Cyrus of Boston, and Betsey Lord, int.July23,1826. [m.Nov.30.CR2]


Ruth of Bostown, and Partrich Brown of Bostown, Aug.20,1725.*


Samuel and Anna Mead, Nov.29,1759.*

John and Hannah Peirce, Aug.26,1793.* [Pierce.CR1PR2]

Nancy and John Adolph Von Daden [?] of Boston, "a native of Hamburgh in Germany," Jan.13,1795.* [Nancy, d.Wid.Bacon.PR2]

Robert Jr., of Boston, and Syrena L. Pike,末蔓末, 末末. [int.Dec.5,1830].

John H. and Sarah Tirrell of Boston, int.May18,1834.

Jane C., 24, d.Robert and Mary, and George P. Cooper, 25, trader, of Boston, May15,1844.

Harriet, 28, d.Robert and Mary, and Thomas L. Smith, 45, surgeon, of Orange, NJ, s.James and P., July2,1846.


Margaret, of Charlstown, and Anthony Bracket of Charlstown, Sept.27,1752.* [Beath.MR]


Ephraim and Lucy Pritchard [dup Prichard], Apr.14,1803.* [Baily.PR2]

Nancy and Darius Wait, Mar.5,1809.* [Waitt.CR1PR2]

Zebina and Attalanta Pritchard, Nov.13,1816.

Ephraim of Charlestown, and Mary Rogers, Apr.18,1819.

Maria [B. int.] and Archibald Murdock, Feb.21,1840.

Mary B. of W. Newbury, and James B. Gregg, int.Sept.13,1844.

Betsey, 20, d.Willard and Betsey, and Almon Black, 20, shipwright, s.Josiah and Mary J., Apr.24,1849.


Nabby and 末末 末末, June11,1793.*PR2

George of Lancaster, and Emily Tidd, June23,1828. [Dr. George.CR1]

Samuel L. and Eliza A. Proctor of Concord, NH, int.July28,1833.

Mary E., 20, and Newton Cram, 22, carpenter, s.John T., Jan.19,1845.

Sarah W., 24, and Japhet Sherman, 27, carpenter, s.Amos, Jan.19,1845.

Luther, 31, shipwright, of Pembroke, s.Barker and Rhoda, and Jane T. Rogers, 20, d.Thomas and Jane, Feb.13,1848.

BALDWIN (Boldwin)

Nathan and Sarah Oakes, Sept.11,1746.* [Oaks.CR1]

Nathan and Lydia Oaks, Aug.21,1755.* [Nathaniel Baldwin and Lydia Oakes.MR; Nathan Baldwin and Lydia Oaks.CR1]

Sarah and Benjamin Noyes, Mar.26,1818.


Nancy of W. Cambridge, and Angus McInnis, int.Nov.19,1844.


Eunice and Edmund Crouch, Oct.14,1840.


Mary H., of Springfield, and Edward F. Head, int.May9,1846.


Simon, of Stoneham, and Hannah Smith, Mar.16,1748, in Stoneham.*


George W. of Malden, and Rebecca Lyman ["late" of Cambridge. int.], Sept.13,1818.

Ira T. and Ann D. Rich, int.Aug.27,1836. [m.Sept.13.CR2]

John T. and Caroline Wright, Feb.23,1840.

Joshua and Sarah B. Norwood, int.Apr.1,1843. [m.Apr.23.CR2]

Hannah, 21, d.Nathan and Hannah, and Albion Monk, 25, trader, s.Mary, May23,1844.

Mary s., d.William S. and Nancy, and William H. Northey, mason, Nov.29,1849.


Mary D., wid.[int.omits wid.], 28, and Benjamin Sherman, widr.[int.omits widr.], 35, shipwright, May6,1845.


Jonathan of Molden, and Mehittabll Lynde of Molden, July19,1720.*


Rachall of Watertown, and John King of Watertown, Sept.28,1720.*


Louisa of Boston, and George R. Holmes, int.Oct.30,1841.


Ruth and James Curtis of Camden, Oct.2,1817.


Harriet D. of Kingston, and Timothy Emory, int.Nov.6,1831.

Lucretia A. and George W. Briggs of Fall River, Apr.6,1835. [Lucretia Archibald, d.Abner Esq., and Rev. George W. Briggs of Fall River.CR1]

Jane Elizabeth of Plymouth, and Thatcher R. Raymond, int.Dec.31,1840.

James, "young," of Malden, and Nancy Jane Watts, "young," of Malden, Mar.16,1844.*CR1

Joseph C.S. and Martha Jane Willey, int.May30,1849.


John A. and Lydia A. Tainter, int.Aug.5,1843.


Sarah and Richard Hadley, Dec.21,1797, in Stoneham.*

Betsy and Walter Palmer, June14,1803.*

William Jr. and Hannah Norwood, int.Feb.9,1834. [m.Feb.23.CR2]

William of Stoneham, and Lidia Sprague of Boston, Oct.7,1834.*


John N.H. of Malden, and Mary J. Roles of Malden, July1,1841.*


Jonathan, of Cincinnati, OH [of Boston. int.], and Catherine Mcinzeis [], May21,1824. [Meinzies.CR1]

Caroline of Hanover, and Joseph W. [G. int.] Wyatt, May30,1836.

Mary S. [?] of Kingston, and Edward R. Rich, int.Oct.22,1836.


Stacy and Sarah P. Bearse of Barnstable, int.Feb.28,1840.


Hannah N. of Boston and George W. McIntosh, int.Oct.15,1841.


Martha M. and James Tufts, int.Sept.27,1837.

Moses C. of Boston, and Hannah B. Putney, int.Oct.27,1838.

Richard B. of Woburn, and Mrs.Thankful [Thankfull. dup.] Tileston, int.Mar.22,1845.

Arthur N. of Andover, and Caroline E. Stickney of Andover, Mar.22,1847.*


Molley of Wilmington, and Josiah Cutter, Nov.19,1767, in Wilmington.*

BEARSE (Beers)

Sarah P. of Barnstable, and Stacy Baxter, int.Feb.28,1840.

BEERS (Bearse)

John B. Jr. of Woburn, and Elizabeth Day, int.May4,1828.


Martha and Jonathan Harrington, June28,1818.


Waldo and Delia Lynde of Malden, int.May19,1833.


Elizebeth [Elizabeth.dup.;] and Benjamin Floyd, Oct.10,1812. [Oct.11.PR2]

John and Lucretia Butterfield, Apr.4,1813.

Elisabeth Russell and Samuel Dexter Hadley, May14,1815.


Edwin and Elizabeth Waterman of Providence, int.Dec.10,1826.


Charles V. and Elizabeth F. Henry of Keene, NH, int.Apr.9,1841.


William and Tabithy Hall, Sept.16,1723, in Charlestown.*


Edmund N. and Diantha B. Abbott of Boston, int.Apr.13,1837.

John, 32, sawyer, and Martha Nuttall, 29, Nov.1,1849.


Michael and Eliza Hutchinson, int.Dec.29,1849.


Catharine S. and Joseph Clefton, int.Oct.27,1849.


Sarah and John Corven, int.Oct.1,1845.


Eliza K., 19, d.Alfred and Sarah, and William C. Sprague, 22, shipwright, s.Isaac and Rebecca, Feb.5,1846. [Feb.4.PR9]


Charles W. and Deberah Hathaway, int.Sept.4,1831.


Katharine and Abbott Lawrence of Boston, June28,1819.

Andrew, Rev., and Amelia Sargent Stanwood of Glocester, int.Jan.10,1824.

Cornelius of Westborough, and Wealthena Parker, int.Mar.21,1831.

Anna Maria and Samuel Haley, Dec.4,1831. [William Haley.CR1]

Elizabeth P., youngest d.Timothy dec'd, and Henry Stevens of New York City, June4,1839.

Welthene B., Mrs., and Louis Merrifield of W. Bolyston, Oct.1,1840.


Henry and Elizabeth Teath, Aug.10,1725, in Boston.*

BILLING (Billings)

Lucretia and Ephraim Hall, May19,1778.* [Billings.MR]

BILLINGS (Billing)

Hannah of Cambridge, and Jonathan Nutting, June15,1725.*

Dorothy and Daniel Reed of Charlstown, Apr.12,1762.*


William and Phebe Manser of Charlstown, Jan.10,1754.*

Elizabeth and Adam Galt, Nov.17,1756.* [Elisabeth.MR]

Tabitha and James Tufts, Apr.19,1757.* [Tufts.MR] [Tuffts.CR1]

John and May Gallop, May2,1757.* [Mary Gallap.MR; Mary Kallop.CR1]

Mary and Thomas Patten, Jan.8,1765.* [Patten.MR] [Pattin.CR1]

Thomas and Ruth Tufts, May18,1767.* [Tufts.MR] [Tuffts.CR1]

Ruth and Jacob Tufts, May27,1790.*


George W. of Boston, and Adeline Jaquith, int.Apr.25,1830. [m.May11.CR2]

George H.W. of Boston, merchant, and Amelia S. Blanchard, Nov.3,1846. [Amelia S., d.Andrew Jr.CR1]

Sarah F. and Franklin E. Gregory of Cambridge, int.May1,1847.


Robert and Mary Peirce, Nov.7,1734.*CR1


Sarah and Benjamin Lathe, Apr.26,1738.*CR1

Sarah and William Hall, Apr.17,1740.*CR1

John and Abigail Tufts, Dec.7,1752.* [Tufts.MR] [Tuffts.CR1]

Nabby and Dr. Archilaus Putnam of Danvers, Nov.12,1786.* [Archelaus.CR1]

Lydia and Nehemiah Parsons of Boston, Mar.1,1804.*

Nathaniel Holmes of Boston, and Mary Smith Farrar, int.Sept.18,1824. [m.Oct.21.CR2]

Lydia Holmes, d.Nathaniel H. and Mary, and Samuel Howell Jones, merchant, of Philadelphia, PA, Mar.7,1849.


Phillip and Ann Soloman, Oct.17,1704.*


Almon, 25, shipwright, s.Josiah and Mary J., and Betsey Bailey, 20, d.Willard and Betsey, Apr.24,1849.

BLAISDELL (Blaisdill)

Abba E. of Lebanon ME, and George T. Cutter, int.Sept.23,1847.

BLAISDILL (Blaisdell)

Lydia F. of Boston, and John L. Peirce, int.July8,1832.


Oliver and Hepzebah [] Tufts, Nov.1,1825.


Ruth and Samuell Frost, Sept.30,1702.*

Sarah and James Kettle, Apr.10,1740.*CR1

Samuel Jr. of Malden, and Sarah Cutter, Apr.12,1745.*

Aaron Jr. and Rebeccah Hall, Nov.13,1745.* [Rebekah, Nov.3.MR]

Mary and Joseph Souther, Dec.22,1746.* [Mary.MR; Sarah.CR1]

Hannah and Jedidiah Leathe of Charlstown, Jan.6,1754.* [Jedediah.MR]

Hezekiah and Sarah Hall, Oct.6,1763.*

Ebenezer and Mary Leathe, Dec.11,1766.* [Lathe.MRCR1]

Samuel and Martha Smith of Woburn, Jan.11,1776, in Woburn.

Aaron and Rebeckah Tufts, Nov.14,1776.* [Rebekah.MR] [Rebekah, wid.CR1]

Mary and Thomas Buffe of Lyndborough, June26,1777.* [Buffe of Lyndeborough.MR; Mary, wid., and Lt. Thomas Boffe.CR1; wid.PR2]

Mehetible and Nathaniel Peirce of Beverly, Apr.1,1784.* [Mehitable.MRCR1]

John and Rebecca Tufts, Sept.30,1784.*

Hezekiah Jr. and Esther Tufts, Dec.16,1784.*

Katharine and John Meads, May18,1786.* [Katherine.CR1]

Andrew and Mary Waters, Sept.14,1786.*

Caleb and Luccy Hill of Cambridge, Mar.2,1788.* [Lucy.CR1]

Stephen and Betsey Estebrook, May25,1788, in Cambridge.*

Polly, of Malden, and Isaac Wheeler of Malden, Oct.24,1790.* [Polly, d.Hezekiah.PR2]

Simon and Anne Cutter, May22,1791.*

Sarah and Daniel Symonds, Sept.15,1791.* [Sally and Daniel Simonds.PR2]

William Hall and Dorcas Ober of Charlestown, Feb.3,1794.* [Feb.2.PR2]

Sally of Malden, and Charles Bradbury of Malden, May14,1794.* [Bradberry.PR2]

Hezekiah Jr. and Eunice Floyd, Jan.1,1797.*

Caleb Jr. of Malden, and Lucy Tufts, int.Oct.2,1814.

Aaron and Eliza Tufts, July2,1818.

Gilbert and Mary Blanchard, Nov.26,1818.

Mary and Gilbert Blanchard, Nov.26,1818.

Hezekiah, of Boston, and Charlotte Porter, int.Mar.26,1820. [m.Apr.11.CR1PR2] [Charlotte, d.Jonathan & Phebe (Abbot).PR16]

John and Ann Blodgett, int.Sept.10,1820. [Blodgeth, m.Nov.9.CR1]

Esther L. and Joseph Wyman Jr., int.Mar.18,1821. [m.Apr.15.CR1]

Susan D. and James Kidder, int.Oct.13,1822. [m.Nov.10.CR1PR2]

Sarah Hall and Samuel P. Haywood of Boston, int.Dec.8,1822.

Isaac and Sarah Wardwell of Andover, int.Oct.19,1823.

Emily and Francis Kidder, int.Oct.22,1824. [m.Nov.25.CR2]

Sarah and Benjamin G. Porter, int.Jan.9,1825. [m.Feb.3.CR2]

Eunice (Blanchard) and Henry Withington Jr. [int.omits Jr.], Dec.25,1827. [Jenry Jr.PR11]

Anna, wid.[dup and int.omit wid.], and George Daniels, June14,1829.

Andrew Jr. and Lucy Allen of Bradford, int.Nov.6,1831.

Augusta and David Kimball of Boston, Dec.25,1832. [Kimbal.CR1]

Lucy, Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.], and Asa Wood, Oct.15,1835. [Mrs.Lucy.CR2]

Jeanette [Janette. int.] L. and Asa Hood of Charlestown, Oct.29,1843. [Jeanettee L., d.Capt. Andrew Jr.CR1]

Samuel and Mrs.Ruthena Hilliard of Lexington, int.Apr.8,1844.

Susan S., 20, of Lexington, d.James & Rhoda, and Amos H. Richardson, 21, baker, of Roxbury, s.Joseph & Elizabeth, Sept.1,1844.*

Mary W., d.Gilbert and Mary, and Pelham Harlow, Hatter, of Boston, Apr.23,1845.

Amelia S. and George H.W. Bird, merchant, of Boston, Nov.3,1846. [Amelia S., d.Andrew Jr.CR1]

James Crane, s.Aaron and Eliza, and Ann Maria Pickett of Cambridge, Nov.26,1846.*PR10

Elizabeth M., d.Aaron, and William Stetson Jr., shipwright, Oct.18,1847. [Nov.25.CR2] [Elizabeth Mansfield, d.Aaron and Eliza (Tufts), Nov.26.PR10]

Caroline A., 19, d.Andrew and Lucy A., and Dr. [int.omits Dr.] William D. Lamb, 24, of Lawrence, s.Dan and Augusta, Oct.10,1848. [Caroline Augusta and William Dan Lamb.CR4]


Jonathan, widr.[int.omits widr.], 45, attorney at law, of Gainsville [Gainesville. int.], AL, s.Shubal & Martha of Randolph, VT, and Mary B.R. Kidder, 35, d.Samuel & Hannah R., Sept.20 [sic, int.Sept.28,], 1844. [Oct.7.CR2]

BLODGED (Blodget, Blodgett, Blogget)

Nathan of Cambridge, and Mary Whitmore, Apr.27,1775, in Cambridge.*

BLODGET (Blodged, Blodgett, Blogget)

Elizabeth and Samuel Tilton, Nov.17,1763.* [Elisabeth Blodget.MR] [Elizabeth Blochett.CR1]

Seth Jr. and Lucy Johnson, Oct.11,1774.*

Hannah of Malden, and Samuel Polly, May20,1788, in Malden.*

Lucy and James Francis 2d, Mar.18,1813.

Roxanna and Seth Sweetser of Malden, int.Nov.8,1843.

Betsey F., d.Thadeus and Hannah, and Daniel Brown, 33, shipwright, s.Elisha and Catherine, Nov.9,1845.

BLODGETT (Blodged, Blodget, Bloget)

Anna and John Blanchard, int.Sept.10,1820. [Blodgeth, m.Nov.9.CR1]

Isaac and Sally Stanley of Beverly, int.Jan.6,1822.

Dexter [and] Roxanna Daniels, int.Apr.26,1823.

BLOGGET (Blodged, Blodget, Blodgett)

Joseph of Woburn, and Elizebeth Sawyer of Woburn, Dec.16,1718.*


Thompson B., 23, mechanic, of Malden, s.Rogers and Martha, and Martha Ann Robinson, 19, of Malden, d.Nathan Jr. and Martha, Apr.6,1848.*


John, Gen., of Savannah, GA, and Mary Ann Kramer of Boston, Jan.22,1841.* [John of Boston, and Mrs.Mary Ann Kramer.CR2]


Sarah L. of Plymouth, and Bela Lewis, int.Oct.12,1844.

BLOUNT (Blunt)

Ebenezer and Lydia Francis, Feb.17,1739.*CR1

Sarah and Francis Tufts, 末蔓26,1767.* [Tufts.MR] [Tuffts, Nov.26.CR1]

BLUNT (Blount)

Sarah of Andover, and Thomas Oakes, Nov.26,1730, in Andover.*

Mary and John Oakes, Sept.8,1768.* [Blount, and John Baker.MR] [Blount, and John Oaks.CR1]


Martha of Cambridge, and Stephen Willis, Sept.30,1708, in Cambridge.*


Henry and Lydia Burditt, Feb.21,1786.* [Barditt.CR1]


Anna and James Pierson, June6,1776.* [Pearson.MR] [Anna, wid., and James Pearson.CR1]

BORIT (Barrett)

Samuell of Littletown, and Lediah Hardy of Bradford, Aug.24,1725.*


George W., Rev., and Louisa M. Messinger of Bellingham, int.Dec.8,1841.


Shurjashub, Rev., of Scituate, and Sarah Brooks, Feb.12,1736.*CR1


Mary of Reading, and Samuel Brooks, Mar.25,1725, in Reading.*


Thomas N. [?] of Stoneham, and Rebecca G. Hay of Stoneham, Sept.22,1839.*


Nathaniel and Martha Butters, Jan.8,1807.

Martha and John P. Clisby, Apr.26, [Apr.28. dup.], 1811.* [Apr.28.CR1]

Ethan L. and Adeline M. Albee of Milford, int.May13,1845.


Parnell of Charelestown, and Thomas Brooks Jr., May9,1786.* [Boylston.CR1PR2]


Anthony, of Charlston, and Margaret Baeth, of Charlstown, Sept.27,1752.* [Beath.MR]


Charles of Malden, and Sally Blanchard of Malden, May14,1794.* [Bradberry.PR2]

William and Elizabeth Floyd, Oct.14,1795.*

Caroline and George Chase of Newbury Port [Newburyport. int.], Sept.1,1830. [Capt. George.CR1]

Elizabeth and Thomas R. Peck, Sept.29,1842.


Eliza and Prescott H. Gove, int.May13,1827. [Prescot H., m.May30.CR2]

Abigail and Thomas Sables of Malden, int.May13,1827. [m.May30.CR2]

Lydia of Scituate, and Job Clapp, int.Oct.28,1832.

Charlotte of Scituate, and David Briggs, int.Mar.20,1836.

BRADLEY (Bradlee)

Josiah and Joannah Frothingham (second w.) of Boston,末蔓末, 末末.*PR6

Josiah of Boston, and Lucy Hall, Nov.26,1802.* [Lucy [d.Ebenezer and Martha].PR6]

Lucy Hall [d.Josiah and Lucy] and Samuel L. Shober, Oct.27,1830.*PR6

Frederic H. [s.Josiah and Lucy] and Lucretia Wainwright, Apr.12,1831.*PR6

John P. and Elizabeth Bucknam, May24,1834. [Bradly.CR1]

James Bowdoin [s.Josiah and Lucy (Hall)] and Mary Perren May, Apr.27,1837.*PR6

Henry [Bradlie. int.], 25, merchant, of Boston, s.Josiah and Joanna, and Hepsa Hall, 24, d.Dudley and Hepsa, Nov.12,1845. [Hepsa, d.Dudley and Hepsabeth (Jones).PR6]

Hannah Matilda, s.Josiah and Lucy (Hall) of Boston, and Dr. Robert John Dodd of Philadelphia, Mar.末,1848, in Boston.

BRADSHAW (Bradshoe, Bradshow)

Elizabeth and John Muzzey, July12,1709.*

John and Mercy Tufts, Mar.14,1718.*

Sarah and Joseph Thompson, Dec.30,1718.*

Abigall and Jonathan Wadson, Jan.16,1728-9.* [Abigail Bradshow and Jonathan Watson.CR1]

Susanna and Benjamin Scolly of Boston, May11,1731.*

Simon and Mary Johnson of Charlestown, Jan.6,1736, in Charlestown.*

Rebeccah and William Hall Jr., Feb.7,1753.* [Rebekah Bradshaw.MR] [Rebekah Bradshew.CR1]

Mercy and Joseph Ellis of Deadham, May13,1756.* [Bradshaw, and Joseph Ellis of Dedham.MR] [Mrs.Mercy Bradshow and Dea.Joseph Ellis.CR1]

Mary and Nathaniel Hall of Boston, Apr.2,1761.*

William and Elizabeth Lampson, June5,1761.* [Elizabeth Lampson.MR] [Elisabeth Lambson.CR1]

Susanna and Jonathan Patten, Apr.14,1762.* [Susannah and Jonathen Patten.MR] [Susanna and Jonathan Pattin.CR1]

Stephen of Alsbury, and Mary Mansfield, Nov.22,1763.* [Stephen of Amesbury, and Mary Mansfield of Medford, Nov.22.MR] [Stephen Jr. of Medford, and Mary Mansfield of Amesberry, Nov.24.CR1]

Susanna (Bradshaw) and Timothy Newhall, Mar.1,1764.* [Newhall.MR] [Newell.CR1]

Elizabeth and Andrew Floyd of Roxbury, Oct.31,1765.*

Simon and Hannah Johnson, July12,1770.* [Simon.MR] [Simin.CR1]

Thomas and Martha Tufts, Nov.26,1772.* [Martha Tufts.MR] [Mary Tuffts.CR1]

Thomas Jr. and Ruth Hill, Aug.14,1794.*

Susanna and James Kidder, June21,1798.*

Mary and Thacher Magoun, July22,1804.* [Thatcher.CR1]

Ruthy, and Stephen Rose, Aug.6,1809.*

Hannah of Charlestown, and Bela Cushing, int.Oct.27,1822. [m.Nov.18.CR1PR2]

BRADSHOE (Bradshaw, Bradshow)

Ruth and Benjamin Willis, Feb.10,1713-14.MR [Bradshaw, and Dea.Benjamin Willis.PR1]

BRADSHOW (Bradshaw, Bradshoe)

Jonathan and Mary Wadson, Apr.17,1722.*

Hanah and Enoch Greenleafe, Feb.17,1726.* [Hanna and Enoch Greenleaf.CR1]

Patience and Nehemiah Ordaway of Almsberry, Nov.22,1733.*CR1

Mercy and Joseph Newell of Malden, Feb.21,1740.*CR1

Elizabeth and Stephen Willis, Nov.12,1741.*CR1

BRADSTREET (Bradstret, Broadstreet)

Dudley of Bostown and Sary Peirce of Charlstown, Aug.18,1724.*

BRADSTRET (Bradstreet, Broadstreet)

John and Mercy Wade, Oct.9,1699.*


Ellen Moore [Brazedill. int.] and Jarius [] Whiting of Boston, Mar.31,1825.


Judith and Fitch Hall, May14,1783.*


Hannah of Billerica, and David Osgood, Oct.31,1786, in Billerica.*


Rufus F. of Framingham, and Charlotte M. Clisby, d.John P. and Martha, Sept.28,1848.


Ruth Amanda and Daniel P. Quackenbush of Lansing, MI, int.Sept.4,1848.


Dorcas of Andover, and Thomas Learned, June6,1793, in Andover.*


Elizabeth and Joseph B. Emerson of Lynnfield, May23,1843.


Joseph W. and Susannah Ewell, Nov.16,1834.

George W. of Fall River, and Lucretia A. Bartlett, Apr.6,1835. [Rev. George W. and Lucretia Archibald Bartlett, d.Abner Esq.CR1]

David and Charlotte Bradford of Scituate, int.Mar.20,1836.

William and Fanny Cook of Scituate, int.Oct.16,1841.

James Edwin, shipwright, of S. Boston, s.Cushing O. & Mercy, and Harriet R. Stetson, d.Jotham & Harriet, Dec.25,1846.


Sarah of Watertown, and Thomas Clark of Watertown, Apr.16,1761.*

BROADSTREET (Bradstreet, Bradstret)

Lucy and Jonathan Remington of Cambridge, Sept.5,1711, in Cambridge.*


John and Anna Tufts, June24,1700.*

BROOK (Brooks)

Annah and Daniel Stevens of Amhurst, NH, Oct.2,1782.* [Anna Brooks and Daniel Stevens of Amherst, NH.MR] [Anna Brooks and Dr. Daniel Stevens of Amherst, NH.CR1] [Nancy Brooks and Dr. 末末 Stevens.PR2]

BROOKS (Brook)

Sarah and Phillip Russell of Cambridge, Oct.18,1705, in Cambridge.*

Abigall and Thomas Oaks, Oct.27,1720.*

Samuel and Mary Boutwell of Reading, Mar.25,1725, in Reading.*

Rebecekah, and Samuel Prat of Boston, Dec.2,1725.* [Rebeckah.CR1]

Sarah and Rev. Shurjashub Bourn of Scituate, Feb.12,1736.*CR1

Ebenezer and Hannah Gibson, June20,1737, in Boston.*

Samuel and Abigail Hastings of Waltham, Apr.2,1747, in Waltham.*

Mary and William Whitmore, Oct.1,1747.* [William Whitmore, A.M.CR1]

Caleb of Charlstown, and Ruth Albree, Mar.1,1749-50.* [Caleb, "Father of Gevernor John Brooks,"CR1]

Thomas Jr. and Anna Hall, Feb.27,1755.*

Abigail and Joseph Hall, Nov.24,1757.* [Nov.24.MR; Oct.24.CR1]

Hannah and Thomas Learned of Watertown, Sept.28,1758.*

Ebenezer Jr. and Susanna Thompson, Dec.28,1758.* [Susanna Thompson.MR] [Susannah Tompson.CR1]

Ruth and Joseph Seccomb, Nov.20,1760.* [Brook.MR]

Jonathan of Charlstown, and Susanna Winship of Charlstown, Aug.17,1762.*

Thomas Jr. and Mercy Tufts, Dec.29,1762.* [Mary Tufts.MR] [Mercy Tuffts.CR1]

Rebecca and Samuel Hall, Nov.6,1766.* [Rebekah.MRCR1]

Caleb and Mary Kidder, Jan.1,1767.*

Catherine and Ebenezer Cutter of Cambridge, May26,1768.* [Katharine.MR]

Abigail of Woburn, and Isaac Warren Jr., Oct.29,1772, in Woburn.*

Elizabeth and Rev. Jacob Burnup of Merrimak, Dec.31,1776.* [Burnap of Merrimack, NH.MR] [Burnap.CR1] [Burrage.PR2]

Thomas Jr. and Parnell Boylstone of Charelestown, May9,1786.* [Boylston.CR1PR2]

Mercy and Cotton Tufts Jr. of Weymouth, Mar.6,1788.* [Brook.PR2]

Ruhamah and Watts Turner, Sept.30,1789, in Woburn.*

Jonathan and Elizabeth Allbree, Sept.26,1791.* [Albree.CR1] Brookes, and Elizabeth Albree.PR2

Joanna Cotton and Nathaniel Hall, Nov.26,1793.* [Joanna Cotten.CR1]

Hannah and Francis Burns, Oct.21,1794.*

Ebenezer and Elizabeth Whittemore of Cambridge, Mar.31,1796, in Cambridge.*

Pompey, negro, and Lydia Worrow, Indian, of Chelsea, Nov.22,1796, in Chelsea.*

Caleb 3d and Lydia Wyman, Apr.8,1797, in Woburn.*

Mary and John Lebosquet, Sept.10,1798.* [Lebosquut.CR1] [Leboquer.PR2]

Mary and Samuel Gray of Salem, Apr.25,1799 [1799, written in pencil].* [1799.CR1PR2]

Caleb Jr. and Phebe Wyman of Woburn, Nov.20,1800.*

Abigail and Zacheus Wyman, Dec.14,1800.* [Abigail, d.Capt. Caleb.PR2]

Hannah of Charlestown, and David Howe of Thetford, VT, Nov.21,1808.*

Isaac and Mary Austin of Charlestown, Jan.26,1810.*

James W. and Rebecca Wade, Feb.22,1819.

Abigail and Mathew Matthew Stearns of Lexington, June10,1819. [Matthew.CR1]

Aaron and Lydia Brooks of Lincoln, int.Mar.17,1822.

Lydia of Lincoln, and Aaron Brooks, int.Mar.17,1822.

Gilbert and Martha Burge of Hollis, NH, int.May13,1826.

Mary H. of Boston, and James Ford, int.Nov.23,1828.

Abby Brown and Charles F. [dup. omits F.;] Adams of Boston, Sept.5,1829. [Charles F. Adams Esq.CR1]

Gilbert and Elizabeth Sloan of Dunstable, int.Oct.27,1833.

Sarah Ann and Seth W. Vining, Apr.26,1838.

Harriet A. and Alden Warren of Groton, Nov.18,1841.

John G. and Charlotte Wheeler, Nov.30,1843.

Sarah Jane, 21, d.Luther and Dolly, and Charles Gerrish, 26, merchant, of Groton, s.Paul and Sophia, Dec.19,1844.

Charles W., 24, housewright, s.Jacob and Thankful, and Susan T. Richardson, 22, d.Joseph and Elizabeth, Apr.20,1848.

James L., shipjoiner, s.James W. and Rebecca, and Lucy Brooks, d.Jacob and Thankful, Jan.4,1849.

Lucy, d.Jacob and Thankful, and James L. Brooks, ship joiner, s.James W. and Rebecca, Jan.4,1849.


Sarah and Roger Putnam, Oct.13,1774.*


Partrtich, of Bostown, and Ruth Babrich, of Bostown, Aug.20,1725.*

Abigail and Joseph Hall, Jan.25,1729, in Eastham [Orleans, written in pencil].*

Thomas and Elesebath Micquislian [dup, Ellesebath Maguislion], June6,1734.*

Phebe of Stoneham, and William Hay of Stoneham, Jan.25,1765.*

Jacob and Ruth Knight of Stoneham, Aug.26,1773.*

Zachariah and Sally Johnson of Malden, Oct.9,1796.*

Samuel and Lois Clisby, Oct.29,1797.*

Naby and Ebenezer Pearce, Jan.5,1814.*

Sarah of New Grantham, and David Frye, int.Jan.7,1825.

Benjamin of Salem, and Elinor Cutter, July20,1826.

Laura of Boston, and James H. Colburn of Boston, Mar.25,1834.*

John O. and Amelia E. Clarke of Kingston, RI, int.May24,1835.

Isaac E. of Charlestown, and Sarah F. Johnson, int.May20,1837.

Joseph, 25, distillers, s.Benjamin and Mary, and Betsey Ann Sampson, 24, d.Isaiah and Charlotte, Sept.4,1845.

Daniel, 33, shipwright, s.Elisha and Catherine, and Betsey F. Blodget, d.Thadeus and Hannah, Nov.9,1845.

Amelia, Mrs., and Heman Allen, int.Nov.29,1849.

John, 23, ship joiner, s.Nathaniel and Martha B., and Harriet W. Joyce, 23, d.Seth and Harriet, Dec.25,1849.


Anna and Samuel Teel, Mar.24,1816. [Mrs.and Capt. 末末 Teel.PR2]

Oliver of Stoneham [of S. Reading. int.], and Sarah W. Symmes, May7,1826.

Frances S. and James W. Perkins, int.June23,1837.

Elizabeth M. and Edward Stone of Lynn, Sept.15,1838.

Olive M. of Boston, and Augustine G. Morton of Ohio, Nov.21,1839.*

Mary A. and Charles Jenkins, Aug.3,1842.

Sarah J. and John P. Perry, Apr.4,1844.

George W. and Mary A. Pearson of Dorchester, int.Nov.1,1845.

Caroline L. and William Emerson of Roxbury, int.Nov.5,1847.


Ann Maria, 28, d.Nancy, and Lemuel Stephens Jr., 30, Prof. W.A. Penn, of Pittsburg [Pitsburg. int.], PA, s.Lemuel and Sarah S., Aug.6,1844.


Mary and William Turner, Nov.10,1767.*

John and Phebe Bucknam of Malden, May19,1776, in Malden.*

Phebe of Malden, and John Bucknam, May19,1776, in Malden.*

James and Margaret Savels, Feb.12,1778.* [Buckman, and Margarett Savels.MR]

Deborah and Jonathan Tufts, Jan.13,1785.* [Buckman.MR]

Margaret and William Bucknam, July28,1785, in Cambridge.*

William and Margaret Bucknam, July28,1785, in Cambridge.*

Borridilla and Daniel Farrington, Apr.27,1786.* [Borridill.CR1]

Joses and Nabby Hay, Sept.19,1786, in Reading.*

Spencer and Mary Frost of Cambridge, Nov.9,1794, in Cambridge.*

Nancy and Joseph Tufts Jr., Jan.8,1797.*

Leonard and Anna Adams, Apr.9,1799 [1799, written in pencil].* [1799.CR1] Buckman, 1799.PR2

Fanny and Eleazer Usher, Oct.6,1799 [1799, written in pencil].* [1799.CR1PR2]

William and Frances Butterfield, Feb.5,1801.* [Buckman and 末末 Butterfield, wid.PR2]

Joseph and Anna Gleason, Dec.2,1806.* [wid.PR2]

David Jr. and Elizabeth [] Burridge, Aug.11,1814.

Elizabeth and John P. Bradley, May24,1834. [Bradly.CR1]

Leonard and Mary Cotting, int.July8,1837.

Phebe and George E. Jones, int.Aug.23,1845.


Samuel of Litchfield, CT, and Mary Burns, Dec.25,1783.*

Samuel and Hannah Burnap, Aug.22,1799 [1799, written in pencil].* [1799.CR1PR2]

Loveman and Hannah Willy, of Stoneham, int.Jan.14,1821. [Buell, and Hunnah Willy, m.Feb.8.CR1; Buell, and Hannah Willis, m.Feb.8.PR2]