Mary A., and William H. Hynes of Newbury, int. Oct. 16, 1848.


Harriet, of Exeter, NH, and Stephen Gale, int. June 8, 1807.


Edna, of Salisbury, and William Orne, Oct. 11, 1818.*

Ephraim, and Mary Frost of Salisbury, Aug. 20, 1839.*

Mary, of New Meadows, and Joseph Carr, int. Sept. 29, 1764.

Mary F. [Jane. int.], of Newbury, and James W. Davis, Apr. 27, 1837.*

Nancy P., and Henry T. Nichols of Lawrence, int. Sept. 30, 1847.

Sarah, and George C. Palmer, Oct. 5, 1832.*

Susan C., and Samuel S. Blake, Sept. 22, 1839. CR6*

Tappan, of Hampstead, NH, and Susan Boynton, Dec. 22, 1813.*

William, and Sarah Ann Cary, Aug. 9, 1807.*


Hannah, Mrs., of Salem, and Thomas Waite, int. Oct. 24, 1811.


Ann, a. 20 y., d. True and Betsey, and Joseph W. Bartlett, a. 21 y., mariner, s. Joseph and Joanna, Oct. 6, 1846.*

Benjamin, and Mary Manning, Nov. 26, 1778.*

Caleb, of Salisbury, and [Mrs. CR4] Elice Drown, June 20, 1830.*

Charles, and Lavina Glines, Jan. 1, 1836.*

Charles, and Susan Glines, June 5, 1838.*

Eliza, and John Bayley, 3d, Sept. 28, 1843.*

Elizabeth, and Edward Ordway [jr. of Haverhill. CR1], Dec. 29, 1776.*

Elisabeth [Mrs. int.], and Thomas Colman, Apr. 29, 1781. CR2*

Elizabeth [Mrs. int.], and William Chase, of Newbury, Feb. 26, 1798.*

Elisabeth, a. 24 y., d. Jabez and Sally, and John D. Frost, a. 27 y., mariner, s. William and Abigail, Nov. 24, 1846.*

Eunice, and Hugh Pritchard, int. Apr. 18, 1772.

Hannah, and Joseph Moulton, jr., Dec. 1, 1795.*

Hanah, of Deer Isle, and John Short, int. Oct. 27, 1810.

Hannah D., and Ebenezer Hoyt, both of Salisbury, Mar. 3, 1831.

Hannah, and George W. [H. int.] Austin, Nov. 1, 1835.*

Henry A., and Susan R. Eaton, int. June 9, 1849.

Joanna, and John Mahar, Apr. 4, 1839.*

Joseph, and Hannah Stockman, Oct. 30, 1800.*

Laura, of Hampton Falls, NH, a. 22 y., d. Daniel and Lorinda, and Nicholas W. Bartlett, a. 21 y., teamster, s. Jonathan and Sarah, Jan. 19, 1848.*

Maria M., of Salisbury, and Nicholas W. Short, int. Oct. 14, 1842.

Mary, of Charlestown, and Silas Parker, at Charlestown, Dec. 3, 1772.*

Polly, and Ebenezer Salter, Dec. 28, 1794.*

Mary, and John Odom of Prospect, int. Sept. 26, 1807.

Polley, and Philip Greenleaf, May 26, 1811.*

Mary S., of Salisbury, and George W. Nutter of Amesbury, May 10, 1841.

Miriam, of Seabrook, and Jeffry Muchemore, int. Mar. 14, 1795.

Moses D., a. 23 y., mariner, s. Henry and Hannah, and Almira S. Worthley, a. 23 y., d. James and Sarah, June 13, 1847.*

Olive, a. 21 y., d. Daniel and Belinda, and William C. Colby, a. 19 y., cordwainer, s. William and Sarah, Jan. 30, 1849.*

Rebecca Blake, and Jacob Stickney, jr., Feb. 6, 1833.*

Rhoda, and David Rossette [Rossetter. int.], Feb. 14, 1820.*

Ruth, and George Howe, int. Jan. 22, 1837.

Ruth F., of Salisbury, and William O. Smith, int. July 13, 1839.

Sarah, and Enoch Webster, int. Mar. 23, 1776.

Sarah, of Seabrook, and Benjamin Densmore, int. Feb. 2, 1833.

Stephen, and Susanna Currier of Salisbury, int. Mar. 1, 1800.

Susan R., and Henry A. Eaton, int. June 9, 1849.

Susanna, and Christian [Joseph Christian. int.] Harman, Feb. 9, 1777.*

Susanna, of Haverhill, and Benjamin Malcom, int. Dec. 21, 1782.

Susanna, and John Darling Malcom, Jan. 7, 1783.

Thomas, and Elizabeth Scilly [Scilla. int.], June 29, 1779.*

William, and Polly Hackel of Salisbury, int. Apr. 3, 1801.

EAYRS (Ayres)

Maria, and James Webster of Derry, NH, Jan. 22, 1829.*


Jacob [John Jacob. int.], and Polly White, Aug. 29, 1797.*


Benjamin, of Boston, and Sarah Norton, int. Dec. 22, 1770.

Sally, and Phinehas Walker of Salem, int. Aug. 10, 1799.


Edward H[enry. int.], and Lois Parsons Stone, Oct. 27, 1831.*


Latice, of Gloucester, and Isaac Knap, int. June 17, 1790.

EDGERLEY (Edgerly)

Caleb R., and Olive McDaniel, int. July 31, 1848.

EDGERLY (Edgerley)

Gilman, and Sarah Ann Landford, Apr. 6, 1837.*

Polly, and William Hoyt, July 4, 1826.*


William, and Abigail Hodges, Apr. 5, 1808.*

EDMANDS (Edmunds)

Augustus B., of Charlestown, a. 30 y., manufacturer, s. Barnabas and Mary, and Lavina Griffin, a. 29 y., d. Eliphalet and Mehitable, Oct. 19, 1848.*

EDMUNDS (Edmands)

Barnabas, and Elizabeth Moulton, Sept. 10, 1777.*

Barnabas, and Mrs. Sarah Bridges, int. Oct. 13, 1787.

Betsy, and Jacob Cutter, Dec. 17, 1797.*


Abraham, jr., and Lovey Piper, Dec. 6, 1810.*

Abraham, and Sarah Stacy Scott, int. Oct. 22, 1836.

Abram, and Mary Woodbridge, Dec. 22, 1776.*

Benjamin, and Sally Smith, int. July 28, 1793.

Benjamin, and Sally Gardner, Jan. 12, 1800.*

Ebenezer, and Abigail Plummer, int. July 3, 1802.

Edward, and Sally Smith, July 14, 1795.*

Elizabeth, and Michael Smith, Jan. 6, 1791.*

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Small, Mar. 11, 1824.*

Hannah, and William Harris, Aug. 30, 1795.*

Hannah, and John Evans, Aug. 10, 1815.*

John, and Sarah Knap, Oct. 9, 1780.*

John, of Haverhill, and Mary Ann Marsh, Mar. 10, 1835.*

Joseph, and Anna Pettingell, ––– ––, 1785.

Joseph, and Abigail Dodge, Dec. 20, 1810.*

Lovey [Mrs. int.], and Samuel S. Plummer, Dec. 21, 1825.*

Mary, and Samuel Somerby Plumer, Sept. 29, 1801.*

Mary Ann, and Samuel Hoyt Pingry [Paisly. CR1] of Haverhill, Oct. 11, 1832.*

Rebecca, and Capt. Lawrence Brown, Oct. 18, 1818.*

Sarah, and John Cook, Dec. 25, 1776.*

Sarah, Mrs., and Moses Davenport, Mar. 5, 1806.*

Sally, and James Piper, Nov. 26, 1806.*

Sarah G., and Samuel Jones, Jan. 18, 1825.*

Thomas, and Nancy Merrill, Jan. 14, 1799.*

William, and Jane Elsworth Salter, Mar. 3, 1788.*


Sarah [Mrs. int.], and Robert Michel [of Newmarket. int.], Apr. 16, 1782.*

Sally, and Joseph Pearson, May 4, 1801.*


John, and Catherine Driscoll, int. Sept. 14, 1845.

Timothy, and Mary Trask, int. Oct. 1, 1829.

ELA (Ely)

Sarah, Mrs., and Capt. Joseph Stanwood of Newbury, int. June 16, 1808.


Fanny [Eljoe. int.], and William Loughhead of Truro, N.S., May 25, 1833. [Aug. 25. CR2]*

ELIOT (Elliott)

Betsy, and John Thompson, int. Nov. 30, 1799.

John, and Mary Bolter [Boller. int.] Brown, Dec. 11, 1800.*

Sarah, and John Perkins, Oct. 18, 1800.*

William, and Elizabeth Pike, int. Mar. 16, 1776.

ELIOTT (Elliott)

Abigail, of Portsmouth, NH, and John Pilsbury, jr., int. Apr. 16, 1808.

Elizabeth, and Joseph Wyatt, Sept. 30, 1787.*

Betsy Hayward, of Plymouth, and Capt. Michael Hodge, jr., int. Oct. 29, 1814.

Henry M., of Salisbury, and Lydia George of Newbury, May 4, 1841.

Jeremiah [Capt. int.], of Newbury, and Susanna Haskell Currier, Oct. 31, 1813.*

Jeremiah, and Hannah Pilsbury Questrom, June 14, 1821.

John, and Polly Allen of Gloucester, int. Oct. 18, 1806.

John B., Dr., of Sweden, NY, and Joanna Balch of Salisbury, at Salisbury, Nov. 12, 1820. CR4

Ruth, and Enos McDaniel, Dec. 27, 1770. CR2

Samuel, and Catharine Atkins, May 14, 1786. CR2

Thomas, and Sarah Morse, May 31, 1789.*

William, and Elizabeth Pike, Mar. 30, 1776.

William H., and Ellen C. [E. int.] Robinson, Nov. 17, 1842.*

ELLIOTT (Eliot, Eliott)

Jeremiah, and Hannah Nowell, July 24, 1790.*


Eliza Ann, and John Keyes, Dec. 3, 1829.*

Levi H., and Lydia Horton, int. May 28, 1808. (forbidden by Ellis.)

Rachel [Mrs. int.], and Edward Timothy Waters, Sept. 10, 1806.*


Francis, of Newbury, and Dorcas Moores, int. July 21, 1810.

Joseph, and Anne Carter, Jan. 29, 1784. CR2*

Mary Elizabeth, of Bradford, and Rev. Luther F. Dimmick, int. Feb. 26, 1849.

ELSWORTH (Elworth)

Elizabeth, and William Marden, Nov. 8, 1814.*

Ellen, and Otis Little Gray, int. Sept. 28, 1842.

Hannah, and Thomas Tibbetts, int. Oct. 5, 1811.

Polly, and John Morrison, int. June 30, 1798. (under age and forbidden by John's father.)


William Williams, and Sarah Parker, Oct. 7, 1787.


David, and Mary Corey [Crecy. CR4], Nov. 3, 1799.*

Martha [of Newbury. int.], and James Warden, Jan. 21, 1793.*

Mary Ann, and John Joseph, jr. of Salem, Oct. 26, 1823.*

ELWORTH (Elsworth)

William N., of Rowley, and Nancy M. Bishop, June 18, 1826.*

ELY (Ela)

Daniel, and wid. Sarah Brookens of Newbury, int. Aug. 27, 1774.


Bulkeley, and Hannah Owen of York, int. Apr. 19, 1777.

Bulkely, jr., and Mary Moody, June 29, 1783.*

Charles Lee, and Lydia Clapp of Northampton, int. May 27, 1809.

Charles L., and Rhoda P. Tilletson of North Hampton, int. Aug. 25, 1819.

David, of Ware, NH, and Hannah Quimby, Nov. 29, 1815.*

Hannah Bliss, of Concord, and William Farnham, int. Sept. 4, 1790.

Jeremiah, and Mary Clapp, int. Sept. 6, 1817.

Joseph, and Hannah Midcalf, Mar. 2, 1800.*

Lucy, and Nehemiah Flanders, jr., Feb. 3, 1807.*

Lydia Ann, and Charles E. Porter of Springfield, VT, Oct. 6, 1841.*

Mary, and Dean Ozgood, Mar. 10, 1769.*

Samuel, and [ wid. int.] Deborah Harris, Oct. 1, 1767. CR2*

Samuel, and Sarah Frothingham, Jan. 23, 1783.*

Samuel, and Lois Frothingham, Sept. 20, 1814.*

Sally, and Josiah Lunt, Feb. 8, 1820.*

Sarah F[ollansbee. CR1], and Samuel Greele, widr., of Boston, Oct. 8, 1844.*

EMERTON (Emorton)

Almira, and John Emerton, jr., Mar. 27, 1821.*

Benjamin, and Rebecca Ann Nash, Feb. 17, 1846.

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Chase, jr. of Sandown, Oct. 21, 1819.*

Eunice Barr, and Ebenezer Sole, int. Aug. 18, 1822.

John, jr., and Almira Emerton, Mar. 27, 1821.*


Amos [of Newbury. int.], and Anne Moody, Feb. 7, 1784.*

Charles, of Newbury, and Mary Elizabeth George, Feb. 21, 1828.*

David, and Sarah Smith of Newbury, int. Feb. 29, 1812.

Elizabeth, of West Newbury, and Flavius Emery of Newbury, Nov. 1, 1826. CR2

Flavius, of Newbury, and Elizabeth Emery of West Newbury, Nov. 1, 1826. CR2

George, and Mary R. Foot, Dec. 10, 1822.*

Jane, and Andrew Crocket of Newbury, int. May 30, 1812.

John, of Exeter, NH, and Margarett Gookin, Apr. 1, 1769.*

Joshua, and Betsy Welch of Plaistow, int. Jan. 10, 1801.

Lydia Ann, a. 22 y., d. Enock and Lydia, and Albion S.K.P. Dunning, a. 26 y., ship carpenter, s. Benjamin and Elisabeth, Mar. 9, 1847.*

Mary Hale, of West Newbury, and Rev. Samuel Moody Emery of Portland CT, Nov. 16, 1841. CR2

Moses, Capt, of Newbury, and Caroline Smith, Dec. 15, 1814.*

Moses, Capt., and Sarah M. Steward of Hartford, CT, int. Dec. 18, 1824.

Moses [H. int.] of West Newbury, and Emily E. Stanwood, Mar. 4, 1841.*

Noah, jr., of Exeter, NH, and Betsy Folsom, Dec. 7, 1811.*

Samuel Moody, Rev., of Portland CT, and Mary Hale Emery of West Newbury, Nov. 16, 1841. CR2

Sally, and William Harris, int. Aug. 31, 1804.

Sarah, of Newbury, and Rev. Dr. Daniel Dana, int. Oct. 14, 1814.


Marcy, and Tristram Rogers of Newbury, int. Nov. 3, 1810.

EMORTON (Emerton)

William B., and Elizabeth D. Witherby, June 27, 1833. [Aug. 24. int.]*


Francis, and Sally Frothingham, Sept. 10, 1797.*

Francis, and Abigail Bowers, July 30, 1801.*

Julia Ann, a. 42 y., d. Francis and Abigail, and William Connor, widr., a. 45 y., truckman, s. William and Mary, Sept. 19, 1849.*

Lydia C., of Newbury, and William F[rancis. int.] Follansbe, May 7, 1833.*

Samuel, and Hannah Poor of Newbury, int. Nov. 18, 1794.


Thomas, a. 24 y., dresser, s. John and Betsey, and Mary E. Bowes, a. 20 y., d. Patrick and Catherine, Mar. 22, 1847.*


Joseph, and Lydia Randlet, Dec. 16, 1807.*


John, of Boston, a. 26 y., machinist, s. Samuel and Matilda, and Ann E. Lloyd, a. 21 y., d. John and Mary, Sept. 3, 1848.*


Zebulun [Estey. int.], and Molly Brown, Aug. 8, 1765.*


Elizabeth, and Jonathan Poor of Newbury, Oct. 19, 1823.*

Joseph, jr., of Boston, and Eleanor St. Barbe Tracy, Oct. 2, 1820.*

William, and Thomazin Wheelwright, Nov. 24, 1785.*

William, and Hannah Cogswell of Rowley, int. Sept. 29, 1809.

EVAN (Evans)

William Stickney, and Sophronia Felch, July 10, 1823.*

EVANS (Evan)

Abby A., and John N. Hoague, int. Nov. 5, 1845.

Benjamin G., and Sarah J. Stickney of Newbury, int. June 29, 1833.

Caroline, of Portsmouth, NH, and Ralph C. Huse, int. Mar. 28, 1830.

Catherine P., a. 19 y., d. John and Hannah, and John Parker, a. 25 y., cordwainer, s. Thomas and Hester, June 20, 1847.*

David, of Newbury, and Mary Gardner, Jan. 20, 1805.*

Elizabeth Hunt, and Thomas Newman Winthrop [Thomas Newman, of Winthrop. int.], May 29, 1815.*

Ezekiel, of Salisbury, a. 25 y., mariner, s. Dudley and Nancy, and Mary B. Johnson of Newbury, a. 23 y., d. James and Mary, Nov. 4, 1846.

John, and Hannah Edwards, Aug. 10, 1815.*

John, jr., of Salisbury, and Lucy Pilsbury, Dec. 5, 1825.*

Lydia Eleanor, and Capt. William Howard, Mar. 8, 1812.*

Lyman, and Elizabeth Hunt, Apr. 27, 1782.*

Lyman, and Alice Flectcher of Biddeford, int. Sept. 2, 1796.

Margaret M., and Albert A. Stickney, Feb. 4, 1810.*

Margaret O., and Otis Timson, int. May 10, 1838.

Mary Ellen, of Newbury, and Dennis Small, int. Apr. 20, 1844.

Mary Jane, a. 18 y., d. John and Hannah, and John S. Crocker of Newbury, a. 22 y., ship carpenter, s. Lowell and Clarissa, Apr. 8, 1849.*

Prudence S., and Hiram Wood, July 10, 1825.*

Richard S., and Sarah F. Laskey, Sept. 7, 1815.*

Sarah H.B., a. 22 y., d. John and Anna, and Richard Peters, a. 48 y., cooper, s. Richard and Catherine, July 4, 1845.*

Sarah A., and Joseph R. Thurlo of Newbury, int. Nov. 14, 1846.

Toppan, and Abigail Cole, Dec. 25, 1768.*

Winthrop O., and Adeline M. Pillsbury, Oct. 31, 1842. CR4*

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