OAKES (Oaks)

Thomas and Elizabeth Greenleaf of Newbury, Aug. 2, 1716, in Newbury.*

Thomas and Sarah Blunt of Andover, Nov. 26, 1730, in Andover.*

Sarah and Nathan Baldwin, Sept. 11, 1746.* [Oaks. CR1]

Abigail and Thomas Welsh of Charlstown, Apr. 2, 1747.* [Apr. 12. MR] [Oaks, and Thomas Welch. CR1]

Caleb and Rebeckah Putnam of Danvers, Jan. 12, 1757, in Danvers.*

Joanna and Richard Sprague, Aug. 24, 1758. [Oakes. MR] [Oaks. CR1]

Edward and Joanna Griffith, Feb. 27, 1759.* [Oakes, and Joanna Griffin. MR] [Oaks, and Joanna Griffith. CR1]

David and Elizabeth Mead, Dec. 20, 1764.* [Oakes, and Elisabeth Mead. MR] [Oaks. CR]

John and Mary Blunt, Sept. 8, 1768.* [John Baker and Mary Blount. MR] [John Oaks and Mary Blount. CR1]

Mary and William Burditt, Feb. 2, 1784.* [Oaks. PR2]

OAKS (Oakes)

Thomas and Abigall Brooks, Oct. 27, 1720.*

Lydia and Nathan Boldwin, Aug. 21, 1755.* [Oakes, and Nathaniel Baldwin. MR] [Oaks, and Nathan Baldwin. CR1]

Ruth and Daniel Green of Stoneham, Aug. 19, 1760.* [Oakes. MR]

John and Rebecca Burditt, July 20, 1788.* [Burdett. PR2]


Dorcas of Charlestown, and William Hall Blanchard, Feb. 3, 1794.* [Feb. 2. PR2]


Owen and Mary Caughlin, int. July 1, 1848.


Mary Ann of Malden, and Rev. Ansel R. Clark of Hudson, O., July 29, 1832.* CR2


William [int. adds R.] and Eliza Ridgely [int. Ridgley], Feb. 12, 1832.


Jonathan and Eunice Faxson, int. May 18, 1844.


Charles A. and Elizabeth C. Hilliard of Belleville Port, int. Mar. 24, 1849.


Nehemiah of Almsberry, and Patience Bradshow, Nov. 22, 1733.* CR1


Richard and Sarah Knap of Weston, Oct. 20, 1715, in Watertown.*


Isaac, Rev., of Washington City, and Matilda H. Kidder, int. Aug. 7, 1831. [Rev. Isaac Orr of Washington, D.C., m. Aug. 23. CR2]

Matilda K., wid. [int. Mrs., omits wid.], 35, d. Samuel Kidder and Mary, and Rufus K. Page, widr. [int. omits widr.], 53, merchant, of Hollowell, ME, s. Benjamin and Abigail, Nov. 4, 1846. [Mrs. M.K. CR2]

OSBORN (Asborn)

William of Cambridge, and Sarah Perry of Cambridge, Oct. 7, 1720.*


David and Hannah Breed of Billerica, Oct. 31, 1786, in Billerica.*

Benjamin and Ruth Tufts, June 1, 1836.

Mary M., wid. [int. Mrs., omits wid.], and Gilbert M. Parker, Aug. 7, 1842.


William E. and Susan H. Newhall, int. Apr. 9, 1820. [m. Apr. 30. CR1 PR2]

Eliza [int. Elizabeth] M. and George W. Wild, June 3, 1840. [Elizabeth M. CR2]

Theresa and Henry P. Rogers, Apr. 29, 1841.

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