Maria, of Oxford, and William Whitaker, both of Oxford, Mar.27,1839.*

EADY (Eddy)

Jemima, and William Tollay, int.Apr.27,1776.


Lydia, and James Cannon, Sept.29,1799.*

Elizabeth, and William W. Parker, int.Oct.3,1830.

EAMES (Emes)

Henry, of Spencer, and Roxanna Jenks, int.June2,1832.

William A., and Hannah P. Waite of Oxford, int.Apr.19,1835.

Persis, of Worcester, and Charles Carpenter, Sept.14,1835.


Elizabeth, and John Potter, Jr., int.Mar.14,1735-6.

William, and Mary Cuting, Jan.31,1739-40.

Mary, and James Lawton, July1,1741.

David, and Martha Earl, int.Feb.26,1743-4.

Martha, and David Earl, int.Feb.26,1743-4.

Judy, and George Cuting of Cambridge, int.Feb.19,1748-9.

Mary, and Jonathan Sargeant, Jr., Jan.24,1750.

Ralph, of Shrewsbury, and Phebe Whittemor, July19,1750.

Antipas, and Mercy Slade, int.Mar.21,1761.

Robert, Jr., and Sarah Hunt, int.July27,1762.

Eseck, of Rutland, and Mehitabel Snow, int.Aug.13,1762.

Lois, and Nathan Wkittemor, Nov.24,1763.

John, and Sarah Wheeten, Oct.24,1765.

Lydia, and John Wilson, int.Nov.1,1766.

Gardner, and Rebecca Brown of Worcester, int.Dec.27,1766.

Sarah, and John Beard of Worcester, int.Sept.18,1767.

Mary, and Oliver Earl, Dec.3,1767.

Oliver, and Mary Earl, Dec.3,1767.

Martha, and Hezekiah Ward of Grafton, Apr.7,1768.

Reuben, and Mary harrington, Jan.3,1770.

Phebe, and Francis Flagg Of Holden, int.Dec.31,1772.


James, and Debberah Sergent, int.June末,1780.

Asael, and Pierces Newhall, int.Apr.1,1786.

Hannah, and Joseph Newhall, int.July7,1786.

Henry, and Martha Aldrich, int.Dec.20,1794.

Catharine, of Paxton, and Francis Washburn, int.June24,1796.

Winthrop, and Persis Bartlett, int.Aug.10,1796.

John, and Axey Cole, int.Dec.22,1798.

Betsey, and Zenas studley, int.July20,1799.

Sylvanus, and Eunice Southgate, Nov.27,1800.

Clark, [Clerk in int.], of Paxton, and Matilda Chase of Worcester, Sept.7,1801.

Thomas, and Sarah Whitney of Ashburnham, int.Sept.3,1802.

Elizabeth, of Worcester, and Jonathan Day, int.Mar.3,1805.

Philip, and Patty Barton, July19,1807.CR*

Antipass, 2d., and Amy Chase of Worcester, int.Feb.10,1808.

Persis, Mrs., and Alpheus Smith, Nov.8,1808.CR

Electa, and Luther Nye of New Braintree, May2,1810.CR

Persis, and William H. Scott,末蔓末, [int.Nov.16] 1811.

Clarissa, and John Thornton, Dec.5,1813.

Charlotte, and Asa Sargent, Dec.19,1813.

Almira, and William Newhall, Aug.30,1818.

Reuben, and Thankfull Carter of Grafton, VT, int.Oct.28,1820.

Slade, and Mary Anthony of Paxton, int.Nov.25,1820.

Benjamin, Jr., and Mercy Anthony of Paxton, int.Mar.21,1822.

Elvira, and George Earle, May28,1822.

George, and Elvira Earle, May28,1822.

Rebecca, [P. in int.], and Joseph Anthony of Paxton, Feb.17,1823.

John P., and Mary W. Straten of Holden, int.Mar.27,1824.

George, [Earle in int.], and Narcissa Earle, Nov.11,1824.

Narcissa, and George Earle, Nov.11,1824.

Benjamin, and Widow Content Chase of Paxton, unt. Feb.5,1826.

John P., and Betsey Wheeler, int.May7,1826.

Narcissa, and John Man of Hubbardston, May5,1829.

Amey, and Nathan D. Bond, Nov.8,1829.

William B., and Hannah S. Humes, int.June9,1833.

Caroline M. Earle, and Samuel Boyden of Millbury, May4,1835.

Pheby, [Phebe W. in int.], and John W. Bradbury, May6,1835.

Amos S., and Hannah Carpenter, Apr.25,1838.

Susan A., and John Ball, Aug.28,1842.

Charles, and Jane Shepherd, Apr.10,1843.

Jonathan, [s.Benjamin and 末末望, and Augusta P. Bigelow, May31,1843.

Timothy, [s.Silas and Rachel], and Ann Newton of Worcester, Sept.6,1843.

Nathaniel P., [s.Jonah and Elizabeth, a.50], and Rachel A. Howard, Aug.30,1848.

Charlotte, [d.Charles and Charlotte, a.18], and Charles T. Ewell, July3,1849.


Benjamin, and Abigell Newhall, int.Dec.末,1734.

Elizabeth, and John Whittemor, May9,1750.

Nathan, and Elisabeth Richardson, int.Nov.24,1751.

Robert, and Hepzibeth Johnson of Worcester, Mar.23,1756. In Worcester.

George, and Mary Backer of Shewsbury, int.Apr.10,1757.

Newhall [Newell in int.], and Rachel Stodard, Feb.21,1759.

Thomas, and Hannah Waitt, Jan.22,1761.

Thaddeus, and Dorothy Shaw, int.Mar.9,1774.

Joel, and Persis Wilson of Paxton, int.Aug.31,1782.

Joel, and Persis Witt, Nov.28,1782.


Sarah, and William Frink, May3,1772.*

Mary, and Thomas Gates, both of Worcester, Mar.3,1789.*

EDDY (Eady, Edy)

Abigail, and David Briant, int.Oct.21,1784.

Amey, and William Warren of Paxton, int.Sept.8,1791.

Parly, Capt., and Hannah Nichols, both of Oxford, June27,1804.*

Silas, of Oxford, and Elizabeth B. Ward, int.Nov.12,1814.

Leonard, and Isabella Newwton of Worcester, int.Oct.2,1841.


Benjamin, of Charlestown, and Laura Sprague, Nov.21,1808.CR


Thomas, Jr., of Charleston, and Roxa Sprague, Oct.21,1805.


Asenath, of Northampton, and Jossiah Clark, int.Oct.20,1811.

Henry, and Adeline P. Whittemore, May6,1840.

Lydia C., of Millbury, and Anderson Holman, int.Feb.27,1842.

EDY (Eddy)

Ruth, of Oxford, and John Hart, int.July10,1762.

Ruth, and Elisha Lawrence, Mar.30,1775.


William, of Worcester, and Achsah Trumbell, Apr.4,1815.

ELENWOOD (Ellinwood)

Sarah, of Brimfield, and Marke Bond, int.Nov.30,1755.


George W., and Clarissa W. Simmons, Mar.30,1840.

ELLECE (Ellis)

Benjamin, and Dorcas Smith, int.June2,1751.

ELLINWOOD (Elenwood)

Thomas, of Brimfield, and Lucy Smith, int.Apr.23,1784.


Anna, and David Watson, Jan.31,1799.CR

Samuel Dwight, and Sally Watson of Spencer, int.Apr.21,1802.

Susannah, and Arnold Lamb of Spencer, May26,1803.

Joseph, Jr., and Polly Wheeler of Grafton, int.May6,1808.

Catherine, and Oliver Kimball of Grafton, May3,1810.CR

Elizabeth A., and Horace C. Watson, Apr.23,1835.

Harriet, of Sutton, and Stephen Draper, Jr., int.June7,1840.

Susan, of Sutton, and Millen Rockwood, int.May4,1843.

Joseph D., Dr., and Sarah M. Hayward of Grafton, int.Nov.12,1849.

ELLIS (Ellece)

Dorcas, and Jonathan Green of Northborough, Sept.3,1767.

Eliza, and John D. Nicholas, Jan.21,1834.

Nathan B., of Worcester, and Harriet H. Sprague, iny.Dec.11,1846.


Harriet, of Norwich, VT, and Edwrad Flint, int.Sept.9,1817.

Thomas, and Eliza Bartlett of Ward, int.Nov.13,1829.

EMES (Eames)

Rachel, of Framingham, and Ruchard Gleesen, Jr., int.July18,1761.


Mary, of Simsbury, CT, and Phinehas Segeant, int.Nov.13,1766.


Fanny B., of Paxton, and George Brown, int.Mar.26,1847.

Marion M., [d.Jonas and Sarah D., a.24], and Dr. Charles W. Whitcomb, Nov.22,1848.


Ebenezer, of Rutland, and Harriet Watson, Sept.29,1805.*


Charles, T., [a.25], and Charlotte Earle, July3,1849.

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