Debrah and Jonathan Allen Esq., Dec. 31, 1761.* [Mrs. Deborah. DR]

Thomas and Ann Williams, Nov. 22, 1768.*

William and Phebe Look, Sept. 23, 1766.*. DR

GARMON (German, Gorman)

Cloe and James Robarts of Nantucket, "Blacks," July 29, 1802.* [Geomar, and James Roberts. CR]


Eunice and Timothey Coffin of Edgartown, Nov. 21, 1754.*

GERMAN (Garmon, Gorman)

Leah [int. Garmin] and James Myres [int. Myers] of Edgartown, July 12, 1809. [Lear German and James Myres, "blacks. ". CR]


Charles, widr. [int. omits widr.], 47, yeoman, of Dartmouth, s. Benjamin and Sarah, and Evelina Harding, wid. [int. omits wid.], 30, d. Joseph Look and Sybel, Nov. 27, 1849.


Abraham M. of New Bedford, and Rebeccah A. Harding, int. Apr. 22, 1831.

Ephraim of Dartmouth, and Jane C. Manter, June 15, 1840.

George C. of New Bedford, and Jane C. Beecher, int. Apr. 10, 1831.

John W. of Chilmark, and Hannah B. Weeks of Chilmark, Dec. 29, 1840.*


Tabitha M. of Eastman, and Timothy Daggett, int. Oct. 12, 1833.


Nancy [int. Hillman] and Gursham [int. Gersham] Dunham, Apr. 23, 1820.


Philip colored [int. of Edgartown] and Hepsabah [int. Hephzibah] Peters colored, June 6, 1833.


Sally, Mrs. [int. omits Mrs.], colored, of Chilmark, and Charles Mingo, colored, Sept. 10, 1837.

Timothy of Boston, and Lydia Hillman, May 14, 1819.


Job of Barnstable, and Thankful Davis of Falmouth, int. Sept. 20, 1818.

GORMAN (Garmon, German)

Ceasar and Leah Adams, Apr. 2, 1772.*


Jane W. [int. Graftin] and Edmond [int. Edmund] Crowell Jr., July 10, 1831.

GRANOLD (Grinell, Grinnell)

Cintha [int. Cynthia Greanob] and Davis Mayhew of Chilmark, Sept. 23, 1819. [Cyntha Grinal. CR]

GRAY (Grey)

Abijah and Dorothy Foster, Sept. 16, 1792.*

Abijah of Buffalo [int. add NY], and Rebecca [int. Rebeccah] Foster, Apr. 15, 1835.

Barsheba and Daniel Dunham Jr., Mar. 12, 1767.* [Bathsheba Grey. DR]

Eliza A. and William C. Fergurson [int. Ferguson], June 30, 1825.

Fostina and John Baxter Jr. [int. omits Jr.], Aug. 24, 1835.

Franklin and Thankful [int. Thankfull D.] Luce, Oct. 15, 1831.

Hannah and John Mayhew Jr. of Chilmark, Jan. 15, 1783.* [Jan. 15, 1789. CR]

Isiah and Mary Athearn, Feb. 7, 1769.*

Katherine and Joseph Allen Jr., Jan. 1, 1795.

Luke Jr. and Eunice Crowell, [int.] ––– ––, ––––.

Mary and Sanders [int. Saunders] Dunham, July 12, 1821.

Mercy and Thomas Sears of Yarmout, Nov. 28, 1754.*

Patience and Richard Gray of Yarmouth, Feb. 24, 1757.*

Priscilla and David Haskel, Jan. 23, 1772.*

Richard of Yarmouth, and Patience Gray, Feb. 24, 1757.*

Samuel and Ruth Allen, Sept. 3, 1731.*

Temperance and William R. Chase, Sept. 6, 1821.

Thankfull and Moses Baker, July 20, 1769.*

Thankfull and Vernal Clifford, Sept. 23, 1802.* [Thankful. CR]

GREY (Gray)

Lydia and Jacob Clifford, Nov. 26, 1780.*

GRINELL (Granold, Grinnell)

Betsy [int. Betsey W. Grinnell] and Alfred Hurd, Jan. 13, 1841.

GRINNELL (Granold, Grinell)

Joseph and Abigal S. Hillman, Apr. 4, 1825.

Oliver Jr. and Sally H. Winslow, Sept. 18, 1825.

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