Benjamin, and Leah Bucklin of Rehoboth, int. Apr. 22, 1784.

BABBITT (Babbett, Babbit)

Eliza, unm., of Taunton, and Manly Whitaker, int. Sept. 23, 1804.

Harriet [Maryette. CR2] N. [Babbett. int.] unm., and Alfred Claflen [Claflin. CR2], 2d, unm., laborer, s. Oliton, June 25, 1843.

John M. [Babbit. CR2], and Marinda Claflin [unm. int.], May 19, 1816.


Charlotte S., unm., and Ebenezer Fuller of Providence, RI, int. Apr. 2, 1831.

Daniel, of Rehoboth, and Minda Sweet [unm. int.], Sept. 17, 1807. CR2

Eliza A., unm., d. Stephen, and Lewis A. Harding, unm., manufacturer, b. Mansfield, s. Lewis, Nov. 13, 1843.

Hartford S., unm., s. Daniel and Lydia Barrows, unm., d. Wheaton, Nov. 15, 1843.

Horatio N., and Hannah G. Bullock, unm., May 14, 1834.

Louisa N., unm., d. Stephen, and Charles B. Williams, unm., laborer, s. Thomas, Oct. 5, 1843.

Milton, of Taunton, and Lydia Bowen, unm., int. Apr. 21, 1832.

Orinda [unm. int.], and Samuel Wild [Wilde. CR2], jr. of Taunton, Nov. 27, 1822.

Sarah A., unm., and Abial S. Fuller, Feb. 10, 1828.

Willard F., and Harriet N. Braman, unm., int. Apr. 18, 1840.


Ebenezer, and Elenor Gay, int. Sept. 17, 1785.

Ebenezer [Capt. CR1], and Catey Gay, unm., Nov. 15, 1795.

Ebenezer, and Lucretia [M. int.] Hamlin [unm., of Lynn. int.], Feb. ––, 1842. PR67

Edward, and Eliza Stanley [Elezebeth Standly. int.] of Rehoboth, Feb. 17, 1742.

Betsey [unm. int.], and Lemuel May, Oct. 15, 1809. CR1

Betsey [unm. int.], and Oliver S. Brastow, Apr. 17, 1842.

George, and Avice Bicknell Fales [unm. int.], Jan. 17, 1811. [Jan. 10. PR67]

John F., and Susan M. Wilson, May 7, 1847. PR67*

Joseph, Dr., and Anna Carpenter, int. June 12, 1773.

Joseph S., unm., of Wrentham, a. 30 y., jeweler, s. George and Annis B., and Emeline M. Hodges, unm., of Wrentham, a. 23 y., d. Harlem and Mary, Feb. 21, 1849.*

S. Eleanor [Selah E., unm., int.], and Levi Daggett [jr., of Somerset. int.], Nov. 2, 1842. PR67

BAILEY (Bayley)

Abraham, jr. and Mariett Stanley, unm., Sept. 17, 1829.

Deborah, unm., b. Little Compton, RI, and Edmund G. Barney, unm., of Providence, RI, jeweler, b. Providence, RI, Aug. 13, 1844.

Isaac, jeweler, and Elanor [Elen. int.] Stanley, both unm., Dec. 24, 1843.

John B.M., Rev., and Sarah M. Johnson, unm., of Manchester, NH, int. Jan. 19, 1841.

John (Bayley), of North Providence, RI, and Marriette B. Walker, unm., int. Sept. 17, 1846.

Mary, unm., of Hopkinton, and Joseph Bullard, int. June 23, 1810.

Sally A., unm., of Little Compton, RI, and Phineas Savery, M.D., int. July 13, 1833.


Abial, of Smithfield, and Lois Swan, int. May 21, 1778.

Jerusha [unm. int.], and James Cooper, Jan. 30, 1814.

Jonathan [jr. int.], of North Providence, and Sally Foster [unm. int.], June 2, 1811.

Joseph, of Dedham, and Monica Gay, int. Nov. 9, 1776.

Julian, unm., of Rehoboth, and Draper Colvin, int. Apr. 9, 1836.

Lucy, unm., of Dedham, and Richard Cushman, int. Apr. 9, 1807.

May [Mary. int.] E. unm., d. Abner and Priscilla, and Simeon Bowker [Bouker. int.], unm., of Exeter, ME, a. 20 y., laborer, Sept. 1, 1848.

Mehetibal Ann, unm., of Litchfield, ME, and Albert L. Blake, July 5, 1840.


Sarah, of Taunton, and Daniel Daggett, int. Aug. 28, 1783.


Henritty [Henrietta. int.], and James Carpenter, Jan. 30, 1803.

BALLOU (Ballow, Barlow)

Eliab M. (Ballow), of Cumberland, RI, and Mary Ann Cushman, unm., int. Nov. 28, [1830.]

Eliel (Barlow), of Cumberland, and Polly Moron, int. Oct. 13, 1792.

Matturean, Elder, of Richmond, and Lydia Bloss [Bliss. int.], wid., Sept. 15, 1774. PR81

Olney, of Cumberland, RI, and Florentina Whipple [unm. int.], Feb. 8, 1813.

Welcome, of Cumberland, RI, and Eliza Cushman [unm. int.], Feb. 8, 1824.


Nancy, unm., of Boston, and Abraham Hayward, int. Aug. 5, 1848.


Peter, and Marget Careco, int. June 18, 1757.

BARBER (Barba)

George, of Wrentham, and Sally Orn [Orne. CR1], Nov. 28, 1799.

Joseph (Barba), of Rehoboth, and Phebe Standley, int. Jan. 25, 1745-6.

BARDEN (Bardeen, Borden)

Ann E. (Borden), and Joseph Blake, jr., both of Wrentham, Sept. 3, 1838.*

Dorothy (Bardeen), and Mathew Read, int. Feb. 4, 1769.

Joel (Borden) [Bardin. int.], of Foxborough, and Alpha Waldin [unm. int.], Mar. 27, 1842.

John S., and Rosetta Ives, Oct. 2, 1840. PR69*

Lois, of Taunton, and Paul Potter, int. Oct. 8, 1799.

Samuell (Bardeen), and Elisabath Fuller, int. Oct. 15, 1763.

Susanah (Bardeen), and Nedebiah Smith of Providence, int. Sept. 22, 1787.

Thomas, of Middleborough, and Susanna Riggs, int. Jan. 22, 1763.

Thomas, and Rachel Smith, Sept. 12, 1812. PR69*


Wheaton [Barrows. CR2 and int.], and Abigail Codding [unm. int.] of Taunton, Feb. 13, 1812.


Joseph, and Betty Ide, int. Aug. 30, 1771.


Edmund G., unm., of Providence, RI, jeweler, b. Providence, RI, and Deborah Bailey, unm., b. Little Compton, RI, Aug. 13, 1844.

Elezebeth, of Rehoboth, and Isaiah Streator, int. July 20, 1746.

Esther, and Samuel Waterman, July 3, 1845. PR26*

Laban, and Elisabeth Chace, Apr. 26, 1838. PR26*

Nathaniel, and Olive Jones, Apr. 14, 1844. PR26*

Patience, unm., of Pawtucket [RI PR50], and Luther Kent, unm., a. 42 y., miller, Sept. 13, [1849.]

Sarah [unm. int.], and Enos Nickerson, May 7, 1835. PR26

Sylvania, and Daniel Hopkins, Mar. 24, 1844. PR26*


Bershebe [Barrows. int.], and John Brown, Aug. 13, 1741.


Nathan [Barrett. int.], of Concord, and Mary S. Fuller, unm., Apr. 23, 1829.

BARRON (Baron)

Lucinday (Baron) [Bacon, unm. int. and CR1], and Lovett Havens [Haven. int.], Nov. 25, 1813.

William E., weaver, and Julia Coan, both of Wrentham [at Wrentham. dup.], May 25, 1843.

BARROWS (Barras, Barros, Barrow, Barrus)

Aaron (Barros), and Mary Read, int. Sept. 17, 1768.

Abagail, unm., and Albert Sabin Tucker of Norton, int. Nov. 11, 1837.

Abraham, and Abigail Streeter, int. July 7, 1739.

Albert [Alfred. CR1], of Gardiner, ME, and Harriet Ide, unm., Aug. [Oct. CR1] ––– ––, 1828.

Alfred, and Louisa Everitt [Everett. int.], unm., Nov. 2, 1826.

Benajah, and Hannah Bennet, int. June 26, 1736.

Benajah (Barrow) [Barrows, jr. int.], and Diadamah Capron, d. Joseph, July 9, 1741.

Benaiah, and Hopestil French, Feb. 4, 1787. PR81

Benjah (Barrus), and Elizebeth Linckhon, int. Nov. 12, 1726.

Benjamin, and Hannah Sweet [Sweeting, wid. int.], May 16, 1742.

Carlos, and Nancy Read, Nov. 12, 1801.

Carlos, and Mary Read [unm. int.], Jan. 1, 1822.

Clarissa, unm., and Samuel Guild of Dedham, int. Mar. 16, 1822.

Clarrisa [unm. int.], and James H. Lawson of Norton, Nov. 15, 1843.

Cumfort, and Sabra Robbins, d. Oliver and Elioenai (Shepard), at Thomaston, Oct. 2, 1783. PR73*

Comfort, and Lucy Brown, unm., of Rehoboth, int. Apr. 6, 1810.

Comfort, and Milla Blake [unm. int.] of Wrentham, Dec. 11, 1817.

David, and Susannah Barrows, unm., June 11, 1797.

David, of Sheldon, NY (sic), and Ruth Bullock [unm. int.], Nov. 5, 1816.

Deborah, and Nathaniel Ide, int. Feb. 14, 1735-6.

Elijah (Barrus), and Sarah Brauman, int. Feb. 27, 1762.

Elizebeth, and Henry Sweeting, int. Sept. 12, 1758.

Ellin M[aria. int.], unm., and Dr. John C. Martin [Martyn. int.], May 1, 1834.

Esther Witherell [Witherel. int.], and Joseph Dunham, Feb. 10, 1803.

Esther, unm., a. 20 y., d. Wheaton and Abigail, and Benjamin C. [E. CR2] Ingalls, unm., a. 34 y., trader, s. Benjamin and Olive, May 25, 1846.

Ezra, and Bebee Peck of Providence, RI, int. Feb. 13, 1802.

Hiram, and Maria Prevears [Barrows. int. PR46; Prevar, unm. int.], Apr. 11, 1816.

Huldah, and Elles Peck of Barrington, int. May 26, 1798.

Ichabod, and Rebeckah Carpenter, Mar. 1, 1748-9.*

Ira [Barrow. int.], of Richmond, NH, and [Abigel. int.] Guild, Jan. 30, 17––. [1794. CR2]

Isaac, and Hannah Carpenter, unm., of Brattleboro, VT, int. Jan. 7, 1804.

John [Joshua Barrus, jr. int.], and Elizabeth Lincoln, Jan. 17, 1726. [Dec. 24, 1726. int.]

John S. [F. CR2], and Olive Chase, unm., both of Seekonk, Feb. 17, 1828.*

Joseph, and Barsheba Woodward, Dec. 2, 1736.*

Joseph, and Hannah Sweeting, May 6, 1742. CR1*

Joseph (Barrus) [Barrows. CR2], jr., and Patience Burr [unm. int.] of Rehoboth, Nov. 29, 1810.

Leonard, of North Providence [RI. int.], and Hannah B. Bushee, unm., Aug. 10, 1823.

Lucinda, and Rufus Bucklen of Rehoboth, int. Nov. 15, 1777.

Lucinda, and Andrew Bourn, jr., int. Jan. 5, 1799.

Lucretia (Barrus), and Jonathan Grean [Green. int.] of Coventry, Mar. 18, 1762.

Lucy, of Rehoboth, and Nathan Tingley, Jan. 11, 1773.

Lucy, and Lawrence McLouth of Taunton, int. Sept. 4, 1779.

Lidia, and Jams Holms [Holmes of Pomfret. int.], June 18, 1741.

Lydia [Lindy. int.], and Seth Jones of Dighton, Sept. 24, 1795.

Lydia, unm., and John Thompson of Cincinnati, O., int. Aug. 2, 1837.

Lydia, unm., d. Wheaton, annd (sic) Hartford S. Babcock, unm., s. Daniel, Nov. 15, 1843.

Mary (Barrow), and Elijah Jons, int. Mar. 7, 1744-5.

Polly [unm. int.], and Samuel Draper of Bristol [RI. int.], Feb. 11, 1810.

Melinda P., unm., and Caleb Cushing of Pawtucket, int. Oct. 2, 1831.

Milton, and Rebeckah Slack, May 25, 1796.

Milton, jr., and Mary A. Guild, unm., of Dedham, int. Jan. 8, 1831.

Nancy, unm. and Jabez Stanley, Sept. 13, 1804.

Nancy B. [Mary B. CR2; unm. int.], and Dr. Jones [James. int. and CR2] S. Bullock of Vermillion, IL, June 28, 1842.

Nancy, unm., and Caleb S. Peck of Walpole, int. July 29, 1848.

Patience, and William Barrows, July 19, 1795.

Philbrooks [Philbrook. int.], and Cylinda Bucklin of Rehoboth, Jan. 1, 1778.

Sarah, and Jabez P. –––––, int. Nov. 13, 1780.

Sarah [Barrow. CR2; unm. PR46], and Nehemiah Bourn [Burn. int.], Oct. 23, 1800.

Susannah, unm., and David Barrows, June 11, 1797.

Thomas (Barrow), and Dorcas Slack, d. John, Oct. 14, 1740.

Wheaton, unm., yeoman, s. Wheaton, and Mary P. Capron, unm., d. Jacob, Apr. 4, 1843.

William, and Huldah Ide, int. Dec. 18, 1773.

William, and Esther Kelly, wid., of Providence, int. Aug. 2, 1783.

William and Patience Barows, July 19, 1795.

William, and Lucinda [Zimrode. int.] Woodcock of Taunton [Freetown. int.], June 9, 1799.

William, of Millbury, and Susan Read [Mrs. int.], Sept. 19, 1819.


Hanah (Bartlet), and Joseph Staples of Wrentham, int. Apr. 13, 1728.

Jeremiah, and Margaret Tower, int. Apr. 11, 1730.

John, jr. and Elizebeth Bishop, int. May 3, 1729.

John (Bartlet), and Sarah Aldreg, Oct. 15, 1738.*

Samuel (Bartlet), jr. and Mary Aldreck, Dec. 8, 1717.*


Betsey Barnebe, unm., of Warren, and William Shepard Robinson, int. Aug. 28, 1814.

John, jr., of Wrentham, and Vesta Bonney of Dedham, Feb. 23, 1843.*


Abagail, of Pawtucket, and William B. Short, int. Oct. 4, 1838.

BASSETT (Basset, Bassit)

Alvin Basset. CR1, and Hannah Thayer, both of Norton, May 17, 1792.*

Mehetibl, and William Small of Norwich, CT, int. May 1, 1788.

Sally (Bassit), unm., of Smithfield, RI, and Richard Elldridge, int. May 15, 1827.


Betsey, unm., and Eaton Whiting, int. Aug. 13, 1807.

BATES (Bats, Beats)

Allen M., and Betsey A. Tillinghast, at Connecticut, Sept. 30, 1848. PR54*

Asa, and Axa Miller Fales, unm., Jan. 1, 1823.

Asa, and Betsey Carpenter, unm., of Cumberland, RI, Feb. 23, 1826.

Asa, and Marietta King, unm., int. Nov. 14, 1841.

Benjamin, of Middleborough, and Jamima Fuller, unm., int. Mar. 7, 1812.

Benoni P., and Abby M. Congdon, July 26, 1818. PR54*

Chloe, and Benjamin Turner Tower of Westminster, VT, Apr. 25, 1799.

Comfort, and Sarah Brown, int. Oct. 2, 1780.

Deborah, unm., of Hanover, and Jacob Capron, int. Jan. 21, 1809.

Dexter, and Bethiah Wilmarth [unm. int.], May 26, 1816.

Ebijah (Bats), and Chloe Tyler, int. Oct. 3, 1767.

Elisabeth, and Timothy Ide of Rehoboth, int. May 17, 1774.

Betsey (Bats), and Eseck Hawkings of North Providence, int. July 26, 1790.

Emeline, unm., and Clark Whitney, int. Jan. 31, 1830.

Ezekiel [of Plymouth. int.], and Lois Daggett [unm. int.], Dec. 6, 1821.

Hannah, and Elisha Hall, int. Oct. 24, 1783.

Harriet S., unm., and William F. Pike, int. Mar. 3, 1833.

Horatio, and Sarah R. [K. CR2] Sweet, both of Norton, Sept. 26, 1838.*

Israel, and Mary Cooper, int. Dec. 22, 1773.

John, and Mary Follett, May 5, 1748.*

John, and Cloe Fuller, int. Feb. 17, 1770.

John, and Isabel Brown, wid., of Cumberland, int. Feb. 17, 1775.

John, and Ruth Sweetland, both of Foxborough, Feb. 17, 1796. CR2*

John, and Emeline D. Maneley, unm., of Smithfield, RI, int. Oct. 5, 1829.

Lucy, unm., of Coventry, RI, and Asa Freeman, int. Dec. 9, 1815.

Lyda (Beats), and John Titus, int. Apr. 23, 1763.

Michael, of Mendon, and Chloe Atwell, Feb. 21, 1793. CR1

Nancy, and Bowen Sweetland, Dec. 7, 1780. PR81

Reubin, and Luthana Laland, int. Nov. 29, 1783.

Rhoda, and Ephraim Bowen [of Rehoboth. int.], Apr. 23, 1795.

Samuel G., and Lydia Capron, unm., Apr. 17, 1826.

Sarah A., unm., and W.W. Lathrop, both of North Providence, RI, Nov. 12, 1839. CR2*

Solomon [jr., of Wrentham. int.], and Hannah Balcom, ––– 4, 17––. [July 30, 1755. int.]

Solomon, jr. and Katharine Haskell, int. Nov. 29, 1783.

Solomon, and Darkes Tripp, wid., int. Sept. 19, 1788.

Solomon, and Betsey Dunham [unm. int.], June 1, 1817.

Susanna, and Naphthali Guild, jr., int. Nov. 2, 1779.

Susanna, and Solomon Smith of Rehoboth, int. Sept. 6, 1785.


Samuel, and Marry Inman of Providence, Dec. 19, 1695.*


Loret, Mrs., of Hingham, and John Hatch, int. Mar. 31, 1849.


John, and Huldah Whitaker, unm., of Smithfield, RI, int. June 22, 1823.


Mary, of Boston, and Samuell Hide, int. Apr. 5, 1746.


Gregry, of Easton, and Elizabeth Prat, int. May 23, 1775.

Sophronia B., unm., and Edwin A. Gould, int. Jan. 5, 1849.


Clarisa, of Cumberland, RI, and Rufus Sweetland, int. July 29, 1803.

Francisco [Ball. CR1], and John Edwards, Mar. 22, 1744-5.*


Sarah, unm., of North Providence, and George Foster Jenks, int. Oct. 21, 1815.


Alec, of Scituate, and Esquier Jillson, int. Nov. 26, 1768.

Hannah, and Benajah Barrows, int. June 26, 1736.

Joseph, and Molley Ward, int. July 15, 1745.


John Q[unicy. int.], of Providence, RI, and Elizabeth Parmenter, unm., Aug. 16, 1840.


George W., and Maria A. Morse, May 17, 1846. PR27*


Richard, and Abigal Whipple, int. Nov. 1, 1735.

BICKNELL (Bicknal, Bicknall, Bicknel, Bicknol)

Avis, and Peter Fales of Walpole, int. July 16, 1763.

Elezebeth D. (Bicknal), and Robert Herison, int. Feb. 30, 1803.

Japeth (Bicknall) [Bick, of Barrington. int.], and Martha Metcalf, wid., Dec. 8, 1778 [int. Sept. 27, 1746.]

Martha, unm., and Rev. Samuell Watson of Barrington, Dec. 5, 1799.

Mary [Bicknol. int.], and Josiah Miller, jr. of Cumberland [of North Providence. int.], Apr. 14, 1794.

Nancy, unm., and Jonathan Read, Apr. 16, 1799.

Sarah Hallowell, and Sylas Shepard of Wrentham, Oct. 5, 1803.

Salena [Sabra Bicknel. int.], unm., and Jebez [Jabez. int.] Ellis, jr., May 28, 1797.

Thomas, and Sabra Dexter of Cumberland, int. Dec. 22, 1774.

Zimrode, wid., and Remember Ingraham, int., Aug. 24, 1777.

BICKNER (Bickard)

John J. [Bickard. int.], and Jane M. Jolles [Jolls. int.], unm., of Warren, Sept. 28, 1826.

Margarett [R. int.], unm., and James Whitemore [Whittemore. int.], May 6, 1824.


Stephen, of Providence, RI, and Joannah S. Lawton, unm., int. Sept. 7, 1834.


Nancy [unm. int.], and Harvey George of Wrentham, Feb. 6, 1812.


Elizebeth, of Norwich, and Ephraim Tingley, int. Aug. 1, 1730.


Tristam, of Dorchester, and Sylvia Tyler [unm. int.], Apr. 29, 1816.

BISHOP (Bishopt, Bishup)

Abigail, of Cumberland, and Resolved Healy, int. June 22, 1778.

Agalus [Agabus. int.], of Fitzwilliam, and Betty Sweetland, Feb. 22, 1790.

Ageubus, of Cumberland, and Rebeckah Swetland, int. Aug. 25, 1764.

Alanson, and Betsey Phillips, Nov. 3, 1801.

Alanson, and Eliza M. Cobb, unm., Dec. 13, 1827.

Augustas H., and Sarah S. Smith, unm., of Palmer, int. Sept. 22, 1849.

Bethiah, and Benjamin Brigs, int. May 25, 1758.

Chloe, and Isaac Hodges, jr. of Norton, July 25, 1782.*

Daniel, and Elizabeth Brown [of Rehoboth. int.], Jan. 30, 1734 [Dec. 14, 1734. int.]

Dexter, and Amy Lyon, unm., of Rehoboth, int. Dec. 4, 1804.

Dolly, of Cumberland, and Samuel Hunting, int. July 27, 1771.

Ebenezer (Bishup), and Hannah Brick of Sherburne, int. Dec. 16, 1727.

Ebenezer (Bishup), and Mary Casiel [Cassell. int.], May 2, 1728.

Edward, and Jemima Staples, int. Oct. 7, 1732.

Elizebeth, and John Bartlett, jr., int. May 3, 1729.

Elizebeth [Bishup. int.], and Samuel Bishop [Bishup. int.], June 2, 1731.

Betsy, and David Hayden, int. Jan. 18, 1799.

Elknah, and Lydia Robinson, int. June 22, 1769.

Emma M. [unm. int.], and Robert Kirkpatrick, Feb. 13, 1843.

Fanny, [unm. int. PR46], and Elias Perry of Rehoboth, Oct. 27, 1803.

Hannah, and Richard Lane, Nov. 2, 1738.*

Hannah, and Nathaniel Cooper of Rehoboth, int. Feb. 8, 1777.

Harriet M., unm., of North Branford, CT, and Jesse May, int. Feb. 25, 1841.

John [jr. int.], and Abbigal Tucker [Twichel. int.] of Oxford, Sept. ––, 1736.

Jonathan W., of Seekonk, and Angeline Wetherell [Witherell. int.], unm., Apr. 6, 1840.

Joseph, and Marian Hodges [Miriam Hogges. int.] of Norton, Apr. 22, 1736.

Lemuel, 2d, and Polly Shaw [unm. int.], May 26, 1816.

Lemuel, and Maria E. Allen, unm., int. Aug. 10, 1845.

Lucinda, and David Makepeace of Norton, int. July 14, 1797.

Martha, and Richards Whitaker [Richard Whiteaker of Rehoboth. int.], May 30, 1799.

Mary, and John Follet, Dec. 29, 1720.*

Polly, and Abial Hunter, jr., int. Nov. 29, 1783.

Mary, unm., and Frederick Hathaway of Providence, RI, int. July 31, 1819.

Mehetabel, and Ebenezer Carpenter, Oct. 31, 1717.*

Miriam, and Joseph Hodges, Nov. 30, 1749.*

Naamon, and Hannah Grant of Cumberland, int. Nov. 18, 1778.

Naman, and Lydia Wilmarth, unm., int. Jan. 21, 1815.

Nancy [unm. int.], d. Naaman, and John Carpenter, s. Asa, Mar. 3, 1805.

Nathan, of Rehoboth, and Bethiah Woodkock, int. June 11, 1771.

Nathaniel, Lt., and Mrs. Polly Meservy, int. Aug. 12, 1786.

Priscilla, of Cumberland, and John Brown, int. July 11, 1767.

Samuel [Bishup. int.], and Elizebeth Bishop [Bishup. int.], June 2, 1731.

Samuel (Bishup), and Ales Stapels of Smithfield, int. Mar. 3, 1753.

Sarah [Bishup. int.], and Samuel Titus, Nov. 29, 1726.

Sarah, and Antney Dier of Cranston, int. Sept. 29, 1763.

Sally, and Enoch Bolkom, Feb. 19, 1795.

Sally, and Simeon Blanding [Blandin. int.], Apr. 9, 1795.

Sarah W., unm., a. 24 y., b. Seekonk, d. Comfort and Sarah, and Harvey Ide, widr., a. 48 y., farmer, s. Ichabod and Eunice, Apr. 12, 1846.

Sylvester, and Lydia Stanly [Stanley. CR1], May 15, 1796.

Tabothy, wid., and Noah Carpenter, int. Nov. 9, 174–.

Timothy, and Hannah Lane of Norton, int. Feb. 7, 1767.

William, and Tabitha Hadley, Apr. 22, 1719.*

William, of Cumberland, and Priscilla Whipple, unm., Feb. 24, 1799.

Zephniah, and Sarrah Stone of Norton, Aug. 8, 1765.

Zephaniah, jr., and Lydia Carpenter, unm., of Rehoboth, int. Nov. 29, 1813.


Jonna [Joanna. dup.], and Capt. Mayhew Daggett, Oct. 11, 1709 [Oct. 11, 1700. dup.]*


John, of Wrentham, and Chloe Wood, int. Oct. 14, 1758.

BLACKINTON (Blacington, Blackenton, Blackentun, Blackington, Blackintun)

Aaron (Blackington), and Sally Aldies [Aldes. int.] of Franklin, May 4, 1795.

Nabby [unm. int.], and Henry Maxey, Jan. 1, 1806.

Adelaide C., and Jason F. Guild, both unm., May 19, 1846.

Andrew B., unm., of Wrentham, a. 20 y., jeweler, b. Wrentham, s. Willard D. and R., of Wrentham, and Susan A. Whiting, unm., of Wrentham, a. 23 y., jeweler, b. Wrentham, d. Lewis and Susan, of Wrentham, Sept. 26, 1847.*

Anne (Blackenton), and John Tyler, Oct. 10, [1775.] [Sept. 27, 1745. int.]

Azuba, unm., and John Tifft, Dec. 24, 1823.

Benjamin, and Dorcas Woodcok, Jan. 11, 1719-20.*

Benjamon (Blackintun), of Wrentham, and Unis Woodcock, int. June 16, 1770.

Caroline [unm. int.], and Leonard Blackinton, May 28, 1818.

Catharine [unm. int.], and Sewell Stanley, Dec. 30, 1812.

Cecilia C. [unm. int.], and John S. Sherman of Boston, Sept. 8, 1841.

Charles, and Betsey W. Cabbot, both of Wrentham, Jan. 31, 1826.*

Charlotte [unm. int.], and Samuel P. Fisher, June 28, 1820.

Chloe, wid., and Oliver Robins [of St. George. int.], Apr. 14, 1775. PR81

Chloe (Blackenton), and Joab Daggett, int. Feb. 19, 1785.

Chloe [unm. int.], and Bezaleel M. Brown, Mar. 31, 1805.

Cloe F. (Blackington), and William H. Allin [Allen. int.], May 23, 1838.

Cyrus W[ilson. int.], and Emmaline Blanchard [Blackard. int.], unm., Sept. 11, 1831.

David (Blackington) [Blackinton. int.], and Lydia Chelley, unm., Dec. 25, 1794

Dorcas (Blackenton), and Peter Hopkins, Jan. 25, 1753.

Eliza, unm., and Nelson Morse, Oct. 15, 1823.

Betty, and Enoch Starkey, Jan. 11, 1775. PR81

Ellis (Blackington), and Polly [Mary. int.] Jackson [unm. int.], Apr. 2, 1807.

Esther [unm. int.], and Micjah [Abijah. int.] Hall, jr., July 4, 1819.

Fisher, and Nancy Fletcher, unm., of Westford, int. Dec. 6, 1813.

Fisher, and Fanny Richards [Richard, unm. int.], June 1, 1818.

George (Blackenton) [Blackentun. int.], and Mary [Day. int.], Jan. 4, 1743-4.

George (Blackintun), jr. and Mary Walcutt, int. Apr. 14, 1769.

George, of Wrentham, and Judith Guild, unm., Sept. 6, 1804.

George, jr. of Dover, and Mercy [Mary. int.] Wallcott [unm. int.], July 9, 1805.

Harriet A. [Blackington, unm. int.], and Steward McDougal of Providence, RI, Jan. 10, 1844.

Harvey, and Charlotte Richards, unm., Apr. 20, 1823.

Hepsibah, and Mathew Rimington of Warwick, int. Sept. 12, 1724.

Hepsabah [unm. int.], and Solomon Taft of Upton, Dec. 30, 1818.

Hepzebeth [unm. int.], and Joel Everett, May 9, 1820.

Jacob B., and Hannah Cobb, unm., Mar. 3, 1825.

James O., and Julia W. Day, unm., May 19, 1833.

Joel (Blackenton), and Sarah Bake of Wrentham, Apr. 28, 1785. PR81

Joel, jr., and Jerusha Butterworth, unm., of Wrentham, int. Oct. 10, 1812.

Jonathan (Blackenton), and Rebeckah Woodcock, Oct. 17, 1782. PR81

Lemual, and Philena Richards [unm. int.], Nov. 30, 1809.

Lemuel, and Esther Cheever [unm. int.], Oct. 1, 1812.

Lemuel W., unm., of Wrentham, a. 29 y., wheelwright, s. Lemuel and Esther, of Wrentham, and Susan F. Guild, unm., of Wrentham, a. 22 y., d. Joseph and Rebecca, of Wrentham, July 26, 1846.*

Leonard, and Caroline Blackinton [unm. int.], May 28, 1818.

Larnard (Blackenton), and Amy Ann Brown, unm., of Cumberland, RI, int. May 28, 1837.

Levi, and Mary New [unm. int.], Nov. 10, 1813.

Laureta, unm., a. 21 y., and George U. Wright, unm., of North Providence [RI int.], a. 24 y., spectacle manufacturer, Feb. 10, 1847.

Margaret [Blacington. int.], and [Joel. int.] Robinson, Nov. 17, 1791.

Margarette [wid. int.], and Aaron Davis of Wrentham, Dec. 1, 1796.

Mary, and Ebenezer Dagget, Nov. 9, 1721.*

Mary, and Moses Walcut, int. Nov. 9, 1744.

Polly, unm., of Wrentham, and Lymond Pitcher, int. Oct. 12, 1806.

Polly, unm., and Josiah Draper, int. Dec. 7, 1811.

Mary [unm. int.], and William T. Dean, Jan. 26, 1815.

Mary, unm., and Ira B. Peck of Cumberland, int. May 26, 1834.

Mary D., unm., and Henry K.W. Allen, unm., yeoman, s. Josiah, July 31, 1843.

Mercy, and Stephen Pullen, int. Aug. 27, 1768.

Milton W., and Harriet [C. int.] Fisher, both unm., Nov. 30, 1844.

N. Maria, unm., of Wrentham, a. 28 y., d. Fisher and Fanny R., and Freeman A. Smith, unm., of Boston, a. 23 y., bookkeeper, s. Herman G., July 12, 1849.*

Nancy, unm., and Lemuel Whitting [Whiting. int.], [bet. May 2, 1811 and May 29, 1812.] [June 1, 1811. int.]

Olive [Blackington, unm. int.], and Calven Richards, Apr. 28, 1816.

Orinda, unm., and Horace Tifft, Nov. 23, 1825.

Othniel (Blackenton), and Chloe Holmes, Aug. 8, 1782. PR81*

Otis (Blackington), and Ruth Richardson, June 4, 1795.

Penticost (Blackentun), and Experence White, int. Apr. 14, 1744.

Pentecost (Blackenton), and Margaret Robinson, int. May 2, 1767.

Peter (Blackenton), and Margret Euvrit [Euerett. int.], Apr. 24, 1755.

Peter (Blacington), and Hepsibah Fisher of Wrentham, int. Nov. 1, 1788.

Rebeckah, and Jeremiah Eaveritt [Everit of Dedham. int.], Apr. 22, 1736.

Ruth A., unm., of Wrentham, a. 23 y., d. Willard D. and Keziah, and Charles D. Sweet, unm., a. 25 y., farmer, s. Reuben H. and Mary, Mar. 16, 1849.

Samuel, and Mehitable Richards, int. Feb. 27, 1778.

Sanford, of Adams, and Eliza Robinson, unm., Oct. 27, 1834.

Sarah, and Nathaniel Stanley, Oct. 13, 1720.*

Sally [Blackington. int.], and George Cheever [Chever. int.] of Wrentham, Apr. 27, 1800.

Susan G., unm., of Wrentham, and Samuel P. Fisher, int. Oct. 20, 1833.

Ursila, unm., and William Shepard Robinson, int. Dec. 26, 1807.

Virgil, and Hannah S. Robinson, unm., Oct. 8, 1823.

Welthoma [unm. int.], and Welcom Arnold [Wilson Arnol. CR1] of North Providence, Feb. 22, 1815.

Wilard [Willard Blackington. CR2], and Clarisa Sweet [unm. int.], Apr. 11, 1822.

William, jr., and Roxa Pond, unm., of Wrentham, int. Nov. 12, 1812.

William [Blackington. CR2], and Polly French [unm. int.], Mar. 6, 1839.

William M., and Lydia Hewin, unm., of Foxborough, int. May 24, 1845.

William, 2d, unm., a. 23 y., mechanic, s. Willard and Clarisa, and Rebecca Cushman Allen, unm., a. 20 y., d. Josiah and Roena, Sept. 11, 1845.


Charles, and Ruth Crain, int. Oct. 16, 1788.

BLAKE (Blacke)

Albert L., and Mehetibal Ann Baker, unm., of Litchfield, ME, July 5, 1840.

Ebenezer [of Wrentham. int.], and Petronalla Peck, Dec. 11, 1729.

Ebenezer, jr., of Wrentham, and Rachel Bolcom, Jan. 28, 1784. PR81

Eliab F., of Cumberland, RI, and Abigail E. Fuller, unm, int. Oct. 18, 1832.

Elizebeth, of Wrentham, and Thomas Daggett, int. Jan. 11, 1728-9.

Easter, of Wrentham, and Nathan Richards, jr., int. Dec. 5, 1789.

Eunice D., unm., and William C. Kent, Sept. 2, 1832.

Henry W., unm., of Foxborough, a. 23 y., bonnet presser, s. Warren and Angeline L. [A. CR2] Briggs, unm., a. 23 y., bonnet presser, d. Apollos, Sept. 22, 1847.

Jacob, 3d [of Wrentham. int.], and Hipzibah Wilmarth [Willmorth. int.], Oct. 22, 1795.

Jacob, 2d, and Susan Darling, both of Wrentham, May 9, 1838.*

Jerusha, unm., of Wrentham, and Chester Bugbee, int. Oct. 1, 1811.

Joseph, jr., and Ann E. Borden, both of Wrentham, Sept. 3, 1838.*

Levi, and Polly Kelly [Killey. int.], Aug. 17, 1800.

Levina [unm. int.], and William C. Kent, Feb. 3, 1820.

Lowell B., and Betsey Young, both of Wrentham, Aug. 7, 1837.*

Milla [unm. int.], of Wrentham, and Comfort Barrows, Dec. 11, 1817.

Nancy, of Wrentham, and George W. Robbinson [Robinson. int.], Sept. 8, 1799.

Nancy [unm. int.], of Wrentham, and Wellcome Fuller, Aug. 5, 1827.

Patience, and Barak Bolckom, int. Dec. 16, 1738.

Petronalla [Blacke, of Wrentham. int.], and Solomon Butler, ––– 11, 17––. [Feb. 7, 1756. int.]

Robert, of Wrentham, and Polly Horton, unm., int. Feb. 15, 1827.

Royal, widr., and Fidelia Williams, wid., both of Wrentham, Jan. 5, 1845.*

Samuel, of Wrentham, and Hannah Wilkenson, int. Dec. 5, 1789.

Sarah, of Wrentham, and Joel Blackenton, Apr. 28, 1785. PR81

Sarah B., unm., and James R. Giles, June ––, 1832.

Susan, unm., of Wrentham, and Milton S. Morse, of Foxborough, Sept. 30, 1824.*

Warren, and Sylvia Richardson [unm. int.], Nov. 5, 1811.

BLANCHARD (Blackard, Blancher)

Anna [Blancher. int.] of Norton, and John Sheperson [Shepardson. int.], Jan. 17, 1754.

Charlotte, unm., of North Providence, RI, and Samuel Easterbrooks, int. Sept. 24, 1842.

Edward (Blancher), and Rachel Maybury, wid., July 28, 1748.*

Emmaline [Blackard. int.], unm., and Cyrus W[ilson. int.] Blackinton, Sept. 11, 1831.

Milly, unm., of Wrentham, and Robert Holden, int. Mar. 22, 1804.

Nancy R., unm., and Levi W. Whiting, unm., laborer, Nov. 8, 184–. [Oct. 26, 1847. int.]

BLANDING (Blandin)

Abby Rosanna, unm., a. 25 y., d. Noah and Abiather H. Thayer, unm., a. 21 y., farmer, s. Abiather, Nov. 25, 1847.

Arza, and Narcissa Simmons, unm. of Parisvill, NY, int. Aug. 19, 1848.

Asa, and Caroline Mann, unm., of Wrentham, int. Apr. 22, 1837.

Benjamin, jr., and Nancy French [unm. int.], Oct. 10, 1816.

Benjamin A., of Norton, and Sarah A. Dunham, unm., Nov. 21, 1840.

Bethia, of Rehoboth, and Joseph Ide, Apr. 27, 1749.*

Bethiah [unm. int.], and Nathan Read, Jan. 13, 1831. [Jan. 10. CR2]

Daniell, of Rehoboth, and Sarah Laine, int. Sept. 10, 1757.

Betsey [Blandin, unm. int.], and Benjamin Lyon of Warren, PA, Oct. 12, 1835.

Ephraim, of Cumberland, and Dorcas Wise, wid., int. Nov. 15, 1760.

Esther B., unm., a. 22 y., d. Noah and R., and Jonathan Follett, unm., a. 29 y., farmer, s. Apollos and Cynthia, Apr. 5, 1849.

Jesse, and Susanna Blanding, 2d, unm., of Norton, int. Oct. 22, 1808.

Joseph, and Huldath Martin, int. Apr. 26, 1790.

Lucy (Blandin) [unm. int.], and David Bliss of Calais, VT, June 15, 1806. CR2

Mary, and Seth Bourne, int. Dec. 9, [1783.]

Noah, and Bridgett French, Nov. 23, 17––. [Oct. 7, 1758. int.]

Noah, and Bethiah Thacher, 2d, int. Aug. 28, 1790.

Noah, jr., and Rosannah Capenter [unm. int.], Nov. 15, 1819.

Otis, and Sally Dunham [unm. int. PR46], Dec. 23, 1802.

Rachel, and Peter Dearey of Norton, int. Dec. 24, 1774.

Rebeckah, and Benjamin Perce of Westmoreland, int. May 15, 1773.

Sally "alias Sarah," and Solomon Dunham, jr., int. Dec. 7, 1783.

Spencer [Blandin. CR2], and Nanny Carpenter [unm. int. PR46], Feb. 19, 1804.

Susanna, 2d, unm., of Norton, and Jesse Blanding, int. Oct. 22, 1808.

Thomas, and Nancy Lyon, unm., July 15, 1823.


Hezekiah [Blazedel. int.], of Boston, and Ares [Aves. int.] N. Wood [unm. int.], Apr. 17, 1836.


Adeline, unm., of Rehoboth, and Joseph W. Capron, at Rehoboth, Apr. 10, 1826.

Alfred, of Rehoboth, and Hannah King [unm. int.], Dec. 16, 1810.

Alfred A., unm., a. 19 y., cotton spinner, s. George and Jerusha, and Adeline F. Richardson, unm., a. 17 y., weaver, d. Edward and Louisa, Feb. 22, 1848.

Anjaenette, unm., a. 21 y., d. Jonathan and Chloe, and John H. Hodges, unm., of Wrentham, a. 24 y., jeweler, s. Harland, Apr. 7, 1847.

Chloe, d. Jonathan, and Thomas Carpenter, Dec. 7, 1786. PR32*

David, of Calais, VT, and Lucy Blandin [unm. int.], June 15, 1806. CR2

Betsey, unm., of Rehoboth, and Silvester Fuller, int. Aug. 1, 1807.

Betsey N., unm., and Alfred Claflin, jr., int. Apr. 10, 1836.

Florella [unm. int.], and Draper Parmeter, Nov. 29, 1829. PR51

George, and Jerusha Martin, Nov. 21, 1822.

George N. [W. int.], of Rehoboth, and Betsey Bowen, unm., July 9, 1835.

George N. [H. CR2], unm., a. 21 y., manufacturer, s. George and Jerusha, and Lucia S. [T. CR2] Carpenter, unm., a. 21 y., Dec. 19, 1846. [Dec. 9. CR2]

Hannah, of Rehoboth, and Daniel Carpenter [3d. int.], Feb. 1, 1795.

Hannah, and Otis Capron, Nov. 26, 1801.

Harriet, of Rehoboth, and Samuel Gulliver of Taunton, Nov. 8, 1836.*

James, Dr., and Hannah Guild, June 18, 1778. PR81

Joannah, of Rehoboth, and John Mason, Dec. 25, 1796.

Jonathan, and Hannah Kent, Mar. 19, 1792. PR27*

Jonathan, jr., unm., manufacturer, s. Jonathan, and Julia A. Williams, unm., of Mansfield, Apr. 27, 1843.

Lita, unm., of Rehoboth, and Daniel Claflin, jr., int. Aug. 30, 1822.

Lemira C., unm., of Taunton, and William M. Bliss, int. Aug. 3, 1845.

Maria W., unm., and Simon Atherton, int. May 5, 1840.

Mary H., unm., and Edward S. Lapham, int. May 20, 1837.

Nancy, unm., of Rehoboth, and Ephraim Dean, jr., int. Nov. 4, 1815.

Nancy, unm., and [Rev. int.] Timothy C. Tingley of Foxborough, Apr. 3, 1832.

Nathan H., Capt., and Mahitable Horton, unm., of Rehoboth, int. Nov. 15, 1832.

Newman, of Rehoboth, and Sally [Sarah. int.] Starkey, int. Jan. 8, 1792.

Newman [of Rehoboth. int.], and [Mary. int.] Starkey, Apr. 16, 1795.

Ruben, of Rehoboth, and Nancy Williams [unm. int.], Apr. 20, 1809.

Rhodolphus, unm., a. 22 y., manufacturer, s. Martin and Lydia S. [T. CR2] Carpenter, unm., a. 19 y., d. William, July 8, 1846.

Sarah [Sally. int.], of Rehoboth, and John Sanford [Saford. int.], Dec. 27, 1798.

Sally, unm., and Sylvester Claflin, June 14, 1835.

Sarah S., and Bradford G. Williams, int. May 11, 1849.

Susan J., unm., a. 28 y., d. Cyrus and Susan, and Gardiner Wright, widr., a. 34 y., clerk, s. Benjamin, May 16, 1847. [May 11. CR2]

William M., and Lemira C. Bliss, unm., of Taunton, int. Aug. 3, 1845.

BLOSS (Blos)

Abraham (Blos) [Bloss. int.], of Sturbridge, and Lida [Lydia. int.] Read, Oct. 8, 1764.

Lydia [Bliss. int.], wid. A., and Maturean Ballue, Elder, of Richmond, Sept. 15, 1774. PR81


Eunice, unm., of Cumberland, RI, and William Jackson, int. July 10, 1811.

BOLKCOM (Balckom, Balcom, Balkcom, Balkcon, Bolchum, Bolckcum, Bolckom, Bolckum, Bolcom, Bolkcome, Bolkcon, Bolkcum, Bolkom)

Abigail, and Ebenezer Short, May 18, 1749.

Alexander (Balkcom) [Bolkom. int.], and Martha Robinson [of Needham. int.], May 14, 1725.

Alexander (Balcom), and Hannah Shepeson, ––– 17, [1750.]*

Anne, and John Wetherel of Norton, int. Jan. 30, 1772.

Barak (Bolckom), and Patience Blake, int. Dec. 16, 1738.

Bathsheba [wid. int.], and Henry Sweet, Feb. 27, 1746-7.

Bathsheba, and Daniel Tiffany, int. Feb. 13, 1762.

Benjamin (Balkcom) [Balckom. int.], and Martha Richardson, May 16, 17––. [1793 CR2]

Benjamin (Bolkcome) [Bolkcom. int.], jr., and Betsy Sweetland, unm., June 23, 1822.

Catharine, and Andrew Starkey, Feb. 2, 1718-19.*

Charlotte E., unm., and Manley Grover of Foxborough, int. June 30, 1844.

Constance (Balcom), unm., and Calvin Pearce of Rehoboth, int. Nov. 7, 1804.

Daniell (Bolckum), and Rebeckah Cobb, int. Nov. 5, 1763.

Daniel (Balcom) [Bolkcom. int.], of Rehoboth, and Lyda French, Mar. 27, 1792.

Daniel (Balkcon), 2d, and Julia Wilmarth [unm. int.], June 7, 1818.

David, of Norton, and Jane Pullen, int. Feb. 24, 1780.

David, and Fanne –––––, int. Apr. 9, 1781.

David [Balkcom. int.], and Betsey Darby [Derbey, unm. int.] of Mansfield, Oct. 6, 1816.

Dexter, and Desire Willson, unm., of Wrentham, int. July 16, 1813.

Ebenezer, and Betsey Starkey [unm. int.], July 5, 1812.

Elijah, and [Parthenia Pond, unm. int.] of Wrentham, June 5, 1816.

Betsy [Mrs. int.], and William Tyler [Esq. int. PR46], of North Providence [RI int.], July 1, 1813.

Enoch, and Sally Bishop, Feb. 19, 1795.

Esther (Bolckom), unm., and Stephen Round of Rehoboth, int. May 8, 1804.

Fanny (Bolkcome), unm., and George Pomroy, Aug. 1, 1822.

Francis Baylis (Bolkcome), and Abigail Newell, unm., Apr. 16, 1823.

Hannah (Balcom),, and Solomon Bates [of Wrentham. int.], ––-4, 17––. [July 30, 1755. int.]

Hannah (Balcom), of Norton [of Newton. int.], and Samuel Tiffany [jr. int.], June 2, 1769.

Hannah (Bolkom), and Thomas Norton, int. June 1, 1771.

Huldah (Balcom) [Bolkom. int.], and Simeon Wright [Wight. int.] of Wrentham, May 4, 1796.

Jacob (Balcom), and Tryphena Everett [Everet. int.] of Foxborough, June 30, 1785.

James, and Sabra Davinson, unm., int. May 21, 1815.

Jesse (Balkcom), and Olive Everett [Everit, unm. int.], Sept. 27, 1814.

John (Balcom), and Mary Grover of Norton, Mar. 29, 1720.*

John (Balcom) [Bolckum. CR1], jr., and Elesebeth ––––– [Bathsheba Daggett. CR1], May 18, 1742.*

John (Bolkom), and Sarah Grover, May 29, 1773.

John, and Sally Everett [unm. int.], May 20, 1806.

Joseph (Bolkom), and Mary Parminter, Mar. 21, 1733-4.

Lucinda (Balkcom), and Josiah Harvey, both of Norton, July 19, 1801.*

Lucy, and Benjamin Grover of Mansfield, int. Feb. 16, 1776.

Martha (Bolcom), and Ephraim Dean, Apr. 12, [17––.] [Dec. 28, 1752. int.]

Martha M. (Balcom) [Bolcom, unm. int.], and Nathaniel H. Richards, Apr. 1, 1838.

Mary (Bolcom), and Stephen Andros, jr. [of Taunton. int.], Jan. 1, 17––. [Sept. 6, 1755. int.]

Mary, and John Fisher, both of Norton, Mar. 30, 1732.

Polly, unm., and Daniel Hunt, int. Nov. 30, 1824.

Mary, unm., of Pawtucket, and Ebenezer Tiffany of North Providence, Nov. 14, 1830.*

Mary (Bolkcon) [Bolkcom, unm. int.], and Lorenzo Morse, Feb. ––, 1834.

Matilda (Balcom) [Bolkcom. int.], unm., and James Wite, Nov. 21, 1804.

Milla [Bolckom. int.], unm., and Hezekiah Bowen Rounds [Round. int.], Sept. 30, 1804.

Nancy [unm. int.], and Rev. Sylvester H. Bucklin [F. CR2; Bucklen. int.] of Marlborough, Sept. 7, 1809.

Olive [unm. int.], and Silas Richardson, Feb. 5, 1812.

Orville S. (Balcom), and Susan A. Pitcher, unm., of Pawtucket, int. Aug. 6, 1840.

Otis, and Betsy Fuller, both of Mansfield, Dec. 24, 1802.*

Phebe (Bolckom), and Zephaniah Ros of Wrentham, int. Sept. 28, 1765.

Priscilla [unm. int.], and Learned Wilmarth, jr., May 17, 1818.

Rachel (Bolcom), and Ebenezer Blake, jr., of Wrentham, Jan. 28, 1784. PR81

Rebecka (Balckom), and William Clark of Norton, int. Mar. 29, 1773.

Samuel (Bolkom), and Sarah Richardson, int. Dec. 22, 1769.

Sarah (Bolkom), and Richard Atwill, int. Sept. 30, 1727.

Sarah (Bolkcum), and Ephram Hall, jr., int. Mar. 26, 1763.

Salley [unm. of Norton], and Lt. Abiather Richardson, int. June 9, 1811.

Salley [unm. int.], and Ezekel M. Cornell, Jan. 5, 1823.

Susannah, and Seth Richardson, jr., July 29, 1802.

Timothy [Bolcom. int.], and Mercy Thacher [unm. int. PR46], Sept. 23, 1802. [int. Sept. 20, 1803. PR46]

William (Balcom) [jr. int.], and Chickering Shepard of Wrentham, Jan. 2, 1758.

William (Balkcom), jr., and Nancy Capron of Norton, Dec. 8, 1791.

William [Balkcom. int.], and Sophia Lacy [unm. int.], Apr. 4, 1816.

Zilpah (Bolckcum), and Ichabod Shaw, jr., of Norton, int. Aug. 6, 1763.

BONNY (Bonney)

John B., of Wrentham, and Thankful S. [L. int.] Lewis [unm. int.], May 1, 1837.

Vesta (Bonney), of Dedham, and John Barton, jr., of Wrentham, Feb. 23, 1843.*


Nancy M., unm., of Sutton, and John Daggett, Esq., int. May 23, 1840.


Ruth, of Lebanon, and Samuel Day, int. Feb. 23, 1769.


Polly, unm., and Preston Carpenter, int. May 8, 1830.


Angeline, unm., and Capt. Elisha Wilmarth, int. Nov. 13, 1846.

Benjamin K., and Candice Martin, unm., int. June 5, 1846.

Eliza N., and Benjamin Pond of Medway, May 3, 1826.

Nancy, unm., and Bennet [William G. int.] Whipple of Wrentham, June 3, 1833.

Sabra M., unm., and Charles H. Morse, int. Oct. 14, 1837.


James, and Mary Collens, unm., of Bristol, RI, int. July 10, 1818.

BOURN (Born, Bourne, Burn)

Abraham, and Susannah White [unm. int.], Apr. 15, 1815.

Abram (Bourne) [Bourn. CR2], and Mary Carpenter, Jan. 6, 1803.,

Andrew (Born), of Roxbury, and Phebe Richardson, int. Feb. 23, 1744-5.

Andrew, jr., and Lucinda Barrows, int. Jan. 5, 1799.

Celia S[ophia, unm., of Seekonk. int.], and Ira K. Miller, Sept. 5, 1836. PR56

Cloe, and Asa Dean, Nov. 14, 1797.

Eli (Bourne) [Bourn. CR1], of Rehoboth, and Leafa Ide [unm. int.], Nov. 30, 1809. [Nov. 29. PR56]

Eli [Bourne. int.; 2d m. PR56], of Seekonk, and Rebecka Cooper, wid., Aug. 23, 1829.

Fanny [Bourne. CR2; unm. int.], and William Cobb Robinson, Sept. 18, 1813.

Hannah (Bourne) [Bourn. int.; unm. int. PR46], and Sylvester Claflen, Feb. 7, 1805.

Huldath (Burn), of Providence, and Lewis Slack, int. Nov. 27, 1787.

Lucinda, unm., and Stephen Briggs, int. Sept. 16, 1821. Publishment stopped.

Marey [Mercy. CR2] Bo[urn. int.], and Berry Chase of Longmeadow, Nov. 7, 17––. [1793. int.]

Mary, and Abraham Commins, jr., int. Apr. 28, [1781.]

Polly (Bourne) [Bourn, unm. int.], and Joel Moore of Needham, Mar. 9, 1809.

Nancy D., unm., and Albert Richard [Richards, of Dedham. int.], Sept. 19, 1830.

Nehemiah [Burn. int.], and Sarah Barrows [Barrow. CR2; unm. PR46], Oct. 23, 1800.

Otis (Bourne), of Wallingford, VT, and Maryett Richards, unm., Oct. 27, 1834.

Roswell, and Mary S. Fisher, unm., of North Providence, RI, int. Nov. 19, 1830.

Zebina W. [Bourne. CR1], Capt., and Adah Robinson, unm., of Rehoboth, Mar. 30, 1828.*

Sarah J., [unm., of Seekonk. int.], d. Eli and Rebecca, and Allen L. Atwell, Sept. 17, 1848. PR56

Seth (Bourne), and Mary Blanding, int. Dec. 9, 1783.

Stephen, and Mary Dryer of Rehoboth, int. Oct. 11, 1773.

Stephen, and Susan Ormesbee, Sept. 18, 1794. PR56*

Stephen, jr., of Rehoboth, and Nancy Dean [unm. int.], Jan. 28, 1808. CR1

Wilder, and Mary W. Soule, unm., both of Seekonk, Oct. 17, 1824.*

BOWEN (Bowin, Bowing)

Ann R., and Daniel A. Richardson, Oct. 9, 1842.

Barzillai, of Rehoboth, and Lydia Ide, int. Feb. 4, 1774.

Bebe W., unm., of Seekonk, and Gardner C. Hodges, int. July 16, 1836.

Benjamin, of Rehoboth, and Rebekah Brown, Jan. 28, 1789.

Benjamin, of Rehoboth, and Eliza Carpenter [unm. int.], Feb. 11, 1819.

Benjamin, jr., of Rehoboth, and Leffa Claflen, unm., Mar. 25, 1838.

Caleb (Bowin), and Sarah Ingalls of Rehoboth, int. June 29, 1754.

Caleb, and Fanny C. Bullock, unm., May 15, 1832.

Caleb, and Ann Eliza Ingraham [unm. int.], May 22, 1837.

Caroline Matilda, unm., of Rehoboth, and Amos Read, int. Feb. 10, 1805.

Celia Sophia, unm., of Seekonk, and Ira K. Miller, int. Aug. 16, 1836.

Christopher, and Lydia Day, Nov. 14, 1749.*

Cyntha [Brown. int.] of Cumberland, and Oliver Sweetland, Sept. 29, 1793.

David, of Rehoboth, and Ama Rounds, unm., int. Sept. 9, 1811.

Betsey, unm., and George N. [W. int.] Bliss of Rehoboth, July 9, 1835.

Ephraim [of Rehoboth. int.], and Rhoda Bates, Apr. 23, 1795.

Frances M., unm., and Lewis O. Robinson of Wrentham, int. Aug. 29, 1847.

Hannah, of Rehobeth, and Jeremiah Whipple, Feb. 24, 1742.

Henry [Bowers. CR1], and Betsey [Orne. int. and CR1], Oct. 23, 1799.

Huldah, of Rehoboth, and Ephraim Allen [jr. int.], Apr. 20, 1775.

John, and Dency Briggs [unm. int.], Feb. 4, 1813.

Lavina A., unm., and Stephen P. Jordan, Jan. 26, 1841.

Louisa [Louisa Ann Bowers. int.], unm., and William Haven, Nov. 30, 1826.

Lydiah (Bowing), wid., and John Sweetland, jr., int. Jan. 12, 1754.

Lydia, unm., and Milton Babcock of Taunton, int. Apr. 21, 1832.

Marcy, unm., and John J. Bushee, int. June 18, 1831.

Nancy, unm., and Ira Luther of Swanzey, int. Oct. 1, 1839.

Penuel [C. int.], and Jane C. Sweetland, unm., May 23, 1833.

Rebeckah, and Benjamin Bucklin, Mar. 19, 1729-30.

Samuel [2d. int.], of Rehoboth, and Hannah Ide [unm. int.], Jan. 1, 1812.

Sarrah, of Rehoboth, and William Whipple, May 9, 1728.

Sarah, unm., and William D. Bullock of New York, int. May 27, 1831.

Simeon, yeoman, s. Uriel, and Abby A. Allen, both unm., Feb. 26, 1844.

Uriah, and Mrs. Deborah Ham of Providence, RI, int. July 9, 1824.

Uriel, jr., and Fanny Withington, unm., Apr. 27, 1828.

William, of Providence, RI, and [Mrs. int. PR46] Sephiah Fuller [unm. dup.], June 3, 1819.


Lydia Mason, unm., of Rehoboth, and Dexter Day, int. Nov. 3, 1810.

Mary [unm. int.], and William B. Fisher of Coventry, RI, Sept. 2, 1821.


Harvey, and Esther Milliken, unm., int. Apr. 26, 1835.

Mary, unm., of Walpole, and Charles Hawkins, int. Mar. 18, 1834.


Henry, unm., of [North. int.] Providence, RI, engraver, and Mary E. Miller, unm., d. Ira K., Oct. 10, 1844.


Sarah, and Banfield Capron of Bellingham, int. Feb. 9, 1744-5.


Asenath, unm., and Cyrus White of Norton, int. Feb. 26, 1847.

Beulah [unm. int.], and Ebenezer Draper, 2d, June 14, 1807. CR1

Elisabeth, and Samuel Sweetland, jr., Dec. 28, 1749.*

Eunice C., unm., and Joseph A. Tiffany, May 26, 1824.

George and Sarah Carpenter, int. Apr. 28, 1756.

Hannah, d. Peres, Esq., and Jabez Gay, Apr. 30, 1747.*

John, and Phebe Stearns, June 10, 1761.

Joseph, and Buler Morce, int. Jan. 14, 1758.

Mary, and Jabez Gould of Wrentham, int. Apr. 12, 1746.

Mary, wid., of Cumberland, and Mical Foster, int. Sept. 15, 1764.

Polly, and Daniel Atherton of Walpole, int. July 30, 1790.

Phebe, and Daniel Atherton of New York, Aug. 27, 1795.

Seth C., and Eliza Haven, unm., Apr. 18, 1825.

BRAGG (Brag, Bragge, Braggs)

Alexander, of Holliston, and Mary Man [Mann. CR1], June 20, 1802.

Chloe, of Wrentham, and Zuriel Tyler, int. Mar. 19, 1785.

Elisabeth (Brag), Mrs. [wid. int; of Stoughton. int. PR73], and John Sweet, Jan. 10, 1753. [Nov. 15, 1753. int.]

Harmon, and Polley Jackson, unm., int. Mar. 28, 1807.

Harmon, and Mary Hovey, unm., int. Jan. 6, 1825.

Harmon W., and Betsey C. White, unm., Mar. 26, 1833.

Henry (Brag), and Sarah Luther, Nov. ––, 1717.*

Herman L., of Norton, and Almira Dean, unm., of Taunton, May 13, 1832.*

John (Braggs) [Bragge. int.], and Eunice Pulling of Rehoboth, Apr. 28, 1743.

Thomas (Brag) and Patience Read, int. Oct. 7, 1746.

BRAINARD (Brainerd, Braniard)

Calvin B. (Braniard), and Sarah L. Chace, ––– ––, 1841. PR26*

Isaac C., and Sarah Ann Wallcott [Walcott, unm. int.], Dec. 3, 1833.

Susan (Brainerd), unm., and Asa B. Cook of Providence, RI, int. Dec. 27, 1833.

BRAMAN (Brauman)

Experence, of Norton [formerly, w. Sylvanus. PR78], and Ichabod Perry [Perrey, jr. int.], Mar. 3, 1762. [Jan. 30, 1772. int.]

Experience, of Norton [d. Sylvanus and Experience. PR78], and Ichabod Perry, int. Feb. 9, 1784.

Harriet N., unm., and Willard F. Babcock, int. Apr. 18, 1840.

Joseph [Barrows. int.], and Esther Witherell of Norton, Nov. 17, 1774.

Josiah [of Norton. int.], and Mary Jilson [Jelson. int.], Oct. 2, 1729.

Phebe, and Jesse Grover, both of Mansfield, Mar. 23, 1787.*

Sarah (Brauman), and Elijah Barrus, int. Feb. 27, 1762.

Thomas, jr., of Norton, and Sarah Richardson, 2d, int. Dec. 22, 1798.


Aholiab, of Providence, RI, and Elone Fuller, int. Dec. 13, 1801.

Calista C., unm., and Smith Salsbury of North Providence, RI, Apr. 23, 1826.

Nathan, Dr. of Savoy, and Polly Capron [Mrs. int. PR46; unm. dup.], Feb. 17, 1801.

BRASTOW (Brasto)

Oliver Shepard (Brasto), and Mary Franklin, both of Wrentham, June 19, 1834.*

Oliver S., and Betsey Bacon [unm. int.], Apr. 17, 1842.

BRAYTON (Brayden)

Elizabeth N., Mrs., of North Providence, RI, and Kinsbery Wilmarth, int. May 16, 1846.

Sarah (Brayden), unm., of Smithfield, RI, and James Ray, int. June 5, 1842.


Lydia [Burtt. int.], of Norton, and Josiah Cooper, Mar. 26, 1728.


Mercy [of Duxbury. int.], and Nathaniel Woodcock, Aug. 18, 1731.

Richard R., of Hopkinton, and Louisa Price, unm., Nov. 18, 1830*.


Amelia [Bryan. CR2, and int.], wid., a. 35 y., cook, b. Ireland, d. James and Elisabeth Cosgrave, of Ireland, and John Carvey, unm., a. 32 y., laborer, b. England, s. Edward and Anna, of England, Feb. 14, 1848.


Lois, unm., and Nathan Robinson, Apr. 18, 1793.


Hannah, of Sherburne, and Ebenezer Bishop, int. Dec. 16, 1727.

Rachel, unm., and Stephen Brown of North Providence, RI, int. Dec. 2, 1820.

BRIGGS (Biggs, Brigg, Brigs)

Abagail, unm., and Warren Shepard of Mansfield, int. Aug. 27, 1843.

Albert P., and Rachel F. Sweet [unm. int.], Nov. 19, 1840.

Alfred, unm., yeoman, s. Emerson, and Polly T. Shaw, unm., of Norton [at Norton. dup.], Apr. 10, 1845.

Alice [of Rehoboth. int.], and Elkanah Wilmarth [Willmarth. int.], –––, 7, 17––. [July 26, 1755. int.]

Alice, unm., and Wheaton A. Carpenter [a. 26 y. PR37], May 27, 1832.

Amey R., and John Makinson, Nov. 26, 1833. PR68*

Angeline L. [A. CR2], unm., a. 23 y., bonnet presser, d. Apollos, and Henry W. Blake, unm., of Foxborough, a. 23 y., bonnet presser, s. Warren, Sept. 22, 1847.

Apollos, and Louisa Brown [unm. int.], June 29, 1820. CR2

Benjamin (Brigs), and Bethiah Bishop, int. May 25, 1758.

Beulah, unm., and John Avery of Conway, int. Sept. 13, 1826.

Caroline F., unm., of Providence, RI, and Edward W. Hunt, int. May 14, 1844.

Catharine J., unm., a. 21 y., d. Rufus and Nancy, and Felix G. Whitney, unm., a. 29 y., jeweler, s. Martin and Nancy, Oct. 5, 1848.

Clarissa [unm. int. PR46], and William Penno, both of Norton, Nov. 1, 1808.

Darius, unm., a. 21 y., house carpenter, s. [twin. PR9] Lewis and Patty [Peddy (Hardon). PR9], and Phebe [Louisa. PR9] Witherell [Wethirell. int.], a. 22 y., d. Joseph [Hunt and Phebe (Freeman). PR9], Aug. 18, 1847.

Dency [unm. int.], and John Bowen, Feb. 4, 1813.

Edmond, and Achsah Ann Perry [unm. int.], Oct. 6, 1839.

Betsey [unm. int.], and Seth Willmarth [Wilmarth. CR2], July 1, 1810.

Elkanah (Brigs), and Polly Hunt, unm., int. Sept. 9, 1813.

Emmerson, of Mansfield, and Lydia Richardson [unm. int. PR46], July 1, 1804.

Enoch [Capt. int. PR46], of Mansfield, and Abigal Cooper [unm. int.], Feb. 2, 1814.

Fanny Wheaton, unm., and Zenas Cole of Rehoboth, int. Nov. 4, 1837.

Hannah, of Rehoboth, and Elisha [Elihu. int.] Daggett, Jan. 5, 1792.

Hiram E., of Mansfield, and Deborah A. Foster, unm., int. June 7, 1845.

Jacob, and Saloma Brown, unm., of Foxborough, int. July 3, 1824.

James G., of Fairhaven, and Eliza A. French [unm. int.], Sept. 19, 1833.

James G[ilmore. int.], and Lydia Jane Claflin [Claflen. unm. int.], May 16, 1841.

Jesse, of Norton, and Mary Parmenter, int. May 17, 1766.

Juduth, of Taunton, and Joseph Tower, int. Apr. 9, 1743.

Louritta, and Stimpson Harvey, May 14, 1846. PR11*

Lewis, s. Darius and Elizabeth (Gilmore), and Peddy Hardon, d. Isaac and Abigail, June 20, 1823. PR9*

Lydia Maria, unm., and William W. Bishop, int. Oct. 18, 1845.

Margrett [Brigg, 2d. int.], and Daniel Daggett, Mar. 20, 1803.

Mary, Mrs., and Capt. Curtis Cole of Warren, RI, int. July 31, 1781.

Mary K., unm., of Taunton, and Abial Edes, jr., int. Aug. 16, 1833.

Nelson, and Elisa R. Cushman of Boston, int. May 7, 1848.

Olive, unm., and Ichabod Richards, June 3, 1824.

Patience (Brigs), of Norton, and Samuel Bloss, int. Mar. 6, 1778.

Peter (Brigs), of Rehoboth, and Abigail Sanford, int. Oct. 10, 1770.

Philip, of Rehoboth, and Experience Tyler, int. Sept. 11, 1779.

Phinehas, of Norton, and Sarah Hall, int. Feb. 29, 1772.

Phebe, of Rehoboth, and John Wilmarth, int. Feb. 28, 1761.

Rebekah, and Thomas Faunce of Plympton, int. Apr. 18, 1766.

Rhoda [Biggs. int.], and Obadiah Parker [Perker. int.], Dec. 2, 1741.

Rufus, of Mansfield, and Nancy Rounds [unm. int.], July 1, 1810.

Sally, unm., and Nathaniel Cole of Rehoboth, int. Sept. 16, 1815.

Seth, and Hannah Whicher [Whiteaker. int.] of Rehoboth, Jan. 22, 1735-6.

Solomon, and Molly Lincoln, Feb. 7, 1763.*

Stephen, and Molly French, int. Sept. 13, 1784.

Stephen, and Lucinda Bourn, unm., int. Sept. 16, 1821. Publishment stopped.

Sylda [Syldia Hunt, unm. int.] and Wheaton Briggs, Oct. 12, 1806. PR37

Wheaton, and Sylda Briggs [Syldia Hunt, unm.. int.], Oct. 12, 1806. PR37

William G. (Brigs), of Cranston, RI, and Sarah F. Stanley, wid., int. Sept. 7, 1833.

William Henry, and Hannah Pierce Nichols, at Thompson, CT, Aug. 15, 1841. PR22*


Ralph, and Lidea Sheldon, int. Nov. 11, 1738.


Caroline, unm., of Mansfield, and Joseph French, int. June 6, 1829.

Hannah, 2d, of Mansfield, and Nathan Fisher, int. June 26, 1798.


Sherlock [Rev. int.], of Cheshire, CT, and Emily H. Ingraham [unm. int.], at Boston, Sept. 5, 1842.


Louisa, and William Young, at Brompton, P.Q., Nov. 24, 1844. PR16 [Nov. 27. dup.]*


Charles R., unm., of Providence, RI, a. 24 y., farmer, s. William and Allice, and Maria Blake of Wrentham, a. 33 y., d. Joseph and Olive, June 10, 1845.*

BROMLEY (Bromely, Bromiley, Bromily, Broomly, Brumley)

Elisabeth [Bromely. CR2; Bromily, unm. int.], and Alvah Gray of Sekonk, Apr. 24, 1842.

Ellen [Bromely. CR2; Bromiley, unm. int.], and Elias W. [S. int.] Capron, Feb. 12, 1843.

Mary (Bromely), unm., and James P. Lothrop of Pawtucket, Oct. 14, 1839. CR2

Samuel (Brumley) [Broomly. int.], and Charlott Parker, unm., Aug. 22, 1824.

Samuel, and Nancy Witherell [Wetherell. int.], May 21, 1838.


Bant [Brondson. int.], of Boston, and Claricy Daggett [unm. int.], Nov. 11, 1810.


Joannaister [Joanna Easterbrooks. int.], unm., and James Cutting, Feb. 17, 1811.

BROWN (Browne)

Achsah, unm., of Wrentham, and Oliver Rice of Millbury, Apr. 22, 1833.*

Amy Ann, unm., of Cumberland, RI, and Larned Blackenton, int. May 28, 1837.

Benjamin, and Sary Daviss, int. Dec. ––, [17––.]

Bezaleel M., and Chloe Blackinton [unm. int.], Mar. 31, 1805.

Burton, and Nancy Pike, unm., int. Oct. 2, 1819.

Chloe Hunt, and James Orne, jr., June 25, 1792. CR1

Christopher, and Waitstill Ormsbe [Ormsby. int.] of Rehoboth, May 10, 1726.

Consider, and Peggy Robinson, int. Sept. 15, 1776.

David, and Margret Gains, int. Oct. 8, 1795.

David A., and Martha A. Doggett [unm. int.], May 26, 1842.

Elias G., and Calista H. Williams, unm., int. Sept. 18, 1831.

Elisha, of Rowe [Hampshire Co. int.], and Hannah Carpenter [unm. int.], Nov. 12, 1809.

Elezebeth, and John Cole of Rehoboth, int. ––– ––, [17––.]

Elizabeth [of Rehoboth. int.], and Daniel Bishop, Jan. 30, 1734. [Dec. 14, 1734. int.]

Elisabeth, and John Carpenter of Rehoboth, int. Dec. 24, 1773.

Elizabeth [unm. int.], of Cumberland [RI int.], and Stephen Fuller, Dec. 27, 1804.

Betsey, unm., and William Jackson, int. Jan. 18, 1807.

Betsey [unm. int.], and Nathaniel Robinson, jr., Dec. 1, 1808.

Easter, of Cumberland, and Oliver Jilson, int. July 8, 1785.

Ezra, and Betsey Fisher, int. Mar. 23, 1787.

Fanny, Mrs. [unm. int.], and Hartford Starkey, Apr. 4, 1813.

Hannah, and John Crabtree, May 15, 1712.*

Hannah, d. Benjamin, and Jonathan Spear, May 24, 1744.

Hannah, and Dan Willmarth, int. Aug. 1, 1772.

Henry H., and Mary A. Daggett [unm. int.], Apr. 28, 1836.

Isaac, of Rehoboth, and Susannah May, int. Feb. 28, 1756.

Isabel, wid. Cumberland, and John Bates, int. Feb. 17, 1775.

James, of Utica, NY, and Abigail Smith, unm., Nov. 27, 1803.

James, of Dudley, and Sally Woodcock [unm. int.], Apr. 9, 1809.

Jeremiah, and Hanah Freeman, int. Feb. 18, 1726-7.

John, and Bershebe Barr [Bathsheba Barras. CR1; Barrows. int.], Aug. 13, 1741.

John, and Priscilla Bishop of Cumberland, int. July 11, 1767.

John, jr., and Nabby Wilson, unm., both of Rehoboth, Feb. 7, 1796.*

John, and Anna Atwell, unm., Feb. 9, 1797.

John S., and Deborah F. Ide, unm., of Seekonk, int. June 8, 1834.

John S., and Sophia c. Drown, unm., of Rehoboth, int. Jan. 30, 1841.

Lemuel, of Wrentham, and Sarah Draper, int. Mar. 11, 1775.

Louis, unm., of Foxborough, and Willard Alger, int. Feb. 15, 1829.

Louisa [unm. int.], and Apollos Briggs, June 29, 1820. CR2

Lucy, unm., of Rehoboth, and Comfort Barrows, int. Apr. 6, 1810.

Lydia, and John Lea Doyt, int. Oct. 10, 1724. Publishment taken down by Town Clerk, "it did not stand up one day. "

Lydai, of Cumberland, and Joel Richardson, int. June 7, 1801.

Lydia (Browne), and George Samuel Wheelwright, Dec. ––, 1838. PR21*

Lyman, and Julia Day, unm., of North Providence, RI, int. Sept. 14, 1826.

Mary, and Thomas French, Jan. 5, 1720-21.*

Mary, of Rehoboth, and Jonathan Follet, int. Aug. 10, 1763.

Mary, of Cumberland, and Robert Swan, int. June 29, 1776.

Marcy, unm., of Cumberland, RI, and Thomas Tingley, int. Feb. 3, 1815.

Moses, and Huldah Read, jr., of Rehoboth, int. July 21, 1781.

Nancy B. [w. int.], unm., and Nehemiah Nickerson of Sharon, Oct. 26, 1828.

Nathaniel, and Dinah Woodward [Woodard. int.] of Norton, Apr. 20, 1758.

Nicholas, and Fanny C. Lambert, unm., of Mansfield, int. Feb. 22, 1815.

Noah, and Deborah Wilmorth, Apr. 1, 1752.*

Noah, and Judeth Short, int. Sept. 28, 1778.

Olive, unm., and Joseph Munro, jr., of Seekonk, int. Mar. 18, 1826.

Phebe, of Smithfield, and Humphery Tiffeney, int. Nov. 16, 1771.

Phebe (Browne), [M. Brown. int.], unm., and Rufus Arnold of Cumberland, RI, Nov. 25, 1826.

Preston, and Nancy Pike [unm. int. PR46], Nov. 28, 1819. CR2

Preston, and Nancy Tripp, unm., int. Apr. 4, 1836.

Rebekah, wid., and Dea. Nathan Wilmarth, int. July 24, 1756.

Rebekah, and Benjamin Bowen of Rehoboth, Jan. 28, 1789.

Saloma, unm., of Foxborough, and Jacob Briggs, int. July 3, 1824.

Samuel, of Taunton, and Elizabeth Ann Royle [Royal. Taunton V.R.], unm., int. July 14, 1844.

Sarah, and John Phillips of Providence, int. Feb. 25, 1726-7.

Sarah, and Comfort Bates, int. Oct. 2, 1780.

Silence, unm., and Lendol P. Pike, Nov. 28, 1828.

Stephen, and Sarah Wellmarth [Willmarth. int.], Mar. ––, 17––. [1790. int.]

Stephen, of North Providence, RI, and Rachel Brick, unm., int. Dec. 2, 1820.

Truman Ives, and Jane Francis Stone, int. Apr. 13, 1848.

William H., and Juliette Frost, unm., int. May 5, 1836.

William H., and Nancy Ann Frost, unm., int. Sept. 30, 1837.


Betsy, of Norton, and Guildford Hodges of Mansfield, Aug. 20, 1818.*


John, and Rebecah R. Holmes, unm., June 26, 1823.


Mary S. [L. CR2; Bruny. unm. int.], and John Luther of Providence [RI int.], Sept. 11, 1808.


Samuel and Martha Makinson, Feb. 22, 1844. PR68*


Rebekah, wid., and William Jones of Berkley, int. June 16, 1773.

BUCKLIN (Bucklen, Buckling)

Amey (Bucklen) [Bucklin. int.], and Edward Richards, jr., Jan. 7, 1790.

Barak [of Rehoboth. int.], and Hannah Read, Aug. 11, 1731.

Benjamin, and Esther Jencks of Providence, int. July 16, 1726.

Benjamin, and Rebeckah Bowen, Mar. 19, 1729-30.

Cynthia, unm., of Seekonk, and Ens. Jabel Ingraham, int. June 18, 1815.

Elijah, and Beebe Newell [unm. int.], Mar. 15, 1811.

Betty, of Rehoboth, and Ezekiel Carpenter, int. June 11, 1757.

Isaac, of Rehoboth, and Sarrah Whipple, Mar. 8, 1721.*

Leah (Bucklen), of Rehoboth, and Israel Whipple, int. May 16, 1724.

Leah [Bucklen. int.], of Rehoboth, and Daniel Jilson [Jelson. int.], June 12, 1742.

Leah, of Rehoboth, and Benjamin B––––, int. Apr. 22, 1784.

Rachel [Bucklen. int.], of Rehoboth, and John Pidge [Pedge. int.], Nov. 12, 1730.

Rufus (Bucklen), of Rehoboth, and Lucinda Barrows, int. Nov. 15, 1777.

Sallah (Buckling), and Eliflet Read of Cumberland, int. May 14, 1757.

Sarah F., unm., and George Smith of Pawtucket, int. Oct. 18, 1834.

Sylvester H. [F. CR2; Bucklen. int.], Rev., of Marlborough, and Nancy Bolkcom [unm. int.], Sept. 7, 1809.

William (Bucklen), of Rehoboth, and Lucy Edson [unm. int.], Feb. 16, 1809.

Cylinda, of Rehoboth, and Philbrooks [Philbrook. int.] Barrows, Jan. 1, 1778.

BUFFINGTON (Bufenton, Bufinton)

Benjamin [jr. int.], of Swansea, and Marry Mason, Aug. 1, 1799.

Joanah (Bufenton), of Dighton, and Samuell Fuller, jr., int. Jan. 26, 1765.

Sarah (Bufinton), of Swansea, and Isaac Mason, int. Oct. 13, 1799.


Lydia [unm. int.], of Cumberland [of Valley Falls. int.], and Clement O. Read, at Cumberland, Apr. 2, 1845.


Chester, and Jerusha Blake, unm., of Wrentham, int. Oct. 1, 1811.

Chester [Capt. int.], and Lucretia Williams, unm., May 23, 1826.

Chester [Capt. int.], and Nancy Miller [unm. int.] of Wrentham, Nov. 19, 1837.

Jane, unm., and Aron G. Hoyes of Flushing, MI, int. May 22, 1840.

Jerusha B., unm., of Wrentham, a. 20 y., d. Chester and Lucretia, of Wrentham, and Daniel [David. int.] R. Pherson, a. 19 y. clock maker, s. Daniel and Sarah, Sept. 12, 1847.


Joseph, and Mary Bailey, unm., of Hopkinton, int. June 23, 1810.

BULLOCK (Bullock)

Content, unm., and Rufus Artherton, int. Apr. 8, 1804.

Fanny C., unm., and Caleb Bowen, May 15, 1832.

Hannah G., unm., and Horatio N. Babcock, May 14, 1834.

Henry, and Nancy A. Clark, int. July 1, 1849.

Jones [James. int. and CR2] S., Dr., of Vermillion, IL, and Nancy [Mary. CR2] B. Barrows [unm. int.], June 28, 1842.

Lewis P., and Elizabeth Peirce Freeman, unm., int. May 27, 1821.

Lydia [unm. int. PR46], of Rehoboth, and Samuel W. Winsor of Lyndon, VT, Feb. 2, 1806.

Mary [Marcy. int.] Ann (Bulock) [Bullock. CR2], and Ira King Miller, June 17, 1822.

Melinda T., unm., of Rehoboth, and Amos S. Perry, int. Apr. 21, 1840.

Nancy, unm., and Ezra French, int. Jan. 17, 1813.

Richard, and Hannah Robinson, Sept. 15, 1785. PR81

Richard, and Polly Robinson, July 6, 1794. [1793. CR1]

Ruth [unm. int.], and David Barrows of Sheldon, NY (sic), Nov. 5, 1816.

William D., of New York, and Sarah Bowen, unm., int. May 27, 1831.


Elizabeth, and Benjamin Streeter of Wrentham, int. Apr. 19, 1746.


Roby Ann [unm. int.], and Stephen Butts, Aug. 29, 1839.


William T., of Boston, and Amey Pidge, unm., int. Sept. 25, 1836.


Melina [unm. int.], and Willard Fuller of Cumberland, RI, July 28, 1819.

BURGESS (Burgese)

Deborah, unm., of Little Compton, RI, and George D. Hatch, int. Oct. 7, 1836.

Elizabeth (Burgese), unm., of Harwich, and Veranes Harden, int. July 22, 1814.


Ame, of Providence, and Lewis Slack, int. May 15, 1792.

Andrew, and Sarah Comins, int. Jan. 19, 1769.

Molley, unm., of Rehoboth, and Hollis King Jenks, int. Feb. 27, 1813.

Patience [unm. int.] of Rehoboth, and Joseph Barrus [Barrows. CR2], jr., Nov. 29, 1810.


Joseph, and Susan Hunt, unm., int. Apr. 24, 1827.


Bethiah [unm. int.], and Nehemiah Randal, July 29, 1822.

BURTT (Burt)

Bethyah, and Joseph Capron, Feb. 13, 1734-5.

Jacob (Burt), of Taunton, and Betty Coob, int. Dec. 17, 1757.

William H. (Burt), unm., of Taunton, a. 28 y., sea captain, and Betsey C. Cummings, unm., a. 22 y., d. Benjamin, Dec. 24, 1848.


Hannah B., unm., and Leonard Barrrows of North Providence [RI. int.], Aug. 10, 1823.

John J., and Marcy Bowen, unm., int. June 18, 1831.


Eunice, and Amos Wilmarth, int. Feb. 15, 1777.

Israel, of Barnstable, and Mary Woodcock, int. Mar. 22, 1745-6.

Sary, and Abner Towne, int. Apr. 12, 1746.

Solomon, and Thankfull Robinson, int. May 4, 1754.

Solomon, and Petronalla Blake [Blacke, of Wrentham. int.], ––-11, 17–– [Feb. 7, 1756. int.]

Thomas, and Sarrah Gould of Topsfield, Nov. 24, 1720.*


Jerusha, unm., of Wrentham, and Joel Blackinton, jr., int. Oct. 10, 1812.


Joshua, Gen., of Concord, and Angeline Fuller, unm., int. June 6, 1847.


Stephen, and Roby Ann Bunting [unm. int.], Aug. 29, 1839.

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