Simon F[rancis. int.], tailor, and Mary Jane Jewell Oct. 7, 1845.*


Elisaann, and Rufus How, June 25, 1827.*

Betsey, Mrs., and Capt. Isaiah Silver, Dec. 28, 1820.*

George S., and Alvira A. Hill of Loudon, NH, int. Nov. 1, 1840.

Jonathan, of Lawrence, and Caroline Emerson, int. Nov. 7, 1847.

Lydia P., and John Smith, Apr. 25, 1826.*


Elizabeth, of Lawrence, a. 15 y., d. William, and John Fuller, widr., of Lawrence, a. 30 y., carpenter, s. William and Ann, July 8, 1847.

John, of Derry [Londonderry. int.], and Susanah Hildreth, Feb. 28, 1797.*

NEVINS (Nevens)

Caroline, and Rev. Ebenezer Crane of Salisbury, Dec. 12, 1834.*

John, of Salem, NH, and Achsah Levan, Aug. 4, 1808.*

Pegge, and Simeon Lathrop of Bridgewater, June 30, 1807.*

Nancy, of Salem, NH, and John Willson, jr., int. Sept. 8, 1794.

Thomas, of Danvers, and Betsey Fletcher, Dec. 29, 1803.*

NEWMAN (Newmen)

William, and Hephzibah Morss, Mar. 30, 1769.*


Francies, and Mary Downs, Sept. 10, 1741.

NICHOLS (Nichols, Nickols)

Nathaniel, of Salem, and Experience Morse, Nov. 23, 1820.*

Rebeckah, of Ossipee, NH, and Nathaniel N. Harris, Nov. 23, 1840.*

Samuel F., and Hannah Currier, Nov. 25, 1824.*

Samuel [F. int.], and Elisabeth A. Putnam, Nov. 19, 1840.*

Susan A., and Ephraim Hall, of Chester, NH, July 25, 1842.*

William, widr., of Dedham, a. 47 y., printer, b. at Brookfield, s. Isaac and Abigail, of Brookfield, and Margaret O. Sprague, a. 31 y., d. Joseph and Margaret, June 1, 1845.*

William W., a. 20 y., shoemaker, s. Nathaniel and Experiance, and Sarah Bailey, a. 18 y., b. at Salem, NH, d. Samuel and Hannah, of Salem, NH, Aug. 19, 1849.*


Joseph, and Sarah B. Stevens of Deerfield, NH, int. Sept. 9, 1838.


William, of Ashfield, and Eliza Davis, int. July 3, 1842.


Emily, and George W. Gage. Jan. 24, 1843.*


Roxanna, of Boston, a. 22 y., b. at York, ME, d. Joseph, and Stephen Whitcher of Boston, a. 23 y., painter, b. at Newfield, ME, s. Charles, Dec. 25, 1849.


Hannah, and John Austen, Sept. 5, 1754.

NOYES (Noyc, Noyce, Noyse)

Aaron, and Phebe Morse, Dec. 9, 1779.*

Aaron, of Andover, and Betsey B. Johnson, Feb. 9, 1830.*

Abby K., and Charles H. Putnam of Leominster, MA., int. Apr. 27, 1847.

Asa, and Mary B. Little, both of Atkinson, NH, June 5, 1849.

Fanny, of Andover, and Washington Parker, int. Apr. 2, 1815.

Follinsby, of Haverhill, and Rebeca Noyce, Jan. 29, 1775.*

George, of Atkinson, NH, and Elizabeth Moulton of Hampstead, NH, Apr. 11, 1844.

Jonathan, Lt., and Mrs. Tirzah Ela of Haverhill, int. Dec. 11, 1780.

Jonathan [Lt. int.], and Abigail Russ, Dec. 18, 1783.*

Jonathan, of Andover, and Louisa [Lowis. int.] Parker, Apr. 11, 1809.*

Rebeca, and Follinsby Noyce of Haverhill, Jan. 29, 1775.*

Salley, and Nathaniel Ladd, June 27, 1782.*

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