SAMPSON (Samson)

Albert Augustus, s.Benjamin H., shipbuilder (b. Pembroke), and Harriet N. (Northey), Dec.7,1840. [afterwards clerk, s.Benjamin Hopkins and Harriet Newell (Northey).PR45]

Angeline A., d.Eden, caulker, and Mary, Feb.14,1847.

Benjamin H.,末蔓末,1816.GR2

Charles Melville R., s.Charles, shipwright, and Delia Ann, Aug.5,1843.

Charlotte, d.Miles and Charlotte P., Aug.16,1825.

Eden, s.Miles and Charlotte P., May25,1819.

Edward, s.Isaiah H., shipwright, and Eliza, May24,1846.

Elizabeth S., d.Miles and Charlotte P., Aug.7,1821.

Emma W., d.Daniel T., shipwright, and Jane W., Sept.27,1849.

Udora Adelaide, d.James P., caulker, and Lucy, July30,1849.

Francis Wayland, s.Francis and Eunice, Dec.15,1848.

Henry C., s.Miles and Charlotte P., Oct.5,1823.

Henry C., s.Miles and Charlotte P., July21,1827.

Henry C., s.Miles and Charlotte P., Sept.21,1829.

Henry Alonzo, s.Thomas and Betsey, Mar.26,1841.

Herbert F., s.Judah, caulker, and Deborah, Mar.末,1848.


John Hancock, s.Benjamin H. and Harriet N. [Apr.末,1843].GR2

Mary, d.Miles and Charlotte P., Sept.2,1831.

Mary Elizabeth, d.Benjamin Hopkins, shipbuilder, [dup. ship carpenter] (b. Marshfield), and Harriet Newell (Northey) (b. Scituate), Feb.16,1845.

Mary Ann, d.Eden, caulker, and Mary A., June3,1845.

Melissa F., d.John, ship carpenter, and Melissa, Oct.9,1844.

Miles, s.Miles and Charlotte P., Oct.29,1817.

Sarah, d.Miles and Charlotte P., June1,1816.

Sarah Jane, d.Daniel T., shipwright, and Jane W., May25,1847.

Sarah D., d.Benjamin H., ship carpenter, and Harriet N., Sept.3,1847.

Sidney W., s.Judah M., caulker, and Deborah R., Aug.19,1845.


Theodore, s.Theodore, trader, and Hannah, Apr.20,1845.

Virginia May, d.John H. and Eliza [May末,1843].GR2

SANDERS (Saunders)

Mary Augusta, d.Thomas, blacksmith, and Mary, June14,1849.

Warren, s.Thomas, blacksmith, and Mary, Feb.23,1847.


Hannah, d.Joseph and Hannah, June28,1718. [bp. June19 [sic].CR1]

Joseph, s.Joseph (Sargent) and Hannah, July6,1716.


Joseph Nowell, s.Susanna, bp. May10,1812.CR1

Zacheus Wyman, s.Susanna, bp. May10,1812.CR1

SAVEL (Sables, Savels)

末末, ch.Thomas and w.,末蔓末,1798.PR42

末末, ch.Thomas and w.,末蔓末,1800.PR42

末末, ch.Thomas and w., Sept.17,1805.PR42

Benjamin, s.Thomas, bp. Feb.9,1777.CR1

Dolly Francis, d.Thomas Jr., bp. Dec.7,1800.CR1

Betsey, d.Thomas and Meriam, Dec.20,1784.

Elizabeth Jane, d.Thomas, bp. Sept.9,1810.CR1 [b. Aug.28.PR42]

George Grant, inf s.John and Sarah, bp. June26,1842.CR2

John Francis, s.Thomas, bp. Jan.17,1808.CR1 [b. [after July8] 1807.PR42]

Lucy, d.Thomas, bp. Sept.1,1782.CR1

Lucy Kendall, d.Thomas, bp. June3,1821.CR1

Margaret, d.Joseph and Martha, Feb.18,1758. [Saval.CR1]

Margaret C., d.John, house wright and Sarah M., Dec.28,1845. [Margarett Cheever, d.John and Sarah G.CR2]

Martha, inf.Thomas, bp. Apr.9,1819.CR1

Mary Elizabeth, d.John, shipwright, and Sarah W., May15,1848.

Mary Elizabeth, ch.John and Sarah M., bp. Oct.21,1849.CR3

Meriam, d.Lt. Thomas and Meriam, Apr.19,1787.

Thomas, s.Thomas, bp. Feb.19,1775.CR1

Thomas, s.Thomas, bp. May2,1802.CR1 [b. Apr.末.PR42]

Thomas, s.Thomas, bp. Sept.18,1803.CR1

SAWTELL (Sortell)

Annis, d.John, Mar.11,1828.

Eliza Ann, d.Zachariah and Eliza Ann, Apr.10,1836.

Eliza Ann, ch.Z. and w., bp. Nov.1,1840.CR2

Howard M., s.Zachariah and Eliza Ann, June1,1833.

Howard Malcom, ch.Z. and w., bp. Nov.1,1840.CR2

Isaiah, s.Zachariah and Eliza Ann, Nov.16,1840. [Sortell, s.Zacheriah.CR2]

William Stevens, s.Zachariah and Eliza Ann, May20,1830.

William Stevens, ch.Z. and w., bp. Nov.1,1840.CR2

Zachariah, s.Zachariah and Eliza Ann, Oct.1,1831.

Zachariah, ch.Z. and w., bp. Nov.1,1840.CR2


末末, ch.Justin and w., Dec.6,1803.PR42

Abner A., s.Abner J. and Sophia P. [Feb.末,1849].GR2

Albert, s.Nathan and Lydia, Aug.9,1827.

Almira, d.Abner J. and Sophia P., Mar.17,1842.

Aurelia Cenoretha, d.Nathan and w., Nov.4,1831.

Dexter, s.Jeremiah, shipwright, and Sarah, Jan.2,1847.

Franklin Cram, s.Abner J., shipwright, and Sophia P., Nov.20,1848.

George, s.Abner J. and Sophia P., Mar.14,1840 in Porland, ME.

Helen Louisa, inf.d.George and Susan E., bp. June6,1847.CR2

Mary A., d.Abner, shipwright, and Sophia, Nov.17,1846.

Mellen L., s.George, farmer, and Susan, Jan.2,1847.

Susan F., d.George, farmer, and Susan, May18,1845. [Susan Frances, d.George and Susan E.CR2]

William, s.Abner J., shipwright, and Sophia, Apr.6,1844.


末末, s.John, hatter, and Caroline Leman D., Apr.14,1844.

末末, d.John C., sash maker, and Caroline, Jan.14,1848.


末末, d.Durkee, housewright, and Harriet, Apr.23,1848.

SCOLLEY (Scolly)

Bethiah, d.Samuell and Hannah, Dec.30,1744.

Mary, d.Benjamin and Susanna, Nov.18,1735.

Rebeckah, d.Benjamin and Susanna, Oct.16,1733.

Susanna, d.Benjamin and Susanna, Mar.7,1732.


John, s.Mr. Scott "an Englishman," bp. Nov.21,1831.CR1

Waldo, twin s.Frederic, labourer, and Mary, Dec.25,1845.

Walter, twin s.Frederic, labourer, and Mary, Dec.25,1845.

SECCOMB (Secomb, Soccomb)

Anne, d.Richard and Anne, Sept.17,1712.

Dorithy, d.Richard (Soccombe) and Anne, Jan.24,1715.

John, s.Peter and Hannah, July3,1706. [July4.GR1]

John, s.Peter and Hannah, Apr.25,1708.

Thomas, s.Peter and Hanah, Aug.16,1711.


George Francis, s.Alfred B., hatter, and Nancy Ann, Sept.24,1843.

Harriet Lincoln, d.Benjamin F. and Sarah (Lincoln), w.末末 Conant, Dec.2,1836, in Milford, NH.CR4

Margaret, d.Leonard, cabinet maker, and Elizabeth, Feb.21,1847.

SHED (Shedd)

末末, ch.Francis and w., June18,1812.PR42

Nabby, d.Zacharias and Lydia (Spring), Sept.15,1778.PR19

Abigail Mary, d.thomas and Abigail, Nov.22,1809.

Caroline D., d.Francis and Lydia, May22,1801, in Cambridge.

Edward Dickson, ch.John, bp. Dec.13,1818.CR1

Eliza B., d.Francis and Lydia, July22,1813. [July21.PR42]

Emily Ann, d.Francis and Lydia, Sept.11,1803, in Cambridge.

Francis,末蔓末,1773.GR2 [s.Zacharias and Lydia (Spring), July末,1772.PR19]

Francis Jr., s.Francis and Lydia, Nov.20,1805.

Hannah, d.Zacharias and Lydia (Spring), June2,1789.PR19

Hannah Hammond, d.Zechariah, bp. Dec.2,1798.CR1

Hepsy, d.Zacharias and Lydia (Spring), 末蔓6,1780.PR19

Jefferson, s.Francis Jr., laborer, and Mary Ann, July1,1843.

John, s.Zacharias and Lydia (Spring), Apr.11,17末.PR19

John Spring, s.Zachariah, bp. Sept.7,1800.CR1

John, s.John, bp. June4,1814.CR1

John Franklin, s.Francis and Mary Ann Jr., Oct.11,1833.

Judith S., d.Francis and Lydia, Sept.16,1798, in Cambridge.

Keziah, d.Zacharias and Lydia (Spring), 末蔓27,1774.PR19

Laura M., d.Francis and Mary A., Feb.25,1837.

Lucy, d.Zacharias and Lydia (Spring), 末蔓21,1776.PR19

Lucy Ann, d.Francis Jr., laborer, and Mary Ann, Dec.17,1847.

Luther Augustus, s.Francis and Mary Ann Jr., June11,1830.

Lydia, d.Zacharias and Lydia (Spring), Apr.16,1767.PR19

Lydia, s.[sic] Francis and Lydia, Nov.20,1807.

Lydia M., d.Francis, labourer, and Mary, Aug.23,1845.

Marshall, s.Zacharias and Lydia (Spring), Aug.9, 末末.PR19

Polly Bordman, d.Zacharias and Lydia (Spring), Sept.10, 末末.PR19

Mary Jane, d.Francis and Mary Ann Jr., Sept.3,1831.

Matilda O., d.Francis and Lydia, Oct.17,1816.

Matilda Malvina, d.Francis and Mary Ann Jr., Jan.22,11835.

Samuel, ch.John, bp. Apr.28,1816.CR1

Sarah, d.Zachariah and Lydia (Spring), Oct.24,1770.PR19

Sally Rhoades, d.Thomas and Abigail, Dec.8,1811. [Dec.9.PR42]

Sylvanus, s.Francis Jr. and Mary A., Sept.1,1840.

Thomas, s.Zacharias and Lydia (Spring), Feb.7,17末.PR19

William Barrett, s.Thomas and Abigail, Oct.24,1813.

Zazcharias, Feb.7,1[746?].PR19

Zacharias, s.Zacharias and Lydia (Spring), Nov.2,1768.PR19

Zachariah, s.Francis and Lydia, Mar.19,1810. [Shed.PR42]

SHEPARD (Shephard, Shepherd, Sheppard)

Benjamin Adams, S. Royal, cordwainer, and Elizabeth, Aug.1,11849.

Charles Henry, s.Royal and Elizabeth, Apr.8,1846.

Charlotte Martha, d.Royal, cordwainer, and Elizabeth, Oct.23,1847.

Jacob, s.Jacob and Mercy, Aug.22,1700.

John Edwin, s.Royal [dup. Royall], shoemaker, and Elizabeth, Aug.17,1844.

Royal Francis, s.Royal and Elizabeth, May8,1842.

Susan E., d.Royal and Elizabeth, June11,1843.


Abbott, s.William and Maritta, Apr.20,1839.

Arthur William, s.William and Maritta, Dec.13,1834.

Barker Baker, s.Japhet, shipwright, and Sarah, Mar.21,1848.

Calvin Fletcher, s.Calvin, shipwright, and w., July6,1848.

Henrietta F., d.William and Maritta, Aug.30,1843.

Henrietta Francena, d.William, shipwright, and Martha, Sept.29,1844.

Marshall A., s.William and Maritta, May17,1836.

Mary Elizabeth, d.William and Maritta, Feb.6,1841.

Mary A., d.Benjamin, shipwright, and Mary, Jan.29,1846.

Thomas B., s.William and Maritta, June7,1847.

Walter Scott, s.William and Maritta, Aug.8,1849.


末末, ch.John H., jeweller, and Elizabeth, Dec.26,1849.

Francis Frederick, s.John H. and Elizabeth, Jan.26,1849.

SIMONDS (Symmonds, Symonds)

末末, ch.Joshua and Rebecca, Oct.末,1768.

末末, ch.Joshua Jr. and w., Aug.30,1787.PR42

末末, ch.Joshua Jr. and w., Aug.31,1788.PR42

末末, s.Daniel and Sarah, Jan.末,1792. [Simonds, Jan.24.PR42]

末末, ch.Daniel and w., Sept.21,1794.PR42

末末, ch.Ebenezer and w.,末蔓末 [rec. bet. June1796 and Jan.1797].PR42

末末, ch.Daniel and w.,末蔓末,1797.PR42

末末, ch.Ebenezer and w.,末蔓末,1799.PR42

末末, ch.Daniel and w., Feb.末,1800.PR42

末末, ch.Daniel and w., Sept.28,1802.PR42

末末, ch.Daniel and w., Mar.15,1805.PR42

Abigail, d.Joshua [Joshua Jr.CR1] and Abigail, Dec.5,1780.

Charles, s.Ebenezer, bp. Aug.16,1801.CR1

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer, bp. Mar.8,1795.CR1

Elizabeth, d.Jude and Elizabeth, May10 [?], 1773.

Elizabeth, twin ch.Ebenezer, bp. July8,1804.CR1 [b. June25.PR42]

Henry, s.Ebenezer, bp. Dec.31,1797.CR1

John, s.Ebenezer, bp. May3,1807.CR1 [b. Feb.8.PR42]

Joseph, s.Jude and Elizabeth, Aug.19,1774.

Joshua, s.Joshua and Rebeccah, Nov.26,1747.

Joshua, s.Joshua and Rebeccah, Mar.18,1758.

Mary, d.Joshua and Rebeccah, Aug.3,1760.

Mary Hamlet, d.Joshua Jr., bp. Oct.31,1784.CR1

Nathaniel, s.末末, bp. May25,1746.CR1

Olivia Hannah, d.Monteville, farmer, and Olivia Cornelia of Boston, June5,1843 [1844, written in pencil].

Pamelia, d.Joshua Jr., bp. Sept.14,1788.CR1

Rebeccah, d.Joshua and Rebeccah, July8,1752.

Rebeca, d.Joshua, bp. Aug.4,1754.CR1

William, s.Joshua and Rebeccah, Mar.16,1749-50.

William, s.Joshua, bp. Aug.4,1754.CR1

William Tufts, s.Joshua Jr. and Abigail, bp. Sept.22,1782.CR1

William, s.Joshua Jr., bp. July15,1792.CR1 [b. July11.PR42]

William, twin ch.Ebenezer, bp. July8,1804.CR1 [b. June25.PR42]


Abraham, s.John, bp. Oct.23,1748.CR1

Dorothy, d.Abram and Dorothy, bp. Mar.21,1742.CR1

John, s.John. bp. Dec.30,1744.CR1

Joseph, s.John, bp. May5,1751.CR1

Martha, d.John, bp. Feb.1,1746-7.CR1


末末, ch.Jonathan and w., Oct.末,1808.PR42

Abigail, mother of Simon Tufts, Jan.末,1701.PR42

Anna Y., d.George T. and Ellen W., Mar.15,1841. [Anna Young.CR1]

Arlenia T., d.George C., labourer, and Julia, Mar.1,1847.

Caroline, d.Horatio A. and Elizabeth, Nov.12,1840.

Caroline, ch.Horatio A. and Elizabeth, bp. Apr.20,1846.CR1

Charles A., s.Horatio A. and Elizabeth, Mar.16,1836.

Edwin Masters, s.Edwid [sic] of Schaticoke, NY, bp. Aug.19,1838.CR1

Elizabeth E., d.Horatio A. and Elizabeth, Sept.3,1831.

Elizabeth Ellen, ch.Horatio A. and Elizabeth, bp. Apr.20,1846.CR1

Ellen M., d.Rufus C. and Lydia S. [Mar.末,1840].GR2

Evelyn, d.Horatio A., farmer, and Elizabeth, Dec.14,1845. [Everlyn.CR1]

Francis A., s.Horatio A. and Elizabeth, Oct.20,1829.

Frank [dup. Frances] B., s.[dup. d.] George T. and Ellen W. of Hallowell, ME, Apr.5,1844 [1843, written in pencil] [dup. 1843]. [Frank Bacon, afterwards seaman, s.George Thomas and Ellen Wild (Nye), 1843.PR45]

Francis Augustus, ch.Horatio A. and Elizabeth, bp. Apr.20,1846.CR1

George T., s.George T., sailor, and Ellen W., Apr.26,1847.

Horatio A. Jr., s.Horatio A. and Elizabeth, Dec.3,1833.

Horatio Austin, ch.Horatio A. and Elizabeth, bp. Apr.20,1846.CR1

Isabella, d.Horatio A., farmer, and Elizabeth, Sept.22,1843.

Isabell, ch.Horatio A. and Elizabeth, bp. Apr.20,1846.CR1

James M., s.Barrett, labourer, and Sarah, Mar.29,1846.

Judith, w.Philipps Rogers,末蔓末,1790.GR2

Lydia Moriah, w.John Albert Symmes, Feb.3,1817.PR27

Mary B., d.Horatio A. and Elizabeth, Nov.20,1838.

Mary Brooks, ch.Horatio A. and Elizabeth, bp. Apr.20,1846.CR1

Octavius, s.Lydia, wid., Mar.1,1820.

Rhoda, d.John. bp. Jan.14,1776.CR1

Sally Pierpoint, d.John, bp. Jan.3,1779.CR1

Sarah Sophia, d.Barrett, laborer, and Sarah Sophia, June4,1843.

Susan, d.Elijah and Lydia (Stearns), w.Nathan Williams Wait, Sept.25,1805, in Lexington.PR35

Washington Irving, s.Rufus, laborer, and Lydia, Dec.16,1843.

William, s.Jacob, bp. Jan.16,1803.CR1


Joseph, s.Joseph and Mary, June4,1747.

Mary, d.Joseph and Mary, July17,1749.

Moses, s.Joseph and Mary, Oct.19,1751.


Ann M., d.Hiram, ship carpenter, and Ann M., Apr.22,1845.

George Hiram, s.Hiram and Ann Maria, Aug.19,1841.

Gertrude, d.Hiram, carpenter, and Maria, Oct.末,1847.

William Barnes, s.Hiram and Maria, Mar.19,1839.


Anjelina, d.John and Sylvia S., June7,1825. [Angelina, ch.John and Sylvia Samson (Turner).PR33]

Angeline Moria, ch.John and Sylvia Samson (Turner), Apr.5,1839.PR33

Elbridge Kirkwood, s.John and Sylvia S., Oct.4,1832. [Eldridge Kirkwood, ch.John and Sylvia Samson (Turner).PR33]

Emeline Augusta, d.John and Sylvia S. [Slyvia Samson (Turner).PR33]. Feb.7,1830.

Herbert Everett, s.John and Sylvia S. [Sylvia Samson (Turner).PR33], Oct.11,1833.

John Jr., s.John and Sylvia S. [Sylvia Samson (Turner).PR33], Mar.20,1827.

John Henry, s.John and Sylvia S. [Sylvia Samson (Turneer).PR33], Sept.26,1828.

Maria Josephine, ch.John and Sylvia Samson (Turner), June14,1835.PR33

Sarah Elizabeth, d.John and Sylvia S. [Sylvia Samson (Turner).PR33], Dec.18,1822.

Sylvia Turner, ch.John and Sylvia Samson (Turner), Sept.8,1821, in Scituate.PR33


Abial, d.Richard and Abial, Feb.23,1726-7.

Abihal, d.Richard and Abihail, Oct.13,1728.

Bunker, s.Bunker, bp. Aug.4,1728.CR1

Chastina, d.Isaac and Rebecca, July13,1828 [dup. 1829]. [Chastina Adelia, 1828.PR9]

Dorothy, d.Jonathan and Tabitha, Feb.12,1769.

Ebenezer, s.Richard and Abihail, June12,1735.

Edgar Francis, ch.Peleg and Sarah Houghton (Wyman), Apr.14,1849, in Plymouth.CR4

Edwin Danford [Edwin S. dup.], ch.[s.dup.] Danford [Danforth.dup.], carpenter, and Sarah Abby, July11 [July20. dup.], 1843.

Elenor Gowen, d.Isaac and Rebecca, Jan.24,1817. [Eleanor Gowen.PR9]

Elizabeth, d.Jonathan and Tabitha, Sept.26,1770

Ismorilda, d.Isaac and Rebecca, Oct.7,1832. [Esmorilda.PR9]

Garrafilia Mohaby, d.Isaac and Rebecca, Mar.25,1830 [Garafilia Mohalby.PR9]

Huldah, d.Richard and Abihail, Jan.18,1737-8.

Isaac,末蔓末,1782.GR2 [Mar.20,1782.PR9]

Isaac, ch.Isaac and Rebecca, Apr.14,1819.PR9

James, s.Richard and Abihail, Aug.8,1725.

James, s.Richard, bp. Oct.28,1733.CR1

John, ch.Jonathan, bp. Jan.11,1773.CR1

Jonathan, ch.Jonathan, bp. Sept.9,1764.CR1

Joseph, s.Richard and Abihail, July13,1739.

Lucy, d.Jonathan and w., July5,1767.

Lucy, d.Isaac and Rebecca, July3,1814. [Lucy Amelia.PR9]

Mary, d.Bunker and Martha, Jan.12,1725-6.

Mary, d.Richard, bp. July11,1731.CR1

Mary, d.Jonathan and Tabitha, Apr.19,1765.

Rebecca [dup. adds C.], d.Isaas [dup. Isaac] [Isaac.PR19] and Rebecca, May29,1826. [dup. 1827].

Richard, s.Richard and Abihail, Sept.23,1723.

Richard, s.Richard, bp. Apr.12,1725.CR1

Samuel, s.Bunker and Martha, Sept.2,1724.

Stephen, s.Richard and Abihail, Feb.25,1740-1.

William, s.Jonathan and Tabitha, Aug.17,1763.

William, ch.Jonathan, bp. Sept.9,1764.CR1

William Cutter, s.Isaac and Rebecca, June13,1823.

William E., s.Isaac and Rebecca, June13,1824.

William Henry, s.William B. and Hannah, Apr.3,1841.

Wallistine Benton, d.William C., shipwright, and w., Aug.17,1848.


Lydia [w.Zacharias Shed], June11,1748.PR19


John S. [Sept.末,1810].GR2


Charles Henry, s.Charles, bp. Sept.2,1832.CR1


Elizabeth, ch.Luther, bp. Nov.15,1807.CR1

Francis P., s.George L., merchant, and Mary E., Jan.4,1846.

George Luther, s.Luther, bp. June4,1809.CR1

George L. [Stearns, written over Stevens erased], s.George L., merchant, and Mary, Nov.29,1844.

Henry Lawrence, ch.Luther, bp. Oct.11,1812.CR1


Abby Maria, d.David, bp. Dec.10,1836.CR2


Hanah, d.William and Martha, Nov.19,1721.


末末, d.Rev. Caleb and Julia, July30,1847.

Abby Dwight, d.Jotham and Harriet, July23,1837.

Abbey, d.Rev. Caleb and Julia, Sept.11,1844.

Almira Gray, s.Rev. [dup. omits Rev.] Caleb and Julia A. [dup. Ann], Nov.4,1840.

Elisha Jr., s.Elisha and Phebe, Jan.7,1835.

Ellen Winslow, d.Rev. Caleb, bp. May末,1848.CR1

Udora d.Elisha and Phebe R. [dup. omits R.], Oct.30,1832.

Florance Warner, d.Jotham and w., bp. May17,1840.CR2

Frank, s.John, ship carpenter, and Eliza, Aug.21,1844. [Frank Lloyd, s.Dea.John and Eliza (Wellman).CR2]

Frederic Dudley, s.Rev. Caleb and Julia Ann, July6,1828.

George William, s.William, shipwright, and Elizabeth M., July21,1848.

Harriet Richmond, d.Jotham and Harriet, May14 [dup. May18], 1825.

Helen Amelia, ch.John and Eliza A., bp. Aug.29,1847.CR3

James Henry, s.John and Eliza [Eliza W.CR2], July12,1842.

Julia, d.[dup. adds Rev.] Caleb and Julia Ann [dup. omits Ann], Apr.1,1834.

Lucinda Maria, d.John and Eliza [Caroline W.CR2], Mar.10,1841.

Martha Milton, [dup. omits Milton], d.Jotham and Harriet, Apr.17,1828.

Mary Whittemore, d.Elisha and Phebe, Feb.2,1827.

Osgood, s.Rev. Caleb and Julia, Oct.5,1837.

Phebe Wait, w.Pyam Cushing, Jan.18,1825.PR41

Thomas Merriam, s.Rev. Caleb and Julia Ann, June15,1830.


Sarah Amanda, d.Samuel and Hannah, Oct.18,1842.


Everett Turner, s.David and Lydia T., bp. June8,1840.CR2


Lois B., d.Edward B.H., printer, and Tabitha B. of Boston, Sept.10,1847.


Rufus Barrus, s.William, Oct.1,1824.CR1


Mary, d.Samuel and Mary, Jan.10,1763.


末末, ch.James and w., July末,1808.PR42

末末, ch.Salmon and w.,末蔓末,1814.PR42

Abigail Tufts, d.Seth, bp. Oct.22,1780.CR1

Charles, s.Salmon, bp. Nov.21,1813.CR1

Charlotte, d.James and Sally, Apr.3,1805.

Elmer, s.Salmon, bp. Nov.21,1813.CR1

George William, s.William B. and Sally S., July30,1835.

James R., s.James and Sally, Jan.3,1807.

Marshall S., s.James and Sally, June20,1814.

Marshall Spring, ch.James and S.C., bp. Oct.17,1824.CR1

Polly, d.Seth and Mary, bp. Feb.28,1779.CR1

Ruhamah Turner [written in pencil], s.[written in pencil] James and Sally, Mar.7,1812.

Rhuhammah Turner, ch.James and Sally C., bp. Oct.17,1824.CR1

Salmon, s.Salmon, bp. June14,1807.CR1

Sarah Amelia, d.William B., house wright, and Sarah, Jan.7,1844.

Susanna, d.Seth, bp. May18,1783.CR1

Susanna, d.Salmon, bp. Dec.6,1807.CR1

William B., s.James and Sally, Apr.28,1810.

William Brooks, ch.James and S.C., bp. Oct.17,1824.CR1


Benjamin, twin s.Benjamin and Ruth, Jan.9,1747-8.

Elizabeth, twin d.Benjamin and Ruth, Jan.9,1747-8.

STOWELL (Stowel)

末末, ch.Mr. Stowell and w., (d.Capt. J. Symmes), Jan.4,1815.PR42

Abel, ch.Abel, bp. Sept.6,1828.CR1

Abby Maria, ch.Abel, bp. Sept.6,1828.CR1

Alexander, ch.Abel, bp. Sept.6,1828.CR1

Caroline, ch.Abel, bp. Sept.6,1828.CR1

Eliza, ch.Abel, bp. Sept.6,1828.CR1

Emily, ch.Abel, bp. Sept.6,1828.CR1

John Symmes, ch.Abel, bp. Sept.6,1828.CR1

Lephe, w.Marshall Symmes, Mar.25,1791.PR26


James, s.Patrick, laborer, and Elizabeth of Old Cambridge, Nov.25,1844.


Ann Rose, d.Joseph and Ann Rose, Sept.14,1821.

Benjamin Lincoln, s.Samuel Jr., bp. Sept.13,1813.CR1

George, s.Joseph and Ann Rose, Dec.2,1823.

Hannah Lamson, ch.Samuel, bp. Dec.2,1821.CR1

James Gilchrist, ch.Samuel Jr., bp. Aug.16,1818.CR1

Jane Webb, d.Joseph and Ann Rose, Dec.7,1825. [Jane Webbe.CR1]

John, s.John, shoemaker, and Sarah Jane of W. Cambridge, Feb.5,1844.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Ann Rose, June7,1818.

Margeret, d.Samuel Jr., bp. Aug.1,1819.CR1

Samuel, s.Samuel Jr. and Peggy, Dec.1,1809.

Samuel, s.Samuel Jr., bp. Dec.2,1810.CR1

Samuel, s.Samual, bp. Sept.10,1815.CR1 [ch.Capt. Samuel, b. July5.PR42]

Timothy, s.Joseph and Ann Rose, July4,1829.

William Tufts, s.Samuel Jr. and Peggy, Oct.11,1811. [ch.Capt. Samuel.PR42]

William Rose, s.Joseph and Ann Rose, Nov.22,1819.


Sarah, d.Henry, bp. Feb.11,1776.CR1


Hannah N., d.Samuel N., ship joiner, and Hannah, Jan.31,1848.

Helena Elizabeth, d.Samuel N. and Hannah H., Sept.1,1841.

James Luther, s.S.N. and Hannah H., Mar.20,1835.

Sarah F.T., d.Samuel P. and Hannah, Oct.16,1837.

SYMMES (Symes, Symms, Symnes, Symns, Syms)

末末, ch.Zachariah, bp. May24,1761.CR1

末末, ch.John and w., July30,1789.PR42

末末, ch.John and w., Aug.14,1791.PR42

末末, ch.John and w., Aug.末,1795.PR42

末末, ch.John and w.,末蔓末,1798.PR42

末末, ch.Timothy and w.,末蔓末,1799.PR42

末末, ch.Zachariah and w., May11,1805.PR42

末末, ch.Timothy and w., Dec.20,1812.PR42

Abigail, d.John and Abigail, Mar.15,1760.

Nabby, ch.John, bp. Aug.4,1793.CR1

Abby S., d.M., blacksmith, and Abby, Apr.26,1847.

Alexander Stowell [dup. omits Stowell], s.Marshall and Lephe, Dec.13,1823. [Alaxander Stowell.PR26]

Alexander Stowell, ch.Marshall, bp. Sept.6,1828.CR1

Alfred, ch.Daniel, bp. June21,1818.CR1

Amelia Maria, d.John A. and Lydia Maria, Mar.24,1841. [d.John Albert.CR1] [d.John Albert and Lydia Moria (Smith).PR27]

Benjamin, s.Zechariah, bp. June1,1783.CR1

Catherine Noel, d.Charles Cary, Dec.24 [dup. Dec.25], 1846.PR42

Charles, s.John, bp. Apr.15,1798.CR1

Charles Cary, s.John [John Jr.CR1] and Pamelia, Nov.15,1814.

Charles Thomas, s.Marshall and Lephe, Mar.9,1832. [Charles T.L.CR1]

Charles Henry [dup. s.Charles Carey], Oct.31,1841.PR42

Daniel, s.Daniel, bp. Oct.2,1808.CR1

Ebenezer, s.John, bp. Aug.25,1793.CR1 [b. Aug.17.PR42]

Edmund, s.John, bp. Aug.23,1795.CR1

Edmond, s.Edmond, Mar.2,1822.

Edmund Augustus, ch.Edmund and Elizabeth, bp. Nov.7,1824.CR1

Edward, s.Daniel, bp. Feb.11,1821.CR1

Edward Marshall, s.Alfred, cabinet maker, and Almira, July11,1845, in Boston.

Edward C., s.Charles of Canada, bp. Sept.4,1845.CR1 [Edward Cary [dup. Edward Carey, s.Charles C.], b. Oct.末,1844.PR42]

Betsey, ch.John, bp. Aug.4,1793.CR1

Elizabeth Ann, d.Thomas, bp. Oct.2,1808.CR1 [b. Aug.6.PR42]

Elizabeth Relief, d.Marshall and Lephe, Sept.28,1820.

Elizabeth Ann, ch.Edmund and Elizabeth, bp. Nov.7,1824.CR1

Ellen Louisa, d.Marshall and Lephe, May16,1828.

Fanny, ch.Benjamin, dec., and Rispah, bp. Aug.6,1815.CR1

Frances F., d.Marshall, blacksmith, and Abby, Apr.28,1848.

George Washington, s.Daniel, bp. Sept.30,1810.CR1 [b. Sept.23.PR42]

George Washington, s.Daniel, bp. Oct.22,1815.CR1

Harriet Stowell, d.Marshall and Lephe, Nov.15,1821.

Harriet Stowell, ch.Marshall, bp. Sept.6,1828.CR1

Henry R., s.John and Pamelia, Apr.13,1818. [Henry Richardson, ch.John Jr.CR1]

Henry Charles [dup. s.Henry R.], Apr.15,1843.PR42

Hepsibah (Lymmes), d.Daniel, bp. Nov.23,1806.CR1 [b. Nov.21.PR42]

Hepzebeh Walton, ch.Daniel, bp. Jan.17,1813.CR1

John, s.John and Abigail, Aug.16,1755.

John, s.Zechariah and Rebecca, bp. Oct.29,1780.CR1

John, s.John and Elizabeth, Jan.27,1781.

John, ch.John, bp. Aug.4,1793.CR1

John Albert, s.John 3d, bp. Apr.7,1805.CR1 [ch.John and Pamelia (Richardson), b. Mar.30.PR24]

John Albert, s.John and Pamelia, Nov.3,1812.

John Albert, s.Henry, May末,1845.PR24

Josiah, s.John and Abigail, Sept.1,1757.


Judith, d.Zeckariah, bp. Feb.19,1749.CR1

Lorenzo, s.Edmund, bp. Oct.13,1826.CR1

Luther R. [dup. omits R.], s.John and Pamelia, Mar.21,1822. [Luther Richard, s.Dea.John.CR1] [Luther Richardson.PR24]

Lydia Maria, d.Edmund, bp. June6,1831.CR1

Marshall, h.Lephe (Stowell), July30,1789.PR26

Marshal, ch.John, bp. Aug.4,1793.CR1

Marshall, s.Marshall and Lephe, Oct.27,1818.

Marshall, ch.Marshall, bp. Sept.6,1828.CR1

Martha, d.Timothy, bp. Oct.22,1809.CR1 [b. Sept.30.PR42]

Martha Saunders, ch.Benjamin, dec., and Rispah, bp. Aug.6,1815.CR1

Mary W., d.John and Pamelia, Oct.26,1809. [Mary Wright, d.John Jr.CR1]

Mary Stickney, ch.Benjamnin, dec., and Rispah, bp. Aug.6,1815.CR1

Mary J., d.George W., blacksmith, and Susan, Dec.29,1844.

Mary Elizabeth, d.Henry R.,末蔓末,1848.PR24

Mehetable, d.Zechariah and Rebecca, bp. Apr.19,1778.CR1

Pamelia, d.John [John Jr.CR1] and Pamelia, Feb.3,1807.

Philemon W. [dup. omits W.], s.Marshall and Lephe, Feb.12,1826. [Philemon Wright.PR26]

Philemon Wright, ch.Marshall, bp. Sept.6,1828.CR1

Rebecca, ch.Zechariah and Rebeca, bp. Feb.2,1777.CR1

Rispah, ch.Benjamin, dec., and Rispah, bp. Aug.6,1815.CR1

Ruth, d.Zeckeriah, bp. May5,1751.CR1

Ruth, d.Zeckariah, bp. Apr.13,1755.CR1

Samuel, s.Zachariah, bp. Oct.26,1746.CR1

Sarah Walton, d.Daniel, bp. May15,1803.CR1 [b. May8.PR42]

Sarah Walton, d.Daniel, bp. Feb.17,1805.CR1 [b. Feb.11.PR42]

Sally Jane, d.Thomas, bp. May3,1807.CR1 [b. Jan.19.PR42]

Sarah Walton, d.Alfred, cabinet maker, and Almira, Sept.13,1848.

Sophia, d.Daniel and w., Oct.10,1801.

Sophia, d.Daniel, bp. Nov.28,1802.CR1

Susan Abby, d.George W., blacksmith, and Susan, Jan.2,1848.

Theodore, s.Edmund, bp. May8,1836.CR1

Thomas, ch.John, bp. Aug.4,1793.CR1

Thomas Russell, s.Thomas, bp. June24,1810.CR1 [b. May5.PR42]

Thomas Russell, ch.Thomas, dec., bp. Apr.19,1812.CR1

Timothy, s.Timothy and Martha, Dec.23,1800.

Timothy, s.Timothy and Martha, bp. Dec.22,1805.CR1

William, s.Zechariah, bp. Sept.4,1757.CR1

William, ch.John, bp. Aug.4,1793.CR1

William Wyman, s.Timothy and Martha, Aug.24,1803.

William Wyman, s.Timothy, bp. Nov.2,1806.CR1 [b. Oct.27.PR42]

Zechariah, ch.Zechariah and Rebeca, bp. Feb.2,1777.CR1

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