Sammuell Foott, June 23, 1659. CTR

Hannah, of Newtown, and Philip Morrill, int. Jan. 5, 1771.

Hannah, and Jonathan Morrill [of Amesbury. int.], Aug. 7, 1777.*

Hannah S., a. 19 y., d. David and Hannah, and William J. Currier of Newbury, a. 29 y., shipwright, s. William and Betsy, of Newbury, Jan. 27, 1846.*

Henry, and Elisabeth Morrill, Nov. 9, 1727. NCTBK*

Humphry [of Amesbury. int.], and Dorothy True, Feb. 14, 1754.*

Israel, and Judith Jones of Amesbury, int. Nov. 18, 1738. NCTBK

Israel, and Sarah Saunders, June 3, 1784.*

Jacob, and Mary Barnard of Amesbury, at Amesbury, Mar. 18, 1723-4.*

Jacob, and Hester Greele of Kingston, int. Nov. 29, 1760.

Jacob [Bagley Currier. int.], and Mary [Marcy. int.] Page, July 1, 1774.*

Jacob, and Ruth Cheddil [Chadwell. int.], Feb. ––, 1776.*

Jacob, and Eleanor Stevens, Feb. 16, 1777.*

Jacob, and Sarah Currier of Amesbury, int. Oct. 18, 1811.

Jacob, jr., and Ruth Osgood, Dec. 24, 1817.*

Jacob R., and Sukey Fowler, May 25, 1820.*

Jacob, jr., and Mrs. Mary Kendrick of Amesbury, Nov. 5, 1840.*

James P., and Betsy F. Merrill, ––– ––, 1807. PR16

James C., and Elizabeth Boardman, int. Oct. 16, 1830. [Oct. 10. TC]

James, and Elizabeth Pike, Mar. 22, 1831.*

James, and Joanna Pike, Apr. 6, 1835.

Jefferson, of Newbury, a. 21 y., shipwright, s. Daniel and Ann, of Newbury, and Abigail M. Crocker, a. 19 y., d. James and Polly, Oct. 16, 1845.*

Jerusha, of Amesbury, and Jeremiah Morrill, int. Jan. 11, 1777.

Jerusha, of Amesbury, and Melatiah Merrill, int. Sept. 16, 1803.

John, of Amesbury, and Judith Stevens, at Amesbury, Nov. 29, 1705.*

John [of Amesbury. int.], and Ruth French, Apr. 29, 1736. NCTBK*

John, and Abigail Wadleigh, Mar. 15, 1764.*

John, of South Hampton, and Ann Morrill, May 27, 1828.*

John T., of South Hampton, NH, and Susan Ring, June 7, 1843.*

John Edwin, of South Hampton, NH, a. 37 y. Harnessmaker and chaise trimmer, s. John and Elizabeth, and Lavina Eaton of Kingston, NH, a. 37 y., dress-maker, d. Bradbury and Rebecca, Nov. 10, 1844.

Jonathan, and Sarah Graves of South Hampton, int. Mar. 18, 1775.

Joseph, and Elisabeth Stevens, Apr. 23, 1769.*

Joseph, of Freeport, and Sally Follansbee, Apr. 2, 1818.*

Joseph W., and Margaret Cilley, Jan. 22, 1839.*

Joseph B., and Ann Pike, May 31, 1842.*

Judith, of Amesbury, and Samuell Shepard, int. Feb. 6, 1734-5. NCTBK

Judith, of Amesbury, and Timothy Morrill, int. Aug. 16, 1788.

Kezia, of Amesbury, and James Follensbee, int. Oct. 23, 1779.

Mary, and Abraham Morrill, June 20, 1747.*

Molly, and Levi Morrill [of South Hampton. int.], May 9, 1754.*

Molle, of Amesbury, and Joseph Adams, int. Aug. 13, 1768.

Mary, and Isaac Gullisan [Gallishan. CR2; of Newburyport. int.], May 20, 1773.*

Molly, and Richard Whittier [of Haverhill. int.], Mar. 9, 1780.*

Mary, of Newbury, and Samuel March, at Newbury, Aug. 23, 1793.*

Mary, Mrs., and Ezra Worthen, both of Amesbury, Nov. 25, 1812.

Mary, of Amesbury, and Daniel Morrill, Apr. 23, 1822.*

Mary Ann, and Jonathan M. Marston of Lowell, Nov. 18, 1841.*

Mary J., a. 20 y., d. Jacob and Sarah, and Ira Batchelder, a. 35 y., joiner, s. Elisha and Abigail, Feb. 3, 1847.*

Mehitable, of Amesbury, and [Capt. int.] David Follansbee, at Amesbury, Sept. 5, 1797.*

Merrill E., and Elizabeth Dole, Dec. 2, 1838.*

Merrill E., and Eleanor J. Merrill, May 17, 1842.*

Morrill, and Ruth Bartlet, Dec. 24, 1809.*

Moses, and Nancy Stephens, Nov. 7, 1809.*

Moses A., of Newbury, shipwright, s. –––––, of Newbury, and Dolly E. Blaisdell, of Salisbury Point, d. Ephraim, of Amesbury, Nov. 17, 1844.*

Nancy, and Isaac Foss, June 1, 1820.*

Nancy O., a. 22 y., d. David and Hannah, and Moses C. Colby, a. 21 y., victualler, s. True and Sophronia, Sept. 29, 1846.*

Nathaniell, and Susana Morrill, Nov. 17, 1748.*

Purlina, of Amesbury, and George Ring, Apr. 3, 1828.*

Reuben, and Phebe Morrill, Feb. 2, 1726-7. NCTBK*

Rhoda, and Isaiah Felker of Amesbury, Nov. 27, 1814.*

Richard, and Dorithy Barned, Aug. 29, 1695. NCTBK

Richard [jr., of Amesbury. int.], and Sarah Merrill [Morrill. CR2; Merrill. int.], Nov. 25, 1731. NCTBK*

Richard [jr., of Amesbury. int.], and Dolley Morrill, May 9, 1806.*

Richard, and Abigail P. Nye, int. Nov. 15, 1828.

Richard H., and Hannah M. Morrill, Nov. 21, 1841.*

Roxanna, of Amesbury, and Joseph True, Feb. 18, 1849.*

Ruth, and James French [of South Hampton. int.], Dec. 5, 1773.*

Samuell [jr. int.], and Hannah Morrill, June 24, 1731. NCTBK*

Samuel, and Betty Hackett, Apr. 9, 1778.*

Sarah, wid., and Daniel Joseph Sargent, widr., of Amesbury, at Amesbury, Apr. 8, 1731.*

Sarah, and Isaac Walden [of New Amesbury. int.], June 26, 1769.*

Sarah, of Amesbury, and Zebedee Morrill, int. Apr. 14, 1770.

Sarah, of Amesbury, and John Harbert, int. Aug. 1, 1778.

Sally, of Amesbury, and Benjamin Osgood [jr. int.], at Amesbury, June 22, 1796.*

Sally Jonson, of Amesbury, and Benjamin Morrill, jr., int. Apr. 20, 1805.

Sarah, of Amesbury, and Jacob Currier, int. Oct. 18, 1811.

Sarah C., and Thomas J. Clark, int. Oct. 2, 1830.

Sarah A., of Amesbury, and Jones Ring, int. Feb. 17, 1836.

Sarah Ann, and William J. Morrill, Apr. 6, 1841.*

Sarah Ann, and Jacob Flanders of Amesbury, Oct. 5, 1842.*

Sarah Ann, a. 28 y., d. Joseph and Sarah, and Amaziah Richmond, widr., a. 38 y., wool sorter, s. Amaziah and Sarah, Dec. 23, 1847.*

Sophronia, and Adams Morrill, jr. of Amesbury, Oct. 17, 1833.*

Stephen, jr. [of South Hampton. int.], and Betsey Hunt, Feb. 20, 1834.*

Suky, and Stephen Eaton [of Newburyport. int.], June 23, 1800.*

Tabitha, of Amesbury, and Stephen Osgood, at Amesbury, June 19, 1794.*

Thomas, 3d, of Amesbury, and Jemima Morrill, Mar. 5, 1740-41. NCTBK*

Thomas, jr., of Amesbury, and Molly Osgood, at Amesbury, June 4, 1797.*

Thomas, jr., and Abigail Tuxbury, int. Sept. 1, 1803.

Timothy, of Amesbury, and Hannah Blasdell, wid., "and at ye same ye sd Hannah solemnly declared as in ye presence of Almighty God and before many witnesses that she was no ways in possession of her former Husband's estate of what kind soever neither possession or in reversion," at Amesbury, Sept. 28, 1748.

Timothy [of Amesbury. int.], and Anna Fowler, Nov. 25, 1790.*

Timothy, of Poplin [NH. int.], and Judith Carter, Oct. 6, 1817.*

Timothy, and Patience Barnard of Amesbury, Apr. 14, 1831.

William, and Lydia Gale, both of Amesbury, Aug. 12, 1830.

William J., of Newbury, a. 29 y., shipwright, s. William and Betsy, of Newbury, and Hannah S. Currier, a. 19 y., d. David and Hannah, Jan. 27, 1846.*

William, of Lynn, and Martha E. Fitts, int. Aug. 13, 1848.


Adeline, a. 22 y., d. Ashley and Betsey, and James L. Tibbetts, a. 22 y., manufacturer, s. Eliot and Polly, Apr. 21, 1846.*

Benjamin, and Rachel Hook [of Newbury. int.], at Newbury, Dec. 8, 1762.*

Rebecca J., and Stephen Dow, int. Mar. 25, 1848.

Ruth, of Amesbury, and Winthrop Collins, int. Jan. 25, 1817.


Benjamin, and Hannah Haseltine, Dec. 17, 1767. CR1*

Caleb [Rev. int.], and Mrs. Elezebeth Alin, Mar. 14, 1698-9. NCTBK*

Caleb, jr., and Mary Newmarch of Kittery, int. Sept. 26, 1730. NCTBK

Hannah, and Elijah Osgood, Jan. 29, 1795.*

John Newmarch, and Lidia Dow, int. Mar. 16, 1799.

John, of Scituate, and Harriet Morrill, int. Sept. 15, 1827.

Sarah, Mrs., and Col. Samuel Moody [of Newbury. int.], June 8, 1779.*

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