Charlotte G., wid. [int. Mrs., omits wid.], 26, d. Edward Adams, and Carpenter

Staniels, widr. [int. omits widr.], 51, farmer, of Chelsea, Oct. 30, 1844. [Charlotte G. Taft, d. Edward Adams, dec., in Chelsea. CR1]

Stillman of Boston, and Charlotte G. Adams, Nov. 22, 1838, in Boston.


Albert of Boston, and Mary G. Tufts, Aug. 20, 1826.

Cordelia, 21, d. Elisha L. and Lydia, and John Hutchins, 25, shipwright, s. Joseph and Susan, Dec. 25, 1845.

Edwin and Charlotte B. Ewell, int. Dec. 16, 1837.

Elisha Livermore and Lydia Fessenden, Aug. 26, 1810.* PR32

Emeline [int. adds M.] and Elijah S. Ewell Jr., May 14, 1840.

Lydia A. and John A. Bartoll, int. Aug. 5, 1843.

Marianne and John Cleugh, int. Jan. 15, 1830. [Mary Ann and John Clough, m. Feb. 17. CR1]


Stephen P. and Sarah C. Hunt of Dorchester, int. Apr. 19, 1845.


Maria H. of Boston, and Parker R. Litchfield, int. Mar. 25, 1848.


Nabby and Augustus Hunt of Boston, Dec. 31, 1795.*


Abram D. and Maria M. Wood, int. Aug. 21, 1840.

TATMAN (Totman)

Patianc [and] Nathaniell Peirce, Dec. 25, 1740.* [Patience Totman and Nathaniel Peirce. CR1]


John and Sarah Cutter, Sept. 11, 1787.*

Nathaniel and Mary D. Small of E. Raymond, ME, int. Nov. 26, 1837.

Samuel and Mary W. Hill, Jan. 28, 1834.


Daniel A. and Sarah E. Tobie, int. Apr. 25, 1845.

Henry, widr. [int. omits widr.], 42, shipwright, s. Richard and Lydia, and Mary B. Smith, 33, d. Jonathan and Lydia, Dec. 3, 1848.

James and Mary Anne Louden, int. Apr. 2, 1847. [Mary Ann, m. Apr. 29. CR2]

John and Eliza James, int. Mar. 20, 1831. [m. Apr. 5. CR2]

William and Sabrina A. Dane of New Boston, NH, int. Aug. 28, 1845.

TEAL (Teel, Teele)

Benjamin of Charlstown, and Margery Elder, Sept. 27, 1750.*

Elizabeth and Ebenezer Merriam of Woburn, Sept. 5, 1776. & [Elisabeth Teel and Ebenezer Meriam. MR]

Jonathan and Lydia Cutter of Cambridge, Apr. 7, 1776, in Cambridge.*

Mary of Charlstown, and Nathaniell Peirce, Dec. 19, 1735.*

Samuel Jr. and Ruth Walker, Nov. 5, 1772.*


Elizabeth and Henry Billard, Aug. 10, 1725, in Boston.*

TEEL (Teal, Teele)

Aaron and Rebecca Tweed of Woburn, Apr. 11, 1786, in Woburn.*

Ammi C. of W. Cambridge, and Sarah Cutter, int. July 31, 1814.

Anna H. of Charlestown, and James M. Richardson, int. Aug. 18, 1833.

Anna W. and Charles Clapp, Oct. 30, 1838. [Ann W. CR2]

Benjamin Jr. and Mary Cook, Mar. 13, 1783.* [Teal. MR]

Benjamin of Malden [Medford, written above in pencil] and Mary Gill of Malden, Apr. 7, 1783, in Malden.*

Benjamin of Charlestown, and Rhoda Cutter of Charlestown, May 31, 1785.* [Teal. MR CR1]

Benjamin of Charlestown, and Maria [dup. Miriam] Savels, Mar. 18, 1810.* [Meriam. CR1 PR2]

Benjamin R. and Marianna S. Fernald of Charlestown, June 24, 1841, in Charlestown.* PR38

Elbridge and Lavina Richardson of Billerica, July 28, 1839.

Eliza A. and Calvin Hadley, Nov. 8, 1838. [Eliza A., d. Samuel. CR1]

Betsy and Jonathan Holt, Apr. 24, 1803.*

Gershom and Susanna Adams of Cambridge, Oct. 3, 1776, in Cambridge.*

Henry [int. adds F.] and Hannah Floyd, Nov. 20, 1833.

Jane and John Francis, June 3, 1777, in Bedford.*

Joseph and Elizabeth Scile [Searl, written below in pencil] of Stoneham, Nov. 12, 1767, in Stoneham.*

Lydia of Charlestown, and Thomas Richardson of Watertown, Dec. 9, 1829.* CR2

Rachel S., 28, d. Samuel and Nancy Ann (Scott), sister of Mrs. Mary Reed, and George H. Merrill, 23, painter, s. Moses and Sally (Parker), brother-in-law of Isaac R. Reed, Oct. 12, 1845.

Rhoda and Levi Pollard, Nov. 18, 1804.*

Ruth and Joseph Pierce of Boston, int. June 29, 1823.

Samuel Jr. and Abigail Floyd, June 12, 1803.*

Samuel and Anna Bryant, Mar. 24, 1816. [Capt., and Mrs. ––––– Bryant. PR2]

Samuel Jr. and Elizebeth Carr, int. May 14, 1836.

Samuel [int. Sr.] and Elizabeth Wilson, wid [int omits wid.], June 5, 1836.

Samuel and Mrs. Anna [int. Mrs. Ann] Kimball, Oct. 12, 1843. [Mrs. Anna. CR2]

Susan A. and John Allen, Oct. 3, 1837.

Susanna and Salmon Stone, Mar. 28, 1804.*

TEELE (Teal, Teel)

Henry F., widr. [int. omits widr.], 36, ship joiner, s. Benjamin and Miriam, and Mary Elizabeth Sprague, 19, d. William and Mary, June 14, 1848.

Mary and John Walker, Nov. 18, 1790.* [Teel. CR1]


Washington W., 26, mariner, of Reading, s. Charles and Bridjet [sic], and Ruth B. Hemphill, 37, of Reading, d. John and Lydia, Oct. 5, 1845.*


Luther F. of Randolph, and Susanna Elms, wid. [int. Mrs. Susanna Elems, omits wid.], Apr. 9, 1836. [Mrs. Susannah Elms. CR1]


Adeline T., 23, d. William and Elizabeth, and James B. Morse, 24, carpenter of Cambridge, s. Cyrus and Mary B. of Cambridge, Oct. 13, 1844.

Hepzibeth [int. Hepza], d. William and Eliza H., and Gardner Davis, provision dealer, of Brighton, Apr. 30, 1846. [Hepsebeth and Mr. Davis of Watertown. CR2]

Sarah Ann, d. William and Elizabeth, and John Henry Turner, 22, shipwright, s. Luther and Lucy, ––––– [rec. Feb. 27, 1846] [int. Jan. 17, 1846].

William and Betsy Hadley, Mar. 17, 1816.

William B. and Mary A. Cutts of Kittery, ME, int. July 6, 1844.

THOMPSEN (Thompson, Thomson, Tompson)

Catharine and Gardiner Greenleaf, Jan. 21, 1747-8.* [Tompson, and Gardner Greenleaf. MR] [Katherine Tompson and Gardner Greenleaf. CR1]

Frances and Joseph Calf of Charlstown, Apr. 15, 1747.* [Thompson, and Joseph Calef of Charlestown. MR] [Tompson. CR1]

THOMPSON (Thompsen, Thomson, Tompson)

Ebenezer and Katharine Greenleaf, May 21, 1778.*

Ebenezer of Cambridge, and Rhoda Putnam, Sept. 11, 1794.* [Putnam. CR1 PR2]

Ebenezer and Hannah Tufts, Nov. 20, 1794.*

Joseph and Sarah Bradshaw, Dec. 30, 1718.*

Joseph and Rebecca Gullap, June 26, 1758, in Boston.*

Katharine and Noah Johnson of Woburn, Nov. 15, 1808.* [Catherine. CR1 PR2]

Laura Jane, 23, d. Luther and Lydia, and Frederick W. Nichols, 24, clerk, of Cambridgeport, s. Jonathan and Mary, Dec. 16, 1849.

Martha Jane and William James Fults of Woburn, Nov. 5, 1848.* CR4

Polly and Nathan Tufts Jr., Jan. 22, 1789.* [Polley. CR1]

Phebe and Moses Tufts, May 7, 1767.* [Phebe Thompson and Moses Tufts. MR] Phoebe Tompson and Moses Tuffts. CR1

Ruth and Benjamin Floyd, Mar. 20, 1749-50.* [Thompson. MR] [Tompson. CR1]

Samuel T. of Charlestown, and Harriet R. Peck, Dec. 9, 1840.

Susanna and Ebenezer Brooks Jr., Dec. 28, 1758.* [Susanna Thompson. MR] [Susannah Tompson. CR1]

THOMSON (Thompsen, Thompson, Tompson)

David [int. Thompson] of Royalston, and Lucy Gates, Feb. 10, 1825.


Ezra and Sophia Pierce, int. Mar. 27, 1825. [Hezekiah, m. Aug. 28. CR2]


Angelina of Boston, and Joseph James, int. Apr. 3, 1829. [m. Apr. 17. CR2]


Elijah and Lois Dix of Newton, Mar. 16, 1800.*


Belinda, 21, d. John and Hannah, and Reuben B. Smith, 25, shipwright, s. Jesse and Betsey, Dec. 6, 1846. [Tibbets. CR2]

Phineas H. of Charlestown, and Margaret G. English of Charlestown, Dec. 28, 1846.* CR2


Ebenezer of Charlestown, and Elizabeth Fortner, May 8, 1744.* CR1

Ebenezer and Lucy Polly, Jan. 1, 1755.*

Emily and George Baker of Lancaster, June 23, 1828. [Dr. George. CR1]

Lucy and Richard Ward of Boston, May 5, 1818.

Susan S. and Henry Porter, May 13, 1824. [Henry, s. Jonathan and Phebe (Abbot). PR16]


Jane of Marshfield, and Thomas Rogers 3d, int. Oct. 28, 1826.

Sarah M. of Scituate, and William C. Turner, int. Sept. 11, 1847.

Thomas of Boston, and Frances Burns Fulton, Apr. 16, 2797.*


Jerome W. and Emeline M. Snow, June 25, 1836. [Jerome Warren, June 26. CR1]

Thankful [dup. Thankfull], Mrs., and Richard B. Bean of Woburn, int. Mar. 22, 1845.


Samuel and Elizabeth Blodget, Nov. 17, 1763.* [Elisabeth Blodget. MR] [Elizabeth Blochett. CR1]


Rachel of Boston, and Abiel Holt, int. Aug. 17, 1817.


Sarah of Boston, and John H. Bacon, int. May 18, 1834.

TISICK (Tysach, Tyzick)

Mary and Warren Chapman, Nov. 23, 1842.


Charity and Seth Mayo, May 6, 1816. [May 8. CR1 PR2]

Lucy, and Isaac Learned of Cambridge, int. Feb. 17 [dup. Feb. 18, and marked "mistake"], 1821. [m. Mar. 15. CR1 PR2]

TOBEY (Tobie, Toley)

Stephen and Jane Hobbs of Charlestown, Oct. 12, 1834.

TOBIE (Tobey, Toley)

Sarah E. and Daniel A. Taylor, int. Apr. 25, 1845.


Elizabeth and Luther Turner, Mar. 31, 1840. [Elizebeth. CR2]

Harriet and Jeremiah Jordan, Mar. 1, 1840. [Harriette and Jeremiah Gorgan. CR2]

Henry and Harriot Davis, Mar. 1, 1812.*

Mary W. and Joseph W. [int. omits W.] Roberts [int. Robert], Nov. 25, 1840.

Sarah Ann and Henry B. Kidder, Oct. 26, 1835.

TOLEY (Tobey, Tobie)

Hannah B. [? Tobey] of Sandwich, and Ripley P. Adams, int. Nov. 6, 1831.


Elisha and Charlotte A. James, int. June 7, 1835. [Tollman, and Charlott O. James, m. June ––. CR2]


Rebecca of Needham, and John Simpson, Feb. 13, 1728-9, in Needham.*

TOMPSON (Thompsen, Thompson, Thomson)

Mary and Samuel Kidder, Mar. 20, 1744.* CR1

Sarah and Jonathan Tuffts of Charlestown, Nov. 18, 1741.* CR1

TOTMAN (Tatman)

Alexander, 22, farmer, of Scituate, s. Benjamin and Eunice, and Lucy K. Sables, 32, d. Thomas and Dolly, Apr. 26, 1848.


Jethro and Lucy Hamblet, Feb. 18, 1802.*

Solomon of Boston, and Sally Tufts, Apr. 5, 1810.*


Mary Ann and George L. Stearns, Jan. 21, 1836. [Marianne. CR2]

Rebecca H., d. Samuel and Hannah, and George H. Lemist, 24, merchant, of Boston, s. John of Roxbury, Apr. 30, 1844.


Joseph of Boston, and Eunice Tufts, Mar. 26, 1776.*


Aaron of Boston, and Emily Ann Shed, int. Aug. 11, 1833.


Adeline W. of Boston, and Perry A. Sylvester of Boston, June 16, 1842.*


Sarah and Nathan Tufts Jr., Feb. 22, 1776.* [Trefry. CR1]


Robert W. [int. Wormstead] of Lynn, and Susan Warner, May 31, 1813.


Henry and Malinda Peaslee, d. Daniel and Hannah (Longfellow), Nov. 18, 1831.* PR18

Joseph and Mary Weston, int. Oct. 12, 1823.

Nancy and Benjamin Walker, Mar. 2, 1824.


Abigail and Abner S. Crooker, Nov. 2, 1822, in Boston.*

Joel and Elizabeth Clisby, Mar. 16, 1835.


Ambrose of Boston, and Eliza B. Shed, Apr. 11, 1832.

TUFFS (Tuffts, Tufts, Turf)

Jonathan and Sarah Wait of Malden, Jan. 27, 1713.* MR

TUFFTS (Tuffs, Tufts, Turf)

Benjamin and Hannah Johnson of Woburn, Nov. 16, 1743.* CR1

Jonathan of Charlestown and Sarah Tompson, Nov. 18, 1741.* CR1

Mary of Charlestown, and Thomas Pattin, Jan. 10, 1745.* CR1

Persis and John Colman of Malden, Feb. 12, 1737.* CR1

Rachel and Ebenezer Francis, Nov. 15, 1733.* CR1

Rebekah and John Willis, Apr. 17, 1717.* MR

TUFTS (Tuffs, Tuffts, Turf)

Abigail and John Bishop, Dec. 7, 1752.* [Tufts. MR] [Tuffts. CR1]

Abigail and Daniel Tufts, June 12, 1775.*

Abigail and Joshua Symonds Jr., Nov. 24, 1779.* [Abigail Jr. and Joshua Simonds Jr. MR CR1]

Abigail and Joseph Tufts of Charlestown, Mar. 31, 1783.*

Abigail of Charlestown, and William A. Tufts of Charlestown, Nov. 29, 1838, in Charlestown.* [Abigail Tufts, wid. Joel. CR1]

Anna and John Brocus, June 24, 1700.*

Anna and Peter Jones, May 2, 1765.* [Tufts. MR] [Tuffts. CR1]

Anna and Abel Richardson, Dec. 21, 1775.*

Ann and Isaac Tufts of Charlestown, Nov. 16, 1797.* [Anne. CR1]

Benjamin and Mary Hutchinson of Malden, Jan. 7, 1740, in Malden.*

Benjamin and Esther Lynde of Malden, Dec. 26, 1760, in Malden.*

Benjamin and Lydia Francis, May 4, 1779.* [Frances. MR CR1]

Benjamin Jr. and Hannah Turner, May 17, 1796.*

Benjamin [int. Jr.] and Mary Caldwell, Dec. 18, 1825.

Catharine and William Tufts Jr., Jan. 10, 1749-50.* [Catharine Tufts and William Tufts Jr. MR] [Katherine Tuffts and William Tuffts Jr. CR1]

Catharine and Nathan Wyman, July 2, 1772, in Woburn.*

Cotton Jr. of Weymouth, and Mercy Brooks, Mar. 6, 1788.* [Brook. PR2]

Daniel and Abigail Tufts, June 12, 1775.*

Daniel Jr. and Rhoda Wyman, May 25, 1786.*

Dorothy and Tristram Coffin Jr. of Newbury, Mar. 22, 1721-2, in Newbury.*

Ebeneser and Rachall Whitmore, Feb. 17, 1731.* [Ebenezer Tuffts and Rachel Francis [Francis, written over Whitmore]. CR1]

Eleanor and Isaac Green of Lexington, Feb. 5, 1778.*

Elias and Nabby Symmes, May 23, 1813. [Nobby. CR1]

Eliza and Aaron Blanchard, July 2, 1818.

Elesebath and John Foskit, Feb. 26, 1729.* [Elizabeth Tuffts and John Foskett. CR1]

Elesebath of Charlstown, and Jonathan Hall, Feb. 17, 1731.* [Elizabeth Tuffts. CR1]

Elizabeth and Nathan Tufts, Dec. 26, 1770.* [Elisabeth Tufts and Nathan Tufts. MR] [Elizabeth Tuffts and Nathan Tuffts. CR1]

Elizabeth of Charlstown, and Daniel Swan of Charlstown, Aug. 21, 1777.*

Elizabeth and Edmund T. Gates, Mar. 9, 1786.* [Edmund Trowbridge. CR1]

Elizabeth and David Parker of Cambridge, July 27, 1790.*

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Duncan Ingraham Esq. of Concord, July 12, 1795.* [Capt. Ingraham. PR2]

Elizabeth and Samuel Newhall, Sept. 27, 1798.* [Newhall. CR1]

Betsy and Joseph Richardson, Nov. 4, 1804.*

Elizabeth and Nehemiah Wait of Cambridge, Oct. 12, 1806.*

Elizabeth [int. adds G.] and Joseph W. Mitchell, Mar. 31, 1836.

Esther and Hezekiah Blanchard Jr., Dec. 16, 1784.*

Easther [int. Esther] and Eleazer Davis, Oct. 13, 1831. [Eleasar. CR1]

Eunice and Joseph Trask of Boston, Mar. 26, 1776.*

Fanny and Samuel Lane, int. Mar. 23, 1834.

Elizabeth (see Elesebath).

Esther (see Easther).

Francis and Sarah Blount, ––– 26, 1767.* [Tufts. MR] [Tuffts Nov. 26. CR1]

Francis and Hannah Greenleaf, June 12, 1785.* [Tuffts. PR2]

Hannah and Sollemon Hancock of Charlstown, May 14, 1729.* [Tuffts, and Solomon Hancock, May 14, 1730. CR1]

Hannah and Samuel Tufts, Apr. 14, 1757.* [Tufts, and Samuel Tufts. MR] [Tuffts, and Samuel Tuffts. CR1]

Hannah and Watts Turner, May 14, 1772.* [Tufts, May 14. MR] [Tuffts, May 13. CR1]

Hannah and Ebenezer Thompson, Nov. 20, 1794.*

Hannah and Samuel Tufts Jr. of Charlestown, Dec. 3, 1795, in Cambridge.*

Hannah and John Peirce, Nov. 8, 1808* [Pierce. PR2]

Hannah and John Stimpson of Lynn, int. Oct. 1, 1820.

Harriet of Saugus, and Thomas Lincoln of Saugus, June 14, 1840.*

Hepzibah and Joseph Manning, Oct. 6, 1805.*

Hepzebah [int. Hepzibah] and Oliver Blake, Nov. 1, 1825.

Hutchinson Jr. and Mary Lock of Charlestown, May 21, 1705, in Charlestown.*

Hutchinson and Mary Grover of Malden, Jan. 17, 1769, in Malden.*

Ichabod and Rebeccah Francis, May 17, 1753.* [Ichabod Tufts and Rebekah Francis. MR] [Icabod Tuffts and Rebekah Francis. CR1]

Isaac of Charlestown, and Ann Tufts, Nov. 16, 1797.* [Anne. CR1]

Jacob and Ruth Binford, May 27, 1790.*

Jeams Jr., of Charlstown, and Bediah Hall, June 27 [29?], 1722.*

James and Dinah Morse of Woburn, June 16, 1725, in Woburn.*

James of Charlstown, and Mary Dill, Sept. 4, 1729.* [Tuffts, Sept. 4, 1730. CR1]

James and Phebe Woods of Groton, Oct. 25, 1733, in Groton.*

James and Tabitha Binford, Apr. 19, 1757.* [Tufts. MR] [Tuffts. CR1]

James Jr. and Mary Manning, Nov. 20, 1808.*

James and Martha M. Bean, int. Sept. 27, 1837.

John of Charlstown, and Elesebath Sargant of Charlstown, Mar. 28, 1723.*

John and Elizabeth Perrey of Cambridge, May 19, 1778.* [Perry. MR CR1]

John B. and Mary P. Richardson, June 13, 1838. [Mary P., d. Luke dec'd. CR1]

Jonathan and Deborah Bucknam, Jan. 13, 1785.* [Buckman. MR]

Jonathan Jr. and Mary Hibbert, Nov. 19, 1805.*

Joseph and Ledia Francis, Jan. 12, 1727.* [Tuffts, and Lydia Francis. CR1]

Joseph of Charlestown, and Abigail Tufts, Mar. 31, 1783.*

Joseph Jr. and Sarah Turner, Feb. 9, 1792.*

Joseph Jr. and Nancy Bucknam, Jan. 8, 1797.*

Joseph of Charlestown, and Hannah Williams, July 11, 1802.* [Mrs. PR2]

Julia and Pyam Cushing, ––– ––, 1834 [sic, int. Nov. 3, 1833]. [m. Nov. 28, 1833. PR41]

Lucretia and Reuben Richardson, Apr. 3, 1803.*

Lucy 2d and Thomas Prichard, Feb. 22, 1775.* [Pritchard. MR]

Lucy and Benjamin Hall Jr., Nov. 20, 1777.*

Lucy and Caleb Blanchard Jr. of Malden, int. Oct. 2, 1814.

Lydia and Daniel Wiswall of Cambridge, Nov. 1, 1770.* [Tufts, and Daniel Wiswall. MR] [Tuffts, and Daniel Wiswal. CR1]

Lydia of Charlestown, and Rev. Robert Gray of Dover, NH, Mar. 22, 1787.*

Lydia and John Albree of Salem, Jan. 6, 1793.*

Lydia Hall and Isaac Floyd, Apr. 26, 1798.*

Martha and Thomas Bradshaw, Nov. 26, 1772.* [Martha Tufts. MR] [Mary Tuffts. CR1]

Martha and Philemon R. Russell of Charlestown, Nov. 10, 1791, in Cambridge.*

Martha of Charlestown, and Thatcher Magoun Jr., int. May 6, 1832.

Mary of Charlestown, and John Willis, May 30, 1710, in Charlestown.*

Mary and Isaac Greenleaf, Dec. 17, 1772.* [Mary Tufts Jr. and Isaac Greenleaf. MR] [Tuffts, and Isaac Greenleff. CR1]

Mary and Seth Stone of Cambridge, Aug. 6, 1776, in Cambridge.*

Mary [dup. Polly] and Daniel Collins of Glocester, Nov. 3, 1777 [dup. in Gloucester].* [Mary and Daniel Collins of Gloucester. MR] [Mary 2d. CR1] [Mary. PR2]

Mary and Richard Clarke of Watertown, Nov. 25, 1777.* [Clark. MR CR1]

Mary and Benjamin Porter, June 16, 1785, in Reading.*

Mary and Benjamin Reed, Oct. 4, 1795.*

Mary and Jonathan Locke of Charlestown, May 7, 1801.*

Mary G. and Albert Tainter of Boston, Aug. 20, 1826.

Mary Ann, 31, d. Nathan and Mary, and Eden Sampson, 25, caulker, s. Miles and Sally S., May 27, 1844.

Mary (see Martha, Mercy)

Mercy and John Bradshaw, Mar. 14, 1718.*

Mercy and Thomas Brooks Jr., Dec. 29, 1762.* [Mary Tufts. MR] [Mercy Tuffts. CR1]

Moses and Phebe Thompson, May 7, 1767.* [Tufts, and Phebe Thompson. MR] [Tuffts, and Phoebe Tompson. CR1]

Nancy F. and Anthony Waterman of Scituate, Nov. 26, 1840.

Nathan and Elizabeth Tufts, Dec. 26, 1770.* [Tufts, and Elisabeth Tufts. MR] [Tuffts, and Elizabeth Tuffts. CR1]

Nathan Jr. and Sarah Trefey, Feb. 22, 1776.* [Trefry. CR1]

Nathan Jr. and Polly Thompson, Jan. 22, 1789.* [Polley. CR1]

Nathan Jr. and Mary Gilbert of Charlestown, Apr. 23, 1799 [1799, written in pencil].* [1799. CR1 PR2]

Nathan Jr. and Mary Foster Wheler [dup. Wheeler], Sept. 10, 1812.* [Wheeler. CR1]

Olive H., Mrs., and John Merrill of Parsonsfield, ME, int. Aug. 18, 1848.

Orlander W. [H. int.] and Harriet [M. int.] Sampson, Feb. 10, 1836.

Pamela and William Henry, int. Apr. 4, 1819.

Peter and Mercy Cotton, Dec. 16, 1684.* [Mary. MR]

Peter Jr. and Martha Locke of Cambridge, Apr. 5, 1798, in Cambridge.*

Phebe and Nathan Waite Jr. of Malden, Oct. 15, 1757.* [Phebe Tufts and Nathan Waite Jr. of Maldon. MR] [Phoebe Tuffts and Nathaniel Wayt. CR1]

Priscilla, 20, d. Nathan and Mary, and John Prouty, 26, teamster, s. Luke and Susan, Jan. 5, 1845.

Rebeccah and William Tufts 3d, Feb. 15, 1753.* [Rebekah Tufts and William Tufts Jr. MR] [Rebekah Tuffts. CR1]

Rebekah and Thomas Manning of Salem, Mar. ––, 1774.* [Apr. 13. CR1]

Rebeckah and Aaron Blanchard, Nov. 14, 1776.* [Rebekah. MR] [Rebekah, wid. CR1]

Rebecca and John Blanchard, Sept. 30, 1784.*

Rebecca of Charlestown, and Nathan Adams, Dec. 13, 1803.*

Roda [dup. Rhoda] and Washington Hill, June 10, 1812.*

Ruth and Thomas Binford, May 18, 1767.* [Tufts. MR] [Tuffts. CR1]

Ruth and Benjamin Osgood, June 1, 1836.

Sameull, and Elesebath Sweetser, of Charlstown, Nov. 17 [27?], 1722.*

Samuel and Hannah Tufts, Apr. 14, 1757.* [Tufts, and Hannah Tufts. MR] [Tuffts, and Hannah Tuffts. CR1]

Samuel and Martha Upham of Malden, May 29, 1781, in Malden.*

Samuel Jr. of Charlestown, and Hannah Tufts, Dec. 3, 1795, in Cambridge.*

Samuel F. of Charlestown, and Martha A. McClure, int. Sept. 9, 1837.

Sarah and Stephen Wait of Malden, Jan. 1, 1761.* [Tufts, and Stephen Waite. MR] [Tuffts, and Stephen Wait. CR1]

Sarah and Asa Richardson of Billerica, May 23, 1781.*

Sally and Solomon Townsend of Boston, Apr. 5, 1810.*

Sarah and John Shed, Mar. 25, 1813.

Sally and John Wheeler, Dec. 29, 1813.

Sarah W. and William Ford of Marshfield, Jan. 2, 1843.

Seth and Sarah Kimball, int. Jan. 19, 1834. [m. Feb. 9. CR2]

Seth and Hephzibah [int. Hepzabah] Kimball, Jan. 5, 1837.

Simon and Abigail Smith of Charlestown, Oct. 28, 1725, in Charlestown.

Simon and Mrs. Lucy Dudley 3d, d. Col. William Dudley and Elizabeth, Feb. 23, 1749, in Roxbury.* PR4

Simon, Dr., and Elizabeth Hall, Oct. 5, 1769.* [Tufts, and Elisabeth Hall. MR] [Tuffts. CR1] [Elizabeth, second d. Stephen Esq. PR4]

Simon and Susanna Hickling Cox, Nov. 10, 1793.*

Susan and Samuel Morrill of Wilmington, int. Nov. 29, 1818.

Susan M. of Charlestown, and William A. Tufts of Charlestown, Feb. 24, 1842.*

Susannah and Jonathan Foster, Mar. 19, 1776.* [Susanna, Mar. 9. MR] [Susanna, Mar. 19. CR1]

Susanna and Ebenezer Richardson of Billerica, Apr. 29, 1783, in Billerica.*

Thomas and Mrs. Emme Phipps of Charlestown, Jan. 29, 1719, in Charlestown.*

Tryphena and William Henry, int. Mar. 16, 1817.

William and Katharine Wyman of Woburn, Feb. 28, 1732-3, in Woburn.*

William Jr. and Catharine Tufts, Jan. 10, 1749-50.* [Tufts, and Catharine Tufts. MR] [Tuffts, and Katherine Tuffts. CR1]

William and Mary Francis, Feb. 8, 1749-50.* [Tufts. MR] [Tuffts, and Mary Francis ["cousin to Sarah"[(Francis), w. Josiah Smith of Lexington], written in pencil]. CR1]

William 3d and Rebeccah Tufts, Feb. 15, 1753.* [William Jr. and Rebekah Tufts. MR] [Rebekah Tuffts. CR1]

William A. of Charlestown, and Abigail Tufts of Charlestown, Nov. 29, 1838, in Charlestown.* [Abigail Tufts, wid. Joel. CR1]

William A. of Charlestown, and Susan M. Tufts of Charlestown, Feb. 24, 1842.*

TURF (Tuffs, Tuffts, Tufts)

Peter and Deborah Laran of Charlestown, Apr. 21, 1708, in Reading.*


Caroline M. and John Russell, Nov. 9, 1841.

Cordelia and Atwood Litchfield [int. Jr.], Dec. 18, 1842.

Elisha B., 24, carpenter, s. Calvin and Rhoda, and Susan R. Hall, 20, d. William and Rebecca, Oct. 17, 1847.

Eliza, and William G. Pierce, of Boston, abt. Oct. 13, 1833 [int. Sept. 8].

Hannah and Benjamin Tufts Jr., May 17, 1796.*

John Henry, 22, shipwright, s. Luther and Lucy, and Sarah Ann Thomas, d. William and Elizabeth, –––––– [rec. Feb. 27, 1846] [int. Jan. 17, 1846].

Luther and Elizabeth Todd, Mar. 31, 1840. [Elizebeth. CR2]

Mary and Stephen Prentice, Dec. 8, 1768.*

Mary R. of Scituate, and Galen C. James, int. Apr. 27, 1817.

Mehitable and William Peak, Mar. 31, 1830.

Melzer [dup. Milzer] S. of Duxbury, and Sarah H. Turner, July 12, 1829. [Melzar. CR1]

Rhoda B. and Benjamin F. Delano, Nov. 30, 1843.

Samuel and Priscilla Polly, ––– ––, 1728.* CR1

Sarah and Joseph Tufts Jr., Feb. 9, 1792.*

Sarah H. and Melzer [dup. Milzer] S. Turner of Duxbury, July 12, 1829. [Melzar. CR1]

Sally and James T. Floyd Jr., May 1, 1833.

Sylvia Samson and John Sparrell, May 14, 1820 [prob. in Scituate].* PR33

Watts and Hannah Tufts, May 14, 1772.* [Tufts, May 14. MR; Tuffts, May 13. CR1]

Watts, and Ruhamah Brooks, Sept. 30, 1789, in Woburn.*

William and Mary Bucknam, Nov. 10, 1767.*

William C. and Sarah M. Tilden of Scituate, int. Sept. 11, 1847.


Joseph and Eunice Mathews, Sept. 11, 1796.*


Mary and Noah Hawley, May 25, 1785.*

Rebecca of Woburn, and Aaron Teel, Apr. 11, 1786, in Woburn.*


Mary and Charles Pelham, Feb. 6, 1766.*

TYSACH (Tisick, Tyzick)

Lucy [int. Tysack] and Luke Rotch, Dec. 26, 1825.

TYZICK (Tisick, Tysach)

Joseph and Isabel Winship, Sept. 20, 1784.*

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