Ruth, w.William, Jan.6,1679 (a.39y.GR1)


Martha A., w.Henry Jr., b. in Boston, July18,1849, a.28y.3m.18d.Cancer.


Anna Bristed, d.James and Charlotte Browne,末蔓末,1832.GR3

Edward Bristed, s.James and Charlotte Browne,末蔓末,1830.GR3

James Wallis, s.James and Charlotte Brown,末蔓末,1818.GR3


Maria Antoinette, only ch.John H. and Susan F., Apr.4,1839.GR3


Mary C., wid.Dr. Peter and d.Hon. Peleg Coffin, Mar.19,1846, a.66y.y m.GR3


末末, d.John J. and 末末, May4,1849. Stillborn.

Anna, Oct.5,1673.

Benoni, Dec.20,1690-1, a.51y.

Caroline M., d.Josiah and 末末, Sept.20,1844, a.1y.7m.Scarlet fever.

Charles H., s.George Dexter and Eliza A., Aug.26,1846, a.10m.24d.Cholera infamtum.

Charles H., s.G. Dexter and (Eliza A.GR2), July23,1849, a.1y.2m.10d.Dysentery.

Charlotte R., d.Joseph B. and Charlotte H., Jan.4,1847.GR3

Elizabeth Y., d.John and 末末, Apr.1,1848, a.1y.5m.16d.Erysipelas.

John E., b. in Boston, s.Phiklip Jr. and 末末, Dec.16,1846, a.10m.Canker.

Josiah B., in Havana,末蔓末,1819, a.20y.GR3

Nathaniell, Feb.22,1690-1, a.24y.

Sarah Louisa, d.Jacob and Louisa, Oct.4,1837.

Susan E. (Susan Emerson, d.John and Susan Emerson.GR2), bur. June19,1839, a.5y.(d.June18,1839.GR2)

William Edgar, Jan.20,1846, a.3y.4m.GR3


Mary, w.Richard, Aug.23,1675.

Timothy, Nov.21,1656.


David, Feb.18,1848, a.61y.GR3


末末, ch.末末, bur. Jan.1,1838, a.3w.

Eliza, Miss, Oct.20,1835, a.65y.CR9

Joseph May, inf.s.H.F. and R.C., Nov.5,1841.GR3


John, s.Mrs.末末 Jerritt, July4,1834, a.5y.Drowned.CR10


Abbott Lawrence, Jan.21,1849.GR3

Augustus, s.Barnabas and Mary W.W. Burroughs, Nov.6,1815.GR3

Martha Loviza, d.Barnabas and Eliza Whittemore, Aug.31,1848.GR3

Mary W.W. Burroughs, w.Barnabas, Feb.21,1823.GR3

Mary A., d.Moses and 末末, Oct.23,1848, a.1y.9m.Bowel complaint.

Rebecca Cushing, Feb.16,1843.GR3

Sarah Burroughs, d.Barnabas and Mary W.W. Burroughs, Oct.18,1816.GR3

Thomas Russell, s.Thomas R.B. and Abby W., Apr.5,1849.GR3


Hannah, Jan.末,1807.


William, Sept.19,1849, a.41y.GR3c


末末, Sept.8,1809. Epilepsy.CR1

末末, inf.ch.John Jr., bur. Sept.4,1834. Stilborn.

Abby, d.Joseph and Abigail, May11,1838, a.18y.GR3

Abigail, w.Joseph, Aug.5,1842, a.55y.GR3

Henry Dorr, s.Henry and Martha Ann Dorr, Apr.5,1830, a.1m.GR3

John, b. in South Wales, Apr.2,1849, a.64y.Md.Consumption.

Lucy Jane, d.Henry and Martha Ann Dorr, Jan.19,1836, a.2y.GR3

Mariah H., bur. Nov.6,1829, a.18y.


James, widr., b. in Ireland Sept.3,1847, a.55y.Consumption.


Andrew, May28,1848, a.48y.GR4

Julia, w.Andrew, Oct.2,1849, a.45y., native of Co. Longford, Ire.GR4


Edward, bur. Oct.7,1839, a.45y.


Charles H., Oct.6,1846, a.36y.GR3

Mary Stace, Mar.17,1845, a.7y.GR3

Oliver Hazard, s.Oliver and Hannah, Oct.21,1819, a.23m.

ELERY (Ellery)

Ann (d.William and Ann of Newport, RI.GR1), bur. Sept.20,1834, a.79y.

ELIOT (Elliot, Elyott)

Sarah, June13,1664-5.


Edward, s.John, July12,1849.GR4

John, s.John, Aug.12,1849.GR4

ELLENWOOD (Ellinwood)

Harriet, bur. May26,1843, a.35y.Brought from Somerville.

Henry E.G. (Henry Gilson, s.Nathan and Harriet Newhall.GR2), bur. May26,1843, a.22m.Brought from Somerville (d.末蔓末,1839.GR2)

ELLERY (Elery)

末末, Miss, bur. Sept.13,1832, a.13y.

Ann, w.William of Newport and d.Judge 末末 Remington, dec., Sept.7,1764, a.39y.GR1

Esther, Nov.30,1811, a.56y.GR3

John S., Aug.23,1797, a.48y.GR3

Lucey, w.Benjamin, Oct.19,1752.

ELLINWOOD (Ellenwood)

Harriet Newhall, w.Nathan,末蔓末,1840.GR2

ELLIOT (Eliot, Elyott)

Hazen B., bur. Oct.7,1836, a.42y.

Simon,末蔓末,1832, a.70y.GR3


末末, d.Daniel and 末末, July15,1849. Stillborn.

Caroline, d.Jonathan and Catharine, June12,1847.GR3

Catharine, w.Matthew, Jan.10,1732-3, a.39y.5m.GR1

Eliza A.C., Mar.24,1835, a.2y.2m.GR3

Eliza Ann, w.Rowland and d.Thomas Coburn, Nov.3,1847, a.11y.GR3

Elizabeth B., w.George Edward and d.William and Eliza Eager, Apr.8,1842, a.27y.GR3

Emma B., Mar.12,1847.GR3

Emma S., d.Jonathan R. and 末末, Mar.12,1847, a.5m.22d.Stoppage of bowels.

Emma A. Mar.1,1849, a.2y.17d.GR3

George H., Nov.30,1848.GR3

Granville, Feb.25,1842, a.38y.GR3

Henry Oren, youngest, s.Oren and Mary, Mar.16,1841, a.2y.GR3

John E., Feb.14,1849, a.7y.8m.GR3

Lyman F., May11,1849, a.6y.4m.GR3

Martha Josephine, July29,1846, a.7y.10m.GR3

Mary Randall, d.Ebenezer and Mary, Aug.11,1842, a.20y.GR3

Oren, July21,1841, a.31y.GR3

ELLSWORTH (Elsworth)

Frances Jane, d.末末 and Jane W.G., Oct.3,1847, a.9m.GR3

Jane W.G., w.末末 and d.Alexander Gregg, Esq., May14,1847, a.21y.GR3

ELSWORTH (Ellsworth)

George N., bur. Sept.25,1840.

Hiram N., bur. Sept.10,1839, a.10m.

ELYOTT (Eliot, Elliot)

John, Oct.13,1668.


末末, s.Gorham and 末末, Nov.6,1848., a.3d.Fits.

Anna J., d.Nathaniel, b. in Boston, July25,1849, a.6m.16d.Died in Boston. Dropsy on brain.

Charles Henry, s.Henry and Elizabeth, July27,1849, a.4y.5m.GR3

Elizabeth S., d.Edward and Sophronia Heustis, May13,1839.GR3

Ellen Tucker, w.Ralph Waldo and du of Beza Tucker of Boston and Margaret F. Kent, Feb.8,1831.GR3

Ellen A., d.Edward and Sophronia Heustis, Oct.20,1845.GR3

Fanny L., w.Nathaniel, b. in Alstead, NH, Nov.19,1849, a.30y.10m.Consumption. (Nov.23,1849, a.31y.GR3)

Joseph, s.Capt. Joseph and Elizabeth of Chelmsford, June2,1788, a.18y.7d.GR1

Lucy, bur. Sept.14,1826, a.34y.

Mary F., from Boston, bur. July20,1845, a.3m.Inflammation of bowels.


Elizabeth Welch, d.Francis Welch Roberts and Sophronia, May6,1841, a.7y.GR3

John, in Boston, Nov.19,1819, a.39y.2m.GR3

John A., Oct.25,1842, a.24y.GR3

Julia Reed, d.Francis Welch Roberts and Sophronia, Aug.2,1847, a.11y.GR3

Mary Baker, w.Francis Welch Roberts, Sept.6,1847, a.25y.GR3

Sophronia, w.Francis Welch Roberts and Sophronia, Dec.21,1833, a.2y.GR3

Sophronia Wolcott, d.Francis Welch Roberts and Mary Baker, Apr.24,1841, a.22m.GR3


末末, inf.ch.John, bur. Sept.9,1830.


Eunice, Nov.19,1821, a.37y.GR3

Jacob, Nov.17,1832, a.63y.GR3

John Lucas, s.John L. and Caroline D., Nov.13,1845.GR3

Joshua, Nov.26,1847, a.75y.GR3

Katherine Wendell Bulfinch, w.Joshua, Feb.16,1831, a.58y.GR3

Marshall Weston Bowditch, s.Joshua Jr., Apr.1,1842, a.3 1/2y.GR3


Henry Francis, Aug.3,1848.GR3

Henry Francis, Sept.23,1849.GR3

Marian Jane Smith, w.Henry, Nov.12,1849.GR3

Thankful, w.William, Nov.5,1835, a.53y.GR3

William, widr., July23,1846, a.78y.GR3c.


William, Jan.4,1849, a.34y.GR3


Ann, w.Lawrence, Mar.2,1849, a.40y.GR4

Charles, bur. Sept.22,1836, a.22y.(d.Sept.21,1836. Drowned.Foreigner.CR10)


Elizabeth, d.Hon. Symonds, dec. of Ipswich and Mary, now, w.Rev. Edward Holyoke, Pres.Harvard College, Feb.14,1759, in her 22d y.GR1

Samuel, s.Symonds and Mary of Ipswich, June30,1760, a.27y.GR1

ERINGTON (Errington)

Abraham, May9,1677, a.55y.GR1

ERRINGTON (Erington)

Ann, Dec.11,1653 (Dec.25,1653, a.77.GR1)

Jacob, s.Abraham, Oct.2,1668.


末末, inf.ch.Leonard W., bur. Apr.13,1840.

Anna M., d.John and Judith, Dec.4,1845, a.1y.3m.Teething.

Benjamin, Rev., July22,1697.

Mary S. (Mary Sophia.CR9), bur. July21,1842, a.9m.(d.July19,1842.CR9)


末末, s.Jer. D., July6,1849, a.8m.Inflammation of bowels.CR10


Elizabeth Margaret, d.John and Mary D., Jan.7,1809, a.16m.GR3

John, s.John and Mary D., Sept.28,1802, a.8m.GR3

John, Mar.10,1821, a.48y.GR3

Margaret, d.John and Mary D., Jan.31,1807, a.17m.GR3

Mary Gilbert, adopted, d.John and Mary D., Aug.27,1806, a.12y.GR3

EUSTIS (Heustis)

Abraham, Gen., June27,1843, a.57y.3m.GR3

Charles Whittlesey, s.William Tappan and Susan W., Feb.28,1842.GR3

David Francis, s.William Tappan and Susan Moore, May15,1826.GR3

Francis Ingersoll, s.William Tappan and Susan W., Aug.16,1827.GR3

Margaret, Nov.26,1841, a.79y.GR3

Susan Moore, w.William Tappan, Mar.9,1823.GR3


George, Oct.28,1820.GR3

James M., Aug.1,1835.GR3

John, s.William Henry and Mary Ann, bur. Sept.11,1847, a.11y.CR2

John, s.William (William Henry.CR2) and Mary Ann, Mar.26,1849, a.1m.7d.Lung complaint.

Martha, Oct.14,1835.GR3


Joseph, s.Rev. John and Mary, Oct.27,1714, a.abt. 18y.GR1


Aaron, Oct.18,1838.GR3

Ann Gorham, Oct.18,1843, a.20y.GR3


Grace Webster, Jan.6,1836, a.8y.GR3

John, Feb.13,1826, a.25y.GR3

Lucy, Mar.24,1824, a.56y.GR3

Oliver, Dec.19,1802, a.50y.GR3

Sarah, Dec.11,1838.CR3


Mary Jane Virginia, w.Capt. John, Apr.28,1842, a.28y.GR3

Sarah E., Feb.15,1842.GR2

EWIN (Ewings, Ewins)

末末, ch.Robert, bur. Sept.4,1836, a.2y.

EWINGS (Ewin, Ewins)

Eunice T., d.Walter W. and 末末, July17,1849, a.1y.3m.Dysentery.

Laura Isabel, d.Walter W., b. in Boston, Aug.1,1849, a.9y.6m.7d.Dysentery.(d.Aug.3,1849.CR10) (d.Aug.2,1849.GR2)

EWINS (Ewin, Ewings)

Sarah, bur. Sept.6,1840, a.1y.

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