Charles and Elizabeth Wrightson of Stoneham, Apr.末,1761, in Stoneham.*

Hannah and Isaac Conroy, Feb.5,1766.* [Conory.MR] [Conry.CR1]

Robert E. and Hannah G. Gerry of Soneham, int.May29,1847.


Braddock and Sarah Hearsey,Nov.8,1787, in Hingham.*PR43[Scituate VRs]

Sussanna of Littleton, and James Willington, int.Oct.20,1820. [Lusanna, b. Scituate, d.Braddock (b. Scituate) & Sarah (Hearsey), and James Wellington, of Lexington, b. Lexington, s.Benjamin & Martha, m.末蔓末, [1821, written in pencil].PR43]

Mary W. of Littleton, and Isaac Wellington, int.Oct.31,1824. [Mary Wilder, b. Littleton, Braddock (b. Scituate) and Sarah (Hearsey), and Isaac Wellington, of Lexington, b. Lexington, s.Benjamin and Martha, m.末蔓末, [1823, written in pencil].PR43]

Amanda of Chelsea, and Galen James, Int. Apr.14,1833.

Roland and Emily Kidder, int.Dec.1,1833. [Rowland and Mrs.Emily Kidder, m.Dec.18.CR2]

Charles S., and Octavia Burbank of Lexington, int.Dec.7,1837.


Galen C. and Mary R. Turner of Scituate, int.Apr.27,1817.

Harriet of Scituate, and Jothan Stetson, int.Oct.13,1822.

Charles William [Williams.int.] and Sarah Dexter Hadley, Sept.18,1823.

Charles and Mary Willson [Wilson. int.], Dec.11,1823.

Almira of Hanover, and Paul Curtis, int.Oct.2,1825.

Joseph and Angelina Thornton of Boston, int.Apr.3,1829. [m.Apr.17.CR2]

Eliza and John Taylor, int.Mar.20,1831. [m.Apr.5.CR2]

Charles and Elizabeth W. Stearns of Bedford, int.Nov.20,1831.

Galen and Amanda Jacobs of Chelsea, int.Apr.14,1833.

Mary and St. Croix Redman, int.Sept.7,1834. [Capt. St. Croix, m.Sept.22.CR2]

Thomas and Mary T. Rogers, Dec.4,1834.

Charlotte A. and Elisha Tolman, int.June7,1835. [Charlott O. and Elisha Tollman, m.June末.CR2]

Horace and Helen Leavitt, int.Sept.12,1843.


Thomas and Nancy Cochrane of Antrim, int.Sept.4,1814.


Elizabeth and Seth Mayo, Mar.11,1810.* [Jaqueth.PR2]

Adeline and George W. Bird of Boston, int.Apr.25,1830. [m.May11.CR2]

Henry H. and Charlotte P. Stimpson of Charlestown, int.Aug.1,1849.

JEFFREY (Jaffrey)

John, of Lynn, and Sarah Roles of Lynn, July1,1841.*


Dorothy and Artemas Heywood, Mar.12,1821.*PR20


Amanda D. and Andrew Hatch, int.Oct.2,1847.


Obadiah of Molden, and Mary Grover of Molden, Jan.5,1720-1.*

Joseph of Molden, [and] Jemima Sprague of Molden, May7,1730.*

Mary of Malden, and James Pond, Jan.11,1787, in Malden.*

Lois and Benjamin Hovey, Aug.2,1797.*

Ruth and Joseph Gardner Jr., int.Oct.4,1834.

Charles and Mary A. Bryant, Aug.3,1842.

Sarah M. and William W. Eastman of Concord, NH, Apr.9,1844.

Caleb M. and Jane P. Northey, int.Dec.7,1844.


Sally of Salem, and William Furness, int.Jan.12,1817.


Josiah of Woburn, and Martha Whittmore, Jan.24,1705, in Woburn.*

Mary of Charlestown, and Simon Bradshaw, Jan.6,1736, in Charlestown.*

Hannah of Woburn, and Benjamin Tufts, Nov.16,1743.*CR1

Hannah and Simon Bradshaw, July12,1770.* [Simon.MR] [Simin.CR1]

Lucy and Seth Blodget Jr., Oct.11,1774.*

Edmund of Boston, and Hannah Burditt, Oct.6,1791.* [Burdett.PR2]

Sally of Malden, and Zachariah Brown, Oct.9,1796.*

Hannah and Amos Flag, Sept.16,1804.*

Betsey, and Josiah Symmes, 末y 28,1807.* [May28.CR1PR2]

Noah of Woburn, and Katherine Thompson, Nov.15,1808.* [CatherineCR1PR2]

Polly, and Joshua Franch of Candia, NH [int.omits NH], Feb.16, [Feb.18. dup.], 1813. [Feb.18.CR1PR2]

John and Eliza Mears, May15,1814.

Charles and Abigail R. Mead of Waltham, int.Oct.20,1816.

Josephas [Josephus.int.] and Maria Willington, Nov.18,1819. [Josephas and Maria Wellington.PR2]

Mary and Daniel B. Simonds, int.Mar.6,1825. [Simons, m.Apr.10.CR2]

Samuel of Boston, and Angeline Wait, int.Aug.30,1829. [Angelina, m.Sept.16.CR2]

Catherine and Isiah [Isaiah.int.] W. Kimball of Charlestown, Jan.1,1834. [Catherine, d.Noah, and Isaiah W. Kimball.CR1]

Leonard H. and Elizabeth Jordan, Dec.1,1835.

Sarah F. and Isaac E. Brown of Charlestown, int.May20,1837.

Seth Jr. of Woburn, and Susan E. Reed, July12,1839.

Lydia M. of Billerica, and William M. Rand, int.Apr.20,1843.

Theophilus B. and Abby L. Burgess, int.Jan.8,1848.

Henrietta T. of Dresden, ME, and Henry Palmer, int.Apr.29,1848.


Hepsibah of Concord, and Benjamin Hall, May3,1753, in Concord.*

Isaac of Weston, and Mary Willis, Mar.4,1762.*

Lucy and Richard Hall, Nov.9,1762.* [Nov.9.MR] [Nov.18.CR1]

Peter and Anna Tufts, May2,1763.* [Tufts.MR] [Tuffts.CR1]

Katherine and Isaac Goldsmith of Salem, Oct.8,1767.* [Katharine.MR]

Martha and Ebenezer Hall Jr., Apr.12,1770.* [Mrs.Martha.MR]

Elizabeth of Weston, and John Willis, Mar.4,1777, in Watertown.*

Jones, Samuel and Lydia Estabrook of Cambridge, Apr.2,1793, in Cambridge.*

Eunice of Weston, and Ebenezer Hall, Mar.8,1796 [7, written in pencil], in Weston.* Eunice, d.Isaac and Mary.PR6

Martha and Adam Smith, July28,1805.* [Mercy.CR1PR2]

Jonas and Sarah Manning, May7,1807.*

Lewis of Charlestown, and Betsy Dickson, Oct.17,1810.*

Lucy of Scituate, and John Ewell Jr., int.Jan.30,1825.

Louiza H. of Boston, and Robert L. Ells, int.Dec.9,1832. [Hester Louisa, d.Lewis and Elizabeth, and Robert Lentah Ells, s.Edward (Eells) and Sarah (Stetson), m.Dec.27.PR30]

Mary of Concord, and Stephen Willis, May19,1833.

Martha and William Ridgely [Ridgley.int.], Dec.16,1833.

Lydia and Martin Leavitt of Hingham, Aug.14,1834.

George E. and Phebe Bucknam, int.Aug.23,1845.

Samuel Howell, merchant, of Philadelphia, PA, and Lydia Holmes Bishop, d.Nathaniel H. and Mary, Mar.7,1849.

Henry, 26, shipwright, s.Lemuel H. & Margaret, and Mary Sampson [Samson. int.], 18, d.Miles & Charlotte, May16,1849.

JORDAN (Jourdan)

Mary G. of Charlestown, and Henry Ewell, int.Feb.27,1831.

Martha [Martha A. Jordan. int.] and Lewis Kean [Keen. int.], Aug.18,1833.

Phebe L. [?] and Simon Hanscomb, int.May10,1835.

Elizabeth and Leonard H. Johnson, Dec.1,1835.

Jeremiah and Harriet Todd, Mar.1,1840. [Gordon, and Harriette Todd.CR2]

Caroline [S. int.], 20, d.John Jr., and Silas Young, 33, ship wright, s.Job., Jan.5,1845.


Amherst and Lydia S. Davis, Dec.31,1815.


Seth [Joyce. int.] and Harriet Daniels, Dec.13,1825. [Joies.CR1] Warren and Jane Hall, Mar.1,1818.

Harriet W., 23, d.Seth and Harriet, and John Brown, 23, ship joiner, s.Nathaniel and Martha B., Dec.25,1849.

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