DAILEY (Daley)

Mary Ann, d. Andrew, victualer, b. Malta, and Ann [(Foster.). CR3], b. Ireland Sept. 10 [19. CR3], 1849.


Margaret, d. Michael, laborer, and Ellen, both b. Ireland May 27, 1848.

DALEY (Dailey)

Catherine, d. Philip, mason, and Bridget, Aug. 13, 1847.

Mary [Daly. CR3], d. Timothy, laborer, and C[atherine. CR3], Jan. 2 [Feb. 2. CR3], 1849.

William, s. Michael, laborer, and Bridget, May ––, 1848.


Bridget, d. Michael and Mary (Fitzgerald), Mar. 7, 1849. CR3


Emma K., d. Albert K., stable keeper, b. Andover, and Mary Ann, b. Hallowell, ME, Nov. 28, 1849.


John Francis, s. John B., clothier, b. Methuen, and F.M., b. Poland ME, June 26, 1849.


Lucy E., d. Moses, carpenter, and Lucy, Jan. 18, 1848.

Mary E., d. Perley, trader, and Julia, Apr. 16, 1849.


John Newman, s. Henry and Mehitable, bp. June 4, 1848. CR1


Mary, d. Hugh, laborer, and Margaret, Feb. 1, 1848.


John, s. Lawrence, laborer, and M., Sept. ––, 1848.

DENEEN (Denine)

Cornelius, s. John, laborer, and Margaret [bet. May 14, 1847, and Feb. 7, 1848.]

DENEN (Denine)

William, s. Daniel, laborer, and Ellen, Apr. 15, 1848.

DENINE (Deneen, Denen, Doonane)

Margaret, d. Daniel, laborer, and Ellen, both b. Ireland Dec. 12, 1849.

Michael, s. John, laborer, and Margaret [(Hickey.). CR3], both b. Ireland Aug. 17 [3. CR3], 1849.


Charles Edward, s. Jeremiah, teamster, and Sophia, Sept. 10, 1847.


Ellen, d., John and Mary (Harrington), Sept. 19, 1849. CR3


Catherine, d. Timothy, laborer, and Hellen, both b. Ireland Oct. 10, 1848.


Thomas Edward, s. Henry and Ann, bp. Oct. 17, 1847. CR2


Elizabeth, d. Patrick and Catherine (Mulvey), Aug. 28, 1849. CR3

Michael, s. Thomas and Bridget, bp. Dec. 31, 1848. CR3

DONAHUE (Donnahue, Donoho, Donohoe, Donohue)

John, s. Daniel, laborer, and Julia [(Daly.). CR3], Apr. 4 [26. CR3], 1849.

Margaret, d. Anthony, laborer, and Mary, both b. Ireland May 25, 1848.


Mary Elizabeth, d. James, blacksmith, b. Ireland and Catherine, b. Boston, May 29, 1849.

DONNAHUE (Donahue)

–––––, d. John, laborer, and Ellen, May 26, 1847.


Mary Elizabeth, d. James and Catharine (Bailey), May 29, 1849. CR3


Catherine, d. Dennis, May 24, 1849. CR3

DONOHO (Donohue)

Mary A., d. Michael and Rose, Dec. 31, 1848. CR3

DONOHOE (Donahue)

Charles, s. Michael and Ellen (Hagerty), Mar. 29, 1849. CR3

DONOHUE (Donahue)

Mary, d. Hugh, laborer, and Julia, both b. Ireland at Lowell, Nov. 21, 1848.

DONOVAN (O'Donovan)

Catherine, d. Michael and Catherine, Mar. 3, 1849. CR3

Cornelius, s. Cornelius and Catherine (Sullivan), Aug. 22, 1849. CR3

Danniel, s. Daniel, laborer, and Mary, Sept. 17, 1847.

James, s. John, laborer, and Ellen, Sept. 24, 1847.

John, s. Jeremiah, laborer, and Joanna, Dec. 21, 1847.

Laurence, s. Jeremiah, laborer, and Johanna, both b. Ireland Oct. 28, 1849.

Margaret, d. John, laborer, and Ann, Dec. 24, 1847.

Mary, d. Michael, Laborer, and Mary, both b. Ireland Mar. 14 [24. dup.], 1849.

Mary Ann, d. Daniel, laborer, and Mary, both b. Ireland July 25, 1849.

Thomas, s. Daniel, laborer, and Julia, Jan. 7, 1848.

William, s. Michael, laborer, and Honora, Mar. 19, 1848.

DOONANE (Denine)

Patrick, s. Daniel and Margaret (Keleher), July 29, 1849. CR3


Elizabeth, d. Patrick, laborer, and Catherine, both b. Ireland Aug. 28, 1849.

Martin, s. Thomas, laborer, and B., both b. Ireland at Windham, NH, Dec. 16, 1848.


Mary A., d. William, and Ellen (Barry), Feb. 21, 1849. CR3


Mary, d. Robert and Mary (Kelley), Sept. 16, 1849. CR3


Jacob R.N., s. William N., carpenter, b. Jefferson, ME, and Sarah, b. Farmington, ME, Dec. 6, 1849.


Thomas, s. Thomas, trader, and Margaret, both b. Ireland May 17, 1848.


Ellen, d. William, mason, and Ellen, Apr. 20, 1848.

Mary A., d. William, mason, b. England and Ellin, b. Ireland Feb. 21, 1849.


John, s. Timothy, laborer, and J., both b. Ireland Mar. ––, 1849.

Mary, d. Timothy, laborer, and Joanna, Feb. 20, 1848.

Robert, s. Robert, mason, and Catherine, Sept. 7, 1847.

DOWNY (Downing)

James, s. Robert, mason, and Catherine [(Barry.). CR3], both b. Ireland Aug. 23 [24. CR3], 1849.

DOYLE (Boyle)

Johanna, d. John, laborer, and Ellen [(Sullivan.). CR3], both b. Ireland May 10 [11. CR3], 1849.

Johanna, d. Patrick and Johanna (Murphy), July 14, 1849. CR3

Lucy, d. Michael, laborer, and Margaret, [bet. Dec. 13, 1848 and Mar. 29, 1849.]

Mary, d. John, Laborer, and Ellen, Aug. 8, 1847.

Mary, d. Patrick, laborer, and Johanna, Feb. 16, 1848.


Catherine, d. John, laborer, and Mary, Dec. 1, 1847.

DRISCOL (Driscoll)

Daniel, d. Patrick, laborer, and Bridget, Nov. 12, 1848.

DRISCOLL (Driscol)

Catherine, d. Patrick, laborer, and Julia [Judith. CR3], both b. Ireland May 19 [17. dup.], 1849.

Daniel, s. Timothy, laborer, and Bridget, both b. Ireland July 4, 1848.

Mary, d. Patrick, laborer, and Julia, Feb. 10, 1848.


Catherine, d. Jeremiah and Johanna, Jan. 7, 1849. CR3


Daniel E., s. Daniel, laborer, and Elizabeth, June 30, 1848.

Mary Ann, d. Michael, mason, and Ellen, both b. Ireland Nov. 22, 1848.


Ellen, d. Thomas, laborer, and Margaret, May 20, 1847.


William H., s. Joseph, laborer, and Ruth, Dec. 15, 1847.

DWIRE (Dwyer)

Catherne, d. Patrick, carpenter, and Catherine, May 2, 1848.

DWYER (Dwire)

John, s. Patrick and Margaret, June 24, 1849. CR3

Mary, d. Matthew and Honora (Carroll), May 24, 1849. CR3

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