DADLEY (Dudley)

George of Boston, and Eliza Cox, June 7, 1795.* [Dudley. PR2]


Jason, Jr. and Caroline E. Burnham of Lowell, int. Sept. 21, 1844.


Delia A., 20, of W. Cambridge, d. Rev. David, and John Burnham, 30, brass founder, of Ellington, CT, s. John and Rachel, Dec. 14, 1846, in W. Cambridge.* CR1

John F., cordwainer, of Reading, and Ellen M. Clark of Reading, June 30, 1848.*

DANA (Dane, Dany, Dena)

Elizabeth and Daniell Woodward, Jan. 14, 1679.*

DANE (Dana, Dany, Dena)

Chandler and Susan Wallace of Lowell, int. Sept. 14, 1838.

Sabrina A. of New Boston, NH, and William Taylor, int. Aug. 28, 1845.


Sibyl and Jacob Gleason, Oct. 24, 1793.* [Sibble. PR2]

Aaron Jr. and Elizebath S. Cobb, int. June 12, 1836.

Judith H. [int. adds Mrs.] and Samuel Hoyt [int. Hoyet] of E. Cambridge, Sept. 30, 1838.

Charles and Matilda O. Shed, Dec. 25, 1838.

Catharine of Hillsborough, NH, and John Willey, int. Mar. 19, 1842.


Roxanna [and] Dexter Blodgett, int. Apr. 26, 1823.

Harriet and Seth Joice [int. Joyce], Dec. 13, 1825. [Joies. CR1]

George and Anna Blanchard, wid. [dup. and int. omit wid.], June 14, 1829.

Mary Ann and Daniel Burbeck Jr. of W. Cambridge, Nov. 5, 1840.

DANY (Dana, Dane, Dena)

Benjamin of Cambridge, and Anna Francis, July 23, 1724.*


Elizabeth of Charlstown, and Dea. Thomas Hall, Apr. 16, 1747.* [Elisabeth. MR] [Mrs. Elizabeth. CR1]

Harriot and Henry Todd, Mar. 1, 1812.*

Lydia S. and Amherst Joslyn, Dec. 31, 1815.

Nancy of Gloucester, and William C. Pratt, Feb. 5, 1824.

Sarah B. and William Cushing of Boston, Jan. 20, 1831.

Eleazer and Easther [int. Esther] Tufts, Oct. 13, 1831. [Eleasar. CR1]

Ebenezer and Mary H. Skinner, Apr. 7, 1834.

Uriah and Mary T. Austin of Boston, int. Dec. 4, 1844.

George W., 22, carpenter, s. Samuel, and Lavilia F. Symonds [int. Lovilia F. Symons], 20, d. Daniel, Apr. 13, 1845.

Gardner of Brighton, provision dealer, and Hepzibah [int. Hepza] Thomas, d. William and Eliza H., Apr. 30, 1846. [Mr. Davis of Watertown, and Hepsebeth Thomas. CR2]


Elizabeth and John B. Beers Jr. of Woburn, int. May 4, 1828.

Nancy A., 22, d. Nathaniel and Harriet, and William Henry Snowdon [int. Snowden], 24, paper hanger, s. William and Mary, July 2, 1848.


Reuben L. and Martha French, Dec. 23, 1827.


Thomas and [int. adds Mrs.] Sarah A. Parker, Nov. 27, 1843.


Anna and John Nobles of S. Reading, int. May 8, 1814.

DEGRUSHE (Du Grushy)

John and Eunice Richason of Woborn, Jan. 13, 1731-2.* [Degrussa, and Eunice Richardson. CR1]


Benjamin F. and Rhoda B. Turner, Nov. 30, 1843.

Albert, 27, caulker, s. Charles and Bethiah, and Sarah Sampson, 21, d. Jonathan and Judith, Dec. 13, 1844.

Otis and Sarah Merrill of Newbury, int. Sept. 20, 1846.

William E. and Mary Kneeland, Mar. 5, 1849.*


Hiram, 25, ship joiner, of Boston, s. John and Lucy, and Charlotte H. Wakefield, 22, spinster, of Boston, d. Oliver and Abigail, Feb. 3, 1845.*

DENA (Dana, Dane, Dany)

Kezia and Samule Butter Jr. of Wilmington, Apr. 13, 1749.*


Sarah of Malden, and Benjamin Woodbury of Malden, Sept. 6, 1840.*


Cloe and Sampson Quongo, negroes, Mar. 17, 1748-9.* [Dennis, and Sampson Quongo. MR; Cloe Canungo and Samson Quoango. CR1]


Stillman and Elizabeth Richardson of Billerica, int. Dec. 17, 1836.


Ebeneser of Molden, and Sary Right of Molden, Dec. 24, 1720.*


Sary of Molden, and John Sargant of Charlstown, May 25, 1721.*

John of Malden, and Susanna Hewet, Jan. 6, 1731.* [Samuel and Susannah Hewet. CR1]

Phebe and Sameul Verder, Apr. 30, 1783.*

Sarah and thomas Hadley, Apr. 26, 1792.*

Anson [and] Polly Fisk, Mar. 20, 1803.*

Anson and Mary Ballard Anderson, Feb. 17, 1811.*


Almira M., Mrs., and Vincenso [int. Vinsenso] Arvular, Sept. 19, 1842.


Sophronia and David D. Clark, Apr. 24, 1842.

DICKSON (Dixon, Dixson)

Betsy and Lewis Jones of Charlestown, Oct. 17, 1810.*

Joshua [int. adds G.] and Sally Pritchard, Nov. 2, 1815.

John and Mary H. Wyman, Nov. 5, 1815.

Joshua G. and Sarah Mcinzeis [int. Minzies], Aug. 29, 1826. [Capt. Joshua G. of Cambridgeport. CR1]

Richard [int. Dixon], 25, carpenter, s. Margaret and Samuel, and Martha Ann Whitney, 20, of Waltham, Apr. 8, 1847.


Mary and James Tufts of Charlstown, Sept. 4, 1729.* [Tuffts, Sept. 4, 1730. CR1]


Samuel H. of Charlestown, and Sarah B. Skinner of Charlestown, Sept. 8, 1839.*


Sarah of Woburn, and Joshua Reed, Mar. 27, 1755.*

Lois of Newton, and Elijah Thwing, Mar. 16, 1800.*

DIXON (Dickson, Dixson)

Jonas and Elizabeth Gill of Malden, May 27, 1783, in Malden.*

DIXSON (Dickson, Dixon)

Josiah of Cambridge, and Anna Francis, June 16, 1748.* [Dixon. MR CR1]


Robert John, Dr., of Philadelphia, and Hannah Matilda Bradlee, d. Josiah and Lucy (Hall) of Boston, Mar. ––, 1848, in Boston.* PR6


Paul F. of W. Cambridge, and Persis M. Perry of W. Cambridge, Feb. 11, 1835.*

DONAHEW (Donnahew)

David, Capt., and Abigail Hall, Jan. 1, 1745.* CR1

DONNAHEW (Donahew)

Abigail and Timothy Fitch of Boston, Aug. 19, 1746.* [Donahew. CR1]


Elisha of CT, and Margaret Adams, Oct. 21, 1736.*

DOUSE (Dowse)

Nathaniel of Charlestown, and Nancy Cary, Feb. 15, 1783.* [Dowse, and Nancy Clary. MR] [Dowse, and Nancy Cary. CR1]


Abby and Adoniram Lynde of Stoneham, Oct. 26, 1843.

Lucius, trader, of Cuttingsville, VT, and Rebecca S. Sprague, d. Isaac and Rebecca, Dec. 28, 1847.

Emma of Woburn, and Benjamin Pond Esq. of Boston, June 28, 1848, in Woburn.* CR1

Lucius and Garafilia Mohalby Sprague, Dec. 12, 1849.* PR9

DOWSE (Douse)

Polly and John Parker, Mar. 29, 1807.* [Polley. CR1]

Martha and John H. Parker, ––– 6, 1807.* [Aug. 6. CR1 PR2]


George B. and Margaret G. Sullivan of Waltham, int. May 26, 1838.

Charles R. and Abbe [int. Abby] G. Lewis, Nov. 20, 1842. [Abbie G. CR2]

William H. and Elizabeth A. Cummings of Poland, ME, int. Nov. 15, 1845.


Henry of E. Boston, and Mary Huffmaster, int. Dec. 29, 1849.

DU GRUSHY (Degrushe)

John and Sarah Richardson, Sept. 3, 1776.* [Degrushy. MR] [De Grushy. CR1] [Dgrushy. PR2]

DUDLEY (Dadley)

John of Concord, and Hannah Poulter, May 9, 1697, in Concord.*

Lucy 3d, Mrs., d. Col. William Dudley and Elizabeth, and Simon Tufts, Feb. 23, 1749, in Roxbury.* PR4


Hosea, 27, mason, of Boston, s. Cyrus and Sally, and Elizabeth A. Symmes, 21, d. Edmund and Elizabeth, Jan. 3, 1847. [Elizabeth A., d. Edmund dec'd. CR1]


John Pearlee and Lydia Meads, Oct. 31, 1790.* [Duncklee, and Lydia Mead. CR1] [Dunklee, and Lydia Mead. PR2]

DUNHAM (Dunnum)

Elizabeth P. and John S. Dunham, Nov. 27, 1847.

DUNNUM (Dunham)

Jonathan and Mary Rand, Dec. 7, 1778.*


Sarah and Joseph Newmarch of Newcastle, July 22, 1765.* [Dutton. MR] [Dunton, and Hon. Joseph Newmarch. CR1]


Cornelius "late" of the Island of St. Croix, and Mary Fenno of Boston, May 20, 1786.*


Lucinda of Charlestown, and Horatio W. McFarland of Charlestown, May 17, 1840.*


George W. and Narcissa Spiney of Elliot, int. Apr. 14, 1822.


Lydia of Portland, and Nathan Sawyer, int. Sept. 25, 1825.

Silas B. and Julia Ann Ingersol, May 3, 1832.

Christopher [int. Christtpher] of Boston, and Lucy A. [int. Amelia] Sprague, Jan. 26, 1834. [Lucy Amelia, d. Isaac. CR1] [Lucy A., d. Isaac and Rebecca. PR9]

Delia Anne of Portland, and Charles Curtis, int. Mar. 20, 1834.

Emily R. and William J. Nickerson, Sept. 2, 1838.

Elizabeth L. of Abington, and Charles Cummings, int. Mar. 3, 1848.

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