John, and Mary Sharples, June1,1843.


Penuel B., and Harriet A. Tolman of Lincoln, int.Mar.2,1834.

EAMES (Ames)


Caroline H., of Dracut, and William M. Pride of Fitchburg, May26,1840.*


Alice (Erly), and Thomas Lawless, May8,1848.

Ellis, and Michael Kiagan, int.Oct.20,1833.

Marstin (Airly), and Mary Martin, int.Apr.6,1834.

Martin (Early) [widr., a.45y., laborer, s.Martin and Sarah.int.], and Margaret Fitzgerald [McCarty.CR5; wid., a.25y., d.Patrick and Ellen McCarty.int.], June30,1849.

EASTMAN (Easman)

Abigail D., and Joseph L. [N. int.] Robbins, Aug.18,1842.

Alvin R., and Sarah P. Leavitt, Feb.6,1842.

Amos C.T., of Corinth, VT, and Sarah Tamalger [Sarah Jane Alger. int.], June21,1835.

Caroline L., unm., d.William and Sarah, and George Bingham, unm., of Carlisle, farmer, s.Harris and Emily, Nov.27,1845.

Charles F., unm., a.25y., watchman, s.Ezekiel and Abigail, and Eleanor B. Hill, unm., a.18y., operative, d.Peter and Sarah, July18,1847.

Charles S., unm., a.28y., druggist, s.Isaac and Abigail, and Charlotte E. [A.CR1] Bedlow, unm., a.17y., d.Joseph and Ann, Feb.17,1848.

Daniel, see Eastman, David.

Darius, unm., a.20y., operative, s.Ezekiel and Abigail, and Mary [Mercy.int.] Whitney, unm., a.21y., operative, d.David and Betsey, Dec.9,1845.

David [Daniel. int.], unm., a.20y., operative, s.Ezekial and Abigail, and Eliza J. Nichols, unm., a.18y., d.Jacob and Sibbel, Sept.13,1848.

Dorothy A., and Soloman Woods, int.Sept.20,1835.

Edmund, and Lucy Ann Leavitt [Swett. int.], Oct.29,1839.

Emily, and Alanson E. Coon,末蔓末,1836. [May29. int.]

Ezekiel, jr., unm., a.22y., operative, s.Ezekiel and Abigail, and Livona C. Bean, unm., a.18y., operative, d.Samuel and Adaline, Dec.30,1847.

George H. [K. int.], and Susan F. Eaton, Oct.11,1837.

Hepzibah, and Samuel Abbot, Oct.6,1839.

Jeremiah, and Persis E. Hale, Nov.1,1837.

Josiah, and Susan Kimball, May8,1828.

Luther D., and Anstress L. Green, int.Dec.30,1832.

Lyman T., and Lydia A. Nichols, int.Feb.28,1841.

Mary G., and Abraham Evans, int.June24,1833.

Mary, and John W. Luscomb [Luscumb, both.int.], Aug.11,1833.

Mary J., and David R. Fuller, Feb.18,1836.

Mary C., and Andrew Walker, int.Oct.7,1838.

Mary J., wid., a.33y., d.Simon and Polly Fox, and Daniel Barry, unm., a.34y., wheelwright, s.John and Susan, Dec.3,1845.

Riley, and Hannah Sargent, int.Feb.26,1832.

Sarah J., and Archibald Bowen, bef. Apr.30,1830. [Aug.19,1829. int.]

Sally, and Thomas Goudy, int.Aug.26,1832.

Sarah C.A., and Jonathan Caldwell, May30,1833.

Sarah, and William D. Morrison, Dec.12,1837.

Stephen, and Abigail Trull, Oct.末,1834.*

Susan, d.Samuel Barnard of Amesbury and former w.Capt. Thomas Eastman of Salisbury, and Stephen Dickinson, b. Halifax, England, who came to Lowell 1827, then to Derry, NH, m.Feb.3,1829.

Walden B. (Easman), of Holderness, NH, and Sarah B. Loud of Boston, Aug.10,1842.*

William, and Rebecca Peobody, int.Apr.7,1833.


Andrew B., and Eliza Ann Hoyt, abt. 1831. [both, Mar.14,1831. int.]

Asahel G., and Phebe B. Smith, June17,1840.

Aurelia, and Isaac S. Davis, both of L, int.Mar.24,1844.

Charlotte, and William Farwell, Jan.8,1843.

Clarissa, and Thomas A. Bacon, int.Feb.16,1834.

Dorcas N., and William Hodge, Dec.14,1846.

Ebenezer, unm., a.29y., carpenter, s.Ebenezer and Apphia, of Maine, and Cynthia Miles, unm., a.30y., operative, d.Thomas and Hannah of Vermont, Aug.10,1844.

Elizabeth B., of Hopkinton, NH, and Phineas A. Nourse, int.Apr.1,1844.

Elizabeth, and Edson H. Hemmenway, int.June1,1847.

Forrest, and Shuah Blake of Exeter, NH, int.Dec.16,1838, [Dec.30. dup.]

Forrest, and Olive Blake of Exeter, NH, Aug.31,1840.

George William, unm., of Templeton, a.22y., railroad truck repairer, s.William and Ann, and Sarah s.Adams, unm., a.23y., d.Elijah and Amanda, Sept.12,1848.

Hannah, and Obediah Richardson, 3d., of Dracut, int.Dec.23,1832.

Harriet L., unm., a.20y., operative, d.Jonathan and Mary B., and Joshua D. Rollis, unm., 1. 22y., overseer, s.Moses and Susannah, Jan.28,1847.

Horace, and Betsey Carter of Peterborough, NH, int.July20,1844.

Ichabod, jr., of Hopkinton, NH, and Louisa M. Jones, Apr.1,1838.

Job S., and Laura Blossom, at Concord, Aug.25,1839.

John L., of Salisbury, NH, and Lovey Bickford, int.Mar.12,1837.

Jonathan, of Plymouth, NH, and Abigail D. Page, Nov.21,1836.

Julia A., unm., a.22y., operative, d.J. Meelead, and Isaac L. Hall, unm., a.23y., machinist, s.Isaac, Oct.8,1844.

Lovina R. [Yeaton. int.], and Ephraim McDaniels, Aug.14,1843.

Marshall, unm., a.26y., cordwainer, s.Benjamin and Hepzibath, and Nancy M. Phelps, unm., a.18y., d.John and Nancy, June25,1848.

Mary Ann S., and Lyman Haladay, Mar.3,1835.

Mary, and Samuel B. Wilson, certif. Nov.17,1837.

Mary S., and David C. Pitman of Bartlett, NH, int.Mar.8,1847.

Malinda A., of Wentworth, NH, and William H. Leavitt, int.Nov.12,1847.

Nathaniel [Nathan. dup.] J., and Mrs.May E. French, July4,1839.

Peter, and Charlotte Lovering, int.July30,1831.

Phebe A. [Rebecca D. int.], and Richard Eaton, Dec.6,1835.

Rebecca V., and John P. Meserve, Apr.17,1832.

Rebecca D., see Eaton, Phebe A.

Richard, and Phebe A. [Rebecca D. int.] Eaton, Dec.6,1835.

Ruth, of Bethlehem, NH, and Jesse Fowler of Dorchester, Nov.29,1838.

Sarah C., and Thomas Saunders, Oct.14,1841.

Sarah A., and Michael Martin, May2,1843.

Sarah B., unm., a.26y., d.Job and Sally, and True B. Sanborn, unm., a.25y., carpenter, s.Jewett and Judy, Nov.7,1846.

Sarah J., of Groton, and Benjamin g. Howes, int.Apr.7,1849.

Stephen J. [T. int.], and Hannah Rowe, Dec.3,1835.

Susan F., and George H. [K. int.] Eastman, Oct.11,1837.


Wilson, and Judith Robinson, Feb.25,1838.


Azubah, and Elijah Clough, int.Apr.4,1848.

Charlotte B., and Danville Cole, int.May24,1845.

Sarah, and William George of Danville, NH, Feb.14,1844.


John, and May Jane Hayden, Apr.27,1834.


Alice O., unm., a.21y., dressmaker, d.Jonathan, and Everett W. Leighton, unm., of New Durham, NH, farmer, Mar.17,1846.

Betsey B., of Somersworth, and Amos H. Hurd, certif. Oct.16,1836.

Emiline M., wid., a.20y., operative, d.John and Mary Hamilton, and John Parker, unm., [of Dracut. int.], a.28y., operative, s.John and Elizabeth, July4,1846.

Harriet N., and John D. Emerson, int.Dec.27,1840.

Samuel H., unm., of Manchester, NH, a.22y., machinist, s.Thomas and Abigail, and Mary Jane Sanborn, unm., a.21y., d.Reuben and Hannah, Feb.22,1846.

Temperance Ann, and John Nourse, certif. Dec.27,1834.

EDMANDS (Edmonds, Edmunds)

Crosby R., unm., a.21y., teamster, s.Gardner and Elsa, and Rachel Harwood, unm., a.18y., operative, d.James and Abigail, May10,1849.

Fanny (Edmunds), and George Savory, June13,1841.

Hiel W. (Edmunds), and Ruth Carter of Warner, NH, int.May25,1831.

Philip D., and Susan H. Willis of Framingham, int.Apr.12,1840.

Thomas S., and Harriet S. Willis of Framingham, int.Apr.12,1840.

EDMANDSON (Edmondson)

William (Edmonson), unm., and Emma Heath, July20,1848.


Isabel M., and Nathan Mills of Campton, NH, Oct.3,1841.

James A., unm., of Brookline, NH, a.24y., and Emily E. Gould, unm., a.24y., operative d.Peter and Cynthia, Sept.9,1846.

John M., unm., of Boston, a.22y., mechanic, s.John M., jr. and Mary, and Mary H. Stevens, unm., a.23y., d.William and Charlotte, Jan.19,1845.


Catherine, and Sylvester Hardy, Nov.4,1841.

Esther E., unm., a.18y., operative, d.Abraham and Betsey, and John C. Simpson, widr., of Boston, a.25y., painter, s.John, Sept.1,1847.

George, and Mary Ann Heath, int.Dec.3,1837.

Henry B., unm., of Boston, a.26y., mechanic, and Adaline Underhill, unm., a.24y., operative, May4,1847.

Jabez, and Elizabeth H. Bean, Oct.23,1839.CR1

Michael, and Ann Gallagon, Aug.7,1848.CR3*

Phebe C., and Jabez Chubb, May21,1843.

EGAN (Eagon)

Catharine, unm., a.21y., and Michael Bary, unm., a.22y., laborer, int.July5,1849.

Mary (Eagon), unm., a.20y., d.Mathew and Mary, and John Allen, unm., a.24y., laborer, s.Thomas and Julia, Nov.24,1846 or 1847.

ELA (Ely)

Elizabeth, unm., a.20y., operative, d.Theodore and Prescilla, and James McCullough, unm., a.26y., weaver, s.James and Maria, Feb.23,1847.

Sarah S. (Ely), of Wilbraham, and Justus L. Pasco, int.Nov.13,1845.

ELDRIDGE (Eldredge, Elgreadge)

Amos (Elgreadge), and Perthania Hunt, int.Jan.20,1833.

Mary A. (Eldredge), of Nashua, NH, and George Hedrick, int.Apr.14,1839.

Micah R., of Amherst, NH, and Relief L. Hart, June5,1836.


Eliza W.G., and Josiah Morse, int.Feb.26,1842.


Almira, of Salisbury, and Ira Abbott, int.Nov.12,1837.

Daniel S., and Elizabeth F. Strickland, int.Aug.31,1843.

Elizabeth, and Warren Heald, Oct.19,1837.*

James L. [N. int.andCR1], and Mary G. Pratt, Sept.17,1839.

John, and Ursula Bean, Feb.6,1840.

John L., unm., a.24y., and Mary A [nn. int.] Arnold, unm., a.22y., Aug.12,1848.

Joseph, and Maria W. Davis, Oct.31,1837.

Mary R., and George L. [T. dup.] Wentworth of Dover, NH, July9,1837.

Ruth, and Moody Watson, Dec.7,1831.


Hannah P. [G. int.], and Andrew Howard of Newburyport, July28,1840.

ELLENWOOD (Ellingwood, Ellinwood)

Eliza J., of Dracut, and Wilder D. Blodgett, Aug.27,1842.

Gayton, and Elizabeth Brackett, Oct.4,1843.

Phebe (Ellingwood), and Charles Sherman, Dec.13,1840.

Samuel F. (Ellinwood), and Mary Clement, Apr.15,1835.

ELLIOTT (Elliot)

Abba, and David D. Colby, int.Apr.3,1848.

Benjamin, unm., a.25y., carpenter, s.John and Mary, and Sarah Maria Hildroup, unm., a.24y., d.James and Harriet, June24,1848.*

Betsey (Elliot), and John Chase, Nov.1,1826.

Betsey, and John Page of Bow, NH, certif. Mar.26,1837.

Emily, and Samuel goodrich, int.Oct.30,1841.

George, and Catharine Regan, Nov.1,1842.

George P., widr., a.43y., merchant, s.John and Sarah, and Ann Dalton Rogers, unm., a.35y., d.Henry N. and Susanna, Jan.22,1849.

Jason, unm., a.23y., operative, s.Thomas and Amelia, and Mary R. Colby, unm., a.19y., operative, d.Nathaniel and Ruth H., at Dracut, Nov.24,1847.

John W. (Elliot), and Fanny B. Wise, int.Oct.27,1833.

John S. (Elliot), and Sarah A. Mores of Chelmsford, int.Mar.30,1834.

Jonathan [Jotham.int.] P., unm., a.25y., farmer, s.Jonathan and Lydia, and Clarinda Pitkin, unm., a.22y., operative, d.Jonathan and Betsey, Oct.5,1845.

Louisa, and Edmund Harvey, int.July22,1838.

Lydia Maria (Elliot), of Nashua, NH, and Harrison B. Waterman, Mar.13,1839.

Lydia Ann, unm., a.20y., manufacturer, d.Jotham and Lydia, and Job H. Young, unm., a.22y., manufacturer, s.Aaron and Hannah, Nov.9,1844.

Martha F., and Alanson Gray, Aug.7,1842.

Martha, unm., of Amherst, NH, and Moses C. Bates, unm., Feb.18,1845.*

Melinda S., unm., a.22y., operative, and Nahum P. Moody, unm., a.25y., operative, Jan.2,1847.

Rebecca J. [Elliot. dup.], and John T. Manar [Marnard.dup.; Maynard.int.], July28,1839.

S[amuel] H., and C[larissa] Harrington of Lexington, int.Nov.22,1835.

William H., and Hannah Walcott, int.Dec.1,1836.


Charles, unm., a.24y., machinist, b. Northhampton, s.Peter and Martha, and Susan F. Allen, unm., of Sudbury, a.20y., b. Sudbury, d.John P. and Margaret, int.July27,1849.

Diantha L., and Simeon Coburn of Monmouth, Me., int.Mar.23,1847.

Edmund, widr., a.36y., carpenter, s.Nathaniel and Anna, and Sarah M. Morrison, unm., a.22y., operative, d.John and Lucy, Jan.1,1845.

Betsey A., and James Northrop, May9,1843.

Fanny B., and Benaiah D. Palmer, Nov.21,1841.

Keziah C., and William H. Thresher of Boston, int.Mar.14,1841.

Martha, and Henry Farris, int.Oct.11,1829.

Mercy H., and Augustus J. Stevens, int.Oct.30,1836.

Oliver, and Mary A. York, abt. Jan.末,1837. [Jan.22. int.]

Rufus R., of Fitzwilliam, NH, and Sophia Mathews, Nov.10,1839.

Sarah G., of Medway, and William H. Flagg, int.Sept.9,1838. [Aug.26. dup.]

ELLSWORTH (Elsworth)

Abby H., and Moulton S. Webster, both unm., Oct.24,1847.

Ann Maria, unm., a.27y., dressmaker, d.Nathaniel and Nancy, and John B. Leavitt, widr., a.33y., carpenter, s.Morris and Mary, Apr.24,1844.

Ann W.S. (Elsworth), unm., of Ludlow, VT, a.19y., d.John and Ann, and Hiram French, unm., of Ludlow, VT, a.24y., mason, s.R. and Polley, Apr.15,1848.*

Benaiah S., and Sarah J. Emerson, Oct.22,1839.

Eliza, and Cyrus Lamprey, int.Mar.12,1846.

Henry G., and Elizabeth Downie, int.Mar.31,1833.

John, and Lucy Lamb, int.Feb.24,1847.

Joseph H., unm., a.21y., teamster, b. Warren, NH, s.Moses M. and Susan, and Francis M. Walles, unm., a.20y., operative, b. Freeman, Me., d.John and Fanny, Aug.5,1849.

Nathan [Nathaniel. int.] (Elsworth), and Rachel Nason, June14,1841.


William, and Abigail S. Kimball, Nov.21,1843.


Harriet, unm., a.22y., b. Thomaston, ME, d.Andrew and Harriet, and Aaron Harriman, unm., a.25y., watchman, b. Eaton, NH, s.John and Betsey, Oct.16,1849.


Sarah S., see Ela, Sarah S.


Gates T., of Plaistow, NH, and Harriet E.C. Remington, int.Mar.24,1845.

EMERSON (Emmerson)

Abigail, and Samuel Marden, int.Apr.29,1826.

Abigail, and Ebenezer B. Currier, May24,1840.

Abby W., unm., a.18y., d.Benjamin and Betsey, and Charles I.H. Ness, unm., a.21y., operative, s.Randlett and Betsey, July3,1845.

Almeda, and Benjamin F. Holden, Dec.31,1846.

Alvin, and Mary F. Parker, Dec.14,1843

Arvilla C., unm., a.22y., operative, d.Jonathan, and William H. Clark, unm., a.25y., manufacturer, s.William and Mary, May27,1844.

Benjamin F., and Rachel A. Savage, Nov.26,1848.

Caroline, unm., of Methuen, a.22y., d.Jacob and Louisa, and Jonathan Neal, unm., of Lawrence, a.24y., trader, s.Jos.and Elsey, Nov.21,1847.

Caroline J., unm., a.23y., tailoress, d.Moses and Caroline, and Joel M. Hatch, unm., a.25y., machinist, s.Alfred and Sarah, Dec.3,1848.

Catherine L., of Weare, NH, and Samuel P. Morse, int.Jan.6,1833.

Charles D., and Betsey Boston, int.Sept.10,1842.

Charles H., widr., a.25y., mechanic, s.J. and S., and Nancy Wilson, unm., a.25y., operative, d.I. and H., Apr.20,1846.

Chauncey W., and Julia Ann Emerson, int.Oct.6,1833.

Christiana, unm., a.22y., operative, d.Jonathanand Mary, and Richard M. Thompson, unm., a.24y., operative, s.Thomas and Rebecca, Feb.13,1847.

Cordelia B., and Charles Hill of Woburn, int.Dec.22,1845.

Daniel G., unm., a.32y., operative, s.David and Lucy, and Mary L. Putnam, wid., a.33y., milliner, d.Samuel and Rachel Moore, Feb.1,1846.

Darius F., and Elizabeth S. Fredrick [Frederick. int.], July4,1840.

David, jr., and Dolly Woodman of Amesbury, int.Oct.19,1847.

Deborah Y., unm., a.27y., teacher, d.Jonathan and Sarah, and Seth T. Thatcher, unm., a.26y., teacher, s.Amos and Ama, Sept.22,1844.

Dennis W., unm., a.18y., baker, s.Benjamin, and Elvira M. Cunningham, unm., a.18y., d.John N., Mar.26,1848.

Eliza [of Wakefield.certif.], and Asa Wentworth, Mar.28,1837.

Eliza T., and George A. Whipple, Oct.17,1839.

Eliza K., and Henry S. Dustin, int.Aug.3,1844.

Elizabeth, and Charles Canfield, Feb.21,1842.

Elizabeth T. (Emmerson), and Joel Upham of Weston, June29,1842.

Elizabeth A., of Amesbury, and Ira S. Clifford, int.Apr.8,1843.

Elizabeth, unm., a.19y., d.Andrew and Betsey, and James P. Ham, unm., a.26y., carpenter, s.Ivory and Sarah, June23,1844.

Frank P., and Susan Stevens, int.Jan.13,1849.

George W., of Keene, NH, and Rebeccah A. Davis, int.Feb.12,1827.

George W., and Clarissa Davis, Mar.20,1836.

George, unm., a.24y., shoe dealer, s.David and Hannah, and Martha A. Worthley, unm., a.24y., d.John and Sarah, Dec.25,1844.

Henrietta M., and Josiah S. Marston, int.Oct.28,1843.

Isaac D., and Mary Lawrence of Tyngsborough, int.May16,1841.

James A., and Judith E. Flanders, Sept.17,1833.

James, and Harriet M. Chase, Sept.27,1835.

Jane, and Luther Blanchard, Jan.23,1837.

Jeremiah, and Eliza Hall, int.Mar.13,1845.

Jessee, and Rebecca Wheeler [of Carlisle, Nov.16. int.], 1828.

Jesse, of Windham, NH, and Lucy B. Rowe, Sept.24,1837.

Joel D., unm., a.21y., operative, and Rodusca [R. int.] Smith, unm., a.19y., operative, Oct.6,1847.

John D., and Irene C. Wright of Dracut, int.Sept.3,1837.

John D., and Harriet N. Edgerly, int.Dec.27,1840.

John B., and Sarah G. Cavanaugh [Kavanagh.int.], Oct.10,1841.

John F., unm., a.25y., machinist, s.Joseph and Susan, and Orlena M. Moore, unm., a.25y., operative, d.Roderick and Susan, Dec.30,1847.

Joseph E., and Caroline N. Ayer of Haverhill, int.Nov.4,1843.

Julia Ann, and Chauncey W. Emerson, int.Oct.6,1833.

Louisa M., and Horace Doak, Dec.25,1842.

Luther and Sophia S. Stevens, Apr.9,1837.

Luther, widr., a.37y., trader, and Asenath [F. int.] Langly, unm., a.26y., Dec.1,1846.

Margaret T., and Christopher Fisher, May7,1837.

Mary, of Durham, NH, and Hiram Cochran, int.Sept.29,1826.

Mary, and Thomas J. Burgess, int.Dec.13,1840.

Matilda J., and William E. Grover of Rochester, NY, July27,1848.

Mehitable B., unm., a.23y., d.Samuel and Abigail, and Jonathan W. Whitney [of Worcester. int.], unm., a.23y., carpenter, s.George W. and Mary, at Dracut, Nov.30,1845.

Moses S., unm., [of Georgetown. int.], a.24y., shoemaker s.William and Betsey, and Harriet Currier, unm., a.31y., operative, d.John and Nancy, at Dracut, Nov.10,1845.

Moses C., unm., a.21y., shoemaker, s.Daniel and Hannah, and Charlotte M. Kirk, unm., a.21y., operative, d.Artemas W. and Lucy M., Nov.2,1847.

Nancy M., unm., of Billerica, a.19y., operative, d.Joel and Nancy, and Harvey M. Newton, unm., a.18y., carpenter, s.Harvey and Axa P., Mar.28,1849.

Phebe S., and Ebenezer H. Pierce, both of Woburn, Oct.23,1842.*

Rebecca A., unm., a.22y., operative, d.Timothy and Catherine, and Charles C. Lovett, unm., a.22y., painter, s.Stephen and Rebecca, Oct.31,1847.

Rodney S., and Catharine Slater of Worcester, int.Oct.11,1845.

Samuel, of Amesbury, and Octava T. Poor, int.Apr.26,1845.

Sarah J., and Benaiah S. Ellsworth, Oct.22,1839.

Sarah E., and Stephen T. Stanley, Dec.24,1840.*

Sarah Ann G., and Joseph Colburn, 3d.Milford, NH, int.Dec.9,1844.

Solomon D., and Mary Jane Chase of Nashua, NH, int.Jan.20,1839.

Solomon D., and Mary Ann Caldwell of Amherst, NH, int.Nov.5,1846.

Timothy, unm., a.29y., stone cutter, s.Timothy and Mary, and Mary W. Currier, unm., a.26y., housekeeper, d.Philip and Asenath, Apr.28,1844.

William H., and Elizabeth W. Atkins, Apr.27,1842.

EMERY (Emory)

Ann, and William Lewis, int.July22,1845.

Asa K., and Mary C. Lord of Dunbarton, NH, int.Oct.3,1841.

Catherine, and William Reed, Feb.3,1835.

Charles, and Nancy D. Adams, int.Jan.3,1846.

Deborah, Mrs., and Jonathan Colby, int.Mar.14,1841.

Eliza, and Lloyd F. Gorham, int.Oct.27,1839.

Eliza, and Jesse Thompson, Nov.20,1841.

Betsey E., unm., a.27y., operative, d.John and Abigail, and Daniel Stickney, unm., of Pelham, NH, a.30y., farmer, s.Asa and Alice, Dec.1,1844.

Elizabeth A., and Edwin Corliss, int.Mar.20,1845.

Hannah R., and Adam C. Holt, int.Nov.1,1835.

Hepsebah B., and Barnard M. Cann, both of Billerica, June27,1841.

Hiram E., unm., a.24y., operative, b. Shirley, s.Darius and Lydia, and Eliza A. Gay, unm., a.19y., b. Union, Me., d.Elijah and Johanna, int.Oct.2,1849.

Josiah, and Louisa Jane Woodbury, Aug.30,1840.

Julia A., unm., a.23y., operative, d.Joshua, and Moulton Hodgdon, unm., a.24y., operative, s.Samuel, May26,1846.

Lewis F., unm., a.23y., coachman, s.John and Sarah, and Sarah B. Remick, unm., of Newburyport, a.29y., cap maker, d.John and Mary, Sept.14,1844.*

Lucy M., unm., a.16y.John S. and Anna M., and George Peavey, unm., of Haverhill, a.21y., shoemaker, s.Daniel and Hannah, May26,1845.

Mary, of Concord, NH. and Page Sanburn, int.May2,1835.

Mary E., and Lyman P. Crown, int.Apr.4,1841.

Mary Jane, and Edward Norton, int.Mar.15,1845.

Nancy (Emory), and Freeman Webster [of Boston. int.], May末,1834.

Samuel, and Mary Jane Wardwell, Apr.7,1842.

Susan A., unm., a.18y., d.John S. and Anna M., and George W. Dorr, unm., of Haverhill, a.21y., shoemaker, s.George and J., May26,1845.

William E., and Julia Ann Roper, Nov.30,1843.

EMMONS (Emmens)

Benjamin, and Angeline Abbott, Dec.16,1843.

Judith, and Paul B. Place, Jan.11,1836.

Judith D. (Emmens), of Kennebunkport, and Joseph D. Thomas, int.Feb.14,1848.

Olive J., unm., a.22y., dressmaker, d.Abram and Oliver (sic), and Benjamin A. Blood, unm., of Methuen, a.28y., butcher, s.Kimball and Martha, Apr.15,1847.

Theodata S., and Lewis S. Fernald, int.Apr.19,1845.


John, and Mary Ann Dugdale, Nov.25,1830.


Harriet, of Canton, and William N. Owen, int.Aug.28,1831.


David [unm., a.21y., laborer, b. Lower Canada, s.Joseph and Margaret. int.], and Laura La Fitte [unm., a.19y., b. Lower Canada, d.Lawrence and Fanny.int.], Dec.3,1849.CR5


Michael, and Maria Douglass, Nov.25,1829.

Michael, and Phebe Jane Roberts, July2,1842.

Robert, and Nancy Jane Frost, May7,1839.


Ann, unm., a.26y., d.Thomas and Catherine, and Patrick Deacey, unm., a.30y., laborer, s.Lot and Margaret, Aug.17,1848.*


Archibald, and Hannah Hall, Oct.29,1837.


William, and Eunice Swain, June29,1835.


Michael, and Margaret Kirk, int.末蔓末, [1827 or 1828]

Thomas [a.25y.int.], and Elizabeth [Betsey.int.] Bagley [a.20y., both.int.], June3,1849.CR5


John, and Mary Ann Bodman [Boardman. int.], Feb.18,1843.


Eveline W., and Byron W. Darling [of Bluehill, ME int.], Nov.12,1835.

Mary A., and Pearl S. Peters of Blue Hill, ME, int.Jan.5,1840.


Ann M., of Georgetown, and John P. Dorman of Boxford, July4,1842.*


Daniel Gordon [Rev. int.], of Amesbury, and Hannah Morrill Moody, Oct.14,1846.CR1

ESTEY (Esty)

Betsey, and Andrew Fisher, both of Dracut, Aug.25,1836.*

Hannah F., of Dunstable, and Mark S. Gilman, int.June6,1831.

Julia C. (Esty), wid., a.30y., housekeeper, d.John and Mary Jefferson, and Amos Goodale, unm., a.53y., farmer, s.Enos and Hannah, at Dracut, May30,1846.

EVANS (Evens)

Abraham, and Mary G. Eastman, int.June24,1833.

Almond G., a.28y., painter, and Maria A. Tibbetts, a.23y., operative, both unm., Feb.20,1848.

Angeline, and Oliver Averill, May14,1837.

Ann Jeanette, and John Baxter, int.Oct.24,1844.

Ann Maria, unm., a.20y., operative, d.Samuel and Mary, and Hollis Hartshorn, unm., [of Medford.int.], a.25y., currier, s.Emery and Emily, Nov.25,1846.

Arnold, and Finett F. Nudd, Jan.28,1837.

Clara P., of Allenstown, NH, and Henry N. Richards, int.Sept.7,1844.

Betsy, and Isaac Brooks [of Eaton. int.], Jan.13,1836.

Hannah E[lizabeth Evens.int.], and Ira Mussey, Apr.8,1832.

Hannah, and James Tysus, int.Feb.21,1848.

Henry (Evens), and Nancy Sutton, Oct.30,1832.

Jacob, of Windham, and Mary S. Carr, Dec.22,1842.

James E. [C. int.], and Allura W. Davidson, Nov.9,1841.

John O., and Sarah K. Fifield, Oct.7,1839.

John D., of Boston, and Florenda Brown of Deerfield, NH, Jan.9,1840.*

Joseph, and Jane Priest, Aug.27,1843.

Louisa, of Northfield, NH, and Sanborn Shaw of Salisbury, NH, Oct.19,1843.*

Lucy P., unm., a.24y., dressmaker, d.Samuel W. and Mary F., and Otis C. Wilson, unm., of Brunswick, Georgia, a.27y., carpenter, s.David and Sally, Nov.6,1845.

Lydia C., and Benjamin Speed, int.Apr.29,1838.

Mary, F., and Reuben Griffin of Pelham, NH, int.June28,1835.

Mary, Mrs., and Capt. John Stewart [Sewart. int.] of Warner, NH, Jan.17,1838.

Melissa, and John D. Phelps, Sept.7,1841.

Rufus L., and Eliza H. Fifield of Candia, NH, int.July19,1845.

Sarah A., and Josiah Walker, Jan.24,1842.

Thomas, and Eliza Ellen Fitzgerald, int.May17,1835.

Thomas L., and Joanna T. Pierce, May6,1840.

William, see Williams, Evans.


Peter, and Eunice Ellen Lander, both of Boston, at Boston, June28,1841.*


Amherst, and Penelope Howland, d.John and Mary (Carlile), Aug.19,1813.PR1*

Edward, and Eliza A. Sylvester of Townsend, int.June2,1848.

Harvey, of Attleboro, and Sophia Rice, Oct.23,1836.


Betsey, and Edward Lawson, both unm., Oct.12,1849.

EVERY (Avery)


Julia, unm., a.38y., dressmaker, b. Walden, VT, d.Perez and Betsey, and Moses E. Daniels, unm., of Rowley, a.30y., shoemaker, s.Philemon and Lucy, int.Nov.16,1849.


John, and Betsey Clark [of Tewksbury, Dec.11 int.], 1829.

Samuel, and Ellenor Ruddy, July5,1840.CR5


Ann, and Joseph Milnes, Mar.31,1841.

Joseph, and Charlotte M[ariah.int.] Wallace, Jan.18,1830

Mary, and William Taylor, Aug.19,1834. [Aug.23,1833. dup.]

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