Eleanor, and Ebenezer Rodgers, Apr. 26, 1825.*

Morris [resident of Beverly. int.], and [Mrs. int.] Anna Herrick, July 29, 1787.*


Charles [of Washington. int.], and Mary Gray, Nov. 10, 1807.*

Jonathan, and Mary Hill, int. Aug. 8, 1802.

Sarah, and Benjamin Archer, July 13, 1693. CTR

Sarah Ann, of Salem, and Andrew Ober, 2d, int. May 8, 1842.


Thomas, of Lynnfield, and Harriet E. Mann, June 5, 1831.*


Carlos, and –––––, ––– ––, [1849.]

Oliver F., and –––––, ––– ––, [1849.]


Ellen R., a. 20 y. 8 m. 24 d., of Salem, d. Adam and Rebecca, and Nathaniel P. Sheldon, a. 22 y. 2 m. 30 d., cordwainer, s. Israel and Sally E., Sept. 11, 1845.*

NEWBERRY (Newbury)

Betsy, and John Webb, Mar. 21, 1813.*

Sally, and John Arbuckle, May 8, 1798.*

NEWBURY (Newberry)

Debby, and Thomas Lakeman, Jan. 3, 1804.*

Jerusha, and William Harris, June 2, 1806.*


Charlotte, of South Reading, and Dr. Samuel Hart, int. Aug. 3, 1823.

Olivia, and Capt. John Holman of Salem, int. Aug. 5, 1827.


Sally, of Lynn, and William Woodberry, 2d, int. June 30, 1811.


Martha, of Ipswich, and Samuell Balch, Oct. 27, 1675.

NICHOLLS (Nichols)

Sarah [Mrs. int. and CR2], and Jonathan Perkens, Dec. 2, 1773.*

William [Nickols. int.], and Sally Savage, Oct. 4, 1804.*

NICHOLS (Nicholls, Nickles)

Elizabeth, of Danvers, and Bartholomew Trask, at Danvers, Feb. 22, 1785.*

Erastus, widr., a. 41 y. 7 m. 3 d., cordwainer, b. Andover, s. Philip and Sarah, and Louisa Herrick of Dracut, Apr. 6, 1845.*

Hervey [Harvey. int.], and Mary Dodge, July 26, 1825.*

John, Rev., "a missionary about to sail for Bombay" [resident of Beverly. int.], and Elizabeth Shaw, Sept. 28, 1817.*

Lucy Ann, a. 21 y., d. Philip F. and Louisa, and Samuel Gentlee, a. 20 y., cordwainer, b. Wenham, s. Benjamin and Joanna, Oct. 29, 1846.*

Mercy, and Thomas Meek of Marblehead, Aug. 28, 1803.*

Phillip F., and Joanna Edwards, Nov. 13, 1823.*

Phillip F., and Louisa Curtis, May 18, 1828.*

Sarah, and William Smith, jr., Aug. 18, 1823.*

NICKLES (Nichols)

George, of Marblehead, and Elizebeth Davies, int. July 15, 1716.


Eunice, of Marblehead, and Samuel Rayment, at Marblehead, Nov. 21, 1704.*

NORTEN (Norton)

Abigail, of Manchester, and James Woodberry, Nov. 24, 1752.*

Azerias, and Eunice Woodberry, Apr. 4, 1765.*

NORTON (Norten)

Mary and Samuel West, Jan. 13, 1701-2.

Thomas, Dea., of Ipswich, and Mrs. Mary Raymond, Oct. 8, 1729.*


Francis, Rev., of Meredith, NH, and Adeline [A. int.] Choate, Feb. 22, 1827.*

Seth [of Gloucester. int.], and Louisa Odell [int. Oct. 13, 1839.]*


Ann Augusta, a. 21 y., d. Stephen and Martha W., and William M. Whitney, a. 25 y., merchant, s. Michael and Nancy, May 5, 1846.*

Hannah Parnell, and Thorndike Rand, clerk, Aug. 7, 1843.*

Rufus [Nurs. int.], and Hannan [Hannah. int.] Parnel, Jan. 1, 1792.*

Rufus, and Mrs. Mary Cross of Manchester, int. Nov. 27, 1825.

Stephen, and Martha W. Prince, June 7, 1818.*


Lidia, of Salem, and Eben[ezer. int.] Dodge, at Salem, Jan. 14, 1696.*


Samuel, of Salem, and Rebecca Hatch, Feb. 21, 1834.

Sarah, Mrs., and John Hale, of Newbury [at Newbury. dup.], Mar. 31, 1684.


Susan, of Jackson, NH, and Lewis W. Hanson, int. July 20, 1834.


Abigail, and Calvin Lord, May 3, 1838. CR2*

Abigail S., b. Essex, and George Elliott, a. 26 y. 3 m. 23 d., cordwainer, s. John and Abigail, Mar. 12, 1845.*

Ann, a. 22 y. 11 m. 24 d., b. Tuftonborough, NH, d. Grafton and Elisabeth, of Moultonborough, NH, and Nathaniel Porter, widr., a. 29 y. 10 m., housewright, s. John and Hannah, July 23, 1843.*

Belinda S., of Essex, and Isaac C. Groce, at Essex, Mar. 1, 1843.*

Grafton, and Elizabeth Sheldon, Apr. 17, 1836.*

Sarah, and Henry E. Herrick of Topsfield, Sept. 13, 1840.*

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