Hannah, w.Nathaniel,末蔓末,1754, a.45.DR

Joanna, w.Nathan,末蔓末,1771.DR

Nathaniel, Dec.29,1791, a.91.DR

Asa, Maj., Feb.25,1814, a.54.

Joseph, Jan.末,1815, a.31.

Nahum, Oct.20,1816, a.40.

Nathan, Dec.12,1818, a.77.

Phebe, w.Samuel, June26,1819, a.54.DR

末末, wid.Phineas, July11,1824, a.64.

末末, ch.Edwin, Dec.22,1825, a.3 hours.

Lucretia, Apr.12,1826, a.29y.7m.10d.

Laura, d.Phinehas, Apr.25,1833, a.4 1 1/2m.

Azubah, w.Edwin, May2,1837, a.33.

末末, ch.John, Feb.26,1838.

Alonzo, s.Nelson, Sept.6,1841, a.4.

末末, w.Edwin, Mar.27,1842, a.28.

Rebecca, wid.Asa, Apr.11,1843, a.80. Old age.

Elmer P., s.Elmer, Aug.27,1843, a.22. Lung fever. Student at Academy.

Samuel, s.Nathaniel and Elizabeth, Mar.23,1847, a.96y.11m.Old age.

Hannah, w.Nathan, Mar.25,1847, a.96y.5m.Old age.

William, s.David, Sept.3,1847, a.1. Bowel complaint.


Farnum S., s.Caleb, Jan.29,1814, a.3m.DR

末末, ch.Caleb, Dec.31,1816, a.7m.


末末, w.Calvin, Feb.1,1801.DR

Harry, July9,1824, a.42.

Isabella, wid., Aug.7,1841, a.54.

Florence, d.William, Dec.20,1844, a.15m.DR


Nelson, s.George and Lydia, Aug.25,1848, a.8m.Dysentery.


Edward, Mar.16,1833, a.34.DR


Lydia, d.Ebenezer and Lydia, Aug.7,1748.

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Lydia, Feb.13,1753.

末末, ch.Amasa, Jan.7,1817, a.25m.

末末, ch.Elijah, Jan.8,1819, a.1 1/2.

Adeline, d.Amasa, Aug.16,1819, a.7w.

末末, ch.Joseph, Mar.2,1821, a.11d.

末末, ch.Jonathan Jr., July15,1821, a.11m.

Sarah, June16,1823, a.21.

Amasa, Oct.22,1826, a.36.

Jonathan, Jan.26,1827, a.76.DR

Catherine, July17,1828, a.24.

Amasa, s.Jonathan, Aug.27,1837, a.9.

Mary, w.Jonathan, Sept.7,1841, a.44.

Elijah, July18,1843, a.84. Old age.

Marshall A., s.Leander and Sarah, Oct.11,1845, a.2y.1m.26d.Croup.



Hannah J., w.Joseph,末蔓末,1780, a.87.DR

Mary, w.Col. Seth, Sept.16,1787, a.58.DR

Seth, Col., Feb.12,1794, a.70.DR

Joseph, Mar.27,1807, a.52.

Abigail, Mar.11,1816, a.18.

Jacob, June20,1818, a.85.

Ruth, wid., Mar.22,1827, a.62.

Mary Ann, w.Welcome, Dec.6,1843, a.43. Consumption.

Francis, Oct.13,1846, a.73. Epilepsy.


Hannah, w.Capt. William, Aug.5,1813, a.51.PR

末末, ch.Polly, Feb.3,1816, a.16m.

Mary,末蔓末,1830, a.44.

Patience, wid., Oct.3,1848, a.83. Old age.


Johnson,末蔓末,1770, a.29.PR

Samuel, Mar.9,1776, a.78.DR

Margaret, w.Samuel, Aug.6,1780, a.77.DR

Asa, s.Samuel and Ruth, June15,1781.

Unis, d.Benjamin, July10,1784, a.4.DR

Charles Wentworth, Sept.2,1791, a.5.DR

John,末蔓末,1795, a.80.DR

Lydia, w.Ebenezer,末蔓末,1795.DR

Mary,末蔓末,1795, a.70.PR

Sally, Apr.10,1816, a.28.

Samuel Jr., Capt., Feb.10,1818, a.33.

末末, ch.Capt. Samuel Jr., Apr.1,1818, a.4 1/2m.

Samuel, Capt., Oct.8,1818, a.70.

末末, w.Samuel, Sept.19,1821, a.42.

Betsy, Dec.27,1822, a.29.

William, Capt., Apr.13,1828, a.84.

Edwin, June22,1830, a.18.

末末, s.Samuel, Oct.15,1831, a.1.

Benjamin, Dec.5,1831, a.85.

末末, s.Robert, Dec.24,1831, a.1.

Sarah Amanda, Aug.31,1832, a.23.

Ruth, wid.Benjamin, Sept.13,1834, a.25.

Robert, s.Robert, Mar.31,1845, a.23. Consumption.

Edward F., s.Samuel and Sukey, Apr.14,1845, a.26. Consumption.

Sophronia, w.Robert, Jr., Feb.27,1846, a.22.DR

Ruth, wid.Samuel, July24,1849, a.98. Old age. Born in Spencer.

Mary E., w.Samuel, Aug.14,1849, a.63. Paralysis.


Peter, s.Peter, July23,1833, a.5m.DR


末末, Mr., Sept.8,1791, a.scholar.DR


Damon Y., widr., s.Albergene, June6,1847, a.27. Consumption.

WESELY (Westley)

末末, ch.Alexander, Oct.29,1820, a.4m.


Tammy, w.Leader, Feb.8,1840, a.28.

Theodore A., s.Leand and Mary Ann, Sept.13,1848, a.7m.Dysentery.

WESTLEY (Wesely)

Alexander, Dec.12,1828, a.52.

WHEAT (Wheet)

Almira, wid., May15,1848, a.45. Consumption. Born in Brookfield.


Benjamin, July16,1763.


末末, ch.Erastus, July19,1823, a.1.


Amos, Mar.16,1820, a.86.DR

末末, wid.Amos, Oct.19,1823, a.84.

Sally, Sept.28,1829, a.55.

Thomas, Jan.11,1832, a.4.

末末, d.Thomas, Jan.11,1832, a.4.

Thomas (an Irishman), Sept.5,1837, a.44.

Asa, Mar.26,1840, a.77.

WHEET (Wheat)

William, Nov.21,1837, a.22.


末末, s.Alonzo, Aug.8,1835, a.3w.

Sarah, Apr.24,1840, a.27.

John, Sept.23,1841, a.52.

John, s.John, June4,1843, a.28. Scrofula.

末末, wid.末末, Sept.11,1844, a.80. Old age.

Henry, s.John, Nov.6,1844, a.13. Consumption.


Calvin J., Mar.14,1829, a.3.

WHITING (Whitting)

Charles Lowell, s.George and Julia Ann, Feb.14,1835.


Hannah, d.Nathaniel Harwood, Oct.4,1763, a.30, in Templeton.PR


Rebeckah, d.John and Elisabeth, Mar.1,1759.


末末, ch.Joseph, June28,1816, a.8m.

末末, ch.Charles, burnt to death, Nov.24,1818, a.1 1/4.

Dolly, Sept.12,1820, a.53.DR

Asa, Sept.10,1821, a.71.

Morris, s.Amos, Dec.13,1821.

末末, wid.Asa, Feb.17,1822, a.65.

末末, s.Joseph, Mar.8,1826, a.30m.

Mary, w.Amos, Nov.5,1831, a.55.

James, Jan.22,1832, a.69.

Wayland, s.Mercena, Aug.13,1837, a.6.

末末, ch.Marcena, May20,1838, a.4w.

Mary E., d.Marcena, May20,1839, a.4w.DR

Nancy, Aug.31,1840, a.66.

末末, ch.Marcena, Oct.13,1841, a.7m.

Catherine, single, Feb.11,1845, a.73. Found dead in bed.

Susan E., d.Herbert, Aug.15,1847, a.18y.9m.Consumption.

Laura, w.Marcena [bef. May1], 1848, a.38.


William, July28,1847, a.68. Bilious fever.

WHITTING (Whiting)

末末, ch.John L., July18,1840, a.6m.

Mary Ann, w.John L., Aug.22,1840, a.26.


Jeremiah, Mar.15,1829, a.2.


Jacob, Mar.9,1789.PR

末末, ch.David, Aug.8,1825, a.22m.

末末, w.David, Oct.12,1833, a.49.


末末, Mrs., Apr.16,1826, a.62.


Charlotte B., Mrs., Dec.21,1830, a.25.


William Hooper, "a scholar," Aug.17,1838, a.19. Died at E. Jackson's.


Augustus, Nov.25,1832, a.21.

Joseph, June2,1844, a.82. Palsy.


Philena, w.Thomas E., Mar.18,1834, a.25.


George, June9,1826, a.37.

WODDARD (Woodward)

末末, Mrs., Aug.23,1813, a.89.PR

Elias, Oct.13,1813, a.12.PR

末末, ch.Willard, Apr.29,1816, a.3m.

末末, Mrs., July27,1825, a.20.

Asa, Mar.27,1845, a.53. Consumption.

WOOD (Woods)

Theodore Adams, s.Jason, Oct.30,1834, a.4.

Asa, Apr.5,1844, a.75. Lung fever.


John, Mar.22,1814, a.38.

Aram, s.John, July20,1814, a.22m.

Avesta, d.John, Sept.29,1820, a.10.PR

Ruth, wid., Sept.22,1827, a.50.

John Alfred, s.Lucius, Aug.11,1835, a.1.

Mary, w.William, Mar.16,1838, a.33.

Henry Josephus, s.Josephus, Aug.31,1839, a.1.

Sanford, s.William and Almira, July29,1843, a.4. Croup.

John P., s.Lucius and Sarah, Mar.28,1846, a.3y.8m.Dropsy on brain.

Amelia, d.Josephus and Catherine, July10,1846, a.14y.5m.8d.Inflammatory fever.

末末, s.Josephus, Feb.14,1848, a.5 hours.PR

Catherine S., w.Josephus, Feb.22,1848, a.38y.7m.Consumption. Born in Oakham.


Lucy, wid.Asa, July15,1848, a.77. Consumption.

WOODWARD (Woodard)

Asa, s.Asa, Sept.27,1826, a.1.

Charles, s.Asa, Mar.28,1833, a.2.

Charlotte, d.Asa, Apr.24,1833, a.3w.

William, Nov.13,1833, a.60.

Mary, w.Asa, May1,1835, a.38.

Jane, d.Willard, Mar.3,1840, a.8.

William H., s.Chauncey, Jan.2,1847, a.5m.Consumption. Born in Brookline.


Deborah, w.Arad, Aug.16,1848, a.73. Consumption.


John, Dec.6,1812, a.78.DR


Polly, Apr.24,1793.DR

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