Mary, resident in Lynn, and Joseph Ireson, jr. of Marblehead, int.Aug.13,1815.

NARRAMORE (Narremore)

Hannah, and Joseph Downing, Jan.31,1737-8.*

NARREMORE (Narramore)

Samuell, of Charlestown, and Rachell Paull, int.Apr.7,1705.

Sarah, and Samuel Breeden of Boston, int.June7,1730.


Mary, and Thomas Webb, Oct.23,1823.*

George I., and Elizabeth H. Pratt, Jan.14,1845.*


Thomas, and Hannah G. Griffin, int.Dec.13,1829.

Hannah Augusta, a.18y., d.Thomas, and Samuel F. Appleton, a.24y., cordwainer, s.Benjamin Tarbox, Nov.10,1849.*

NEADOM (Needham)

Ezekell, and Sarah King, Oct.27,1669.


Richard, and Hannah Halliran, int.Nov.6,1848.

NEAL (Neale, Neall, O'Neal)

Samuel, blacksmith, s.James, of Berwick, and Elizabeth, and Hannah Basset, d.Isaac and Mary, 16:10m:1805.CR1

Ebenezer [Col.CR5], and Priscilla Hitchings, Nov.23,1823.*

James M. [resident of Lynn. int.], and Louisa Hitchings, May22,1828.*

Isaac B., s.Samuel and Hannah, and Ruth A. Smith, d.Stephen, jr. and Theodate, 14:11m:1832.CR1

Sylvina, and Theophilus N. Breed, May19,1833.*

Lydia, and Samuel Kent, Nov.17,1836.*

Eunice, of Salem, and Asa L. Breed, int.Nov.5,1837.

Walter B., and Lydia Blaban, int.Sept.4,1842.

James, and Ruth Brown, June8,1843.*

Elizabeth, a.26y., d.George and Abigail, of Berwick, ME, and Alfred C. Adams, a.24y., cordwainer, s.Charles and Merriam, Sept.20,1844.*

Louisa A., and Joseph W. Paine, int.May17,1846.

Esther R. [A. int.], and Alonzo Lewis, jr., a.23y., cordwainer, s.Alonzo and Frances M., Oct.8,1847.*

NEALE (Neal)

Mary, and Andrew Mansfield, June4,1673.CTR

NEALL (Neal)

Mary [d.Samuel and Hannah.CR1], and Joseph Haines [s.Joseph, deceased, and Martha, of Loudon, NH.CR1], Oct.24,1838.

Daniel, and Mary Sullivan, Apr.15,1849.*

Sarah A., and Humphrey Whitten, int.June17,1849.


John, and Mary Richards, Mar.22,167[5-6.CTR].

Richard, of Marblehead, and Sarah Riddan, int.Aug.22,1742.

NEEDHAM (Neadom)

Danyell, and Ruth Chadwell, 24:12m:1658.CTR

Hana, and Eleazer Armitage, 18:8m:1669.CTR

Edmond, and Hannah Hood, Mar.15,1702-3.*

Desire, and Daniel Gallusha, Mar.11,1802.*

John, of Danvers, and Betsey Gallushe, May22,1806.*

George, and Caroline Rhodes, June26,1817.*

James, of Salem, s.Daniel and Hannah, of Salem, both deceased, and Lydia Skelton, d.Benjamin and Abigail Breed, 14:10m:1818.CR1

Eliza, and Robert D. Tufts, Nov.14,1831.*

Caroline, and David Oliver,末蔓末,1836. [June5. int.]*

Olive, and Paul B. Taylor, July4,1836.*

Albert J., and Abigail S.G. Phillips, int.Jan.4,1846.

Caroline M., a.24y., d.George W. and Caroline N., and Cyrus M. Tracey, a.24y., machinist, b. Norwich, CT, s.Cyrus and Hannah, Mar.20,1848.*


Ebenezer, Rev., and Rebecca Childs [d.Amariah.PR53], Dec.11,1822.*


James, and Maria Stone, Oct.24,1833.*

Hannah D., and Nathaniel Woodbury, Aug.3,1834.*

Louisa W., and Goram L. Brackett, Oct.15,1835.*

Moses, jr., and Electa Abbott, Dec.24,1837.*

Olive H., and Henry Martin, jr., int.Nov.8,1840.

Ansel F. and Philadephia Martin, Oct.31,1841.*

Hitty Matilda, and William D. Brackett, Feb.11,1844.*


Sarah Jane T., and Edward Johnson, jr., int.May28,1837.

Sarah Jane, and William Babb, Nov.14,1842.*


Richard, and Sarah Currier, Mar.4,1834.*

Sarah L., a.22y., d.Harley and Roxana D., and Horace Clark [of Wells, ME. int.], a.28y., clerk, s.Moses and Abigail, of Wells, ME, Aug.17,1848.*

NEWEL (Newhall)

Benjamin, and Elizabeth Foule of Woburn, at Woburn, Dec.28,1721. [Jan.1,1721. dup.]

NEWELL (Newhall)

William M. [of], and Ann M. Newhall, Sept.1,1833.*

Frederick R., of Cambridge, and Abigail C. Newhall, int.July17,1842.

NEWHAL (Newhall)

Nabby, of Lynnfield, and John Newhall, 4th, int.Jan.22,1792.

NEWHALL (Newel, Newell, Newhal, Newill)

Isabel, see Ezebell.

Rebecca, see Alley, Rebecca.

Thomas, and Elizabeth Potter [d.RobertPR2], 29:10m:1652.

John, s.Anthony, and Elizabeth Norminton, 31:10m:1656.CTR

John, sr., and Elizabeth Laighton, 3:12m:1657.

John, sr., and Sarah Flanders, July17,1659.

John, 3d, s.Thomas, and Estar Bartram, June18,1677.

Sarah, and Timothy Bread, Mar.3,1679-80.

John, 4th, and Rebekah Collins, Mar.28,1691.

Samuell, and Mary Hallewell, int.Aug.25,1695.

Samuell, and Abigall Lynsey, int.Dec.31,1695.

Elizabeth, and John Ingerson, int.Jan.8,1696-7.

Rebecca, and Ebenezer Parker of Reading, int.Apr.24,1697.

Jemima, and Benjamin Very of Salem, at Salem, June9,1698.*

Elizabeth, and Hennary Trevitt, June14,1698.

Rebecka, and Eleazer Collins, int.Dec.23,1699.

Elizabeth, and Richard Johnson, July3,1705.*

Jacob, and Abigail Locker of Salem, at Salem, Jan.15,1707.*

Mary, and Thomas Newhall, Dec.9,1707.*

Thomas, and Mary Newhall, Dec.9,1707.*

Hanah, and John Farrington, Jan.2,1710-11.*

Elisha, and Jane Breed, Feb.27,1710-11.*

Sarah, and John Fuller, Apr.17,1712.*

Jacob, and Hanah Chadwell, Feb.2,1713-14.*

Susana, Mrs., and Benjamin Simons of Woburn, int.Sept.26,1713.

Daniell, and Mary Breed, int.Nov.20,1713.

Joseph, and Elizabeth Potter, Nov.26,1713.*

Ephraim, and Abigaill Denmark, Dec.12,1716.*

Suzanah, and Joseph Breed, July16,1717.*

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Alley, int.Sept.26,1717.

Mary, and Ebenezer Norwood, int.Nov.2,1717.

Thomas, and Elizabeth Bancroft, Dec.12,1717.*

Samuel, and Kathorne Stone of Salem, int.June14,1718.

Ebenezer, and Elizabeth Breed, int.Nov.8,1718.*

Nathaniel, and Elliner Ramsdell, int.Dec.27,1718.

John, 4th, and Liddia Scadlet of Malden, Jan.7,1719-20.*

Sarah, Mrs., and Ebenezer Hawks, int.May13,1719.

Marey, and John Wels, Dec.6,1721.*

Sarah, and Thomas Burriage, Jan.3,1722-3.*

John, and Abigaill Baker, Nov.1,1722.*

Nathaniell, and Phebe Town, July25,1723.*

Hepsaba, and Joseph Alley, Jan.14,1724-5.*

Samuell, jr., and Kezia Breed, Dec.8,1724.*

Solomon, and Mary Johnson, int.Jan.15,1726-7.

Sarah, and Mathew Farrington, Oct.22,1727.*

Jerusha, and Timothy Howard, int.May19,1728.

Huldia, and Allen Breed, June2,1728.*

Easter, and Samuel Newhall, int.Sept.20,1730.

Samuel, and Easter Newhall, int.Sept.20,1730.

Ruth and John Bancroft, int.Apr.5,1731.

John, and Elizabeth Townsend, int.Dec.31,1732.

Jeremiah, and Sarah Bates, Apr.24,1733.*

Easter, and Jonathan Welman, July5,1733.*

Lydia, and Ephraim Stocker, Oct.13,1734.*

Sarah, and Jonathan Hawkes, Oct.16,1735.*

Samuel, and Doraty Chamberlin, int.Apr.1,1736.

Mary, and Andrew Mansfield, Sept.22,1737.*

David, of Boston, and May Burchsted, int.May14,1738.

Lydia, and Daniel Mansfield, int.Aug.6,1738.

Joseph, and Elizabeth Hodgman of Concord, int.Nov.19,1738.

Jonathan, and Abigail Norwood [Jan.27,1739-40. int.]*

Moses, and Susannah Bowden, Feb.6,1739-40.*

Georg [of Boston. int.], and Sarah Norward, June7,1739.*

Samuell, and Mary Hutchason, int.Apr.27,1740 [?].

Susannah, and Moses Chadwell, int.Sept.14,1740.

Hanah, and Josiah Newhall, Dec.24,1740.*

Josiah, and Hanah Newhall, Dec.24,1740.*

Joseph, and Abigail Hanson, int.Sept.20,1741.

Easter, and Ignatius Fuller, Dec.1,1741.*

Eunice, and Elkanah Hawkes, May4,1742.*

Jedediah, and Ruth Ingols, int.Sept.11,1742.

Jonathan, and Elizabeth Johnson, Oct.26,1742.*

Jane, and John Breed, June13,1743.*

Bethiah, and Edward Johnson, Oct.3,1744.*

Solomon, and Mary Blyth [] of Salem, at Salem, Nov.1,1744.*

Abigail, and Isaac Wilson [of], Dec.14,1744.*

Mary, d.John and Abigail, and Nathan Lewis,末蔓末,1745.

Abigail, and Ephraim Newhall, June11,1745.*

Ephraim, and Abigail Newhall, June11,1745.*

Bridgit, and Samuel Darbe [], Aug.13,1745.*

Martha, and Theophilus Breed, Dec.10,1745.*

John, and Sarah Lewis, Apr.10,1746.*

Anna, d.Samuel, husbandman, and Matthew Estes, cordwainer, s.John, deceased, Sept.16,1746.CR1

Mary, of Boston, and Moses Chadwell, int.Oct.25,1747.

Elisabeth, and John Lewis, Nov.22,1748.*

Phebe, and John Lindsey, Jan.4,1749-50.*

Rebeckah, and John Jenks [of], Dec.7,1749.*

Alen, and Love Breed, Mar.29,1750.*

Mehitabel, and William Chever, June21,1750.*

Elijah, and Mary Chever, Nov.7,1750.*

Amos, and Margaret Southwick of Salem, at Salem, Dec.7,1750.*

Mary, and Robard Mansfield, Aug.19,1751.*

Solomon, and Lois Howard, Aug.26,1751.*

Richard, and Lydia Williams, Nov.14,1751.*

Ezra, and Elisabeth Pecks, Dec.12,1751.*

Mary, and Theophilus Breed, Dec.12,1751.*

Benjamin, and Martha Burill, Aug.4,1752.*

Elisabeth, and Abner Chever, Nov.8,1752.*

Andrew, and Susanah Brown, Dec.21,1752.*

Huldah, and Jacob Alley, June26,1753.*

Lydia, d.Samuel, 3d, husbandman, and Nehemiah Johnson, cordwainer, d.David, husbandman, Oct.15,1753.CR1*

Ruth, and Amos Breed, Oct.1,1754.*

Ezra, and Sarah Fuller, Apr.10,1755.*

Jeremiah, and Tabitha Brown, at Reading, Nov.6,1755.

Anna, and Robert Gray, Dec.11,1755.*

Ebenezer, and Mary Newhall, Dec.25,1755.CR2*

Mary, and Ebenezer Newhall, Dec.25,1755.CR2*

Nathan, and Mary Farrington, Feb.17,1756.*

Richard, and Mary Harbort, resident in Lynn, int.Apr.18,1756.

James, and Sarah Basett [Baratt. int.] of Malden, at Malden, July8,1756.*

James, and Lois Burrill, Sept.17,1756. [ Sept.16.PR6]*

Matthew, and Mary Right of Stoneham, int.Jan.16,1757.

Joseph, and Ruth Bancroft, July5,1757.CR2*

Isaiah, and [wid.PR6] Mary Fuller, Feb.4,1759.*

Elizabeth, and Stephen Proctor of Danvers, at Danvers, Jan.7,1760.*

Abigail, and Samuel Purinton [of], Jan.15,1760. [1761.CTR]*

Abijah, cordwainer, s.Samuell, husbandman, and Abigail Bassett, d.Daniel, husbandman, Apr.29,1760.CR1

Jemimah [], and [Dr. int.] Jedediah Wellman of Danvers, at Danvers, Jan.8,1761.*

Susanna, and John Adam Dager [Daeggor. int.], Aug.18,1761.*

Elizabeth [Mrs.CR2], and Micaijah Adams of Braintree, Oct.15,1761.*

Sarah, and [Maj.PR6] Samuel Deverix of Marblehead, Feb.4,1762.*

Keturah, and Ezra Hitchings, Mar.9,1762.*

Michal, and Susanna Hawks, Apr.26,1762.*

Martha, and Theophilus Burrill, May3,1762.*

Eunice, and John Coats, int.Oct.3,1762.

Susanna, and Thomas Stocker, Apr.14,1763. [Apr.16.PR49]*

Anna, and Joseph Bredeen [of Malden. int.], May26,1763. [May22.CR3]*

Anne, and Marshal Stocker, Mar.29,1764. [Apr.PR6]*

Pharoah, and Theadate Breed, Apr.24,1764.*

Rebekah, d.Samuel, husbandman, and Abner Chase of Salem, s.Philip, of Swansea, husbandman, Apr.24,1764.CR1

Hanson, and Hepzibah Breed, Feb.6,1765.*

Hannah [], and Adam Hawkes [jr. int.], July10,1765.

Michael, and Joanna Collins, July11,1765.*

Benjamin, and [] Elizabeth Mansfield, July13,1765.*

Susanna [], and Nathaniel Marsh of Danvers, Sept.26,1765.*

Mary [], and Benjamin Coats, jr., Oct.31,1765.*

Daniel [jr. int.], and Sarah [Hannah.PR6] Bachellor, May8,1766.*

Elizabeth, and Henry Burchsted, May8,1766.*

Jacob, and Elizabeth [Hodgkins, of Ipswich.PR32], at Cambridge, Aug.21,1766.

Mary, and Richard Pappoon, Feb.5,1767.*

Katherine, Mrs., and Stephen Newhall, int.Mar.15,1767.

Stephen, and Mrs.Katharine Newhall, int.Mar.15,1767.

Josiah, and Catharine Hutchison, Dec.12,1767.*

Dolly, and James Bott of Salem, at Salem, Mar.15,1768.*

Ebenezer, and Hannah Larrabee, May19,1768.*

Esther, and Thomas Hoaks, June23,1768.*

Lydia, and Amos Lewis, Dec.25,1768. [June25.CR3]*

Elizabeth, of Danvers, and William Newhall, at Danvers, July21,1768.*

William, and Elizabeth Newhall of Danvers, at Danvers, July21,1768.*

Catharine [Mrs.PR6], and Eleazer Richardson, Sept.8,1768.*

Aaron, and Mary Perkins, Dec.1,1768.*

Daniel, cordwainer, s.Samuel, yeoman, and Hannah Estes, d.William, hatter, Apr.25,1769.CR1

Asa, and Sarah Tarbel, Nov.21,1769.*

James [Samuel.CR2], and Sarah Newhall, Apr.5,1770.*

Sarah, and James [Samuel.CR2] Newhall, Apr.5,1770.*

Margarett, Mrs., and Henry Jacobs of Danvers, int.Sept.9,1770.

Ruth, and Henry Oliver, Apr.23,1771.*

Abigail, and Ebenezer stocker, Sept.19,1771.CR3*

Sarah, and Jonathan Wellman, Dec.19,1771.*

Isabel, Mrs., and Jonas Pearneall of Salem, int.May16,1772.

Ezekiel, and Love Mansfield, June30,1772.*

Jabez, and Elizabeth Stone, Sept.26,1772. [ Sept.10.CR3]*

Calvin, and Sarah Golthwit, Sept.28,1772.*

Ruth, d.Samuel, deceased, and John Basset, yeoman, s.Daniel, deceased, Oct.14,1772.CR1

Thomas, and Sarah Lewis, Dec.3,1772.*

William, and Matha Mansfield, Sept.2,1773.*

Mary, and John Proctor, Feb.17,1774.*

Sarah, and William Ramsdel of Salem, Aug.25,1774.*

William, and Elizabeth Stockre, Sept.16,1774.*

Bethiah, and Abel Belnop, Sept.27,1774.*

Jedediah, and Michail Downing, Nov.17,1774.*

William, and Jane Merry, int.May6,1775.*

Allin, and Huldah Lindsey, int.Aug.26,1775.

Jonathan, and Mary Berry, Jan.2,1776.*

Hannah, Mrs., and Ebenezer Larribee [of], June4,1776.CR2*

Mary, Mrs., and John Bancroft, June20,1776.CR2*

Charles, and Mary Lewis, Dec.12,1776.*

Ezekiel, and Mrs.Martha Newhall [of], Feb.20,1777.CR2*

Martha, Mrs.[of], and Ezekiel Newhall, Feb.20,1777.CR2

Calley, and Anna Harrington, Apr.19,1777.

Ruth, Mrs., and Dea.Daniel Mansfield, int.Sept.21,1777.

Edward [of Malden. int.], and Hannah Hitchings, Oct.26,1777.*

Bridget, and Theophilus Hollowell, Nov.13,1777.*

Joel, and Lucy Mansfield, Dec.24,1778.*

Lydia [d.James and Lois (Burrill).PR50], and James Roberson, May6,1779.*

Micajah, and Joanna Farrington, June10,1779.*

Jonathan, jr., and Susannah Upton, June15,1779.*

Ruth, and John Poe, Nov.18,1779.*

Mercy, and Abner Chever, jr., Nov.29,1779.*

Tabitha, and Nathaniel Brown Dodge of Winchester, Feb.15,1780.*

Lucretia, and Henry Hollowell, Mar.30,1780.*

Lydia, and David Lewis, June11,1780.*

Hannah, and William Johnson, jr., June27,1780.*

Charls, and Lois Newhall, Mar.15,1781. [Mar.10.PR30]

Lois, and Charles Newhall, Mar.15,1781. [Mar.10.PR30]

Ezra, Col., and Alice Gray, May8,1781.

Susannah, and John Smith Danvers, at Danvers, June28,1781.

Amos, and Sarah Croel, Feb.28,1782.

Elizabeth, and John Ives, May19,1781. [Apr.7,1782. int.]*

Nathan, and Rebeacka Collins, Aug.4,1782.*

Elisha, and Rebecca Garey of Stoneham, at Reading, Nov.21,1782.*

Benjamin, and Hepzibeth Halowell, Oct.29,1783.

Thomas, of Salem, and Mehetibal Chever, Dec.末,1783. [Nov.15.CR3]*

Love, and Jesse Rhoades, Nov.16,1783. [Nov.9.CR3]*

Hepzibah, and Edward Lewis, Nov.4,1784.*

Lydia, and Thomas Bowler, Dec.16,1784.*

Elizabeth, and John Hallowell, Dec.21,1784.*

Patty, and Nathaniel Richardson of Salem, July10,1785.

Mary, and Garlin Chamberlain of Boston, May7,1786.*

Susanna, and Theophilus Farrington, May16,1786.*

James, 3d, and Sarah Newhall, Oct.3,1786.*

Sarah, and James Newhall, 3d, Oct.3,1786.*

Elisebeth, and John Richards, May13,1787.*

Alice, and John Downing, June21,1787.*

Benjamin, and Hipzebeth Hudson, July12,1787.*

Rufus, cordwainer, s.Ephraim, husbandman, and Abigail, and Kezia Breed, d.Nathan, husbandman, and Kezia, deceased, 26:12m:1787.CR1

James, jr., and Martha Newhall, May12,1788.*

Martha, and James Newhall, jr., May12,1788.*

Daniel Allen Breed, and Sarah Mansfield, Jan.1,1789.*

Daniel, cordwainer, and Elizabeth Dodge, d.Nowell, late of Townsend, and Priscilla, both deceased, 20:5m:1789.CR1

Elisebeth [], and Jabez Hitchins, Oct.11,1789.*

Susana, Mrs., and John Batts, jr., int.Oct.11,1789.

Daniel, 3d, cordwainer, s.Abijah and Abigail, and Mary Shillaber, d.Walter and Sarah, 24:3m:1790.CR1

Elisebeth [], and Enoch Johnson, June9,1790.*

John, 3d, and [] Polly Batcheller, June22,1790.*

Jursbe [], and Benjamin Johnson, June22,1790.*

Janey [], and Joseph Ramsdal, July1,1790.*

Elisebeth [], and John Dampney [of Salem.PR32], Sept.10,1790.*

William, 4th [], and Rebecah Alley, Jan.2,1791.*

Elisebeth [], and Samuel Fox, Apr.28,1791.*

Lydia, d.Abijah and Abigail, and Enoch Mower, cordwainer, s.John and Hannah, 21:9m:1791.CR1

Joanna, and Henry Burchsted, jr., Nov.18,1791. [Nov.8.R3]*

Elisebeth, and James Lewis, Dec.7,1791.*

Asahel [Asahel Wheeler.CR3; Raphael Whaler. int.], and Mary Stocker, Dec.12,1791.*

Benjamin [jr. int.], and Keturah Hitchins, Jan.12,1792. [1791.CR3]*

John, 4th, and Nabby Newhal of Lynnfield, int.Jan.22,1792.

James [], and Content Mansfield, Oct.9,1792.*

Isaiah, and Mary Newhall, Nov.18,1792.CR3*

Mary, and Isaiah Newhall, Nov.18,1792.CR3*

Betsey [], and James Sealand [resident of Lynn. int.], Jan.24,1793. [Jan.6.CR3]*

Allen, and Michael [] Newhall, Feb.7,1793.*

Michal [], and Allen Newhall, Feb.7,1793.*

Timothy, and Eunice Curtain, Feb.25,1793.*

Hannah, and Thomas Andrews Breed, Mar.17,1793.CR3*

Sally, and Timothy Munro, Apr.14,1793.*

Crispus, and Hannah Phelps, May17,1793.CR3*

Lois, and Fransis Smith, May21,1793.*

William, 5th, and Sally Parker of Leicester, int.Oct.6,1793.

William, and Susannah Breed, Nov.9,1793.

Patty, and Nemeah [Nehemiah.CR3] Green, Jan.3,1794. [Jan.1.CR3]*

Timothy [jr. int.], and Lois Hitchins, Mar.2,1794. [Mar.27.CR3]*

Lydia, d.Daniel and Hannah, deceased, and James Pope of Salem, chaise maker, s.Stephen, late of Salem, and Mary, deceased, 19:3m:1794.CR1

Salley, of Danvers, and Jacob Galusha, int.Apr.13,1794.

Kezia, d.Abijah and Abigail, deceased, and Pelatiah Purintun, cordwainer, s.Moses, of Berwick, and Peace, deceased, 17:9m:1794.CR1

Rebekah, d.Abijah and Abigail, deceased, and Stephen Nichols, cordwainer, s.David, of Berwick, and Pheb, deceased, 15:10m:1794.CR1

John Brown, and Susanna Lewis, Nov.20,1794.

Jacob, jr. [], and Susanna Pell, Dec.16,1794. [Dec.3.CR3]

William, and Susan Mansfield, [bef. 1795].PR32

Winthrop, and Elisebeth Farington, Jan.12,1795.*

Mary, of Malden, and Phinies Blodget, int.Feb.8,1795.

Susanna, and Samuel Graves, Feb.24,1795.*

Jonathan [of], and Phebe Linsey, Mar.24,1795.*

Martha, and Benjamin Spiney, May17,1795.*

Polley, and Amos Farington, May31,1795.*

Joseph, and Polley Spinney [of], June14,1795.*

Sarah, wid., and William Newhall, 3d, Aug.9,1795.*

William, 3d, and Wid.Sarah Newhall, Aug.9,1795.*

David [of], and Bethiah Mansfield, Oct.8,1795. [Oct.3.CR3]*

Daniel, 3d, and Sarah Farington, Nov.3,1795. [Nov.29.CR5]*

Amos, and Bettsey Larraby, Nov.29,1795.*

Samuel, yeoman, s.Pharoah and Theodate, and Sarah Phillips, d.Gideon and Rebekah, 9:12m:1795.CR1

Joseph, jr. [resident of Lynn. int.], and Hannah Galusha, Dec.17,1795.*

Rufus, jr., and Sarah Witt [Feb.26.CR5], 1796. [1797. int.andCR5]*

Hannah, and Benjamin Flint, Apr.7,1796. [Apr.30,1796. int.; Apr.17.CR5]*

Theodate, d.Pharaoh and Theodate, and Manuel Austin, cordwainer, s.Manuel, of Ipswich, deceased, and Rebekah, 18:5m:1796.CR1

Alice, d.Abijah and Abigail, deceased, and Thomas Butman, cordwainer, s.Richard, of Beverly, deceased, and Mara, 20:7m:1796.CR1

William, 6th, and Polley Foot, Feb.9,1797.*

Betsey, and John Doliver, June5,1797.CR5

Nancy, and Ebenezer Stanford, June28,1797.CR5*

Sarah, and James Newhall, 5th, July21,1797. [1796.CR5]*

James, 5th, and Sarah Newhall, July27,1797. [1796.CR5]*

Richard, and Mary Papoon, Aug.20,1797.*

Susanna, and Isaiah Whitney, Nov.15,1797.*

Sally, and Samuel Ashton [Austin. int.], Nov.1,1798.CR5*

Polly, and Samuel Winship, Nov.27,1798.*

Estes, s.Daniel and Hannah, and Hepzibah Wing, d.Paul and Abigail, [bef. 1799].CR1

Mary, and Jeremiah Emmerton, Feb.6,1799. [Feb.7.CR5; Aug.27,1798.PR17]*

Israel, and Phebe Hart, Mar.3,1799.CR5*

Polley, and Benjamin Martin, Mar.31,1799.CR5*

Nabby, and Robert Mansfield, jr., July18,1799.CR5*

Daniel, and Patience Swift of Dorchester or Milton, at Dorchester, Sept.18,1799.*

Samuel, and Rachel Johnson, Dec.22,1799.CR5*

Sarah, d.Samuel and Kezia, both deceased, and Abner Jones of Amesbury, yeoman, s.John, of Amesbury and Susanna, both deceased, 15:10m:1800.CR1

Sukey, and Abraham Brown of Salem, int.Oct.26,1800.

Susanna, and Abraham Brown, Nov.16,1800.CR5

Betsy, and Thomas Witt, June24,1801.*

Isaiah, and Hannah Flint, June24,1801.*

Polly, and John Southwick, June25,1801.*

Benjamin, and Sarah Hart, Aug.16,1801.*

Jacob, 5th, and Abigail Makepeace [of Boston.PR32], Sept.23,1801.*

James, jr., and Mrs.Mary Hart, int.Dec.20,1801.

Silvanus, and Lydia 末末, [bef. 1802].CR1

Keturah, and Samuel Sargent, jr., int.May16,1802.

Samuel, and Betsey Mansfield, int.July16,1802.

Josiah, and Peace Purington, June19,1803.*

Love, and Edward Lockwood, Apr.8,1804.*

Joseph S., and Martha Stocker, May20,1804.*

Nabby, and Joseph Nye, resident in Lynn, int.June10,1804.

Elisebeth, and John Chapman, resident of Lynn, int.Dec.16,1804.

Benjamin, 3d, and Elizabeth Brown, Apr.3,1805.*

Daniel, and Mary Bailey [of Hanover.CR1], at Pembroke, June6,1805.PR184

Nelly, and John Copp, Mar.23,1806.*

Nathaniel, 3d, and Patty Chadwell, Apr.22,1806.*

Aaron, jr., and Polly Hawks, May22,1806.*

Polly [], and Emery Moulton of Salem, June2,1806.*

James, 5th, and Rebecca Kemp [d.Levi and Rebecca, of Groton.PR30], Oct.1,1806. [1807.PR30]*

Thomas, and Sally Hudson, Nov.27,1806.*

Sarah, and Paul Sweetser of Reading, Dec.10,1806.*

Charles, jr., and Sally [] Berry, Dec.28,1806.*

Hannah, and Jerimaih Bulfinch, Mar.19,1807.*

Samuel, 3d, and Ruthy Breed, Apr.12,1807.*

Betsey, and William Brown, resident of Lynn, int.July12,1807.

Elizabeth, and Jonathan Richardson, July16,1807.*

Asa Tarbell, and Judieth Little of Newbury, int.Sept.20,1807.

Sarah, and Stephen Oliver, Oct.15,1807.*

Nathaniel, jr., and Sally Alley, Jan.21,1808.*

Marthe, and Ephraim Breed, Mar.15,1808.*

Paul, and Mary Mudge, Mar.15,1808.*

William, 4th, and Mary Batts, Apr.27,1808.*

Sally, and Caleb Wiley, June19,1808.*

Micajah, jr., and Ruth Johnson, int.Sept.4,1808.

Increase, jr., and Hannah Sweetser, Dec.15,1808.*

Isaiah, and Selina Bailey, Dec.16,1808.*

Mary, and Nathaniel Felton, July1,1809.

Colley, jr., and Abigail Howard, July26,1809.*

Lydia, and Nathaniel Farrington, Sept.17,1809.*

Eunice, and Thephilus Burrill, jr., Aug.20,1810.*

Otis, and Jurusha Ingalls, Sept.13,1810.*

Rebeca, and James Oliver, Dec.4,1810.*

Josiah, jr., and Lydia Johnson, Mar.19,1811.*

Hipzebeth, and William Whittemore, int.Mar.31,1811.

Eliza, and Benjamin Dodge of Salem, Apr.10,1811.*

Rachel, of Salem, and John Bacheller, int.Apr.14,1811.

Hervey, and Sally Barron, Sept.15,1812.*

Kezia, and Nathaniel Alley, Nov.26,1812.*

Sally, and William Cameron of the Marine Corps, Apr.17,1813.*

James, of Lynnfield, and Sally Richards, int.Apr.25,1813.

Martha, and Henry Hallowell, June6,1813.*

Elizabeth, and Isaac Richardson, Sept.10,1813.*

Aaron, and Sally Alley, Oct.17,1813.*

Lydia, and John Wait, jr. of Malden, int.Oct.17,1813.

Olive, and Samuel Oliver [of], Nov.28,1813.*

Joanna, and Samuel Vial, Jan.30,1814.*

Ellis, and Betsey Johnson, June23,1814.*

Lydia S., and Allen Breed, Sept.30,1814.*

William G., and Alice Downing, Jan.1,1815.*

Samuel, 3d, and [Mrs.CR5] Betsey Watts, May16,1815.*

Allen, jr., and Martha Adams, June15,1815.*

Jonathan, and Hannah Oakman, Sept.24,1815.*

Ezebell, and Benjamin Sargent, Oct.29,1815.*

Mary, and John Alley, 3d, Nov.13,1815.*

Martha, and William Badger, Feb.26,1816.

Frederick, and Betsey Lewis, Sept.5,1816.*

Isaiah, jr., and Marcy Cox, int.Sept.18,1816.

Sally L., and Samuel Tarbox, Feb.3,1817.*

Archelaus, and Lucy Peabody [of], Sept.21,1817.*

Ruthey, and Isaac Organ [jr. int.], Sept.28,1817.*

John, jr., s.Rufus, deceased, and Kezia, and Delia Breed, d.Samuel and Theodate, 26:11m:1817.CR1

Francis S., and Lydia Burrill, Feb.23,1818.*

Jeddidiah, jr., and Ann E[aton. int.] Orcutt, Mar.15,1818.*

Harriet, and Benjamin B[] Johnson, Apr.30,1818.*

James, 3d, and Lucy Kemp, June4,1818.*

Mary, of Epping, NH, and John Nichols, int.June14,1818.

John, and Lucy Hanson [Mrs.Lucy Hammond.PR53], Aug.2,1818.*

Lois, and Henry Williams, Oct.26,1818.*

Isaac M., and Martha Kelley, Jan.7,1819.*

Eunice, and Peter H. Alley, May9,1819.

Mary, and Israel A. Dodge, May16,1819.*

Mary E., and Nathaniel H. King, Nov.14,1819.

Ellis, and Sally P. Martin, int.Nov.21,1819.

Benjamin C., and Martha Jackson, Nov.28,1819. [Nov.29.PR30]*

Timothy, jr., and Mary Goodridge, Aug.6,1820.*

Abby, and Daniel Breed, Oct.18,1820.PR53

Abigail, d.Rufus, deceased, and Keziah, and Daniel Breed, s.William, deceased, and Hannah, 18:10m:1820.CR1

Mary, and William N. Tuttle of Saugus, int.Mar.25,1821.

Sally, and Warren Hill, July4,1821.*

Susan B., and Francis Spinney, Dec.23,1821.*

Susan, and Richard Tufts, Dec.25,1821.*

Henry B., and Mary Stone, Dec.30,1821.*

John B.L., and Sally [Sarah.PR53] Smith, June9,1822.*

Issabilla, and Jesse L. Bacheller, Sept.4,1822.*

Benjamin, and Esther Thompson, Dec.末,1822. [Dec.29.PR53]*

Samuel, 3d, and Mary Lewis, Jan.10,1823.*

Timothy, jr., and Betsey F. Ramsdill, Feb.23,1823.*

George [of], and Elizabeth Standley, Oct.21,1823.*

Dorcas, of Danvers, and Nahum Hatch, int.Dec.28,1823.

Timothy [of Exeter, NH. int.], and Abigail Alley, June29,1824.*

Archelaus, and Ann Brown of Salem, int.July11,1824.

Clarissa, and Benjamin Massey, Nov.4,1824.*

Lydia, and William Burrill, Nov.29,1824.

Benjamin F., and Dorothy Jewett of Hebron, CT, int.Mar.13,1825.

Betsey [Mrs.CR5], and William Bruce, July10,1825.*

Rebecca, and John Kelley [of Windham, NH. int.], Dec.18,1825.*

Eliza, and Francis Englan, int.Apr.16,1826.

Sarah, and Rev. Joshua Barrett [of Plymouth.PR53], Nov.23,1826.*

Benjamin H., and Harriet Richardson, Nov.30,1826.*

Caroline, and William Nutting [resident of Lynn. int.], Mar.20,1827.*

Micajah, and Hannah Coombs, Mar.25,1827.*

Jacob [jr. of], and Lydia Newhall, Apr.24,1827.*

Lydia, and Jacob Newhall [jr. of], Apr.24,1827.*

Charles L[ewis, s.Charles and Lydia.PR34]. (Name changed to Charles L. Delnow [by act of Legislature in 1837.PR34]), and Martha J[ane.PR34] Burrill [d.Iziah and Mar.PR34], Feb.14,1828.*

Abner, and Mary Newhall of Henniker, NH, int.Mar.16,1828.

Mary, of Henniker, NH, and Abner Newhall, int.Mar.16,1828.

Otis, jr., and Sarah Pool, Apr.8,1828.*

Benjamin Francis, and Mary Ann Alley [Oct.26,1828.PR53]*

Sarah, and William Reed, Nov.27,1828.*

Henry, 2d [of], and Marinda Conner, Dec.25,1828.*

Jane M., and Warren Burrill, Dec.30,1828.*

Rebecca, d.Daniel and Mary, of Henniker, NH, and Thomas F. Newhall, [bef. 1829].CR1

Thomas F., and Rebecca Newhall, d.Daniel and Mary, of Henniker, NH, [bef. 1829].CR1

Nathan B., s.Rufus, deceased, and Keziah, and Anna B. Conner, d.Jonathan and Alice, 18:11m:1829.CR1

Henry, and Ann Attwill [d.Capt. Z., Dec.7,1829.PR53].*

Sarah, and David Hollis, Jan.1,1830.PR53*

Hannah R., and Jonathan S. Tarbox, Mar.14,1830.*

Mary Ann, d.John B., and William Carroll, May13,1830.PR53 [May30. int.]*

Lucinda, and Hervey Tarbox, Aug.2,1830.*

Louisa, and John Marstin, Aug.29,1830.*

Alanson, and Bethiah C. Hobbs, int.Oct.10,1830.

Phebe A., and Josiah [] R. Clough, Oct.17,1830.*

Paul W., of Philadelphia, PA, s.Estes and Hepzibah, deceased, and Hannah Johnson, d.Samuel and Sarah, deceased, 29:6m:1831.CR1

Enos, and Eliza Flanders, Oct.12,1831.CR5*

Lucy, and Boynton Viall, Oct.16,1831.*

Mary Ann, and Bailey Goodridge, jr., Oct.23,1831.*

Susan L., and Thomas Spinney, jr., int.Feb.26,1832.

Josiah, and Clarissa Martin [of Danvers, Apr.1. int.] 1832.*

Francis Spinney, and Mary Ann Skinner, May10,1832.*

Caroline, and Sewell Raddin, int.May13,1832.

Sophia, and Silvanus Blanchard, Oct.18,1832.*

Matilda, and Joseph B. Goodridge, Oct.27,1832.*

Albert, and Hannah S. Keay of Wolfboro, NH, int.Dec.2,1832.

Oliver N., and Maria A. Sweetser, May28,1833.*

Antoinett, resident in Lynn, and Charles A. Oliver, int.Aug.18,1833.

Ann M., and William M. Newell [of], Sept.1,1833.*

George, and Elizabeth Harrington [of Boston. int.], Oct.6,1833.*

Abigail M., and Thomas J. Lummus, Nov.3,1833.*

Keturah, and Joseph Pratt, Nov.10,1833.*

Keziah, of Henniker, NH, and Thomas F. Newhall, int.Nov.10,1833.

Thomas F., and Keziah Newhall, of Henniker, NH, int.Nov.10,1833.

William, jr., and Mary Munroe of Salem, int.Feb.9,1834.

Mary, and Winslow R. Kenrick, Feb.25,1834.*

David, and Martha Ann Stone, Mar.2,1834.*

Sarah, and James Nourse, Nov.6,1834.*

Lydia, and Amos Rhodes, Dec.2,1834.*

Elvira, and Edward S. Davis, Mar.26,1835.*

Daniel Wendall, and Adaline Alley, Apr.8,1835.*

Abigail B., of Henniker, NH, and Joseph M. Foss, int.Aug.9,1835.

Eliza W., and Alborn C. Oliver, Sept.20,1835.*

Huldah B., and William Gilson, int.Sept.20,1835.

Mary T., and George R. Palmer, Oct.4,1835.*

Nathaniel Addison, and Edith Guilford, Oct.14,1835.PR56*

Lois B., and John R. Moulton, Nov.5,1835.*

Alden, and Lydia Goodridge, Nov.22,1835.*

Edwin, and Eliza Smith, Dec.10,1835.*

Aaron, and Mary H. Allen, Dec.31,1835.*

Joanna, and John B. Johnson, Sept.14,1836.*

Mary Ann, and Samuel J. Hollis, Sept.15,1836.*

Mary E., and William G. Carver, Oct.1,1836.*

Edward A., and Hannah N. Hulen, Oct.10,1836.*

Asa T., jr., and Theodate J. Newhall, Nov.17,1836.*

Theodate J., and Asa T. Newhall, jr., Nov.17,1836.*

Olivia, and Robert S. Badger of Boston, Mar.12,1837.*

James R., and Dorcas B. Brown of Salem, int.Oct.8,1837.

William M., and Abigail E. Pinkham of Saugus, int.Nov.12,1837.

Augustus, and Abigail Brown, Aug.12,1838.*

Eliza, and John G. Warner, int.Sept.16,1838.

Eliza, and Samuel [Nathaniel. int.] Bartlett, Nov.29,1838.*

Ezra, and Lydia A[nn. int.] Howard, Jan.2,1839.*

Fletcher, and Elizabeth R. Mitchell of Boston, int.Jan.20,1839.

Perry, and Mary R. Purinton, Jan.23,1839.*

Abigail, and John D. Pecker, Feb.28,1839.*

Jonathan M., and Rebecca [P. int.] Jackson, July24,1839.*

Samuel H., and Hannah E. Whitten, Sept. [8. int.], 1839.*

Abigail, of Saugus, and Samuel Wormstead, int.Oct.6,1839.

Adaline, and John B. Prime of Salem, int.Oct.6,1839.

Ruth A., and Nathaniel Q. Alley, int.Oct.6,1839.

Arminius C., and Sarah F. Gilchrist, Oct.20,1839.*

Margarett M., and George O. Collins of Darien, GA, int.Nov.3,1839.

Lois B., and John Story, Nov.10,1839.*

Isaac, and Bridget H. Bacheller, int.Mar.8,1840.

Hannah L., of Danvers, and Jeremiah C. Bacheller, int.Aug.9,1840.

Cinderella, of Lynnfield, and Joseph C. Newhall, int.Nov.15,1840.

Joseph C., and Cinderella Newhall of Lynnfield, int.Nov.15,1840.

Mary P., and Richard W. Drown, Apr.18,1841.*

Warren, and Eliza Jane Robinson, Apr.22,1841.*

Abner, and Mary Ann Meade, Apr.24,1841.*

Hiram, and Susanna B. Florence of Saugus, int.Apr.25,1841.

Elizabeth C., and Samuel H. Kies [of], July8,1841.*

Persis, and James E. Breed [of Louisville. int.], Aug.25,1841.*

Elizabeth, and William Campbell [of Mobile, AL. int.], Sept.1,1841.*

George F., and Martha Bickford, Oct.20,1841.*

Daniel W[itt. int.], and Mary B. Sampson, Dec.4,1841.*

Robert, and Eliza Vickary, Dec.23,1841.*

Charles W. [of], and [Eliza A.], Feb.22,1842.*

Sarah S., and Cyrus Blanchard of Charlestown, int.Apr.10,1842.

Harrison, and Martha M. Perkins, Apr.13,1842.*

Thomas B., and Susan S. Putnam [of], May10,1842.*

Abigail C., and Fredrick R. Newhall of Cambridge, int.July17,1842.

Francis, and Sarah Trott of Bridgton, ME, int.Sept.4,1842.

Elizabeth W., and John Law, int.Sept.18,1842.

Nancy, and William Ingalls, int.Oct.16,1842.

George W., and Sally Tucker, int.May28,1843. (Published without their knowledge.)

Susan B., and William C. Mansfield, Sept.13,1843. [ Sept.4.CR4]*

Albert, and Isabella Longley, Oct.1,1843.*

Olive, of Danvers, and Jonathan O[ren. int.] Parker, Nov.28,1843.*

Sarah B., and J. Langdon Shorey, s.Joseph, Sept.24,1844.*

Tabatha, and Rufus Delano, Oct.1,1844.*

Parker, a.25y., cordwainer, s.Otis and Jerusha, and Lydia B. Purinton, a.23y., shoe binder, d.Enoch and Elizabeth, Oct.9,1844.*

Paul [jr. int.], a.23y., fisherman, and Deborah P. Delano, a.19y., d.Rufus and Deborah, Oct.13,1844.*

Eliza, and Thomas Nugent, Oct.27,1844.*

George W., and Mary D. Pierce of Charlestown, int.Dec.8,1844.

Henry W., and Susan H. Lewis, int.Dec.15,1844.

William P., shoe manufacturer, b. Dover, NH, and Mary A. Goodwin [of Dover, NH. int.], a.21y., Feb.19,1845.*

William Henry, and Clymenia R. Adams, int.Apr.28,1845.

Elliott, and Ellen Handy, June8,1845.*

John W., of Saugus, a.24y., shoe manufacturer, s.Jacob and Abigail, of Saugus, and Lucy A. Ingalls, a.21y., d.Abner and Lucy, Oct.28,1845.*

James B., of Salem, and Elizabeth A. Galucia, int.Nov.30,1845.

John H., and Susan B. Mansfield, Jan.8,1846.*

Edward, and Sophronia G. Fisher, Jan.22,1846.*

Lydia R., a.19y., d.Timothy and Betsey, and Robert Thompson, a.22y., cordwainer, s.Robert B. and Elizabeth, Apr.30,1846.*

Eliza Ann [Haskett. int.], and Oren B. Mudge, June25,1846.*

Joseph P[hilbrick.CR1], a.22y., s.Estes and Miriam, and Anna G[reene.CR1] Bassett, a.22y., d.Isaac and Ruth.1:7m:1846.

Thomas F., widr., a.49y., farmer, s.Samuel and Sarah, and Abigail Trott, a.45y., d.Thomas and Sarah, Jan.24,1847.*

Nathaniel C., and Sarah K. Marson, int.Sept.18,1847.

Elbridge G., and Adeline Marshall of Tewksbury, int.Oct.3,1847.

Nathaniel Addison, and Mrs.Mary Ann Schellinger, int.Oct.10,1847.

Mary C. [Newell. int.], a.21y., d.Paul and Mary, and George Gilbert, a.26y., fisherman, s.Jonathan and Sarah, Nov.7,1847.*

Sarah M., a.19y., d.Otis and Sarah, and John S. Mansfield, a.23y., clerk, s.John and Harriett, Feb.27,1848.

Laura Ann, a.21y., d.Joseph, and Isaac B. Cowdry of Ashby, a.29y., miller, s.Jacob and Hannah, of Ashby, Apr.6,1848.*

Abby, a.21y., d.Isaiah and Silena, and Joseph G. Shorey, a.22y., carpenter, s.Joseph and Sylvia, June13,1848.*

Isaac, jr., and Mrs.Sarah G. Caldwell of Ipswich, int.Oct.22,1848.

David Jr., and Harriett A. Carroll, Nov.22,1848.*

Otis, jr., a.21y., cordwainer, s.Benjamin, and Harriet E. Greenell, a.23y., Mar.25,1849.*

Hannah G., a.25y., d.Joseph, jr., and William Marshall, jr., a.30y., shoe manufacturer, s.William, May20,1849.*

Martha Maria, a.24y., d.Nathaniel, and Warren B. Perkins of Woburn, a.32y., laborer, 2d m., b. Medford, s.Andrew, int.Sept.29,1849.

NEWILL (Newhall)

Mary, of Charlestown, and Henry Mirick, Aug.2,1694.CTR

NEWMAN (Numan)

Sarah, and Eleazer Rhoads, 3d, May5,1713.*

Thomas, and Hannah Downing, int.May26,1716.

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Larabe, Nov.16,1725.*

Henry, and Ruth Goldthwaite of Salem, at Salem, Jan.6,1727.*

Experiance, and Ezekel Howard of Malden, int.Mar.29,1741.

Margaret, and Ezekell Howard, May21,1741.

John, and Mary Ramsdell, July12,1744.*

Thomas, and Abigaill Ramsdell, July17,1749.*

Sarah, and Ebenezer Goldthwaite of Salem, at Salem, Jan.16,1751.*

William, and Jemimah Wallis of Danvers, at Danvers, Aug.20,1761.*

Abigail, and Timothy Ramsdell, Dec.10,1765.

Hannah, and Caleb Lewis [of Stoneham.CR3], Oct.17,1786. [Oct.7.CR3]*

Eli, and Nancey Green, Nov.17,1791.*

Polly, and Nathaniel David [of], May24,1793.CR3*

Sally, and Josiah Chase, July11,1813.*

Mary, and William Lewis, 3d, Nov.20,1831.*


Ziras [], of Farmington, and Elenor Larrabe, July2,1771.*

NICHOLLS (Nichols)

Joseph, and Jerusha Mason, both residents in Lynn, int.Sept.16,1821.

Harriss, and Hannah Allen, July17,1823.*

NICHOLS (Nicholls, Nickols)

Moses, Dr., of Amherst, and Hannah Eaton, int.June14,1760.

Thomas, of Reading, and Mrs.Charity Eaton, int.Feb.22,1767.

Stephen, cordwainer, s.David, of Berwick, and Phebe, deceased, and Rebekah Newhall, d.Abijah and Abigail, deceased, 15:10m:1794.CR1

John [], and Lydia Chadwell, June26,1796.*

Phebe, d.David, late of Berwick, and Phebe, deceased, and James Breed, 3d, s.Amos and Ruth, both deceased, 19:9m:1798.CR1

Andrew [Rev. int.], and Mary Wheeler, Dec.3,1799.CR5*

Rebekah, and Jerimiah Coney, Nov.26,1805.*

Nancy, and Bassett Breed, Apr.26,1807.*

Betsey, and Asa Breed, resident in Lynn, int.May7,1809.

Lydia, d.Thomas, deceased, and Hannah, of Salem, and Daniel Silsbe, s.Henry and Hannah, deceased, at Salem, 17:3m:1814.CR1

John, and Mary Newhall of Epping, NH, int.June14,1818.

Jonathan, and Elizabeth Rodman of Newport, RI, [bef. 1824].CR1

Nathan, and Harriett Herbert, at Newburyport, Apr.22,1824.PR53*

Josiah M., and Hannah Silsbee, at Salem [May13,1827. int.]*

Isaiah, s.Jonathan and Lydia, deceased, of Salem, and Abby Rodman, d.David and Joanna, 24:4m:1839.CR1

N. Jane, and Albert Phelps, int.Nov.15,1840.

Harris, and Mrs.Emily Hawkins, int.Oct.3,1841. (Forbid, she having a husband living.)

Nathan, and Elizabeth Rodman of Newport, RI, [bef. 1843].CR1

Nathan A., and Sarah Ann Williams, June1,1843.*

Mary S., and Elias T. Pulsifer, int.Aug.6,1843.

George, and Lydia Horton of Gorham, ME, [bef. 1844].CR1

John, Rev., and Emeline Adams of Newton, int.May5,1844.

John E., cordwainer, s.John, and Harriett C. Atkinson, shoe binder, d.Joseph, Oct.31,1844.*

Joseph H., a.19 y, s.Harris and Hannah, and Mary E. Parsons, d.Isaac and Lucy, of Gloucester, Dec.28,1845.*

Susan S., of Lowell, and Joseph L. Pratt, int.Apr.17,1847.

Mary Frances, a.21y., d.John and Mary, and Charles Lakeman, a.21y., currier, s.William and Margaret, Oct.28,1847.*

Lydia C., d.John and Mary, and Francis Flagg, Dec.2,1847.*

Nancy Ann, d.Joseph, and John Gardner Heath, fisherman, s.John and Lydia, June18,1848.*

Joseph W., a.19y., cordwainer, s.Joseph, and Sarah Varney, a.10y., d.Daniel, Nov.19,1848.*

Henry S., blacksmith, s.Josiah M., and Elizabeth Thompson, a.23y., d.William, of Marblehead, July22,1849.*

NICHOLSON (Nicolson)

NICKASON (Nickerson)

Samuell, of Marblehead, and Lidia Potter, int.Nov.15,1730.

NICKERSON (Nickason)

Mayo, and Elener Morse Rich, both residents in Lynn, int.Aug.26,1804.

Sarah F., and Franklin Collins, Jan.21,1835.*

NICKOLS (Nichols)

Rebakah, Mrs., of Reading, and Rev. Benjamin Adams, int.Oct.3,1756.

Hannah, and John Upton of Lynnfield, int.Oct.12,1800.

Mary, and Daniel Rowe, int.Feb.24,1833.


Christopher, and Hanna Redknap, 22:8m:1662.CTR


Nancy, of Sullivan, NH, and George Whitney, int.Aug.4,1833.


Sarah, of Malden, and Ralph Merry, int.Jan.3,1741-2.


George F. [of Boston. int.], and Mary Winship, May29,1828.*

Sarah S., of Salem, and Amos Austin, int.Mar.18,1832.

Mary Ann, and William Carroll, Feb.14,1836.*

NOONIN (Nunin)


Sarah L., of Salem, and Samuel Floyd, int.Sept.26,1841.


Elizabeth, and John Newhall, s.Anthony, 31:10m:1656.CTR


Thomas, and Martha Potter, Dec.25,1755.*

John P., a.26y., carpenter, s.Joseph, of NH, and Caroline Bartlett, a.25y., d.Richard, Sept.5,1848.*

NORSE (Nourse)

Lucy [Nourse. int.], and John Lindsey, jr., Oct.11,1812.*

NORTHEE (Northey)

David, of Salem, goldsmith, s.John, of Marblehead, and Merriam Basset, d.William, jr., July25,1732.CR1*

NORTHEY (Northee)

William, of Salem, goldsmith, s.David, of Salem, goldsmith, and Rebecca Collins, d.Zaccheus, blacksmith, Jan.25,1764.CR1

NORWARD (Norwood)

Zaccheus, and Mary Richards, Feb.13,1734-5.*

Sarah, and Georg Newhall [of Boston. int.], June7,1739.*

NORWOOD (Norward)

Thomas, and Mary Brown, Aug.24,1685.

Elizabeth, and John Potter, May27,1692.

Francis, and Sarah Trevit, Mar.11,1707-8.*

Jonathon, and Sarah Hudson, Aug.8,1711.*

Ebenezer, and Mary Trevit, int.Oct.13,1716.

Ebenezer, and Mary Newhall, int.Nov.2,1717.

Mary, and Jacob Collins, int.Oct.28,1722.

Mary, and Samuel Holloway, Feb.26,1729-30.*

Ziruiah, and William Ingols, Nov.13,1729.*

Elisabeth, d.Francis, and John Estes of Marblehead, blacksmith, s.John, of Salem, deceased, at Boston. Aug.10,1732.CR1*

Stephen, and Sarah Burlow, Nov.10,1735.*

Abigail, and Jonathan Newhall [Jan.27,1739-40. int.]*

Francis, and Hannah Pirce, July12,1739.*

Ebenezer, and Jerusha Groas, 末蔓8,1741. [Nov.22. int.]*

Thomas, and Lydia Hawkes, int.Apr.8,1744.

Zacheus, and Susanna Dwinel of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Dec.26,1745.*

Zebulun, and Elizabeth Quiner, Mar.19,1747.CTR*

Mary, and Ebenezer Mansfield, Oct.15,1747.*

Zacheus, and Lydia Burrige, Apr.19,1750.*

Sarah, and Isaac Lewis [of], July24,1750.*

Gershua [], and John Green [of], Jan.1,1756.*

Lydia [], and Josiah Martin [of], May20,1763. [May14.CR3]*

Lydia [Mrs.CR2; of Lynn], and Ezekiel Gowing, June21,1763.*

Lydia, and Daniel Mansfield, jr., Nov.5,1765.*

Mary, and Joseph Ballard, Nov.27,1767.*

Sarah, and Jonathan Bryant, Dec.4,1770.*

Susanna, and John Boardman, June20,1771.CR3*

John, and Deborah Molten, Sept.26,1771.*

Mehetabel, and Capt. Joseph Stocker, Dec.14,1780.

Anna, and Moses Hudson, Jan.17,1788.*

Thomas, and Susanna Massey, Oct.5,1806.*

John, of Lynnfield, and Judey Gilbert, resident of Lynn, int.Aug.2,1807.

John, and Lydia M. Nye, Nov.1,1829.*

Jane M., 2d w., and Hiram Williams [of Boston. int.], Apr.17,1836.*

John, and Louisa Chase, May25,1836.*

Henry, and Eliza J. Merrill, Jan.5,1845.*

Emeline, a.17y., b. Lynnfield, d.William, and Francis Burstill, a.24y., laborer, b. Candia, NH, s.Moses, Dec.31,1849.*

NOURSE (Norse, Nurs, Nurse, Nurss)

Edmund, and Polly Tucker, July20,1809.*

Elizabeth, and John Person, Jan.1,1817.*

Rebecca, and Daniel Townsend, jr., Oct.21,1818.*

Mary, and [Rev.PR53] Squire B. Haskell [of Barre, VT. int.], Dec.31,1820.*

John H.M., an Emma B. Sprague, Dec.14,1832.*

James, and Sarah Newhall, Nov.6,1834.*

Calvin, of Salem, and Caroline S. Locke, int.Nov.9,1834.

Lucy Ann, and Seth Lufkin, Sept.3,1835.*

Elcey T., and Silvester H. Haines, int.Feb.4,1838.

Edmund, and Lydia H. Allen, July13,1838.*

Phinehas, and Julia Jackson, both of Saugus, Jan.11,1844.

Gustavus, and Lydia S. Jones, Apr.4,1844.*

William P., a.24y., shoe maker, s.Mary, and Mary R. Ireson, a.19y., d.John and Eliza, May30,1844.*


Samuel, cordwainer, s.Samuel, of Newburyport, and Sarah, and Lydia Basset, d.John, of Wolfboro, NH, and Ruth, 16:11m:1796.CR1


Thomas, and Elizabeth Murphy, int.Apr.13,1845.


Elizabeth, of Boston, and Moses Chadwel, int.Apr.7,1745.


Ann I., and Samuel T. Huse, int.Nov.16,1823.

Lucy Ann, and Richard Boynton, Apr.3,1840.*

Statira, and Benjamin N. Coates, jr., int.Oct.24,1843.

Elizabeth S., a.18y., d.Timothy K. and Sarah, and Francis F. Hunnewell, a.21y., cordwainer, s.Joseph and Nancy, June24,1847.*

John, a.22., cordwainer, s.Abraham and Rebecca, and Mary Elizabeth Taylor, a.21y., d.Ephraim and Dorcas, Oct.28,1847.*

Ruth Ann, and Henry M. Proctor, mariner, Feb.2,1848.*


James, and Sarah S. Bickford, Apr.6,1843.*

John, jr., and Lucy Ann Vincent, int.Sept.24,1843.

Thomas, and Eliza Newhall, Oct.27,1844.*

Sylvester, and Hannah S. Rhodes, Nov.25,1847.*

NUMAN (Newman)

Elisebeth, and William Tutel, "a resident of Lynn," May25,1788.*


William, a.23y., carpenter, b. Ireland s.Dennis, and Mary Cook, a.24y., b. Ireland d.William, Nov.16,1849.*

NURS (Nourse)

Mary, and Nathaniel Walden of Salem, int.Mar.21,1735-6.

Febe, and David Fuller, int.Feb.19,1747-8.

Georg, and Hannah Wallis of Salem, int.Sept.6,1747.

Jonathan, and Hannah Tarbox, int.Sept.2,1775.

Elizabeth, and Robert Mansfield, jr., Nov.2,1776.*

NURSE (Nourse)

Benjamin, and Sarah Boston, at Salem,末蔓末,1704.

Elizabeth, and Jonathan Twiss of Salem, at Salem, Dec.8,1743.*

Abigail, and Adam Johnson, Jan.13,1745-6.

Lydia, and Joseph Abourn, July2,1747.CTR*

Mary, and John Brown of Danvers, Oct.15,1767.*

James, and Elizabeth Mansfield, int.Oct.2,1785.

John, and Polly Hallowell, July30,1807.*


Francis J. [of Boston. int.], and Mary E. Fern, Aug.10,1835.*

NURSS (Nourse)

Georg, and Liddia Huchason of Salem, int.Feb.23,1708-9.

Benjamin, of Salem, and Sarah Boston, int.Sept.4,1714.

NUTING (Nutting)

Josiah, and Mary Jenks, May6,1751. [May18.CR3]*


Mary, of Danvers, and Samuel Jeffrey, int.Apr.3,1842.

NUTTING (Nuting)

William [resident of Lynn. int.], and Caroline Newhall, Mar.20,1827.*


Joseph, resident in Lynn, and Nabby Newhall, int.June10,1804.

Ebenezer, [of Orrington. int.], and Sally Mudge, Aug.28,1808.*

Lydia M., and John Norwood, Nov.1,1829.*

Joseph M., and Mary Chadwell, June11,1832.*

Joseph W., and Susan A. Rhodes, June18,1841.*

James M. [Dr. int.], and Hannah C. Peaslee of Amesbury, June29,1842.*

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