Hannah of W. Cambridge, and William P. Kent of W. Cambridge, Feb. 4, 1839.*

Susan of Charlestown, and John Hopley of Woburn, Aug. 19, 1839.*

Phebe, 22, of Malden, and Winslow Conant, 20, nailer, of Malden, s. ––––– of Hanson, Oct. 16, 1844.*


Hannah of Charlestown, and Benjamin Hurd Jr., Dec. 25, 1744, in Charlestown.*

Mary and Jonathan Dunnum, Dec. 7, 1778.*

Susanna and Convers Francis, May 11, 1788.*

Joshua of Somerville, and Mary A. Peirce [int. Pierce], Apr. 28, 1842. [Pierce. CR2]

George A. and Rosanna A. Butters, Mar. 16, 1843.

Emily A. of Cambridge, and Rufus Wade, May 8, 1843.

RANDALL (Rendall)

Ivory H. and Frances Emeline Haskell, int. Oct. 19, 1839.

Elizabeth J. and George Richardson, Feb. 20, 1840.

Sarah Ann, Mrs., and Asa Emery, Nov. 10, 1841.

George C., 21, yeoman, s. Isaac and Lydia, and Aurora M. Butters, 21, d. Amos and Patince, Jan. 14, 1846.


William of Boston, and Mary Gray, Nov. 3, 1816.


John and Rebeccah Fowle, May 12, 1763.* [Rebekah. MR] [Rebeekah. CR1]

Thatcher R. and Jane Elizabeth Bartlett of Plymouth, int. Dec. 31, 1840.


St. Croix, and Mary James, int. Sept. 7, 1834. [Capt. St. Croix, m. Sept. 22. CR2]


John and Mary Coolidge of Watertown, Sept. 20, 1733, in Watertown.*

Joshua and Sarah Dix of Woburn, Mar. 27, 1755.*

Daniel of Charlstown, and Dorothy Billings, Apr. 12, 1762.*

Daniel of Charlestown, and Elizabeth Symmes of Charlestown, Dec. 11, 1794.*

Benjamin and Mary Tufts, Oct. 4, 1795.*

Henry, and Hannah [Hanna. dup.] Greenleaf, Aug. 23, 1810.*

Ruth and Silas Wild, Mar. 19, 1812, in Braintree.* PR8

Susannah A.W. and Prescot [int. Prescott] Pomeroy Pond of Boston, Dec. 14, 1823.

Hannah M. and Noah Hathaway, Mar. 8, 1831. [Hannah Maria. CR1]

William G. and Sarah Ann Porter, ––– ––, 1834.*

Josiah of Charlestown, and Charlotte Lapham, May 7, 1834.

Susan E. and Seth Johnson Jr. of Woburn, July 12, 1839.

Isaac R. and Mary Merrill, Nov. 26, 1841.


Elizabeth and Isaac Warrin, Oct. 3, 1754.* [Warren. MR CR1]

Judith and Joseph Albree, Dec. 23, 1756.*


Jonathan of Cambridge, and Lucy Broadstreet, Sept. 5, 1711, in Cambridge.*

RENDALL (Randall)

Leonard and Sarah Ann Haskell, Oct. 25, 1831.

REVALION (Revallion)

Margerett A. and Peter M. Howard of Cambridge, int. May 8, 1831.

REVALLION (Revalion)

Charlotte [int. Charlotte M. Revalion] and Edward Richardson of Boston, Sept. 15, 1830. [Edward, negro. CR1]


Jane T. (Reyolds), d. Edward, and Ephraim Hall [s. Ebenezer and Martha], Feb. 2, 1819.* PR6


Sarah and Isaac Greenleaf, Apr. 30, 1778.*


David and Susan Cutter of Billerica, int. Mar. 3, 1820.

Samuel Heath and Caroline Homes Hall [d. Isaac and Susan (Mitchell)], May 6, 1829.* PR6

Ann D. and Ira T. Barker, int. Aug. 27, 1836. [m. Sept. 13. CR2]

Edward R. and Mary S. [?] Bates of Kingston, int. Oct. 22, 1836.


Nathan and Lucinda Adams of Hindsbury, VT, int. May 3, 1835.

David and Thankful Small of Raymond, ME, int. Nov. 28, 1840.


Abigail and Edward Hall, Mar. 23, 1732, in Boston.*

Abigail of Woburn, and Nathaniel Gibbs of Sudbury, Apr. 18, 1753.*

Addison of Woburn, and Mary Greenleaf, Dec. 24, 1761.*

Eunice of Malden, and David Hadley, Mar. 16, 1769.*

Abel and Anna Tufts, Dec. 21, 1775.*

Sarah and John Du Grushy, Sept. 3, 1776.* [Degrushy. MR] [De Grushy. CR1] [Dgrushy. PR2]

Asa of Billerica, and Sarah Tufts, May 23, 1781.*

Ebenezer of Billerica, and Susanna Tufts, Apr. 29, 1793, in Billerica.*

James and Elizabeth Marsh, Feb. 24, 1802.* [Richarson. PR2]

Reuben and Lucretia Tufts, Apr. 3, 1803.*

Pamelia and John Symmes Jr., June 28, 1804.* PR24 [Pamelia, b. Woburn. PR25]

Joseph and Betsy Tufts, Nov. 4, 1804.*

Jonathan C. and Sarah [int. Mary, dup. Sarah] Fudge of Boston, Jan. 10, 1813. [Sarah. CR1 PR2]

John of Canton, and Sarah Shed, Feb. 23, 1823.

Harriet and Edward L. Staniels of Roxbury, Jan. 1, 1826.

Hannah Elizabeth of Salem, NH, and Joseph Northey, int. June 24, 1826.

Joseph Jr. and Elizabeth W. Hadley, int. Nov. 4, 1826. [Elisabeth W., m. Dec. ––. CR2]

Thomas of Watertown, and Lydia Teel of Charlestown, Dec. 9, 1829.* CR2

Edward of Boston, and Charlotte Revallion [int. Charlotte M. Revalion], Sept. 15, 1830 [Edward, negro. CR1]

Eliza and William Hadley, Oct. 27, 1831.

Albert and Lydia R. Stratton of Woburn, int. Mar. 18, 1832.

Lou, and Mary Jones of Gloucester, int. May 19, 1833.

James M. and Anna H. Teel of Charlestown, int. Aug. 18, 1833.

Edwin and Eliza A.H. Sawtell [int. Sartell] of Boston, Mar. 2, 1834.

Ann Lucretia and George Paul, Apr. 28, 1835.

Addison and Mary K. [dup. omits K.] Eames, int. May 4, 1835 [dup. 1834]. [Addison and Mary K. Eames, m. May 18, 1834. CR2]

Elizabeth of Billerica, and Stillman Derby, int. Dec. 17, 1836.

Electa and James Silloway of Boston, int. Apr. 23, 1837.

Mary P. and John B. Tufts, June 13, 1838. [Mary P., d. Luke dec'd. CR1]

Marshall L. and Mary Gilson, int. Mar. 30, 1839.

Lavina of Billerica, and Elbridge Teel, July 28, 1839.

George and Elizabeth J. Randall, Feb. 20, 1840.

Lemuel G. of Woburn, and Martha D. Locke, Apr. 30, 1840.

Henry and Lucinda Ellsworth of Strong, ME, int. Oct. 24, 1840.

Louise B. and John Southwick [int. Jr.] of Charlestown, Jan. 15, 1843.

John and Frances D. Griffin, int. Apr. 13, 1844.

Amos H., 21, baker of Roxbury, s. Joseph and Elizabeth, and Susan S. Blanchard, 20, of Lexington, d. James and Rhoda, Sept. 1, 1844.*

Daniel M., 32, s. David R., and Nancy B. Lovering [int. Loviring], 19, d. Ebenezer L., Sept. 12, 1844.

Sarah E., 18, d. Joseph Jr. and Betsey, and George G. Fifield, 21, shipwright, s. Gardner and Hepsey, Feb. 8, 1846.

Frances A. and Alexander Moseley [int. Mosely], merchant, of Boston, Sept. 30, 1846. [Frances A., d. Frances, and Alexander Mosely. CR1]

Susan T., 22, d. Joseph and Elizabeth, and Charles W. Brooks, 24, housewright, s. Jacob and Thankful, Apr. 20, 1848.

RICHASON (Richardson)

Eunice of Woburn, and John Degrushe, Jan. 13, 1731-2.* [Richarson, and John Degrussa. CR1]

RIDGELY (Ridgley)

Eliza [int. Ridgley] and William [int. adds R.] Ogilvie, Feb. 12, 1832.

William [int. Ridgley] and Martha Jones, Dec. 16, 1833.

RIDGLEY (Ridgely)

Richard and Mary Ann Capen of Wrentham, int. June 9, 1837.


Ezekiel R., shipsmith, and Elizabeth A. Lawrence, Oct. 19, 1847.

RIGHT (Wright)

Sary of Molden, and Ebeneser Desper of Molden, Dec. 24, 1720.*

RINES (Ryndes)

Lydia M. and Charles F. Clark, May 1, 1842.


Samuel of Cambridge, and Maria Bradlee Wait, int. Dec. 25, 1819. [m. Feb. 17, 1820. CR1] [d. Nathan, m. Feb. 17, 1820. PR2]


Isaac D. and Rebecca Pool, Nov. 28, 1802.*

Alvin M. of Roxbury, and Caroline Keyes of Roxbury, Nov. 8, 1840.*

ROBERTS (Robherts)

Joseph W. [int. Robert, omits W.] and Mary W. Todd, Nov. 25, 1840.

Stephen J. and Betsey Carleton of Haverhill, NH, int. Aug. 28, 1847.

ROBHERTS (Roberts)

Ephraim and Dolly Francis, June 13, 1751, in Gloucester.*


Gressy, of NC, and Thomas A. Waitt, s. Darius & Marcy (Porter), ––– ––, –––––.* PR17 [abt. 1828 or after]

William H., 23, carpenter, of Woburn, s. John and Lydia B., and Mary C. Vinting, 19, of Woburn, d. John C. and Sebe, Jan. 6, 1846.*

Martha Ann, 19, of Malden, d. Nathan Jr. and Martha, and Thompson B. Blood, 23, mechanic, of Malden, s. Rogers and Martha, Apr. 6, 1848.*


Benjamin and Mary Mallet of Charlestown, Feb. 20, 1745-6, in Charlestown.*


Lydia and James T. Floyd [int. Jr.], May 28, 1818.

Mary and Ephraim Bailey of Charlestown, Apr. 18, 1819.

Henry and Harriet Greenlief, int. Apr. 3, 1822. [Harriot Greenleaf, m. Apr. 29. CR1] [Greenleaf, m. Apr. 29. PR2]

William and Mary Howe, July 23, 1822.

Edward and Mary Holden of Billerica, int. May 22, 1825.

Thomas 3d and Jane Tilden of Marshfield, int. Oct. 28, 1826.

Susan D. of Marshfield, and Isaac Ewell, int. Feb. 26, 1832.

Mary T. and Thomas James, Dec. 4, 1834.

Sarah P. and Ebenezer Waterman of Duxbury, Dec. 3, 1835.

Henry P. and Theresa Otis, Apr. 29, 1841.

Jane T., 20, d. Thomas and Jane, and Luther Baker, 31, shipwright, of Pembroke, s. Barker and Rhoda, Feb. 13, 1848.


Mary J. of Malden, and John N.H. Batchelder of Malden, July 1, 1841.*

Sarah of Lynn, and John Jaffrey of Lynn, July 1, 1841.*


Bradbury C., 24, shipwright, s. Eliphalet and Lydia, and Ruth Harrington, 24, of Lowell, d. Winslow and Ruth, Nov. 25, 1847.


Stephen and Ruthy Bradshaw, Aug. 6, 1809.*

Ann and Joseph Swan, Jan. 6, 1817.


Jane and Samuel Burns, Feb. 3, 1757.* [Burnes. MR]

George and Hannah Willy of Stoneham, Nov. ––, 1761, in Stoneham.*

Hannah and Daniel Pain, Nov. 3, 1763.* [David. MR]

Mary of Dover, NH, and Henry T. Ewell, int. Nov. 3, 1838.

ROTCH (Rouch)

Luke and Lucy Tysach [int. Tysack], Dec. 26, 1825.

ROUCH (Rotch)

Patrick and Elizabeth Parker, –ne 12, 1808.* [Roach, June 12. CR1]


Lucretia and Amos Churchill, Sept. 27, 1842.


Mary H. and Walter Wyman of Woburn, May 3, 1841.


Merriam and Thomas Savel, Dec. 23, 1773.* [Miriam. CR1]


John and Mary Peirce of Charlstown, Nov. 30, 1749.*

RUSSEL (Russell)

Oliver of Charlestown, and Caroline Shed of Charlestown, Jan. 23, 1838.*

RUSSELL (Russel)

Phillip of Cambridge, and Sarah Brooks, Oct. 18, 1705, in Cambridge.*

Martha of Woburn, and William Stedman, Mar. 28, 1721, in Woburn.*

Joseph and Mary Williams of Ipswich, Dec. 29, 1731, in Ipswich.*

Philemon and Elizabeth Wyman of Woburn, June 28, 1764.* [Russell, and Elizabeth Wyman. MR] [Russel, and Elizabeth Wyman. CR1]

Margery of Lexington, and William Lampson of Keene, July 5, 1791.*

Philemon R. of Charlestown, and Martha Tufts, Nov. 10, 1791, in Cambridge.*

David of Cambridge, and Ruthy Lock of Cambridge, Feb. 17, 1795.*

Samuel and Martha Symmes, Dec. 22, 1816. [Mrs. PR2]

Rebecca and Isaac W. Simonds, July 15, 1818.

Campbell and Lucrecia [int. Lucretia] Melvin, June 10, 1819. [Lucretia. CR1]

Louisa of W. Cambridge, and Amos Hill, int. Oct. 18, 1829.

John and Caroline M. Turner, Nov. 9, 1841.

Kazia of Somerville, and Anthony Hatch, int. Mar. 19, 1842.

Isaac H. and Nancy Carr, int. Dec. 29, 1849.

RYNDES (Rines)

Bellinda, of Lowell, and William C. Garland, int. Sept. 9, 1832.

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