HADLEY (Hadly)

Abigail and Daniel Conry, Feb.26,1767.* [Hadley.MR; Hadly.CR1]

David and Eunice Richardson of Malden, Mar.16,1769.*

John of Stoneham, and Hannah Connary, May2,1771.* [Hadley, and Hannah Conery.MR; Hadly, and Hannah Conery.CR1]

Moses and Mary Pierce, Nov.19,1776.* [Peirce.MR]

Elizabeth and Joshua Kilburn, Nov.6,1787.*

Thomas and Sarah Dexter, Apr.26,1792.*

Samuel and Anna Pratt, Aug.14,1796, in Stoneham.*

Richard and Sarah Barton, Dec.21,1797, in Stoneham.*

Rebecca and Thomas Knight, Nov.15,1798.*

Mary and Joseph Peirce, Apr.13,1800.*

Thomas Jr. and Mary Simonds, Jan.4 [Jan.20. dup.], 1811.* [Jan.20.CR1PR2]

Samuel Dexter and Elisabeth Russell Bellows, May14,1815.

Betsy and William Thomas, Mar.17,1816.

Sarah Dexter and Charles William [int.William] James, Sept.18,1823.

Elizabeth W. and Joseph Richardson Jr., int.Nov.4,1826. [Elisabeth W., m.Dec.末.CR2]

Nancy and Thomas Gillard, Dec.2,1829.

William and Eliza Richardson, Oct.27,1831.

Calvin and Eliza A. Teel, Nov.8,1838. [Eliza A., d.Samuel.CR1]

Eliza and Gilman Griffin, July16,1840.

Alanson and Mary G. Cram, May30,1843.

HADLY (Hadley)

Abigail and Jospeh Clefton, Nov.10,1774.* [Hadley, and John Clefton.MR; Hadley, and Joseph Clefton.CR1]


Augustin and Sarah Pell, Oct.7,1731, in Boston.*


William and Sally Payson of Chelsea, int.Oct.30,1831.

Samuel and Anna Maria Bigelow, Dec.4,1831. [William Haley.CR1]


John and Jemimah Sill of Cambridge, Oct.21,1687, in Charlestown.

Nathaniell and Elizibeth Cutter, Apr.16,1690.* [Nathaniel and Elizabeth Cutter.MR]

Thomas and Hannah Cutter, 末蔓22,1702.*

Jonathan and Lydia Cutter, Nov.11,1702.*

Sarah and Benjamin Peirce, Dec.2,1702.*

Susanna and Thomas Willis, Jan.26,1703-4.*

Susanna and John Giles, Mar.27,1718.*

John and Elizebeth Walker, Apr.27,1720.*

Bediah and Jeams Tufts Jr. of Charleston, June27 [?29], 1722.

Andrew and Abigall Walker,末蔓末, 末末.*[By 1723]

Tabithy and William Benford, Sept.16,1723, in Charlestown.*

Jamimah and Zaccry Auldin of Bostown, Jan.14,1724-5.* [Jemima and Zechariah Alden of Boston, Jan.4,1725.CR1]

Joseph and Abigail Brown, Jan.25,1729, in Eastham [Orleans, written in pencil].*

Abigall and William Wadson, Feb.17,1731.* [Abigail and William Watson.CR1]

Jonathan and Elesebath Tufts of Charlstown, Feb.17,1731.* [Elizabeth Tuffts.CR1]

Edward and Abigail Richardson, Mar.23,1732, in Boston.*

Stephen and Mary Muzzy, Dec.14,1732.*CR1

Mary and Francis Whitmore, Jan.1,1739.*CR1

Jonathan and Anna Fowle of Charlestown, Nov.22,1739, in Charlestown.*

William and Sarah Bishop, Apr.17,1740.*CR1

Ruth and Isaac Warren, Nov.19,1741.*CR1

Stephen and Sarah Kezer, Jan.5,1743.*CR1

Elizabeth and John Hall, Dec.15,1743.*CR1

John and Elizabeth Hall, Dec.15,1743.*CR1

Andrew and Sarah Calender of Boston, Jan.25,1744.*CR1

Abigail and Capt. David Donahew, Jan.1,1745.*CR1

Rebeccah and Aaron Blanchard Jr., Nov.13,1745.* [Rebekah, Nov.3.MR]

John Jr. and Mary Keesar, Oct.22,1746.* [Kezar.MRCR1]

Thomas, Dea., and Elizabeth Davis of Charlstown, Apr.16,1747.* [Elisabeth.MR; Mrs.Elizabeth.CR1]

Timothy and Mary Cutter, June29,1749.* [Sarah.MR]

Samuel and Lucy Patten, Nov.27,1751.* [Patton.MR; Pattin.CR1]

William Jr. and Rebeccah Bradshaw, Feb.7,1753.* [Rebekah Bradshaw.MR; Rebekah Bradshew.CR1]

Benjamin and Hepsibah Jones of Concord, May3,1753, in Concord.*

Abigail and Samuel Giles, Jan.31,1754.*

Jonathan and Mercy Welsh of Charlestown, Mar.23,1754, in Charlestown.*

Anna and Thomas Brooks Jr., Feb.27,1755.*

Thomas of Cambridge, and Rebecca Cutter, Nov.11,1756.* [Rebekah.MRCR1]

Joseph and Abigail Brooks, Nov.24,1757.* [Nov.24.MR; Oct.24.CR1]

Aaron and Rebeccah Pool, Jan.3,1760.* [Rebekah Poole.MR; Rebekah Pool.CR1]

James, Capt., and Mary Watson, Mar.27,1760.*

Nathaniel of Boston, and Mary Bradshaw, Apr.2,1761.*

Jonathan of Roxbury, and Elinor Cutter, Aug.20,1761.* [Eleanor.MR; Eleanors.CR1]

Isaac and Abigail Cutter, Oct.8,1761.*

Mary and Benjamin Mulberry Holmes of Boston, Nov.30,1761.*

Richard and Lucy Jones, Nov.9,1762.* [Nov.9.MR; Nov.18.CR1]

Sarah and Hezekiah Blanchard, Oct.6,1763.*

Ebenezer and Susanna Floyd, Nov.3,1763.*

Samuel and Rebecca Brooks, Nov.6,1766.* [Rebekah.MRCR1]

Sarah and Benjamin Francis, Oct.20,1768.*

Mary and Samuel Hall, Nov.3,1768.*

Samuel and Mary Hall, Nov.3,1768.*

Lucy and Samuel Winship, Dec. [crossed out] 17,1768.* [Nov.17.MRCR1]

Elizabeth and Dr. Simon Tufts, Oct.5,1769.* [Elisabeth and Dr. Simon Tufts.MR; Tuffts.CR1; Elizabeth, second d.Stephen Esq.PR4]

Ebenezer Jr. and Martha Jones, Apr.12,1770.* [Mrs.Martha.MR]

Jacob of Boston, and Mary Hall 4th, Dec.10,1772.*

Mary 4th and Jacob Hall of Boston, Dec.10,1772.*

Elizabeth and Samuel Harris of Charlstown, Nov.25,1773.*

Moses and Martha Sprague of Malden, Nov.28,1775, in Malden.*

Mary and Aaron Kinsman of Bow, Dec.26,1775.* [Capt. Aaron.MR; Mrs.Mary and Capt. Aaron Kinsman.CR1]

Benjamin Jr. and Lucy Tufts, Nov.20,1777.*

Ephraim and Lucretia Billing, May19,1778.* [Billings.MR]

Rebecca and Aaron Putnam, May9,1780.* [Rebeca and Dr. Aaron Putnam.PR2]

Aaron and Mary Pratt of Chelsea, May11,1780, in Chelsea.*

Ephraim and Mary Cheavers, Dec.27,1780.* [Cheever.MRCR1]

Fitch and Judith Brasher, May14,1783.*

Abigail and Samuel Hall, Aug.3,1784.*

Samuel and Abigail Hall, Aug.3,1784.*

Hepzibeth and John Brown Fitch of Boston, Jan.27,1785.* [Hephzibah.MR; Hepzibah.CR1]

Weston and Dinah Lynn of Littleton, negroes, June8,1785, in Littleton.*

John and Jane Gill of Malden, Dec.15,1785, in Malden.*

Andrew and Eunice Fitch, Apr.19,1789.* [Apr.18.PR2]

William and Mary Grover, Oct.28,1790.*

Benjamin and Mary Green, Aug.23,1791, in Boston.*

Joseph and Sukey Newhall, Oct.20,1791.* [Susanna.CR1; Susan.PR2]

Mary 2d and John Cutter, Jan.15,1792.*

William and Eleanor Grover, Oct.16,1792.* [Gowen.CR1; Elenor Gower.PR2]

Abigail and Jonathan Patten Hall of Boston, June11,1793.*

Jonathan Patten of Boston, and Abigail Hall, June11,1793.*

Nathaniel and Joanna Cotton Brooks, Nov.26,1793.* [Joanna Cotten.CR1]

Ebenezer and Eunice Jones of Weston, Mar.8,1796 [7, written in pencil], in Weston.* [Eunice, d.Isaac and Mary.PR6]

Joseph Patten and Hepzibah Floyd of Chelsea, Dec.6,1796, in Chelsea.*

Mary and Dr. Luther Stearns of Newton, Dec.20,1798.* [Mary, d.Willis.PR2]

Jane and Capt. Daniel McClister, Dec.7,1800.* [Jenny.PR2]

Lucy and Josiah Bradlee of Boston, Nov.26,1802.* [Lucy [d.Ebenezer and Martha].PR6]

Zachariah and Catharine Emerson, Dec.27,1803.* [Dec.28.PR2]

Sarah and William Flanagan of Boston, May7,1805.*

Isaac [s.Ebenezer and Martha] and Susan Mitchell [of Nantucket, written in pencil], Sept.11,1806.*PR6

Andrew [s.Ebenezer and Martha] and Ann Gray, Apr.9,1815.*PR6

Nancy of Charlestown, and John Wheeler, May29,1816.

Jane and Warren Joice, Mar.1,1818.

Dudley Esq. [int.omits Esq.] and Mary H. Fitch, July19,1818.

Ephraim [s.Ebenezer and Martha] and Jane T. Reyolds, d.Edward (Reynolds), Feb.2,1819.*PR6

William and Sarah Gleason [int.Gleasen], May9,1819.

Andrew [s.Ebenezer and Martha] and Ann Giles Moore, Sept.22,1819, in Baltimore.*PR6

Dudley and Hepzibah Jones Fitch, int.Mar.4,1821. [m.Mar.18.CR1; Hephzibah Jones Fitch, m.Mar.12.PR5]

Caroline and Francis Parkman of Boston, int.Apr.21,1822. [Rev. Francis, m.May7.CR1; Rev., m.May7.PR2]

Elizabeth [int.Elisabeth] and George W. Porter, Feb.17,1824. [George W., s.Jonathan and Phebe (Abbot).PR16]

William and Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.] Rebecca Simonds, Apr.14,1825.

Richard [s.Ebenezer 4th and Eunice (Jones)] and Mary Ann Hayward, Dec.25,1828.*PR6

Caroline Homes [d.Isaac and Susan (Mitchell)] and Samuel Heath Rich, May6,1829.*PR6

Abigail of Charlestown, and Timothy G. Eastman, int.Mar.7,1830. [m.Mar.23.CR2]

Eleanor and Samuel S. Green Jr., Jan.1,1839.

Susan M., d.Ebenezer Esq., and William Derby Fitch, Oct.30,1839. [Susan Mitchell, d.Ebenezer and Eunice (Jones).PR6]

Lucy J. and Thomas S. Harlow of Boston, Nov.9,1843. [Lucy J., d.Ebenezer, and Thomas Stetson Harlow Esq., Nov.7.CR1; Lucy Jones, d.Ebenezer 4th and Eunice (Jones), and Thomas Stetson Harlow, b. Castine, ME, Nov.7.PR6]

Isaac and Catherine M. Hooper, Jan.10,1844.

Rhoda [int.adds Mrs.] of N. Berwick, ME, and Joseph Mitchell, Jan.18,1844.

Joseph P. and Harriet P. Swain of S. Reading, int.May24,1845.

Hepsa, 24, d.Dudley and Hepsa, and Henry Bradlee [int.Bradlie], 25, merchant, of Boston, s.Josiah and Joanna, Nov.12,1845. [Hepsa, d.Dudley and Hepsabeth (Jones).PR6]

Dudley and Hetty Jane Haven,末蔓末, 末末, in Philadelphia.*PR6[By 1846]

George Jr., 24, shipwright, s.George and Cynthia, and Hannah G. Floyd, 19, s.Joshua and Susan, Oct.14,1846.

Susan R., 20, d.William and Rebecca, and Elisha B. Turner, 24, carpenter, s.Calvin and Rhoda, Oct.17,1847.

George H., 22, ship joiner, s.Harvey and Charlotte J. [?], and Lucy S. Poole, 20, d.Joseph T. and Harriet J. [?], Apr.6,1848.

Dudley C. and Harriet W. King, int.July1,1848. [Dudley Cotton of "New Orleans & Medford", and Harriet Winslow King, m.July27.CR4]

Susan Maria [d.Isaac and Susan (Mitchell)] and Charles William Munroe, Oct.3,1849, in Geneva, NY.*PR6

Peter C. and Anne R. Swan, Int. Dec.22,1849.


Bethia of Malding, and Samuell Hastings of Wattertown, May27,1719.*


Lucy and Jethro Townsend, Feb.18,1802.*


Moses and Mary Willey of New Durham, NH, int.Sept.20,1837.

George of Boston, and Ellen Cambridge, int.Jan.17,1849.

HAMMNOD (Hammon)

Hannah and Titus Patavia of Stoneham, "Free Negroes", Jan.5,1744.*CR1

HAMMON (Hammond)

Margaret, negro, and Simon, negro, of Boston, Oct.27,1744.*CR1


Sollemon of Charlstown, and Hannah Tufts, May14,1729.* [Solomon and Hannah Tuffts, May14,1730.CR1]

HANSCOM (Hanscomb)

Greenleaf A., baker, and Susan R. Hanscom, wid.[int.omits wid.] May4,1849.

Susan R., wid.[int.omits wid.] and Greenleaf A. Hanscom, baker, May4,1849.

HANSCOMB (Hanscom)

Simon and Phebe L. [?] Jordan, int.May10,1835.

John and Abigail Langley of New Market, NH, int.Sept.27,1835.

Walter C., 22, painter, s.John B. and Sarah Ann, and Susan B. [int.R.] Wheeler, 16, d.John and Mary, Nov.28,1844.

Simon, widr.[int.omits widr.], 36, shipwright, s.John and Catharine [dup. s.Solon], and Ann Sprague, 22, Jan.16,1848.


Mary A. and James C. Winnek, int.Aug.19,1848.


Helen M., Mrs.[int.omits M.] and Pyam Cushing, Mar.3,1844.


Lediah of Bradford, and Samuell Borit of Littletown, Aug.24,1725.*

Martha and Nathaniel Pierce of Woburn, Feb.4,1810.*

John and Judith Snow, int.Oct.28,1827.

Mary of Haverhill, and Rev. Aaron Warner, int.May18,1828.

Thomas J. and Lucy Spalding of Pepperell, int.Aug.9,1829.

Thomas J. and Sarah P. Stevens of Canaan, NH, int.May31,1846.

Judith, Mrs., and P. Edward Kelly, int.May15,1847.


Thomas S. of Boston, and Lucy J. Hall, Nov.9,1843. [Thomas Stetson Esq. and Lucy J. Hall, d.Ebenezer, Nov.7.CR1; Thomas Stetson, b. Castine, ME, and Lucy Jones Hall, d.Ebenezer 4th and Eunice (Jones), Nov.7.PR6]

Pelham of Boston, hatter, and Mary W. Blanchard, d.Gilbert and Mary, Apr.23,1845.


Ebenezer of Malden, and Lydia Wade, Feb.26,1733-4, in Malden.*


Sally of Charlestown, and William Winship Jr. of Cambridge, Oct.11,1784.*


Jonathan and Martha Belcher, June28,1818.

Mary R. and William Wyman, int.Apr.5,1829. [m.Apr.26.CR2]

Sarah E. of Lexington, and Elijah Gossom, Int. June28,1835.

George E. of Boston, and Lucretia P. Wyatt, Oct.19,1843.

Ruth, 24, of Lowell, d.Winslow and Ruth, and Bradbury C. Rollins, 24, shipwright, s.Eliphalet and Lydia, Nov.25,1847.


Samuel of Charlstown, and Elizabeth Hall, Nov.25,1773.*

Jane and Robert Polly of New London, July24,1775.*

John of Charlestown, and Elizabeth Miller, Mar.19,1778.*

Mary and James Thompson Floyd, Nov.12,1795.*

William [int.adds B.] and Eliza Murray, Apr.20,1831.

Caroline S. of Boston, and Dr. Abner B. Wheeler of Boston, Oct.26,1836.*


Fanny "late of Hull in Eng. ", and Richard Snowdon, Oct.18,1795.*


Thomas and Lois McCluer of Merrimas, int.Mar.10,1822.


Amory P. and Frances White of Charlestown, int.Nov.12,1840.

Edward, 21, currier, of Woburn, s.Amory and Emily, and Harriet C. Marston, 16, of Woburn, d.Jonathan and Chloe, Apr.27,1845.*

Elbridge B., harness maker, s.Amory and Emily, and Mary H. White, d.John T. and w., Apr.6,1849.


John of Boston, and Emily Ford, Oct.11,1840.*


John H. and Sally Ann Newton, Dec.2,1827.

Sarah Ann and Leonard Rendall, Oct.25,1831.

Frances Emeline and Ivory H. Randall, int.Oct.19,1839.

HASTING (Hastings)

Samuell of Wattertown, and Bethia Halloway of Malding, May27,1719.*

HASTINGS (Hasting)

Abigail of Waltham, and Samuel Brooks, Apr.2,1747, in Waltham.*

Joseph of Roxbury, and Sarah Ann B. Morey of Roxbury, Jan.1,1839.*

Samuel N., 26, trader, of Boston, s.Jonathan and Nancy, and Elizabeth A. Parmelee, 21, of Boston, d.Asaph (Parmlee), and Louisa, June9,1844.*

Emeline and Jacob Wardner, int.Dec.12,1849.


Elizabeth of Malden, and William Burditt, Apr.28,1785, in Malden.*

William of Boston, and Mary H. Childs, int.July10,1831.

Anthony and Mary W. Currier of Concord, NH, int.末蔓12,1834.

Mary and Nahum Mitchell, Apr.17,1834.*PR12

Isaac J. of Boston, and Sarah G. Hinkson, Feb.28,1839.

Anthony and Laura A. Conant of Marshfield, int.Apr.12,1839.

Elizabeth and Kendall B. Shedd of Charlestown, Sept.9,1840. [Kendell B.CR2]

Anthony and Kazia Russel of Somerville, int.Mar.19,1842.

Andrew and Amanda D. Jellison, int.Oct.2,1847.

Jane E. and Alden Cushman, int.Dec.8,1849.


Noah and Hannah M. Reed, Mar.8,1831. [Hannah Maria.CR1]

Deberah and Charles W. Berry, int.Sept.4,1831.

Hannah and Joseph Groves, int.Nov.末,1834.

Charity B. and Henry P. Kent, Sept.15,1839.

Samuel and Susan Gilmore of Bedford, NH, int.Dec.5,1840

James D. and Philena A. Hinckley [int.Hinkley], Oct.22,1843.

Lucy A. and Hiram Knights, launderer, July4,1847.


Hetty Jane and Dudley Hall,末蔓末, 末末, in Philadelphia.*PR6[By 1846]

HAWKES (Hawks)

Charlotte, Mrs., and John Weston 3d of Reading, int.Nov.12,1842.

HAWKS (Hawkes)

Violet and Prince Clary of Boston, Nov.12,1800.*


Noah and Mary Tweed, May25,1785.*

Fanny and John Cramperry of Beverly, int.Sept.7,1817. "Not posted:Fanny Hawley not living in Town. "


William of Stoneham, and Phebe Brown of Stoneham, Jan.25,1765.*

Nabby and Joses Bucknam, Sept.19,1786, in Reading.*

Rebecca G. of Stoneham, and Thomas N. [?] Bowen of Stoneham, Sept.22,1839.*


Elisha and Elizabeth Jane Sables, int.June28,1829. [Elisabeth, m.July末.CR2]


Margarett and Ebenezer Hills, July29,1718.*

Ann and John Wallace, Nov.19,1786.*

HAYWARD (Haywood, Heywood)

Nathan of Lanckester, and Easter Willis of Charlstown, June20,1723.*

Mary Ann and Richard Hall [s.Ebenezer 4th and Eunice (Jones)], Dec.25,1828.*PR6

HAYWOOD (Hayward, Heywood)

Samuel P. of Boston, and Sarah Hall Blanchard, int.Dec.8,1822.

Mary, [int.Hayward] and Lemuel Nash, Nov.9,1828.


Edward F. and Mary H. Bangs of Springfield, int.May9,1846.


Asenath of Lowell, and Gardner F. Currier, int.May6,1838.


Sarah Hearsey and Braddock Jacobs,末蔓末, 末末.*PR43


Gilman and Betsy Smith of Boston, int.Oct.7,1814.

Edward L. and Elizabeth W. Wheeler, July3,1836.

Hiram and Charlotte Wheeler, int.June2,1842.

Hiram and Eliza J. Hunt, int.Dec.6,1845.


Amos and Rebecca P. [G. int.] Eaton, May15,1836.

Ruth B., 37, of Reading, d.John and Lydia, and Washington W. Temple, 26, mariner, of Reading, s.Charles and Bridjet [sic], Oct.5,1845.*


Nathaniel and Beriah Vardy, Nov.8,1750.*


Robert of Boston, and Jane Mcquislin, Oct.7,1742.*CR1

HENLY (Henley)

Tamerson and Amasa Kemp, Jan.17,1769.* [Tamasin Henley and Amasa Kemp.MR; Tamerson Henly and Amasa Kempt.CR1]


William and Tryphena Tufts, int.Mar.16,1817.

William and Pamela Tufts, int.Apr.4,1819.

Elizabeth F. of Keene, NH, and Charles V. Bemis, int.Apr.9,1841.


Caroline of Springfield, and Ebenezer Simonds, May21,1778, in Springfield.*


Susanna and John Dexter of Malden, Jan.6,1731.* [Susannah and Samuel Dexter.CR1]

HEYWOOD (Hayward, Haywood)

Rebecca, b. Concord, d.Jonas Jr. and Ruth (Barrett), and John Howe, b. Boston, s.Joseph Jr. and Sarah (Davis), Nov.17,1808, in Concord.*PR36

Artemas and Dorothy Jeffs, Mar.12,1821.*PR20

HIBBERT (Hubbard)

Mary and Jonathan Tufts, Jr., Nov.19,1805.*

HILL (Hills)

Isaac of Woodstock, and Sarah Wright of Obron, May20,1719.*

Judith of Malden, and Jabez Wait of Malden, Jan.4,1722.*

Luccy of Cambridge, and Caleb Blanchard, Mar.2,1788.* [Lucy.CR1]

Elizabeth of Cambridge, and Samuel Gowen, Feb.26,1792, in Cambridge.*

Lucy and William Morrow, Aug.3,1794.* [Marrow.PR2]

Ruth and Thomas Bradshaw Jr., Aug.14,1794.*

Washington and Roda [dup. Rhoda] Tufts, June10,1812.*

Benjamin and Hannah Converse [int.Convers], Apr.26,1818. [Converse.PR2]

Sally and Gustavus A. Stowell, int.July15,1827. [m.Aug.9.CR2]

Amos and Louisa Russell of W. Cambridge, int.Oct.18,1829.

Mary W. and Samuel Tay, Jan.28,1834.

Harriet W. and William Moody of Boston, Sept.9,1835.

Marcy Ann of W. Cambridge, and Jonathan V. Fletcher, int.Oct.1,1836.

Lavina S. of W. Cambridge, d.James of W. Cambridge, and James Estabrook of W. Cambridge, Oct.26,1843, in W. Cambridge.* [Louisa S. and James A. Estabrook.CR1]


Ruthena, Mrs., of Lexington, and Samuel Blanchard, int.Apr.8,1844.

Elizabeth C. of Belleville Port, and Charles A. Omstead, int.Mar.24,1849.

HILLS (Hill)

Ebenezer and Margarett Hayes, July29,1718.*


Samuel of Northhampton, and Martha Prince, June19,1809.*

Philena A. [int.Hinkley] and James D. Hathaway, Oct.22,1843.

HINCKSON (Hinkson)

Elizabeth R. [int.Elizabeth B. Hinkson] and Moses C. Hoyt, June26,1842.

HINKSON (Hinckson)

John of Boston, and Elizabeth Pratt, Dec.18,1808.*

Sarah G. [int.J.] and Isaac J. Hatch of Boston, Feb.28,1836.

Abby and David S. Hooker, int.Dec.23,1843. [Abby, "22?", and David S. Hooker, "25?", blacksmith, m.Jan.11,1844.CR1]


Jane of Charlestown, and Stephen Tobey, Oct.12,1834.


George C., 28, shipwright, of Brunswick, ME, and Lucy C. Ford, 26, d.James and Mercy, Sept.3,1845.


Emiley and Kendall B. Waitt, s.Darius and Nancy (Bailey),末蔓末, 末末.*PR17


Ann, 21, d.Thomas and Mary, and Benjamin Peterson, 27, stone cutter, s.Benjamin and Chloe, Oct.25,1849.


Tamzay H., of Wellfleet, and James F. Fifield, int.Mar.27,1849. [m.May9.PR29]


Mary of Billerica, and Edward Rogers, int.May22,1825.

Asa of Stoneham, and Mrs.Mary Lawrence, int.Sept.19,1841.


Mary and Richard Sprague Jr., Mar.24,1752.*


Benjamin Mulberry of Boston, and Mary Hall, Nov.30,1761.*

Judith and Thomas Williams of Cambridge, July17,1825.*

George R. and Louisa Barry of Boston, int.Oct.30,1841.

John, 24, ship joiner, s.Eleazer and Ruth, and Lucy A.W. Ewell, 19, d.John and Lucy J., May1,1845.


Sally of Boston, and Joseph Wheelright, Apr.11,1793.* [Wheelwright.PR2]

Jonathan and Betsy Teel, Apr.24,1803.*

Abigail and John Knights, Nov.14,1803.*

Abiel and Rachel Tippets of Boston, int.Aug.17,1817.


George I. of Boston, and Sarah A. Ford of Dorchester, Nov.23,1843.*


Asa of Charlestown, and Jeanette [int.Janette] L. Blanchard, Oct.29,1843. [Jeanettee L., d.Capt. Andrew Jr.CR1]


David S. amd Abby Hinkson, int.Dec.23,1843. [David S., "25?", blacksmith, and Abby Hinkson, "22?', m.Jan.11,1844.CR1]


Catherine M. and Isaac Hall, Jan.10,1844.

Mary P., 21, d.Amos M. and Mary, and Sylvanus L. Magoun, 25, shipwright, s.Enoch and Betsey, Jan.1,1846.


Milton of Boston, and Rachell D. Newhall, Feb.10,1833.* [Milton W. and Rachel D. Newhall of Boston, Feb.11.CR1]

Rebecca L. of Hampden, ME, and Hiram Woodman, int.Aug.24,1849.


John of Woburn, and Susan Ramsdell of Charlestown, Aug.19,1839.*


Martin H. and Elizabeth Quinton of Woburn, int.Mar.19,1847.


Abigail of Billerica, and Jonathan French of Billerica, Jan.20,1763.* [Henley, Jan.20,1762.MR]


John of Boston, and Martha Webber, Aug.29,1750.* [Hosme.MR]


James F. of Somerville, and Sarah T. Perkins of Somerville, Oct.30,1849.*


Benjamin and Lois Jenkins, Aug.2,1797.*

John Jr. and Mrs.Mary A. Lockwood of Malden, Mar.4,1841.


Rebecca and Henry Forle, Nov.28,1782.* [Rebecc Harvard.MR]

Nicholas of Charlestown, and Phebe Yarney, Dec.26,1791.* [negroes.CR1]

Peter M. of Cambridge, and Margarett A. Revalion, int.May8,1831.

Albert G. and Hannah S. [?] Mason of Kennebunkport, ME, int.Apr.20,1834.


Lucy of Templeton, and Lemuel Mann of Templeton, Mar.24,1808.*

John, b. Boston, s.Joseph Jr. and Sarah (Davis), and Rebecca Heywood, b. Concord, d.Jonas Jr. and Ruth (Barrett), Nov.17,1808, in Concord.*PR36

David of Thetford, VT, and Hannah Brooks of Charlestown, Nov.21,1808.*

John and Sally L. Symmes, int.Oct.28,1821. [m.Nov.13.CR1; John, widr., b. Boston, s.Joseph Jr. and Sarah (Davis), and [Mrs.] Sally L. Symmes, d.Nathan Wait and Sarah Lloyd (Fulton), m.Nov.15.PR36]

Mary and William Rogers, July23,1822.

John, widr.[int.omits widr.], trunk maker, and Elizabeth W. Butters, wid.[int.Mrs., omits wid.], May17,1849. [John, widr., of Boston, s.Joseph Jr., and Sarah (Davis), and [Mrs.] Elizabeth W. Butters [d.末末 Butterfield].PR36]


Archibald and Susannah Conner of Henniker, int.Jan.1,1832.

Samuel [int Hoyet] of E. Cambridge, and [int.adds Mrs.] Judith H. Danforth, Sept.30,1838.

Moses C. and Elizabeth R. Hinckson [int.Elizabeth B. Hinkson], June26,1842.

Robert B., 26, farmer, s.Enoch and Mary H. of Concord, NH, and Hannah Goodwin, 23, d.Lucy, Apr.30,1844.

HUBBARD (Hibbert)

Richard S. of Boston, and Susannah Gates, int.June2,1822.


Susan [int.adds Jane] and George W. Symmes, Nov.13,1839. [Susan Hoffmaster.CR1]

Mary and Henry Drucker, int.Dec.29,1849.


John L. of Charlestown, and Sarah K. Fuller, Feb.14,1836. [Sarah R., d.GeorgeCR1]

Bethane and Frederick D. Bruce, of Newburyport, int.Aug.11,1848.

Eliza, 26, d.Andrew and Dorothy, and Reuben Willey, 27, laborer, s.Isaac and Charlotte, Dec.31,1848.


Augustus of Boston, and Nabby Tarbot, Dec.31,1795.*

Emily of Johnson, VT, and Nathan Childs, int.Sept.1,1838.

Sarah C. of Dorchester, and Stephen P. Talbot, int.Apr.19,1845.

Eliza J. and Hiram Heath, int.Dec.6,1845.

John, widr.[int.omits widr.], 47, morrocco manufacturer, of Roxbury, s.Elisha and Lucy, and Sarah J. Symmes, 39, d.Thomas and Sarah L., Oct.25,1846. [Sarah Jane.CR1]


Benjamin Jr. and Hannah Rand of Charlestown, Dec.25,1744, in Charlestown.*


Albert of Boston, and Nancy Atkinson, Dec.22,1842.


Hannah C. Hutchinson and Grenvil [int.Grenvel] Parker, Mar.1,1842. [Hutchins.CR1]

John, 25, shipwright, s.Joseph and Susan, and Cordelia Tainter, 21, d.Elisha L. and Lydia, Dec.25,1845.

George W., 21, trader, of Fair Haven, Conn,. s.Suel and Elvira, and Harriet L. Gove, 17, d.Edward and Martha, Nov.1,1848.


Mary, of Malden, and Benjamin Tufts, Jan.7,1730, in Malden.*

Eliza and Michael Benson, int.Dec.29,1849.


Daniell of Bridgwater, and Mary Peirce of Obron, May19,1719.*


Charles [int.adds H.] and Lucretia Gardner, Sept.30,1832.

James Jr. and Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.] Martha H. Gove, July11,1839.

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