ABBOTT (Abbot)

Phebe of Andover, and Jonathan Porter, Nov. 7, 1790, in Andover.* [Abbot, b. Andover, and Jonathan Porter, b. Braintree, s. Dr. Jonathan and Hannah (Hayden), Nov. 6. PR16]

Benjamin and Mary Kidder, June 10, 1798.* [Abbott. CR1]

Diantha B. of Boston, and Edmund N. Bennett, int. Apr. 13, 1837.


Margaret and Elisha Doubledee, of CT, Oct. 21, 1736.* CR1

Susanna of Cambridge, and Gershom Teel, Oct. 3, 1776, in Cambridge.*

Maritha and Nathan Adams, Apr. 3, 1788.* [Martha. CR1]

Nathan and Maritha Adams, Apr. 3, 1788.* [Martha. CR1]

Joel, of Cambridge, and Sibble Stone, Oct. 23, 1788, in Cambridge.*

Amos and Lydia Adams of Cambridge, Apr. 19, 1790, in Cambridge.*

Lydia, of Cambridge, and Amos Adams, Apr. 19, 1790 in Cambridge.*

Samuel and Elizabeth Symmes, June 26, 1796, in Boston.*

Hannah and John B. Wheeler, May 18, 1797.*

Anne and Nathaniel Chittenden of Chelsea, Nov. 14, 1798.*

Anna and Leonard Bucknam, Apr. 9, 1799 [1799 written in pencil].* [1799. CR1; Buckman, 1799. PR2]

Nathan and Rebecca Tufts of Charlestown, Dec. 13, 1803.*

Nathan [Natha. dup.] Jr. and Elisabeth [Elizabeth. dup.] Butters, Apr. 29, 1812.*

Sarah and Carpenter Staniels of Chichester [Rockingham Co. int.], NH, Dec. 23, 1819. [d. Nathan. PR2]

Sarah Ann of Charlestown, and John C. Magoon of Charlestown, Dec. 30, 1824.* ["both of Winter Hill, Charlestown," CR1]

Charles F. [dup. omits F.; Francis. int.] of Boston, and Abby Brown Brooks, Sept. 5, 1829. [Charles F. Adams Esq. CR1]

Abby S. of Quincy, and John Angier, int. May 1, 1831.

William, Rev., of Brighton, and Susan P. Magoun, int. June 19, 1831. [m. July 13. CR2]

Ripley P. and Hannah B. Toley [?Tobey] of Sandwich, int. Nov. 6, 1831.

Lucinda, of Hindsbury, VT, and Nathan Richards, int. May 3, 1835.

William, Rev., of New York City, and Martha B. Magoun, Aug. 12, 1835.

Elizabeth [A. int.] and Jeremiah P. Staniels of Boston, Nov. 25, 1835. [Elizabeth, d. Dea. Adams. CR1]

Peter and Martha Jane Langley of Boston, Mar. 24, 1836.

Charlotte G. and Stillman Taft of Boston, Nov. 22, 1838, in Boston.

Harriet of Charlestown, and Aaron B. Magoun of Cambridgeport, Aug. 20, 1839.* [Aaron B. of Charlestown. CR1]

Nathan A. of Dorchester, and Rebecca B. [B., written in pencil] Stearns, Apr. 15, 1841. [Apr. 13. CR1]

Almira and David Austin of Boston, May 17, 1842.* [Almira, d. Dea. Nathan of Boston. CR1]

Nancy Ann and Alfred B. Shaw, Jan. 30, 1843 [––– ––, 1840. dup.; Dec. 30, 1842. int.].

George E. and Susan K. Staniels of Malden, int. June 12, 1847.

Artemas M. of Watertown, amd Milly W. Merrill, d. Moses and Sally, July 1, 1847.


William and Elizabeth Williams, Sept. 2, 1776.* [Elisabeth Jr. MR] [Elizabeth Jr. CR1]


Adeline M. of Milford, and Ethan L. Bowker, int. May 13, 1845.

ALBREE (Allbree)

Susanna and Theodore Wheelwright of Boston, June 22, 1749.* [Wheelwright. MR] [Wheelright. CR1]

Ruth and Caleb Brooks of Charlestown, Mar. 1, 1749-50.* [Caleb, "Father of Governor John Brooks," CR1]

Joseph and Judith Reeves, Dec. 23, 1756.*

Elizabeth and Jonathan Brooks, Sept. 26, 1791.* [Albree. CR1] [Albree, and Jonathan Brookes. PR2]

John of Salem, and Lydia Tufts, Jan. 6, 1793.*

ALDEN (Auldin)

Zaccry, of Bostown, and Jamimah Hall, Jan. 14, 1724-5.* [Zecariah Alden of Boston, and Jemima Hall, Jan. 4, 1725. CR1]

David of Boston, and Lucinda Kendall, Apr. 15, 1832.


Daniel A. and Susan Seaver of Brookline, NH, int. Jan. 3, 1840.


James and Sophronia Cottle of Watertown, int. Dec. 14, 1828.

Lucy of Bradford, and Andrew Blanchard Jr., int. Nov. 6, 1831.

John C. Jr. and Susanna [Susannah. int.] Gleason, Apr. 6, 1836. [John O. CR2]

John and Susan A. Teel, Oct. 3, 1837.

Heman and Mrs. Amelia Brown, int. Nov. 29, 1849.

AMES (Eames)

Mary of Wilmington, and Samuel Foster of Reading, June 14, 1785.* CR1

John Jr. and Louisa Norwood, Int. July 7, 1833.

Mary and Addison Richardson, int. May 4, 1834.

Mary K. [dup omits K.] and Addison Richardson, int. May 4, 1835 [dup. 1834]. [Mary K. and Adison Richardson, m. May 18, 1834. CR2]

Harriet [int. adds A.] and William J. Nickerson, Dec. 25, 1840. [Harriet Eams. CR2]

Susan of W. Bridgewater, and George Sawyer, int. Oct. 20, 1843.


Isaac of Malburroh, and Hanah Frances, June 7, 1725.* [Amsden of Malborough, and Hannah Francis, Dec. 7. CR1]


Mary Ballard and Anson Dexter, Feb. 17, 1811.*


Sarah of Salem, and Jeremiah Page, June 28, 1750, in Salem.*

Dorcas of Boxford, and Timothy T. Cutter, int. Jan. 10, 1824.


Samuel and Abigail Watson, Apr. 29, 1762.* [Mrs. Abigail. MR]

John and Abby S. Adams of Quincy, int. May 1, 1831.

Luther and Lydia Farly [Lydia C. Farley. int.], Aug. 2, 1836.


Hannah and Sampson Yarney, negroes, Mar. 16, 1747, in Woburn.*

Jonathan and Catharine George of Charlestown, negroes, Apr. 5, 1748.* [Kate. CR1]

Jonathan and Lois Way of Lexington, Mar. 6, 1777, in Lexington.*


Edwin S., distiller, and Frances R. Edgerly, Feb. 11, 1849.


Charlotte of Boston, and Nathan Pratt of Malden, Oct. 20, 1830.* CR2


Vincenso [Vinsenso int.] and Mrs. Almira M. Dezara, Sept. 19, 1842.


Nancy and Albert Huse of Boston, Dec. 22, 1842.

ATWOOD (Attwood)

Oliver and Sarah Knower of Moldin, May 24, 1726.* [Elizabeth Knover of Malden, May 6. CR1]

Oliver and Elizabeth Phelps of Reading, July 12, 1726, in Reading.*

Lidia of Woburn, and John Giles, Nov. 25, 1756, in Woburn.*


Josiah of Charlestown, and Sarah Frothingham, Jan. 15, 1778.*

Mary of Charlestown, and Isaac Brooks, Jan. 26, 1810.*

David of Boston, and Almira Adams, May 17, 1842.* [Almira, d. Dea. Nathan of Boston. CR1]

Mary T. of Boston, and Uriah Davis, int. Dec. 4, 1844.


Selena A. of Charlestown, and Frederick A. Kendall, int. Aug. 7, 1826.

Trask W., of Mt. Vernon, NH, and Harriet [Hannah. int.] A. Perkins, Apr. 9, 1835. [Hannah A. CR1]

AYERS (Ayer, Ayrs)

Phebe of Methuen, and Thomas Cox Jr., int. July 22, 1821.

Frances [A. int.] and John W. Marston of Parsonfield [Parsonsfield. int.], ME, Dec. 6, 1843. [Frances Ayre. CR1]

Richard and Nancy M. Fisher of Barnstable, int. Sept. 20, 1845.

Susan C. and Russell R. Seaver of Malden, int. Apr. 11, 1846.

Elizabeth A., of Charlestown, and Luther R. Symmes, int. Oct. 7, 1848. [Elizabeth Ann [Abby. dup. and correction] and Luther R. [Richardson. dup.] Symmes, s. John & Pamelia (Richardson), m. Nov. 1, 1848. PR24; Elizabeth Abby, b. Charlestown. PR25]

Isaac C., 21, blacksmith, s. Asa, and Mary A. Livingston, 21, d. Robert, Oct. 1, 1849.

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