Mary and David Donham, Oct. 30, 1738.*


Nathaniel of Nantucket, and Marcey Donham, int. Mar. 6, 1802.

Thomas of Sherbourn, Nantucket, and Deborah Coffin, d. John, June 18, 1708.*

MADISON (Madson)

Love and Laurence [int. Lawrence] Prince, coloured, June 26, 1823.

MADSON (Madison)

Betty and George T. Smith of Noredge, negroes, int. Nov. 15, 1818.


George [int. Megrath] of Kennebuk [int. Kennebeck], ME, and Deborah G. Norton, May 10, 1831. [Mcgrath. CR1]

MAHEW (Mayhew)

Simon of Chilmark, and Abiah Vinson, Apr. 27, 1749.*

MALLIKINS (Millikins)

Prisila and Henery Butler, Dec. 30, 1747.*


William and Bethiah Norton, Nov. 16, 1715.*

MANTER (Mantor)

Daniel of Tisbury, and Sarah Atsatt, July 11, 1774.*

Daniel of Tisbury, and Mary Crosby of Tisbury, Sept. 19, 1832.*

James of Tisbury, and Mary Butler, Nov. 28, 1771.*

John of Tisbory, and Mrs. Lois Luce, Nov. 28, 1751.*

Jonathan of Tisbury, and Jane Butler, June 26, 1791.* [Jonathan Mantor Jr. and Mrs. Jane Butler, July 3. CR1]

Mary L. of Tisbury, and Warren Vincent, Dec. 20, 1838.

Samuell of Tisbury, and Susanna Mayhew, Nov. 14, 1765.*

Susan of Tisbury, and Henry Cleveland, int. Jan. 19, 1828.

Thomas of Tisbury, and Hannah Luce of Tisbury, Sept. 9, 1799.*. CR1

MANTOR (Manter)

Parnel and Alexander Newcomb, June 15, 1801. CR1


Abigail and Jeremiah Banning, Dec. 16, 1821. [Baning, Dec. 18. CR1]

Abisha and Jane Weeks, Apr. 4, 1790.* [Mrs. Jane Weeks. CR1]

Abisha and [int. adds Mrs.] Deborah Donham, June 25, 1803. [Abishai and Mrs. Deborah Dunham. CR1]

Alexander and Susan Butler, Dec. 6, 1838.

Anna and Benajah Donham, Oct. 7, 1772.*

Anna [int. Nancy] and Josiah Pease, Feb. 18, 1808. [Anna. CR1]

Armdes and David Jernigan, Dec. 8, 1796.* [Armelis. CR1]

Bernard Case [int. Barnard C.] and Phebe [int. adds G.] Beetle, May 29, 1825.

Charles and Abigail M. Jernegan of Hingham, int. May 25, 1839.

Cornelius and Mary Pease, Aug. 10, 1737.*

Cornelius and Hephzibah Peas, Oct. 14, 1762.*

Cornelius and Thankfull Case, Nov. 14, 1796.* [Thankful. CR1]

Cornelius Esq., 74, and Mrs. Velina Norton, 50, int. July 8, 1837.

Cornelius B. and Betsey K. Raymond, Sept. 29, 1837.

Deborah and Ansell Norton, Nov. 19, 1761.*

Elihu and Salley Norton, Jan. 20, 1796.* [Mrs. Sarah Norton. CR1]

Elihu and Sarah Snow of Brewster, int. Apr. 22, 1843.

Epriam and Polly Coffin, Dec. 15, 1796.* [Ephraim. CR1]

Ephraim and Sophia Pease, Oct. 3, 1802. CR1

Ephraim Jr. and Eliza Jernegan, Aug. 29, 1832.

Frederick and Elizabeth Jenkins of Nantucket, int. Nov. 24, 1832.

Gamaliel [dup. Ganaiel] and Mrs. [dup. omits Mrs.] Lydia Riply, May 19, 1763.*

George and Nabby Butler, Oct. 15, 1796.*

George R. and Mary Ann Arey, Mar. 14, 1826. CR1

George R. and Eliza Coffin, July 4, 1835.

Henry and Clarisa Allen, Nov. 15, 1819.

Henry H. and Mary W. Jackson of Taunton, int. Aug. ––, 1833.

Henry 2d and Eunice Jernegan, Dec. 16, 1840.

Jane and Tristram Norton, Dec. 19, 1790.* [Dec. 14. CR1]

Jarvis and Susanna Paint [int. Pent], Sept. 11, 1808.

Jean and Ebenezer Smith, Dec. 21, 1758 "New Stile. "

John "Tartius" [tertius] and Deborah Vinson, Dec. 23, 1756.*

John and Matild Donham, Aug. 19, 1787.* [Matilda Dunham. CR1]

John [int. Jr.] and Abiah Fisher, Oct. 19, 1813.

Lucy N. and James Barrett of Philadelphia, int. Oct. 4, 1846.

Lydia and John Clark of Middleborugh, Nov. 27, 1764.*

Lydia and William Vinson, July 22, 1766.*

Martha and Prince Pease, Feb. 28, 1750.*

Mary and James Pease, Apr. 29, 1762.*

Mary, Mrs., and Benajah Donham, Aug. 12, 1784.* [Dunham. CR1]

Mary and Thomas I. Whitebeek of Easton, NY, June 21, 1795.* [Mrs. Mary and Thomas I. Whitbeck. CR1]

Mary and George W. Arey, Mar. 27, 1803. [George Washington Arey. CR1]

Polly Coffin [int. Mary C.] and Joseph S. Bassett [int. Bassett] of Newburyport, Dec. 15, 1816. [Mary Coffin Marchant, and Joseph S. Bassett of Newbery Port. CR1]

Mary Jane, Mrs. [int. omits Mrs.], of Glocester [int. Glouster], and Edward Mayhew, Sept. 27, 1840.

Mary, 18 [int of Templeton, ME], b. Templeton, ME, d. Peter and Hannah of Templeton, ME, and Charles W. Pease, widr. [int. Peasse, omits widr.], 36, s. Josiah and Anna, Mar. 1, 1849.

Miriam [int. Mariam] and John Thomas of NJ, Sept. 7, 1800.

Nathaniel and Elenor Flood, Jan. 11, 1738.*

Peter and Elisabeth Donham, May 4, 1786.* [Elizabeth Dunham. CR1]

Peter R. and Eliza A. Fisher, Dec. 30, 1840.

Phebe and J.L. Jernigan [int. Joseph L. Jernegan], May 3, 1832. CR1

Prudence S., 20, d. Seth and Mary, and Phineas B. Sills, 34, of Northport, LI., NY, b. Northport, LI., s. John and Jemima of Northport, LI., NY, Jan. 2, 1849.

Rebekah and John Barns of Philadelphia, int, June 9, 1810.

Rebecca and William Smith "a Transient person," int. Jan. 26, 1811.

Richard B. and Mrs. Margaret Fisher, Apr. 11, 1841.

Seth and Mary Ss. Butler, June 12, 1828.

Silas and Hephzibah Jones, Mar. 17, 1747.*

Sophia P. and Edgar M. Baylies, Mar. 21, 1832.

Sukey and Jonathan Donham, Nov. 18, 1798.* [Merchant, and Jonathan Dunham. CR1]

Thankfull and Nicalos Butler, Jan. 1, 1730.*

William and Mary D. Norton of Tisbury, int. Aug. 17, 1822.


William of New Bedford, and Abigail Crossman, int. Nov. 28, 1807.

MARTAIN (Martin, Martyn, Martyne)

Amme, d. Thomas and Anne, and Bayes Newcomb, Feb. 5, 1733-4.*

Peter and Elizabeth Butler, d. Damuell, Jan. 24, 1739.*

Sarah and Thomas Vinson Jr., Jan. 11, 1710.*

MARTIN (Martain, Martyn, Martyne)

G.H., Rev., of Granville, NY, and G.F. Smith of Hanover, Plymouth Co., int. July 28, 1827.

Rebecca Ann of Chilmark, and John Francis of NY, int. Oct. 30, 1831.

Sarah and Capt. [int. omits Capt.] Eddy Coffin, Feb. 6, 1762.*

Sarah [dup. Sara], Mrs., and Eddy [dup. Edy] Coffin, Feb. 17, 1763.*

Thomas and Amey Daggett, d. Joseph, Dec. 22, 1715.*

MARTYN (Martain, Martin, Martyne)

Matilda [int. Martin of Grenvill, NY] and Cyrus B. Worth, June 6, 1830. [Capt. Cyrus B. Worth, May ––, ––––. CR1]

MARTYNE (Martain, Martin, Martyn)

Truman M. and Lydia S. Ross of New Bedford, int. Sept. 26, 1829.


James and Sarah Steward, Dec. 10, 1767.*


William H., 24, mariner [int. of Baltimore, MD], b. Baltimore, s. William (Mathews) and Minta, and Margaret Prince, 19, laborer, d. Lawrence and Love, June 13, 1844.

MAYHEW (Mahew)

Abigail and William Jernegan, Sept. 20, 1781.* [Abigail Mayhew of Chilmark, and William Jernigan Jr. CR1]

Almira, Mrs., and Peter West of Tisbury, int. May 9, 1845.

Aiaminta [int. Araminta] D., d. Thomas and Jedidah, and Robert S. Coleman, tin plate worker, b. Nantucket, s. ––––– of Nantucket, Oct. 31, 1844.

Caroline of Chilmark and Capt. William Mayhew Jr. of Chilmark, Aug. 14, 1834.*. CR1

Deborah of Chilmark, and Ebenezer Norton, Nov. 18, 1715.*

Edward and Mrs. [int. omits Mrs.] Mary Jane Marchant of Glocester [int. Glouster], Sept. 27, 1840.

Eliza Ann and Cyrus B. Worth, June 15, 1824.

Betsey and Thomas Cooke Jr., Aug. 15, 1790.*

Francis and Susanna Smith, Dec. 11, 1788.* [Francis Mayhew of Chilmark, and Susannah Smith. CR1]

Hannah K. and Thomas Worth, July 4, 1822.*

Harriet and Edward Worth, Nov. 27, 1834.*

Holmes of Farmington, ME, and Rachel [int. Mrs. Rachal C.] Norton, Sept. 26, 1830. [Mrs. Rachel Norton. CR1]

Isabella W. [int. of Tisbury] and Josiah H. Smith, June 4, 1831. CR1

John, 26, b. Williamsburg, s. Constant and Roanna of Williamsburg, and Deborah N. Jernegan, 19, d. Nathan and Prudence, Dec. 24, 1848.

Jonathan of Saghticoke [int. Schaghticoke], and Eliza Cooke, Oct. 20, 1816. [of Schaghicoke, NY. CR1]

Jonathan of Chilmark, and Almira Butler, Nov. 8, 1821.

Joseph and Nancy Worth, Dec. 26, 1816.

Joseph M., 29, sailmaker, s. Joseph and Nancy, and Elizabeth J. Linton, 17, d. John and Jane, Apr. 8, 1846 [int. Feb. 28, 1847, Sic].

Lucy and Charles Butler, June 17, 1813.

Lucy, d. Thomas, and Samuel N. Miller of Milton, Apr. 12, 1835.

Margret [int. Margaret] and Peter Martin Coffin, Sept. 6, 1826. CR1

Mary and John Prague, Oct. 21, 1773.*

Mary Burrow [int. Eliza B.] and Aaron Couther of Littleton [int. Litelton], May 3, 1821. [Mary Burrows Mayhew. CR1]

Matilda V. of Chilmark, and Charles F. Dunham, int. May 30, 1840.

Matthew of West Port, and Drusilla Donham, Aug. 16, 1798.* [Dunhom. CR1]

Nathan of Tisbury, and Rebecca Smith, Apr. 4, 1839.

Oliver of Chilmark, and Jane Stuard, May 26, 1791.* [Mrs. Jane Stuart. CR1]

Parnal of Chilmark, and William mayhew Esq., int. Nov. 5, 1820.

Pheby and William Mayhew of Chilmark, Jan. 1, 1795.* [Mrs. Phebe. CR1]

Puella, Mrs., and Peter Waldron, Aug. 1, 1784.* [Peter G. CR1]

Rebecca [int. of Chilmark] and William Jernegan [int. 3d], Nov. 26, 1812.

Rebekah and Shepley [int. adds W.] Wilson of Springfield, VT, Mar. 13, 1817.

Samuel B. and Mary Clark of Chilmark, int. June 9, 1821.

Sarah and Holms Wass, Oct. 20, 1768.*

Sally and William Coffin, June 22, 1824.

Sally P. and William P. Chadwick, May 31, 1832.

Sarah L. and Alfred K. Fisher, Dec. 19, 1839.

Sarah, 25, d. Joseph and Nancy and Ichabod Norton, 29, mariner, s. James and Mary, Aug. 6, 1847.

Simon of Chilmark, and Matilda Vinson, Apr. 21, 1796.*

Susanna and Samuell Manter of Tisbury, Nov. 14, 1765.*

Susanna and Thomas Swift of Falmouth, Aug. 14, 1806. ["Mr" Susanna. CR1]

Theodore G. Esq. and Amanda Vincent, Nov. 2, 1837.

Thomas and Olive Norton, Sept. 3, 1795.* [Mrs. Olive Norton. CR1]

Thomas and Margaret Latham [dup. and int. of Hudson], Oct. 6, 1805.

Thomas [int. Jr.] and Jedidah Cleavland [dup. and int. Cleveland], Oct. 26 [dup. Oct. 25], 1817.

William of Chilmark, and Pheby Mayhew, Jan. 1, 1795.* [Mrs. Phebe. CR1]

William, Dea., and Mrs. Jane Pease, Apr. 8, 1798.*

William Esq. and Parnal Mayhew of Chilmark, int. Nov. 5, 1820.

William Jr., Capt., of Chilmark, and Caroline Mayhew of Chilmark, Aug. 14, 1834.*. CR1

Zacheus and Pamelia Smith, Dec. 8, 1785.* [Zacheus Mayhew of Chilmark. CR1]

Zebulen [int. Zebulon] and Catharine W. Norton, Nov. 16, 1843.


Daniel [int. McKinsey] of Nantucket, and Phebe Smith, Feb. 10, 1818. [McKensey of Nantuckett. CR1]


Charlotte S. [int. McLellon], 19, b. Gorham, ME, of Gorham, ME, d. Alexander Esq. of Gorham, ME, and Jared W. Coffin, 23, merchant, s. Jared and Sarah, Sept. 15, 1846.

Chloe of Gorham, ME, and Dr. John Peirce, int. Oct. 17, 1840.


Garrison [dup. Garison of Glocester] and Jean Claghorn, Aug. 26 [dup. Aug. 21], 1760.*

Jean and Ebenezer Smith, Oct. 9, 1777.*

Sally [dup. adds Mrs.] and Jonathan Smith, s. Ebenezer and Jean, Dec. 19, 1782.*


Amos, 28, farmer, s. James and Lucy, and Mary J. Ripley, 21, d. Jethro and Eunice, Jan. 6, 1848.

Archibald of Newbury, VT, and Sarah Vincent, Dec. 15, 1825.

Lucy J. 27, d. James and Lucy of Newbury, VT, and [int. adds Capt.] Elihu S. Wimpenney, widr. [int. omits widr.], 32, s. Robert and Fostina, Apr. 15, 1849.


John J. [int. Mendonson], 25, mariner [int. of Florus, Western Islands], b. Fayal, WI, s. ––––– of Four, W.I., and Ann [int. Annah] J. Mitchell, 22 [int. of Belfast, Ireland], b. Belfast, Ireland, d. ––––– of Belfast, Ireland, Apr. 9, 1846.


Allice of Fairhaven, and Daniel Smith, int. July 28, 1832.


Ceasor and Elisabeth Sectom, Sept. 7, 1797.*

James and Joyce Armony of Chilmark, int. Oct. 9, 1803.

Margaret and James Ardenburg of Anapolis, NS., int. Oct. 20, 1805.


Samuel N. of Milton, and Lucy Mayhew, d. Thomas, Apr. 12, 1835.

MILLIKINS (Mallikins)

James and Prissilia Norton, Oct. 25, 1718.*


Almira and Henry Jennegan, int. July 7, 1844.

Isaiah of New London [int. adds CT], and Nancy P. Ripley, Aug. 14, 1822.

Isaiah, widr. [int. omits widr.], 53, s. James and Jerusia, and Eliza Norton, wid. [int. Mrs. omits wid.], 42, d. Lot and Mary, Sept. 30, 1849.


Eliza and Dr. Richard F. Sweet, May 16, 1830. [Dr. R.T. CR1]

Thomas of Salem, and Jane Hemmet Prat [int. Jane Hammeth, omits Prat], Mar. 17, 1808. [Jane Hammet Prat. CR1]


Charles of Troy, and Zilpha Bassett, negroes, int. Oct. 25, 1823.

Samuel of Tisbury, and Mrs. Jane Freeman, negroes, int. Nov. 4, 1837.


Ann [int. Annah] J., 22 [int. of Belfast, Ireland], b. Belfast, Ireland, d. ––––– of Belfast, Ireland, and John J. Mendance [int. Mendonson], 25, mariner [int. of Florus, Western Islands], b. Fayal, WI, s. ––––– of Four [sic] WI, Apr. 9, 1846.


John of Nantucket, and Deborah Cleaveland [int. Cleveland], Apr. 8, 1838.


Natheniel [int. Nathan Moores] of New London, and Zorada Clarke [int. Clark], Oct. 26, 1806. [Nathan Moore. CR1]


Albert [int. adds C.] and Everline [int. Eveline] Luce, Sept. 15, 1833.

Hannah and Hezekial Joel, Indians, Jan. 3, 1782.*. CR1

John O. and Joann Pease, Dec. 7, 1823. [John P. and Joan Pease. CR1]

John O. and Mary Smith, Oct. 3 [int. Oct. 11], 1834.

Mary and Stephen Raymond, of Nantucket, Dec. 25, 1817. [Stephen Raymond of Nantuckett. CR1]

Sarah M. and William H. Munroe, trader [int. of Bristol, RI], s. ––––– of Bristol, Nov. 27, 1844.

Stephen and Sarah P. Butler, Sept. 9, 1827.

Uriah of Nantucket, and Prudance Fish, Feb. 18, 1796.* [of Nantuckett, and Mrs. Prudence Fish. CR1]

Uriah and Celia H. Fisher, int. Oct. 10, 1835.


George W., 26, of Prospect, ME, b. Prospect, ME, s. William P. and Comfort, and Prudence Andrews, wid. [int. Mrs., omits wid.], 26, d. Nathan Jernegan and Prudence, Sept. 12, 1849.


William H. of New York, NY, and Charlotte Prince, int. July 6, 1845.


William H., trader [int. of Bristol, RI.], s. ––––– of Bristol, and Sarah M. Morse, Nov. 27, 1844.


Sarrah and Jeremiah Wool, Mar. 6, 1745.*

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