Peter, and Jane G. Hardy, int.Oct.16,1842.

Mary A., and William M. Dodge, Jan.20,1846.*

Caroline, a.18y., and Chandler Bisbee, a.20y., cordwainer, s.Noah, Apr.29,1849.*


William M., s.Dudley and Bethia, of Concord, NH, and Betsey Collins, d.Zaccheus and Theodate, 20:11m:1822.CR1

Joseph, of Andover, and Eliza Johnson, May13,1833.*

Susan, and Edwin C. Dodge, Jan.6,1839.*


Barney, and Fanny Doherty, int.Feb.18,1848.

LAIGHTON (Laiton, Laughton, Laugton, Layghton, Layton)

Elizabeth, and John Newhall, sr., 3:12m:1657.


Peter [], and Elizabeth L[] Green, at Salem, Apr.15,1799.*

LAITH (Lathe)

Sarah, and Joseph Fuller, Oct.31,1771.*

Polley, and John Peprill of Danvers, int.Aug.11,1793.

LAITHE (Lathe)

Rufus, and Timney Mansfield of Lynnfield, int.Oct.11,1807.

LAITON (Laighton)

John, and Parnall Kertland Oct.31,1687.CTR


Charles A., a.24y., cordwainer, s.Joseph and Ann, and Mary A. Goodwin, a.20y., d.Ebenezer and Hannah, Dec.26,1847.*


Lucy, resident in Lynn, and John Collins of Danvers, int.Mar.18,1821.

Sarah, and John Chase, int.Oct.24,1824.

Rachel, and [Capt.PR53] Timothy Munroe, jr., Aug.3,1826.*

Mary, and Barnes Short [both residents of Lynn. int.], Mar.30,1828.*

John, and Lucy Johnson, Sept.24,1829.*

Mary, of Salem, and Benjamin G. Metcalf, int.Mar.10,1833.*

Sarah, and William McReady [resident of Providence, RI. int.], Jan.2,1835.*

David, and Eliza Ann Johnson, Nov.17,1836.*

Joseph, and Sarah J[ane. int.] Mudge, Mar.8,1838.*

Abigail, and Thomas Wooldridge of Marblehead, int.Oct.28,1838.

Lucy A., and Fredrick Todd, Nov.18,1841.*

Charles, a.21y., currier, s.William and Margaret, and Mary Frances Nichols, a.21y., d.John and Mary, Oct.28,1847.*

Timothy, a.37y., cordwainer, s.James, and Mary Ellis Sweet, a.31y., b. Wayne, ME, d.Ellis, Nov.4,1849.*


Elizabeth L., and William H. Loring, cordwainer, Nov.15,1848.*

LAMBERD (Lambert)

Abigall, and Samuell Hartt, June9,1684.

Marcy, and Danell Gowing, int.June9,1754.

LAMBERT (Lamberd, Lambird, Lambord, Lamburd)

Marcy, and Larnod Bowers of Billerica, at Billerica, Feb.10,1757.*

LAMBIRD (Lambert)

Mary F. [Mary Fullerton of Boston. int.], and Benjamin Alley, 3d, Mar.27,1812.*

LAMBORD (Lambert)

Lydia [H. int.], a.22y., d.Rev. Benjamin F. and Polly, and Joseph B. Yale of Newburyport, a.25y., sailmaker, s.David and Jane, Nov.29,1847.*

LAMBURD (Lambert)

Phillis, of Reading, and Sharper Breed, int.Sept.27,1778.


Joseph B., and Mary G. Wright of Chelsea, int.Jan.6,1839.

LAMPHIER (Lamphire)

John, and Harriett Parrot, Dec.20,1831.*

Benjamin B., and Harriet N. Stone, May10,1840.*

James C., and Mary Lille, int.June25,1843.

Abba P., and Charles Townsend, int.Apr.12,1846.

Abigail, a.17y., and Hezekiah Shaw, a.20y., cordwainer, s.John, Aug.30,1849.*

LAMPHIRE (Lamphier)

John, and Sarah Rich, Oct.28,1805.*

Aaron, and Betsey Waddeng, Dec.6,1827.*


Hannah, and Henery Collins, 3d, Jan.3,1681.

Isaac D., and Eliza Janes of Salem, int.Oct.4,1835.

Mary E., a.16y., d.David and Susan, and Albert Johnson, jr., a.23y., painter, s.Albert and Deborah, May21,1846.*


Hannah, and Jonathan Boden of Marblehead, May24,1768.*


Ebenezer, and Elizabeth Bates, int.Aug.27,1738.

Cyrus T., and Mary A. Gibbens, int.Dec.8,1844.


Judith A. [Langphear. int.], and Nathaniel Stone, Aug.3,1826.*

Daniel [of Pittsfield, NH. int.], and Lydia [A. int.] Duntley, Dec.13,1838.*

Amanda M., a.19y., d.Charles, and George W. Parrott, a.21y., s.George, Jan.3,1849.*


Paul, of Salem, house carpenter, s.Phillip, deceased, formerly of Boston, and Hannah Phillips, d.John, deceased, at Salem, Sept.15,1715.CR1

Isaac [a stranger. int.], and Mary Tonkin, Nov.5,1730.*

Isaac, and Mary Coller of Falmouth, int.Sept.11,1732.

LANGLEY (Longley)

Sarah C., and Warren Chapman, June21,1836.


Lucy, and John L. Ramsell, Nov.5,1826.*


Henry F., resident in Lynn, and Eliza Ann Turner of Westmoreland NH, int.Sept.30,1827.

LARABE (Larrabee)

Marcy, and John Cummins of Topsfield, int.Feb.18,1715-16.

Benjamin, and Elizabeth Newman, Nov.16,1725.*

Isaac, and Mary Stephens, int.Mar.15,1740-41.

Mary, and James Briant of Reading, at Reading, July24,1770.*

LARABEE (Larrabee)

Ephraim, and Elizabeth Wesson of Reading, at Reading, Apr.19,1749.

Hannah, and Daniel Verry of Danvers, at Danvers, Dec.16,1778.*


Anna, of Beverly, and John Briant, Aug.4,1761.CR2*


Ann [wid., of Charlestown. int.], and Amariah Childs, Oct.24,1813.*

Betsey [of Boston.PR53], and Amariah Childs, Aug.2,1820.*

Ann R., and Otis Wright, Dec.1,1829.*

LARRABE (Larrabee)

Sarah, and Samuell Procker, int.Nov.15,1712.

Isaac, and Martha Towne of Topsfield, int.Mar.12,1714-15.

Deborah, and James Mills, June28,1714.*

Samuel, and Sarah Breed, Jan.14,1717-18.*

Sarah, and James Parker [of Reading. int.], Sept.2,1731.*

John, and Prisila Townsend, June10,1735.*

Samuel, and Elizabeth Hinchman, int.Nov.28,1736.

Elenor, and Ziras Newton of Framingham, July2,1771.*

Mary, and John Jeffery [of], May24,1812.*

John, and Nancy Hood, Dec.9,1812.*

Sally, and Joseph Ramsdill, July20,1815.*

LARRABEE (Larabe, Larabee, Larrabe, Larrabey, Larraby, Larribe, Larribee, Lerraby, Leatherby, Letherbe, Letherbee)

Joanna, and Thomas Rhodes, Apr.17,1754.CR3*

Lois, and Samuel Odall of Salem, Apr.12,1768.*

Hannah, and Ebenezer Newhall, May19,1768.*

Joseph, and Lydia Collis, May18,1769.*

Hannah, and William Procter, May25,1769.*

Sarrah, and William Flint, June5,1770.*

Elisabeth, and Ebenezer Laythe, Apr.16,1771.CR3*

Abigail, and Nathan Hichings, July16,1771.*

James, and Mary Holt of Andover, at Andover, Apr.13,1772.*

Benjamin, of Salem, and Margaret Hather, at Salem, Sept.30,1772.

Ebenezer, of Danvers, and Mrs.Mercy Bragg, May27,1773.CR2*

Isaace, and Mary Flin, Sept.30,1773.*

Eliza, and Jonathan Martin, June25,1802.*

Lucy, and Ebenezer Cook Tarbox, Mar.18,1804.*

Samuell, jr., and Harriett Lovejoy, int.Sept.27,1835.

Sally, Mrs., and John Beasom, int.Oct.18,1835.

Louisa, and John Perkins, Apr.10,1836.*

Francis A., and Elizabeth [S. int.] Parker, Sept.17,1840.*

Eliza Jane, and Gardner A. Burbank, int.Apr.16,1843.

Mary A., a.20y., d.Henry and Sally, and Edward H. Hsmmond, a.24y., cordwainer, s.John and Betsey, Dec.21,1848.*

Abby Ann, a.19y., d.Elias, and Robert Clark of Beverly, a.22y., cordwainer, b. Beverly, Nov.14,1849.*

LARRABEY (Larrabee)

Sameull, and Mary Brown, Oct.5,1741.*

LARRABY (Larrabee)

Isaac, jr., see Leatherby, Isaac, jr.

Joanna, and Jonathan Hudson, Jan.20,1791.*

Bettsey, and Amos Newhall, Nov.29,1795.*

Polley, and Ammeziah Goodin, Aug.14,1798.*

LARRIBE (Larrabee)

Sarah, and John Evans, "a stranger," int.Nov.11,1775.

LARRIBEE (Larrabee)

Ephraim, of Danvers, and Mrs.Rebekah Bragg, May13,1773.CR2*

Elisabeth, Mrs., and George Twist, Sept.15,1774.CR2*

Ebenezer, and Mrs.Hannah Newhall, June4,1776.CR2*

Anna, and John Abbott, Oct.20,1822.*

Elias, and [Mrs.PR53] Sally Floyd, Apr.20,1823.*

Elias, and Lucretia P. Wyman, Oct.27,1828.*

Henry L., and Sally Brown, Mar.15,1829.*

Rebecca, and Robert Collins, int.Oct.24,1830.


Thomas, of Marblehead, and Tabitha Coats, at Marblehead, Dec.27,1725.

LATH (Lathe)

Ruth, and Jeremiah Tarbox, Aug.30,1759.*

Elisebeth, wid., and Isaac Oakman of Salem, int.Mar.15,1789.

LATHE (Laith, Laithe, Lath, Laythe, Leathe)

Elizabeth [], and Isaac Oakman of Salem, Apr.2,1765.*

Rufus [Capt.PR53], and Mercy H. Gowdey, Apr.13,1820.*


Nicholas [of], and Mary O. Wheeler, June24,1833.*

James S. [of], and Mary S. Smith, Nov.12,1834.*

LAUGHTON (Laighton)

Hannah, see Layton, Hannah.

Thomas, jr., and Sarah Rednap, Dec.28,1670.

Rebecka, and Roberd Ingalls, jr., June10,1675.

Samuell, and Sarah Gravs, Feb.14,1680.

Thomas, jr., and Hannah Silsby, Dec.2,1680.

Thomas, jr., and Mrs.Sarah Brown, Nov.24,1685.

Margaret, and Nathaniell Conant of Bridgewater, int.June5,1701.

Samuell, and Easter Alley, int.Nov.10,1711.

LAUGTON (Laighton)

Easter, and David Johnson, Dec.21,1715.*


A.M., and Moses P. Balch, Aug.18,1839.


Peter, see Lais, Peter.

Daniel, and Susan Wellman, Sept.1,1822.*

Eliza, and Henry Atkins, Sept.9,1824.*

Elizabeth, and Amos I. Withey, May20,1841.*

John, and Elizabeth W. Newhall, int.Sept.18,1842.

Joseph W., a.21y., cordwainer, and Mercy A. Burrill, a.22y., d.George J. and Nancy, Apr.8,1846.*


Lydia [of Charlestown. int.], and William B. Whiting [], May28,1805.*

Helen Maria, of Boston, and William Wolton, int.Nov.15,1846.

LAWTHROP (Lothrop)

Melatiah, and Sarah Farrer, May20,1667.CTR

LAYGHTON (Laighton)

Sara, and Thomas Huchesson, 11:10m:1661.CTR

LAYTHE (Lathe)

Ebenezer, and Elizabeth Larrabee, Apr.16,1771.CR3*

Benjamin, and Lois Walton of Reading, Mar.15,1781.

LAYTON (Laighton)

Hannah [Laughton. int.], and Godfree Tarbox, Mar.26,1722.*


Mary, and Benjamin Ierston, Aug.1,1680.

John, of Salem, and Barsheba Curtin, July18,1756.*

Clarisa, and Moody Dow, Jan.8,1835.*


Nathaniel, and Hannah Bacheller, June21,1833.*

LEASON (Leison)

Abigail, and James Parrott of Salem, int.Nov.14,1731.

LEATHE (Lathe)

Rufus, and Betsey Gowdey, Nov.29,1810.*

Sarah, and Thomas R. Gowdey, Oct.7,1832.*

Levi T., and Maria R. Putnam [of], Jan.21,1836.*

LEATHERBY (Larrabee)

Isaac [], jr., and Lucy Beckford [] of Salem, at Salem, May3,1795.*


Betsey B., and Jacob Gray [of Andover. int.], Mar.7,1822.*

George W., and Eliza Hodgdon of Dover, NH, int.Sept.29,1833.

William P., and Sarah Jorden, July4,1836.*

Charles, and Mary Swett, Mar.31,1839.*

Sarah Ann, and George B. Taylor, Dec.11,1845.*


Alecy, see McCraw, Alecy.


Ruth, and Edward Ireson, Nov.3,1799.*

Huldah, and Ammi Tufts, Feb.13,1803.*

Nancy F., of Manchester, and Jonathan D. Phillips, int.Jan.24,1819.

Ebenezer, and Betsey Mansfield, Dec.4,1825.*

Jane, and Charles M. Chase, Oct.16,1843.*

Benjamin W., of Lowell, a.24y., carpenter, s.Lial and Lydia, and Sarah J. Kirk, of Lowell, a.20y., Nov.11,1847.

Irene, a.33y., d.Ezekiel and Eliza C., of Moultonboro, NH, and Alden Choate, widr., a.39y., cordwainer, s.Ebenezer and Elizabeth, of ME, May4,1848.*

Nehemiah, a.23y., housewright, b. Moultonboro, NH, s.Ezekiel, and Elizabeth P. Deland a.22y., b. Brookfield, NH, d.John, Dec.16,1849.*


Susanna, and Moses Edmester, int.Sept.27,1835.

LEGARE (Legery)

Daniel, of Braintree, and Mrs.Ruth Bass, int.Sept.6,1708.

LEGARY (Legery)

Mary, and Benjamin Blyth of Salem, at Salem, Jan.4,1734.*

LEGERY (Legare, Legary)

Ann, and Joseph Johnson, int.Aug.15,1736.

LEIGHTON (Laighton)

LEISON (Leason)

Jonathan, of Salem, and Abigail Jefferds, at Salem, May11,1727.

LENDALL (Lindall)

Rachel, and James Bacheller, jr., June1,1823.*


Ann, and Samuell Salls, 4:6m:1663.CTR

LEONARD (Lerned)

Elizabeth, and William Whippel, both late of Boston, but now residents of Lynn, int.June17,1775.

LERNED (Leonard)

Asiel H., of Boston, and Hannah D. Rhodes, Feb.5,1843.*


John, of Salem, and Asenath Breed, int.Jan.14,1816.

LERRABY (Larrabee)

Mary, Mrs., and Ebenezer Tarbox, int.Dec.12,1784.


Azuba [d.Amos and Sally, of Uxbridge, both deceased.CR1], and Jonathan Beedee of Poplin [s.Eli and Ruth of Poplin, NH, deceased.CR1], May18,1842.

LETHERBE (Larrabee)

Joseph, and Elizabeth Trask of Salem, int.Jan.19,1745.

LETHERBEE (Larrabee)

Elias, and Sally Richardson, May24,1798.CR5*


Rebecca, and Nathaniel Clerk, "a stranger," int.Oct.20,1745.

LEVIT (Leavitt)

Charles B., and Sally Lewis, Apr.3,1817.*

LEWES (Lewis)

Abigail, and John Stocker, int.Sept.30,1716.

Elizabeth, and Daniel Inguls, Oct.8,1778.*

Abigail, and Samuel Atkins, Nov.21,1819.*

LEWIS (Lewes)

Jonathan, and Hanna Marshall, 17:4m:1659.CTR

Thomas, and Hanna Baker, 11:9m:1659.CTR

Mary, and Samuell Penfeald, "last of" Nov., 1675.

Isaac, and Mary Davis,末蔓末, 末末, [bef. 1680.]

John, jr., and Elizabeth Bruer, Apr.18,1683.

Hanah, and Edward Fuller, May12,1686.

Mary, and Thomas Baker, July10,1689.

John, Lt., and Mrs.Elizabeth King, int.Sept.2,1699.

John, Lt., and Mrs.Sarah Jenks, Feb.10,1706-7.*

Isaac, and Hannah Hallett,末蔓末, 末末, [bef. 1707.]

Elizabeth, and Samuel Graves, Feb.8,1708-9.*

Hanah, and Samuell Stocker, Nov.13,1711.*

Mary, and Thomas Mower, Nov.13,1711.*

John, and Mary Burrill, Nov.10,1715.*

Eunice, and Thomas Pearson of Boston, int.Mar.26,1720.

Tabatha, and Nathaniel Ingols, Jan.1,1722. [1723.CTR]

Edmund, and Hepsebah Bread, Jan.8,1723-4.*

Rebecka, and Grover Pratt [of Malden.PR6], Feb.17,1725-6.*

Lydia [], and Rev. Nathaniel Henchman, Dec.3,1734.*

Thomas, and Elizabeth Carder, Dec.8,1741.*

Nathan, and Mary Newhall, d.John and Abigail,末蔓末,1745.

Sarah, and John Newhall, Apr.10,1746.*

Mary, and Rev. John Carnes, July16,1747.

Sarah, and Jonathan Fuller, Mar.2,1748-9.*

Lydia, and Samuell Ingolls, jr., Oct.14,1748.CTR

John, and Elisabeth Newhall, Nov.22,1748.*

Isaac [of], and Sarah Norwood, July24,1750.*

John, jr., and Mrs.Abigail Brooks of Woburn, at Woburn, July2,1751.*

John, Dea., and Jane Huntin of Boston, int.Apr.25,1756.

Edmond, and [] Hannah Fuller, Nov.25,1756.*

Edmund, and Hannah Fuller, Nov.25,1756.CTR

Nathaniell, and Abigail Blany, Sept.22,1757.*

Elizabeth, and Elezar Collins Ingulls, Nov.27,1758.*

Hannah, and Ezekiel Clisbee, May13,1761.*

John, and Sarah Lindsey, Sept.25,1764.*

Joseph, and Sarah Ingalls, Dec.19,1765.*

Elizabeth, and Timothy Johnson, Nov.27,1766.*

Isaac, resident in Lynn, and Mrs.Ruth Coats, int.July5,1767.

Amos, and Lydia Newhall, Dec.25,1768. [June25.CR3]*.

Thomas, and Sarrah Merry, Apr.19,1770.*

William, and Esther Barrett, July3,1770.CR3*

Samuel, and Susanah Meachem, Nov.29,1770.*

William, and Elizabeth Downing Dec.24,1771. [Dec.29.CR3]*

Lois, resident of Lynn, and William Burk, "a stranger," int.Jan.25,1772.

Martha, and Jacob Inguls, jr., June4,1772.*

Sarah, and Thomas Newhall, Dec.3,1772.*

John, 4th, and Martha Mansfield, Feb.4,1773.*

Abigail, and Joseph Felt of Salem, Jan.13,1774.*

Mary, and Charles Newhall, Dec.12,1776.*

Thomas, and Anna Henchman, Mar.24,1778.*

Thomas, and Martha Mansfield, Feb.25,1779.*

Edmund [jr. int.], and Rebecca Mansfield, Nov.25,1779.*

David, and Lydia Newhall, June11,1780.*

Hipzibah, and Ephraim Alley, June17,1783.*

Edmund, and Hepzibah Newhall, Nov.4,1784.*

Joseph, and Hannah Richards, Apr.13,1786.*

Caleb [of Stoneham.CR3], and Hannah Newman, Oct.17,1786. [Oct.7.CR3].*

Nathaniel [Nathan. int.], jr., and [] Rebecah Cleark, May25,1790.*

Nathaniel, and Rebakah Richards, Mar.13,1791.*

James, and Elisebeth Newhall, Dec.7,1791.*

Elisebeth, and Bitfield Hanson, int.Oct.2,1792.

Benjamin, and Rebakah Lewis, Nov.29,1792. [Nov.19.CR3].*

Rebakah, and Benjamin Lewis, Nov.29,1792. [Nov.19.CR3]*

Elizabeth, and John Alley [jr. int.], Dec.17,1792.*

Zachariah, and Mary Hudson, Oct.9,1793.*

Ann, and Ceasor Phillips, Dec.20,1793.*

Susanna, and John Brown Newhall, Nov.20,1794.*

William, and Anna Inguls, Nov.23,1794.*

William Burk, and Salley Burrill, Jan.12,1796.*

Benjamin, and Hannah [] Lewis, Apr.14,1796.*

Hannah [], and Benjamin Lewis, Apr.14,1796.*

John, jr., and Molley Felt, Apr.9,1797.*

Thomas [John. int.], and Polly Alley, Apr.30,1797.*

James, and Elizabeth Thomas, Aug.1,1797.*

Robert, and Abigail Phillips of Marblehead, at Marblehead, Aug.13,1797.*

John, 3d, and Polley Porter, June13,1799.CR5*

Blaney, and Elizabeth Humphries [of Marblehead.PR46], Nov.13,1800.CR5*

William Burke, and Lois Burrill, Apr.27,1801.*

James Fuller, and Nabby Umphery of Marblehead, int.Oct.4,1801.

Caty, and Jupiter Bun [of], Nov.26,1801.*

Sally, and Nathaniell Cloutman [of], Sept.25,1805.*

Nathan, and Nabby Floyd, Oct.12,1806.*

Edea, and Bitfield Hansen, Jan.13,1807.*

Mary [], and Kimbal Ramsdill, Jan.22,1807.*

Martha, and William P.K. Ramsdill, July8,1807.*

Betsey, and John Phillips, int.Sept.27,1807.

Betsey, and Jacob Phillips, int.Nov.15,1807.

Henry, and Huldah Ingalls, Nov.15,1807.*

Isaac, and Jane Tufts, Nov.15,1807.*

Mary, and Samuel Ashton, jr., May5,1811.*

Betsey H., and Jacob F. Fisk, resident in Lynn, int.Mar.29,1812.

Robert, and Hannah Humphries, Mar.31,1812.*

Sarah, and Joshua Bacheller, Aug.20,1812.*

Hannah, and James Phillips, jr., Dec.13,1812.*

Joseph, and Rebekah Lummus, Oct.10,1813.*

James, and Betsey Tarbox, Dec.27,1813.*

Benjamin R., and Hannah Knap, Oct.29,1815.*

Sally, and John Sager [Sagart. int.], Dec.3,1815.*

Sally, and Stephen Rich, Aug.4,1816.*

Betsey, and Frederick Newhall, Sept.5,1816.*

Edmund, and Rebbecca Lewis, Nov.10,1816.*

Rebbecca, and Edmund Lewis, Nov.10,1816.*

Rebbeca, and Hugh Floyd, int.Dec.8,1816.

Sally, and Charles B. Levit, Apr.3,1817.*

Henry, and Eunice Forster, June29,1817.*

Jane, and Richard Mansfield of Saugus, July3,1817.*

Rebecca, and Samuel G. Ashton, Dec.25,1817.*

Hannable, and Nancy H.G.B. Freeman, resident in Lynn, int.Sept.13,1818.

Mary, and Ephraim G. Taylor, Sept.24,1818.*

Jesse L., and Nancy Barry, Jan.1,1819.*

Thomas, and Mary Harris, July6,1819.*

Benjamin, jr., and Betsey Farrow, Oct.7,1819.*

Amos, and Ruthey B. Brown of Marblehead, int.Nov.7,1819.

Joseph, and Fanny Ashbee, Dec.23,1819.*

Henry, jr., and Susan Pickett, Jan.8,1820.*

Margate, and John P. Evans [residents in Saugus.CR5], Apr.19,1820.

Mary, and John Gibson, Aug.6,1820.*

Mary H., and William Stone, Oct.1,1820.*

Sally, [], and Benjamin Aborn, Apr.8,1821.*

Alonzo, and Frances Maria Swan, Jan.7,1822.*

Sally N., and James Gowen, Apr.25,1822.*

Betsey B., and Thomas Chapman, May29,1822.*

Pamela, and Samuel Haskell, jr. [of Gloucester. int.], Dec.12,1822.*

Betsey, and John M. Coombs, Dec.26,1822.*

Mary, and Samuel Newhall, 3d, Jan.10,1823.*

Martha, and Hiram Williams, Apr.3,1823.*

Mary, and Abraham Perkins, Sept.22,1823.*

Levina G., and Joseph Batcheller, Oct.12,1823.*

Jonathan B., and Abigail A. Marshall, Nov.13,1823.*

Joseph, jr., and Lydia R. Lewis, Dec.11,1823.*

Lydia R., and Joseph Lewis, jr., Dec.11,1823.*

Edward H., and Harriet Swindle, July18,1824.*

Susan, and Allen S., Rich, jr., Oct.10,1824.*

Nathaniel, jr., and Abigail A. Perkins, Nov.11,1824.*

John, and Mary B. Griffin, Dec.12,1824.*

Marinda, and John Falls, Apr.21,1825.*

John R., and Martha G. Knapp, May22,1825.*

James, jr., and Malinda Short [of West], Oct.13,1825.*

George, and Mary Felton, Jan.19,1826.*

James, and Hepzebah Tarbox, Mar.2,1826.*

Abigail, and Samuel Fowler, jr., Dec.10,1826.*

Hepzebah, and Denison Gage of Malden, int.Sept.30,1827.

Betsey, and Nicholas Mailey [resident in Lynn. int.], Apr.17,1828.*

Betsey M., and Samuel V. Spear [of Philadelphia, PA. int.], June4,1829.*

Abigail P., and George Cummings, int.June7,1829.

Thomas, and Nancy Briant, Oct.18,1829.*

Nathan, and Elizabeth Curtin, int.Nov.15,1829.

Lucy Ann, and Joseph A. Proctor, Apr.28,1830.*

Rebecca, and George Hobby, May29,1830.*

Nathaniel, jr., and Louisa Perkins, Sept.16,1830.*

Joseph, and Lydia Goldsmith, Sept.30,1830.*

Nancy, and Archibald Selman, Mar.13,1831.*

William, 3d, and Mary Newman, Nov.20,1831.*

Joseph, and Mrs.Catharine Parrott, Dec.25,1831.CR5*

Elizabeth, and Henry W. Alley, Aug.19,1832.*

Samuel H., and Sally Parrott, July25,1833.*

Harriett, and Charles Harraden, Mar.5,1834.*

Rebecca M., and John J. Foster, Mar.5,1834.*

Elbridge G., and Nancy Stone, int.May4,1834.

Joseph F., and Almira Davis, Oct.27,1834.*

Asa, and Dorcas Davis, Nov.6,1834.*

Adaline, and Amos Edwin Mower, Nov.13,1834.*

Eliza Ann, and George W. Watts, Feb.26,1835.*

Leonard, and Susan Fowler, May21,1835.*

John, 3d, and Mary Jane Todd of Malden, int.June14,1835.

Abigail, and Abner Silsbee, Dec.15,1836.*

Frances B., and Oliver Hall, July30,1837.*

Rebecca, and Jesse S. Punchard [of], May28,1838.*

Bickford, and Mary Ann Stone, int.Oct.28,1838.

Ruth V., and James G. Brown, May15,1839.*

Susanna M., and Isaac Mansfield, June9,1839.*

Elizabeth A., and John B. Twisden, Jan.28,1841.*

Emeline, and George Hobby, Apr.29,1841.*

Maria, and James Chase of Rowley, June13,1841.*

Lydia, and John R. Parrot, July8,1841.*

George W., and Catharine E. Whippen, Nov.25,1841.*

Amos N., and Ruth M. Barker, Apr.22,1842.*

Betsey P., and Enos H. Gordon, May31,1842.*

Thomas V., and Lydia M. Ireson, Oct.2,1842.*

Hannah R., and John N. Berry of Salem, Apr.11,1843.*

Edith [H. int.], and George Whippen, May7,1843.*

Huldah, and Benjamin Lovett of Beverly, June1,1843.*

Hannah, and William Watts, June19,1843.*

Martha E., and Benjamin B. Proctor, int.Nov.5,1843.

Jesse L., and [] Elizabeth Townsend, Nov.30,1843.*

Olive S., and Jesse S. Punchard of Salem, int.Dec.24,1843.

Nancy Jane, and William B. Dearborn, int.May5,1844.

Harriett, a.35y., d.Henry and Eunice, and Blaney Graves, a.34y., shoe maker, s.Mark and Bethiah, June6,1844.*

Sally Jane, and John Deland jr., int.Aug.4,1844.

James, and Mary Stone of Marblehead, int.Aug.18,1844.

Adaline E., and Isaac Glidden, int.Nov.17,1844.

Susan H., and Henry W. Newhall, int.Dec.15,1844.

Susan V., and James Thompson, int.Dec.15,1844.

Martha P., a.20y., and George H. Hill, a.29y., Feb.16,1845.*

Daniel S., and Mrs.Dorothy M. Dow, int.Mar.2,1845.

Jacob M., and Roxana W. Stone, Oct.13,1845.*

Oliver Q., and Sarah Johnson, Nov.5,1845.*

Adaline E., and Albert R. Bowley, Jan.22,1846.*

John, 4th, and Mary A. Merrow, Feb.5,1846.*

Sylvester, a.20y., carpenter, s.Daniel and Ann, and Ellen Flanders, a.25y., d.Ezekiel and Charlotte, of Alton, NH, Apr.19,1846.*

Abigail F., and Joseph H. Valpey, int.Sept.27,1846.

Lydia Maria, and Enoch H. Perry, Mar.7,1847.*

Otis, and Harriet O. Straw, Mar.7,1847.*

Everett E., a.22y., cordwainer, s.Joseph and Lydia, and Jane B. Hammond, a.19y., d.John and Hannah, July28,1847.*

Alonzo, jr., a.23y., cordwainer, s.Alonzo and Frances M., and Esther R. [A. int.] Neal, Oct.8,1847.*

Warren, a.27y., and Sarah G. Stanley, a.20y., Jan.16,1848.*

Martha, of Woburn, a.23y., d.Charles, and Thomas C. Church of Waltham, a.26y., blacksmith, s.Calvin and Clementina, July15,1848.

Jane, and Henry Symonds of Woburn, int.Oct.22,1848.

Mary Jane, and John H. Bradshaw, int.Nov.26,1848.

Horace F., and Mary A. Ireson, Nov.30,1848.*

Allen W., and Eliza Green of Salem, int.Mar.25,1849.

Elizabeth Ann, a.20y., d.Joseph, and Benjamin Spear, a.23y., cordwainer, b. Boston, s.William Henry, Nov.15,1849.*

LIBBEY (Libby)

Carey, and Martha Goss, Apr.24,1823.*

Haynes Mathias, and Lucinda Bisbee, Nov.23,1834.*

Mary A., and James M. Allen, Feb.21,1838.*

Lydia R., and Samuel W. Knowles of Danvers, Jan.末,1842.*

Emily, a.21y., and Jeremiah Wentworth, a.24y., carpenter, s.John and Abigail, of Lebanon, ME, Sept.11,1845.*

LIBBY (Libbey)

Lucy Ann, and Daniel Cross, June1,1837.*

LILLE (Lilley)

Sarah, and Joseph Molton, Dec.12,1727.*

Mary, and James C. Lamphier, int.June25,1843.

LILLEY (Lille, Lilly)

Ruben, and Martha Gibson of Cambridge, int.Mar.25,1696.

George, and Sarah Silsbe, Sept.9,1707.*

LILLY (Lilley)

George, and Elizabeth Hawkes, at Salem, Oct.15,1695. [int.Sept.5,1696.]*


Martha Ann G., of Hingham, and John W. Browne, int.Sept.4,1842.

Rebecca, of Boston, and Simeon Smith, int.July20,1845.

Jenette Jerome, of Lowell, and Edward Lee Ramsdell, int.Dec.10,1848.

LINDALL (Lendall)

Timothy, Hon., Esq. [of], and Mrs.Mary Henchman, Jan.3,1749-50.*


Susanah, and John Jacobs, Oct.7,1687.CTR

LINDSEY (Linsey, Linssey, Linsy, Linzy, Lyndsey, Lynzey)

Mary, Mrs., and Downing Champne of Cambridge, int.June28,1701.

Elizabeth [], and William Rowland May28,1702.*

Mary, Mrs., and Jeames Holton of Salem, int.Oct.12,1706.

Ralph, and Mary Breed, int.July30,1709.

Neomy, and Joseph Farr, int.Nov.24,1716.

Mathew, and Anna Breed, Dec.1,1747.*

John, and Phebe Newhall, Jan.4,1749-50.*

Nehemiah, and Huldah Breed, Dec.30,1755.*

Sally, and John Lewis, Sept.25,1764.*

Ralph, and [] Anna Burchsted, June4,1765.*

Abigail, and Allen Breed, jr., Mar.4,1766.*

Huldah, and Allin Newhall, int.Aug.26,1775.

Ralph, and Rebecca Goodwin, Dec.14,1775.*

Benjamin, and Mary Ramsdel, Dec.12,1776.*

Hannah, and John Burrill, jr., Dec.26,1776.*

Elizabeth, and Daniel Galushe, int.May5,1782.

Daniel, and Deborah Inguls, int.June5,1785.

Abigail, and Nathaniel Fuller, Feb.1,1787.*

John, jr., and Lucy Norse [Nourse. int.], Oct.11,1812.*

Betsey, and John Hallowell, Oct.22,1815.*

Deborah, and Albirt Johnson, Mar.31,1816.*

Sally, and Ebenezer Duntley, May19,1816.*

John, jr., and Mary Graves, Apr.5,1820.*

Sally, and Joseph Payne of Danvers, int.May4,1823.

Mary M., and John Lye, June10,1824.*

Benjamin, and Mary Perkins [of], Aug.26,1824.*

Benjamin M. [of Providence, RI. int.], and Eleanor A. Knapp, Dec.2,1827.*

Lydia, and Samuel Bacheller, Jan.21,1830.PR53*

Mary, Mrs., and Joseph [] Vickery, June5,1831.CR5*

David, and Loisa Bubier, Sept.4,1831.CR5*

Phebe, and William Merrow, July1,1832.*

Mary, Mrs., and Harvey Tarbox, int.May4,1845.

George A., and Ariadne Putney, of Lynnfield, Nov.8,1848.*


Hannah H., a.25y., d.Daniel and Dennis, and Nathaniel Bartlett, a.33y., cordwainer, s.John and Sarah, Mar.30,1848.*

LINSEY (Lindsey)

John, and [] Polley Tarbox, Dec.1,1789.*

Phebe, and Jonathan Newhall [of], Mar.24,1795.*

LINSSEY (Lindsey)

Sarah, and Benjamin James, Apr.10,1690.CTR

LINSY (Lindsey)

John, and Mary Alley, June6,1667.CTR

Eleazer, and Sara Ally, Aug.末,1668.CTR

LINZY (Lindsey)

John, and wid.Amy Richardson, "beginning of" July, 1682.


Judith, of Newbury, and Asa Tarbell Newhall, int.Sept.20,1807.

Persis R., of Marshfield, and Aaron Lummus, jr., int.Apr.3,1814.

George [s.Edward P. and Edy, of Marshfield.CR1], and Sarah Boyce [d.Solomon, deceased, and Eunice, of Portland ME.CR1], May28,1835.

Jane [of Pittston, ME. int.], and David Howard Roberts, July10,1845.*

Jane E., of ME, and George Rhodes, June17,1846.*


Amelia, and James Russell, int.Aug.27,1837.

William H., and Mary Stevens of Kennebunk, ME, int.Mar.2,1845.

LIVINGSTON (Levenston)


Joseph A., resident in Lynn, and Ann B. Mudge of Portsmouth, NH, int.Oct.20,1822.

Harriet W., of Boston, and Oliver Wendall, int.Oct.2,1831.


Paty [], and Gideon Ramsdel, May20,1791.*

LOCK (Locke)

Rebecca [of Cambridge. int.], and John Batts, May10,1778 [May7.CR3]*

Martha, of Burlington, and Hezekiah D. Twiss, Nov.3,1844.*

LOCKE (Lock)

Caroline S., and Calvin Nourse of Salem, int.Nov.9,1834.

Francis T., of Concord, NH, and Hellen M. Storey, int.Nov.26,1848.


Abigail, of Salem, and Jacob Newhall, at Salem, Jan.15,1707.*


Edward, and Love Newhall, Apr.8,1804.*

Ebenezer O., and Nancy I. Copp of Saugus, int.Mar.17,1833.

James C., and Lucretia A. Kingsbury, int.Apr.7,1844.


[Betsey int.andPR53], and Ira Breed, Aug.12,1828.*


Caleb M., and Relief G. Stimpson, Nov.4,1841.*

LONGLEY (Langley)

Isabella, and Albert Newhall, Oct.1,1843.*


Experiens, and Samuel Tarbox, Oct.16,1678.


Mary Ann, and Ephraim Brown, jr., Apr.10,1828.*

Lydia, and Henry Creasey of Beverly, int.Oct.19,1828.

Susanna, and Walter Phillips, 4th, Feb.16,1832.*

Elizabeth W., and George Horton of Marblehead, int.Aug.26,1832.

Sarah, of Ipswich, and Daniel Otis Collins, int.Sept.23,1832.

Aaron, and Mary C. Roundy, June20,1833.*

Lois K., and John L. Phillips, Nov.7,1833.*

Samuel, and Sarah E. Dennison [], Jan.30,1834.*

George W., and Rebecca Bordman, of Marblehead, int.June21,1835.

Abigail [of Hallowell. int.], and Franklin W. Baxter, Dec.3,1835.*

Susan, and Isaac Porter, int.Mar.20,1836.

Ephraim, and Matilda Barker of Salem, int.Apr.10,1836.

Bradford, and Sarah B. Chase, int.May29,1836.

Hannah, and Moses Cheever, May12,1839.*

Elbridge, and Maria Wormsted, July7,1839.*

Margarett P., and John Keys, May5,1844.*

Sarah Ann, and William H. Coates, Aug.10,1845.*

Mary C., of Marblehead, and John Chapman, Aug.13,1845.*

Andrew, of Danvers, and Sarah Elizabeth Clark, Nov.26,1846.*

George Francis, and Frances Theresa Joy, Jan.6,1848.*

Charles B., a.21y., cordwainer, s.Brackett, and Permele Ann Chapman, a.19y., d.John, May17,1849.*

Mary Ann, a.24y., b. Boston, and James Simonds, a.29y., cordwainer, b. Salem, s.Benjamin, Oct.17,1849.*

Moses B., 2d m., a.33y., stone mason, b. Ossipee, NH, s.James, and Eliza E. Caldwell, 2d m., a.35y., b. St. George, ME, d.James Hatch, Nov.28,1849.*


Davis [of North], and Susan Robinson, Mar.11,1810.*

Elizabeth R., and Manly H. Smith [of New York. int.], July18,1836.*

John L., and Lydia B. Hawkes, June26,1845.*

Martin B., of Portland ME, a.23y., cordwainer, s.Friend and Elizabeth, of Portland ME, and Hannah Brown of Sebago, a.20y., Aug.31,1848.*

William H., cordwainer, and Elizabeth L. Lakin, Nov.15,1848.*

LOTHROP (Lawthrop)

Daniel, a.23 y, farmer, s.Alson and Huldah, and Sabra Warner, b. Jay, ME, a.20y., d.Benjamin and Alice, Feb.16,1845.*

Nathan, and Sarah M. Aspinwall, int.July12,1846.

Eaton, and Maria Gilmore, Mar.19,1848.*


John, and Lavina Blanchard, May30,1813.*

John, and [] Ruth V. Johnson, May17,1835.*

Harriett, and Samuel Larrabee, jr., int.Sept.27,1835.

Elbridge, and Sarah F. Hill, int.Aug.26,1838.

Elbridge, and Catharine W. Berry, Oct.31,1845.*


Richard, of Exeter, NH, and Mary M, Porter, May21,1846.*

John G. and Mrs.Harriet W. Wendall Sept.9,1846.*


Benjamin, of Beverly, and Huldah Lewis, June1,1843.*


Martha, and William Vining of Marblehead, July3,1754.*


Patienc, and Samuell Beall, Mar.28,1682.


John, and Hannah Thomas, May12,1830.*

Elizabeth, and George H. Jillson, Mar.28,1833.*

William, and Annis S. Cook, int.Apr.9,1837.

Gideon, and Eliza N. Thomas of Salem, int Apr.16,1843.


Nancy R., of Holderness, NH, and Baxter Gregory, int.Oct.18,1835.


Alexander, "a stranger. " and Desiar Thoits, int.Dec.9,1775.


John, a.25y., morocco dresser, b. Ireland s.Thomas, and Ellen Flanegan, b. Ireland int.Dec.24,1849.


John K., and Hannah S. Hutchinson, int.Jan.25,1835.

Hannah P., and John Tarbox, July13,1835.*

Seth [], and Lucy Ann Nourse, Sept.3,1835.

Alfred, and Almira L. Stevens, Nov.9,1841.*

Levi, and Thirza Goodridge, Oct.29,1843.*

John, a.26y., painter, s.Jeremiah and Betsey, and Mary A. Phillips, a.26y., d.Enoch and Eunice, May16,1847.*


Mary, and Timothy Hichings, int.May4,1735. ("May17, Timothy Hichings mother forbid bains.").


Aaron, Dr., and Mrs.Eunice Coffin of Gloucester, int.Mar.6,1786.

Sally, and James Flemings, Nov.8,1810.*

John, and Ruth Alley, Dec.1,1811.*

Rebekah, and Joseph Lewis, Oct.10,1813.*

Aaron, jr., and Persis R. Little of Marshfield, int.Apr.3,1814.

Hannah, and Jonathan B. Ingalls, Apr.15,1817.*

John, and Nancy Dow, Apr.1,1818.*

Eliza C. [d.Dr. Aaron.PR18], and George Johnson, Apr.2,1818.*

George, and Sally Flint of Boston, int.Apr.11,1819.

Edward A., Dr., and Mary Rhodes, Oct.15,1823.*

Michael, and Anna Garney, June13,1824.*

Ruth, d.John and Ruth, deceased, and James N. Buffum, s.Samuel and Hannah, of Berwick, ME, 20:4m:1831.CR1

Thomas J., and Abigail M. Newhall, Nov.3,1833.*

Clarissa, and Ferdinand H. Davis of Lowell, Dec.31,1839.*

Edward A., and Mary B. Silsbee, int.Mar.3,1844.

Aaron, jr., a.21y., shoe manufacturer, s.Aaron, and Harriet N. Richardson, a.24y., d.Jonathan and Elizabeth, Sept.24,1848.


Christian [of Boston. int.], mariner, and Sarah E. Smith, wid., Jan.11,1848.*

Catharine R., a.17y., b. Salem, d.John C., and Amos P. Scribner, a.25y., cordwainer, b. Sandwich, NH, s.Benjamin, Oct.14,1849.*

Almira A., a.22y., b. Salem, d.John C., and Loadman Arrington, jr., a.24y., cordwainer, s.Loadman, Oct.30,1849.*


Job, of Salem, and Sally [Susan. int.] Tuttle, Feb.4,1810.*


William, of Salem, and Elizebeth Johnson, Apr.23,1811.

Benjamin, and Lydia Richards, July14,1833.*

Samuel, and Hannah Ball, Nov.25,1835.*

Elizabeth, and Samuel D. Demerrit, Feb.13,1840.*

Charles, and Mary E. Stanley of Marblehead, Aug.26,1846.*


Thomas, and Isable Johnson of Holliston, at Holliston, July12,1737.

William [Lysk. int.], and Jean Hill, Dec.28,1738.*


Betsey L. [resident in Lynn. int.], and George L. Johnson, Nov.12,1829.*


Joseph, of Marblehead, and Hannah Inguls, Feb.15,1770.*

Joseph, jr., and Anna Heart, Aug.19,1787.*

Elizabeth, and Amos Tapley, Feb.24,1814.*

John, and Mary M. Lindsey, June10,1824.*

Sally G., and Joseph M. Fuller, Sept.11,1828.*

Robert G., and Susanna Viles of Waltham, int.June8,1834.

Mary E., d.John and Thomas V. [W. int.] Vining, May1,1845.*


Charles H., and Lydia Brown of Marblehead, Feb.10,1847.*

LYNDSEY (Lindsey)

Abigall, and Samuell Newhall, int.Dec.31,1695.

Ralph, and Abigail Blany, int.Jan.5,1734-5.

Eleazer, of Smithfield, and Hannah Hall, Nov.12,1736.*

Eleazer, and Lydia Farrington, int.May24,1741.

John, and Lydia Johnston, Oct.24,1745.*

Ruth, and Holten Johnson, Feb.18,1768.*

Habijah, of Danvers, and Mrs.Joanna Gowing, June9,1775.CR2*

LYNZEY (Lindsey)

Sarah, and Joseph Jacobs, Dec.18,1693.CTR

LYON (Lyons)

Rebecca J., and Nathaniel Hutchinson, Oct.27,1833.*

Sarah D., and John Breed, Mar.18,1835.*

Lewis D., and Nancy M. Murray, Feb.20,1842.*

Lewis K., and Maria Murry, Feb.20,1842.

Elisabeth L., and Edward T. Bubier, Dec.10,1846.CR4*

LYONS (Lyon)

Sarah D., and Benjamin Duparr, June5,1834.*

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