EAGAN (Egan)

Anna, and Isiah Whitticer, int.Nov.5,1803.


Demaris, Of Newport, RI, and Daniel Smith of South Kingston, RI, May15,1727.CR7

Mary A., of Newburyport, and William H. Hynes, int.Oct.21,1848.


Anne, of Salisbury, and Solomon Pike, at Salisbury, Jan.23,1723-4.

Edmund, and Hannah Hills, Apr.28,1747.*

Betsey, of Henniker, and John Hardy, int.Sept.25,1801.

Enoch, and Betsey Tyler, int.Sept.12,1804.


Joseph, of Dracut, and Hepsibah Ames of Wilmington, Feb.3,1732-3.CR7


Hannah, Mrs., and Joseph Burrill, Feb.9,1743-4.*

Robert D., Rev., of Malden, and Caroline Goodwin, Nov.6,1832.*


Sarah [of Haverhill. int.], and John Emerson, at Haverhill, Oct.26,1784.*

EASTMAN (Easman)

Daniel, of Salisbury, and Mary Jackman, May15,1760.*

Enoch, and Judith Adams, Nov.21,1808.*

Jeremiah, of Salisbury, and Edner Poor of Haverhill, Sept.10,1772.

Jonathan, of Salisbury, and Elizabeth Chase, May21,1812.*

Lucinda, and Gideon Rogers, jr., Dec.10,1835.*

Mary Jane, and James W. Davis of Newburyport, int.Apr.1,1837.

Phillip, and Mary Morse, Aug.22,1678.

Thomas, and Hannah Annis, Nov.2,1732.CR7


Anne, of Salisbury, and Thomas Arnold, at Salisbury, Nov.10,1747.*

Daniel, and Nanne Pike, both of Salisbury, Nov.24,1730.CR7

David, and Ruth Little, Oct.23,1811.*

Elisabeth, and Simon Noyes, Dec.10,1754.*

Elisabeth, and Edward Ordway, jr., of Haverhill, at Haverhill, [bef. 1780].

Elisabeth, of Newburyport, and William Chase, int.Feb.10,1798.

Eunice Wells, of Northampton, NH, and Clark Foss, int.Aug.23,1818.

Forrest, of Dover, NH, and Harriet P. Gordon, Sept.23,1828.*

Henry, of Seabrook, NH, and Abigail [M. int.] Perry, Nov.末,1833.*

Jacob, and Sarah Plomer, May13,1726.*

John, and Hannah Fowler, both of Salisbury, Jan.13,1734-5.CR7

John, of Haverhill, and Judeth Hale [at Haverhill. dup.], Oct.21,1741.*

John, of Salisbury, and Nancy Wyatt, int.Oct.11,1811.

Jonathan, and Susan Saunders, Apr.3,1815.*

Sally, of Salisbury, and Samuel S. Berdge, int.Oct.20,1811.

Thaddeus, and Abigail Deland of Salem, Int. Oct.17,1813.

Thomas, of Salisbury, and Eunice Moulton, Oct.5,1749.*


Jonathan, of Boston, and Joannah Willit, int.Mar.24,1711-12.

EDGERLY (Edgley)

Susan A., of Rowley, a.19y., b. Rowley, d.Samuel and Mary, of Rowley, and John Dunn of Rowley, a.26y., carpenter, b. Quebec, L.C., s.Hubert and Hornored, of Quebec, Feb.17,1848.

EDGLEY (Edgerly)

Samuel, and Mary Dole of Rowley, int.June5,1824.

EDMONDS (Edmunds)

Jane, and Michael Ludon of Danvers, int.Aug.12,1797.

EDMUNDS (Edmonds)

Samuel, and Hannah Thurlo, Mar.11,1811.*


Abraham, and Elisabeth Emerson, June4,1723.*

Abraham, of Boston, and Lydia Pilsbury, int.Nov.22,1806.

Edward, and Elisabeth Coats, int.Feb.28,1746-7.

Elisabeth, and Nicholas Pettingell, June25,1752.*

Betsey, of Salisbury, and William Merrill, 3d, int.Apr.13,1827.

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Daniel Merrill, June18,1831.*

Hannah, of Salisbury, and Peter Clefford, int.Mar.23,1805.

Hannah, and Rufus Pray, Dec.末,1824.*

Joseph, and Sarah Newman, Nov.12,1753.*

Joseph, and Anna Pettingall, int.Mar.15,1785.

Joshua, and Elizabeth Pulsifer of Wenham, int.July5,1819.

Mary, and James Browne, jr., Apr.28,1694.

Mary, and James Browne, Apr.8,1695.

Mary Ann, of Newburyport, and Samuel Hoyt Pingry of Haverhill, Oct.11,1832.

Rebeckeh, and David Coll, May14,1752.*

Rice [of Wenham.int.], and Rebecca Ford, Mar.22,1770.*

Trifene, wid., and Josiah Goodrich, int.Feb.22,1777.

EGAN (Eagan)

George, and Charlotte Rogers, May18,1817.*

James, and Anna Eliet, June15,1795.*

ELA (Ely)

Sarah, of Newburyport, and Joseph Stanwood,末蔓末,1808. [June. 17. int.]*


William, of Falmouth, and Mary Akers, Nov.21,1751.*


Betsey Hall, and Jeremiah Day, May7,1822.*

Emma, of Salisbury, and Joseph Hodgkins, int.Sept.26,1810.

Ezekiel, and Elisabeth Butler, Apr.5,1750. ["This man convicted of and branded in ye hand for polygamy after this marriage. "CR3]*

ELIET (Elliott)

Anna, and James Egan, June15,1795.*

ELIOT (Elliott)

Elizabeth, of Newtown, and Joseph Bright of Watertown, June5,1730.CR7

Elisabeth, and Leonard Smith, Dec.19,1754.CR8

John, of Boscawen, NH, and Susanna Welch, Sept.11,1781.*

Jonathan, and Mehitable Chute [of Rowley.int.], Oct.2,1800.*

Mary, and Francis Bartlet, both of Amesbury, Sept.9,1741.CR7

Mary, and Benjamin Coffin, 3d, Jan.25,1759.*

Moses, and Sarah Pearson of Rowley, int.Oct.5,1800.

Samuel, of Boston, and Catharine Atkins, int.Apr.21,1786.

Skipper, and Joanna Blake of Salisbury, int.May23,1752.


Mary, and Francis Plumer, int.Apr.12,1700.


Anna, and Jacob Adams, Apr.7,1677.


Abigail, Mrs., of Gloucester, and Joshua Tufts, int.Sept.11,1741.

ELLIOT (Elliott)

David C., a.22y., b. Dorchester, NH, s.Isaac and Dorothy, of Dorchester, and Hannah F. Chesley, a.20y., b. Gilmanton, d.Timothy and Betsy, of Gilmanton, Nov.25,1847.*

Elizabeth, of Haverhill, and Moses Moody, 3d, int.Feb.12,1780.

Jeremiah, and Susanna Haskell Currier of Newburyport, int.Oct.14,1813.

Jeremiah, and Hannah Pilsbury Questron, int.May26,1821.

Milton, and Rebecca R. Wells, int.Jan.15,1828.

Naomi [of Amesbury.int.], and John Calf, at Amesbury, Oct.31,1739.*

ELLIOTT (Eliet, Eliot, Elliot, Ellit, Ellite)

Hannah, and Rufus D. Lothrop of Rowley, int.Jan.27,1842.

Henry M., of Salisbury, and Lydia George, int.Mar.31,1841.

John, of the Royal Scots, and Sarah Bayard, in New Hampshire, July17,1761.CR8


Abigail, and Samuel Ellis, widr., both of Medfield, May17,1726.CR7

Samuel, widr., and Abigail Ellis, both of Medfield, May17,1726.CR7


Francis, and Dorcas Moores of Newburyport. Sept.19,1810.*

ELLIT (Elliott)

Sarah, and Daniel Lunt, int.May22,1714.

ELLITE (Elliott)

Francis, and Sarah Hodgskins, Oct.4,1742.*


Hannah, of Rowley, and Zechariah Beal, jr., at Rowley, Apr.10,1766.*

Jonathan, and EuniceTenney, both of Rowley, Feb.20,1753.

Samuel, and Judith Listy of Amesbury, int.Aug.30,1774.


Christian, of Gloucester, and William Sampson, int.July18,1702.

Cristian, alias Samson, and James Smith of Preston, CT, Feb.26,1712-13.*

Hannah M., and John F. Jennin, both of Rowley, Apr.27,1818.CR5

Martha, and James Warden of Newburyport, int.Jan.7,1793.

ELY (Ela)

Daniel, of Newburyport, and Sarah Brookins, Nov.6,1774.*

EMERSON (Emmerson, Emmison)

Abel, and Molly Currier of Haverhill, Nov.18,1777.*

Anna, of Hampstead, and Jeremiah Chase, jr., int.May22,1789.

Anstis, of Ipswich, and William Badger, int.Oct.3,1751.

Bulkley, and Mary Moody, July13,1752.*

Elisabeth, and Abraham Edwards, June4,1723.*

Elizabeth, and James Fagin, Dec.9,1834.*

Hannah, and John Woolcutt, Jan.4,1684.

Hannah, and Samuel Lowell of Rowley, at Rowley, Sept.17,1735.*

James, jr., of Haverhill, and Sarah Emerson [int.Feb.9,1758.]*

Joanna, and Joseph Harrandin [Harradan. int.] of Gloucester, Jan.6,1731-2.*

John [Lt. int.], and Hannah Poor, Nov.2,1710.*

John, and Sarah Easterbrooks, at Haverhill, Oct.26,1784.*

Jonathan, of Salem, NH, and Rhoda Bayley, int.Dec.13,1780.

Joseph, and Ruth Brown, Jan.6,1735-6.*

Mary, and Hugh Mathews, Aug.28,1683.

Polly, of Hampstead, NH, and Richard Jaques, int.May15,1792.

Mary, and Robert Lander [Lowder. int.], Feb.8,1801.CR5*

Nancy, of Hopkinton, and John Pearson, int.Oct.23,1813.

Nehemiah, of Haverhill, and Abigail Knight, Feb.6,1794.*

Richard, of Haverhill, and Mary Morss [at Haverhill. dup.], Jan.2,1738-9.*

Samuel, and Mary Green of Bostom, int.Jan.30,1753.

Sarah, and James Emerson, jr., of Haverhill [int.Feb.9,1758.]*

Thomas, and Anna Kimball, int.Nov.21,1785.

Timothy W., and Mary W. Conant of Rowley, int.May9,1834.

Watts, of Hampstead, and Molly Merrill, Apr.2,1794.*

EMERY (Emmery, Emory)

Abigail, wid., and John Stickne, jr., May30,1720.*

Abigail, and Gideon Bartlet, Dec.16,1725.*

Abigail, and Ebenezer Hacket, Mar.24,1752.*

Abigail, and Ephraim Boynton, Feb.19,1756.*

Abigail, and Jeremiah Jewett of Rowley, July15,1797.*

Amos, and Anna Moody of Newburyport, int.Jan.9,1784.

Anna, and Abel Merrill, Jan.4,1776.*

Anne, and James Ardway, Nov.25,1648.

Anne, and Tristram Little, jr., Apr.10,1711.*

Ann, and Woodbridge Brown of Abington, Nov.末,1736.*

Anthony, and Hannah Plumer, int.Mar.21,1711.

Benjamin, and Sarah Samson, July8,1754.*

Benjamin, of Rumford, NH [Pennacook.CR2], and Sarah Bayley, Mar.12,1761.*

Bithia, and Henry Bodwell, May4,1681.

Charles, and Mary Elizabeth George of Newburyport, int.Jan.5,1828.

Daniell, and Hannah Tappin, Nov.26,171[8. int.]*

Daniel, and Sarah Brocklebank of Rowley, at Rowley, Feb.28,1757.*

David, and Abigail Chase, Jan.27,1731-2.*

David, and Mary Hale, Dec.30,1756.*

David, and Betty Little, Aug.22,1785.*

David [of Newburyport. int.], and Sarah Smith, Apr.22,1812.*

Ebenezer, and John Hoog, Apr.21,1669.[All sources agree that Ebenezer was female.]

Elizabeth [d.Sergt. John. int.], and John Kelly [jr. int.], Nov.末,1696.*

Elisabeth, and Caleb Moodey, jr., June15,1727.*

Betty, Mrs., and Col. Daniel Spofford of Rowley, Apr.12,1780.*

Betty, and Moses Colman, Dec.5,1787.*

Elizabeth, of West Newbury, and Flavius Emery, Nov.1,1826.*

Enoch, and Sarah Sarjant of Haverhill, int.June26,1784.

Ephraim, Lt., and Polly Russell of Bradford, at Bradford, Sept.末,1785.*

Eunice, of Hampstead, and John Colby, int.Mar.17,1777.

Flavius, and Elizabeth Emery of West Newbury, Nov.1,1826.*

Hanna, and Richard Bartlet, Nov.18,1673.

Hannah, and Samuel Chase, Dec.8,1713.*

Hannah, and Edward Holman, May19,1726.*

Hannah, and Jonathan Griffin, May12,1752.*

Hannah, and Daniel Hills, May10,1757.*

Hannah, and Paul Little of Falmouth, May20,1762.*

Hannah, and Samuel Moody [jr.CR2], Apr.25,1790.*

Hannah, and Robert Howell, Oct.6,1814.*

Jacob, and Lydia Noyes, int.Nov.5,1804.

James, and Ruth Watson of Haverhill, Dec.10,1719.

Jane, of Newburyport, and Andrew Crocket, June15,1812.*

John, and Mary Webster [ wid.John, of Ipswich.TC], Oct. [29. 1650.TC]

John, and Mary Sawyer, June13,1683.

John [sr. int.], and Abigel Bartlet. May27,1700.*

John, jr., and Hanah Mors, int.Feb.2,1704-5.

John [3d.int.], and Mrs.Mehitable Short, Dec.30,1714.*

John, and [Mrs.int.] Mary March, Jan.2,1723-4. [He takes her without any estate, refusing to pay any debts of her former husband Capt. James March.int.]*

John, and Rebecca Walker of Bradford, int.July21,1733.

John, jr., and Ednah Noyes, Apr.7,1756.*

John, 3d, and Elisabeth Woodman, Oct.1,1767.*

John [jr. int.], and Betty Smith, Dec.27,1770.*

John, jr., and Susanna Bartlet, int.Oct.19,1781.

Jonathan, and Mary Woodman, Nov.29,1676.

Jonathan, jr., and Ruth Richardson, int.Oct.27,1705.*

Joseph, and Elizabeth Merrill, Oct.2,1693.CTR

Joseph, of Andover, and Abigail Long, int.Aug.17,1738.

Joshua, and Abigail Moodey, Nov.25,1714.*

Joshua [s.John. jr. int.], and Sarah Smith, Mar.27 or 28,1728.*

Joshua, of Haverhill, and Sarah Short, at Haverhill, [after 1729.]

Joshua, of Haverhill, and Sarah Short, Aug.29,1754.*

Josiah, and Rebekah Woodman, Nov.20,1770.*

Judeth, and Daniel Hale of Rowley, Dec.29,1720.*

Judeth, Mrs.[wid.CR2], and Stephen Huse, July30,1729.*

Judeth, and Samuel Smith, Dec.2,1742.*

Judith, and Cutting Moulton, Nov.25,1784.*

Lydia, d.Sergt. John, deceased, and Joseph Browne, int.May23,1696.

Lydia, and Edward Dean of Ipswich, May31,1716.*

Lydia, and Ephraim Davis, May5,1726.*

Lydia, and Moses Emery, Mar.14,1737-8.*

Lydia, and Eliphalet Coffin, Jan.17,1760.*

Lydia, and Moses Short, July24,1781.*

Mirriam, and John Moody, Oct.18,1750.*

Martha, and Nathaniel Bayley, Aug.6,1761.*

Mary, and Samuel Sawyer, Mar.13,1670-71.

Mary, and Jonathan Wiggens, Nov.9,1703.

Mary, and Ens.Thomas Noyes [jr. int.], Jan.5,1726-7.*

Mary, Mrs., and Bernard Currier of Amesbury, Oct.23,1739.*

Mary, and William Smith, May20,1747.*

Mary, and David Batcheldor of Hampton Falls, NH, Jan.1,1771.*

Molly, and John Chase, jr. [4th.int.], Oct.2,1781.*

Polly, of Atkinson, NH, and John Woodman, jr., int.Oct.25,1785.

Mary, and David Ordway, jr., Aug.9,1802.*

Mary, and John Remick, Oct.2,1806.*

Mehitable, and Ezekiel Little of Boston, May24,1801.*

Michael, and Sarah Sargent of Amesbury, int.Oct.5,1804.

Moody, and Abigail Priscot, Oct.18,1795.*

Moses, and Lydia Emery, Mar.14,1737-8.*

Moses, and Elisabeth Davis, int.Oct.15,1743.

Moses, and Hannah Jackman, May29,1745.CR7*

Moses, jr., and Ruth Bodwell, Dec.15,1768.*

Moses [jr. int.], and Sarah Hale, Sept.27,1770.*

Moses, and Betsey Folansbe, Sept.24,1803.*

Moses, and Caroline Smith of Newburyport, int.Nov.19,1814.

Nathan, and Susanna Noyes, int.Aug.5,1777.

Nathaniel, Lt., and Sarah Short, Nov.11,1777.*

Nataniel, Lt., and Abigail Longfellow, May21,1795.*

Nathaniel, and Mary Quimbe, Nov.27,1799.*

Nicholas, Capt., and Sarah Robinson, both of West Newbury, Feb.5,1822.

Ruth, and William Moulton, jr., Apr.24,1716.*

Ruth, and John White, 3d of Haverhill, May7,1772.*

Samuel, and Elizabeth Woodwell of Salem, at Salem, Apr.16,1747.*

Samuel, and Ruth Annis, Nov.25,1760.*

Sarah, and Isaac Baily, June13,1683.

Sarah, Mrs., and Ambros Berry, June3,1728.*

Sarah, and David Chase, Nov.24,1729.*

Sarah, and Henry Adams, Nov.20,1746.*

Sarah, and John March, 3d, Mar.5,1761.*

Sarah, and Enoch Noyes, Oct.30,1765.

Sarah, and Ezekiel Merrill, June1,1773.*

Sarah, and John Bayley, Nov.16,1786.*

Salley, and William Harris, Sept.23,1804.*

Sally, and Richard Rand Nov.2,1807.*

Sarah, and Nathaniel Noyes of Salisbury, NH,末蔓末,1808 or 9. [Nov.25,1808. int.]*

Sarah, and Rev. Daniel Dana, D.D. of Newburyport, Nov.8,1814.*

Sarah Jane, a.21y., d.Thomas, and Lewis G. Farrington of West Newbury, a.21y., shoemaker, s.Ebenezer and Ruth, of West Newbury, May1,1845.

Stephen, and Ruth Jaques, Nov.29,1692.

Stephen, and Lydia Jackman, Feb.25,1714-15.*

Stephen, 3d, and Hannah Rolfe, May5,1732.*

Stephen, 4th, and Deliverance Stiles of Boxford, int.Sept.1,1743.

Stephen, 3d, and Sarah Moody, Nov.6,1760.

Stephen, jr., and Sarah Bartlet, int.Apr.22,1780.

Stephen, 3d, and Hannah Little, May4,1783.*

Thomas, and Ruth March, Oct.10,1770.*

Thomas, and Elisabeth Hale, Dec.4,1796.*

Thomas, and Margaret Coffin, Nov.27,1806.*

Thomas, jr., and Mary Hoyt of Amesbury, int.Mar.19,1818.

William, of Contoocook, NH, and Mary Chase, int.Aug.4,1749.

EMMERSOM (Emerson)

Samuel, and Sarah Lowell of Rowley, Nov.16,1729.*

EMMERY (Emery)

Daniel [widr.CR2], and wid.Judeth Knight, Nov.29,1723.*

Edward, and Sarah Sibley, Dec.19,1719.*

John, and Abigail Stiles of Boxford, at Boxford, Dec.18,1753.*

Sarah, jr., and Richard Dole, jr., May21,1719.*


Elizabeth, and Phineas Glesen, both of Framingham, Jan.24,1732-3.CR7

EMMISON (Emerson)

Hannah, of Amesbury, and Hugh Pike [jr. int.], at Amesbury, Nov.24,1715.*


Marcia, of Newburyport, and Tristram Rogers,末蔓末,1810 or 11. [Nov.3,1810. int.]*

EMORY (Emery)

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Rev, Moses Hale of Boxford, Dec.28,1775.*

Hitty, and Nathan Morss, Oct.20,1741.*


Daniel B., a.26y., blacksmith, s.John and Sarah, and Sarah Hale, a.22y., d.Oliver and Sarah, July5,1846.*

Eliphalet, and Elisabeth Pearson, July7,1785.*

Elizabeth [ wid.int.], and Daniel Chase, May7,1777.*

Elisabeth, and Ebenezer Brown, Sept.18,1785.*

Elizabeth, and Paul H. Grant, July17,1810.*

Francis, and Prudence Hills, May10,1757.*

Hannah, and John H[azen. int.] Perry, Oct.15,1806.*

John, and Sarah B. Jaques, Dec.3,1818.*

Lydia C., and William Francis Follansbee of Newburyport, int.Apr.13,1833.

Pamela, and John Bailey, Mar.4,1837.*

Prudence, and Samuel Hills, July24,1766.*

Samuel, of Newburyport, and Hannah Poor, Dec.10,1795. [1794.CR2]*

Stephen, of Biddeford, and Sarah Willet, Sept.9,1731.*

Stephen, and Abigail Pilsbury, Dec.18,1755.*

Stephen, and Elizabeth Bayley, Sept.21,1775.*

William, and Hannah Morss, Jan.15,1812.*

William, and Rhoda Morse, Oct.31,1815.*


Miriam, and William Lakin, both of Groton, July29,1731.CR7

ESTABROOK (Easterbrook, Easterbrooks)

Sophia w., of Haverhill, and Nathaniel Morss, int.May29,1847.


Elizabeth, of Newburyport, and Jonathan Poor, int.Sept.13,1823.

EVANS (Evens, Evins)

Benjamin, of Salisbury, and Jane Herriman, Aug.19,1762.*

Benjamin [G. int.], of Newburyport, and Sarah J. Stickney, July11,1833.*

David, and Letty Stockman, int.Nov.16,1844.

Enoch, and Bathsheba Door, Sept.24,1817.*

Ezekiel, of Salisbury, and Mary B. Johnson, int.Oct.17,1846.

Jane, and John Tillotson, May24,1655.

Julia Ann, and George W. Miles, Sept.27,1832.*

Mary E., and Dennis Small of Newburyport, int.Apr.21,1844.

Mary Jane, of Newburyport, and John S. Crocker, int.Mar.14,1849.

Sarah, d.James of Berwick, ME, and Jonathan Roggers, jr., s.Jonathan and Hannah, Nov.25,1747.CR6

Sarah A., of Newburyport, d.William and Sophronia, of Newburyport, and Joseph R. Thurlow, a, 24y., mariner, s.Joseph L. and Ruth, Nov.26,1846.*

Thomas, and Prudence Stickney, Jan.10,1782.*

EVENS (Evans)

David, and Mary Gardner of Newburyport, int.Jan.5,1805.

Mary, and Jonathan Samson, Sept.4,1749.*

EVINS (Evans)

Ann, and Samuel Palmer of Rowley, int.July3,1738.

Hannah, and Seth Flood, Nov.22,1744.*

William, and Lydia Chase, Jan.30,1715-6.*


Thomas, of Ramsgate, kent, Eng., now of Marblehead, and Mary Bartlett of Marblehead, July5,1735.CR7


Sally, and Samuel Thurlow, jr., Sept.15,1818.*

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