Thomas, jr., of Canton, and Sally S. Dickerman, Sept. 12, 1819.


Ruth, of Oxford, and Zina Grover, int. Mar. 12, 1808.


Catherine P., of Bridgewater, and Tyler Cobb, s. David and Mary, Jan. 2, 1838. PR1*


Content, and Joseph Titus of Norton, int. Oct. 10, 1801.

Elizabeth, Mrs., of Hopkinton, and Capt. David Cobb, int. Dec. 21, 1834.

Frederic E., and Lidora L. White, July 10, 1837.

Nancy H., of Dighton, and William Stearns, Nov. 17, 1831.


Amos, of Wrentham, and Eunice B. Codding [Eunice Brainerd Coding. int.], Jan. 5, 1813.

Ebenezer, and Lucinda Burr, int. Oct. 13, 1815.

George, and Hannah M. Cole of Wrentham, Oct. 24, 1843.

Joseph, of Easton, and Betsey White, Dec. 16, 1832.*

Malatiah, Mrs. [of M. PR14], and John Everet of Wrentham, Apr. 25, 1776.


Elizabeth, wid., a. 27 y., b. New Bedford, d. Silas and Aurelia Hall of North Rehoboth, and Joseph H. Foster, unm., a. 23 y., tin plate worker, b. Waltham, s. Forrist and Hannah, of Attleborough, June 9, 1848.*

Joseph, Esq., of Foxborough, and Hannah G. Gilbert, Dec. 25, 1834.


Betsey, Mrs., of New Bedford, and Levi Snow, int. Feb. 7, 1813.


Oliver, and Sarah Freelove of Bridgewater, Feb. 1, 1786.


John B., unm., of Attleborough, a. 34 y., farmer, s. Zebulon, and Mary Frost, unm., of Wrentham, a. 39, y., d. Phinas, Feb. 3, 1846.*


John, and Nancy Hodges [2d. int.], May 5, 1811.

Martha Jane, unm. [of M. int.], a. 20 y., d. Samuel and Eliza, and Lowell N. Paine, unm., a. 19 y., basket maker, s. Isaac and Polly, Oct. 2, 1846.


Benjamin [John. int.], unm., a. 20 y., b. England, s. –––––, of England, and Elizabeth Helf [Help. int.], unm., a. 21 y., b. Germany, d. Peter, of Germany, May 14, 1848.


Abigail, and Jacob Wellman, Dec. 21, 1786.

Anna, and Joseph Grover, June 7, 1785.*

Ebenezer, and Eunice Hayward of Easton, Dec. 12, 1793.

Betty, and Asa Hayward of Easton, int. Sept. 11, 1794.

Hannah, wid., and Solomon Grover of Jamaica, VT, Sept. 15, 1796.

Hannah, and Jesse George of Wrentham, Apr. 25, 1805.

Jacob, and Abigail Wellman, Dec. 21, 1786.

John, of Vermont [of M. int.], and Chloe Wellman, Apr. 26, 1784.

John, Dr., of Foxborough, and Mary White, 3d, Aug. 25, 1796.

Joseph, and Molley Gilbertt [Gilbret. int.], Feb. 5, 1778.

Judah, and Silas Wellman, jr., int. Oct. 18, 1783.

Loany, and Joseph Blancher of Stoughton, Sept. 23, 1774.

Lucy, and David White, jr., Sept. 16, 1784.

Mary, 2d, and Solomon Morse, jr. of Stoughton, Nov. 14, 1774.

Mary H., and Samuel D. Gray, int. Mar. 15, 1818.

Oliver, and Rhoda Fisher, int. June 29, 1782.

Peter, and Hannah Capron, Feb. 5, 1781.

Rhoda, and John Pain, Mar. 30, 1780.

Rhoda, and M., and Samuel Packard of Milton, int. Apr. 23, 1803.

Silas, jr., and Judah Wellman, int. Oct. 18, 1783.


Obediah, and Mercy White, Feb. 16, 1792.


Ebenezer, of Dedham, and Betsey Hardon, May 27, 1798.


Abigail, and John Hodges of Norton, Nov. 2, 1780.

Calvin, and Comfort King of Raynham, int. Jan. 30, 1795.

WHEELER (Whealer)

Nathaniel J., unm., of Norton, a. 25 y., painter, and Elizebeth Sterns, unm., of Franklin, a. 21 y., bonnet sewer, d. Isaac, June 6, 1844.*

Wealthy (Whealer), and Otis Sweet, Oct. 4, 1806.


Mary, of Mendon, and Joseph Perrey, int. Aug. 27, 1774.


Aaron, and Ruth Silvester Ring, int. Apr. 19, 1828.

Abigail, and Alden Fullar, Sept. 17, 1795.

Abi, and David Skinner, jr., Jan. 3, 1797 [1796. PR12].

Abigail Pratt, [d. Lemuel and Matilda (Shepardson). PR11], and Ebenezer Williams [s. Elijah and Elizabeth (Bates). PR11], Nov. 8, 1798.

Abigal, of Norton, and Ebenezer Hodges, int. Feb. 26, 1826.

Abagail S., and David W. Makepiece of Norton, int. Sept. 10, 1841.

Arlmira, and Henry G. Smith, int. Sept. 14, 1845.

Alvin, and Sally S. White, Apr. 15, 1832.

Alvin, widr., basket maker, and Phebe B. Dyke, wid. [Miss. int.], Aug. 12, 1849.

Amos, and Margaret White, Feb. 26, 1789.

Amos, and Jemima Thayer, int. July 21, 1804.

Amos G., and Abby R. Rounds, Jan. 4, 1844.

Angeline, and Bilded Williams, int. Apr. 6, 1845.

Anna, and Simon Morse of Foxborough, May 27, 1781 [May 24. PR14].

Avis, and William Skinner, July 23, 1790.

Azubah, and William Greenwood, jr. of Dublin, NH, Oct. 16, 1780.

Benjamin, jr., and Anna Silley of Easton, int. Apr. 27, 1783.

Benjamin, jr., and Mary Witherell, Nov. 29, 1784.

Benjamin, and Anne Brown of Needham, int. May 3, 1797. Forbidden by Rev. Roland Green, May 13.

Benjamin, jr., and Milatize Buck, both of Easton, Nov. 30, 1815.*

Catherine, and Hugh McPherson [McFarson. int.], Oct. 6, 1780.

Charles P., and Lurana Cobb, d. David and Mary, Dec. 2, 1841. PR1

Charlotte L., unm., a. 24 y., d. Sophia and Isaac, and Lewis Keith, unm., of [North. int.] Bridgewater, a. 25 y., mechanic, s. Beela and Mary, June 3, 1847.

Chloe, 2d, and William Tolman of Attleborough, int. Aug. 23, 1777.

Chloe, and Elijah Shaw, Nov. 26, 1786.*

Chloe M., and George Harris, Nov. 15, 1832.

Clarrissa, and Henry G. Reed of Taunton, Jan. 5, 1842.

Daniel, and Prutia Thompson of Norton, int. Nov. 9, 1817.

Daniel B., and Lois Skinner, June 16, 1837.

David, jr., and Lucy Wellman, Sept. 16, 1784.

Deborah, and Hewet [Howet. int.] Skinner, Oct. 25, 1796.

Earle, and Pininia Smith, Nov. 3, 1816.

Ebenezer, jr., and Betty Bates, Sept. 2, 1798.

Edward, and Susannah Willis of Easton, int. Aug. 20, 1774.

Eli, and Peggy Salle of Foxborough, int. Aug. 25, 1822.

Eliab, and Salley Smith of Dalton, int. Oct. 4, 1806.

Elizabeth, of Norton, and Daniel Derbey of Taunton, Dec. 30, 1790.*

Betsey, and Ebenezer Ware, Mar. 9, 1807.

Betsey, and Joseph Ware of Easton, Dec. 16, 1832.*

Betsey L., of Wrentham, and Nelson T. Shepard, int. June 29, 1834.

Betsey W., and William F. Whitman, int. Oct. 1, 1848.

Emily, and Mathew S. Magown of Worcester, int. Sept. 5, 1841.

Emily [A. int.], and Lloyd E. [A. int.] White, June 8, 1843.

Emery [Earl. int.] E., and Betsey Mathason, Aug. 28, 1842.

Emery, unm., of Sharon, shoemaker, s. Warren, and Hannah H. Savage, unm., of Sharon, Nov. 12, 1848.*

Ephraim, 2d [jr. PR14], and Dorcas Richardson, Dec. 13, 1781.

Ephraim, unm., a. 24 y., basket maker, s. Eliad and Sally, and Phebe J. Smith, unm., [of M. int.], a. 19 y., Mar. 10, 1847.

Ester, and Nathaniel White, Apr. 12, 1840.

Exparince, and Jacob Williams, Dec. 27, 1787.

Fanna [Fanny. int.], and Bates Williams, Nov. 18, 1798.

Fanny, and Joseph Beurce [jr. int.] of Hanson, Oct. 20, 1837.

Franklin A., and Sarah H. Lothrop of Foxborough, int. Apr. 9, 1835.

Franklin A., widr., a. 30 y., manufacturer, s. Simeon and Chloe A[nn. int.] Dunham unm., a. 21 y., school teacher, d. Alfred, Aug. 21, 1844.

Harriet, and Avery O. Dunham, Apr. 22, 1844.

Henry M., and Betsey I. Bowers of Somerset, int. May 16, 1846.

Hezekiah, and Anne Skinner, int. Aug. 10, 1793.

Hiram H., and Lydia Bacon of Walpole, int. Sept. 11, 1836.

Isaac, Major, and Mihitebel Lane of Norton, int. Jan. 12, 1783.

Isaac, and Rachel Bates, Dec. 18, 1800.

Isaac, and Sophi Hodges of Norton, int. Apr. 4, 1810.

James, and Aurelia Howard, Mar. 14, 1817.

James M., and Sally Ann Dolby of Smithfield, RI, int. Oct. 20, 1833.

James, and Angeline Hodges, Jan. 21, 1838.

James W., and Louisa S. Battles of North Bridgewater, int. Oct. 15, 1847.

Jared, and Harriet B. Braman of Norton, int. Sept. 22, 1844.

Jidediah, and Mary White, 4th, Mar. 28, 1785.*

Jemimah, Mrs., and John Thayer of Taunton, int. May 9, 1824.

Jeremiah, and Jane Tyrell [Turral. int.], June 2, 1774.

Jerusha, and Jonah Newland of Norton, int. Sept. 9, 1773. Forbidden by Jonah Newland, Sept. 15, 1773.

Jerusha, and Jedediah Morse of Foxborough, int. Apr. 3, 1795.

John, 2d, and Lucy Tucker, Apr. 19, 1780.

John, 2d, and Bethiah Braymen of Norton, int. Apr. 25, 1784.

John, and Sarah Richardson, int. Dec. 26, 1807.

Jonathan, jr., and Abigail Commins of Attleborough, int Jan. 14, 1775.

Jonathan, 3d, and Abigail Pratt [2d. int.], Jan. 1, 1778.

Jonathan, 2d [3d. PR14], and Hannah Quigley, Sept. 14, 1779.

Jonathan, 3d, and Susanna Williams, Nov. 22, 1795.

Judah, and Thomas Story of Norton, int. Nov. 5, 1772.

Judeth, d. Nicholas and Experience (King), and Nathan Williams, s. Benjamin and Elizabeth (Dean), May 9, 1734. PR11*

Kezia, of Norton, and David Lovil, Nov. 15, 1772.

Lemual, and Matilda Shepardson, May 21, 1778.

Leonard, and Lydia Hodges of Foxborough, int. July 10, 1794.

Lidora L., and Frederic E. Walker, July 10, 1837.

Lloyd E. [A. int.], and Emily [A. int.] White, June 8, 1843.

Louisa L., unm., a. 19 y., d. George, and Whitmon Arnold, unm., a. 25 y., "spinning," Apr. 27, 1845.

Louisa, and Leonard Ames, int. May 23, 1847.

Lucinda, and Levi Grover, 2d, May 18, 1837.

Margret, and Job Hodges, jr., Apr. 15, 1771.*

Margaret, and Amos White, Feb. 26, 1789.

Martha, and William Copeland of Norton, int. Nov. 24, 1774.

Mary, 2d, and Noah Day, Nov. 25, 1773.

Mary, 4th, and Thomas Grover, May 9, 1780.

Mary, 4th, and Elias Guild of Foxborough, int. Mar. 30, 1782.

Mary, 3d, and Dr. John Wellman of Foxborough, int. Mar. 30, 1782.

Mary, 4th, and Jidediah White, Mar. 28, 1785.*

Polly, and Daniel Cobb, Dec. 15, 1796.

Polly, and Rufus Hardon, Nov. 22, 1812.

Mary A., and Oliver Fales, Dec. 24, 1837.

Matthew, and Margaret Fillebrown, int. Aug. 24, 1805.

Mercy, and Obediah West, Feb. 16, 1792.

Nancy, and Edward Kingman, jr. of Easton, Apr. 26, 1813.

Nancy, and James Chandler of Waltham, Apr. 9, 1821.

Nancy, and Joseph Howard [2d. int.] of Foxborough, June 21, 1837.

Nathan, and Polly Fisher, July 12, 1791.

Nathaniel, and Ester White, Apr. 12, 1840.

Olive, and Vodon Tucker of Norton, July 16, 1788.

Olive M., and Charles Capen, June 22, 1837.

Oliver, and Hannah Eaton of Middleborough, int. Jan. 29, 1800.

Pardon, and Lydia Smith, Apr. 15, 1813.

Paninah, wid., and Andrew Brock, May 1, 1838.

Phillip, and Sarah Eaton [both of M. int.], Oct. 12, 1786.

Rachel, and Charles Dupee [Duppee. int.], jr. of Wrentham, Oct. 24, 1780.

Reubin L., and Jane Anne Paine, abt. Apr. 1, 1843.*

Reuel, and Olive Williams of Easton, int. Dec. 3, 1808.

Roland, unm., a. 22 y., cotton manufacturer, b. Norton, s. George, and Rosilla B. Cobb, unm., a. 18 y., spinner, d. Daniel, Dec. 30, 1844.

Roxa [Rosa. int.], unm., of Foxborough, a. 17 y., d. Eli and Peggy, and George W. Salley, unm., a. 24 y., basket maker, s. Daniel and Rachel, Dec. 12, 1847.

Royal, and Hannah Smith, 2d, Nov. 17, 1778.

Samuel, jr., and Mary Williams [d. Nathan and Judeth (White). PR11], Nov. 30, 1773.

Sanford, of Easton, and Mary B. King, int. Apr. 1, 1840.

Sarah, 6th, and James Grover, Apr. 18, 1780.

Sarah, 2d, wid., and Phillip Cooye [Cooper. PR32] of Norton, Nov. 22, 1787.

Sarah, 2d, and Joseph Gannet of Sharon, int. Sept. 23, 1804.

Sally S., and Alvin White, Apr. 15, 1832.

Sarah P., and Harvey E. Drake, Feb. 14, 1841.

Simeon, and Mrs. Martha B. Lovell of Warren, RI, int. May 13, 1843.

Sylvia, and Joseph Blanchard, Nov. 19, 1809.

Sylvia, and Jonathan Hopkins, itn. Apr. 11, 1812.

Thomas S., and Sarah A. Heaton of Franklin, int. Mar. 5, 1846.

Warren, and Cynthia Hardon, Oct. 28, 1804.

William W., and Sarah Jane Austin of Foxborough, Oct. 20, 1836.

Zachariah, and Hepzibah Woodcock of Attleborough, int. Apr. 1, 1778.


John, of Malden, and Mary Lovell [Lovel. int.], Mar. 25, 1805.


Esther, of Attleborough, and Archibald Todd, jr., int. Nov. 12, 1820.

John Taylor, of Medway, and Eliza Hatten, May 6, 1821.

Mary, of Wrentham, and Welcome Hatten, int. Oct. 22, 1820.

WHITMAN (Witman)

Abigail (Witman) [Wellman, Abigail A. int.], of Wrentham, and Allen G. Andres, June 27, 1814.

Asa, and Julia Cobb, Dec. 22, 1815.

Hosea, and Mary Pratt Hodges, June 27, 1813.

William F., and Betsey W. White, int. Oct. 1, 1848.


Nathaniel, of Millbury, and Emily D[eane. int.] Gilbert, Sept. 27, 1827.

WILBORE (Wilber, Wilbor, Wilbour, Willbor, Willbore)

Bathsheba, and Frances Drake of Easton, int. Apr. 14, 1816.

Benjamin (Willbore), and Julia Drake of Sharon, int. Apr. 28, 1788.

Deborah W. (Wilbour), of Middleborough, and Daniel Atherton, int. June 10, 1837.

Betty [Willbor. int.], and Joshua Williams, Aug. 28, 1788.

Betsey (Willbour), and Jarvas Cobb, Feb. 17, 1820.

Eunice E. (Wilber), unm., of Foxborough [of M. int.], a. 31 y., d. Abi and Eunice, and Samuel E. [D. int.] Leonard, unm., a. 23 y., mechanic, s. Simeon and Olive, Oct. 11, 1846.

Fanny, of Foxborough, and Frances Dane, May 17, 1815.

Hannah (Wilber), and David Holmes, Jan. 1, 1832. PR18*

Isaiah, of Easton, and Anna Burd, int. July 7, 1801.

James N. (Wilber), and Jane H. Godfrey, July 5, 1841.

Orrin, jr. (Wilbor) [Wilber. int.], unm., of Norton, b. Norton, s. Orrin, of Norton, and Lownza [Lownyza. int.] L. Leavitt, unm., b. Foxborough, d. Libirty and Cloe, Apr. 22, 1848.

Priscilla, and John Philips, Nov. 7, 1797.

Sally, of Foxborough, and Asahel Williams, int. Nov. 12, 1803.

Salley (Wilber), and Ozias Drake of Easton, certif. May 3, 1847.

WILDE (Wiles)

John, and Phebe Bassitt of Taunton, int. June 1, 1837.

Polly K., and Benjamin C. Balcomb, int. Aug. 23, 1846.

Sally N. (Wiles), and Samuel Holmes of Norton, at Taunton, July 10, 1836.


Sarah, of Norton, and William Hodges, int. Aug. 1, 1784.


Abigail W., and Hollis Pond of Wrentham, June 26, 1827.

Albert J., of Attleborough, and Mary C. Dunham, May 25, 1834.

Alpheus, and Eunice Hunt, Nov. 22, 1818.

Amasa, and Phebe Witherell of Foxborough, int. June 17, 1791.

Ann, wid., a. 30 y., and Samuel Dunn, unm., a. 29 y., farmer, Nov. 13, 1845.

Azubah [Zubah. int.], and Joel Pain of Foxborough, Aug. 15, 1782.

Bates, and Fanna [Fanny. int.] White, Nov. 18, 1798.

Benjamin, jr., and Betsey Dauby [d. Alexander and Anne (Sweeting). PR11], Mar. 30, 1798.

Benjamin, and [Mrs. int.] Hannah Willis of Norton, June 22, 1807.

Benjamin D., [s. Benjamin and Betsey (Dauby). PR11], and Mary Lecane of Marlborough [d. Francis and Abigail. PR11], int. Apr. 29, 1827.

Bilded, and Angeline White, int. Apr. 6, 1845.

Charles P., and Lucy K. Rogers [Rodgers. int.], May 12, 1832.

Charles H., and Harriet N. Dane of Derby, VT, int. Apr. 12, 1849.

Charlott, and Maj. Lewis Hartshorn [Hartson. int.] of Franklin, Mar. 29, 1827.

Cynthia, and David Williams, June 2, 1803.

Daniel, [s. Elijah and Elizabeth (Bates). PR11], and Nancy Grover of Foxborough [d. Gideon and Rachel (Prain). PR11], int. July 27, 1792.

Daniel, jr., and Lavina Clark, June 6, 1820.

David, and Cynthia Williams, June 2, 1803.

David, and Sally Grover, Dec. 4, 1818.

David, and Ann Skinner, int. Apr. 9, 1837.

Deborah [Mrs. int.], and Abel Hearsey of Hingham, Oct. 24, 1779.

Dency, Mrs., and Rufus M. Hewes of Foxborough, int. Jan. 13, 1810.

Dordany, and John Hoten [Hoton. int.] of Attleborough, Dec. 3, 1811.

Ebenezer, [s. Elijah and Elizabeth (Bates). PR11], and Abigail Pratt White [d. Lemuel and Matilda (Shepardson). PR11], Nov. 8, 1798.

Eliza Ann, and John Rogers, Oct. 15, 1833.

Betsey, and John Phillips, jr., July 1, 1792.

Elisabeth, 4th, and Job Dunham, Dec. 13, 1792.

Elizabeth B., and Charles Nason of Walpole, Dec. 17, 1832.

Eunice, and Amasa Pratt, July 7, 1799.

Fanny, and Horace Skinner, Sept. 15, 1824.

Fanny, and Albert G. Morton, at Freetown, Oct. 18, 1830. PR17*

George W., and Sophia Eldridge of Providence, RI, int. June 2, 1848.

Hannah, and Orrin S. Kingsbury of Walpole, int. Apr. 11, 1830.

Hannah [Anna. int.] F., unm., a. 22 y., d. George and Hannah, and Julius Skinner, unm., a. 27 y., farmer, s. Elias and Susan, Dec. 16, 1847.

Harriot, and Perez Foster, July 28, 1822.

Jacob, and Exparince White, Dec. 27, 1787.

Jacob, and Adah Perry of Easton, int. Oct. 29, 1815.

Jane, and John Preston Pond of Franklin, Apr. 21, 1823.

John, [s. Benjamin and Elizabeth (Pain). PR11], and Mercy Briggs [d. Richard and Mercy. PR11], Feb. 14, 1779.

Joseph, and Jane Paine, int. June 5, 1801.

Joshua, and Betty Wilbore [Willbor. int.], Aug. 28, 1788.

Julia, and Warren Billings of Foxborough, Oct. 10, 1835.

Julia A., and James E. Cobb, Nov. 10, 1841.

Louisa, and Horres Thayer of Franklin, Apr. 27, 1825.

Lydia, of Easton, and Ebenezer Fisher, int. Feb. 2, 1786.

Lydia C., and Samuel Richardson, Apr. 6, 1830.

Marcus [of M. int.], s. John and Marcy (Briggs), and Nancy Hall [of Attleborough. int.], d. John and Chloe (Tiffany), Nov. ––, 1823. PR11

Mary [d. Nathan and Judeth (White). PR11], and Samuel White, jr., Nov. 30, 1773.

Mattilda, of Easton, and James Filebrown, jr., int. Feb. 9, 1782.

Nahum, and Mary Robinson [Roberson. int.], Jan. 1, 1829.

Nahum, and Clarissa W. Freeman, May 4, 1836.

Nathan, s. Benjamin and Elizabeth (Dean), and Judeth White, d. Nicholas and Experience (King), May 9, 1734. PR11*

Olive, of Easton, and Reuel White, int. Dec. 3, 1808.

Richard, and Susannah Shaw, int. Feb. 9, 1782.

Rufus [s. John and Marcy (Briggs). PR11], and Sally Copeland [d. William and Martha (White). PR11], May 26, 1811 [May 20. PR11].

Sally, and Asa Pond, Dec. 2, 1819.

Susanna, and Jonathan White, 3d, Nov. 22, 1795.

Tyler, and Lavina Francis, d. Peleg and Nancy, ––– ––, 1830. PR1*

WILLIS (Willas)

Alcander, unm., of Taunton, a. 26 y., machinist, s. Bariah and Rosetta, and Eliza A. Paul, unm., of Taunton, a. 17 y., d. Dyer, May 4, 1847.*

Hannah [Mrs. int.], of Norton, and Benjamin Williams, June 22, 1807.

Jonthan S., of North Bridgewater, and Joanna Hodgs, int. Aug. 3, 1844.

Josiah [Willas. int.], of Taunton, and Polley Crossman, Nov. 5, 1779.

Loring, and Eliza Woodard of Taunton, int. June 4, 1839.

Martha, and Melzer Burt, Nov. 13, 1836.

Susannah, of Easton, and Edward White, int. Aug. 20, 1774.

Thomas, and Sarah Dean, both of Easton, Aug. 3, 1785.*

WILMARTH (Wilmorth)

Elias R. [Wilmorth. int.], and Mrs. Betsey Daily [Dailey. int.] of Taunton, at Norton, Mar. 12, 1843.

Eliphalet, 3d, of Attleborough, and Abigail Hardon, 2d, int. Aug. 14, 1802.


Shadrack, Dr., of Rehoboth, and Elisebeth Robbins of Stoughton, Mar. 12, 1783.*


Noah, of Norton, and Mary Pond, int. Jan. 29, 1780.

WITHERELL (Wetherel, Wetherell, Wetheriel, Witherall, Witherel, Witherill)

Albert (Wetherell), and Rosemura B. [Rosanna H. int.] Davis, Mar. 19, 1840.

Ann J. (Wetherell), and Seth C. Shepard, Apr. 13, 1837.

Athenia, and Jesse Daggett of Rehoboth, int. Aug. 26, 1806.

Benjamin, jr., and Ruth Selee of Easton, int. Jan. 23, 1814.

Benjamin, and Lucy Kingman, wid., of Easton, Mar. 4, 1840.

Benjamin [Witherall. int.], and Elisabeth Kendall [Kimball. int.], wid., of Foxborough, June 28, 1842.

Caleb Strong (Wetherell), of Norton, and Cordelia Everett Lane, d. George and Chloe, Nov. ––, 1842. PR1*

Charles, and Roxey Grover [both of M. int.], Nov. 24, 1811.

Jabez, widr., of Bridgewater, a. 40 y., forgeman, and Olive H. Leonard, unm., a. 31 y., Nov. 14, 1847.

Lona (Wetherel) [Wetherell. int.], and Benjamin Cooper of Attleborough, Mar. 13, 1800.

Lucy (Wetherel), and Samuel Pratt, Oct. 1, 1789.*

Mary, and Benjamin White, jr., Nov. 29, 1784.

Mary F., and Susano J. Pares [Peares. int.] of Seekonk, Apr. 6, 1841.

Nancy, and Luis Hardon of Holliston [Bellingham. int.], June 20, 1814.

Phebe (Wetheriel), and Benjamin Cobb, June 27, 1751.*

Phebe, of Foxborough, and Amasa Williams, int. June 17, 1791.

Rachel (Witherel), and Daniel Benjamin, jr. of Ashburnham, Dec. 21, 1806.

Silence (Witherel), and Joseph Lane, Apr. 11, 1775.

Solomon, and Suse Haskel, int. Nov. 17, 1804.

Stephen, and Abigail Brown of Ware, int. Apr. 14, 1816.

Susan [Wetherell. int.], and David Lovell, Mar. 21, 1830.

William (Witherill), 2d, of Norton, and Electa Crosman, int. Mar. 11, 1821.

William, jr., and Emmily E. Allen, July 12, 1846.*

Zelotes, of North Providence, RI, and Pamelia A. Crossman of Norton, Mar. 2, 1841.*

WOOD (Woods)

Artemas, of Leominster, and Catherine Drake, Sept. 30, 1810.

Augusta Marion, of Leominster, and Loyd Everett Allen, Oct. 3, 1843. PR1

Clarissa [Woods. int.], and Charles Fobes Pratt of North Bridgewater, Aug. 1, 1839.

Ephraim, of Taunton, and Phebe Finny [Phyney. int.], Dec. 19, 1771.

Patience, of Taunton, and Silas Wood, int. Nov. 30, 1815.

Rebecca, and James Titus, int. Aug. 21, 1847.

Sally, and Amasa Pratt, jr., Feb. 12, 1829.

Silas, and Patience Wood of Taunton, int. Nov. 30, 1815.

Thomas, and Nancy Hodges, July 21, 1811.

WOODARD (Woodward)

Eliza, of Taunton, and Loring Willis, int. June 4, 1839.

Sybil I. (Woodward), of Taunton, and Marcus Cobb, int. Apr. 25, 1829.


Josiah, widr., of Easton, a. 34 y., farmer, b. Easton, s. John and Betsey, of Easton, and Angilene Carpenter, wid., of Easton, a. 34 y., b. Easton, d. Macy and Mary Records, of Easton, Apr. 17, 1849.*


Hepzibah, of Attleborough, and Zachariah White, int. Apr. 1, 1778.


Caleb, and Polly Dunham, Sept. 15, 1822.

William W., of Tallmadge, O., and Susan Dean Allen, d. Otis and Susanna, Sept. 29, 1843. PR1*

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