WADE (Waide)

Prudence, Mrs., and Thomas Swan of Roxbury, Dec.27,1692, in Charlestown.*

Susanna and Stephen Willis, Dec.18,1698.*

Mercy and John Bradstreet, Oct.9,1699.*

Dorothey and Jonathan Willis, Oct.17,1706.*

Samuell and Lydia Newhall, Oct.17,1706.*

Rebeckah and Zachariah Poole of Reading, Sept.18,1729.* [Rebekah and Zechariah Pool, Sept.18,1730.CR1]

Lydia and Ebenezer Harnden of Malden, Feb.26,1733-4, in Malden.*

Abigail and Thomas Goss of Bolton, Dec.3,1741.*CR1

John and Elizabeth Poole, Jan.22,1766.* [Elisabeth Poole.MR] [Elizabeth Pool.CR1]

John and Rebecca Wade, Apr.5,1794.* [Apr.6.PR2]

Rebecca and John Wade, Apr.5,1794.* [Apr.6.PR2]

Rebecca and James W. Brooks, Feb.22,1819.

John and Sarah b. Usher, Dec.26,1822.

Elizabeth and Nathan Nichols, Dec.12,1824.

Francis of Boston, and Mary Ann Usher, int.Nov.6,1825.

Rufus and Emily A. Rand of Cambridge, May8,1843.

WADSON (Watson)

Mary and Jonathan Bradshow, Apr.17,1722.*

Jonathan and Abigall Bradshaw, Jan.16,1728-9.* [Watson, and Abigail Bradshow.CR1]

William and Abigall Hall, Feb.17,1731.* [Watson, and Abigail Hall.CR1]

WAIDE (Wade)

Samuel and Martha Newhall of Malden, Dec.2,1741, in Malden.*


Lucretia and Frederic H. Bradlee [s.Josiah and Lucy], Apr.12,1831.*PR6

WAIT (Waite, Waitt, Wate, Wayt, Wayte)

Sarah of Malden, and Jonathan Tuffs, Jan.27,1713.*MR

Peter and Abigail Peirce of Woborn, May22,1718.*

Jabez of Malden, and Judith Hill of Malden, Jan.4,1722.*

Stephen of Malden, and Sarah Tufts, Jan.1,1761.* [Waite, and Sarah Tufts.MR] [Wait, and Sarah Tuffts.CR1]

Darius and Mercy Porter, Dec.30,1804.* [Waitt, and Marcy Porter.PR17] [Mary.PR2]

Nehemiah of Cambridge, and Elizabeth Tufts, Oct.12,1806.*

Sarah Loyd and Thomas Symmes, Oct.19,1806.*

Darius and Nancy Bailey, Mar.5,1809.* [Waitt.CR1PR2]

Maria Bradlee and Samuel Ringe of Cambridge, int.Dec.25,1819. [m.Feb.17,1820.CR1] [d.Nathan, m.Feb.17,1820.PR2]

Eliza B. and Jonathan Perkins, int.Apr.13,1823.

Nathan W. [int.Jr.] and Susan Smith, July19,1826. [Susan, d.Elijah and Lydia (Stearns).PR28]

Adeline [int.Adaline] and James O. Curtis, Mar.14,1827. [Adoline Waitt, d.Darius and Marcy (Porter), Mar.14,1826.PR17]

Angeline and Samuel Johnson of Boston, int.Aug.30,1829. [Angelina, m.Sept.16.CR2]

Mary and William Vaughan of Woburn, int.Nov.9,1834. [Nancy and William Vaughn, m.Dec.3.CR2]

Reuben and Fidelia Wilcox of New Bedford, int.Jan.30,1837.

WAITE (Wait, Waitt, Wate, Wayt, Wayte)

Nathan Jr. of Malden, and Phebe Tufts, Oct.15,1757.* [Nathan Waite Jr. of Maldon, and Phebe Tufts.MR] [Nathaniel Wayt and Phoebe Tuffts.CR1]

Jacob and Lucy Frost, Feb.26,1782.* [Wait.MRCR1]

Francis and Rebecca Symmes of Woburn, June5,1794.*

WAITT (Wait, Waite, Wate, Wayt, Wayte)

Kendall B., s.Darius and Nancy (Bailey), and Emily Hodgkins,末蔓末, 末末.*PR17

Thomas A., s.Darius and Marcy (Porter), and Gressy Robinson of NC,末蔓末, 末末.*PR17

Peletiah of Malden, and Mary T. Gould of Malden, Dec.末,1830.*CR2

Mary, d.Darius and Nancy (Bailey), and Lowell Chamberlin, Jan.6,1836.*PR17

Martha and George T. Goodwin, Oct.14,1840. [Martha, d.Darius and Nancy (Bailey).PR17]

Sarah A. of Stoneham, and William H. Waitt, int.Sept.30,1848.

William H. and Sarah A. Waitt of Stoneham, int.Sept.30,1848.


Elizabeth and Peter Connary, June9,1777.* [Wakefield, and Peter Conorey.MR] [Wakfield, and Peter Connery.CR1] [Connery.PR2]

Charlotte H. 22, spinster, of Boston, d.Oliver and Abigail, and Hiram Deluce, 25, ship joiner, of Boston, s.John and Lucy, Feb.3,1845.*


Samuel and Elizabeth Miriam, May1,1787.*


Abigall, and Andrew Hall, 末末 末, 末末.*[By 1723]

Elizebeth and John Hall, Apr.27,1720.*

Ruth and Samuel Teal Jr., Nov.5,1772.*

John and Mary Teele, Nov.18,1790.* [Teel.CR]

Betsey and Joseph Church, Feb.20,1803.*

William and Nancy Church, Sept.18,1803.*

Mary and George Walker of Sutton, NH, Feb.12,1804.*

George of Sutton, NH, and Mary Walker, Feb.14,1804.*

John and Elizabeth [int.Elisabeth] Pratt, Sept.1,1816.

Benjamin and Nancy True, Mar.2,1824.

Rebecca and Edward Winslow [int.Jr.] of Charlestown, May9,1831. [May1.CR1]

Ann, Mrs., of Charlestown, and Francis Ewell, int.Jan.11,1840.

Charles Henry and Rebecca Ann Morse of Boston, int.Oct.9,1844.


John and Ann Hayes, Nov.19,1786.*

Susan of Lowell, and Chandler Dane, int.Sept.14,1838.


Thomas W., of Boston, and Lydia Gray, Nov.15,1810.* [Nov.5. dup.; Nov.15.CR1PR2]

Richard of Boston, and Lucy Tidd, May5,1818.


Jacob and Emeline Hastings, int.Dec.12,1849.


Sarah of Andover, and Isaac Blanchard, int.Oct.19,1823.


Eliza and John Lemist [dup. Lemest] of Roxbury, Oct.8,1809.* [Lemest.CR1] [Lemist.PR2]

Susan and Robert W. [int.Wormstead] Trevett of Lynn, May31,1813.

Aaron, Rev., and Mary Hardy of Haverhill, int.May18,1828.

Sophia E. of Lowell, and William Seaver of Lowell, Feb.23,1841.*

WARREN (Warrin)

Isaac and Ruth Hall, Nov.19,1741.*CR1

Isaac Jr. and Abigail Brooks of Woburn, Oct.29,1772, in Woburn.*

Elizabeth and Isaac Warren of Weston, Sept.10,1783.* [Elizabeth.MR]

Isaac of Weston, and Elizebeth Warren, Sept.10,1783.* [Elizabeth.MR]

Alden of Groton, and Harriet A. Brooks, Nov.18,1841.

WARRIN (Warren)

Isaac and Elizabeth Reeves, Oct.3,1754.* [Warren.MRCR1]

WATE (Wait, Waite, Waitt, Wayt, Wayte)

Nathan and Sarah Lloyd Fulton, July26,1785.* [Waite, and Sarah Flyod Fulton.MR] [Waite, and Sarah Lloyd Fulton.CR1]


Elizabeth of Providence, and Edwin Belomy, int.Dec.10,1826.

Ebenezer of Duxbury, and Sarah P. Rogers, Dec.3,1835.

Anthony of Scituate, and Nancy F. Tufts, Nov.26,1840.

Otis F., 24, carpenter, s.Anthony and Lydia, and Mary Gleason, 19, d.Joseph and Sarah, Nov.26,1846. [Mary, teacher.CR1]


Mary and Andrew Blanchard, Sept.14,1786.*

WATSON (Wadson)

Rebeckah of Cambridge, and William Willis, June23,1709, in Cambridge.*

Mary and Capt. James Hall, Mar.27,1760.*

Abigail and Samuel Angier, Apr.29,1762.* [Mrs.Abigail.MR]


Mary of Woburn, and Archabald Knox, Feb.7,1744.*CR1

Rachel of Chelsea, and William Leverit, Apr.12,1759, in Chelsea.*

Nancy Jane, "young," of Malden, and James Bartlett, "young," of Malden, Mar.16,1844.*CR1


Deborah, 25, [int.of Roxbury], d.John and Jane, and Daniel T. [T., written in pencil] Clarke, 27, farmer, Oct.23,1845.


Lois of Lexington, and Jonathan Anthony, Mar.6,1777, in Lexington.*

WAYMON (Wyman)

Sollomon of Wobarn, and Mary Peirce of Wobarn, June9,1725.*

WAYT (Wait, Waite, Waitt, Wate, Wayte)

Elizabeth and John Leathe, Nov.10,1741.*CR1

WAYTE (Wait, Waite, Waitt, Wate, Wayt)

Eunice of Malden, and Noah Floyd, June29,1762, in Malden.*

WEATHERBEE (Wetherbee)

Eliphalet S. and Eliza M. Pike of Danvers, int.Nov.13,1848.

WEBBER (Weber)

Benjamin and Susannah Whitmore, Sept.6,1727.*CR1

Mary and Joseph White of Lexington, Jan.1,1735.*CR1

Susannah and Christopher Page of Bedford, Feb.2,1742, in Bedford.*

Martha and John Hosmer of Boston, Aug.29,1750.* [Hosme.MR]

James and Sarah Fowle, Dec.13,1757.*

Josiah and Elizabeth Eustice of Chelsea, Dec.29,1793, in Chelsea.*

WEBER (Webber)

Jonathan and Mary Whitmore, Aug.19,1725.*


Sally of Haverhill, and Josiah Burroughs, Sept.14,1789, in Haverhill.*


Samuel of Portland, and Maria Condy, Nov.2,1815.

WELLINGTON (Willington)

Isaac and Mary W. Jacobs of Littleton, int.Oct.31,1824. [Isaac, of Lexington, b. Lexington, s.Benjamin and Martha, and Mary Wilder Jacobs, b. Littleton, d.Braddock (b. Scituate) and Sarah (Hearsey), m.末蔓末 [1823, written in pencil].PR43]


Abraham and Rebecca Pearson, May17,1781.* [Abraham.MR] [Abram.CR1]

Eliza A. and John Stetson, Apr.14,1840.


Henry and Elizabeth Edson of Plymouth, NH, Aug.6,1826.


Thomas of Charlstown, and Abigail Oakes, Apr.2,1747.* [Apr.12.MR] [Welch, and Abigail Oaks.CR1]

Mercy of Charlestown, and Jonathan Hall, Mar.23,1754, in Charlestown.*

Samuel of Charlestown, and Eleanor Ireland of Charlestown, Mar.11,1788.*

Elizabeth of Woburn, and John Wyman of Woburn, May29,1805.*


Ruth B. of Taunton, and George Paul, int.June10,1849.


Wyman, and Mary Usher, Nov.23,1800.*

Hellen of Peterborough, and Thomas Floyd, int.Oct.12,1823.

Mary and Joseph True, int.Oct.12,1823.

John 3d of Reading, and Mrs.Charlotte Hawkes, int.Nov.12,1842.

Samuel F., 25, caulker, s.Galen and Judith, and Mary M. Cushing, 23, d.Bela and Hannah, Dec.4,1848.

WETHERBEE (Weatherbee)

Maria and Charles Caldwell, Nov.13,1835.


Joshuay, and Elesebath Edey, both of Watertown, Feb.5,1719.*

WHEELER (Wheler)

Isaac of Malden, and Polly Blanchard of Malden, Oct.24,1790.* [Polly, d.Hezekiah.PR2]

John B. and Hannah Adams, May18,1797.*

Miriam and John Shaw, Apr.20,1806.*

John and Sally Tufts, Dec.29,1813.

John and Nancy Hall of Charlestown, May29,1816.

Hannah and Joseph Wyman of Cambridge, int.Jan.7,1821.

Nancy H. and Joel B. Butterfield, May8,1836.

Elizabeth W. and Edward L. Heath, July3,1836.

Abner B., Dr., of Boston, and Caroline S. Harris of Boston, Oct.26,1836.*

Charlotte and Hiram Heath, int.June2,1842.

Charlotte and John G. Brooks, Nov.30,1843.

Susan B. [int.R.], 16, d.John and Mary, and Walter C. Hanscomb, 22, painter, s.John B. and Sarah Ann, Nov.28,1844.

WHEELRIGHT (Wheelwright)

Joseph and Sally Holt of Boston, Apr.11,1793.* [Wheelwright.PR2]

WHEELWRIGHT (Wheelright)

Theodore of Boston, and Susanna Albree, June22,1749.* [Wheelwright.MR] [Wheelright.CR1]

Susanna and John Pratt of Chelsea, Dec.6,1753.* [Wheelwright, and John Pratt.MR] [Wheelright, and John Prat.CR1]

WHELER (Wheeler)

Mary Foster [dup. Wheeler] and Nathan Tufts Jr., Sept.10,1812.* [Wheeler.CR1]


Joseph of Lexington, and Mary Webber, Jan.1,1735.*CR1

Sarah and Broddyll Smith of Weston, Feb.23,1763, in Weston.*

Warren of Boston, and Abigail Gates, Dec.9,1817.

John Thomas and Cynthia McCluer of Merrimac, int.Mar.4,1821.

John T. and Mary Chadburn, Sept.17,1840. [Chadborn.CR2]

Frances of Charlestown, and Amory P. Hartshorn, int.Nov.12,1840.

Mary W., 25, d.Nathan, and William Matten, 27, shoemaker, of Woburn, s.John, July10,1844 [sic, int.Aug.1]. [Mattin, Sept.5.CR1]

Sarah of Charlestown, and George Nichols, harness maker, s.William [written in pencil] and Judith, Jan.31,1847.

Mary H., d.John T. and w., and Elbridge B. Hartshorn, harness maker, s.Amory and Emily, Apr.6,1849.


Jarius [Jairus.int.], of Boston, and Ellen Moore Braisdell [Brazedill. int.], Mar.31,1825.


Samuel and Dorothy Fowle, Dec.16,1765.* [Whitmarsh.MR] [Whitmash.CR1]

WHITMORE (Whittemore, Whittmore)

Sary and Nathaniell Francis, May16,1723.*

Mary and Jonathan Weber, Aug.19,1725.*

Susannah and Benjamin Webber, Sept.6,1727.*CR1

Rachall and Ebeneser Tufts, Feb.17,1731.* [Rachel Francis [Francis, written over Whitmore] and Ebeneser Tuffts.CR1]

Elesebath and Thomas Phillebrown, Mar.30,1732.* [Elizabeth.CR1]

Francis and Mary Hall, Jan.1,1739.*CR1

Martha and John Skinner of Charlestown, Dec.22,1743.*CR1

William and Mary Brooks, Oct.1,1747.* [William Whitmore, A.M.CR1]

Mary and Nathan Blodged of Cambridge, Apr.27,1775, in Cambridge.*


Susannah of Weston, and Israel Mead, May14,1778, in Weston.*

Moses of Boston, and Sophia Cutter, Oct.27,1816.

Clarissa and Joseph Clefton Jr., int.Oct.31,1824. [m.Dec.2.CR2]

Martha Ann, 20, of Waltham, and Richard Dickson [int.Dixon], 25, carpenter, s.Margaret and Samuel, Apr.8,1847.


Betsey [int.Whitaker] and Jacob Wolstenholme [int.Walstenholme], Oct.10,1847.

WHITTEMORE (Whitmore, Whittmore)

Abiel of Charlestown, and Richard Sprague, Dec.25,1722, in Charlestown.*

Elizabeth of Cambridge, and Ebenezer Brooks, Mar.31,1796, in Cambridge.*

WHITTMORE (Whitmore, Whittemore)

Martha and Josiah Johnson of Woburn, Jan.24,1705, in Woburn.*


Elizabeth and John Fraser, int.Aug.18,1816.

WIER (Wyer)

Daniel and Fanny Usher, Dec.23,1798.* [Weir.PR2]

Henry and Rachel McCluer of Merrimack, NH, int.May20,1826.


Sarah J. and Henry M. Buxton, May15,1849.*PR21


Eliza Ann, 22, d.David and w., and Alfred Stephens, 26, painter, s.William and Maria, Oct.26,1847.


Fidelia of New Bedford, and Reuben Wait, int.Jan.30,1837.


Silas and Ruth Reed, Mar.29,1812, in Braintree.*PR8

George W. and Eliza [int.Elizabeth] M. Otis, June3,1840. [Elizabeth M.CR2]

Silas F. and Lucy D. Smith of Bedford, int.Oct.8,1843. [m.Oct.26.CR1]

Ellen R., 20, d.Silas and Ruth, and Elijah Sampson, 26, shipwright, s.Thomas and Mary, June13,1849.


Sarah Emeline, 18, of Malden, d.Andrew and Lewis, and Ezra Vinton Sprague, 20, shoemaker, of Stoneham, s.Timothy and Louisa, Nov.15,1846.*

WILLEY (Willy)

Mary of New Durham, NH, and Moses Hamilton, int.Sept.20,1837.

John and Catharine Danforth of Hillsborough, NH, int.Mar.19,1842.

Reuben 27, laborer, s.Isaac and Charlotte, and Eliza Hunnewell, 26, d.Andrew and Dorothy, Dec.31,1848.

Martha Jane and Joseph C.S. Bartlett, int.May30,1849.


Gershom Jr. and Lucy Ingols of Charlestown, Apr.22,1703, in Charlestown.*

Samuell of Charlstown, and Susanah 末末 of Malden, Dec.19,1719.*

Mary of Ipswich, and Joseph Russell, Dec.29,1731, in Ipswich.*

Elizabeth and William Addiscott, Sept.2,1776.* [Elisabeth Jr.MR] [Elizabeth Jr.CR1]

Ebenezer and Hannah Peirce, Sept.20,1784.*

Hannah and Joseph Tufts of Charlestown, July11,1802.* [Mrs.PR2]

Thomas of Cambridge, and Judith Holmes, July17,1825.*

Rebecca of Methuen, and thomas A. Floyd, int.Apr.19,1835.

Susan, 22, d.William and Ann, and John Peterson, 22, stonecutter, s.Benjamin and Chloe, Sept.30,1849.

WILLINGTON (Wellington)

Maria and Josephas [int.Josephus] Johnson, Nov.18,1819. [Wellington, and Josephas Johnson.PR2]

James and Sussanna Jacobs of Littleton, int.Oct.20,1820. [James Wellingtom, of Lexington, b. Lexington, s.Benjamin and Martha, and Lusanna Jacobs, b. Scituate, d.Braddock (b. Scituate) and Sarah (Hearsey), m.末末 末[1821, written in pencil].PR43]


Stephen and Susanna Wade, Dec.18,1698.*

Abigaill and William Pattin, Jan.3,1700-1.*

Hannah and Peter Seccomb, Feb.25,1702-3.*

Mary and Thomas Gardner, June20,1704.*

Jonathan and Dorothey Wade, Oct.17,1706.*

Stephen and Martha Boardman of Cambridge, Sept.30,1708, in Cambridge.*

William and Rebeckah Watson of Cambridge, June23,1709, in Cambridge.*

John and Mary Tufts of Charlestown, May30,1710, in Charlestown.*

Benjamin and Ruth Bradshoe, Feb.10,1713-14.MR [Dea.Benjamin and Ruth Bradshaw.PR1]

Mary and Benjamin Parker, Apr.22,1714.*MR

John and Rebekah Tuffts, Apr.17,1717.*MR

Easter of Charlstown, and Nathan Hayward of Lanckester, June20,1723.*

Stephen and Elizabeth Bradshow, Nov.12,1741.*CR1

Stephen and Mary Jones of Concord, Dec.29,1757, in Concord.*

Mary and Isaac Jones of Weston, Mar.4,1762.*

John and Elizabeth Jones of Weston, Mar.4,1777, in Watertown.*

George E. and Margaret B. Frost of Framingham, int.Apr.2,1842.

Charlotte E. of Chelsea, and Silas A. Nash, int.Oct.31,1842.

George E. and Sarah E. Vinall of Woburn, int.Dec.6,1845.

Thomas and Susanna Hall, Jan.26,11703-4.*

WILLSON (Wilson)

Deborah of Cambridge, and John Perry of Cambridge, Oct.28,1719.*

Tabitha of Malden, and Benjamin Parker, June23,1768, in Malden.*

Mary [int.Wilson] and Charles James, Dec.11,1823.

WILLY (Willey)

Hannah of Stoneham, and George Ross, Nov.末,1761, in Stoneham.*

Hannah of Stoneham, and Loveman Buel, int.Jan.14,1821. [Hunnah and Loveman Buell, m.Feb.8.CR1] [Willis and Loveman Buell, m.Feb.8.PR2]

James and Sally Wilson, int.Mar.11,1821. [m.Apr.8.CR1PR2]

WILSON (Willson)

Miles and Elizabeth Martin, May26,1796.*

Sally and James Willy, int.Mar.11,1821. [m.Apr.8.CR1PR2]

Elizabeth, wid., [int.omits wid.], and Samuel Teel [int.Sr.], June5,1836.

William W. and Rhoda P. Gilman, int.May17,1846.


James C. and Mary A. Hanson, int.Aug.19,1848.


Samuel of Cambridge, and Mary Powter, Apr.12,1687, in Cambridge.*

Elisabeth and Francis Lock, Feb.25,1713.*MR

Mary, Mrs., of Charlstown, and Benjamin Sweet of Charlston, Jan.23,1734-5.*

Hannah of Lexington, and Richard Francis, Mar.20,1760, in Lexington.*

Elizabeth of Charlstown, and Zechariah Symmes of Charlstown, July28,1761.* [Elisabeth of Charlestown, and Zachariah Symmes of Charlestown.MR]

Susanna of Charlstown, and Jonathan Brooks of Charlstown, Aug.17,1762.*

Samuel and Lucy Hall, Dec. [crossed out] 17,1768.* [Nov.17.MRCR1]

Isaac and Sarah Fessenden of Lexington, Mar.4,1773, in Lexington.*

Henry and Mary Chadwick of Charlestown, May20,1784.*

Isabel and Joseph Tyzick, Sept.20,1784.*

William Jr. of Cambridge, and Sally Harriden of Charlestown, Oct.11,1784.*

Moses and Nabby Connery, Apr.19,1796.*


Edward [int.Jr.] of Charlestown, and Rebecca Walker, May9,1831. [May1.CR1]

Nancy of Boston, and Edwin Morton, of Boston, Apr.16,1843.*


Daniel of Cambridge, and Lydia Tufts, Nov.1,1770.* [Wiswall, and Lydia Tufts.MR] [Wiswal, and Lydia Tuffts.CR1]


Eliza and Martin Burridge, Sept.8,1816.

Lydia and Jonas W. Prentiss, Nov.7,1833. Sally and Joseph Gleason, May28,1826.

Henry Jr. [int.omits Jr.] and Eunice Blanchard, Dec.25,1827. [Henry Jr.PR11]

Henry, widr.[int.omits widr.], 48, baker, s.Henry and Martha, and Eliza Ann Symmes, 39, d.Thomas and Sarah, Nov.15,1848.


Jacob [int.Walstenholme] and Betsey Whittaker [int.Whitaker], Oct.10,1947.

WOOD (Woods)

Ruth of Woburn, and Benjamin Nutting, Mar.3,1742, in Woburn.*

Asa and Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.] Lucy Blanchard, Oct.15,1835. [Mrs.Lucy.CR2]

Maria M. and Abram D. Tasker, int.Aug.21,1840.


James Trask of Bath, NH, and Augusta Porter, May31,1827. [Augusta, d.Jonathan and Phebe (Abbot).PR16]

Benjamin of Malden, and Sarah Denning of Malden, Sept.6,1840.*

Israel and Huldah [int.adds L.] Ewell, Nov.19,1840.

Caroline of Andover, and Samuel Simonds of Andover, Dec.29,1842.*


Nancy B. and Sylvester Merrell of Andover, int.Apr.1,1837. [Merrill, m.Apr.27.CR2]

James M. Jr. and Harriet A. Mansfield of Lynn, int.Mar.14,1846.

Christiana A. of Andover, and William Farrell, int.Jan.3,1847.


Hiram and Rebecca L. Hopkins of Hampden, ME, int.Aug.24,1849.

WOODS (Wood)

Phebe of Groton, and James Tufts, Oct.25,1733, in Groton.*


Daniell and Elizabeth Dana, Jan.14,1679.*


Henry and Catherine Mead of W. Cambridge, int.Nov.9,1823.


Lydia, Indian, of Chelsea, and Pompey Brooks, negro, Nov.22,1796, in Chelsea.*

WRIGHT (Right)

James and Elizabeth Pattin of Cambridge, May7,1702, in Cambridge.*

Sarah of Obron, and Isaac Hill of Woodstock, May20,1719.*

Betsey and Thomas Pease, Mar.31,1803.*

Charlotte and Benjamin Moore, int.May13,1827. [m.May29.CR2]

Caroline and John T. Barker, Feb.23,1840.

Stephen and Ruth P. Sampson of Scituate, int.July10,1840.

Sylvester and Huldah Louise [int.Hulda Louisa] Guire, Mar.25,1843.

Fanny, 39, of Woburn, d.Lucretia, and Josiah Converse, widr., 56, grocer of Woburn, s.Martha, May19,1844.*


Elizabeth of Stonehanm, and Charles Jackson, Apr.末,1761, in Stoneham.*


Elizabeth and Williama Cheney, June19,1828.

Joseph W. [int.G.] and Caroline Bates of Hanover, May30,1836.

Lucretia P. and George E. Harrington of Boston, Oct.19,1843.

WYER (Wier)

Thomas of Charlston, and Sarah Francis, Mar.8,1766.*

WYMAN (Waymon)

Katharine of Woburn, and William Tufts, Feb.28,1732-3, in Woburn.*

Ruth of Charlstown, and Samuel Shepard of Haverhill, May20,1752.*

James and Susanna Cutter, Mar.18,1756.* [Susanna.MR] [Susannah.CR1]

Elizabeth of Woburn, and Philemon Russell, June28,1764.* [Elisabeth and Philemon Russell.MR] [Elizabeth and Philemon Russel].CR1

Nathan and Catharine Tufts, July2,1772, in Woburn.*

Rhoda and Daniel Tufts Jr., May25,1786.*

Joshua and Susanna Francis of Beverly, May28,1791, in Beverly.

Lydia and Caleb Brooks 3d, Apr.8,1797, in Woburn.*

Martha of Charlestown, and Timothy Symmes, Apr.25,1799 [1799, written in pencil].* [1799.CR1PR2]

Phebe of Woburn, and Caleb Brooks Jr., Nov.20,1800.*

Zacheus and Abigail Brooks, Dec.14,1800.* [Abigail, d.Capt. Caleb.PR2]

John of Woburn, and Elizabeth Welsh of Woburn, May29,1805.

Susan and James Gilchrist of Salem, June10,1805.*

Seth and Susanna Brooks Usher, Apr.26,1810.* [Susannah.CR1]

Mary H. and John Dickson, Nov.5,1815.

James and Mary Gill, July6,1817. [Polly.PR2]

Susannah [int.Susanna] Brooks and Benjamin Pratt Jr., Sept.27,1818.

Oliver and Eliza Mansise, Mar.23,1819.

Joseph of Cambridge, and Hannah Wheeler, int.Jan.7,1821.

Joseph Jr. and Esther L. Blanchard, int.Mar.18,1821. [m.Apr.15.CR1]

Jonathan and Sary Merrifield, int.Mar.25,1821. [Sarah, m.Apr.12.CR1]

Samuel E. of Woburn, and Jane Kinsman, int.Nov.2,1828. [m.Nov.20.CR2]

William and Mary R. Harrington, int.Apr.5,1829. [m.Apr.26.CR2]

William of Charlestown, and Mary W. [int.B.] Lapham, June6,1833. [Mary W.CR1]

Walter of Woburn, and Mary H. Rowley, May3,1841.

Nancy M., 23, of Woburn, d.Abel and Maria, and Josiah Parker, 24, carriage maker, of Woburn, s.Josiah and Abigail, Jan.26,1847.*

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