Samuell of Corrolina, and Susanah Lawrance of Charlstown, May 20, 1719.*

Christopher of Bedford, and Susannah Webber, Feb. 2, 1742, in Bedford.*

Samuel Jr. and Elizabeth Clarke, Mar. 25, 1747.* [Elisabeth Clark. MR] [Clark. CR1]

Anna and William Gammel of Boston, Dec. 29, 1748.*

Jeremiah and Sarah Andrews of Salem, June 28, 1750, in Salem.*

Luther and Hannah W. Murray of Boston, int. Mar. 17, 1833.

Rufus K., widr. [int. omits widr.] 53, merchant of Hollowell, ME, s. Benjamin and Abigail, and Matilda K. Orr, wid. [int. Mrs., omits. wid.], 35, d. Samuel Kidder and Mary, Nov. 4, 1846. [Mrs. M.K. CR2]

PAIN (Paine)

Daniel and Hannah Ross, Nov. 3, 1763.* [David. MR]

PAINE (Pain)

William Sr. of Charlstown, [and] Elesebath Sweetser of Charlstown, Nov. 6, 1722.*


Walter and Betsy Barton, June 14, 1803.*

Samuel of Quincy, and Mary Kidder, int. Aug. 28, 1831.

John and Helen Ewell, Oct. 14, 1840.

Henry and Henriette T. Johnson of Dresden, ME, int. Apr. 29, 1848.


Benjamin and Mary Willis, Apr. 22, 1714,* MR

Benjamin and Tabitha Willson of Malden, June 23, 1768, in Malden.*

David of Cambridge, and Elizabeth Tufts, July 27, 1790.*

Kendal of Andover, and Joann Floyd, May 20, 1800.* [Joanna. CR1]

John H., and Martha Dowse, ––– 6, 1807.*

John and Polly Dowse, Mar. 29, 1807.* [Polley. CR1]

Elizabeth, and Patrick Rouch, –ne 12, 1808.* [Roach, June 12. CR1]

Sally of Charlestown, and Moses Merrell, int. Jan. 3, 1813.

Wealthena, and Cornelius Bigelow, of Westborough, int. Mar. 21, 1813.

Lemuel of Pepperell, and Mahitable S. Frost, int. Apr. 3, 1814.

Eliza and Timothy B. Parker, int. July 29, 1837.

William G. and Lucinda W. French of Boston, int. Oct. 15, 1841.

Grenvil [Grenvel. int.], and Hannah C. Hutchins [Hutchinson. int.], Mar. 1, 1842. [Hutchins. CR1]

Gilbert M. and Mary M. Osgood, wid. [int. Mrs. omits wid.], Aug. 7, 1842.

Sarah A. [int. adds Mrs.] and Thomas Debbins, Nov. 27, 1843.

Louise M., 22, and George A. Caldwell, 22, housewright, s. Robert and Elizabeth, Apr. 2, 1845.

William M. of Manchester, NH, and Clara A. Stetson of Manchester, NH, July 1, 1845.* CR2

Josiah, 24, carriage maker, of Woburn, s. Josiah and Abigail, and Nancy M. Wyman, 23, of Woburn, d. Abel and Maria, Jan. 26, 1847.*

Timothy B. and Eliza Parker, int. July 29, 11837.


Nathaniel of Boston, and Mary T. [int. Trowbridge] Gates, Apr. 7, 1814.

Francis of Boston, and Caroline Hall, int. Apr. 21, 1822. [Rev. Francis, m. May 7. CR1] [Rev., m. May 7. PR2]


Asaph of Boston, and Louisa Smith of Boston, June 29, 1843.*

Elizabeth A., 21, of Boston, d. Asaph (Parmlee) and Louisa, and Samuel N. Hastings, 26, trader, of Boston, s. Jonathan and Nancy, June 9, 1844.*


Nehemiah of Boston, and Lydia Bishop, Mar. 1, 1804.*

William and Mary H. Storer [int. Stone] of Wells, ME, Dec. 6, 1841.

Stephen L. and Elizabeth Young, int. Oct. 18, 1845.

Elizabeth J., 21, d. ––––– and Hannah, and Theophilus W. Smith, 20, shipjoiner, s. Samuel and Mercy, Aug. 23, 1849.

Mary, 30, d. Moses and Huldah, and Alfred Eells, 32, ship joiner, s. Edward and Sarah, Oct. 25, 1849.


Sally P. [int. S.] and Benjamin Monroe [int. Munroe] of Haverhill, Dec. 21, 1817. [Sally P. and Benjamin Munroe. CR1] [Munroe. PR2]


Titus of Stoneham, and Hannah Hammond, "Free Negroes," Jan. 5, 1744.* CR1

PATTEN (Pattin)

Lucy and Samuel Hall, Nov. 27, 1751.* [Patton. MR] [Pattin. CR1]

Jonathan and Susanna Bradshaw, Apr. 14, 1762.* [Jonathen Patten and Susannah Bradshaw. MR] [Jonathan Pattin and Susanna Bradshaw. CR1]

Thomas and Mary Binford, Jan. 8, 1765.* [Petten. MR] [Pattin. CR1]

Mary and Henry Fowle, Jan. 8, 1766.* [Patten, 1765. MR] [Pattin, 1766. CR1]

PATTIN (Patten)

William of Cambridge, and Abigaill Willis, Jan. 3, 1700-1.*

Elizabeth of Cambridge, and James Wright, May 7, 1702, in Cambridge.*

William and Ann Secombe, Nov. 17, 1727.* [Seccombe, Nov. 17, 1726. CR1]

Thomas and Mary Tuffts of Charlestown, Jan. 10, 1745.* CR1


George and Ann Lucretia Richardson, Apr. 28, 1836.

George and Ruth B. Wentworth of Taunton, int. June 10, 1849.


Sally of Chelsea, and William Haley, int. Oct. 30, 1831.


William and Mehitable Turner, Mar. 31, 1830.

Adaline M. of Boston, and Ebenezer W. Chamberlain, int. Apr. 8, 1830.

PEARCE (Peirce, Pierce, Pieris)

Ebenezer and Naby Brown, Jan. 5, 1814.*

PEARSON (Pearsons, Pierson)

Rebecca and Abraham Wellman, May 17, 1781.* [Abraham. MR] [Abram. CR1]

Willard, of Woburn, and Ann P. Childs, int. July 7, 1833.

Mary A. of Dorchester, and George W. Bryant, int. Nov. 1, 1845.

Mary E. of Andover, and Josiah H. Currier, int. June 7, 1846.

PEARSONS (Pearson, Pierson)

Hannan, and Stephen Dany Bugbee, ––– 8, 1807.* [Hannah Persons, May 28. CR1]


Thomas and Betsey Wright, Mar. 31, 1803.*


Daniel and Hannah Longfellow, Jan. 8, 1802.* PR18

Ruth, d. Daniel and Hannah (Longfellow), and ––––– –––––, May 8, 1822* PR18

Malinda, d. Daniel and Hannah (Longfellow), and Henry True, Nov. 18, 1831.* PR18


Harriet R. and Samuel T. Thompson of Charlestown, Dec. 9, 1840.

Thomas R. and Elizabeth Bradbury, Sept. 29, 1842.

PEIRCE (Pearce, Pierce, Pieris)

Benjamin and Sarah Hall, Dec. 2, 1702.*

Abigail of Woborn, and Peter Wait, May 22, 1718.*

Mary of Obron, and Daniell Hutson of Bridgwater, May 19, 1719.*

Sary and Charlstown, and Dudly Bradstreet of Bostown, Aug. 18, 1724.*

Mary of Wobarn, and Sollomon Waymon of Wobarn, June 9, 1725.*

Mary and Robert Bisby, Nov. 7, 1734.* CR1

Nathaniell and Mary Teal of Charlstown, Dec. 19, 1735.*

Sarah and Henry Fowle, Jan. 29, 1736.* CR1

Thomas and Sarah Martin, Dec. 31, 1736.* CR1

Nathaniell [and] Patianc Tatman, Dec. 25, 1740.* [Nathaniel and Patience Totman. CR1]

Abigail and Padishal Perkins, July 13, 1741.* CR1

Susannah and Edward Phillebrown, Feb. 16, 1744.* CR1

Mary of Charlstown, and John Rumwill, Nov. 30, 1749.*

Joseph and Hannah Sockers, Nov. 6, 1771.* CR1

Nathaniel of Beverly, and Mehitible Blanchard, Apr. 1, 1784.* [Mehitable. MRCR1]

Hannah and Ebenezer Williams, Sept. 20, 1784.*

Hannah and John Bacon, Aug. 26, 1793.* [Pierce. CR1 PR2]

Joseph and Mary Hadley, Apr. 13, 1800,*

John and Hannah Tufts, Nov. 8, 1808.* [Pierce. PR2]

Charles and Ann Lunt of Boston, int. Sept. 21, 1826. [Pierce, m. Nov. 12. CR2]

Susan and Joshua G. Floyd, int. Dec. 16, 1826. [Pierce, m. Jan. 9, 1827. CR2]

John L. and Lydia F. Blaisddill of Boston, int. July 8, 1832.

Moses [int. Pierce] and Jane M. Nye, Apr. 22, 1837.

Mary A. [int. Pierce] and Joshua Rand of Somerville, Apr. 28, 1842. [Pierce. CR2]


Charles and Mary Tyler, Feb. 6, 1766.*


John and Sarah Crisen, June 28, 1725, in Boston.*

Sarah and Augustin Hail, Oct. 7, 1731, in Boston.*


Padishal, and Abigail Peirce, July 13, 1741.* CR1

Padeshal, and Elizabeth Sargent, of Malden, Oct. 19, 1764, in Malden.*

Jonathan and Eliza B. Wait, int. Apr. 13, 1823.

Joseph and Susanna B. Locke of Woburn, int. Jan. 15, 1832.

Harriet [int. Hannah] A. and Trask W. Averill of Mt. Vernon, NH, Apr. 9, 1835. [Hannah A. CR1]

James W. and Frances S. Bryant, int. June 23, 1837.

Jeanett, 23, d. Bradberry and Ann, and Joseph P. Sanborn, 26, yeoman, s. Daniel and Lydia, Dec. 1, 1845.

Sarah T. of Somerville, and James F. House of Somerville, Oct. 30, 1849.*

PERREY (Perry)

Elizabeth of Cambridge, and John Tufts, May 19, 1778.* [Perry. MR CR1]

PERRY (Perrey)

John of Cambridge, and Deborah Willson of Cambridge, Oct. 28, 1719.*

Sarah of Cambridge, and William Asborn of Cambridge, Oct. 7, 1720.*

Sally and Sewel Butters, Dec. 10, 1811.*

Nathan and Mary Elizabeth Green of Stoneham, int. Nov. 11, 1826.

Persis M. of W. Cambridge, and Paul F. Dodge of W. Cambridge, Feb. 11, 1835.*

Elizabeth H. and Hiram Marston, int. Oct. 26, 1839.

John P. and Sarah J. Bryant, Apr. 4, 1844.


Israel R. and Marium P. Childs of Canton, ME, int. Apr. 5, 1845.

John, 22, stone cutter, s. Benjamin and Chloe, and Susan Williams, 22, d. William and Ann, Sept. 30, 1849.

Benjamin, 27, stone cutter, s. Benjamin and Chloe, and Ann Hoff, 21, d. Thomas and Mary, Oct. 25, 1849.


Elizabeth of Reading, and Oliver Atwood, July 12, 1726, in Reading.*


Abigail of Rye, NH, and John W. Mace, int. Dec. 12, 1840.


Thomas and Elesebath Whitmore, Mar. 30, 1732.* [Elizabeth. CR1]

Edward and Susannah Peirce, Feb. 16, 1744.*


Emme, Mrs., of Charlestown, and Thomas Tufts, Jan. 29, 1719, in Charlestown.*

John and Mary Swain of Reading, int. Mar. 27, 1814.


Ann Maria of Cambridge, and James Crane Blanchard, s. Aaron and Eliza, Nov. 26, 1846.* PR10

PIERCE (Pearce, Peirce, Pieris)

Nathaniel [dup. Nathaniell Peirce] and Lidia Frances [dup. Lidya Francis], June 2, 1701, in Woburn.*

Benjamin and Ruth Smith of Woburn, May 24, 1768, in Woburn.*

Mary and Moses Hadley, Nov. 19, 1776.* [Peirce. MR]

Mary and Aaron Croel Jr., Nov. 17, 1793.* [Croell. CR1]

Nathaniel of Woburn, and Martha Hardy, Feb. 4, 1810.*

Sewell [int. Sewall] and Mary Stowers, Dec. 10, 1818. [Sewall. CR1 PR2]

Joseph of Boston, and Ruth Teel, int. June 29, 1823.

Sophia and Ezra Thorndike, int. Mar. 27, 1825. [Hezekiah, m. Aug. 28. CR2]

Charlotte and Miles Samson, Apr. 11, 1825. [Peirce, and Miles Sampson, Apr. 10. CR1]

Ann [int. Ann B. Peirce] and William Metcalf, Dec. 5, 1831.

William G., of Boston, and Eliza Turner, abt. Oct. 13, 1833 [int. Sept. 8].

John H. and Charlotte M. Cutter of Charlestown, int. Aug. 10, 1835.

James and Mary S. Sawyer, Feb. 4, 1840.

Elmira and Edward Storer of W. Cambridge, int. May 7, 1842.

Oliver and Mary Ann Small of Pownal, ME, July 3, 1842.

PIERIS (Pearce, Peirce, Pierce)

Eleanor and John Gill, Mar. 24, 1737.* CR1

PIERSON (Pearson, Pearsons)

James and Anna Bond, June 6, 1776.* [Pearson. MR] [Pearson, and Anna Bond, wid. CR1]


Syrena L. and Robert Bacon Jr. of Boston, ––––– [int. Dec. 5, 1830].

Eliza M. of Danvers, and Eliphalet S. Weatherbee, int. Nov. 13, 1848.


Arley [Plumer. int.], of W. Cambridge, and Lydia C. Usher, Apr. 15, 1828.


Levi and Rhoda Teel, Nov. 18, 1804.*

James of Malden, and Ester E. Lunt, int. Feb. 7, 1840.

POLLEY (Polly)

Jonathan and Ledia Nutting, Feb. 25, 1719.*

Mary and John Chadwick, May 24, 1792.*

POLLY (Polley)

Priscilla and Samuel Turner, ––– ––, 1728.* CR1

Samuel and Hannah Nichols, Feb. 20, 1745.* CR1

John and Jemima Nichols of Malden, July 18, 1746.* [Nicholls. MR]

Jacob and Hannah Scolly, Sept. 19, 1747, in Watertown.*

Lucy and Ebenezer Tidd, Jan. 1, 1755.*

Elisabeth and Jude Symonds, Nov. 10, 1772.* CR1

Robert of New London, and Jane Harris, July 24, 1775.*

Priscilla and Daniel Meyer "a Foreigner," June 23, 1776.* [Mayor. MR] [Polley. PR2]

Susannah and John Christian of Boston, Sept. 3, 1786, in Malden.*

Samuel and Hannah Blodget of Malden, May 20, 1788, in Malden.*


Joseph and Mary Jenkins of Malden, Jan. 11, 1787, in Malden.*

Prescot [int. Prescott] Pomeroy of Boston, and Susannah A.W. Reed, Dec. 14, 1823.

Benjamin Esq. of Boston, and Emma Dow of Woburn, June 28, 1848, in Woburn.* CR1

POOL (Poole)

William of Danvers, and Mary Floyd, Jan. 22, 1756.*

Rebeccah and Aaron Hall, Jan. 3, 1760.* [Rebekah Poole. MR] [Rebekah Pool. CR1]

Bridget and Daniel Gilman 3d of Exeter, May 27, 1776.* [Daniel of Exeter, NH. MR]

Richard and Francies Calf, Oct. 1, 1778.* [Frances. MR CR1] [Frances Coff. PR2]

Francies and Abel Butterfield, Jan. 5, 1783.* [Frances Poole and Abel Butterfield. MR] [Frances Pool and Abel Butterfield. CR1]

Rebecca and Isaac D. Robbins, Nov. 28, 1802.*

POOLE (Pool)

Zachariah of Reading, and Rebeckah Wade, Sept. 18, 1729.* [Zechariah Pool and Rebekah Wade, Sept. 18, 1730. CR1]

Elizabeth and John Wade, Jan. 22, 1766.* [Elisabeth Poole. MR] [Elizabeth Pool. CR1]

Lucy S., 20, d. Joseph T. and Harriet J. [?], and George H. Hall, 22, ship joiner, s. Harvey and Charlotte J. [?], Apr. 6, 1848.*


Boardman and Susanna Gillam [int. Gillan], Oct. 1, 1845.

PORTER (Portor)

Joanna and Josiah Cleaveland of Charlestown, Jan. 15, 1735.* CR1

Benjamin and Mary Tufts, June 16, 1785, in Reading.*

Jonathan and Phebe Abbott of Andover, Nov. 7, 1790, in Andover.* [Jonathan, b. Braintree, s. Dr. Jonathan and Hannah (Hayden), and Phebe Abbot, b. Andover, Nov. 6. PR16]

Rufus and Abigail Grover, Sept. 11, 1796.*

Mercy and Darius Wait, Dec. 30, 1804.* [Marcy and Darius Waitt. PR17] [Mary. PR2]

Charlotte and Hezekiah Blanchard of Boston, int. Mar. 26, 1820. [m. Apr. 11. CR1 PR2] [Charlotte, d. Jonathan and Phebe (Abbot). PR16]

Jonathan and Catharine [int. Catherine] Gray, July 22, 1823. [Jonathan, s. Jonathan and Phebe (Abbot), and Catharine Gray, Jan. 22 [sic]. PR16]

George W. and Elizabeth [int. Elisabeth] Hall, Feb. 17, 1824. [George W., s. Jonathan and Phebe (Abbot). PR16]

Lydia of Newton, and Gershom Cutter Jr., int. Mar. 13, 1824.

Henry and Susan S. Tidd, May 13, 1824. [Henry, s. Jonathan and Phebe (Abbot). PR16]

Prudence and Nathaniel B. Kimball of Boston, int. Oct. 10, 1824. [Nathaniel P., m. Oct. 31. CR2]

Benjamin G. and Sarah Blanchard, int. Jan. 9, 1825. [m. Feb. 3. CR2]

Augusta and James Trask Woodbury of Bath, NH, May 31, 1827. [Augusta, d. Jonathan and Phebe (Abbot). PR16]

Abigail and William Gould, Mar. 31, 1831.

Sarah Ann and William G. Reed, ––– ––, 1834.*

PORTOR (Porter)

Susanna and Rev. Aaaron Cleavland of Hadden, Aug. 4, 1739.* CR1


Hannah and John Dudley of Concord, May 9, 1697, in Concord.*


Martha A. of Marblehead, and Joseph D. Sharon, int. July 15, 1845.


Mary and Samuel Winship of Cambridge, Apr. 12, 1687, in Cambridge.*

PRAT (Pratt)

Samuel of Boston, and Rebecekah Brooks, Dec. 2, 1725.* [Rebeckah. CR1]

PRATT (Prat)

John of Chelsea, and Susanna Wheelwright, Dec. 6, 1753.* [Pratt, and Susanna Wheelwright. MR] [Prat, and Susanna Wheelright. CR1]

Mary of Chelsea, and Aaron Hall, May 11, 1780, in Chelsea.*

Anna and Samuel Hadley, Aug. 14, 1796, in Stoneham.*

Esther and Daniel Copeland, Mar. 16, 1806.*

Sally, and Thomas Floyd, of Chelsea, ––– 31, 1807.* [May 31. CR1]

Elizabeth and John Hinkson of Boston, Dec. 18, 1808.*

Benjamin of Chelsa [int. Chelsea], and Lydia Pratt, Dec. 25, 1814.

Lydia and Benjamin Pratt of Chelsa [int. Chelsea], Dec. 25, 1814.

Elizabeth [int. Elisabeth] and John Walker, Sept. 1, 1816.

Benjamin Jr. and Susannah [int. Susanna] Brooks Wyman, Sept. 27, 1818.

William C. and Nancy Davis of Gloucester, Feb. 5, 1824.

Nathan of Malden, and Charlotte Arbone of Boston, Oct. 20, 1830.* CR2

Thomas and Anna Foster, int. Jan. 1, 1837.

Hannah of Boston, and Martin Burridge, int. Apr. 10, 1840.

Mary B. and Edward W. Copp, Oct. 31, 1841.

Thomas W., housewright, s. Thomas, and Laura Pullen, d. Charles, Nov. 28, 1844.

Hannah M. of Manchester, NH, and Reuben Pratt, int. Feb. 22, 1845.

Reuben and Hannah M. Sanborn of Manchester, NH, int. Feb. 22, 1845.

Susan B., 19, and Joseph V. Litchfield, 25, housewright, Nov. 26, 1845.

PRENTICE (Prentiss)

Stephen and Mary Turner, Dec. 8, 1768.*

Daniel of Grafton, and Abigail Stanley, July 18, 1789, in Grafton.*

PRENTISS (Prentice)

Jonas W. and Lydia Withington, Nov. 7, 1833.

Rebecca, 20, of W. Cambridge, d. Frances, wid., and William H. Kent, 23, merchant, of Boston, s. William V. and Betsey, Aug. 25, 1846.* [in W. Cambridge. CR1]


Warren Esq. [int. omits Esq.] of Norridgewack [int. Norridgeworke], and Mary R. Francis, Sept. 1, 1814.

Sarah and Daniel Swan, May 19, 1824. [Dr. Daniel. CR1]

Mary and Benjamin C. Clark of Boston, June 23, 1824.

Mary E. of Bangor, ME, and George L. Stearns, int. Sept. 20, 1843.


Margaret of Newburyport, and George H. Newton, int. Dec. 12, 1844.

PRICHARD (Pritchard)

Thomas and Lucy Tufts 2d, Feb. 22, 1775.* [Pritchard. MR]


Martha and Samuel Hinckley of Northhampton, June 19, 1809.*

PRITCHARD (Prichard)

Lucy [dup. Prichard] and Ephraim Bailey, Apr. 14, 1803.* [Baily. PR2]

Sally and Joshua [int. adds G.] Dickson, Nov. 2, 1815.

Attalanta, and Zebina Bailey, Nov. 13, 1816.


Eliza A. of Concord, NH, and Samuel L. Baker, int. July 28, 1833.


John, 26, teamster, s. Luke and Susan, and Priscilla Tufts, 20, d. Nathan and Mary, Jan. 5, 1845.


Laura, d. Charles, and Thomas W. Pratt, housewright, s. Thomas, Nov. 28, 1844.


Rebeckah of Danvers, and Caleb Oakes, Jan. 12, 1757, in Danvers.*

Roger and Sarah Brothers, Oct. 13, 1774.*

Aaron and Rebecca Hall, May 9, 1780.* [Dr. Aaron and Rebecca Hall. PR2]

Archilaus, Dr., of Danvers, and Nabby Bishop, Nov. 12, 1786.* [Archelaus. CR1]

Hannah and William Lock of Cambridge, Sept. 28, 1788.* [Putnam. CR1]

Rhoda and Ebenezer Thompson of Cambridge, Sept. 11, 1794.* [Putnam. CR1 PR2]

Polly and Aaron Cutter of Cambridge, Aug. 23, 1796, in Cambridge.*

Ebenezer and Mary W. Fletcher of Littleton, int. Apr. 15, 1832.

Eliel and Elizabeth S. Lewis of Malden, int. Apr. 18, 1846.


Philip B. and Sarah Sampsosn [int. Samson], Nov. 22, 1835.

Hannah B. and Moses C. Bean of Boston, int. Oct. 27, 1838.

Jane, 23, d. William P. of Bradford, NH, and Benjamin Sargent, 23, victualer [int. of Boston], s. Nicholas S. of Haverhill, Oct. 21, 1844.

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