BAAUL (Ball)

Jeremiah, of Townsend, and Hannah Fletcher, int.Apr.15,1765.


Ann, and Charles Swett, Sept.3,1829.*


Eliza J., Mrs., and Ebenezer P. Blood, int.Feb.5,1848.


Obediah, and Maria Cutler of Burlington, int.Apr.1,1827.

BAILEY (Bayley)

George O., a.25y., stone-cutter, s.Joseph and Laura, and Mary Ann Woods, a.21y., d.Isaac and Mary, Sept.7,1848.*

Otis, and Sophia Marshall of Lunenburg, int.Mar.23,1821.

BAKE (Bauke)

Hannah, and Joseph Parker, Nov.19,1683.


Anthony, and Martha Abbot, Oct.12,1823.*

Joseph, of Woburn, and Hanna Bauk, at Woburn, Oct.4,1686.

Thomas [of Johnson, VT. int.], and Frances Adams, Feb.28,1828.*


Almira, and Joseph Willoughby, int.Jan.6,1826.


Cyrus, Lt., and Elizabeth Varnum of Drawt, at Dracut, Apr.28,1799.*.

David, of Billerica, and Ruhamah Davis, at Billerica, July12,1792.*

John [jr., of], and Elizabeth Parkhurst, Feb.21,1758.*

Rhoda, and Isaac B. Cowdry of Lowell, Nov.2,1837.*

Samuel, of Dracut, and Mary Dane, Feb.1,1816.*

Sarah, and John Esty of Billerica, June21,1840.*

Thomas [of Cavendish, VT. int.], and Betcey [] Davis, Jan.3,1797.*


Samuel B., of Wilton, NH, a.27y., blacksmith, s.John and Milly, and Olive Blanchard of Milford, NH, a.25y., d.Luther and Mary, Nov.26,1846.

BALKE (Bauke)

BALL (Baaul)

Abigail, and James Kidder, int.May30,1752.

Abner, and Sarah Farrar of Concord, int.Sept.14,1823.

Bathsheba, of Townsend, and Hezebah Winn, at Townsend, Nov.末,1791.*

John, of Concord, and Anna Blazedil, int.Aug.2,1746.

Olive, and Reuben Cory, at Concord, Dec.6,1757.*

Phebe, resident in Chelmsford, and Amos Kidder, int.Sept.22,1752.

Sarah, of Concord, and Samuel Fletcher, at Concord, June7,1699.

Susanna, and Joseph Haywood, at Townsend, Dec.16,1788.*

BALLARD (Bollard)

Samuel F., and Sarah Ann Sargeant of Lowell, int.Oct.27,1839.

Sally, and William B. Fletcher, Oct.21,1804.*

BANCROF (Bancroft)

Stowell, and Martha D. Trough of Mount Vernon, NH, int.June12,1825.

BANCROFT (Bancrof)

Cloa, of Tyngsborough, and Oliver Richardson, at Tyngsborough, Mar.31,1791.*

Edmund [of Pepperell. int.], and [] Rachel Barron, Apr.12,1757.*

Elizabeth, of Dunstable, and Ezra Thompson, June19,1755.

Isaac, and Hannah Haywood, Dec.11,1813.*

Luther, of Pepperell, and Anna Fletcher, int.Jan.1,1803.

Mary Dandridge, of Tyngsborough, and Jonathan Barron, at Tyngsborough, Nov.19,1795.*

Rebecca, of Tyngsborough, and Samuel Howard, at Tyngsborough, June6,1790.

Stowell, and Mary Heywood, Dec.3,1822.*

Susanna, of Tyngsborough, and David Howe Williston [of Tunbridge, VT. dup.], Jan.26,1796.


Louisa, and James Y. Smith, int.Mar.6,1836.

BARAT (Barrett)

Dorithy, and Samuel Robins, Mar.4,1701-2.


Charles H., and Lucinda Spaulding, Feb.8,1826. [Feb.10.CR1]

Charles H. [N.CR1], and Mary Spaulding [d.Henry, deceased.CR1], Nov.26,1829.*

BARD (Bearde)


Lettice W., of Lowell, and Azariah Proctor, 3d, int.Oct.14,1832.

Zelphia F., and Reuben K. Hardy, Dec.16,1833.

BARETT (Barrett)

Hannah, and Jonathan Bowers, May17,1699.

Joseph, and Martha Goole, d.Francis and Rose, 17:7m:1672.

Margreat, and Edward Spaldin, 22:9m:1681.

Mehetable, d, Thomas and Francis, and Samuell Goole of Dunstable, Mar.17,1684.

BARGES (Burgess)

Mary, of Westford, and Lemuel Lawrance, int.Sept.21,1811.

BARIT (Barrett)

Benjamin, and Hanah Goo[faded], d, Elizabeth, June18,1705.

Ebenezer, and Abigil Wallker, int.Sept.14,1728.

Joseph, and Abigal Hildreth, Dec.15,1696.

Mary, and John Spalding, Feb.6,1705.

Rebeca, and Walter Power of Concord, Dec.16,1696.

Sarah, and Isaac Spaulding, int.Aug.4,1733.

BARITT (Barrett)

Ephraim, and Rachil Shedd, int.June9,1733.


Asa, and Sally Foster of Westford, at Carlisle, Sept.18,1794.*

Asa, and Nancy Jones, Sept.7,1808.*

Elizabeth, of Tyngsborough, and Ebenezter Hall, int.Oct.17,1840.

Lidia, and Samuel Healy, both of Tyngsborough, Oct.10,1804.

Mary, of Hillsborough, NH, and Justus Pike, int.Apr.27,1823.

Mary, Mrs.[], and Jacob Kidder, Nov.6,1839.*

Phebe, and Sampson Stevens, May24,1791.*

Priscilla, see Parker, Priscilla.

BARNES (Barns)

Harriet, and James Flood [], July17,1825.CR5*


Susanna, of Londonderry, and James Melvin, int.Jan.7,1801.

BARNS (Barnes)

Lucy C., of Bedford, NH, and Henry E. Boswith, int.July18,1839.

Thomas, and Mary Fletcher of Westford, int.Mar.13,1772.

BARON (Barron)

Moses, and Mary Richardson, Feb.2,1697-8.


Joshaue, and Mary Chemberling, July24,1696.


John [of Reading. int.], and Sally Moors, May20,1819.*

BARRAT (Barrett)

Benjamin, and Olive Keyes, Nov.24,1760.*

Hannah, and Zacheriah Shed, Nov.24,1743.*

Jonas [of Merrimack, NH. int.], and Mary Adams, Nov.19,1751.*

Jonathan [jr. int.], and Abigail Rayment, Mar.28,1771.*

Joseph, and Sarah Martin, Oct.13,1743.*

Lucy, and David Parker, Mar.14,1758.*

Martha, and Zacheus [Zechariah.CR1 and int.] Walker, Dec.23,1741.*

Patty, and Benjamin Spaulding, Nov.29,1764. [Nov.27.PR4]*

Mary, and Noah Emery [of], Dec.22,1743.*

Millecent, and Edmund Andrews [of] Dec.1,1768.*

Moses [of], and Hannah Procter, Nov.11,1742.*

Nathaniell, and Martha Wheeler [of Acton. int.], Nov.30,1748.*

Rebecca, and William Lock ["of Monadnick No four," NH. int.], Feb.10,1773.*

Sarah, and Oliver Parker, Jan.22,1767.*

Simeon, and Ruth Wright [of], Apr.11,1776.*

Thaddeus, and Hannah Meers, Feb.5,1789.*

BARRATT (Barrett)

Elizabeth, and John Heald [of Acton. int.], July18,1745.*

Phineus [of Stoddard, NH. int.], and Polly Herrick, Jan.15,1812.*

BARRET (Barrett)

Abigaill, and Ezekiell Keyes, int.Sept.30,1722.

Christopher, and Mary Clark, Sept.6,1764.*

Betty, and Natnan Crosby [jr. int.], June21,1764.*

John, and Margaret Parker, at Charlestown, Nov.29,1705.

Joseph, of Killingly, and Mercy Procter, int.Apr.12,1746.

Margret, and Ebenezer Robbins,末蔓末, [1701 or 1702 ?].

Martha, d.Thomas, and Henry Sparks of Exeter, July10,1676.

Mary, and George Robbins, Jan.21,1686.CTR

Rachel, and Nathaniel Langley [], Sept.14,1757.*

Sarah, and Ambrose Swallow, at, Woburn, Dec.8,1696.

Sarah, and Georg Glazier of Lancaster, Dec.17,1700.

Sarah, and Daniel Foster, int, Oct.22,1749.

Thomas, and Rachel Burdge, May20,1714.

BARRETT (Barat, Barett, Barit, Baritt, Barrat, Barratt, Barret, Barrit, Barritt, Barrot)

Anna, and John Swallow, Jan.3,1692-3.CTR

Benjamin, and Hannah Foster, at Charlestown, June18,1705.

Benjamin [of], and Thankful Procter, Sept.23,1746.*

Hannah,. Mrs., and Joel Parkhurst, Nov.10,1829.*

John, s.John, and Dorothy Proctor, Dec.18,1679.

John, and Martha Heald of Acton, at Concord, May24,1738.*

Jonathan, and Sarah Stevens 末蔓17, 末末. [1676?]

Joseph, and Mary Taylor of Concord, at Concord, Mar.24,1714.

Josiah, and Mary Dill of Concord, at Concord, Feb.20,1749.

Lidiah, d.John, and James Harwood, Apr.11,1678.

Martha, and Joshua Atwood of Templeton, at Templeton, Mar.29,1780.*

Mary, and Nathaniell Cokar of Sudbury, Oct.10,1693.CTR

Moses, s.Thomas, and Anna Smith, d.John, of Dorchester, Sept.10,1684.

Moses, and Hannah Wyman, int.Nov.21,1824.

Samuell, s.John, and Sarah Buttrik, d.William, of Concord, Feb.21,1683.

Thomas R., of Billerica, a.35y., trader, s.Stephen and Olive, of Billerica, and Mahala Brown of Billerica, a.25y., d.Elisha and Mary, of Billerica, Sept.23,1844.

BARRIT (Barrett)

Benjamin, and Sarah Chamberlin, Sept.3,1786.*

Joel, and Elizebeth Burg, Jan.31,1781-2.*

Lucy, and Ebenezer Wright of Narragansett, No. 6, int.Aug.18,1758.

Molley, and Stephen Barrit [of Winchendon. int.], Dec.13,1780*

Stephen [of Winchendon. int.], and Molley Barrit, Dec.13,1780.*

Zacheus [of Templeton, NH. int.], and Rebeckah Burge, May2,1780.*

BARRITT (Barrett)

Sary, and John Cragin of Acton, int.Sept.27,1755.

BARRON (Baron)

Charles, and Abigail Foster, int.Oct.11,1761.

Elias, of Carlisle, and Patty Chamberlin, Sept.10,1822.*

Elisabeth, and Samuel French of Billerica, at Billerica, July7,1755. [Mar.19,17423. int.]*

Elizabeth, and Silas Pierce, Apr.12,1774.*

Hanah, and Thomas Procter, int.Dec.23,1722.

Isaac, and Mary Adams, int.Feb.28,1724-5.

John, of Dracut, and Hannah Richardson, int.Apr.23,1721.

Jonathan, and Rebeckah Prescot of Concord, int.Aug.9,1724.

Jonathan, and Rachel Howard, Oct.19,1749.*

Jonathan, and Mary Dandridge Bancroft of Tyngsborough, at Tyngsborough, Nov.19,1795.*

Lucy, and Azeriah Spaulding, Sept.24,1782.*

Martha, of Dracut, and James Stevens, int.Feb.15,1811.

Mary, Mrs., and Col. Thomas, How of Marlborough, int.Nov.7,1724.

Mary, Mrs., and Col. Joseph Varnum of Dracut, int.Dec.17,1743.

Mary, and Isaac Stokes [of Boston. int.], Aug.2,1779.*

Moses, and Lucy Parker, int.Nov.26,1732.

Oliver, and Abigail Procter, July30,1755.*

Rachel [], and Edmund Bancroft [of Pepperell. int.], Apr.12,1751.*

Rebecca [Mrs.PR4], and Col. Oliver Wilder [of Lancaster. int.], Aug.2,1749.*

Rebecca, and Jepthah Spaulding, July14,1779.*

Samuell, and Mary Sterns of Billerica, May28,1705.

Samuell, and Sarah Howard, int.Nov.22,1730.

Samuel, and Sarah Fasset [of], May23,1744.*

Sary, and Zebediah Richardson of Woburn, int.Dec.20,1755.

Susanna, and Benjamin Chamberlain [], Mar.21,1758.*

William, of Amherst, NH, and Hannah Parker, int.July15,1761.

BARROT (Barrett)

Martha [H. int.], and Micajah Parkhurst, Apr.6,1818.*

Reuben, and Sarah Fletcher, at Woburn, June19,1751.*


William, of Boston, and Lucinda Pierce, int.Sept.27,1845.


Thomas, and Sarah M. Winn of Hudson, NH, int.Feb.1,1835.


John C., Dr., and Maria Juliet Adams, Oct.9,1834.*


Martha, and John Harwood, both of Boston, Nov.20,1679.


Abigail, and Stephen Peirce, Apr.12,1814.*

Charlotte, and Ezekiel Byam, Feb.15,1818.*

Betsy, and Adams Fletcher, int.Apr.11,1806.

Hannah, and Ezra Fletcher [of], Oct.30,1800.*

Lydia, and Steven Cory of Groton,末蔓末,1816. [Apr.14.CR1]*

Sally, and Nathan Buttrick, Apr.20,1820.*

BATES (Batties)

Debborah, and Jonathan Fletcher, int.Nov.8,1719.

Edward, and Mary Snow, int.Feb.7,1719-20.

Betty, and Ephraim Blood, int.Jan.15,1731-2.

Bettey, and Isaac Chamberlin, June13,1782.*

Hannah, and William Read, int.Feb.7,1719-20.

John, and Mary Adams, int.Apr.26,1711.

Jonathan, and Abigail Howard, int.Apr.20,1745. (Apr.23) banns forbidden by Joanna Parker.

Lydiah, and Samuel Cotten, July22,1695.

Lydia, and William Fletcher [jr. int.], Jan.25,1774.*

Mary, and Joseph Spaulding of Groton, int.Mar.25,1727.

Robert, and Lydia Spaulding, Apr.19,1748.*

Sybel, and Samuel Marshall, June4,1780.


Jonathan, of Leicester, and Rachel Cory, int.Feb.18,1748-9.

BATS (Batties)

Elisabeth, and Jonathan Richardson, Nov.8,1692.

John, and Mary Farwell, Dec.22,1665.

Sarah, and Benjamin Buterfild, Feb.16,1697.

BATTIES (Bates, Bats, Battyes, Betties, Betty, Bettyes)

Robert, and Hannah Perrey, int.Mar.29,1766.

BATTYES (Batties)

Andrew, and Mary Tucker, Dec.24,1739.*

BAUK (Bauke)

Hanna, and Joseph Baker of Woburn, at Woburn, Oct.4,1686.

BAUKE (Bake, Bauk)

Sarah, and John Graves of Hatfield, 25:8br:1686.CTR

BAYLEY (Bailey)

Serah B., and Achsah Jones, both of Lowell, Dec.31,1840.CR3


Eldad P., and Sarah Sweetser of Westford, at Westford, Nov.28,1839.*

BEARD (Bearde)

Daniel, of Billerica, and Rebecca Clark, int.Nov.10,1804.

BEARDE (Beard)

John [], of Billerica, and Abigail Kemp, at Billerica, Nov.16,1769.*


Hanah, and David Chambers, int.Oct.24,1780.


Zephaniah, and Polly R. Woodward of Tyngsborough, int.Mar.16,1830.

BETTIES (Batties)

Andrew, jr., and Rebecca Farmer of Westford, at Westford, Dec.6,1765.*

BETTY (Batties)

Andrey [Andrew.CR1], and Mary Johnston, Feb.23,1758.*

BETTYES (Batties)

William, and Olive Corey, at Westford, June9,1785.*

BIAM (Byam)

Abraham, s.George, and Experience Adver[d.TC], d.Henry, of Scituate, June18,1672.

BIDGBY (Bixby)

Deborah, and Henry Stevens, int.June15,1724.


Hermonis, and Margaret Herrin, int.Nov.9,1816.


Henry M., a.22y., moulder, s.Jacob P. and Nancy T., and Olive Caryl, a.21y., d.John and Lucy, Nov.19,1846.*

BIXBY (Bidgby)

Thomas, and Phebe Spaulding, int.May7,1743.


Emily, of Lowell, and Elisha Record, int.July24,1846.

BLADGET (Blodget)

Thomas, and Mary Druse of Groton, July8,1696.

William, and Mary Worin, June14,1696.

BLAISDELL (Blaisdill, Blasdel, Blazedell, Blazedil)

Adeline F., of Campton, NH, [of Lowell.CR3], a.20y., d.Moses and Abba, and Warren Damon, jr., widr., of Lowell, a.28y., machinist, s.Warren and Nancy, Oct.30,1847.

Dorothy, and Joseph Duren [of], Sept.6,1823.*

Mary, and Jonathan Stedman [of Cambridge. int.], June10,1742.*

Sarah, and Joseph Haywood, Oct.30,1745.*

BLAISDILL (Blaisdell)

John, and Mary Sawyer of Newbury, at Newbury, Aug.5,1756,*


Lois, of Franklin, and Samuel Fechem, int.July17,1819.


末末, d.末末, and 末末 末末, July22,1679.

Abigail, and John Bloget, int.July14,1723.

Asa, and Sybel Peirce, May1,1800.

Caled, of Andover, and Lucy Goold, int.May21,1787.

Elizabeth, and Joseph Parker, Jan.7,1802.*

Joshua [of], and Sarah Burge, Dec.23,1747.*

Josiah, and Rachel Clemmons of Dracut, int.Mar.6,1807.

Olive, of Milford, NH, a.25y., d.Luther and Mary, and Samuel B. Bales of Winton, NH, a.27y., blacksmith, s.John and Milly, Nov.26,1846.

Rebecca, and Elijah Mansfield [of Lynn. int.], May18,1769.*

Sarah, and Robert Usher, both of Dunstable, Jan.23,1693-4.CTR

Sarah, and John Byham, Sept.12,1758.*

Susanna, of Carlisle, and David Carlton, int.Oct.17,1819.

Tabitha, and Thomas Blodget, at Concord, Apr.21,1719.

Thomas [jr., of Dunstable. int.], and Dorcas Dutton, Sept.24,1751.*

William, of Hollis, NH, and Martha Walker, int.July20,1751.

BLASDEL (Blaisdell)

Henry, and Lidia Parker, int.Sept.27,1719.

BLAZEDELL (Blaisdell)

Aaron, and Olive Byam, Nov.29,1787.*

Lydia, and Samuel Sims [of Dracut. int.], Nov.22,1786.*

BLAZEDIL (Blaisdell)

Anna, and John Ball of Concord, int.Aug.2,1746.

BLODGET (Bladget, Blodgett, Bloged, Bloget, Blogget, Bloggett)

末末, of Dunstable, and Francis Richardson, int.Apr.27,1823.

Benjamin [late of Litchfield, NH. int.], and Susanna McLain, Jan.14,1762.*

Elizabeth, and John Hill, June22,1711.

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Parker [jr. int.], Jan.3,1750. [1749- 50.PR4]*

Esther, and Lenard Foster, int.Oct.21,1758.

Esther, and John Robie, Aug.15,1771.*

Hannah, and Zachariah Richardson [jr. int.] Oct.9,1753.*

Jacob, of Tyngsborough, and Susan Blodget [d.Ezra.CR1], Feb.19,1818.*

Lucy, and Joseph Adams [jr. int.], Oct.17,1782.*

Lydia, and John Meads, Nov.24,1774.*

Mary, and William Fletcher, Dec.31,1747.*

Nancy, of Merrimack, NH, and John Hunt, int.Apr.3,1820.

Nathaniel, and Elizebeth Warren, July17,1695.

Oliver, and Rebecca Butterfield, June15,1756.*

Rufus M. [of], and Hannah Kidder, May23,1821.*

Sibel, and Asa Hodgman, Nov.28,1782.*

Simeon, and Lydia Spaulding, Oct.8,1751.*

Simeon, and Molly Dunn, Dec.19,1786.*

Susan [d.Ezra.CR1], and Jacob Blodget of Tyngsborough, Feb.19,1818.*

Thomas, and Tabitha Blanchard, at Concord, Apr.21,1779.

Zebulon, Lt., of Dunstable, and Mary Richardson, at Dracut, May30,1793.*

BLODGETT (Blodget)

Frederick W., and Betsy B. Johnson of Groton, int.May4,1837.

BLOGED (Blodget)

Daniell, and Mare [Butterfield.CTR], Sept.15,1653.

BLOGET (Blodget)

Elizabeth, and Zachariah Spaulding, int.June9,1723.

Elizabeth, and Joshua Fletcher, int.Nov.9,1723.

Jacob, and Mary Richardson, int.Dec.19,1724.

John, and Abigail Blanchard, int.July14,1723.

Mary, and Andrew Foster, int.Feb.25,1721-2.

Mary, and Henry Spaulding, int.May19,1723.

BLOGGET (Blodget)

Benjamin, and Elizabeth Fletcher of Westford, at Westford, Feb.14,1733.*

Sarai, and Ebenezer Parkhurst, int.Oct.15,1721.

William, and Elizabeth Wright, int.Dec.10,1721.

BLOGGETT (Blodget)

Benjamin, s.Daniell, and Mary Pellat, d.Thomas, of Concord, Feb.14,1683.

Daniell, and Sarah Underwod, d.William, Mar.10,1669.

Thomas, and Mary Perkis, d.Joseph, 29:4m:1683.


Abel, and Betsy Davis, June14,1826.

Benjamin, 3d, and Susannah Jewett of Hollis, NH, int.Mar.4,1826.

Benjamin, Jr., and Jane S. Wood, Feb.26,1832.

Benjamin, jr., and Betsey A. Robinson, July15,1841.*

Benjamin, jr., widr., a, 43y., box maker, s.Benjamin and Mary T., and Eliza Davis, a.35y., d, Deliveranc and Eliza, Apr.2,1849.*

Charles [Lt. int.] and Betsy Dunn, Aug.5,1822. [Aug.15.CR1]*

Charles A., and Sarah M. Clark of Lowell, int.Feb.17,1848.

Darkhas, and Robert Mear, int.Nov.10,1788.

Ebenezer P., and Mrs.Eliza J. Bacheller, int.Feb.5,1848.

Eliza Jane [of North Chelmsford.CR3], a.22y., d.Charles and Betsey, and David P. Clark [of North Chelmsford.CR3], a.24y., moulder, s.Jonathan and Sarah, Jan.31,1848.*

Betty, and Joshua Davis [jr. of], May25,1769.*

Elizabeth, and Thomas Goodhue, July30,1801.

Ephraim, and Betty Dates, int.Jan.15,1731-2.

Esther, of Carlisle, and Jonathan Shed, at Carlisle, Dec.13,1781.*

Harriot, of Carlisle, and Abel Spalding, int.Feb.2,1823.

Joseph, and Sarah W. Clark of Lowell, int.Aug.3,1838.

Josiah, of Hollis, NH, and Sary Haywood, int.Sept.25,1755.

Josiah [of], and Tabilha Corey, July2,1767.*

Josiah, and Hannah Smith of Shirley, at Shirley, May21,1799.*

Luther, and Martha Woodward, int.Jan.21,1837.

Molly, and William Daverson [Davidson.CR1], Nov.19,1795.*

Nathan, and Catharine F. Wellman, int.Apr.7,1833.

Nathaniel, and Hannah 末末, June13,1670.CTR

Oliver, and Sally Dunn, Oct.24,1808.*

Priscella, a, 23y., and William Patterson, musician, s.William Mar.21,1841.*

Robert, sr., of Concord, and Hannah Parker, at Concord, Jan.8,1690.

Sarah, d.Robertt, and Daniell Coborn, June18,1685.

Stephen, Capt., of Carlisle, and Mehitable Tuttle, at Carlisle, May10,1798.*

Tabatha, and Benjamin Anger [Angier of Charlestown.CR1], Mar.24,1805.*


Harriet F., of Eden, ME, and Haskell Spalding, int.Aug.22,1824.

William, and Elisabeth Bollard, d.William, of Andover, Nov.11,1668.


Elizabeth, of Methuen, and Jonathan Jones, int.Mar.15,1823.

BOLLARD (Ballard)

Ane, of Andover, and John Spalden, 20:7m:1681.

Elisabeth, d.William, of Andover, and William Blunt, Nov.11,1668.

Lidiah, d.William, of Andover, and Joseph Buterfeild, 12:3m:1674, [2m.dup.]


Mary, and Hector M. Page, Dec.16,1838.*


Adeline, of Watertown, and Benjamin Adams, int.Dec.7,1837.

Eliza Ann, of Watertown, and Benjamin Adams, int.Nov.20,1831.

Jane, of Watertown, and Francis Bush, int, Oct.5,1828.


Martha, and Benjamin P. Hutchins of Carlisle, June4,1843.*


James, and Mary Proctor, d.Robertt and Jane, Apr.3,1685.

BOSWITH (Bosworth)

Henry E., and Lucy C. Barns of Bedford, NH, int July18,1839.

BOSWORTH (Boswith)

George W., of North Chelmsford, and Amy Cram of Lyndeborough, NH, int.Feb.4,1847.


Abiah, of Dracut, and Asaph Spaulding, int.Feb.12,1807,

Alpheus, and Julia Augusta Parkhurst, Dec.1,1831.*

Ann, and Artemas Holden, int.Sept.21,1823.

Betty, and William Carlis of Salem, int.June18,1716.

Betty, and Stephen Pierce, Feb.26,1745.*

Betcey, of Greenfield, NH, and Joshua Davis, int.Dec.8,1796.

Francis [of Greenfield, NH. int.], and Rachel Harwood, Dec.6,1797.*

Hannah, and Simeon Comings of Merrimack, NH, int.June18,1763.

Hannah, and Micah Phillips [jr. int.], at Dracut, Mar.28,1793.*

Hannah, and Benjamin Pierce of Woburn, at Woburn, Apr.3,1793. [1693?]

Irene, and Charles V[arnurn.CR1] Harwood [Howard, int, andCR1], Dec.29,1826.*

James, and Hannah Tayler of Dunstable, int.Nov.23,1823.

Jerahmeel, jr., and Elizabeth Shedd of Billerica, int.June4,1748.

Jerahmell, and Elisabeth Farley of Billerica, at Billerica, Mar.17,1735-6.*

Jonas [Jonathan. int.] and Mary Grimes of Billerica, at Watertown, June7,1726.*

Jonathan, and Hannah Barett, May17,1699.

Jonathan, and Anna Coburn, Apr.6,1824.*

Joseph, and Rhoda Butterfield, Apr.1,1804, [1803.PR11]*

Joseph, of Lowell, and Almaria Stevens, int.Nov.6,1830.

Louisa G., and James A. Hay, int.July28,1822.

Lucy, and Oliver Coleburn of Dunstable, int.Apr.6,1734.

Luke, and Anna Pratt, at Dracut, Mar.20,1787.*

Mary A., of Merrimack, NH, and Amos Adams Byam, int.Feb.24,1833.

Mary G., and George Stark of Bedford, NH, int.Oct.26,1848.

Micajah, and Mary Roby of Dunstable, NH, int.May26,1822.

Micajah [of Lowell. int.], and Lucinda [J. int.] Spalding, Dec.3,1835.*

Olive, and Willard Marshall, Dec.28,1795.*

Oliver, and [] Elizabeth Pierce, Jan.3,1769.*

Philip, and Mary Kidder of Billerica, int.Apr.4,1809.

Sarah, and Mial Mooars, at Dracut, Jan.24,1793.*

Sewall, and Sylvia P. Fisher of Lowell, int.Nov.6,1847.

Susan B., and Christopher Roby, Aug.31,1843.*

William, and Hannah Kidder of Billerica, at Billerica, Jan.1,1761.*


Julia C., Mrs., and Francis Snow of Wilminglon, int, July22,1848.

BOYANTON (Boynton)

Augusta, of Carlisle, a.23y., d.Samuel and Sarah S., and John Carlton of Lowell, a.25y., mason, s.David, Jan.11,1849.

Richard, and Rebecca Abbott of Billerica, Oct.29,1761.


Horatio, and Harriet Sprage of Billerica, int.Mar.17,1822.

BOYNTON (Boyanton)

Nathaniel, and Hannah Perham of Dunstable, int.Jan.24,1719-20.


Mary, d, John, of Billerica, and Edward Spaldin, s.Jolm, Nov.27,1683.

BRADLEY (Bradly)

Anna [Mrs., now resident in], and James Dunn, May27,1717.*

Foster, and Phebe Stevens, Feb.14,1810.*

BRADLY (Bradley)

Peleg, Dr., of Dracut, and Louisa Whitemore, June26,1817.*


Ann Eliza [of the glass factory.CR1], and Asa Underwood, Feb.15,1822.*

Barnabas N., and Joanna C. Butterfield, int.Dec.25,1831.


George, and Joanna Ivory, int.Apr.29,1843.


Ebenezer, Rev., and Mrs.Sarah Stoddard, int.Oct.24,1741.

Ebenezer, Col. [Jr. int.] and Mary Mountfort of Boston, at Boston, Jan.25,1787.PR4*

[Ebenezer. int.], Rev., and Mrs.Joanna Abbott, at Billerica, 末. 29,1792. [June12,1790. int.; May19,1791.PR4]*

Betcey, and Benjamin Fiske, Apr.12,1798.*

Lucretia [], and Dr. Walter Hastings, Apr.10,1771.*

Mary [], and Timothy Winn [jr. of Woburn. int.], June4,1772.*

Sarah, and Rev. Henry Cummings [of], Sept.19,1791.PR4*

William, and Rachel Minot, Feb.13,1776.*

William Stoddard, and Mary Pitts of Tyngsborough, int.Sept.7,1811.


Sarah, and Caleb Torroy, both residents in Chelmsford, int.Sept.9,1801.


Jared B., and Keziah Dean of Easton, int.Feb.24,1838.


Daniel, of Westford, and Lois Snow, at Westford, Nov.16,1797.*

Daniel, of Lowell, and Caroline Butterfield, int.May12,1833.

BROWN (Browne)

Ann, of Weare, NH, and Aaron Hall, int.Nov.18,1842.

Eli, and Mary Ann Sumner of Spencer, int.Sept.19,1825.

Betsy [B. int.] and Joseph Chamberlain [], May12,1822.*

Hannah E., of Lowell, a.18y., d.George and Betsey, and Charles H. Hall of Lowell, a.19y., shoemaker, s.Stephen and Lydia, May31,1846.

James, and Mary Winch, both of Tyngsborough, Sept.28,1806.

Jerusha, of Concord, and Artemos Holden, int.Feb.11,1810.

Mahala, of Billerica, a.25y., d.Elisha and Mary, of Billerica, and Thomas R. Barrett of Billerica, a.35y., trader. s.Stephen and Olive, of Billerica, Sept.23,1844.

Mary, and Sydney Spaulding, Apr.21,1831.CR3

Nathaniel [of], and Sarah Dutton,末蔓末, 末. [Dec.3,1812.CR1].*

Olive, and George Provancha, Nov.28,1843.*

Rachell of Carlisle, and Zaccheus Wright Parker, Nov.28,1825.*

Samuel, and Lucy Tayler, July23,1798.*

Thomas, of Billerica, and Sarah Stevens, int.Sept.13,1774.

BROWNE (Brown)

Dinnah, and Ebinezer Davis of Concord, Feb.14,1700.

Eliazer, and Dinah Spaulding, Feb.9,1674.

John, of Reading, and [Mrs.dup,] Annah Fiske, May30,1677.

Mary, and William Woodhead, June21,1669.

Rebeccah, of Billerica, and Jonas Dutton, int.Dec.16,1752.


Sophia F.A., a.28y., and Edward Reader, widr., a.36y., clerk, Nov.6,1847.*


Barnabas H., and Sarah S. Hatch of East Bridgewater, int.Sept.3,1826.

Elizabeth, of Lynn, and Joseph Emerson, at Lynn, Sept.20,1768.*


Jonathan, and Lucenda Wilson of Nottingham West, NH, int.Nov.11,1822.

Samuel, and Harriet Rogers of Billerica, int.Nov.16,1828.


Hanna, of Malden, and Edmond Chambrlin, June22,1670.

BURDGE (Burge)

Eliza, and Nicolas Sprake of Billerica, int.Sept.3,1721.

Josiah, and Susana Jaquesh of Bradford, int.July17,1725.

Rachel, and Thomas Barret, May20,1714.

BURG (Burge)

Elizebeth, and Joel Barrit, Jan.31,1781-2.*

Susanah, and William Chandler of Billerica, int.June16,1716.

BURGE (Burdge, Burg)

David, and Rebecca Shed of Billerica, at Billerica, Mar.13,1757.*

Esther, and Nathaniel Taylor of Concord, at Concord, Jan.20,1762.*

Hannah, and Thomas Dutton of Billerica, at Charlestown, Jan.3,1711.

John, late of Weymouth, and Mare Larned, June9,1662.

John, and Grisell Gurny, July3,1667.

John, sr., and Jane Gurne of Dorchester, Sept.6,1677.

John, and Triall Thare, d.Sidrack, of Braintree, Sept.19,1677.

John, and Sarah Taylor of Concord, at Concord, June27,1717.

Josiah [of], and Tabitha Warren, Feb.7,1751. [1750-51.PR4]*

Lucy, and Abraham Taler of,1772.

Lydia, and Daniel Taylor [jr. of], Feb.4,1756.*

Rebeka, and Joseph Whitnee, at Charlestown, May26,1706.

Rebeckah, and Zacheus Barrit [of Templeton, NH. int.], May2,1780.*

Sarah, and Joshua Blanchard [of], Dec.23,1747.*

BURGESS (Barges)

James C., of Boston, and Susan Amanda Procter, int.Apr.30,1833.


John A., and Mehitable Jenness of Haverhill, int.July4,1824.


Mary Ann, of Waltham, and Paul Hills, int.Aug.10,1823.


Francis, and Elvira Peirce of Waltham, int.Dec.2,1824.

Francis, and Jane Bond of Watertown, int.Oct.5,1828.

BUTERFEILD (Butterfield)

Joseph, and Lidiah Bollard, d.William, of Andover, 12:3m:1674. [2m.dup.]

Nathaniel, and Abigail Hunt of Billerica, int.Oct.末,1733.

Rachel, and Jonathan Parker, int.Dec.20,1734.

BUTERFIELD (Butterfield)

Ann, and John Davis, Dec.19,1716.

BUTERFILD (Buttefield)

Benjamin, and Sarah Bats, Feb.16,1697.

Daborah, and William Longly, Feb.16,1697.

Josaph, and Eunes Hale, Jan.21,1696-7.

Nathaniell, and Sarah Flatcher, Jan.18,1697-8.


Betsy, Mrs., and Sprake Livingston, Apr.2,1836.*

Nancy, of Pelham, NH, and Jonathan Gould, int.Oct.3,1824.

Sarah, and William S. Pierce of Lowell, int.Mar.14,1840.


Bridget, of Tyngsborough, and Silas Peirce, int.Aug.25,1800.

Willard L., of Tewksbury, and Mary Dunn, int.July4,1830.

BUTTEFIELD (Butterfield)

Rebecca, and Benjamin Byam, Dec.20,1796.*

BUTTERFEELD (Butterfield)

Mary, and Sameuell Spolding, June30,1698.

BUTTERFEILD (Butterfield)

Anna, and Isaiah Foster, Nov.8,1743.*

Benjamin, and Hanah Whitemore, June3,1663.

David, and Kezia Shettleworth of Renton, int Apr.3,1731.

Elizabeth, and Samuel Adams of Westford, at Westford, Oct.28,1728. [Oct.31.CR4]*

Easther, and Joseph Moors, int.June21,1731.

Esther, and Lot Spaulding [of Hollis, NH. int.], June27,1765.*

Jeremiah, and Mary Farrar, Nov.22,1764.*

Joana, and Jonathan Parker, int.Oct.21,1737.

Jonathan, and Mary Dicson, at Cambridge, June12,1667.

Laura, and Josiah W. Goward, May20,1841.*

Nathaniel, and Deborah Underwood, Dec.31,1668.CTR

Rhoda, and J.B. Wheeler of Lowell, June24,1841.*

Robert, of Westford, and Joanna Parker, at Westford, Feb.24,1752.*

BUTTERFIELD (Buterfeild, Buterfield, Buterfild, Buttefield, Butterfeeld, Butterfeild)

Abigail, and Henry Parkhurst, May31,1831.*

Anna, and Silas Furbush, Mar.22,1798.*

Benjamin, and Kezia Pattison, int.July7,1723.

Benjamin [jr. int.], of Westford, and Susanna Spaulding, at Westford, Sept.26,1748.*

Benjamin, and Olive Procter, Dec.6,1758.*

Benjamin [jr. int.], and Sarah Chamberlain, May13,1779.*

Bridget, and Jonathan Parkhurst, June28,1748.*

Caroline, and Daniel Brooks, of Lowell, int.May12,1833.

Ebenezer [jr., of Dunstable. int.], and Elizabeth Emmery, Jan.12,1762.PR4*

Elezabeth, and Adam Gould, int.Jan.25,1729-30.

Esther, and Ebenezer Frost [jr. int.], Feb.25,1766.*

Eunice, and Benjamin Richardson, int.Mar.27,1720.

Hannah, and Thomas Tomson of Woburn, Dec.12,1700.

Hannah, and George Dane, May18,1825.*

Joanna, and Dennis McLain, Dec.29,1762.*

Joanna C., and Barnabas N. Bradt, int.Dec.25,1831.

John, and Anna Hildreth, int.Dec.10,1721.

John, of Groton, and Mary Read, int.Dec.24,1727.

John, and Rehecca Kendal, June15,1791.*

Jonathan, and Tabatha Butterfield, int.Feb.15,1745-6.

Jonathan, and Lydia Procter, Mar.27,1751. [Mar.28.PR4]*

Joseph, and Dorothy Heild, int.May14,1727.

Joseph, and Almira Cheever of Lowell, July31,1836.*

Julia Ann, and Hezekiah Parkhurst, Nov.9,1826.*

Laura, and [Ens.CR1] Ira Fry, June7,1825.*

Lenord, of Dunstable, and Johannah Parker, int.Feb.25,1764.

Louiza, and Owen Emerson, jr., Oct.16,1823.*

Lowel, and Hannah Smith [of Dracut. int.], Jan.20,1820.*

Lucy [d.Capt. J.CR1], and Dr. Stillman Spalding [of Lexington. int.], May13,1819.*

Lydia, and Ephraim Spaulding, int.Mar.31,1730.

Martha, of Westford, and Enoch Cleveland jr., int.Jan.21,1753.

Patty, and Stephen Adams,末蔓末,1805, [Dec.22.CR1]*

Martha, and Nathan Buttrick [jr. int.], May1,1842.*

Mare, and Daniell Bloged, Sept.15,1653.

Mary, and Ephraim Hildreth, int.Jan.5,1722-3.

Mary, and David Fletcher of Westford, int.Nov.30,1742.

Polly, and Isaac Kent, int.Oct.21,1810.

Mary Ann, and William Tyler, int.Nov.29,1848.

Nathaniel, and Allis Cowdery, Oct.31,1748.*

Nathaniel, and Elezebeth Cambell of Tewksbury, int.June24,1751.

Olive, and Simeon Spaulding [jr. int], Dec.21,1784.*

Phebe, and James Dutton, int.Sept.5,1725.

Rachall, and Thomas Colburn of Dunstable, int.Nov.1,1740.

Ralph, and Jemime Marshall,末蔓末,1810. [July15.CR1]*

Rebecca, and Oliver Blodget, June15,1756.*

Rhoda, and Joseph Bowers, Apr.1,1804. [1803.PR11]*

Samuell, and Hannah Spauldyng, July2,1703.

Samuell, and Rachell Spauldyng, Dec.7,1703.

Samuel, and Tabitha Butterfield of Westford, at Westford, May7,1730.*

Samuel, and Mary McLane, Aug.11,1772.*

Samuel, and Hannah Peirce, Aug.12,1798,*

Sarai, and David Carver of Canterbury, int.Jan.14,1721-2.

Sarah, and Thomas Heild, int.Oct.28,1725.

Sarah, and Thomas Danforth [of], Oct.16,1744.*

Sarah, and Henry Procter, May22,1760.*

Sarah, and Jacob Manning [of], June2,1763.*

Sarah, and Richard Whitney, Mar.26,1767.*

Sarah, and Hezekiah Coburn [jr. of Dracut. int.], July29,1804.*

Sivil S. [Sybil.CR1], d.Capt. Benjamin, and Lt. Jonathan Tyler, s.Nathan, Apr.4,1816.*

Silas [of Stoddard, NH. int.], and Lucinda Fletcher,末蔓末,1816. [June25.CR1]*

Stephen, and Mary Ann Parkhurst of Amherst, NH, int.Aug.19,1832.

Susan A., of Lowell, and Varnum Spalding, int.Mar.14,1840.

Tabitha, of Westford, and Samuel Butterfield, at Westford, May1,1730.*

Tabatha, and Jonathan Butterfield, int.Feb.15,1745-6.

William, and Bathsheba Shephard of Concord, int.May21,1721.

William, and Lydia Kidder, July30,1761.*

BUTTERICK (Buttrick)

Mary, of Dunstable, NH, and William Cogswell,末蔓末,1812. [ Sept.5.CR1]


Sally, of Westford, and Ranson Read, int.June26,1825.

Sally, of Westford, and Orin Read, int.Sept.19,1825.

BUTTRICK (Butterick, Buttrik)

Abigail, of Concord, and Dea.Aaron Chamberlain, at Concord, June5,1792.*

Abner W., of Lowell, and Hannah S. Parkhurst, int.Sept.20,1835.

Betsy, and Andrew Parkhurst, int.Sept.7,1805.

Ephraim, and Lydia Ford, int.Dec.22,1802.

Ephraim, and Mahitabal Emerson, Oct.11,1804.*

John A., of Lowell, and Martha Parkhurst, Sept.13,1841.*

Nathan, and Sally Bateman, Apr.20,1820.*

Nathan, and Thankful Augusta Green of Carlisle, int.May27,1837.

Nathan [jr. int.], and Martha Butterfield, Mar.1,1842.*

BUTTRIK (Buttrick)

Sarah, d.William, of Concord, and Samuell Barrett, s.John, Feb.21,1683.

BYAM (Biam, Byam)

Abraham, and wid.Sarah Ong, 22:11m:1689.

Amos, and Sarah Peirce, Jan.24,1780.*

Amos, and Lucy Adams, Oct.29,1807.*

Amos, and Elizebeth Hildreth of Westford, int.Jan.9,1832.

Amos Adams, and Mary A. Bowers of Merrimack, NH, int.Feb.24,1833.

Ann R., a.22y., d.Henry and Ann R., and Charles H [] Adams of Boston, a.22y., trader, s.Charles and Nancy, Nov.29,1849.*

Asaph, Dr., of Westford, and Polly Spalding [d.Andrew.CR1], May8,1817.*

Benjamin and Rebecca Buttfield, Dec.10,1796.*

Benjamin [], and Lidia Parker, Dec.26,1811.*

Clarissa Ann, and Jacob Leach of Boston, Nov.26,1829.*

Edwin S., and Hannah M[] Adams, Apr.14,1833.*

Betsy P., and Benjamin Dudley of Weston, Oct.14,1824.*

Ezekiel, and Charlotte Bateman, Feb.15,1818.*

Henry, and Relief Spaulding, Oct.28,1824.*

John, jr., and.Sarah Haywood, Nov.28,1784.*

Josiah, and Sophronia Flagg [of Littleton. int.], Apr.17,1823.*

Josiah, and Sarah Hardy, Dec.28,1841.*

Laura, and Samuel White of Tyngsborough, Dec.28,1837.*

Lucy, and Jonas Dunn, Mar.10,1808.*

Lucy Marinda, and Joseph Richardson, Apr.4,1833.*

Marcus D., and Rebecca Chamberlin, Dec.16,1832.*

Marcus D., and Mary Proctor, Sept.26,1839.*

Patty, and Isaiah Spaldiug, int.Aug.28,1813.

Martha Ann, a.16y., d.Ezekiel and Charlotte, and Otis B. Dudley, a.19y., blacksmith, s.Benjamin and Martha P., Aug.13,1846.*

Mary, and Moses Procter, int.末蔓末, 末末. [1738?].

Mary, and John Shed, June17,1802.CR1*

Mary, and Samuel E. Foster, Mar.15,1804.*

Mary, and Parker Chamberlain, Sept.14,1826.*

Olive, and Aaron Blazedell, Nov.29,1787.*

Rebeckah, and Nathaniel Foster, Feb.末,1784.*

Rebekah, and Henry Adams, Mar.18,1810.*

Rufus, and Eunice A. Greggory of Weston, int.May10,1843.

Sarah, and Jessa Hawood [Haywood.CR1and int.], Nov.28,1782,*

Sarah, Mrs., and Oliver Parkhurst.末蔓末,1806. [June3:CR1]*

Simeon [a.62y.CR1], and Thankful Reed [a.42y.CR1], Nov.13,1828.*

Solomon, and Abi Adams, at Westford, Mar.13,1791.*

Sophronia Ann, and William P. Cook, both of Lowell, Oct.27,1842.CR3

Stillman, and Mary Ann Carpenter, Sept.6,1840.*

Susanna, and Supply Read, June7,1781.*

Thankfull, and Dean Carlton [of Acworth, NH. int.], Sept.末,1785.*

Tryphene, and James Haywood [of Paris, NY. int.], June19,1814.*

Willard, and Polly [] Osburn, May28,1815.*

William, and Rebeckah Herrick, Feb.27,1795.*

William A., and Mercy M. Parker, int.Feb.16,1841.

BYHAM (Byam)

Abraham, and Hannah Robie, int.Aug.21,1726.

Benjamin, and Mary Keyes, Dec.11,1760.*

Dorcus, and Ebenezer Harris [jr. int.], Nov.14,1754.*

Henry, and Lucy Fletcher, Apr.12,1742.*

Isaac, and Mary Cowdrey, int.Apr.4,1725.

Jacob, and Sarai Hildreth, int.Jan.1,1720-21.

Joanna, and Moses Graves, Dec.17,1750.*

John, and Sarah Blanchard, Sept.12,1758.*

Mary, and David Welch [both residents in Chelmsford.CR1], Jan.24,1750. [1749-50.PR4]*

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