Susan D. and Jeremiah Leach [int.Leech], Jan.6,1840. [Leach, Jan.16.CR2]

Henry, 35, farmer, and Almira Gilson, 22, Nov.27,1844.


John W., teamster, of Boston, and Nancy Glidden, July11,1849.


Samuel and Lucinda Butters of Andover, Nov.28,1799, in Andover.*

Robert and Betsey Cutter, Dec.12,1802.*

Mary and Mark Chase, Int. Oct.1,1822.

Mary and Benjamin Tufts [int.Jr.], Dec.18,1825.

Elizabeth and Benjamin [int.adds P.] Sawtell of Boston, June26,1831. [Sawtel.CR1]

Charles and Maria Wetherbee, Nov.13,1835.

Adeline and George F. Lane of Boston, Oct.11,1840.

Ann and Joseph W. Clark, Nov.23,1840.

Caroline, 17, d.Alexander, and James Eaton, 22, ship carpenter, s.James, Jan.2,1845.

George A. 22, housewright, s.Robert and Elizabeth, and Louisa M. Parker, 22, Apr.2,1845.


Sarah of Boston, and Andrew Hall, Jan.25,1744.*CR1


Joseph of Charlstown, and Frances Thompsen, Apr.15,1747.* [Calef of Charlestown, and Frances Thompson.MR] [Tompson.CR1]

Francies and Richard Pool, Oct.1,1778.* [Frances.MRCR1] [Frances Coff.PR2]

Thomas [int.Celf] and Sally Stowers, Mar.11,1813. [Calf.PR2]


Anne of Billerica, and Jesse Manning of Billerica, Dec.2,1766.* [Ann Calson and Josse Manning.MR]


Ellen and George Hamilton of Boston, int.Jan.17,1849.


Mary Ann of Wrentham, and Richard Ridgley, int.June9,1837.

Phineas and Cylene Spear of Boston, int.Jan.25,1849.


David, widr.[int.omits widr.], 34, ship carpenter, s.John and Amny, and Frances Smith, 26, d.Samuel and Martha, Nov.17,1844.

Betsey of Haverhill, NH, and Stephen J. Roberts, int.Aug.28,1847.


Mary and Hugh Nugent, int.Aug.25,1848.


Elizebeth and Samuel Teel J., int.May14,1836.

Nancy and Isaac H. Russell, int.Dec.29,1849.


Anthony and Mary Norwood, Oct.9,1839.

Albert and Phebe Clark, Oct.13,1839.

CARY (Clary)

Nancy and Nathaniel Douse of Charlestown, Feb.15,1783.* [Clary and Nathaniel Dowse.MR] [Cary and Nathaniel Dowse.CR1]


Mary and Owen O'Brien, int.July1,1848.


Caleb and Hannah Loyns, Feb.15,1733.*CR1


Betsey of Sanbornton, NH, and Ebenezer S. Flanders, int.Apr.6,1842.


Mary and John T. White, Sept.17,1840. [Chadborn.CR2]


Mary of Charlestown, and Henry Winship, May20,17184.*

Hezekiah and Phebe Mallet, Oct.23,1760.* [Phebe.MR] [Phoeber.CR1]

John and Mary Polley, May24,1792.*

CHAMBERLAIN (Chamberlin)

Abraham B. and Mary Clark, int.June1,1817.

Ebenezer W. and Adeline M. Peak of Boston, int.Apr.8,1830.

CHAMBERLIN (Chamberlain)

Lowell and Mary Waitt, d.Darius and Nancy (Bailey), Jan.6,1836.*PR17


John B. of Roxbury, and Sarah B. Burrill of Roxbury, Nov.15,1840.*


Kilborn, of Charlestown, and Mary Butters, Sept.11,1829.

Warren and Mary Tisick, Nov.23,1842.


Mark and Mary Caldwell, int.Oct.1,1822.

George of Newbury Port [int.Newburyport], and Caroline Bradbury, Sept.1,1830. [Capt. George.CR1]

CHEAVERS (Cheever)

Mary and Ephraim Hall, Dec.27,1780.* [Cheever.MRCR1]

CHEEVER (Cheavers)

Aaron W., 31, cordwainer, of Woburn, s.Benjamin and Rebecca, and Sarah A. Nash, 20, of Woburn, d.Isaac and Ann, Dec.5,1847.* [Dec.6.CR2]

CHENEY (Cheny)

William and Elizabeth Wyatt, June19,1828.

CHENY (Cheney)

Lewis [int.Cheney] and Louiza [int.Louisa] Butters, Aug.4,1830.


Mercy and Jacob Sheppard, Nov.22,1699.*

CHILD (Childs)

David L. Esq. and Lydia Maria Francis, d.Convers,末蔓末, 末末.*PR13

Ruth of Watertown, and Thomas Ingersol of Springfield, May17,1720.*

CHILDS (Child)

Aaon and Catharne Floyd, Sept.17,1797.*

Mary H. and William Hatch of Boston, int.July10,1831.

Ann P. and Willard Pearson of Woburn, int.July7,1833.

Nathan and Emily Hunt of Johnson, VT, int.Sept.1,1838.

Marium P. of Canton, ME, and Israel R. Peterson, int.Apr.5,1845.

Aaron, 45, cordwainer, s.Aaron and Catherine Floyd, and Eliza F. Morey, 33, Jan.8,1846.

William, 24, yeoman, s.Ephraim and Ann, and Mary F. Mann, 18, of Paris, ME, d.Isaac and w., 末末 [rec Mar.7,1846] [int.Feb.14,1846].


Susan L. of Raymond, ME, and John L. Nason, int.Oct.10,1840.


Nathaniel of Chelsea, and Anne Adams, Nov.14,1798.*


John of Boston, and Susannah Polly, Sept.3,1789, in Malden.

Susanna and John Mccloud, Sept.30,1792.* [McCloud.CR1]


Joseph and Betsey Walker, Feb.20,1803.*

Nancy and William Walker, Sept.18,1803.*


Lucinda of Nashua, NH, and Lovell Felker, int.Mar.24,1842.

Amos and Lucretia Rowe, Sept.27,1842.


Jane and John McPhee, Sept.20,1842.


Job and Lydia Bradford of Scituate, int.Oct.28,1832.

Charles and Anna W. Teel, Oct.30,1838. [Ann W.CR2]

CLARK (Clarke)

Hanah of Concord, and Jacob Gaskin of Bostown, June27,1721.*

John and Mary Smith, Apr.6,1749.*

Martha of Watertown, and Nehemiah Mason of Watertown, July6,1756.*

Thomas of Watertown, and Sarah Bright of Watertown, Apr.16,1761.*

Henry and Nancy Clark, int.Sept.15,1816.

Nancy and Henry Clark, int.Sept.15,1816.

Mary and Abraham B. Chamberlain, int.June1,1817.

Sophia and John Sprague, int.Oct.5,1823.

Benjamin C. of Boston, and Mary Preston, June23,1824.

Phebe and Albert Carter, Oct.13,1839.

Lydia F. [dup. Fletcher] and Charles C. [dup. Cary] symmes, s.John and Pamelia (Richardson), Nov.10,1840.*PR24 [Lydia Fletcher, b. Tewksbury.PR25]

Mary and Augustus T. Fitsgerald [int.Augustus L. Fittsgerald], Nov.21,1840. [Augustus L. Fitzgerald.CR2]

Joseph W. and Ann Caldwell, Nov.23,1840.

David D. and Sophronia Dickinson, Apr.24,1841.

Charles F. and Lydia M. Rines, May1,1842.

Hepzabah [int.Hepzibah H.] and Gilman Griffin, May21,1843. [Hepsibah H.CR1]

Samuel, shipjoiner, and Lydia S. Eells [int.Ells], Jan.8,1845. [Lidia S. Eells.CR2] [Lydia Stetson Eells, d.Edward and Sarah (Stetson).PR30]

Daniel T [T., written in pencil], 27, farmer, and Deborah Waugh, 25, of Roxbury, d.John and Jane, Oct.23,1845.

Ellen M., and John F. Damon, cordwainer, both of Reading, June30,1848.*

Hannah E., 23, d.Joshua and Mary, and Stephen Morey, 26, labourer, s.William and Mary, Apr.6,1849.

Matilda N. of New Boston, NH, and Orvid M. Fowler, int.July20,1849.

Martha J. and Nathaniel Keen, widr.[int.omits widr.], housewright, Nov.29,1849.

Ansel R., Rev., of Hudson, O., and Mary Ann Odiorne of Malden, July20,1932.*

CLARKE (Clark)

Elizabeth and Samuel Page Jr., Mar.25,1747.* [Elisabeth Clark.MR; Clark.CR1]

Richard of Watertown, and Mary Tufts, Nov.25,1777.* [Clark.MRCR1]

Amelia E. of Kingston, RI, and John O. Brown, int.May24,1835.

Harriet F. of Brookline, and Charles F. King, int.Apr.21,1849. [Charles Frederick, m.June12,1849.PR14]

CLARY (Cary)

Prince of Boston, and Violet Hawks, Nov.12,1800.*

CLEAVELAND (Cleavland)

Josiah of Charlestown, and Joanna Porter, Jan.15,1735.*CR1

CLEAVLAND (Cleaveland)

Aaaron, Rev., of Hadden, and Susanna Portor, Aug.4,1739.*CR1


Joseph and Abigail Hadly, Nov.10,1774.* [John and Abigail Hadley.MR] [Joseph and Abigail Hadley.CR1]

Aaron of Stoneham, and Beveney [int.Bevene] Foster, Apr.3,1817. [Beveney.CR1] [Clifton.PR2]

Joseph Jr. and Clarissa Whitney, int.Oct.31,1824. [m.Dec.2.CR2]

Joseph and Catharine S. Bent, int.Oct.27,1849.


John and Marianne Tainter, int.Jan.15,1820. [Clough, and Mary Ann Tainter, m.Feb.17.CR1]


Belus and Suzan Vining, of Abington, int.Sept.30,1827.


Lois and Samuel Brown, Oct.29,1797.*

John P. and Martha Bowker, Apr.26 [dup. Apr.28], 1811.* [Apr.28.CR1]

Elizabeth and Joel Trull, Mar.16,1835.

Lorenzo, 23, machinists, s.John P. and Martha, and Sarah E. Sparrell, 23, d.John and Sylvia S., Oct.22,1846.

Charlotte M., d.John P. and Martha, and Rufus F. Brewer of Framingham, Sept.28,1848.


Ellen [int.adds.B.] and Stephen Simonds [dup. and int.Symonds], May14,1843.


Elizebeth S. and Aaron Danforth Jr., int.June12,1836.

COBURN (Colburn)

Jonas and Sarah F. Sampson of Duxbury, int.Nov.7,1840.


Nancy of Antrim, and Thomas Jameson, int.Sept.4,1814.


Tristram Jr. of Newbury, and Dorothy Tufts, Mar.22,1721-2, in Newbury.*

Dorothy of Newbury, and John Francis, Apr.22,1731, in Newbury.*


David, Rev., of W. Hampton, and Ellen Kidder, Sept.13,1842.


Charles and Martha M. Yeomans of Providence, RI, int.Aug.2,1845.

COLBURN (Coburn)

James H. of Boston, and Laura Brown of Boston, Mar.25,1834.*


末末, of New Boston, and Salmon Stone, int.Nov.22,1829.


Dexter K. and Jerusha S. Emerson, Dec.7,1840.


Nancy W. and Nahum Mitchell, Nov.28,1844.*PR12


Lois E. of Washington, ME, and William Flagg, int.Nov.5,1847.


Daniel of Glocester, and Mary [dup. Polly] Tufts, Nov.3,1777 [dup. in Gloucester].* [of Gloucester, and Mary Tufts.MR] [Mary 2d.CR1] [Mary.PR2]


John of Malden, and Persis Tuffts, Feb.12,1737.*CR1


Laura A. of Marshfield, and Anthony Hatch, int.Apr.12,1839.

Winslow, 20, of Malden, mailer, s.末末 of Hanson, and Phebe Ramsdell, 22, of Malden, Oct.16,1844.*


Maria and Samuel Weed of Portland, Nov.2,1815.

CONNARY (Connery, Conroy, Conry)

Hannah and John Hadley of Stoneham, May2,1771.* [Conery, and John Hadley.MR] [Conery, and John Hadly.CR1]

Peter and Mary Fowle, Oct.13,1774.* [Conorey.MR] [Connery.CR1]

Peter and Elizabeth Wakefield, June9,1777.* [Conorey, and Elizabeth Wakefield.MR] [Connery, and Elizabeth Wakefield.CR1] [Connery.PR2]


Susannah of Henniker, and Archibald Hoyt, int.Jan.1,1832.

CONNERY (Connary, Conroy, Conry)

Nabby and Moses Winship, Apr.19,1796.*

CONROY (Connary, Connery, Conry)

Isaac and Hannah Jackson, Feb.5,1766.* [Conory.MR] [Conry.CR1]

CONRY (Connary, Connery, Conroy)

Daniel and Abigail Hadley, Feb.26,1767.* [Hadley.MR] [Hadly.CR1]

CONVERCE (Converse)

Joseph of Obron, and Isabell Forbush of Obron, July14,1719.*

CONVERSE (Converce)

Sally and Lemuel Fisk of Plymouth, Jan.27,1799 [1799, written in pencil].* [Fish, 1799.CR1]

Patience and Edward Gardner of Charlestown, int.Feb.23,1817.

Hannah [int.Convers] and Benjamin Hill, Apr.26,1818. [Converse.PR2]

Josiah, widr., 56, grocer, of Woburn, s.Martha and Fanny Wright, 39, of Woburn, d.Lucretia, May19,1844.*


Mary and Benjamin Teel Jr., Mar.13,1783.* [Teal.MR]

Isaac and Elizabeth Neagles of Malden, Dec.28,1787, in Malden.*

Hannah of Cambridge, and Eliphalet Easterbrooks of Cambridge, Jan.22,1795.*

Sarah and Benjamin Floyd, May12,1805.*

Fanny of Scituate, and William Briggs, int.Oct.16,1841.


Mary of Watertown, and John Reed, Sept.20,1733, in Watertown.*


George P., 25, trader, of Boston, and Jane C. Bacon, 24, d.Robert and Mary, May15,1844.


Daniel and Esther Pratt, Mar.16,1806.*

Joseph W. of Boston, and Harriet M.P. Kidder, Sept.7,1848.*

Alfred, 25, shipwright, s.John and Sarah D. and Sarah A. [int.Amelia] Small, 22, d.William and Jane, Nov.8,1849.


Edward W. and Mary B. Pratt, Oct.31,1841.


Nathaniel of Boston, and Elizabeth Godfrey of Boston, June9,1757.*


Elizabeth of Stoneham, and Phillip Grace, Nov.末,1761, in Stoneham.*


John and Sarah Bentley, int.Oct.1,1845.


Mary and Leonard Bucknam, int.July8,1837.


Sophronia of Watertown, and James Allen, int.Dec.14,1828.


Mercy and Peter Tufts, Dec.16,1684.* [Mary.MR]

Alvah N. and Elizabeth C. Graves, int.Oct.4,1846.


Susanna Hickling and Simon Tufts, Nov.10,1793.*

Eliza and George Dadley of Boston, June7,1795.* [Dudley.PR2]

Thomas Jr. and Phebe Ayrs of Methuen, Int. July22,1821.

John A. of Malden, and Susan R. Steele, int.June5,1841.


Mary G. and Alanson Hadley, May30,1843.

Newton, 22, carpenter, s.John T., and Mary E. Baker, 20, Jan.19,1845.

Sarah E. and William H. Floyd, int.Feb.7,1846.


John of Beverly, and Fanny Hawley, int.Sept.7,1817. "Not posted:Fanny Hawley not living in Town. "


Sarah and John Pell, June28,1725, in Boston.*


Aaron Jr. and Mary Pierce, Nov.17,1793.* [Croell.CR1]


Abner S. and Abigail Trull, Nov.2,1822, in Boston.*PR37

Irein L., b. Boston, d.Abner S. & Abigail (Trull), and Hiram Simmons, Oct.13,1844, in Boston.*PR37


Hezekiah of Billerica, and Lucy Kitridge of Tewksbury, Apr.6,1765.* [Kitteridge.MR]

Jesse and Fanny McCluer, int.Mar.15,1838.


Hannah of Charlstown, and Jonathan Foskit of Charlstown, June9,1724.*

David of Boston, and Mary Ann Shephard, Oct.18,1832.* [Shepherd.CR1]

Edmund and Eunice Bancroft, Oct.14,1840.


Letitia of Woburn, and Moses H. Sawyer, int.June30,1849.


Elizabeth A. of Poland, ME, and William H. Drew, int.Nov.15,1845.

Charles and Elizabeth L. Dyer of Abington, int.Mar.3,1848.


Mary W. of Concord, NH, and Anthony Hatch, int.末蔓12,1834.

Gardner F. and Asenath Healy of Lowell, int.May6,1838.

Sylvester and Mary B. Frye, Feb.10,1841.

Josiah H. and Mary E. Pearson of Andover, int.June7,1846.


Alva and Sarah C. Curtis [Stearns, written in pencil over Curtis] [int.Stearns] of Framingham, June26,1825. [Sarah C. Curtis.CR1]

Sarah C. [Stearns, written in pencil over Curtis] [int.Stearns] of Framingham, and Alva Curtis, June26,1825. [Sarah C. Curtis.CR1]

Paul and Almira James of Hanover, int.Oct.2,1825.

James O. and Adeline [int.Adaline] Wait, Mar.14,1827. [Adoline Waitt, d.Darius and Marcy (Porter), Mar.14,1826.PR17]

Charles and Delia Anne Dyer of Portland, int.Mar.20,1834.

Samuel D. and Sarah R. Kidder, Dec.9,1841.

George and Deborah Lincoln, Mar.20,1843. James of Camden, and Ruth Barstow, Oct.2,1817.


Daniel of Boston, and Mary Fulton, Feb.10,1799. [1799, written in pencil].* [David, 1799.CR1]

Bela and Hannah Bradshaw of Charlestown, int.Oct.27,1822. [m.Nov.18.CR1PR2]

William of Boston, and Sarah B. Davis, Jan.20,1831.

Pyam and Julia Tufts,末蔓末,1834 [sic, int.Nov.3,1833]. [m.Nov.28,1833.PR41]

Pyam and Mrs.[int.omits Mrs] Helen M. Harding, Mar.3,1844.

Mary M., 23, d.Bela and Hannah, and Samuel F. Weston, 25, caulker, s.Galen and Judith, Dec.4,1848.


Alden and Jane E. Hatch, int.Dec.8,1849.


Elizibeth and Nathaniell Hall, Apr.16,1690.* [Elizabeth and Nathaniel Hall.MR]

Hannah and Thomas Hall, 末蔓22,1702.*

Lydia and Jonathan Hall, Nov.11,1702.*

Ann of Charlestown, and Nathaniel Francis, Mar.31,1743, in Cambridge.*

Sarah and Samuel Blanchard Jr. of Malden, Apr.12,1745.*

Mary and Timothy Hall, June29,1749.* [Sarah.MR]

Ebenezer and Elinor Floyd of Malden, Sept.2,1752, in Malden.*

Susanna and James Wyman, Mar.18,1756.* [Susanna.MR] [Susannah.CR1]

Rebeccah and Thomas Hall of Cambridge, Nov.11,1756.* [Rebekah.MRCR1]

Samuel of Charlstown, and Susanna Francis, Apr.28,1757.*

Elinor and Jonathan Hall of Roxbury, Aug.20,1761.* [Eleanor.MR] [Eleanors.CR1]

Abigail and Isaac Hall, Oct.8,1761.*

Josiah and Molley Beard of Wilmington, Nov.19,1767, in Wilmington.*

Ebenezer of Cambridge, and Catherine Brooks, May26,1768.* [Katharine.MR]

Eleanor and William Gowen, Apr.29,1772.*

Lydia of Cambridge, and Jonathan Teal, Apr.7,1776, in Cambridge.*

Stephen of Cambridge, and Mary Meads, Oct.8,1776.*

Rhoda of Charlestown, and Benjamin Teel of Charlestown, May31,1785.* [Teal.MRCR1]

Sarah and John Tay, Sept.11,1787.*

Rebecca and William Cutter Jr., June21,1789.*

William Jr. and Rebecca Cutter, June21,1789.*

Anne and Simon Blanchard, May22,1791.*

John and Mary Hall 2d, Jan.15,1792.*

Aaron of Cambridge, and Polly Putnam, Aug.23,1796, in Cambridge.*

Betsey and Robert Caldwell, Dec.12,1802.*

Rebecca Cutter and Isaac Sprague, Feb.9,1813.*PR9

Sarah and Ammi C. Teel of W. Cambridge, int.July31,1814.

Sophia and Moses Whitney of Boston, Oct.27,1816.

Susan of Billerica, and David Rich, int.Mar.3,1820.

Timothy T. and Dorcas Andrews of Boxford, int.Jan.10,1824.

Gershom Jr. and Lydia Porter of Newton, int.Mar.13,1824.

Elizabeth of Boston, and George Abbot Lummus of Bosto, Apr.24,1825.* [George Abbott.CR1]

Elinor and Benjamin Brown of Salem, July20,1826.

Charlotte M. of Charlestown, and John H. Pierce, int.Aug.10,1835.

George T. and Abba E. Blaisdell of Lebanon, ME, int.Sept.23,1847.


George W. of Weston, and Elisabeth Lord, int.Jan.3,1829 [1830, written above in pencil].

Henry of Bosto, and Eunice Lord, Sept.12,1839.


Samuell of Malding, and Hanah Green of Malding,末蔓末,1719.*


Mary A. of Kittery, ME, and William B. Thomas, int.July6,1844.

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