Betsey, and Aaron Lamphire, Dec.6,1827.*


Elizabeth, Mrs., of Ipswich, and Nathaniell Shepherd, at Ipswich, May5,1703.

Mary A. [Mrs.int.], and Archibald S. Hulen, Oct.5,1840.*

Lucy M., of Ipswich, and Josiah F. Kimball, int.Mar.23,1845.

Erastus D., of Salem, and Angeline Carroll, int.Nov.26,1846.


Lucy L., and Albert M. Woodbury, July12,1835.*


Deborah, Mrs., and Rev. Nathaniel Henchman, Jan.3,1726-7.*

WAITT (Wait, Waite, Wayt, Wayte)

John, and Ann Colley, Sept.13,1722.*

Sarah, and William Chever, int.Jan.28,1727-28.

Abigail, and Nathan Jencks, June6,1734.*

Joseph, of Malden, and Susanna Bancroft, Jan.3,1738-9.*

Jonathan, and Hannah Hawkes, int.Mar.2,1739-40.

Jonathan, and Hanah Hawkes, July10,1739. [Mar.2,1739-40. int.]*

Mercy, and Aaron, Fuller, int.Oct.28,1739.

Mary, and Aaron Fellt, Dec.25,1739.

Sarah, and Edward Fuller, int.Sept.28,1740.

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Brintnall of Chelsea, int.Feb.7,1741-2.

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Britnall, Apr.6,1742.

Petar, and Jane Furgason, Dec.30,1746.

Anna, of Malden, and Thomas Burridge [Bruige. int.], at Malden, Nov.15,1750.*

Ezra, and Sarah Hawkes, Mar.8,1752.*

Anna, and William Berry, May13,1752.CTR

Anna, and William Bery [of Boston. int.], May13,1752.*

John, and Mary Dunell, Jan.29,1754.*

Elisabeth, and Jacob Walton ["a resident. " int.], Aug.28,1755.*

Anne [Mrs.int.], and Josiah Rhoads, July29,1756. [July28,1758. int.andCR3]*

Lydia [Mrs.int.], and Capt. John Jenkes, Aug.21,1760.*

Peter, non-resident, and Margret Mallet, int.Dec.12,1761.

Mary, of Malden, and Nathaniel Ingalls, at Malden, Dec.9,1762.

Dorcis, Mrs., and Ebenezer Stacy, int.May16,1772.

Dorcas, and Ebenezer Stacey, July9,1772.CR3

John, resident of Lynn, and Sarah Homan of Marblehead, int.Mar.5,1774.

John, and Sarah Homan of Marblehead, at Marblehead, Apr.12,1774.

Stephen, of Malden, and Susannah Burriage, int.Feb.18,1775.

Ezra, and Sarah Hucherson, May15,1778. [May10.CR3]*

Mary, and William Tranch, May15,1778. [May10.CR3]*

Jabez [resident of Lynn. int.], and Sarah Collins, Feb.5,1792.*

Mary, and Abner Burrill, June5,1804.*

John jr., of Malden, and Lydia Newhall, int.Oct.17,1813.

Job C., and Polly Parrott, Jan.15,1815.*

Edmund, and Martha Organ, Oct.10,1820.*

Dorcas, and Ephraim G. Taylor, May22,1823.*

William, and Hannah West, Nov.21,1826.*

Hannah B., and Joseph Ramsdell, int.Feb.5,1832.

Daniel B., and Hannah Maria Clark, Mar.23,1841.*

William S., widr., a.44y., housewright, s.Edmund, and Elizabeth Follett, wid., a.40y., d.Joseph Goldsmith, Nov.20,1844.*

Job C., and Eliza Ellen Alley, Sept.28,1845.*

Isaac O., a.22y., laborer, s.Edmund and Martha, and Mary McLaughlin, a.21y., d.Richard and Bridget, Feb.8,1848.*

William S., jr., a.26y., cordwainer, s.Edmund and Martha, and Margaret A. [L. int.] Tarbox, a.17y., d.William and Dolly, Dec.21,1848.*

Benjamin, and Mary Tarbox, Mar.6,1849.*

Martha P., a.19y., d.Job C., and John Q.A. Falls, a.23y., painter, s.John, Nov.29,1849.*


Susan N., and William Carter, July31,1823.*


John ["a stranger." int.], and Abigail Meriam, Sept.25,1770.CR3*

WALDEN (Waldin, Waldron, Walldon)

Hannah, and Joseph Farr, Sept.22,1680.

Elizabeth, and Elisha Fuller, Sept.10,1690.

Tamisan, of Salem, and Benjamin Chaplin, at Salem, Oct.10,1717.*

Nathaniel, of Salem, and Mary Nurs, int.Mar.21,1735-6.

Anna, wid., of Danvers, and Gideon Gowing, Feb.18,1773.CR2*

Nathaniel, and Hannah Ramsdal, Dec.19,1790.*

Caleb, and Betsey Houghton of Harvard, int.Aug.17,1817.

Eliza, and Joseph Breed, 3d, Sept.17,1818.*

Amos, and Sally Weed, Nov.13,1822.*

Nathaniel, and Mary Todd, Oct.27,1825.*

Isaiah, and Anna Symonds of Danvers, int.Oct.30,1825.

Amos, and Kezia H. Breed, Nov.28,1827.*

Caleb, and [Mrs.int.] Harriett Howes, Sept.14,1837.*

Daniel, and Harriett H. Smith, Jan.16,1842.*

Almira W., of Newburyport, and Asa Barker, int.Sept.14,1845.

William H., and Mary S. Green of Epsom, NH, int.Oct.4,1846.

Lucy Ann, a.21y., d.Caleb, and Legro S. Wentworth of Lebanon, ME, a.22y., cordwainer, s.John and Abigail, Dec.9,1847.*


Tabithah, and Daniell king, jr., Mar.11,1662.

Elizabeth, and Ralph King, Mar.2,1663.

Suball, and Patience Juett, May29,1666.CTR

Obediah, of Lunenburg, and Abigail Garey, int.Aug.11,1745.

David, and Abigail Farrington, Aug.19,1798.*

Lydia B., of Charlestown, and Charles Bruce, int.Mar.5,1848.

Thomas, and Caroline Fairbrother, wid., Aug.24,1848.*


Joseph S., of Worcester, and Eliza Boyce, int.Jan.10,1841.

WALLACE (Wallis)

Liddia, and Nathaniel Graves, int.Feb.26,1726-7.

Hannah, of Salem, and Georg Nuts, int.Sept.6,1747.

Benoni, of Lunenburg, and Rebecca Brown, at Lunenburg, July2,1755.*

Jemimah, of Danvers, and William Newman, at Danvers, Aug.20,1761.*

Robert [of Marblehead.int.], and Hannah Fuller, May10,1769. [Mary 20.CR3; May23.PR6]*

Mary, and John Hammond, both of Boston, Aug.14,1831.CR5*

Elizabeth, and Daniel Stephens, int.Oct.15,1837.

Abraham, and Jane Twisden, int.Feb.19,1843.

Abraham, and Mary Ann Alley, Oct.15,1845.*

Nathaniel W., of Beverly, and Lucretia T. Brickett, int.Apr.30,1848.

Abby, and Hiram Roberts, Dec.24,1848.*

WALSH (Walch)

Annice [Mrs.CR5], and Daniel Abbott, Jan.1,1821.*

Robert B., and Mary L. Ashton, int.Apr.16,1837.

Thomas, a.25y., laborer, b. Ireland s.William, and Julia Howe, b. Ireland Nov.12,1849.*

WALTON (Wolton)

Sarah, and Caleb Stiles, July10,1733.*

Jacob, of Reading, and Eunice Hawks, at Reading, Mar.6,1744.*

Jacob ["a resident. " int.], and Elisabeth Wait, Aug.28,1755.*

Timothy, and Rebecca Mansfield, Oct.17,1766.*

Mary, and John Bancroft, 3d, Oct.24,1768.*

William, and Mrs.Susanah Mansfield, int.Sept.13,1772.

Nathan, of Reading, and Mrs.Mary Twist, at Reading, Feb.3,1779.*

Olever, and Susanna [Rebecca.int.] Tarbel, Feb.14,1781.*

Lois, of Reading, and Benjamin Laythe, at Reading, Mar.15,1781.

William, and Sarah Maston of Marblehead, int.May31,1795.

Ebenezer, and Betsey Tarbox, Sept.3,1806.*

Blomey, and Eliza M. Morrison of Sanbornton, NH, int.Mar.9,1823.

Oliver, of South Reading, and Sarah Smith, int.Jan.21,1827.

Betsey, and John Choat, Dec.2,1830.*

Sarah, and Warren Shepherd of Marblehead, Aug.16,1831. [Aug.4.CR4]*

Rebecca, and George W. Davis, Dec.25,1833.*

Susan, and Ivory Shadwell, Feb.8,1835.*

James K., and Emeline Pike of Salisbury, int.May10,1835.

Eliza M., and Willard H. Smith of Lowell [of Boston. int.], Aug.8,1842.*

Ellen M., a.19y., milliner, d.Blaney and Eliza M., and George W. Smith of Lowell, a.23y., trader, s.Abel and Deborah, Sept.5,1844.*

William, and Hellen Maria Lawrence, of Boston, int.Nov.15,1846.


James C., and Mary Attwill [d.Major J.PR53], June9,1822.*

Benjamin, and Betsey F. Attwill, Oct.1,1822.*

Elizabeth, and Nathaniel Burrill, Oct.6,1822.*

Abba S., and [Capt. int.] Nelson R. Attwill, June20,1828.*

James C., and Emeline Brown of Boston, int.Jan.10,1830.

Sarah, and Charles Baldwin [of Salem.int.], Apr.21,1831.*

Elizabeth C., and William Baldwin, Oct.4,1831.*

Andrew, and Hannah R. Clarrage, Dec.3,1835.*

Israel, and Mercy M. Brown, Apr.29,1841.*

John H., and Mary H. Williams, June6,1841.*

Dorothea Osgood, and Edward Buffum, Dec.23,1841.*

Andrew, and Rebecca E. William, int.Apr.2,1843.


Betsy, of Salem, and William Very, resident in Lynn, int.Apr.13,1823.

Hannah, and Theophilus Ingalls, Oct.30,1823.*


Samuel, of Andover, and Fidelia Jane Flint of Reading, Mar.3,1842.

Nathaniel A., and Margaret Todd of Salem, int.Nov.6,1842.

William H., of Saco, ME, and Mary A. Thomas, int.Mar.21,1847.

Eben N., a.23y., cordwainer, s.Henry and Sarah, and Sarah A. Gilbert, a.18y., Feb.4,1849.*

Hiram H., a.31y., cordwainer, b. Andover, s.Simon, and Lydia A. Thurston, a.22y., b. Saugus, d.David, Oct.25,1849.*


Erastus D., of Salem, and Augeline Carroll, Dec.8,1847.


Henry, of Boston, a.25y., printer, s.Ephraim and Eliza, and Frances A.S. Hill, a.25y., d.Sewell, Feb.29,1848.*


Benjamin [Wain.CR5], and Polley Bird [Bruce.CR5], Jan.10,1795.


Matilda, and John Ploof, May2,1833.*

Mary E., and Alfred Jewell, Nov.3,1836.*

John G., and Eliza Newhall, int.Sept.16,1838.

Caroline, and Moody H. Smith, May15,1839.*

Joseph A., and Martha W. Hilton [of Newmarket, NH. int.], Dec.1,1839.*

Ellen M., and John H. Johnson of Providence, RI, int.Apr.19,1840.

Sabra, a.20y., d.Benjamin and Alice, b. Jay, ME, and Daniel Lothrop, a.23y., farmer, s.Alson and Huldah, Feb.16,1845.*


Isaac, of Medford, and Lydia Moor, Nov.14,1762.CR3*

Josiah [Joseph Worrin, jr. of Little Cambridge. int.], and Polley Parker, Dec.25,1793.*

Betsey, and John Stocker, jr., Oct.13,1805.*

George, and Mary Dimond, Oct.9,1814.*

Asa, and Cynthia P. Breed, int.Sept.6,1840.

David, and Sally Ann Hathaway, Dec.21,1841.*

Sarah A., and Daniel G. Ross, int.Apr.5,1846.

David, widr., a.28y., cordwainer, s.William and Elizabeth, and Nancy Jane Kimball, a.22y., d.Isaac and Nancy, June29,1847.*

Charles O., a.23y., mason, b. Derry, NH, s.William, and Elizabeth A. Cox, a.18y., b. PA, d.Charles, Nov.29,1849.*


Reuben, and Hannah B. Thacher [of Malden. int.], Oct.10,1813.*

Allen, and Sally Parrott, Dec.30,1821.*

Salina E., and William Chase, Dec.7,1826.*

Holton B., and Betsey Rhodes, Dec.10,1830.*

Cyrus, and Mary Phillips, July12,1834.*

Elizabeth Ann, and Jabez B. Alley, Sept.5,1840.*

Elizabeth C., and David M. Hildreth, Sept.28,1841.*

Lucinda, and Daniel Roberts, Feb.14,1844.*

Harriet Adaline, and Edwin S. Jacobs, Oct.25,1846. [1845.PR122]*

John, a.27y., yeoman, s.Eleazer and Judith, and Emeline Shaw, a.22y., d.Sanbornton, and Nancy, Oct.24,1847.*


Malzer, resident in Lynn, and Mercy Holms of Plympton, int.Mar.16,1817.

Fanny, of Halifax, Plymouth Co., and Giles Thompson, resident in Lynn, int.Feb.8,1818.


Eunice, of Danvers, and John Pickens [Perkins.int.], at Danvers, Nov.18,1766.*

George, Rev., and Phebe Ann Foxcroft of Roxbury, int.Apr.15,1838.

Abraham, of Springfield, and Lucy Jane Tuck, Sept.18,1845.*


Joseph, and Lydia Farrington, May5,1805.*

Jonathan, and Martha Attwill, Nov.30,1815.*

Sally, and Aaron Coffin, Aug.3,1817.*

Fenton, of Salem, and Ann Butman, Dec.9,1831.*


Elenor, and Jonathan Hudson, at Salem, June21,1698.

John, and Elizabeth Inguls, Sept.23,1766.*

Phineas, of Malden, and Phebe Upham, at Malden, Apr.28,1782.

John, and [Mrs.int.] Abigal Felt, Nov.25,1790.*

Daniel, and Abigail Cook of Danvers, at Danvers, Dec.19,1790.*

Jacob, and Tabathy Hubbard, Jan.23,1798.*

John, and Polley Goudy, July7,1798.*

Daniel, and Mary Bickford, int.July28,1799.

Daniel, and Betsey Sortwell, Dec.19,1802.*

Nancy, and William B. Alley, July7,1804.*

William, and Sally Parrott, June13,1805.*

Daniel, jr., and Betsey Alley, Oct.13,1811.*

Betsey [Mrs.CR5], and Samuel Newhall, 3d, May16,1815.*

Daniel C., and Alecy McCraw [LeCraw of Marblehead.int.], Dec.22,1816.*

Elizabeth, and Amos Farrington, jr., int.Apr.29,1821.

William, and Alvira Whitney, July4,1825.*

Esther, and John Taylor, Dec.29,1831.*

George W., and Eliza Ann Lewis, Feb.26,1835.*

Elizabeth A., and William H. Reynolds, Dec.21,1835.*

Theophilus R., and Laura Ann Sargent, both of Lowell, June26,1839.

Caroline M[atilda.int.], and John C. Bessom, Jan.31,1841.*

William, and Hannah Lewis, June19,1843.

Emeline, and William H. Stone, Nov.27,1845.*

James B., a.21y., cordwainer, s.William and Elvira, and Ann Maria Thomas, a.18y., d.John and Susan P., Aug.14,1847.*


Eliza A[nn. int.], and James O'Neal, Dec.22,1844.*


Ruth, and William Merriam, Nov.7,1711.*

Katherine, and James Dulap, at Marblehead, Feb.11,1736.

Daniel Rev., annd Elizebeth Williams, July14,1801.

Thomas, and Mary Nash, Oct.23,1823.*

George [of Beverly.int.], and Bethiah Rhodes, May28,1833.*

Lydia S., of Salem, and James A. Breed, int.Aug.30,1835.

Charles, and Lucretia Choate, Dec.7,1836.*

Mary A[nn. int.], and Walter Phillips, 4th, Oct.21,1838.*

Martha, and Samuel McNiel [of Salem.int.], Mar.24,1839.*

Harriett, W., and Zebina S. Gray, Nov.26,1846.*

WEBBER (Weber)

Samuel, of Marblehead, and Hannah Hood, int.June30,1716.

John [of Marblehead.int.], and Sarah Bly [Blyth.int.], Dec.2,1756.CTR*

Sarah [Weeber, resident. int.], and Abner Alley, May25,1762. [June.PR6]*

Seba S., and Emma Batts, int.Oct.27,1844.

William, of Danvers, and Hannah P. Tarbox, Dec.1,1845.*


William, and Mitildia Sumner [of Marblehead.int.], Mar.9,1818.*

Almira, of East Kingston, NH, and George D. Smith, int.July7,1833.

John C., and Mary W. Gilford, Oct.14,1833.*

William, Wallace, s.Joshua, and Sophia Loncoln Childs, d.Amariah, Aug.20,1846.*

William, jr., and Rebecca F. Flint, int.Dec.27,1846.

Rebecca W., a.22y., d.William and Matilda, and Joseph E. Barnard, a.25y., s.William and Elizabeth, Mar.7,1848.*

WEED (Wead)

Sally, and Amos Walden, Nov.13,1822.*

Hannah, and Edmund Monroe, Dec.8,1822.*

Charles W., and Mary I. Baley, Feb.8,1836.*

Caroline M., and David W. Vining, Mar.8,1842.*

George A., and Charlotte Ann Frost, Apr.4,1844.*

WEEKS (Week)

Ebenezer, and Mary Weeks, Aug.14,1831.*

Mary, and Ebenezer Weeks, Aug.14,1831.*

William, and Martha Goldsmith of Manchester, int.Dec.13,1835.

Arvilla L., of Stow, and Benjamin O. Stanly, int.May26,1844.

Caroline L., of Boston, and John F. Foss, int.Nov.14,1847.


Mary Ann, of Roxbury, a.21y., b. Ireland d.Thomas, and John Gard, a.22y., tin plate worker, b. Ireland s.John, int.Dec.10,1849.


Elizabeth L., a.19y., d.John, and Nehemiah Berry, jr., a.21y., miller, s.Nehemiah, Jan.30,1848.*

WELCH (Welsh)

Abigail H., of Salem, and Joseph Russell, int.June1,1834.

Sidney L. [sic.] and Briggs B. Thomas, Mar.16,1845.*

Mary Ann, wid., a.44y., d.George and Sidney [sic.] Spear of Philadelphia, PA, and Benjamin Ireson, widr., a.49y., cordwainer, s.John and Sarah, July24,1845.*

Angeline, a.16y., b. Baltimore, MD, d.Daniel, and John L. Seger, a.25y., clerk, s.John, Sept.23,1849.*

WELLMAN (Wellmon, Wellmone, Welman)

Isaack, and Hannah Adams, Mar.13,1678-9.CTR

Thomas, and Sarah Brown of Reading, int.Nov.21,1696.

Stephen, and Abigail Boston of Wells, int.Apr.27,1706.

Isaac, and Mary Slafter, int.Aug.23,1717.

Abraham, and Elizabeth Taylor, int.Nov.2,1717.

Jonathan, and Mehitabel Bancroft, Feb.16,1724-5.*

David, and Mary [Bancroft. int.], Apr.27,1727.*

David, and Easter Eaton, Jan.7,1730-31.*

John, and Union Aborn, Feb.23,1730-31.*

Jonathan, and Ester Newhall, July5,1733.*

Stephen, and Susannah Pedrick, at Salem, Jan.9,1740.*

Jacob, and Jenne Johnson, int.Jan.9,1742-3.

Phebe, and Young Flint, June10,1756.*

Abraham, and Abagal Ranger, int.Mar.19,1758.

Susannah and Robert Cambel [of Plaistow.int.], June14,1759.*

Lydia, and S. James Gowing, Jan.10,1760.*

Jedidiah [Dr. int.], of Danvers, and [Mrs.int.] Jemimah Newhall, at Danvers, Jan.8,1761.*

Abraham, and Mrs.Mehitable Gowing, Oct.31,1765.CR2*

Thomas, and Martha Folloet of Attleboro, int.Apr.16,1769.

Jonathan, and Sarah Newhall, Dec.19,1771.*

Mary, Mrs., and James Sellack, Nov.4,1773.CR2*

Anne, of Lyndesboro, NH, and John Hewes, int.Jan.1,1775.

Caleb, resident of Lynn, and Susanna Williams, int.Dec.16,1792.

Salley, of Lynnfield, and Robert McColley, int.May8,1803.

Caleb, and Mary Wormstead, Nov.20,1803.*

Susan, and Daniel Law, Sept.1,1822.*

Deborah, and William Page, Sept.30,1824.*

Augustus T., and Mrs.Augusta L. Kimball, int.Jan.5,1845.

WELLS (Wels)

John, and Mary Rhoads, int.Mar.1,1717-18.

John, and Marey Newhall, Dec.6,1721.*

Lydia S., of Ipswich, and Horace Searls, int.Jan.9,1825.

Lucy Ann, of Hampton Falls, NH, and Henry P. Guilford, int.Feb.16,1840.

Mary Ann, and Amos B. Burrill, int.Feb.12,1843.

Jeremiah Y., of Topsfield, and Frances A. Falls, int.July24,1849.

WENDELL (Wendall)

Joseph S., resident of Lynn, and Mary L. Fuller of Chelsea, int.Jan.7,1827.

Oliver, and Harriett W. Lloyd of Boston, int.Oct.2,1831.

Hannah S., and Daniel B. Rollins, Oct.3,1836.*

Harriet W., Mrs., and John G. Lovering, Sept.9,1846.*

WENTWORTH (Winthworth)

John, and Sally Bowdage [of Salem.int.], Sept.15,1811.*

Harriett Alice, and John Bell, Nov.6,1835.*

John B., and Abigail L. Alley, Nov.18,1835.*

Adoniram, and Harriett E. Questrom, July9,1839.*

William G., and Mary Silsbee, Jan.10,1841.*

Mary E., and Ebenezer Dow, July19,1845.*

Jeremiah, a.24y., carpenter, s.John and Abigail, of Lebanon, ME, and Emily Libbey, a.21y., Sept.11,1845.*

Alexander, and Angeline Pratt, Nov.29,1846.*

Legro S., of Lebanon, ME, a.22y., cordwainer, s.John and Abigail, and Lucy Ann Walden, a.21y., d.Caleb, Dec.9,1847.*

William G., and Emma Elizabeth Piper of Ashby, int.Apr.8,1849.


Elizabeth, of Reading, and Ephraim Larabee, at Reading, Apr.19,1749.*

Nathan, of Reading, and Mrs.Hannah Mansfield, int.Mar.12,1768.


Sarah, of Beverly, and Richard Hood, at Beverly, Nov.28,1749.*

Sarah, Mrs., of Boston, and Rev. Joseph Robey, int.Dec.1,1751.

John, and Hannah Ireson, Aug.3,1802.

Samuel S., and Sally Brown, Apr.23,1810.*

Hiram [of Salem.int.], and Abigail P. Oliver, Mar.24,1825.*

Margaret, and John C. Alley, June8,1826.*

Hannah, and William Wait, Nov.21,1826.*

Hannah, of Salem, and Asa E. Moulton, int.Oct.14,1832.

Hiram, and Elizabeth Caldwell of Ipswich, int.Oct.9,1836.

Benjamin, and Hannah Parrott, Mar.2,1839.*

Abigail, and Benjamin C. Mattinly, int.Apr.21,1839.

George, and Ruth F. Prentis, Nov.27,1840.*


Lawrence B., a.29y.[of New York. int.], cordwainer, s.John and Hannah Maria, and Lydia M. Homan, a.19y., d.John and Hannah, July13,1848.*


Rebecca, of Reading, and Capt. Joshua Cheever, at Reading, June17,1784.*

Tamasey, and David Crane, both residents in Lynn, int.Dec.1,1816.

Equality [of Boston.PR53], and Hitty Bacheller, Oct.11,1819.*

George, and Abigail F. Wyman, June2,1822.*

Clarissa, and George Martin, at Reading, Nov.29,1827.PR30*

Hannah C., and Henry Mott, Feb.26,1836.*

Edward R., of New York City, and Elizabeth Witt, Nov.24,1837.CR5*

Jonas, and Adaline A. Verry of Salem, int.Apr.28,1839.

Mary A., and A. Ward Truedell, Sept.20,1846.*

Henry, a.24y., cordwainer, s.George and Nabby, and Lucinda M. Allen, a.19y., s.Edward and Nancy, Dec.12,1848.*

WETHERBEE (Witherbee)

Susannah, of Dedham, and William Sims, int.Mar.12,1786.

Charles M., of Lexington, and Mehitable Pray, int.Nov.9,1845.

WHEAT (Weat)

Joshuah, and Elizabeth Mansfeald, June10,1675.

Moses, and Debora Mansfield, int.June10,1710.


Elizabeth, and Josias Witter, 25:12m:1661.CTR

Mary, of Malden, and Samuel Tarbox, at Malden, May21,1758.

Raphall, resident of Lynn, and Hannah Williams, Int. Feb.3,1765.

Asahel, see Newhall, Asahel.

Mary, Mrs., and Reb. Andrew Nichols, Dec.3,1799.*

Sarah [of Salem.int.], and Ebenezer Richardson, jr., June21,1810.*

Holder, and Dinah Rich, Aug.5,1810.*

Sally, and Micajah [C. int.] Hawks, Aug.6,1815.*

Isaiah, and Hipzibah Munro, May4,1817.*

Grace H., of Salem, and William Tarbox, 3d, int.Sept.21,1817.

James, jr., and Adaline Briggs, Jan.30,1833.*

Mary O., and Nicholas Lattime [of Newbury.int.], June24,1833.*

Henry R., and Ann J. James, int.Aug.13,1837.

Mehitable K., and Joseph W. Osborn, Feb.1,1844.*

George [W. int.], and Lucy T. Swett, Sept.11,1845.*

Lucy Maria, and Thaddeus Bragden, Nov.29,1845.*

E. Augustus, a.27y., shoe manufacturer, s.Isaiah and Hepzibah, and Lucy Ann Osborn, a.22y., d.William and Ann H., Dec.9,1847.*

Lois P., a.24y., d.Isaiah, and Walter D. Richards of Boston,, a.24y., trader, s.Isaiah D., Aug.1,1849.

WHIPPEN (Wippen)

Catharine E., and George W. Lewis, Nov.25,1841.*

George, and Edith [H. int.] Lewis, May7,1843.*

Nancy L., a.26y., b. Marblehead, d.Joseph B., and Samuel F. Tufts, a.27y., cordwainer, s.Samuel, Dec.30,1849.*

WHIPPLE (Whiple, Whippel)

William, and Elizabeth Leonard, both late of Boston, but now residents of Lynn, int.June17,1775.

Deborah, and Joseph Fuller, jr., Sept.25,1802.*

Deborah, and Thomas Bartlet, Nov.29,1818.*

WHITCOMB (Whitcome)

William, of Boston, and Expearance Tarbox, int.Mar.10,1721-2.

William, of Boston, and Sarah Fuller, Mar.24,1722-3.*

Jared P., and Jane More of Derry, NH, int.Dec.10,1848.


Hannah, of Reading, and John Gooing, at Reading, June3,1712.*

Margaret, of Reading, and Daniell Jacobs, at Reading, Jan.25,1725. [June25. dup.]*

Polley [Mrs.PR6], and William Ramsdel, Nov.29,1769. [Nov.30.PR6]*

Elias, of Marblehead, and Eliza Bailey, int.Feb.5,1832.

Abby, of Portsmouth, NH, and Capt. James Brown, widr., Oct.24,1848.*

William B., of Portsmouth, NH, and Eliza A. Brown, int.Jan.25,1849.

William H., a.29y., mariner, s.William, and Harriet L. Goodwin, a.26y., d.John, June10,1849.*


Mary, and John Hawks, int.Aug.12,1710.

Samuel, of Salem, and Elizabeth Person, int.Jan.17,1724-5.

Samuel, and Rebecca Hawkes, Dec.3,1732.*


Samuell, and Mrs.Dorcas Chester, 12:9m:1656.CTR

Mary, and Dr. John Henry Burchstead, [bef. 1721.]PR17

William B. [Whitney.int.], and Lydia Laurence [of Charlestown. int.], May28,1805.*

WHITMAN (Whiteman)

Jesse, and Anna Garns, Mar.26,1770.*

Joseph, of Boston, and Hanna [Joanna.int.] Ramsdel, Feb.9,1792.*


Anna, of Beverly, and Ebenezer Ellingwood, int.Aug.31,1823.

WHITNEY (Whittney)

Isaiah, and Susanna Newhall, Nov.15,1797.*

William B., see Whiting, William B.

John, and Mary Monday [of Salem.int.], May8,1808.*

Sinthy, and Jonathan Currier [jr.CR5] of Concord, Jan.1,1814.*

Susen, and Richard Richards, Aug.8,1816.*

Alvira, and William Watts, July4,1825.*

Scolley [resident of Lynn. int.], and Mary Doak, June14,1827.*

George, and Nancy Nimms of Sullivan, NH, int.Aug.4,1833.

Harriett W., of Grafton, and Joseph Estes, int.Sept.11,1836.

Albert, and Elizabeth Rice, Nov.24,1836.*

James, and Lucy Ann Sturgis of Barnstable, int.May28,1837.

Jacob, and Sarah Jackson, July23,1843.*

Arteman, of Goffstown, NH, and Louisa Phillips, Mar.24,1844.*

Albert, innholder, and Susan R. Rice, d.Jesse, Oct.3,1848.*

WHITRIDGE (Whittredge, Witterige)

Mary, and Samuell Hart, sr., Jan.29,1673.

Richard, of Danvers, and Mrs.Mary Sawyer, Apr.6,1773.CR2*


Abraham, and Sarah Archer, Sept.7,1694.CTR

WHITTEMORE (Whitamore, Whitemor, Whitemore, Whitmore, Whittimor)

Nathaniell, of Boston, and Elizabeth Rhoads, int.Nov.4,1695.

Elizabeth, and Ebenezer Aburn, int.June24,1721.

Elizabeth, and John Bachelder, May6,1734.*

Edmond, and Keziah Burriag, Apr.14,1743.*

Esther, and Ezra Phillips, Sept.13,1764.*

William, and Bethiah Collins, Apr.30,1767.*

David, of Danvers, and Betty Gowing, Sept.9,1767.*

Elizebath, and Richard Mansfield, Jan.7,1768.*

William [jr. int.], and Mrs.Anna [Anne. int.] Burrill, Nov.17,1791.*

Anna, and William Brown, Nov.6,1798.CR5*

William, and Hipzebeth Newhall, int.Mar.31,1811.

Joseph P., and Elizabeth A. Jones, Nov.27,1845.*

Mary F.W., a.21y., d.Major and Lydia, and G. Otis Pratt, a.27y., shoe cutter, s.John and Elizabeth, Nov.30,1847.*


Hannah E., and Samuel H. Newhall, Sept. [8. int.], 1839.*

Humphrey, and Sarah A. Neall, int.June17,1849.

WHITTIER (Whitier)

Eliza A., and Timothy B. Woodman, May13,1838.*

John T., and Martha Cheever, int.Nov.26,1843.


Elizabeth, d.William, merchant, of Boston, and Samuell Apleton, jr., June19,1682.


Elizabeth, of Falmouth, and Abner Austin, [bef. 1821].CR1


Thomas, jr., and Elizabeth Ballard, Oct.17,1839.*

Thomas, jr., 2d m., a.33y., fisherman, s.Thomas, and Mary Ann Hudson, a.21y., d.Thomas, of Sheffield, Eng., Apr.29,1849.*

WIGGINS (Wiggin)

James, and Sally Chadwell, Dec.4,1803.*

James, and Sally Martin, Sept.17,1820.*

James E., and Deborah G. Paty of Marblehead, int.May22,1825.

Charles H., and Sarah A. Woodbury, June1,1836.*

Asa, and Hepzibeth P. Parsons, Oct.9,1836.*

Lucinda, and Jonathan D. Phillips, Mar.2,1837.*

Cynthia, of Stratham, NH, and Walter Phillips, jr., int.May5,1839.

Mary W., and John Maynard, int.May29,1842.

Sarah S., and Austin Mosman, int.Sept.22,1844.

Sarah A., Mrs., and Timothy Alley, 3d, int.Dec.15,1844.

William H., and Ellen D. Emerton, int.Jan.26,1845.

Caroline A., of Stratham, NH, and John Q. Hammond, int.Sept.28,1845.

Harriett E., and Dr. Addison Davis, int.June25,1848.

Betsey E., of Tamworth, NH, and Glover Skinner, int.July2,1848.

William H., a.27y., cordwainer, and Mary B. Worthen of Nashua, NH, a.28y., Aug.25,1849.


Martha, Mrs., of Ipswich, and Edward Chever, int.Oct.20,1739.

WILBUR (Wilbour)

Eunice, of Newport, RI, and Solomon Boyce, [bef. 1805].CR1

WILD (Wildes)

Elizabeth, and Richard Moore, 6:9m:1662.CTR

Edmund [Weld.int.], of Roxbury, and Mary Merry, Dec.14,1779.*

WILEY (Weley, Willey, Wilye)

Timothy, of Reading, and Mary Pool, at Reading, July30,1714.

Elizabeth, and William Johnson, Mar.21,1724.

Elizabeth, and William Johnson, int.Dec.23,1733.

Benjamin, jr., and Mary Potter, Dec.19,1734.*

Mary, and Thomas Fuller [of Salem.int.], Mar.12,1739-50.*

Mehitabel, and Timothy Hutchinson, Apr.5,1747.*

Lydia, of Reading, and Adam Hawks, at Reading, June11,1747.

Judah, and David Townsend, int.June26,1748.

James, of Reading, and Lois Bancroft, int.Sept.18,1748.

Jonathan, and Tamsin Upham [of Malden. int.], Aug.30,1750.*

Lois [Mrs.CR2], and Israel Parsons of Leicester, Apr.15,1761.*

Mary [of Reading. int.], and Asa Williams, June25,1775. [Jan.25.CR3]*

William, of Reading, and Hannah Smith, July17,1779.*

Ephraim, and Levina Aborne, Apr.28,1807.

Dorcas, and Micajah Alley, jr., Nov.19,1807.*

Caleb, and Sally Newhall, June19,1808.*

Caleb, and Eliza Childs, Apr.8,1813.*

Sally, and Mark Dodge, May16,1824.*

Ephraim, and Sarah Cameron, int.Aug.3,1828.

Clarissa, and Hiram Cummings of Charlestown, int.May3,1829.

Ephraim, Rev., and Mrs.Delight Cummings of Boston, int.May8,1831.

William A., and Dianthy A. Blinn, Feb.16,1832.*

Eliza J.C., and Rev. Joseph Hardy Towne [of Portsmouth, NH. int.], May1,1833.*

William, and Tabitha Mailey, Oct.26,1834.*

Belinda, and Edward A. Holder, Nov.28,1837.*

Ruth Ann, and Ezra D. Hathorne of Boston, Oct.3,1838.*

Maria O.C., d.Caleb, and Theodore Prentis of Boston, Nov.12,1844.*

Sarah Elizabeth, and Charles H. Cheney, int.Nov.9,1845.

Rebecca C., and Thomas W. Cowdin of Boston, May26,1846.*

Benjamin B., widr., of South Reading, a.62y., shoe manufacturer, s.James and Mary, and Sarah S. Morris, a.44y., Sept.24,1848.*


Jacob, and Mary Jane Heath, Apr.26,1842.*


Sarah, and Joshua Stone, Sept.29,1814.*

Isney J., and Caleb Stone, June21,1818.*

Lydia M., of Middleton, and Jeremiah Sanborn, resident in Lynn, int.Sept.16,1827.

Roxanna, and Philip Chase, Sept.10,1828.*

Harriett, of Middleton, and Rev. Philemon R. Russell, int.Mar.29,1840.

Simon [jr. int.], and Elizabeth C. Stone, Apr.26,1842.*

John, and Judith [C. int.] Story, Nov.24,1842.*

Charles, of Salem, and Sarah G. Harris, int.May21,1843.

Ruth, of Danvers, and Benjamin R. Sanborn, int.Nov.12,1843.

Elizabeth, of Cambridgeport, and William B. Tufts, int.May4,1845.

Margarett [H. int.], a.16y., d.Eben, and Joseph E. Annis, a.18y., s.Mark and Angelina, Jan.20,1848.*


Ivory, and Ruth Breed, int.Oct.4,1747.

Ezra, and Abigail Bell, at Boston, Sept.19,1830.PR53

Matilda T., a.21y., d.Elijah and Thankful, and Rev. George W. Rogers, a.27y., clergyman, s.Robert, May11,1848.*


Elizabeth, and Joseph Mansfeald, jr., Apr.1,1678.

William, and Martha Tufts, June末,1681.CTR

Mary, of Beverly, and Daniell Gowing, int.May20,1698.

William, and Joanna Mowre, int.July31,1699.

John, and Rebecka Person, int.Oct.5,1706.*

William, and Mary Mills, Dec.31,1707.*

Mary, and Daniell Going, int.Mar.15,1709-10.

Martha, of Reading, and George Booth, at Reading, Oct.12,1715.*

John, and Rebecca Peirson, at Salem, Nov.6,1716.

John, and Tabatha Ingols, int.Sept.8,1723.

Ebenezer, and Mary Hall, Dec.22,1726.*

Rebecca, and Samuel Poole [of Reading. int.], Dec.11,1729.*

William, of Reading, and Tabatha Persons, at Woburn, Dec.30,1731.*

Margerity, and Timothy Ramsdil, Dec.14,1732.*

Mary, and Stephen Bradshaw [of Medford.int.], Oct.9,1734.*

Ebenezer, and Mary Burrill, int.July16,1738.

John, and Martha Bordman of Cambridge, int.Jan.13,1739.

Joseph, and Abigail Burrill, July5,1739. [July10,1739. int.]*

Susanah, and John Geary of Stoneham, int.Sept.23,1749.

Ebenezer, and Susana Thoyts, Nov.16,1750.*

Ann, and Samuell Darby, May7,1751.*

Lydia, and Richard Newhall, Nov.14,1751.*

Tabitha, and William Richards [Apr.24,1754.CTR].*

Tabitha, and Samuel Hart, May1,1754.CR3*

Mary, and Amos Gould, Sept.17,1755. [Nov.18.CR3]

Thomas, and Anna Alley, Sept.1,1757. [Aug.30.PR6]*

Lydia, and Joseph Paine of Malden, Dec.22,1757.*

Priscila, and John Quiner, Nov.16,1758.*

James, and Abigail Collins, Mar.31,1761.*

Patty, Mrs., and Samuell Gardner [of Danvers.int.], Dec.30,1762.CR2*

Abraham, and Mary Peck, June23,1763.*

Joseph, and Anna Salter, Apr.29,1764.*

Sarah, and Joseph Clisbe, Oct.24,1764.*

Hannah, and Raphall Wheeler, resident of Lynn, int.Feb.3,1765.

Mary, and William Graves, June11,1767.*

John, and Hannah Richards, Mar.24,1768.*

Hannah, and Ebenezer Mansfield, May2,1769.*

Hepzibah, and Samuel Mansfield of Reading, Mar.20,1770.*

Anna, and Jonathan Johnson, Jan.19,1771.*

Asa, and Mary Wiley [of Reading. int.], June25,1775. [Jan.25.CR3]*

Anna, and Caleb Stone of Boston, Feb.1,1780.*

Daniel, and Wid.Sarah Flint, int.July4,1784.

Susannah, Mrs., and John Hunney, "a stranger," int.Jan.9,1785.

Thomas, and Jerusha Bacheler, Mar.23,1786.*

Mary, and Samuel Martin, Apr.13,1792.*

Susanna, and Caleb Wellman, resident of Lynn, int.Dec.16,1792.

John, jr., and Susanna Green, int.May末,1794.

James, jr., and Rebakah Ramsdal, Sept.11,1797. [1796.CR5]*

Benjamin, and Ruth Brown, Apr.27,1801.CR3*

Elizebeth, and Rev. Daniel Webb, July14,1801.

Rebekah, and Benjamin Graves, May15,1803.*

Abigail, and Rand Graves, Dec.4,1808.*

Lydia, and Joseph Moulton, Mar.31,1811.*

Jerusha, and Nathan P. Durant, July16,1812.*

Anna, and Samuel Bacheller, jr., Aug.16,1812.*

Lydia, and Benjamin, Parrott, jr., June6,1813.*

Sally [of Marblehead.int.], and John Doak, Apr.14,1814.*

Clarisa, and Theophilus Hallowell, jr., June4,1817.*

Henry, and Lois Newhall, Oct.26,1818.*

Seth W., and Hannah Parrott [Pratt. int.], Jan.18,1819.*

Abigail, and Nicholas Coombs, Mar.7,1819.*

Henry, and Mary Galleucia, Jan.4,1821.*

Hiram, and Martha Lewis, Apr.3,1823.*

Thomas B., and Sophrona French, Oct.11,1824.*

John, and Margarette Allen, July3,1825.*

Susan, and Ralph Emery [of Jeffery, NH. int.], June7,1827.*

Charlotte, and William Smith, Oct.5,1828.*

Hannah, and Samuel I. Goodwin, Sept.22,1830.*

Hiram [of Boston. int.], and Jane M. Norwood, 2d w., Apr.17,1836.*

Olive J[ane. int.], and Augustus L. Curtin, Oct.5,1837.*

Augustus, of Chelsea, and Paulina [Pamelia.int.] Rhodes, Nov.28,1839.*

John, and Lydia W. Paine, July26,1840.*

Mary H., and John H. Ward, June6,1841.*

Harriett B., and Samuel P. Collins, Jan.5,1842.*

Lucy Ann, and William L. Johnson, int.Oct.9,1842.

Rebecca E., and Andrew Ward, int.Apr.2,1843.

Sarah Ann, and Nathan A. Nichols, June1,1843.*

Mary E., and Hiram George, Feb.4,1844.*

George W., and Hannah E. Ingalls, Jan.2,1845.*

Luther, of Concord, ME, a.28y., farmer, s.Richard and Abigail, and Rebecca Silsbee, a.28y., d.Henry and Miriam, Jan.22,1845.*

Lydia N., a.20y., d.Henry and Mary, and Marcena C. Fairbrother, a.19y., cordwainer, s.Jarvis and Caroline, Oct.7,1846.*

James, and Sarah M. Carr, int.Feb.14,1847.

Lois N., a.24y., d.Henry, and Ebenezer G. Cash, a.26y., s.James, Feb.19,1849.*

Kezia, "not the 1st m.," and Peter Frazier, July8,1849.*

Eliza Maria, d.Seth, and Joseph York, a.22y., cordwainer, Aug.7,1849.*

Mary Jane E., d.Hiram, and William H. Swazey, a.30y., cordwainer, s.William, Aug.13,1849.*

WILLIS (Willes)

John, and Dorcas Hall, Dec.9,1773.*

Polley, and Ezra Rhoads, int.Feb.12,1792.

Betsey, and Ebenezer Cook Tarbox, July1,1798.CR5*

Marcy, and Jacob Moulten, Dec.15,1798.CR5*

Ellen, of Salem, a.20y., d.Benjamin, and Charles Chamberlain, a.22y., sash maker, s.John, July26,1849.*


Joseph, and Joanna Burchsted,末蔓末,1795.PR17

WILSON (Willson, Wilson)

Mehetabel, see Southwick, Mehitebell.

William, and Prissilla Purchas, 26:8m:1663.CTR

Joseph, and Dorcas Randall, May2,1670.CTR

Daniel, "a stranger," and Ruth Ireson, Dec.12,1717.CTR*

Ruth, and John Day [of Marblehead.int.], Feb.7,1725-6.*

Martha [of Malden. int.], and Thomas Joans, Apr.24,1729.*

Samuell, and Elizabeth Atwell, Dec.28,1738.*

Nathanell [of Leicester. int.], and Sarah Parish, Apr.14,1742.*

Isaac [of Salem.int.], and Abigail Newhall, Dec.14,1744.

Samuel, and Jemima [Jemieme. int.] Day, Oct.1,1754.*

Benjamin [of Danvers.int.], and Lydia Bancroft, Nov.28,1759.*

Benjamin, and Anne Burrel, Dec.9,1766.CR3*

Hannah, Mrs., of Danvers, and Samuel Clerk, int.Feb.19,1769.

Samuel, and Mrs.Anne Eaten, int.Dec.7,1777.

Hanah, and Nathaniel Mackentier [of Salem.int.], Aug.29,1785.*

Benjamin, jr., and Margret Mansfield, Oct.9,1786.*

Margret [Mrs.int.], and James Chever, May19,1791.*

Betsey, and Asa Grover [Graves, of Malden. int.], Nov.16,1794.*

Miles Shorey, and Medford, and Elisebeth Martain, int.Apr.17,1796.

Sukey, and Daniel S. Oliver, Sept.18,1806.*

Daniel, and Nancy Fisk [of Hardwick. int.], Dec.23,1807.*

Benjamin, and Mary Knights, Aug.9,1812.*

William K., and Hannah M. Russell, Dec.6,1831.*

Susan, of Charlestown, and Charles Mullett, int.Feb.14,1836.

Mary A., of Salem, NH, and James Clark, int.Apr.1,1838.

James A., and Clarissa Hall, int.Oct.4,1840.

Mary H., and William M. Clark, Apr.17,1841.*

John O., and Mary Burrill, int.Mar.27,1842.

Caroline, of Charlestown, and Aaron Davis, int.Sept.25,1842.

Sarah, of Dedham, a.22y., d.John, of Morristown, VT, and Nathaniel A. Rhoads of Dedham, a.39y.cabinet maker, s.Nathaniel, of Sharon, Sept.24,1849.


James, of Boston, and Sarah Malls of Boston, May2,1847.


John P., and Mary Hitchings, May12,1822.*


Hepzibah, d.Paul and Abigail, and Estes Newhall, s.Daniel and Hannah, [bef. 1799].CR1

Beulah, d.Paul and Abigail, and Abijah Purinton, s.Samuel and Abigail, [bef. 1800].CR1

Seneca [of Beverly.int.], and Lydia Alley, Feb.16,1824.*


Jane, of Hampton, NH, and Rev. Stephen Chase, int.Aug.27,1732.


Joseph, of Woburn, and Mrs.Betty Pool, Oct.16,1760.CR2*

John, and Margaret Ramsdill, Feb.23,1823.*

George, and Mary Jane Allen, Apr.14,1841.*

Sarah M., and John Evileth, Oct.30,1845.*


Samuel, jr., of Lexington, and Rebekah Johnson, at Lexington, July4,1771.*

Samuel, and Polly Newhall, Nov.27,1798.*

Mary, and George F. Noble [of Boston. int.], May29,1828.*

Samuel, and Hannah P. Ashton, Apr.18,1844.*


Elizabeth E., of Swanzy, and Phillip Baker, int.Dec.2,1821.

Charles, and Abba M. Phillips, int.Sept.23,1832.

Heman, and Sarah K. Hobbs, Aug.31,1837.*


David, and Nancy Tuttle, Aug.20,1797.CR5*


Mehitable [Gordon. int.], and Jacob Alley, Dec.13,1826.*


Mary, and John Coots, Apr.14,1681.


Ivers L., and Eunice Pike, Sept.7,1845.*

WITHEY (Withy)

Lorena, of Fitchburg, and James Ingalls, int.Apr.29,1821.

Susan B., and George Shove of Marblehead, Sept.8,1833.*

Mary, and John Kimball, int.June8,1834.

Amos I., and Elizabeth Law, May20,1841.*

Amos I., and Mary Jane Swan, Apr.11,1844.*

Moses H., a.23y., cordwainer, s.John and Sally, and Sarah E. Breed, a.19y., d.William and Salley, Dec.5,1844.*


Michael L., and Elizabeth Edwards Brown, June24,1839.*


Jonathan, and Mary Diven, Mar.23,1663.CTR

Mary, and Samuell Stocker, June6,1666.CTR

John, and Elizabeth Baker, June14,1676.

Ester, and Ebinezur Hawthorn, Dec.26,1683.

Thomas, and Bathia Potter, Feb.26,1685.

Bathia, and Joseph Hollaway, int.Oct.7,1699.

John [jr. int.], and Mary Dane, Nov.11,1702.*

Sarah, and Ephrim Potter, Nov.23,1708.*

Ebenezer, of Marlboro, and Rebeckah Breed, int.Sept.30,1715.

Samuel, of Marlboro, and Elizabeth Breed, int.Dec.2,1716.

Thomas, of Malden, and Mary Ivory, int.Nov.21,1719.

John [of Marlboro. int.], and Sarah Ivory, Oct.16,1734.*

Ivory, and Ruth Breed, Dec.1,1747.

Gedney, and Elizebeth Chever, int.Nov.23,1755.

Gidney, and Hannah Hawkes, int.Sept.26,1756.

Gidney, and [Mrs.int.] Elizabeth Merry [resident of Lynn. int.], Apr.7,1765.*

Ruth, and Harris Chadwel, Dec.22,1768.*

Mary, and Grimes Tufts, June23,1770.*

Mary, Mrs., and Thomas Hall, int.Oct.3,1779.

Lydia, and Joseph Richards, Dec.21,1780.

Abigal, and Timothy Alley, Apr.8,1787.*

Daniel Rust, and Mary Breed, Nov.末,1792. [Nov.18.CR3]*

Sarah, and Rufus Newhall, jr.,末蔓末,1796. [Feb.26,1797.CR5]*

Lydia, and Eps Haskell, Dec.30,1798.CR5*

Thomas, and Betsy Newhall, June24,1801.*

Henry, and Marget Brewer of Boscawen, NH, int.Apr.21,1805.

Betsey, and William Alley, July3,1806.*

Mary, and Samuel M. Gilford, June3,1810.*

Susan M., and Nehemiah Foster [of Cambridge. int.], June12,1823.*

Margeret [B. int.], and Holton Johnson, July23,1826.*

Elizabeth M., and William Haskell, May14,1835.*

Elizabeth, and Edward R. Weston of New York City, Nov.24,1837.CR5*

Abigail, and James Alley, May23,1839.*

Antoinette, d.Thomas, and John Spinney, 2d m., shoe manufacturer, June17,1849.*


Josias, and Elizabeth Wheeler, 25:12m:1661.CTR


Ellener, and Jonathon Hudson, int.May21,1698.

WOOD (Woods)

Anthony, and Mary Pack, 末蔓22,1692.CTR

Amos, and Sally Ramsdale, Nov.18,1792.CTR

Henry, and Lydia Farrington, June16,1814.*

Joanna, of Dunstable, NH, and James Dudley, resident in Lynn, int.Apr.11,1819.

Joseph, and Hannah L. Marstens of Manchester, int.May17,1835.

Henry, and Hannah Breed, Sept.16,1840.*

Bartholomew, of Boston, and Sarah Burke [of Hanover. int.], Oct.22,1844.*


James M., of Medford, and Harriet A[ugusta.CR5] Mansfield, Mar.29,1846.*

WOODBURY (Woodberry, Woodbery)

Josiah [of Wilmington. int.], and Mary Hutchinson, Dec.12,1745.*

Hannah, and Abednego Ramsdel, Mar.10,1774.*

Rebecca, of Salem, NH, and Jesse L. Attwill, int.Nov.3,1816.

Hepzebah B., and Enoch Mudge of Baltimore, int.May27,1821.

Caroline, and Simon Mudge, Apr.10,1822.*

Jephthah P., and Mary A. Hill of Mason, NH, int.Feb.23,1834.

Nathaniel, and Hannah D. Nesbett, Aug.3,1834.*

Albert M., and Lucy L. Wadleigh, July12,1835.*

Seth D., and Hannah D. Galloupe of Beverly, int.Sept.13,1835.

Joseph P., and Susan W. Worthen, int.May8,1836.

Sarah A., and Charles H. Wiggin, June1,1836.*

Angeline Elizabeth, and Anfrew M. Haines of Galena, IL, Aug.17,1842.*

Joseph P., and Harriett E.B. Morong of Woburn, int.Mar.5,1843.

James A., and Nancy D. Small of Saco, ME, int.Mar.12,1843.

Mary A., and Edward P. Richards, Dec.31,1848.*


Timothy B., and Eliza A. Whittier, May13,1838.*

Phebe, and David Buxton [both of Danvers.dup.], Feb.16,1848. [Feb.10. dup.]

Samuel, a.30y., cordwainer, and Rebecca Batchelder, a.20y., d.John, of Norwood, NH, Aug.5,1849.


Mary, of Warwick, RI, and Isaiah Burrill, jr., int.Sept.22,1839.

WOODWARD (Woodard)

Hephzibah, and Nathanell Flint of Reading, int.June17,1749.

John Chamberlain, and Eunice Town, both residents of Lynn, int.May22,1796.

Ellen Elizabeth, and Levi Robinson, Apr.30,1835.*

WOOLDRIDGE (Wooldredge)

Thomas, s.John and Tabitha, of Marblehead, and Loes Chase, d.Benjamin and Eunice, deceased, 26:8m:1818.CR1

Thomas, of Marblehead, and Abigail Lakeman, int.Oct.28,1838.


Hannah, of Tewksbury, and Thomas Crocker, int.Oct.30,1808.

Pamelia, of Wellfleet, and Jabez S. Baker, int.Oct.1,1848.

WORK (Woork, Work)

John [Woork. int.], and Elisabeth Deer, Oct.20,1730.*

John, and Martha Bullard, at Salem, Nov.21,1752.


Mary, and Caleb Wellman, Nov.20,1803.*

John B., and Ester Brown, Mar.28,1812.*

John [jr. int.], and Susan Ann Fisher, May16,1839.*

Maria, and Elbridge Lord, July7,1839.*

Samuel, and Abigail Newhall of Saugus, int.Oct.6,1839.

John B., and Rebecca Mansfield, Nov.27,1842.*

Augusta, a.17y., d.John and Esther, and Joseph Perkins, a.21y., silk printer, s.John and Martha G., Aug.11,1847.*


William, and Sarah Ballard, Mar.25,1690.

WORTHING (Worthen)

Hannah, and Samuel Johnson, jr., Sept.24,1820.*

Ezra B., and Sally Babson, Dec.31,1823.*

Susan W., and Joseph P. Woodbury, int.May8,1836.

Caroline P., and John Pierce, int.Sept.18,1836.

Harrison G., and Lucretia Robb of Stoddard, NH, int.Nov.26,1840. (stopped)

Harrison G., and Charlotte W. Kendrick of Saco, ME, int.Aug.14,1842.

Sarah A., and Gideon L. Gamage, int.Nov.3,1844.

Mary B., of Nashua, NH, a.28y., and William H. Wiggin, a.27y., cordwainer, Aug.25,1849.*

WRIGHT (Right)

Ann, and Samuell Gaines, 7:2m:1665.CTR

Mary, of Stoneham, and Matthew Newhall, int.Jan.16,1757.

Nathaniel H., of Concord, and Mary Hudson, int.Oct.1,1809.

Otis, and Ann R. Larkin, Dec.1,1829.*

Annis, and Samuel S. Bancrofy, int.June3,1832.

Harriet, and Harris Otis Chandwell, Sept.30,1833.*

Susan, of Boston, and Samuel B. Collyer, int.Apr.5,1838.

Mary G., of Chelsea, and Joseph B. Lamper, int.Jan.6,1839.

William, and Harriett [A. int.] Johnson, July15,1841.*

Priscilla [J. int.], a.19y., dressmaker, and James B. Chase, a.28y., shoe manufacturer, s.John B. and Sarah, Aug.1,1844.*

George C., a.22y., cordwainer, b. Boston, s.Warren and Mary Elizabeth Follett, a.19y., d.David, int.Dec.8,1849.

WYATT (Wiat)

Elizabeth, and Ephraim Rhoads, May17,1738.*

Mary, and Ebenezer Burrill, both of Salem, Jan.23,1783.

WYETH (Wythe)

John, and Sally Ingall, Oct.11,1812.*

WYMAN (Wymon)

Abigail, and Benjamin Going, May26,1725.*

Deliverance, of Woburn, and Ezekiel Gowin, at Woburn, Jan.1,1732.*

Mary, and [Dr.PR1 and int.] Jonathan Fuller, Apr.15,1755.*

Ebenezer, and Susanna Fox, Mar.22,1798.CR5*

Betsey, and Thomas Mansfield, jr., July3,1806.*

Sally, of Lexington, and John Crapo, resident in Lynn, int.Feb.25,1810.

Susan, and Nathan Ramsdill, Dec.29,1818.*

Abigail F., and George Weston, June2,1822.*

Abel, of Lexington, and Content Mansfield of Saugus, June20,1824.CR5

Lucretia P., and Elias Larribee, Oct.27,1828.*

Hiram F., and Jerusha P. Hyde, int.Apr.5,1840.

John, of Woburn, a.32y., cordwainer, s.Oliver and Nancy, and Elizabeth W. Sparks, a.22y., d.John and Sarah, July4,1847.*

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