SABLES (Savel, Savells, Savels)

Thomas of Malden, and Abigail Bradford, int.May13,1827. [m.May30.CR2]

Elizabeth Jane and Elisha Hayden, int.June28,1829. [Elisabeth, m.July末.CR2]

John and Sarah M. Grant of Cambridge Port, int.Feb.27,1841.

Lucy K., 32, d.Thomas and Dolly, and Alexander Totman, 22, farmer, of Scituate, s.Benjamin and Eunice, Apr.26,1848.

SACCOMBER (Seccomb, Seccombe, Secombe)

Ann and Nathanill Larrance, Nov.13,1725.*


Thomas of Dedham, and Sarah Kettle, July31,1764.* [Kettel.MR]

SAMPSON (Samson)

Sarah [int.Samson] and Philip B. Putney, Nov.22,1835.

Harriet [int.adds M.] and Orlander W. [int.H] Tufts, Feb.10,1836.

Benjamin H. and Harriet N. Northey, May31,1838. [Northy.CR1]

Ruth P. of Scituate, and Stephen Wright, int.July10,1840.

Sarah F. of Duxbury, and Jonas Coburn, int.Nov.7,1840.

Eliza P. of Duxbury, and Isaiah H. Lamson, int.May21,1842.

John and Melissa Eaton, Nov.10,1843.

Eden, 25, caulker, s.Miles and Sally S., and Mary Ann Tufts, 31, d.Nathan and Mary, May27,1844.

Sarah, 21, d.Jonathan and Judith, and Albert Delano, 27, caulker, s.Charles and Bethiah, Dec.13,1844.

Betsey Ann, 24, d.Isaiah and Charlotte, and Joseph Brown, 25, distiller, s.Benjamin and Mary, Sept.4,1845.

Mary [int.Samson], 18, d.Miles and Charlotte, and Henry Jones.26, shipwright, s.Lemuel H. and Margaret, May16,1849.

James P., 23, caulker, s.Thomas and Polly, and Lucy Stetson, 20, d.Elisha and Phebe R., May20,1849.

Elijah, 26, shipwright, s.Thomas and Mary, and Ellen R. Wild, 20, d.Silas and Ruth, June13,1849.


Miles and Charlotte Pierce, Apr.11,1925. [Sampson, and Charlotte Peirce, Apr.10.CR1]


Joseph P., 26, yeoman, s.Daniel and Lydia, and Jeanett Perkins, 23, d.Bradbery and Ann, Dec.1,1845.

L. Maria, 21, d.Benjamin C. & Lucinda T., and Talbot T. Fowler, 25, salesman, s.John & Mary S., May16,1849.

SARGANT (Sargeant, Sargent)

John of Charlstown, and Sary Dexter of Molden, May25,1721.*

Elesebath of Charlstown, and John Tufts of Charlstown, Mar.28,1723.*

SARGEANT (Sargant, Sargent)

Elisabeth of Charlestown, and Stephen Sprague, int.Oct.20,1816.

SARGENT (Sargant, Sargeant)

Elizabeth of Malden, and David Newman, Apr.20,1764, in Malden.*

Elizabeth of Malden, and Padeshal Perkins, Oct.19,1764, in Malden.*

Ignatius of Boston, and Henrietta Gray, May7,1835. [Ignatius Esq. of Boston, and Henrietta Gray, d.Samuel Esq. dec'd.CR1]

Benjamin, 23, victualer [int.of Boston], s.Nicholas S. of Haverhill, and Jane Putney, 23, d.William P. of Bradford, NH, Oct.21,1844.


Thomas and Mary Lewis, Apr.21,1841.

SAVEL (Sables, Savells, Savels)

Thomas and Merriam Royall, Dec.3,1773.* [Miriam.CR1]

SAVELLS (Sables, Savel, Savels)

Thomas Jr. and Polly Francis, Dec.22,1799 [1799, written in pencil]. [1799.CR1]

SAVELS (Sables, Savel, Savells)

Margaret and James Bucknam, Feb.12,1778.* [Margarett and James Buckman.MR]

Martha and Benjamin Floyd Jr., Jan.7,1779.* [1799 [sic].MR]

Maria [dup. Miriam] and Benjamin Teel of Charlestown, Mar.18,1810.* [Meriam.CR1PR2]

Meriam (see Maria)


Anna, see Anna Swain.


Benjamin [int.adds P.] of Boston, and Elizabeth Caldwell, June26,1831. [Sawtel.CR1]

John and Mrs.R. [int.Rebecca, omits Mrs.] Steel, Sept.25,1833.

Eliza A.H. [int.Sartell] of Boston, and Edwin Richardson, Mar.2,1834.

Annis E. and Abel French, int.July2,1845.


Elizebeth of Woborn, and Joseph Blogget of Woborn, Dec.16,1718.*

Nathan and Lydia Dyer of Portland, int.Sept.25,1825.

Mary S. and James Pierce, Feb.4,1840.

Elizabeth J. and Rufus Ventriss [int.Ventress] of S. Boston, Feb.18,1841. [Ventress.CR2]

George and Susan Eames of W. Bridgwater, int.Oct.20,1843.

Mary Ann, and David Marshall, widr.[int.omits widr.], 49, farmer, of Malden, Nov.17,1844.

Warren, merchant, of Boston, and Mary E. Fuller, 末末末 [rec. Apr.30,1849] [int.Aug.24,1848] [Mary E., d.Dr. Milton, Sept.28,1848.CR1]

Moses H. and Letitia Crow of Woburn, int.June30,1849.


Elizabeth [Searl, written below in pencil] of Stoneham, and Joseph Teel, Nov.12,1767, in Stoneham.*


Benjamin of Boston, and Susanna Bradshaw, May11,1731.*

Hannah and Jacob Polly, Sept.19,1747, in Watertown.*

Bethiah and John Fisher, "a Seafaring Man. " May27,1762.* [Bethiah Scollery and John Fisk.MR]


Edwin [int.Edward], teamster, and Elizabeth S. Livingston, Oct.28,1849.


Susan of Brookline, NH, and Daniel A. Alexander, int.Jan.3,1840.

William of Lowell, and Sophia E. Warner of Lowell, Feb.23,1841.*

Russell R, of Malden, and Susan C. Ayers, int.Apr.11,1846.


Hariet [int.Harriet] N., 18, d.Moses and Betsey, and Simeon Magoun, 21, caulker, s.Enoch and Betsey, Dec.21,1845.

SECCOMB (Saccomber, Seccombe, Secombe)

Peter and Hannah Willis, Feb.25,1702-3.*

Joseph and Ruth Brooks, Nov.20,1760.* [Brook.MR]

SECCOMBE (Saccomber, Seccomb, Secombe)

Dorothy and Henry Fowle, Mar.6,1738.*CR1

SECOMBE (Saccomber, Seccomb, Seccombe)

Ann and William Pattin, Nov.17,1727.* [Seccombe, Nov.17,1726.CR1]


Samuel B. and Harriet T. Gillmore of Bedford, NH, int.Jan.18,1845.


Joseph D. and Martha A. Powers of Marblehead, int.July15,1845.


John and Miriam Wheeler, Apr.20,1806.*

Alfred B. and Nancy Ann Adams, Jan.30,1843 [dup.末蔓末,1840] [int.Dec.30,1842].

SHED (Shedd)

Zacharias and Lydia Spring, Apr.17,1766.*PR19

Zachariah and Eliza French, Mar.12,1801.*

Thomas and Abigail Greenleaf, Dec.18,1808.*

John and Sarah Tufts, Mar.25,1813.

Judith S. [dup. crossed out, omits S.] and John W. Snow of Charlestown, June8,1818 [dup. crossed out, Sept.8,1816] [int.Apr.26,1818].

Sarah and John Richardson of Canton, Feb.23,1823.

Lydia and James P. Marshall of Boston, int.Nov.19,1826. [Shedd, m.Dec.24.CR2]

Francis Jr. and Mary Ann Frost of Tyngsboro, int.末末 [rec. between Apr.5 and May24,1829].

Eliza B. and Ambrose Tucker of Boston, Apr.11,1832.

Emily Ann and Aaron Travers of Boston, int.Aug.11,1833.

Caroline of Charlestown, and Oliver Russel of Charlestown, Jan.23,1838.*

Matilda O. and Charles Danforth, Dec.25,1838.

SHEDD (Shed)

Kendall B. of Charlestown, and Elizabeth Hatch, Sept.9,1840. [Kendell B.CR2]

SHEPARD (Shephard, Sheppard)

Isaac and Elizabeth Fuller of Cambridge, Dec.31,1702, in Cambridge.*

Samuel of Haverhill, and Ruth Wyman of Charlstown, May20,1752.*

SHEPHARD (Shepard, Sheppard)

Mary Ann and David Crouch of Boston, Oct.18,1832.* [Shepherd.CR1]

SHEPPARD (Shepard, Shephard)

Jacob and Mercy Chickering, Nov.22,1699.*


Japhet, 27, carpenter, s.Amos, and Sarah W. Baker, 24, Jan.19,1845.

Benjamin, widr.[int.omits widr.], 35, shipwright, and Mary D. Barnard, wid.[int.omits wid.] 28, May6,1845.


Samuel L. and Lucy Hall Bradlee [d.Josiah and Lucy], Oct.27,1830.*PR6


George [dup. and correction Schaffenberg] of Boston, and Lydia Ann Ford of Boston, June24,1838.*


Jemimah of Cambridge, and John Hall, Oct.21,1687, in Charlestown.


James of Boston, and Electa Richardson, int.Apr.23,1837.

SIMMONS (Simonds, Symonds)

Hiram and Irein L. Crooker, b. Boston, d.Abner S. and Abigail (Trull), Oct.13,1844, in Boston.*PR37

SIMONDS (Simmons, Symonds)

Ebenezer and Caroline Herrick of Springfield, May21,1778, in Springfield.*

Mary, and Thomas Hadley Jr., Jan.4,1811.* [Jan.20. dup.CR1PR2]

Isaac W. and Rebecca Russell, July15,1818.

Daniel B. and Mary Johnson, int.Mar.6,1825. [Simons, m.Apr.10.CR2]

Rebecca, Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.], and William Hall, Apr.14,1825.

Samuel of Andover, and Caroline Woodbury of Andover, Dec.29,1842.*

Stephen [dup. and int.Symonds] and Ellen [int.adds B.] Clouce, May14,1843.


John and Rebecca Tomlin of Needham, Feb.13,1728-9, in Needham.*


Nathan and Eliza Morton of Lynn, int.Aug.20,1836.

SKINER (Skinnar, Skinner)

Ezra of Norton, and Elezebath Swan of Norton, Jan.8,1724.*

SKINNAR (Skiner, Skinner)

Dorothy and Edward Sprague of Malden, Nov.23,1749.* [Skinner, and Edward Sprague of Maldon, Nov.23.MR] [Skinner, Nov.25.CR1]

Hannah of Charlstown, and Edward Giles, Dec.12,1751.* [Skinner.MRCR1]

SKINNER (Skiner, Skinnar)

John of Charlestown, and Martha Whitmore, Dec.22,1743.*CR1

Mary H. and Ebenezer Davis, Apr.7,1824.

Sewall H. and Roxanna Eaton, Nov.13,1838.

Sarah B. of Charlestown, and Samuel H. Dillingham of Charlestown, Sept.8,1839.*


Elizabeth of Dunstable, and Gilbert Brooks, int.Oct.27,1833.


Mary D. of East Raymond, ME, and Nathaniel Tay, int.Nov.26,1837.

Thankful of Raymond, ME, and Davis Richards, int.Nov.28,1840.

Mary Ann of Pownal, ME, and Oliver Pierce, July3,1842.

Sarah A. [int.Amelia], 22, d.William and Jane, and Alfred Copeland [int.Copland], 25, shipwright, s.John and Sarah D., Nov.8,1849.


Samuel of Boston, and Lucretia Fulton, Oct.13,1805.* [Smallridge.PR2]


Abigail of Charlestown, and Simon Tufts, Oct.28,1725, in Charlestown.*

Hannah and Simon Barjona of Stoneham, Mar.16,1748, in Stoneham.*

Mary and John Clark, Apr.6,1749.*

Josiah of Lexington, and Sarah Francis, Nov.15,1750, in Lexington.* [Sarah [cousin to Mary (Francis), w.William Tuffts].CR1]

Broddyll, of Weston, and Sarah White, Feb.23,1763, in Weston.*

Smith, Ruth of Woburn, and Benjamin Pierce, May24,1768, in Woburn.*

Martha of Woburn, and Samuel Blanchard, Jan.11,1776, in Woburn.*

Adam and Martha Jones, July28,1805.* [Mercy.CR1PR2]

Betsy of Boston, and Gilman Heath, int.Oct.7,1814.

Elizabeth A. and Edmund Symmes, int.Oct.21,1821. [Elizabeth A., m.Nov.15.CR1] [Elizabeth Ann, d.Elijah and Lydia (Stearns), m.Nov.15.PR28]

Susan and Nathan W. Wait [int.Jr.], July19,1826. [Susan, d.Elijah and Lydia (Stearns).PR28]

Mary L. of Enfield, and Edward E. Nash, int.Nov.24,1833.

Noah H. [int.of Biddeford, ME.] and [int.adds Mrs.] Frances B. Griffin, Mar.8,1836.

Edwin of Schaghticoke, NY, and Charlotte A. Buel, June5,1837.

Lydia Maria, d.Elijah dec'd, and John Albert Symmes, June6,1839. [Lydia Moriah and John Albert Symmes, s.John and Pamelia (Richardson).PR24] [Lydia Moriah, d.Elijah and Lydia (Stearns).PR28]

Reuben Jr. of Roxbury, and Elizabeth F. Swain of Roxbury, Dec.31,1840.*

Louisa of Boston, and Asaph Parmelee of Boston, June29,1843.*

Lucy D. of Boston, and Silas F. Wild, int.Oct.8,1843. [m.Oct.26.CR1]

Frances, 26, d.Samuel and Martha, and David Carleton, widr.[int.omits widr.], 34, ship carpenter, s.John and Amny, Nov.17,1844.

Sarah P. of Duxbury, and Samuel Lapham, int.May3,1845.

Elvira C. of Bradford, NH, and Joseph C. Eaton, int.Oct.1,1845.

Thomas L., 45, surgeon, of Orange, NJ, s.James and P., and Harriet Bacon, 28, d.Robert and Mary, July2,1846.

Reuben B., 25, shipwright, s.Jesse and Betsey, and Belinda Tibbetts, 21, d.John and Hannah, Dec.6,1846. [Tibbets.CR2]

Mary B., 33, d.Jonathan and Lydia, and Henry Taylor, widr.[int.omits widr.], 42, shipwright, s.Richard and Lydia, Dec.3,1848.

Theophilus W., 20, shipjoiner, s.Samuel and Mercy, and Elizabeth J. Parsons, 21, d.末末 and Hannah, Aug.23,1849.


John W. of Charlestown, and Judith S. [dup., crossed out, omits S.] Shed, June8,1818 [dup., crossed out, Sept.8,1816] [int.Apr.26,1818].

Judith and John Hardy, int.Oct.28,1827.

Emeline M. and Jerome W. Tileston, June25,1836. [Jerome Warren, June26.CR1]


Richard and Fanny Harrison "late of Hull in Eng.," Oct.18,1795.*

William Henry [int.Snowden], 24, paper hanger, s.William and Mary, and Nancy A. Day, 22, d.Nathaniel and Harriet, July2,1848.


Hannah and Joseph Peirce, Nov.6,1771.*CR1


Ann and Phillip Bizdue, Oct.17,1704.*


Matilda M. of Boston, and John C. Furness, int.Apr.22,1827.


Joseph and Mary Blanchard, Dec.22,1746.* [Mary.MR] [Sarah.CR1]


John [int.Jr.] of Charlestown, and Louise B. Richardson, Jan.15,1843.


Hiram, and Ann Maria Greenough, of Boston, May27 [29?], 1836. [May29.CR1]


Lucy of Pepperell, and Thomas J. Hardy, int.Aug.9,1829.


John and Sylvia Samson Turner, May14,1820. [prob. in Scituate].*PR33

Sylvia T. and Albert H. Butters, May26,1842.

Sarah E., 23, d.John and Sylvia S., and Lorenzo Clisby, 23, machinist, s.John P. and Martha, Oct.22,1846.


Cylene, of Boston, and Phineas Capen, int.Jan.25,1849.


Narcissa of Elliot, and George W. Dwelly, int.Apr.14,1822.


Susan C. of Bedford, NH, and Rufus Merrill, int.Apr.12,1845.


Richard and Abiel Whittemore of Charlestown, Dec.25,1722, in Charlestown.*

Phenias of Molden, and Rebecah Lyens of Molden, Apr.9,1723.*

Jemima of Molden, [and] Joseph Jenkins of Molden, May7,1730.*

Edward of Malden, and Dorothy Skinnar, Nov.23,1749.* [of Maldon, and Dorothy Skinner, Nov.23.MR] [Skinner, Nov.25.CR1]

Richard Jr. and Mary Holland, Mar.24,1752.*

Abihail and Joshua Eustes of Chelsea, May25,1757.* [Abigail.MR] [Abiel.CR1]

Huldah and Jonathan Frothingham of Charlstown, Oct.12,1757.* [Jonathan.MR] [John.CR1]

Richard and Joanna Oakes, Aug.24,1758.* [Oakes.MR] [Oaks.CR1]

Jonathan and Tabitha Burdit of Malden, Apr.8,1762.* [Burditt, Apr.18.MR]

Martha of Malden, and Moses Hall, Nov.28,1775, in Malden.*

Isaac and Rebecca Cutter, Feb.9,1813.*PR9

Stephen and Elisabeth Sargeant of Charlestown, int.Oct.20,1816.

John and Sophia Clark, int.Oct.5,1823.

Lucy A. [int.Amelia] and Christopher [int.Christtpher] Dyer of Boston, Jan.26,1834. [Lucy Amelia, d.Isaac.CR1] [Lucy A., d.Isaac and Rebecca.PR9]

Lidia of Boston, and William Barton of Stoneham, Oct.7,1834.*CR2

Ellen [int.adds G.] and Joshua T. Foster, June12,1836. [Capt. Joshua Turner Foster.CR1] [Eleanor Gowen, d.Isaac and Rebecca.PR9]

Isaac Jr., and Sarah D. Langley of Boston, int.Apr.6,1842. [m.June7.PR9]

Mary M. of Charlestown, and William H. Starr, int.Dec.24,1845.

William C., 22, shipwright, s.Isaac and Rebecca, and Eliza K. Benton, 19, d.Alfred and Sarah, Feb.5,1846. [Feb.4.PR9]

Ezra Vinton, 20, of Stoneham, shoemaker, s.Timothy and Louisa, and Sarah Emeline Wilkins, 18, of Malden, d.Andrew and Lewis, Nov.15,1846.*

Rebecca S., d.Isaac and Rebecca, and Lucius Dow, trader, of Cuttingsville, VT, Dec.28,1847.

Ann, 22, and Simon Hanscomb, widr.[int.omits widr.], 36, shipwright, s.John and Catharine [dup. s.Solon], Jan.16,1848.

Mary Elizabeth, 19, d.William and Mary, and Henry F. Teele, widr.[int.omits widr.], 36, ship joiner, s.Benjamin and Miriam, June14,1848.

Garafilia Mohalby, and Lucius Dow, Dec.12,1849.*PR9


Lydia and Zacharias Shed, Apr.17,1766.*PR19


Charles of Charlestown, and Mrs.Rispah Symmes, int.Nov.4,1826.


Carpenter of Chichester [int.adds Rockingham Co.], NH, and Sarah Adams, Dec.23,1819. [d.Nathan.PR2]

Edward L. of Roxbury, and Harriet Richardson, Jan.1,1826.

Jeremiah P. of Boston, and Elizabeth [int.adds A.] Adams, Nov.25,1835. [Elizabeth, d.Dea.Adams.CR1]

Carpenter, widr.[int.omits widr.], 51, farmer, of Chelsea, and Charlotte G. Taft, wid.[int.Mrs., omits wid.], 26, d.Edward Adams, Oct.30,1844. [Charlotte G. Taft, d.Edward Adams dec'd, in Chelsea.CR1]

Susan K. of Malden, and George E. Adams, int.June12,1847.


Abigail and Daniel Prentice of Grafton, July18,1789, in Grafton.*

Sally of Beverly, and Isaac Blodgett, int.Jan.6,1822.


Amelia Sargent of Gloucester, and Rev. Andrew Bigelow, int.Jan.10,1824.


William H. and Mary M. Sprague of Charlestown, int.Dec.24,1845.


Sarah C., see Sarah C. Curtis.

Luther, Dr., of Newton, and Mary Hall, Dec.20,1798.* [Mary, d.Willis.PR2]

Mathew [int.Matthew] of Lexington, and Abigail Brooks, June10,1819. [Matthew.CR1]

Almy of Framingham, and Nelson Stow, int.Jan.24,1824.

Elizabeth W. of Bedford, and Charles James, int.Nov.20,1831.

George L. and Mary Ann Train, Jan.21,1836. [Marianne.CR2]

Rebecca B. [B., written in pencil] and Nathan A. Adams of Dorchester, Apr.15,1841. [Apr.13.CR1]

George L. and Mary E. Preston of Bangor, ME, int.Sept.20,1843.

Oakman S., Rev. [int.omits Rev.], 29, s.Silas & Hannah S., and Anna J. Grafton, 20, d.Benjamin C. & Anna G., June8,1847.


William and Martha Russell of Woburn, Mar.28,1721, in Woburn.*

STEEL (Steele)

R., Mrs.[int.Rebecca, omits Mrs.] and John Sawtell, Sept.25,1833.

STEELE (Steel)

Susan R. and John A. Cox of Malden, int.June5,1841.


Mary Ann of Poland, ME, and John Norwood, laborer, Jan.1,1845.

STEPHENS (Stevens)

Lemuel Jr., 30, Prof. W.A. Penn, of Pittsburg [int.Pitsburg], PA, s.Lemuel and Sarah S., and Ann Maria Buckminster, 28, d.Nancy, Aug.6,1844.

Alfred, 26, painter, s.William and Maria, and Eliza Ann Wilbur, 22, d.David and w., Oct.26,1847.


Jotham and Harriet James of Scituate, int.Oct.13,1822.

Caleb, Rev., and Julia Ann Merriam of Lexington, int.July29,1827.

George W. and Susan Stone, Sept.4,1831.

John and Eliza A. Wellman, Apr.14,1840.

Hannah M. and Joshua [int.Joseph] Sylvester of Hanover, Dec.7,1841. [Joseph.CR2]

Clara A. of Manchester, NH, and William M. Parker of Manchester, NH, July1,1845.*CR2

Harriet R., d.Jotham & Harriet, and J. Edwin Briggs, shipwright, of S. Boston, s.Jotham & Harriet Cushing O. and Mercy, Dec.25,1846.

Jotham and Harriet, Dec.25,1846.

William Jr., shipwright, and Elizabeth M. Blanchard, d.Aaron, Oct.18,1847. [Nov.25.CR2] [Elizabeth Mansfield, d.Aaron and Eliza (Tufts), Nov.26.PR10]

Lucy, 20, d.Elisha and Phebe R., and James P. Sampson, caulker, s.Thomas and Polly, May20,1849.

STEVENS (Stephens)

Daniel of Amhurst, NH, and Annah Brook, Oct.2,1782.* [Daniel of Amherst, NH, and Anna Brooks.MR] [Dr. Daniel of Amherst, NH, and Anna Brooks.CR1] [Dr., and Nancy Brooks.PR2]

Elizabeth of Charlestown, and Daniel Leverett of Charlestown, Sept.19,1803.* [Elizabith.CR1]

David of New Bedford, and Lydia T. Keen, int.July3,1831. [Keane, m Aug.30.CR2]

Henry of New York City, and Elizabeth P. Bigelow, youngest d.Timothy dec'd, June4,1839.

Sarah P. of Canaan, NH, and Thomas J. Hardy, int.May31,1846.


James and [int.adds Mrs.] Lydia Morrison, Dec.20,1835.


Caroline E. of Andover, and Andrew N. Bean of Andover, Mar.22,1847.*


Abigail of Charlestown, and James Gibbs, Feb.4,1777.* [Stimpson.MR] [Stimson.CR1]

John of Lynn, and Hannah Tufts, int.Oct.1,1820.

Esther and James Eaton of S. Reading, int.Oct.9,1820.

John and Mary E. Larkin of Boston, int.末蔓13,1832.

John and Caroline Lowd of Watertown, int.May14,1836.

Charlotte P. of Charlestown, and Henry H. Jaquith, int.Aug.1,1849.


Eunice and Adoniram Farrar, int.Mar.9,1823.


Seth of Cambridge, and Mary Tufts, Aug.6,1776, in Cambridge.*

Sibble and Joel Adams of Cambridge, Oct.23,1788, in Cambridge.*

Salmon and Susanna Teel, Mar.28,1804.*

Salmon and 末末 Colby of New Boston, int.Nov.22,1829.

Susan and George W. Stetson, Sept.4,1831.

Edward of Lynn, and Elizabeth M. Bryant, Sept.15,1838.

Mary H., see Mary H. Storer.


Mary H. [int.Stone] of Wells, ME, and William Parsons, Dec.6,1841.

Edward of W. Cambridge, and Elmira Pierce, int.May7,1842.


Franklin Howard of Salem, and Elisabeth Gorham Gray, int.Nov.17,1822. [Elizabeth Gorham, m.Dec.2.CR1] [m.Dec.2.PR2]


Nelson and Almy Stearns of Framingham, int.Jan.24,1824.


Abel and Betsy Symmes, int.July28,1814.

Lephe of Worcester, and Marshall Symmes, int.Dec.21,1817. [m.Jan.26,1818.PR26]

Gustavus A. and Sally Hill, int.July15,1827. [m.Aug.9.CR2]

Abby of Worcester, and Marshall Symmes Jr., int.May31,1846. [m.June17.PR26]


Sally and Thomas Calf [int.Celf], Mar.11,1813. [Calf.PR2]

Anna [int.Ann] and Abiel Kimball, Apr.14,1816. [Ann.CR1]

Mary and Sewell [int.Sewall] Pierce, Dec.10,1818. [Sewall.CR1PR2]


Lydia R. of Woburn, and Albert Richardson, int.Mar.18,1832.


Ichabod Jr., of Pembroke, and Sarah T. Keen, Dec.5,1829. [Dec.6. dup.; Kean, Dec.6.CR1]


Margaret G. of Waltham, and George B. Drew, int.May26,1838.

Joan C. and George Ewell, May2,1841.

Andrew and Catherine Meck, int.Oct.24,1848.


Mary of Reading, and John Phipps, int.Mar.27,1814.

Anna [int.Sawin] and John [written in pencil] Michael Kuhn, Oct.7,1817. [Sawin, and John Michael Kuhn.CR1] [Sawin.PR2]

Susan D. of Reading, and Henry Flint, Sept.20,1835.*

Elizabeth F. of Roxbury, and Reuben Smith Jr. of Roxbury, Dec.31,1840.*

Harriet P. of S. Reading, and Joseph P. Hall, int.May24,1845.


Thomas of Roxbury, and Mrs.Prudence Wade, Dec.27,1692, in Charlestown.*

Lydia of Cambridge, and William Manser, Feb.2,1714-15, in Cambridge.*

Elezebath of Norton, and Ezra Skiner of Norton, Jan.8,1724.*

Daniel of Charlstown, and Elizabeth Tufts of Charlstown, Aug.21,1777.*

Samuel of Charlestown, and Hannah Lamson, Mar.5,1778.*

Joseph and Ann Rose, Jan.6,1817.

John of W. Cambridge, and Sarah Jane Fisk of Saugus, Jan.1,1843.*

Samuel of W. Cambridge, and Hannah A. Estabrook of W. Cambridge, July9,1843, in W. Cambridge.

Anne R. and Peter C. Hall, int.Dec.22,1849.


Benjamin of Charlstown, and Mrs.Mary Winship of Charlstown, Jan.23,1734-5.*


Elesebath of Charlstown, [and] William Paine of Charlstown, Nov.6,1722.*

Elesebath, of Charlstown, and Samuell Tufts, Nov.17 [27?], 1722.*

Seth of Malden, and Roxanna Blodget, int.Nov.8,1843.


Charles and Nancy A. Eaton of Reading, int.Jan.22,1832.

Samuel N. and Hannah H. Lane, Jan.8,1834.

Joshua [int.Joseph] of Hanover, and Hannah M. Stetson, Dec.7,1841. [Joseph.CR2]

Perry A. of Boston, and Adeline W. Trefethen of Boston, June16,1842.*


Zechariah of Charlstown, and Elizabeth Winship of Charlstown, July28,1761.* [Zachariah of Charlestown, and Elisabeth Winship of Charlestown.MR]

Rebecca of Woburn, and Francis Waite, June5,1794.*

Elizabeth of Charlestown, and Daniel Reed of Charlestown, Dec.11,1794.*

Elizabeth and Samuel Adams, June26,1796, in Boston.*

Timothy and Martha Wyman of Charlestown, Apr.25,1799 [1799, written in pencil].* [1799.CR1PR2]

John Jr. and Pamelia Richardson, June28,1804.*PR24 [Pamelia, b. Woburn.PR25]

Thomas and Sarah Loyd Wait, Oct.19,1806.*

Josiah and Betsey Johnson, 末y 28,1807.* [May28.CR1PR2]

Nabby and Elias Tufts, May23,1813. [Nobby.CR1]

Betsy and Abel Stowell, int.July28,1814.

Martha and Samuel Russell, Dec.22,1816. [Mrs.PR2]

Marshall and Lephe Stowell of Worcester, int.Dec.21,1817. [m.Jan.26,1818.PR26]

Edmund and Elisabeth A. Smith, int.Oct.21,1821. [Elizabeth A., m.Nov.15.CR1] Elizabeth Ann, [d.Elijah and Lydia (Stearns), m.Nov.15.PR28]

Sally L. and John Howe, int Oct.28,1821. [m.Nov.133.CR1] [Mrs.Sally L., d.Nathan Wait and Sarah Lloyd (Fulton), and John Howe, widr., b. Boston, s.Joseph Jr. and Sarah (Davis), m.Nov.15.PR36]

Sophia and Benjamin Eastman, Oct.10,1825.

Sarah W. and Oliver Bryant of Stoneham [int.of S. Reading], May7,1826.

Rispah, Mrs.and Charles Stackpole of Charlestown, int.Nov.4,1826.

Fanney of Boston, and Isaac Lothrop, int.Jan.13,1833.

Josiah and Sarah Ann Butters, Apr.7,1835.

John Albert and Lydia Maria Smith, d.Elijah dec'd, June6,1839. [John Albert, s.John and Pamelia (Richardson), and Lydia Moriah Smith.PR24] [Lydia Moriah, d.Elijah and Lydia (Stearns).PR28]

George W. and Susan [int.adds Jane] Huffmaster, Nov.13,1839. [Susan Hoffmaster.CR1]

Charles C. [dup. Cary], s.John and Pamelia (Richardson), and Lydia F. [dup. Fletcher] Clark, Nov.10,1840.*PR24 [Lydia Fletcher, b. Tewksbury.PR25]

Abigail and Henry R. [dup. Richardson] Symmes, s.John and Pamelia (Richardson), Mar.23,1842.*PR24

Henry R. [dup. Richardson], s.John and Pamelia (Richardson), and Abigail Symmes, Mar.23,1842.*PR24

Marshall Jr. and Abby Stowell of Worcester, int.May31,1846. [m.June17.PR26]

Sarah J., 39, d.Thomas and Sarah L., and John Hunt, widr.[int.omits widr.], 47, morrocco manufacturer of Roxbury, s.Elisha and Lucy, Oct.25,1846. [Sarah Jane.CR1]

Elizabeth A., 21, d.Edmund and Elizabeth, and Hosea Dunbar, 27, mason, of Boston, s.Cyrus and Sally, Jan.3,1847. [Elizabeth A., d.Edmund dec'd.CR1]

Luther R. and Elizabeth A. Ayer of Charlestown, int.Oct.7,1848. [Luther R. [dup. Richardson], s.John and Pamelia (Richardson), and Elizabeth Ann [sic, dup. and correction Abby] Ayer, m.Nov.1,1848.PR24] [Elizabeth Abby, b. Charlestown.PR25]

Eliza Ann, 39, d.Thomas and Sarah, and Henry Withington, widr.[int.omits widr.], 48, baker, s.Henry and Martha, Nov.15,1848.

SYMONDS (Simmons, Simonds)

Jude and Elisabeth Polly, Nov.10,1772.*CR1

Joshua Jr. and Abigail Tufts, Nov.24,1779.* [Joshua Simonds Jr., and Abigail Tufts Jr.MRCR1]

Daniel and Sarah Blanchard, Sept.15,1791.* [Simonds, and Sally Blanchard.PR2]

Lydia A. and Rodney A. Lewis, int.Jan.11,1839.

Almira and Henry H. Graham, Oct.29,1843.

Lavilia F. [Lovilia F.], 20, d.Daniel, and George W. David.22, carpenter, s.Samuel, Apr.13,1845.

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