Eliza, d. William, laborer, and Eliza Goss, Jan. 28, 1841.


Caroline Matilda, d. Elijah H. and Elizabeth b., Mar. 15, 1841.

Edward Harris, s. Elijah, victualer, and Elisabeth P., Nov. 5, 1843.


John, s. Daniel, stone cutter, and Sarah, Oct. 31, 1849.


Lucena, w. Joseph, Oct. 9, 1845. PR50


Emma, d. Apollos, carpenter, and Rhoda, July 9, 1849.

James K. Polk, s. Prentiss, carpenter, and Lydia, Mar. 4, 1845.

Joseph Strong, s. Caleb S., carpenter, and Mary, July 3, 1848.

Martha Gott, d. Prentiss, carpenter, and Lydia Stanwood, Nov. 17, 1841.

Solomon, s. Addison and Lydia Clifford, Aug. 11, 1840.

CLARK (Clarke)

Angeline Augusta, d. Lemuel J., fisherman, and Abigail, Feb. 5, 1845.

Aria Norwood, d. Nathan and Abigail, Aug. 4, 1842.

Charles Dana, s. William P., jr., mariner, and Judith, Nov. 2, 1848.

Elisabeth Jewebb, d. Henry, jr., trader, and Eliza, Mar. 15, 1849.

Ellen, d. William P., jr., mariner, and Judith W., Nov. 18, 1846.

Emily Jane, d. James, mariner, and Nancy, Oct. 29, 1845.

George Waldo, s. Henry, jr., postmaster, and Elizabeth, July 28, 1846.

Herbert Ainsworth, s. Lemuel J., Stone cutter, and Abigail, Feb. 28, 1849.

Lucy Elisabeth, d. Nathan T., stone cutter, and Abigail, Nov. 18, 1844.

Maria, d. Lemuel J., fisherman, and Abigail, Mar. 16, 1843.

Martha Choate, d. Nathan T., stone cutter, and Abigail, Apr. 1, 1849.

Mary Abby, d. Nathan T., stone dresser, and Abigail, Oct. 1, 1846.

Sophia Tarr, d. Henry, jr., postmaster, and Eliza, June 1, 1844.

Susanna Norwood, d. Albert and Ora, Sept. 18, 1843.

Silvester, s. Nathan T. and Abagail, Sept. 15, 1840.

CLARKE (Clark)

Martha Ann Gott, d. Henry, jr. and Eliza Norwood, Jan. 20, 1842.


–––––, d. stillborn, Moses H., freighter, and Char. H., Nov. ––, 1844.

Aaron, s. Aaron, freighter, and Eliza, Jan. 2, 1843.

Clara H., d. Moses H., freighter, and Charlotte H., Apr. 18, 1848.

Converse, s. Moses H., freighter, and Charlotte H., Jan. 9, 1846.

James G. Burney, s. Willard, freighter, and Rhoda, Aug. 14, 1846.

Jane Claiff, d. Willard and Rhoda, Mar. 27, 1842.

John D., s. John, freighter, and Ann, May 5, 1843.

Lucius C.M., s. Levi, freighter, and Nicy, Feb. 7, 1843.

Lucy Ellen H., d. Willard, freighter of stone, and Rhoda, May 12, 1844.

Mary Eliza, d. Aaron, freighter of stone, and Eliza, Jan. 30, 1845.

Moses Haskell, s. Moses and Diana, Oct. 2, 1840.

Nicy, d. Levi, freighter, and Nicy, Dec. 5, 1845.

Orange Scott, s. Levi and Nicy, July 20, 1840.

Rebecca D., d. Levi, freighter, and Nicy, June 11, 1847.

Reuben Hamilton, s. Aaron and Eliza, Oct. 14, 1840.


Blanchard, s. Blanchard, stone dealer, and Eliza Ann, Nov. 4, 1849.

COLBEY (Colby)

Mary Abbie, d. Emerson and Mary Carter, Apr. 5, 1849. PR4


Henry William, s. Edward, stone cutter, and Betsey, June 20, 1844.

Sarah Jane, d. Edward and Betsey, Apr. 22, 1843.

COLBY (Colbey)

Anne Burns, d. Emerson and Mary, Apr. 10, 1841.

Clara Young, d. William and Martha, Aug. 10, 1842.

Henrianna, d. Henry and Margaret, Apr. 28, 1842.

Martha Sanborn, d. William, freighter, and Martha, Oct. 30, 1847.

Mary Abby, d. Emerson [and Mary Carter. PR4], freighter, and Mary, Apr. 5, 1849.


Brainard [Bernard. PR18], s. John and Mary, Aug. 3, 1840.

James, s. John, mariner, and Mary, Feb. 9, 1846.

Mary Jane, d. John, fisherman, and Mary, Mar. 20, 1843.


–––––, s. Reuben, and Sarah M., Dec. 8, 1843.


Ann Eliza, d. John and Nancy, July 6, 1840.

Jane, d. John, mariner, and Nancy, Feb. 18, 1848.

Josaphene, d. Joseph, mariner, and Esther, Sept. 28, 1847.

Martha, d. John and Nancy, Dec. 20, 1842.

Mary, d. John, mariner, and Nancy, July 13, 1845.


Addison P., s. William, freighter, and Lucy, Nov. 20, 1847.

Lucy B., d. Nehemiah D., fisherman, and Betsy, Jan. 8, 1844.


Sidney, s. Philander and Clementine, Feb. 11, 1841.


Jason L., s. Jason L. and Susan S., June 22, 1849.

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