GALLOP (Gullap)

May and John Binford, May2,1757.* [Mary Gallap.MR] [Mary Kallop.CR1]

GALT (Gault)

Adam and Elizabeth Binford, Nov.17,1756.* [Elisabeth.MR]


William of Boston, and Anna Page, Dec.29,1748.*


Thomas and Mary Willis, June20,1704.*

Jonathan and Abigail Knower of Malden, Jan.18,1770, in Malden.*

Edward of Charlestown, and Patience Converse, int.Feb.23,1817.

Lucretia and Charles [int.adds H.] Hyde, Sept.30,1832.

Joseph Jr. and Ruth Jenkins, int.Oct.4,1834.

Mary and Elisha Vinton of Boston, Nov.5,1835.*

Martha B. and Elbridge G. Morse, Nov.16,1842.* [both of Boston.CR2]

GARISH (Gerrish)

Sary of Charlstown, and John May of Charlstown, Oct.23,1724.*


William C. and Bellinda Ryndes of Lowell, int.Sept.9,1832.


Lucinda [int.Yarner, dup. Garner] and Charles Mills of Boston, Mar.24,1814. [Yarner, negroes.CR1PR2]


Jacob of Bostown, and Hanah Clark of Concord, June27,1721.*


Edmund T. and Elizabeth Tufts, Mar.9,1786.* [Edmund Trowbridge.CR1]

Mercy and James Ford, Feb.12,1809.* [Mary.PR2]

Mary T. [int.Trowbridge] and Nathaniel Parkman of Boston, Apr.7,1814.

Abigail and Warren White of Boston, Dec.8,1817.

Susannah and Richard S. Hubbard of Boston, int.June2,1822.

Lucy and David Thomson [int.Thompson] of Royalston, Feb.10,1825.

GAULT (Galt)

Elizabeth and John Gill, May3,1764.* [Elisabeth Gault.MR] [Elizaeth Gaunt.CR1]


Elcey J. and Joseph Groves, July25,1838.


Catharine of Charlstown, and Jonathan Anthony, negroes, Apr.5,1748.* [Kate.CR1]


Isaac F. of Charlestown, and Mary Merrifield, int.Mar.16,1822. [m.Apr.4.CR1PR2]

GERRISH (Garish)

Charles, 26, merchant, of Groton, s.Paul and Sophia, and Sarah Jane Brooks, 21, d.Luther and Dolly, Dec.19,1844.


Charlotte C., 20, d.Samuel and Charlotte, and Thomas Leeds, 21, blacksmith, s.Thomas and Sarah E., Sept.20,1844.

Hannah G. of Stoneham, and Robert E. Jackson, int.May29,1847.


Nathaniel of Sudbury, and Abigail Richardson of Woburn, Apr.18,1753.

James and Abigail Stimpson of Charlstown, Feb.4,1777.* [Stimpson.MR] [Stimson.CR1]


Hannah and Ebenezer Brooks, June20,1737, in Boston.*

James and Mary A. Burgess of Woburn, int.Mar.24,1842.


Mary of Charlestown, and Nathan Tufts Jr., Apr.23,1799 [1799 written in pencil].* [1799CR1PR2]


James of Salem, and Susan Wyman, June10,1805.*


John and Susanna Hall, Mar.27,1718.*

Edward and Hannah Shinnar of Charlestown, Dec.12,1751.* [Skinner.MRCR1]

Samuel and Abigail Hall, Jan.31,1754.*

John and Lidia Atwood of Woburn, Nov.25,1756, in Woburn.*


John and Eleanor Pieris, Mar.24,1737.*CR1

John and Elizabeth Gault, May3,1764.* [Elisabeth Gault.MR] [Elizabeth Gaunt.CR1]

John Jr. and Mary Lewis, July12,1764.*

Mary of Malden, and Benjamin Teel of Malden [Medford, written above in pencil], Apr.7,1783, in Malden.*

Elizabeth of Malden, and Jonas Dixon, May27,1783, in Malden.*

Jane of Malden, and John Hall, Dec.15,1785, in Malden.*

Prudence and William Foster, Mar.17,1799 [1799, written in pencil].* [1799.CR1PR2]

Mary and James Wyman, July6,1817. [Polly.PR2]

Susan Buttrick of Boston, and George Fuller, int.Mar.3,1835.


Susanna [int.Gillan] and Boardman Poor, Oct.1,1845.


Thomas and Nancy Hadley, Dec.2,1829.

GILLMORE (Gilmore)

Harriet T. of Bedford, NH, and Samuel B. Shapley, int.Jan.18,1845.


Daniel 3d of Exeter, and Bridget Pool, May27,1776.* [of Exeter, NH.MR]

Rhoda P. and William W. Wilson, int.May17,1846.

GILMORE (Gillmore)

Susan of Bedford, NH, and Samuel Hathaway, int.Dec.5,1840.


Mary and Marshall L. Richardson, int.Mar.30,1839.

Almira, 22, and Henry Cabot, 35, farmer, Nov.27,1844.


Jacob and Sibyl Danforth, Oct.24,1793.* [Sibble.PR2]

Hannah and James T. Floyd, May24,1804.*

Anna and Joseph Bucknam, Dec.2,1806.* [wid.PR2]

Sarah [int.Gleasen] and William Hall, May9,1819.

Susan and James Thomson Flyod, int.Nov.17,1822.

Joseph and Sally Withington, May28,1826.

Susanna [int.Susannah] and John C. Allen Jr., Apr.6,1836. [John O.CR2]

Mary, 19, d.Joseph and Sarah, and Otis F. Waterman, 24, carpenter, s.Anthony and Lydia, Nov.26,1846. [Mary, teacher.CR1]


Nancy and John W. Cahoon, teamster, of Boston, July11,1849.


Hannah R. of Roxbury, and Henry Kellogg of Walpole, NH, Nov.29,1840.*


Elizabeth of Boston, and Nathaniel Corban of Boston, June9,1757.*

Martha Ann and David R. Lovering, int.Oct.22,1844.


Isaac of Salem, and Katherine Jones, Oct.8,1767.* [Katharine.MR]


Ann of Woburn, and Isaac Kidder of Woburn, Nov.25,1775.*

George T. and Martha Waitt, Oct.14,1840. [Martha, d.Darius and Nancy (Bailey).PR17]

Hannah, 23, d.Lucy, and Robert B. Hoyt, 26, farmer, s.Enoch and Mary H. of Concord, NH, Apr.30,1844.


Jeremiah, see Jeremiah Jordan.


Thomas of Bolton, and Abigail Wade, Dec.3,1741.*CR1


Elijah and Sarah E. Harrington of Lexington, int.June28,1835.


Mary T. of Malden, and Peletiah Waitt of Malden, Dec.末,1830.*CR2

William and Abigail Porter, Mar.31,1831.


Mary E., d.Rev. Mr. Govan of Michigan, and Ransom Young, widr.[int.omits widr.], teamster, Oct.9,1844.


Prescott H. and Eliza Bradford, int.May13,1827. [Prescot H., m.May30.CR2]

Martha H., Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.], and James Hyde Jr., July11,1839.

Harriet L., 17, d.Edward and Martha, and George W. Hutchins, 21, trader, of Fair Haven, CT, s.Suel and Elvira, Nov.1,1848.


William and Eleanor Cutter, Apr.29,1772.*

Mary and David Vinton, May30,1773.*

Samuel and Elizabeth Hill of Cambridge, Feb.26,1792, in Cambridge.*

Eleanor (see Eleanor Grover).


Phillip and Elizabeth Cornell of Stoneham, Nov.末,1761, in Stoneham.*


Anna J., 20, d.Benjamin C. and Anna G., and Rev. [int.omits Rev.] Oakman S. Stearns, 29, s.Silas and Hannah S., June8,1847.


Henry H. and Almira Symonds, Oct.29,1843.


Sarah M. of Cambridge Port, and John Sables, int.Feb.27,1841.


Martha and Daniel Gross, Oct.13,1743.*CR1


Eliezer of Andover, and Hannah Evens of Reding, May28,1735.*

Elizabeth C. and Alvah N. Cotton, int.Oct.4,1846.


Robert, Rev., of Dover, NH, and Lydia Tufts of Charlestown, Mar.22,1787.*

Samuel of Salem, and Mary Brooks, Apr.25,1799 [1799, written in pencil].* [1799.CR1PR2]

Lydia and Thomas W. Ward of Boston, Nov.15 [dup. Nov.5], 1810.* [Nov.15.CR1PR2]

Ann and Andrew Hall [s.Ebenezer and Martha], Apr.9,1815.*PR6

Mary and William Ray of Boston, Nov.3,1816.

Elisabeth Gorham and Franklin Howard Story of Salem, int.Nov.17,1822. [Elizabeth Gorham, m.Dec.2.CR1] [m.Dec.2.PR2]

Catharine [int.Catherine] and Jonathan Porter, July22,1823. [Catharine and Jonathan Porter, s.Jonathan and Phebe (Abbot), Jan.22 [sic].PR16]

Henriette and Ignatius Sargent of Boston, May7,1835. [Henrietta, d.Samuel Esq. dec'd., and Ignatius Sargent Esq. of Boston.CR1]

GREAN (Green)

Ruth of Molden, and Joshuay Nickols of Molden, Apr.12,1720.*

GREANLEAF (Greenleaf, Greenleafe, Greenlief)

Rebekah and Benjamin Floyd, Apr.30,1770.* [Mrs.Rebekah Greenleaf.MR] [Grenleaf.CR1]

Isaac and Mary Tufts, Dec.17,1772.* [Greenleaf, and Mary Tufts Jr.MR] [Greenleff, and Mary Tuffts.CR1]

GREEN (Grean)

Hanah of Malding, and Samuell Cuttler of Malding,末蔓末,1719.*

Daniel of Stoneham, and Ruth Oaks, Aug.19,1760.* [Oakes.MR]

Isaac of Lexington, and Eleanor Tufts, Feb.5,1778.*

Mary and Benjamin Hall, Aug.23,1791, in Boston.*

Abel of Leicester, and Sally Mead, Nov.24,1817.

Mary Elizabeth of Stoneham, and Nathan Perry, int.Nov.11,1826.

Susannah of Beverly, and Benjamin Moody, int.Feb.28,1829.

Joseph C. of Providence, RI, and Angeline M. Lawrence, Dec.9,1838.

Samuel S. Jr. and Eleanor Hall, Jan.1,1839.

GREENLEAF (Greanleaf, Greenleafe, Greenlief)

Elizabeth of Newbury, and Thomas Oakes, Aug.2,1716, in Newbury.*

Gardiner and Catharine Thompsen, Jan.21,1747-8.* [Gardner and Catharine Tompson.MR] [Gardner and Katherine Tompson.CR1]

Mary and Addison Richardson of Woburn, Dec.24,1761.*

Isaac and Sarah Rhoads, Apr.30,1778.*

Isaac and Joanna Manning, Apr.30,1778.MR

Jonathan and Joanna Manning, May5,1778.* [Greanleaf.CR1]

Mary and Samuel Kidder, May19,1778.* [Greenleaf.MR] [Greanleaf.CR1]

Katharine and Ebenezer Thompson, May21,1778.*

Hannah and Francis Tufts, June12,1785.* [Tuffts.PR2]

Gardner and Lydia Nickerson of Lynn, Oct.1,1786, in Lynn.*

Joanna and Amos Lock, Mar.27,1805.*

Abigail and Thomas Shed, Dec.18,1808.*

Hannah and Henry Reed, Aug.23,1810.*

Rebecca and John Burridge Jr., Feb.13,1812.*

Hepzibah [int.Hepsy Greenleif] and Gardner Fifield, Dec.28,1823. [Hepsey.PR29]

GREENLEAFE (Greanleaf, Greenleaf, Greenlief)

Enoch and Hanah Bradshow, Feb.17,1726.* [Greenleaf, and Hanna Bradshow.CR1]

GREENLIEF (Greanleaf, Greanleafe, Greenleaf)

Harriet and Henry Rogers, int.Apr.3,1822. [Harriot Greenleaf, m.Apr.29.CR1] [Greenleaf, m.Apr.29,.PR2]


Ann Maria of Boston, and Hiram Southworth, May27 [?29], 1836. [May29.CR1]


James B. and Mary B. Bailey of W. Newbury, int.Sept.13,1844.

Sarah and Robert McPherson of Lyme, NY, [sic, NH], int.Nov.15,1845. [m.Nov.25.CR2]

Jane W., 19, d.Alexander and Jane M., and George W. Ellsworth, 24, trader, s.Jeremiah and Mary, Dec.31,1845. [Jan.1,1846.CR2]


Franklin E. of Cambridge, and Sarah F. Bird, int.May1,1847.

GRIFFEN (Griffin)

Frances [int.Griffin] and John S. Emerson, Jr., Apr.9,1846. [Griffin.CR2]

GRIFFIN (Griffen)

William and Frances Usher, Nov.24,1825.

Frances B. [int.adds Mrs.] and Noah H. Smith [int.of Biddeford, ME], Mar.8,1836.

Gilman and Eliza Hadley, July16,1840.

Gilman and Hepzabah [int.Hepzibah H.] Clark, May21,1843. [Hepsibah H.CR1]

Frances D. and John Richardson, int.Apr.13,1844.


Joanna and Edward Oaks, Feb.27,1759.* [Oaks.CR1]


Daniel and Martha Gratten, Oct.13,1743.*CR1


Mary of Molden, and Obadiah Jenkins of Moldden, Jan.5,1720-1.*

Mary of Charlstown, and William Lewes of Charlstown, Oct.5,1725.*

Mary of Malden, and Hutchinson Tufts, Jan.17,1769, in Malden.*

Mary and William Hall, Oct.28,1790.*

Eleanor and William Hall, Oct.16,1791.* [Gowen.CR1] [Elenor Gower.PR2]

Abigail and Rufus Porter, Sept.11,1796.*


Joseph and Hannah Hathaway, int.Nov.末,1834.

Joseph and Elcey J. Gay, July25,1838.


Huldah Louise [int.Hulda Louisa] and Sylvester Wright, Mar.25,1843.

GULLAP (Gallop)

Rebecca and Joseph Thompson, June26,1758, in Boston.*

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