Pamela and Silvanus Luce, int. Oct. 29, 1814.

KELLEY (Kelly, Killey)

Cynthia and Daniel Fisher 2d, int. Dec. 11, 1841.

Edward B. of Nantucket, and Belinda Godfrey, May 3, 1838.*

John of Nantucket, and Sally Cleveland, int. Apr. 14, 1810.

John and Cynthia D. Blankingship [int. Blankinship], Sept. 14, 1837.

Joseph V. and Eliza Norton, Nov. 25, 1823.

Joseph, 22, blockmaker, s. Joseph and Eliza, and Carline H. Raynolds [int. Reynolds], 17, [int. of Fairhaven], b. Fairhaven, d. Edmund and Elizabeth of Fairhaven, Feb. 21, 1846 [sic, int. Feb. 7, 1847].

KELLY (Kelley, Killey)

Sally, Mrs. [int. Kelley], and Silvanus Crocker, Nov. 8, 1838.


Ansel J. of New Bedford, and Mary H. Fisher, Oct. 6, 1836.

KENDRICK (Kenwrick, Kindrick)

Joseph of Rochester, and [int. adds Mrs.] Eliza Sanders, Oct. 16, 1806. [Oct. 10. CR1]


Elmira of Newport, RI, and Charles Worth, Nov. 4, 1832, in Newport.*

KENWRICK (Kendrick, Kindrick)

John and Huldah Peas, Dec. 28, 1767.*


Charles and Mary Ann Gray of ME, int. June ––, 1835.

Lydia G. and Thomas A. Norton, Oct. 12, 1837.

Stephen and Eunice P. Davis, Dec. 20, 1831.

KILLEY (Kelley, Kelly)

Hannah and Ebenezer Aikins Pope of New Bedford, Mar. 28, 1799.* [Kelly. CR1]

Joseph and Sally Norton, May 17, 1798.* [Kelly. CR1]

Samuel and Barsheba Harper, Mar. 7, 1757.*

KINDRICK (Kendrick, Kenwrick)

Joseph [int. Kenderick of Rochester] and Lydia Osborn, July 1, 1804. [Kendricks of Rochester. CR1]


Almira and Daniel Pease, Dec. 2, 1830.

Benjamin Michael of White Have, Eng., and Mrs. Jane Beecher, int. Mar. 1, 1817.

Chloe, wid. [int. omits wid.], 42, nurse, and Samuel S. Daggett, widr. [int. omits widr.], 45, trader, Nov. 17, 1844.

Dorcas and Daniel Dunham of Nantucket, Dec. 28, 1816. [Daniel Dunham of Nantuckett. CR1]

Lydia R. and Charles W. Pease, Aug. 15, 1838.

Margaret and Ebenezar Dunham [int. Jr.] of Nantucket, Jan. 17, 1816.

Margaret and David N. Ripley, Oct. 30, 1834.

Mary B. and Alvin Stewart, Oct. 20, 1841.

Rosanna [int. Rosina] and James Cockring [int. Cokring] of Nantucket, Feb. 5, 1801. [James Cokring of Nantuckett. CR1]

Stephen of Boston, and Chloe [int. Mrs. Chloa] Bunker, Sept. 14, 1834.

William and Pamelia Ripley, int. Oct. 10, 1807.

William H., 27, s. William and Pamelia, and Julia Ann Jernegan, 24, b. Hingham, d. Jared and Priscilla, May 8, 1848.


Samuel, Rev., and Jedidah Sumner, Dec. 15, 1763.*


Samuel [int. Kenniston] and Thankfull Vinson [int. Vincent], Oct. 24, 1830. [Thankful Vinson. CR1]


Daniel of Boothbay, and Mrs. Anne Smith, int. Jan. 13, 1816.


John W., widr. [int. omits widr.], 28, s. Stephen and Elizabeth, and Mary C. Fisher, 20, d. Abraham and Louiza, May 16, 1848.

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