Almira Brooks, d. Reuben and Lucinda Brooks, Aug. 3, 1842.

Charles Henry, s. Reuben, cordwainer, and Lucinda, Sept. 6, 1847.

Hannah Gott, d. Reuben and Lucinda Brooks, Mar. 29, 1840.


Wesley Clark, s. Rev. William, clergyman, and Mary, Oct. 10, 1844.


Ellen Maria, d. James, mariner, and Susan, June 27, 1849.

Esther Tarr, d. James P. and Esther, June 9, 1841.

John, s. James and Susan, Jan. 25, 1840.

John, s. James, fisherman, and Susan, Sept. 5, 1843.

Lydia Ann, d. Timothy and Julia Ann Lurvey, Oct. 15, 1840.

Mary Maria, d. Timothy, freighter, and julia, Aug. 7, 1849.

Newell, s. Timothy and Julia Ann Lurvey, Mar. 23, 1842.

Robert Homes, s. William G., cordwainer, and Eliza A., Feb. 26, 1847.

Tristram, s. William and Mary L., July 28, 1840.

William, s. Timothy, freighter, and Julia, July 14, 1844.

William Ledgerwood Fellows, s. William, mariner, and Hannah, Aug. 7, 1846.


George T., s. David M., laborer, and Lavinia B., Apr. 1, 1848.


Joshua H., s. Joshua G., freighter, and Harriet, Aug. 13, 1845.

Lavinia, d. Joshua and Harriet, Nov. 20, 1840.

Levi, s. Levi and Polly, Sept. 29, 1846. PR87

Martha Jane, d. Joshua G., freighter, and Harriet N., July 11, 1849.


Harriet, d. Jonathan and Mary, Oct. 15, 1840. PR72


Laura Ann, d. Stephen, mariner, and Laura Ann, Apr. 24, 1848.

Martha Woodbury, d. Andrew, mariner, and Martha, July 4, 1849.


Ellen [Dunnaheu. TR], d. David, mariner, and Eliza, Sept. 7, 1845.


Abbie M., d. Charles and Lydia, Nov. 23, 1845. PR43

Edmond, s. Charles and Lydia, May 27, 1841.

Mary A., May 24, 1843. PR66

Pheby B., d. Charles and Lydia, Oct. 8, 1847. PR43

[Sarah L. PR43], d. Charles, blacksmith, and Lydia, July 20, 1849. [July 22. PR43]


David Manley, s. David, jr., mariner, and Sarah Esther, June 7, 1848.


Clara Isabell, d. Felix, mariner, and Clarissa, Sept. 10, 1849.

Betsey C., d. Felix, mariner, and Clarissa, Aug. 2, 1847.

Emily, d. Felix and Clarissa, June 29, 1845. PR77

George Edwin, s. William, mariner, and Martha, June 26, 1846.

Vestina, d. William, June 22, 1842.


Daniel Lowe, s. Joseph, trader, and Delia, July 23, 1844.

Nancy Butman, d. Joseph and Delia, May 23, 1841.

DROWN (Drowne)

Augustus Reed, s. John O. and Susan (Tarr), Mar. 24, 1840.

DROWNE (Drown)

Susan, d. John O., shoemaker, and Susan, Oct. 30, 1843.


Bertha, d. Eben and Judith, Jan. 27, 1846. PR5

Eben, Jr., s. Eben and Judith, June 3, 1848. PR5

John L., s. Eben and Judith, Oct. 14, 1841. PR5

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