Mary and Silas Butler, Oct. 12, 1767.*. DR


Hugh and Julia Slocum, June 25, 1832.*


Hannah C. and Orrok P. Branscomb, Sept. 29, 1833.

Jane B.D. and Nathan S. Smith, Apr. 26, 1835.

Stephen and Hannah Chace, Jan. 10, 1802.*

NEWCOMB (Newcombe)

Alexander and Cordelia Lumbert, May 9, 1833.

Almira [int. Newcombe] and Benjamin Davis Jr. of Edgartown, Oct. 10, 1825.

Amey and Jethro Covel of Edgartown, Jan. 17, 1795.*

Andrew and Sarah Dagett, Dec. 4, 1770.*

Angeline and Francis Luce [int. of New Sharon, ME], Sept. 25, 1838.

Caroline and Frederick [int. Fredrick] M. Lumbert, Apr. 14, 1833.

Deborah and Samuel Norton of Edgartown, Mar. 31, 1802.*

Sophronia and Reuben Adams [int. of Chilmark], May 16, 1839.

Susanna and Paul Luce, Mar. 21, 1759.*

NEWCOMBE (Newcomb)

Pheba [int. Phebe] Ann and Capt. Leander Daggett, Apr. 28, 1825.


David and Harriot Look, Dec. 2, 1830.

Hannah [int. Nichonson] of Denis, and David Look, Sept. 29, 1814. [Hannah Nickerson of Dennis. CR]

Joseph and Eliza P. Chacee [int. Chase], July 14, 1840. [Chase. CR]

Rebeca and John Look, Dec. 6, 1821. [Rebecca. PR4]


Howes [int. Hawes], Capt., of Edgartown, and Elwina [int. Elevina] M. Smith, Aug. 5, 1832.


James "Seafarfaring man," and Sarah Daggett, Nov. 7, 1758.*

NORTEN (Norton)

Bayes and Mary Merrey, Mar. 16, 1716-17.*

NORTON (Norten)

Abigail and Elisha Tiltton, May 21, 1761.* [Tilton. DR]

Abagail and Barnabus Luce, Oct. 30, 1791.*

Acksah Ann, semstress, b. Chilmark, d. Theadore and Marthia, and James C. Osborn, 29, seaman, of Edgartown, b. Edgartown, s. ––––– dec'd, Oct. 13, 1845.*

Adeline and Walter Hillman of Chilmark, int. May 23, 1820.

Adriana F. of Edgartown, and John W. Norton, int. Apr. 4, 1841.

Alfred and Mrs. Hannah Luce, Dec. 9, 1826.

Andrew of Edgartown, and Dameres Dunham, Nov. 15, 1787.* [Damaris. CR]

Bayse [int. Bayes] of Edgartown, and Eugena [int. Euginia] D. Dunham, Nov. 19, 1837. [Bayse and Eugenia D. Dunham. CR]

Charles S. [int. L.] and Anner D. Luce, Apr. 9, 1844.

Charlote and Shubael Dunham, Aug. 8, 1783.*

Charlotte and Joseph Dexter Jr., Jan. 2, 1806.*

Clemant [int. Clement], 24, seaman [int. of Edgartown], b. Edgartown, s. Clemant and Martha of Edgartown, and Mary E. Look, 24, d. Mayhew and Mary, Nov. 16, 1847.

Constant of Chilmark, and Amy Cottle, Sept. 11, 1788.*

Constant and Harriot Weeks, Jan. 15, 1829.

Cyntha and Mayhew A. Luce, June 27, 1802. [Cynthia. CR]

Darias, 43, yeoman, of Edgartown, b. Edgartown, s. Darias dec'd and Polly dec'd, and Angeline Allen, 39, d. Seth and Nancy, Sept. 6, 1848.*

Deborah, Mrs., and Russel Hancock, Feb. 6, 1766.*

Deborah and Jessa Sleighton [int. Jessee Slayton] of Calasis, VT, Aug. 23, 1812. [Jesse Sleighton. CR]

Ebenezer, widr., 69, farmer, of Edgartown, s. Ebenezer and Elizabeth, and Charlotte Luce, 55, d. Lemuel and Mahitable, June 8, 1848.*

Eliza and Capt. Hosander [int. Hozander, omits Capt.] Mayhew of Chilmark, Nov. 7, 1825.

Betsey and John Homes, Jan. 26, 1787.* [Holmes. CR]

Betsey and Mathew [int. Matthew] Merry, Apr. 20, 1815. [Betsy and Matthew Merry. CR]

Emily and Charles Baxter, Dec. 31, 1826.

Eunice and Elisha Lumbert, Dec. 19, 1854.*

Frances P. [int. S.] and Capt. Kimball Harlow of Duxbury, May 7, 1843.

Francis and Jedidah Luce, Oct. 24, 1765.*

Freeman of Edgartown, and Poly Holmes [int. Polly Thomas], ––– ––, –––– [rec. between May 29 and Dec. 18, 1808] [int. Sept. 17, 1808].

George of VA, and Mary A. [int. An] Lewis, Sept. 22, 1837.

Hannah of Edgartown, and Elisha Lambert, int. Jan. 25, 1828.

Hannah and James R. Tillton of Chilmark, int. Apr. 26, 1834.

Hannah, Mrs., and James L. Burrows [int. Barrows], Oct. 1, 1839.

Hannah D. and Rev. [int. omits Rev.] Thomas D. Blake [int. Jr.] of Chilmark, May 13, 1841.

Hepsia D. and Tristram L. Chase, Sept. ––, 1835.

Horatio G. and Abigal Athearn, int. Sept. 18, 1830.

James Jr. of Chilmark, and Olive Chace, Mar. 26, ––––.* [Jams Jr. and Olive Chase, Mar. 26, 1789. CR]

James and Mary Riddell of Nantucket, int. Oct. 18, 1815.

James A. of Edgartown, and Elizabeth F. Luce, int. July 9, 1841.

Jane and Benjamin Laribe of Portland, June 25, 1801.*

Jedidah and Benjamin Coffin, Jan. 29, 1767.* [Benjamin Jr. DR]

Jedidah [int. adds A.], 21, b. Edgartown, d. Mitchael and Jane, and Benjamin Reynolds [int. Jr.], 33, laborer, June 23, 1844.

Joan and Timothy Luce 3d [int. Jr.], Oct. 27, 1831.

John Presberrey and Nancy Pease Butler of Edgartown, int. Oct. 1, 1810.

John W. and Adriana F. Norton of Edgartown, int. Apr. 4, 1841.

Julia Ann, 23, and William Heald, 25, mechanic, Sept. 27, 1846.*

Keziah and Edmund Luce of Edgartown, int. Jan. 21, 1826.

Lois, Mrs., and William Pease of Edgartown, Apr. 28, 1757.*

Louis and Rawland Rogers, Dec. 4, 1783.*

Lucretia and Presbury [int. Capt. Presbury] Luce, Sept. 25, 1834.

Lucy and Salothiel Allen of Chilmark, Sept. 24, ––––.* [Solathiel, Sept. 24, 1789. CR]

Lucy and George Chase, Feb. 16, 1769.*

Lucy and Joseph Dexter Jr., Aug. 12, 1830.

Lydia of Edgartown, and Peter Norton, int. Aug. 6, 1809.

Lydia B. of Chilmark, and James N. Tilton of Chilmark, July 2, 1837.*

Maletiah and Polly Manter, Feb. 1, 1797.* [Meltiah. CR]

Peggy and Peres Bassett, June 28, 1795.*

Moriah, 18, and Mayhew Norton, Mar. 26, 1772.*

Martha P. of Edgartown, and Grafton Hillman, int. July 16, 1837.

Martha B., 21, d. Freeman and Polley, and Thomas Robinson, 24, blacksmith, b. Chillmark, s. John and Jane, July 27, 1848.*

Polly [int. adds Mrs.] and [int. adds Capt.] Jeremiah Manter, ––– ––, –––– [rec. between May 29 and Dec. 18, 1808] [int. Sept. 26, 1807].

Polley of Edgartown, and William Rotch, int. May 19, 1793.

Polly and Abijah Athearn, Oct. 11, 1818.

Polly and John Lewis, int. Sept. 3, 1819. [Mary, m. Sept. 16. CR]

Mary D. and William Merchant [int. Marchant] of Edgartown, Sept. 19, 1822.

Mary H. and Charles Cottle, int. Oct. 10, 1830.

Mary D. [int. H.] and Charles Cottle, Oct. 26, 1830.

Mary Ann and William Jacobs of Cumberland, RI, int. July 4, 1838.

Mary Ann, Mrs., and Richard Earl of Brighton, Sussex Co., Eng., Oct. 27, 1839.

Mary D. and Daniel Luce Jr. of Chilmark, Mar. 15, 1843.

Mary C. and John H. Eagleston of Salem, int. Apr. 1, 1843.

Mary S. of Edgartown, and Holmes D. Luce, int. Apr. 1, 1847.

Mary [int. Marey], 28, d. Peter and Lydia, and Benjamin C. Tuckerman, 33, merchant, of Providence, s. John and Harrett, June 15, 1849.

Mayhew and Moriah Norton, 18, Mar. 26, 1772.*

Nancey [int. Nancy] and Abijah Luce Jr. [int. omits Jr.], Apr. 8, 1813. [Nancy and Abijah Luce Jr. CR]

Noah and Jerush [dup. Jerusha] Dunham, Sept. 4, 1773.*

Olive of Edgartown, and Jeremiah Crowell, Sept. 7, 1817.

Peter and Elizabeth Athearn, Nov. 2, 1780.*

Peter of Farmington, and Peggy Look, Apr. 17, 1806.* [Apr. 17, 1805. CR]

Peter 3d and Darcas [int. Dorcas] Manchester, Mar. 9, 1820.

Presbury and Betsy Davis, Oct. 24, 1799.*

Presburry [int. Presbery], Capt., and Mary Cottle, Oct. 13, 1825.

Prudence [int. Prudance] and Stephen Clifford, Jan. 31, 1813. [Prudence. CR]

Rebecca and Jonathan Dunham, Sept. 24, 1772.*

Richard, mariner, s. Peter and Lydia, and Caroline L. Cottle, 20, d. John and Love (Luce), Sept. 8, 1836.

Richard E., 28, marriner, of Edgartown, b. Edgartown, s. Thomas dec'd and Louisa dec'd of Edgartown, and Jane Ann Cottle, 17, d. James and Jane, May 27, 1847.

Samuel of Edgartown, and Deborah Newcomb, Mar. 31, 1802.*

Samuell of Chilmark, and [int. adds Mrs.] Eunice Look [dup. int. Unice], July 11, 1811. [Samuel and Eunice Look. CR]

Salley of Edgartown, and Bartelett Claghorn of Edgartown, Oct. 11, 1792.* [Sally and Bartlet Claghorn. CR]

Sally and John Lewis, int. Sept. 15, 1818.

Sally [int. Polly] and John Buckley "a transient Person," Oct. 29, 1820.

Sarah E., 16, b. Norridgewock, ME, d. Ichabod and Sarah (Pratt), and William Harding Jr., 26, sea captain, s. William and Abigial (Baxter), Feb. 26, 1844 [dup. 1843, sic].

Shubal [int. Shubel] and Mary Norton Hillman of Chilmark, Feb. 21, 1828.

Silas and Bathsheba Merry, Dec. 6, 1764.* [Merrey. DR]

Sollomon [int. Solomon] and Mary Ann [int. Maryann] Tye [int. of Boston], Feb. 27, 1837. [Solomon and Mary Ann Tye. CR]

Susan M. and Benjamin F. Brown, Feb. 16, 1840.

Susannah of Edgartown, and Daniel Colt, Apr. 4, 1803.*

Theodore W. and Martha Ferguson, int. June 26, 1824.

Theodore, 24, marriner, of Edgartown, b. Edgartown, s. John W. and Hepsy, and Harriet N. Carter, 18, d. James and Sarah, July 12, 1847.

Thomas L. and Sarah Athearn, July 18, 1836.

Timothy of Edgartown, and Jediah Allen, June 13, 1780.*

Volentine P. and Hannah Cottle, Apr. 10, 1832.

William A. of Edgartown, and Susan J. Welden [int. Walrond], Apr. 13, 1837. [Waldron. CR]

William, 27, teamer, b. Edgartown, s. Mitcheal and Jane, and Phebe A. Manchester, 14 [int. of New Bedford], b. New Bedford, d. Adaniran and P.A. of New Bedford, Feb. 2, 1848.


Sarah and Jonathan Cottle, Dec. 3, 1770.*


Elijah of Falmouth, and Love Week, Jan. 5, 1795.*

Elisha of Sandwich, and Barsheba Winslow, Nov. 10, 1803.* [Bathsheba. CR]

Frances [sic] [int. Francis Jr.], 26, painter, b. Falmouth, s. Francis and Phebe of Falmouth, and Mary P. Downs, 17, d. Charles and Mary, June 28, 1844.

Julia Ann of Sandwich, and Shubael Lewis, int. June 4, 1835.

Samuel (Ny[torn]) and Elzabeth Weekes, Dec. 31, 1765.* [Samuell Nye and Elizabeth Weeks. DR]

Samuel [int. Samuell] of Talmouth [int. Falmouth], and Meriam Weeks, Oct. 5, 1810. [Samuel of Famouth. CR]

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