OAKES (Okes)

Elizabeth, of Danvers, and Amos Bennet, at Danvers, Dec. 20, 1776.*

OBEAR (Ober)

Elsey, of Beverly, and John C. Long, int. Dec. 15, 1822.

Josiah, Capt., of Beverly, and Elizabeth B. Allen, int. Dec. 12, 1824.

Mary, of Beverly, and Jacob Hooper, at Beverly, Dec. 23, 1773.*

Richard, 3d, of Beverly, and Anna Day, int. June 9, 1816.

OBER (Obear)

Abigail, Mrs., and Frances Procter, int. June 17, 1784.

Nabby, and Amos Hilton, Dec. 15, 1785.*

Andrew Woodbury, and Polly Baker, Apr. 7, 1805. CR*

Anna, and Peter Spence, int. Dec. 28, 1771.

Benjamin, of Wenham, and Anne Foster, Sept. 20, 1750.*

Benjamin, jr., and Mrs. Elezebeth Woodbury, Oct. 23, 1777.*

Benjamin [sr. int.], and ["Mrss. " Eunice. int.] Norton, Sept. 17, 1793. CR*

Betsy, and Zebulun Woodbury, both of Beverly, June 18, 1816. CR

Isaac, of Beverly, and Molly Morgan, June 12, 1815. CR*

Israel Foster [Capt. int.], and Mrs. Abigail Edwards, Jan. 25, 1780.*

Jacob, and Prudence Lofty, Dec. 25, 1770.*

Margret, Mrs., and Joseph Androse of Ipswich, Oct. 25, 1781.*

Nancy, and John W. Young, both of Beverly, Mar. 30, 1819. CR

Persillah, and Joseph Manning, Dec. 16, 1784.*

Ruth, of Wenham, and John Carter, at Wenham, Mar. 28, 1773.*

Samuell, and Molly Rea of Beverly, Mar. 6, 1785.*

William, and Fanny Morse of Beverly, Nov. 20, 1806. CR*


Patrack, and Nabby Camp, int. Dec. 27, 1788. (Banns forbidden by Patrick Obryen, Jan. 1, 1789)

OKES (Oakes)

Susannah, of Glocester, and Joseph Marsters Badcock, int. Nov. 27, 1802.

ORSBORN (Osborn)

Lydia A., a. 21 y., dressmaker, d. Asa and Lydia T., and Robert M. Decker, a. 21 y., cabinet maker, s. John M. and Thedocia, July 13, 1845.*

ORSMENT (Osment)

Benjamin, and Jenny [Jane. int.] Badcock, Mar. 11, 1762.*

Joanna, and Francis Craft, Mar. 22, 1764.*

John [jr. int.], and Hannah Leach, Aug. 8, 1739.*

John, and Lucy Knowlton of Wenham, at Wenham, Mar. 31, 1768.*

John, and Margarett Annable of Ipswich, int. June 23, 1770.

John, and Anna Morgan, int. June 17, 1800.

Lydia, and John Allen, at Wenham, May 26, 1745.*

Lydia, and John Poland Dec. 19, 1773.*

Margret [Mrs. int.], and Barnet Woodbury of Ipswich, Dec. 15, 1785.*

Sarah, and Israel Morgain, Feb. 23, 1775.*

Bill, of Beverly, and Jenne Morse, int. Mar. 4, 1804.

OSBORN (Orsborn, Osborne)

Asa [jr. int.], of Beverly, and Lydia Tuck, Jan. 30, 1823.*

Henrietta, of Beverly, and Aaron Crafts, Mar. 12, 1828.*

Oliver, of Beverly, and Ann [Mrs. Anna. int.] Woodbury, Nov. 22, 1838.*

Sally [Sarah. Orsman. int.], and Amos Lendall, Aug. 1, 1831.*

William [jr. int.], and Nancy [A. int.] Morgan [of Salem. int.], Mar. 13, 1832.*

OSBORNE (Osborn)

Harriet, of Salem, and Isaac Allen, 2d, int. June 26, 1836.


Daniel, and Betsey A. Wells, Sept. 23, 1832.*

OSMENT (Orsment)

Anna [Osmand. int.], and John Driver, Jan. 6, 1741-2. CR*


Alfred J., and Philenia S. Abbot of Shapligh, ME, int. Feb. 26, 1843.


John, of Marblehead, and Mary Tucksbury, at Marblehead, June 13, 1687.

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