Squire of Russell and Polly Williams of Russell, Nov.4,1801.*PR6

Wealthy and William Beverly, Mar.29,1826.


Clarissa and George Smith of Blandford, int.Sept.28,1804.

Susanah and Luman Spelman, int.Feb.19,1809.

Lydia and William B. Robinson, int.Feb.3,1812. [m.Feb.8.CR1]

Electa of Southwick and Alexander Seymour, int.Dec.30,1816.

PARMELEE (see Pormeley)


Marietta, see Marytta.

Sophronia, see Saphronia.

David and Rebeckah Robinson, Nov.4,1756.*

Mary and John Remminton, Mar.1,1761.*

Nathan and Sarah Bancroft, Nov.13,1766.*

Israel and Mary Marvin, June28,1787.

Lovisa and Rufus Hickcox, Aug.12,1787. [Heacock.CR1]

David Jr. and Lucy Root, Dec.14,1788. [Dec.11.CR1]

Abner Jr. and Anstris Targee, Nov.2[?], 1789.

Joel and Phebe Parsons, Feb.10,1793. [Phebe Robinson.CR1]

Phebe and Joel Parsons, Feb.10,1793. [Phebe Robinson.CR1]

Tabatha and Martin Kelly, Mar.31,1796.

Levi and Abigail [dup. and int.Nabby] Ward, Oct.7,1802. [Parson and Abigal Ward.CR1]

Orpah and Rufus Rose, Jan.15,1803.

Noah of Sherburn, MY, and Anna Sharp,末蔓末, [int.Jan.22,1804] [Parson,末蔓末,1804.CR1]

Almira and James Cooley, June末,1805. [James Esq., June13.PR5PR6]

Oliver and Clarissa Hatch, int.Aug.18,1806. [m.Sept.13.PR6]

Dennison and Wealthy Parsons, Mar.19,1809.

Wealthy and Dennison Parsons, Mar.19,1809.

Phebe of Tolland and Ezekiel Belden, Sept.17,1812.*CR1

Joseph and Eliza Phelps, Jan.7,1813.

Nathan and Lucy Bartlett of Wilbraham, int.Aug.30,1813.

Otis and Chloe Phelps of Huntington, int.Dec.1,1814.

Loviannah and Gad Phelon of Blandford, Nov.14,1816.*

George A. and Maria Lee of Middletown, CT, int.Apr.20,1817.

Chancey and Amanda F. Coe, int.Dec.6,1817.

Marytta and Benjamin Stebbins Esq. of W. Springfield, int.Mar.9,1818. [m.July3.PR6]

Desdamonia [int.Desdemony] and Richard Tew [int.of Blandford], July8,1819.

Saphronia and Noah Cooley, int.Aug.16,1819. [Sophronia, m.Sept.末.CR1]

Susan P. and Harvey Griswold of Suffield, Hartford Co., CT, Nov.18,1819.

Eliza and Phinehas Miner Esq. of Litchfield, CT, Feb.28,1821. [Elisa and Phnehas Minor Esq., Feb.1.CR1]

Phillip [int.Philip], Sir, Sidney and Eliza Bula Coe, June24,1822. [Sidna P.CR1]

Nancy and William Hall of Blandford, Nov.20,1823.

Sally and Samuel W. Hamilton, Mar.9,1824.

Israel M. and Marcia Curtiss, Apr.29,1824. [Isreal M.PR6]

Phebe and Amos Hall of Blandford, Nov.10,1824. [Phebe Powers, Nov.30.CR1]

Nathan C. and Elsemene Peebles, Oct.6 [dup. Sept.6], 1825. [Nathan Curtiss Parsons and Elsemone Peebles, Sept.6.CR1]

William S.L. of Wintonbury, CT, and Mrs.Lavinia A. Duncan of Tolland, July4,1826.*

Orpha and Milo Holcomb of Granby, CT, Apr.10,1828.

Mary E. and James A. Curtiss of Durham, Ct, int.Oct.11,1829. [Mary C. and James A. Curtis of Durham, CT, m.Nov.5.CR1]

Luman B. and Priscilla Miner of Blandford, int.Jan.31,1830.

Elizabeth and Walson Gibbons, Apr.30,1834.*PR6

Susan R. and Miran Johnson, Sept.末,1836.*CR1

Mary E. and Lyman W. Cowdry of Hartford, CT, Aug.7,1841.*PR6

Abigail T., d.Levi and 末末, and Nathaniel P. Miner, farmer, s.Adam and 末末, Mar.末,1844.*

Marytta, 26, d.Joseph and Eliza, and Loring Lane Jr. [dup. omits Jr.], innkeeper, of Hartford, CT, s.Loring and Laura of Hartford, Nov.27,1845.* [Loring Jr. of Hartford, CT.PR6]


Joanna of Southwick and William Smith of Southwick, June21,1787.*CR1

PEBBLE (Peebles)

Nancy, see Nanny Publis.


Jabes of New Marlborough and Marcy Snow, Mar.27,1804.

PEEBLES (Pebble)

Harvey [dup. Pebbles] and Eunice Hamilton, Oct.7,1796.* [Peebles, Oct.7,1797.PR6]

Lester of Charleston, OH, and Ann Waterman of Blandford, May15,1821.* [ Blandford.PR6]

Sylvester and Crucia Cannon of Blandford, int.Dec.2,1822.

Elizabeth and Joseph Remington, Apr.14,1824.*

Elsemene and Nathan C. Parsons, Oct.6 [dup. Sept.6], 1825. [Elsemone and Nathan Curtiss Parsons, Sept.6.CR1]

Thomas J. of Tolland and Diana Hamilton of Tolland, Sept.24,1826.*

Almon and Hannah Noble of Blandford, int.Sept.23,1827.

William and Sarah Carnahan of Blandford, int.Apr.25,1830. [Connahan (?) of Blandford, m.May13.CR1]


Ephram and Marah Spelman, Apr.25,1754.*


Polly and John Coe, Sept.27,1795.*


Isaac and Miriam Robinson, Dec.2,1786.*CR1

Polly and Abijah Sturdevant of Sandisfield, May21,1789. [Sturdivant.CR1]


Horace of Southwick and Eliza Granger, int.Apr.11,1830.

Orvin M. of Blandford and Nancy Howe, May2,1839.*PR6


William and Susannah Olmstead, Jan.1,1787.*

Eber and Catharine McCullum [dup. and int.McIallam], May23,1787. [McCullom.CR1]

William Jr. and Phebe Hungerford of Hartland, Nov.25,1792.*CR1

Clarissa and Sewall Morgan of Russell, NY, Jan.31,1811. [Sewal.PR6]

Susanna and Lyman Williams, Feb.末 [int.Feb.17], 1812.


Gad of Blandford and Loviannah Parson, Nov.14,1816.*

Cyrus, 28, farmer, s.John and 末末, and Lucy Wells, 23, d.Calvin and 末末, Apr.4,1844.*

Margaret, 20, d.Gad and Lovanah, and John H. Moore, 22, manufacturer, of Springfield, s.David and Lucy of Springfield, May30,1844.


John and Betsy Boies of Blanford, Feb.9,1792.*

Isaac Jr. of Granby and Rhoda Bancroft, Sept.20,1798. [Isaac of Granby, CT.PR6]

John of Colebrook, Litchfield Co., and Statira Graves, int.Oct.3,1802. [Clarissa, m.末蔓末,1802.PR6]

Jabish M. of Granby and Rebekah Hamilton, int.Dec.1,1804.

Eliza and Joseph Parsons, Jan.7,1813.

Chloe of Huntington and Otis Parsons, int.Dec.1,1814.

Nancy and Thomas Henry Marshall of Hartford, Hartford, Co., CT, int.Dec.22,1825. [Thomas N. of Hartford, CT, m.Jan.5,1826.CR1]

Charity of Windsor, CT, and Silvanus Tinker, int.Nov.21,1827.

Almira of Southwick and Dudly D. Sacket, int.Dec.23,1827.

Marca and Emerson E. Baker, Oct.31,1832.*CR1

Milo, 29, farmer, of Otis, s.Stephen and Sally of Otis, and Esther E. Farnum, 27, d.Justin, Nov.25,1847.*


Alaxander and Ruth Strong, Oct.30,1785.*


Hannah and Noah Robinson, Nov.8,1758.*

POMEROY (Pomery, Pomroy)

Seymour of Franklin, NY, and Clarissa Harlow Gibbins, int.Feb.13,1803.

Abigail, Mrs., of Suffield, and Samuel Gains, int.Feb.17,1805.

Eleazer and Loe Cornwell, June10,1805.

Elihu Jr. and Eliza Hall, Nov.末,1808.

POMERY (Pomeroy, Pomroy)

Abigal Whelock and Josiah Dwight Graves of Belchertown, Feb.5,1799. [Abigail Wheelock Pomeroy.CR1]

POMROY (Pomeroy, Pomery)

Eliakim of Suffield, CT, and Lucy K. Gibbons, Nov.30,1826. [Eleakim Pomeroy of Suffield, CT.PR6]


Almira, see Almira Fowler.

Abigail and Alexander Stewart, Jan.3,1788. [Steward.CR1]

Rachel of Hartland and William Barns, Apr.28,1791. [Rachel of Hartland, CT, and William Barnes.CR1]


Pierpont and Cynthia Butler of Tolland, int.Apr.15,1822.


Phebe, see Phebe Parsons.

PRATT (Prott)

Olive and John Tibbals, Aug.22,1764.*

Sarah and David Coe, Sept.9,1785.*

Aaron and Roxana Woolworth, wid., Jan.31,1788. [Wolworth.CR1]

Aulderton and Lucy Mather, Oct.9,1788 [? in Southwick]. [Aldeston and Lucy Mather of Southwick.CR1]

Rhoda and Eliakim Miller, Dec.30,1790.

Tabitha and Agariah Bancroft, Nov.17,1791.*CR1

Silas and Tamson Snow, int.Sept.16,1804.

Julia and Lyman Seymour of Sandisfield, int.Apr.15,1811. [m.Apr.28.PR6]

Worthy and Floreny Case of Otis, Berkshire Co., int.July15,1811.

Olney of Collinsville, CT, and 末末 Sage, July14,1839.*PR6


Sylvester, see Sylvanus Twist.

PROTT (Pratt)

Mary and Eleaser Strong, Jan.31,1788. [Pratt.CR1]


Nanny and Jesse Hall, Aug.26,1788. [Nancy Pebble.CR1]


Hiram and Amanda Bumpus, int.Apr.23,1807.


Gorge and Loes Hickox, Jan.25,1763.*

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