John Adam [Daeggot. int.], and Susanna Newhall, Aug.18,1761.*

Joseph, and Martha Tuttel, Nov.12,1795.*


Susannah, d.William, of Marblehead, deceased, and John Collins, weaver, s.John, 13:1m:1705.CR1*


Hanah, and William Merriam, June3,1690.

DAILY (Deylee)

Owen, and Bridget Smith, int.Oct.15,1843.

DALAND (Deland)


Olive, of Meredith, NH, and James S. Parrott, int.Sept.14,1834.

Christiana A., and James G. Brown, int.Aug.3,1845.


Jane T., and Rev. Giles Bailey of Winthrop, ME, May17,1840.*


Mary, and Daniel Floyd [of Malden. int.], Sept.20,1785. [ Sept.30.CR3]*

Elisebeth, Mrs., and Samuel Mansfield, 3d, July20,1788.*

John [of Salem.PR32], and [Mrs.int.] Elisebeth Newhall, Sept.10,1790.*

Sarah Jane, and Albert Hitchings of Saugus, int.Nov.27,1845.


Mary, and John Witt [jr. int.], Nov.11,1702.*

Drewzilla, of Orrington, and George Attwill, int.Jan.6,1812.


Keziah, and William Richerson, Jan.5,1779.*

John, and Hannah Bancraft, Sept.15,1779.*

Lucy, and William Sweetser, June9,1781. [June18,1782.CR3]

Joshua, and Lydia Sweetser, June15,1781. [1782. int.; May24,1782.CR3]*

Dorothy, and Benjamin Sweetser, Jan.23,1783.*

Betsey, and Robert Radden, int.Apr.9,1801.

Elisabeth, and Robert Riddan, May26,1801.CR3

Eunice, and Thomas Batts, Feb.8,1807.*

Joshua, 3d, and Hannah Marstin, July9,1807.*

Lucinda, and James Marstin, Oct.26,1813.*

John [of Lynnfield.int.], and Betsey B. Fowle, Apr.24,1814.*

Sally, and Henry Slade of Charlestown, May29,1814.*

Mary, and Francis Horton [of Saugus.int.], Aug.3,1824.*

Lucy P., and Dr. Robert Robinson, June15,1826.*

Harriett, of Fall River, and David Taylor, int.Oct.2,1842.

DANIELLS (Daniels)

Thomas [Dwinell. Topsfield Rds.], of Topsfield, and Dinah Brimsdell, "so Cal'd," int.Apr.25,1701.

William, of Salem, and Mary Oliver, int.Oct.9,1748.

DANIELS (Daniells)

David, of Woburn, and Chariety Collins, Oct.19,1775.*

Eunice, and Benjamin Mersey, Oct.4,1812.*

Ellen Jewett, and Edward Tuttle, Apr.21,1842.*

DARBE (Derby)

Roger [of Marblehead.int.], and Martha Hall, Feb.9,1736-7.*

Samuel [Derby.int.], and Bridgit Newhall, Aug.13,1745.*

DARBY (Derby)

Samuell, and Ann Williams, May7,1751.*

DARLEN (Darling)

Sally, and John Deland Jan.4,1818.*

DARLING (Darlen)

Benjamin, of Salem, and Mary Richards, int.Oct.29,1698.

John, and Lois Gowing, Apr.5,1722.*

Edward C., and Mary Ann C. Alley, Mar.21,1830.*

Sarah N., and William Deland Nov.29,1832.*

Hannah, and James Clarrage, Oct.3,1833.*


Hannah, of Chelsea, and John Sims, int.Feb.3,1750-51.

DAVICE (Davis)

Mary, and Thomas Ivory, abt. 17:3m:1660.CTR


Mary, and Henry Oliver, July10,1820.*

Mary Ann M., and James Palmer, int.May2,1830.

Emeline, and Hewson Parrish, Oct.20,1831.*

DAVIS (Davice)

Mary, and Isaac Lewis,末蔓末, 末末 [bef. 1680].

John, and Sarah Kertland Oct.5,1664.

Samuell, and Mary Meddowes, 11:11m:1665.CTR

Mary, and Phillip Gifford, "last day" June, 1684.

Sarah, and Mychall Bowden of Marblehead, int.Nov.20,1697.

John, and Sarah Brown, Feb.2,1743-4.*

Nathaniel [of Danvers.int.], and Polly Newman, May24,1793.CR3*

Hugh, and Betsey Bacheller, June14,1807.*

Sally, and Levi Orcutt, Apr.10,1811.

Mary Ann, and Samuel Gowing of Lynnfield, int.Mar.22,1812.

Joseph, and Susen Boynten, both residents of Lynn, int.Sept.13,1812.

Lawson, and Mary Boynton, Mar.13,1814.

Susan, and Andrew Breed, at Westford, "lived in Charlestown until 1829," Aug.29,1822.PR10

Anna, and Nathaniel Johnson of Charlton, int.Nov.11,1827.

Eunice C., and Epps Stanwood [both residents of Lynn. int.], Apr.10,1828.*

Mary Ann, and Amos Allen, Nov.30,1830.*

Mary Ann, of Boston, and Samuel A. Green, int.Jan.16,1831.

Ebenezer Wingate, and Lavina Brown, int.Dec.16,1832.

George W., and Rebecca Walton, Dec.25,1833.*

Susan, and John Breeden, int.Apr.20,1834.

Almira, and Joseph F. Lewis, Oct.27,1834.*

Dorcas, and Asa Lewis, Nov.6,1834.*

Edward S., and Elvira Newhall, Mar.26,1835.*

Hannah, and James Hardin, Oct.14,1835.*

Sarah M., and James Tucker, Oct.15,1835.*

Eliza Ann, and Samuel Porter, Oct.22,1835.*

Mark H., and Hannah Gibbens, Nov.8,1835.*

John W., and Susan Stephens, June19,1836.*

Ebenezer, of Danvers, and Sarah H. Todd, July15,1836.*

Jeremiah, and Mehitable Gordon, Aug.4,1836.*

Sarah, and William S. Saunders of Detroit, Sept.25,1836.*

Mary [of Marblehead.int.], and Edward Johnson [jr. int.], Mar.21,1839.*

Benaiah H., and Susan M. Phillips, Dec.1,1839.*

Ferdinand H., of Lowell, and Clarissa Lummus, Dec.31,1839.*

Sarah A., of Salem, and Benjamin W. Tarbox, int.Sept.26,1841.

Aaron, and Caroline Wilson of Charlestown, int.Sept.25,1842.

Nathaniel, and Sarah Catharine Renew, Sept.19,1843.*

William L., and Lucy Jane Miller, int.Feb.25,1844.

John, and Phebe Stacey, Nov.10,1844.*

Joseph W., of Danvers, a.21y., stabler, s.William and Mary, and Elizabeth B. Kendall of Amherst, NH, a.24y., d.Leonard and Clarissa, Jan.30,1845.

Jonathan, of New York, and Ann Barker, int.Dec.9,1845.

Susan, a.23y., d.Joseph and Susan, and John Mailey Glidden, a.25y., cordwainer, s.Robert and Mary, Dec.24,1845.*

Stephen, and Susan Cook of Baltimore, int.Jan.31,1847.

Mehitable G. [Mrs.int.], and James Ellis, Feb.18,1847.*

James B., of Boston, and Mrs.Emily S. Glover of Boston, Aug.1,1847.*

Amasa, a.30y., and Mrs.Martha O. Pendexter, a.31y., Jan.16,1848.*

Addison, Dr., and Harriett E. Wiggin, int.June25,1848.

Joseph, a.29y., cordwainer, s.Joseph, and Emily Mailey, a.24y., d.Robert Glidden, Aug.24,1849.*

Horace W., of Salem, a.27y., broker, b. Hancock, NH, s.Joshua and Hannah Maria Bruce, a.24y., d.Franklin W., Nov.22,1849.*


John [of Marblehead.int.], and Ruth Wilson, Feb.7,1725-6.*

Isaac, of Gloucester, and Sarah Downing, int.Nov.17,1734.

Jemima [Jemieme. int.], and Samuel Willson, Oct.1,1754.*

Jonathan, and Fanny Blake, Mar.11,1821.*

Jonathan, and Lydia Parrott, Jan.25,1824.*

William, and Sally Jackson of Chelsea, int.Dec.30,1838.


Alexander, Dr., of Richmond, VA, and Catharine M. Alley, int.Nov.20,1842.


John, and Elizabeth Pikering, 25:10m:1657.CTR


James, and Mary Rhodes, Dec.4,1825.*


James L., and Ann Rhodes, Sept.12,1822.*

Michael M., of Woburn, a.18y., cordwainer, s.Michael and Nancy, of Woburn, and Mary Chute, a.22y., of Woburn, d.James and Clarissa of Woburn, May24,1846.


Lavinia, and Warren Symonds [both residents in Lynn. int.], Aug.16,1827.*

Mary R., and Moses R.G. Goodridge, Dec.9,1832.*

Jeremiah, of Hallowell, ME, and Sarah M. Breed, int.June9,1833.

Samuel [of Hampton, NH. int.], and Elizabeth Murphy, Nov.20,1837.*

Altazera, and Thomas S. Bickford, Feb.11,1841.*

James W., resident in Lynn, and Clarissa H. Estes of Salem, int.Dec.19,1841.

William B., and Nancy Jane Lewis, int.May5,1844.

Joseph H., a.20y., and Mary Jane Thompson, a.18y., June29,1845.*


Elenor, and William Cleark, 23:6m:1669.CTR


Patrick, and Cecila McGilaway, int.Jan.24,1847.

John, and Mary McLathlen, Aug.5,1849.*

Mary, a.22y., b. Ireland d.John, and Charles Doherty, a.24y., laborer, b. Ireland s.Daniel, Nov.11,1849.*


Elisabeth, and John Woork [Woorck. int.], Oct.20,1730.*


John, and Margaret Donohoe, Apr.13,1845.*


David, and Mary Collins, Oct.18,1803.*

John, and Sally Darlen, Jan.4,1818.*

William, and Sarah N., Darling, Nov.29,1832.*

John, jr., and Harriett E. Bathrick, Nov.25,1841.*

John, jr., and Sally Jean Lewis, int.Aug.4,1844.

John, and Lois Madix of Kennebunk, ME, int.June15,1845.

Elisabeth P., a.22y., b. Brookfield, NH, d.John, and Nehemiah Lee, a.23y., housewright, b. Moultonboro, NH, s.Ezekeil, Dec.16,1849.*

DELANO (Delnow)

Briggs, and Marcia D. Paulding of Duxbury, int.Aug.21,1836.

Ruth, and Benjamin H. Johnson, Dec.25,1836.*

Elizabeth L., of Boston, and Richard Conner, int.Nov.4,1838.

Rufus, and Tabatha Newhall, Oct.1,1844.*

Deborah P., a.19y., d.Rufus and Deborah, and Paul Newhall [jr. int.], a.23y., fisherman, Oct.13,1844.*

Charles p., widr., of Boston, a.24y., jeweller, s.Ezekiel, and Elizabeth, and Eliza A. French of Lowell, a.21y., d.Nathaniel and Phebe, Aug.24,1845.

Rufus, jr., and Elizabeth Keyes, Nov.29,1846.*


Catharine M., a 23y., and George W.N. Proctor, a.23y., cordwainer, Feb.9,1848.*

DELNOW (Delano)

Charles L., see Newhall, Charles L. Ellen M., and John Aborn, Oct.5,1848.*


John, resident of Lynn, and Catharine Johnson, of Rindge, NH, int.Feb.14,1813.

DEMERRITT (Demerritt)

Samuel D., and Elizabeth Luscomb, Feb.13,1840.*

William H., a.40y., cordwainer, s.John and Abigail, and Mrs.Mary E. Dow, a.31y., d.Peter and Mary Glover, Oct.8,1847.*


Abigaill, and Ephraim Newhall, Dec.12,1716.*

DENNIS (Denniss)

Sarah E., see Dennison, Sarah E.

Ebenezer, and Hannah Hood, Mar.7,1802.*

Oliver [resident of Lynn. int.], and Elizabeth Hilbert [of Salem.int.], Dec.9,1827.*

Edward E., and Mary R. Piper of Augusta, ME, int.July10,1836.

Thomas, of Salem, and Ellen F. Thomas, int.Apr.26,1840.

Hannah, and Jacob Skinner, int.June20,1841.


Mary, and William Breed, 4th, Apr.19,1807.*

Sarah E. [Dennis.int.], and Samuel Lord, Jan.30,1834.*

James B., a.24y., cordwainer, s.Samuel and Betsey Blackley, and Lydia Maria Alley, a.29y., d.Lewis and Mary, Nov.3,1848.*

DENNISS (Dennis)

Joseph, of Wenham, and Elizabeth Farr, Aug.6,1702.

DERBY (Darbe, Darby)

Samuel, and Ann Williams, May7,1751.CTR

John, and Sarah Safford of Salem, at Salem, July16,1770.*

Lydia, and Joshua Cross, both of Salem, Jan.16,1775.

John, and Sarah Briant, Mar.16,1779.*

Anna, and Samuel Batchelor, Sept.23,1779.*

DEVEREX (Deverix)

Elizabeth, and Ephraim Mower, int.July20,1706.

Humphrey [Dr.PR6; of Marblehead.int.], and [Mrs.int.] Anna Henchman, Jan.26,1762.*

DEVERIX (Deverex)

Humfree, of Marblehead, and Elizabeth Reddin, int.Feb.6,1725-6.

Humphrey [of Marblehead.int.], and Abigail [Gail. int.], Jan.29,1729-30.*

Ralph, of Marblehead, and Ruth Potter, int.Nov.30,1729.

Samuel [Maj.PR6], of Marblehead, and Sarah Newhall, Feb.4,1762.*


Rosanna, and Joseph Dunn, int.Nov.6,1842.


Sarah, and John Brown of Reading, int.Apr.17,1697.

Abigail, of Malden, and John Haey of Rumney Marsh, at Malden, Nov.17,1730.

Mehitabel [Mrs.int.], of Topsfield, and Rev. John Treadwell, at Topsfield, Sept.15,1763.*

Nathan, and Phebe Grover, Oct.26,1769.CR3*

Rhoda, of Lowell, and Benjamin Taylor, int.Jan.11,1846.

DEYLEE (Daily)

Mary, of Eastham, and Benjamin Chadwel, int.Sept.8,1734.

DIAMOND (Dimond)

Samuel [Sampson. int.] Silsby, and [Mrs.int.] Mary Symonds of Danvers, at Danvers, June20,1765.*


Edward, and Mary L. Alley, int.Sept.11,1831.

DIKE (Dyk)


Abigail, and Elias Cook of Marblehead, int.July11,1710.


Abram [s.Joseph and Esther, of Falmouth.CR1], and Lydia B. Hoag [d.John and Elizabeth, deceased, of Sandwich, NH.CR1], Oct.18,1837.

Joseph R., Dr., and Eliza F. Bourne of Falmouth, int.Apr.7,1844.

DIMOND (Diamond)

Aholiab, cordwainer, s.Aboliab, of Marblehead, shoreman, and Lydia Sillsbee, d.Henry, husbandman, Dec.11,1735.CR1*

Mary, and Robert Pitcher, Oct.2,1760.*

Sally, and Micheson Attwill, May15,1808.*

Mary, and George Warren, Oct.9,1814.*


Mary B., and Timothy Bailey of Malden, int.Nov.3,1833.

DISPARR (Dispaw)

Hannah [Dispaw.int.], and William Belt, Aug.15,1728.*

DISPAW (Disparr)

Sarah, of Chelsea, and Elishaw Fuller, int.Dec.25,1748.


Mary, and Jonathan Witt, Mar.23,1663.CTR


Mary B., and Moses M. Sweetser, May12,1822.*

Joseph, jr., and Hannah Martin [of Marblehead.int.], July28,1822.*

Martha W., and Samuel Rhodes, June13,1824.*

Amos, and Mary Jane Stone, Jan.8,1832.*

DOAKE (Doak)

John G., and Mary M. Tarbox, int.Aug.9,1840.


Druzilla, and George Attwill, Feb.11,1813.

Rowland of Eastham, and Sarah K. Rich, int.Mar.8,1835.

DOAX (Doake)

Lydea, of Marblehead, and Benjamin Thayer, resident of Lynn, int.Nov.19,1795.

John, and Sally William [of Marblehead.int.], Apr.14,1814.*

Francis G., and Elizabeth Parrott, Sept.15,1822.*

Sarah, and Lewis W. Ham, Sept.28,1826.*

Eliza, and Blaney Chase, Mar.15,1827.*

Mary, and Scolley Whitney, June14,1827.*

Sally Ann, and George W. Martin, Feb.25,1836.*

Benjamin, cordwainer, and Charlotte Sophia Hathaway [of Beverly.int.], a.16y., d.James and Hannah, of Beverly, May21,1846.*


Henry, and Betsey Sargent, int.Sept.14,1817.


Thomas [of Marblehead.int.], and Mary Hood, Jan.2,1755.*


Joseph, of Beverly, and Prissillah Eaton, int.July6,1705.

Nathaniel Brown, of Winchester, and Tabitha Newhall, Feb.15,1780.*

Elizabeth, d.Nowell, late of Townsend, and Priscilla, both deceased, and Daniel Newhall, cordwainer, 20:5m:1789.CR1

Benjamin, of Salem, and Eliza Newhall, Apr.10,1811.*

Israel A., and Mary Newhall, May16,1819.*

Elizabeth S. [at Nathant.PR53], and Nathan Silsbee, Nov.27,1823.*

Mark, and Sally Wiley, May16,1824.*

William, and Adaline Augusta Kingsbury, int.Jan.12,1834. (Marriage forbidden.)

Mary B., and Edwin Brackett, int.Nov.2,1834.

Mary R., and Edwin Brackett, Nov.17,1834.

Mehetable, and Peter Marsh, Dec.7,1834.*

Angeline, and John C. Haskell, Sept.20,1835.*

Rebecca L., and William H. Estes, Oct.27,1835.*

William, of Saugus, and Mary Elizabeth Morgan, int.May1,1836.

Edwin C., and Susan Ladd, Jan.6,1839.*

Caroline M., and Otis Gove, int.Oct.27,1839.

Mary D., of Concord, and Harris O. Chadwell, int.May24,1840.

Eliza Ann, and James S. Bancroft, Nov.30,1841.*

Mary, and Stephen Sullivan, Apr.7,1844.*

Salina C., and William G. Eaton, July6,1845.*

William M., and Mary A. Laborda, Jan.22,1846.*

Benjamin G., and Harriett K. Adams of Gloucester, int.Dec.17,1848.


Mary [Mrs.int.], and James Cash, Mar.4,1841.*

DOEL (Dole)

Hannah, wid., of Salisbury, and William Graves, at Salisbury, Mar.20,1721-2.


Fanny, and Barney Lafferty, int.Feb.18,1848.

Charles, a.24y., laborer, b. Ireland s.Daniel, and Mary Deary, a.22y., b. Ireland d.John, Nov.11,1849.*

DOLE (Doel)

Moses [of Rowley.int.], and Love Hawk [Hawks.int.], Sept.27,1796.*

Susan, and Abner S. Moore, June11,1844.*


Sarah [of Marblehead.int.], and David Ferns, Feb.11,1762.CTR*

John, and Betsey Newhall, June5,1797.CR5

John, and Marcy Barber, Oct.10,1803.

Tabitha, and Jacob R. Alley, Jan.6,1825.*

Thomas, and Ann Coxeter of Saxonville, int.Jan.21,1844.


Elizabeth [F. int.], and Sylvester Flint, Nov.8,1837.*

DONAHOE (Donohoe)

Betsey, and Cornelius Sullivan, int.Apr.8,1849.


William, and Eliza A. Pierce, int.Oct.25,1846.

DONOHOE (Donahoe)

Margaret, and John Deering, Apr.13,1845.*


Amos, and Sarah R. Hallowell, Sept.15,1831.*

DOUBTY (Doutey)

Margaret, Mrs., of Danvers, and John Collins, jr., July18,1765.CR2*

DOUGLASS (Duglass, Duglis)

Roswell, and Eliza Sawyer, May15,1839.

DOUTEY (Doubty)

Abigail, and Robard Edmonds, Oct.28,1717.*

DOW (Dowe)

Judith, and Samuel Collins, at Hampton, May17,1766.PR5

Benjamin, s.Abraham, of Seabrook, NH, husbandman, and Hannah Phillips, d.Walter, husbandman, Sept.24,1776.CR1

Mary, d.Abraham and Phebe, of Kensington, NH, and Benjamin Phillips, s.Walter and Content [bef. 1783].CR1

John, of Kensington, NH, s.John, deceased, of Kensington, and Abiah, and Abigail Phillips, d.Walter and Content, 30:5m:1792.CR1

Tyrus [Siles, of Bath.int.], and Mary Tillet, Jan.7,1796.*

Benjamin, of Seabrook, NH, s.Abraham, of Seabrook, deceased, and Phebe, and Hannah Silsbe, d.Henry and Hannah, deceased, 16:3m:1808.CR1

Nancy, and John Lummus, Apr.1,1818.*

Miriam, and Charles Adams, Sept.13,1818.*

Lydia C., and David Bowler, Aug.27,1820.*

Sarah, and Benjamin Homan, Feb.17,1825.*

Daniel, and Susan B. Hallowell, Dec.17,1826.*

Dolly, and David Buffum [bef. 1827].CR1

Luke W., and Eliza Guilford, Oct.27,1831.*

Perkins H., and Catharine Tuttle, June15,1834.*

Moody, and Clarisa Leach, Jan.8,1835.*

Rebecca, and Benjamin Cook, Apr.23,1835.*

Joseph W., and Dorothy M. Hunt, Feb.19,1837.*

Franklin [s.Moses, deceased, and Abigail, of Vassalboro, ME.CR1], and Hannah B. Breed [d.Moses and Hannah, deceased.CR1], June6,1838.

Susan B., and John Porter, Aug.16,1838.*

Thomas W., and Melinda Haines of Haverhill, int.Nov.4,1838.

Betsey, and David Pherson, int.Feb.3,1839.

Mary S., and Henry Atkins, int.Aug.28,1842.

John C., and Mary Eliza Glover, Oct.5,1843.*

Frances S., and Frederick Todd, int.Apr.21,1844.

Dorothy M., Mrs., and Daniel S. Lewis, int.Mar.2,1845.

Ebenezer, and Mary E. Wentworth, July19,1845.*

Josiah F., and Sarah J. Barker of Cornish, ME, int.Aug.16,1846.

Franklin I., of Baldwin, and Harriet I. Staples, Mar.14,1847.

Mary E., Mrs., a.31y., d.Peter and Mary Glover, and William H. Demerritt, a.40y., cordwainer, s.John and Abigail, Oct.8,1847.*

George W., and Mary Jane Bennett of Sanford, ME, int.Jan.9,1848.

Benjamin B., and Caroline A. Gibson, Oct.21,1849.*

Warren, a.22y., printer, s.Warren, and Martha J. Collyer, a.19y., d.Samuel B., Dec.6,1849.*

DOWE (Dow)

Judith, d.Jonathan and Kezia of Weare, NH, and John Phillips, yeoman, s.Walter and Content, at Weare, NH, 24:12m:1788.CR1

DOWING (Downing)

Henry, and Mary Rhoads, Jan.15,1712-13.*


Sarah Ann, a.21y., d.Timothy and Olive, of Lebanon, Me, and Alfred M. Smith, a.20y., s.Joseph and Hannah, of Charlestown, NH, Aug.14,1845.*

DOWNING (Dowing)

Mackum, "a Scot," and Margaret Suleavan, 末:4m:1653.CTR

John, of Boston, and Mrs.Hannah Shepard, int.Dec.27,1697.

Hannah, and Thomas Newman, int.May26,1716.

Caleb, and Mary Goold of Salem, Mar.2,1727.*

Joanna, and Nathaniel Ramsdill, Feb.16,1729-30.*

Mary [Dowing. int.], and Patrick Coborn, Aug.29,1731.*

Sarah, and Isaac Day of Gloucester, int.Nov.17,1734.

Joseph, and Hannah Narramore, Jan.31,1737-8.*

Benjamin, and Sarah Smith, Sept.6,1739.*

John, and Abigaill Vining of Boston, int.Mar.17,1749-50.

Caleb, and Sarah Coats, May16,1751.*

Thomas, and Mary Silsby of Salem, at Salem, Dec.16,1754.*

Martha, and John Ramsdel, June1,1758.*

John, and Rebakah Ramsdel, Sept.18,1761.*

Joseph, and Sarah Brown, June30,1763. [June20. dup.; June23.CR3]*

Anna, and Ezekiel Howard, Nov.28,1771.*

Elisabeth, and William Lewis, Dec.24,1771. [Dec.29.CR3]*

Susannah, and John Allen, Jan.16,1772.*

Joseph, and Anna Magrey, Dec.23,1773.*

Caleb, and Martha Hutchinson of Marblehead, at Marblehead, Oct.20,1774.*

Michail, and Jedidiah Newhall, Nov.17,1774.*

Jonathan, and Hannah Hutchinson, Dec.3,1774.CR3*

Anna, and Ebenezer Brown, int.Mar.23,1776.

John, and Alice Newhall, June21,1787.*

Caleb, and Polley Porter, int.Oct.7,1798.

Elijah, and Mary Breed, Apr.7,1799.*

Sally, and Joseph Clough, Dec.22,1807.*

Jonathan, and Susannah Brimblecum, Dec.12,1811.*

Elijah, and Clarrise Jacobs, July5,1814.*

Alice, and William G. Newhall, Jan.1,1815.*

Elizabeth, and Benjamin H. Jacob, Oct.24,1818.

Mary, and Samuel Bowers, Apr.25,1819.*

John, and [Mrs.int.] Leffe Peach, Feb.12,1826.*

Sarah, and Aaron Jenkins [resident of Lynn. int.], Dec.14,1828.*

Smith [jr.PR53], and Lois J. Alley [Oct.5,1829.PR53].*

Ann E., and Nelson O. chase (name changed to Augustus Otis), Jan.23,1830.*

Mary [d.Elijah, Esq.PR51], and James Pool [jr.PR53], Sept.29,1830.*

Hannah J., and Nehemiah Johnson, Jan.9,1831.*

Thomas, and Lydia S. Swindle, Sept.8,1834.*

Eben P., and Sarah Morton of Westbrook, ME, June30,1835.*

Clarisa J. and Benjamin Stephens, July1,1835.*

William, and Elizabeth Proctor, Aug.23,1835.

Eliza, and John A. Thurstin, Feb.8,1836.*

Joshua W., Rev., and Mary Ann Mudge, July5,1838.*

Elizabeth, and Ezra B. Allen, int.Aug.19,1838.

Elijah H., and Susan G. Bowler, int.Sept.2,1838.

Henry, and Caroline Griffin, Oct.11,1838.*

Eleanor, and Elisha C. Skinner, Nov.28,1839.*

Harriett, and George Breed, June4,1840.*

Smith, and Mary Clarrage, Feb.7,1841.*

Clarissa, and James Pool, int.Feb.11,1844.

Mary Ann, and Stephen H. Gardiner, Apr.17,1844.*

James H., and Mary Ann Jones of Boston, int.Aug.25,1844.

George H., and Mary E. Hudson, Dec.1,1846.*

William, of Danvers, and Lavina Mitchell, Feb.23,1847.

Lydia H., and Solon Rawson of Somerville, int.June4,1848.


Abigail [of Charlestown. int.], and [Dr. int.] Peter G. Robbins, Jan.18,1807.*


Mary, of Chichester, NH, and Charles H. Moulton, int.May11,1834.


Julia E., of Salem, and Samuel T. Brown, int.Oct.9,1836.


Hannah [B.PR13], and Ezra Mudge, Nov.4,1819 [Nov.1.PR13]*

Sally, and Daniel Tilton, jr. [of Edgecomb, ME. int.], Oct.6,1822.*

Lydia, of Wakefield, NH, and David Thurstin, resident in Lynn, int.Jan.20,1823.

Elizabeth, and Samuel P. Page, Sept.23,1828.*

Jane, and Charles P. Barry, Sept.25,1828.*


Ruth, and Robert Potter, 25:11m:1659.CTR

Richard, and Sara Salmon, 6:11m:1663.CTR

Joseph, and Elizabeth Horton, Aug.16,1838.

Eliza [of Salem.int.], and Nathaniel Alley, Jan.20,1839.*


Richard W., and Mary P. Newhall, Apr.18,1841.*


James, resident in Lynn, and Joanna Woods of Dunstable, NH, int.Apr.11,1819.

Asenath, of Raymond, NH, and Andrew Johnson, int.Apr.10,1836.

Daniel, a.21y., cordwainer, s.David and Eunice, and Martha Jane Parker [Packer. int.], a.22y., d.James and Sally P., June13,1847.*

Sarah R., of Boston, and Thomas E. Matteson of Boston, Nov.11,1847.

DUGLASS (Douglass)

Alexander, and Abigail Sharp, at Salem, May3,1700.*

DUGLIS (Douglass)

Samuel, and Sarah Chilson, int.Jan.22,1726-7.

Alexander, and Sarah Ballard, int.Nov.30,1729.


James, and Katherine Webb, at Marblehead, Feb.11,1736.

DUNBAR (Dunber)

Betsey, and John Oliver, Dec.10,1809.*

Alexander K. [of Randolph.int.], and Rebecca Reed, May8,1838.*

DUNBER (Dunbar)

Mary, and William Cowing, int.Oct.31,1762.

DUNEL (Dunnel)

Sarah, and Ebenezer Merriam, Nov.27,1760.

Jacob, and Rebaccah Flurance, Dec.12,1771.*

DUNELL (Dunnel)

Ruth, and Isaac Meacham [Mecham.int.], Oct.29,1751.*

Mary, and John Wayt, Jan.29,1754.*


Clarissa, and Henry Dunham, int.Dec.24,1848.

Henry, and Clarissa Dunham, int.Dec.24,1848.

DUNLAP (Dulap)


David, and Margarett Skinner, Nov.25,1773.*

Joseph, and Rosanna Devine, int.Nov.6,1842.

Luke, and Elizabeth O'Donnell, int.June15,1845.

Joseph, and Susan McKenna, int.Aug.12,1849.

DUNNEL (Dunel, Dunell, Dunnil, Dwinel)

David, and Kuziah [Kezia.int.], Nov.9,1732.*

Susanna, of Topsfield, and Zaccheus Norwood, int.Oct.27,1745.

DUNNIL (Dunnel)

Jonathan, and Mehitable Kenney, of Salem, at Salem, Aug.21,1727.*


Ebenezer, and Sally Lindsey, May19,1816.*

Lydia [A. int.], and Daniel Lang [of Pittsfield, NH. int.], Dec.13,1838.*

Eliza, and Benjamin C. Ripley, int.Oct.13,1839.


Benjamin, and Sarah D. Lyons, June5,1834.*


Nathan P., and Jerusha Williams, July16,1812.*

Reuben, resident in Lynn, and Hannah Alley, int.Feb.26,1815.

Clarissa H., and Alexis Charamel, Mar.15,1840.*

Mary Ann, and Otis A. Brown, Nov.23,1842.*

Lydia Jane, and Alexander Robbins of Salem, int.May7,1848.


Mark H., and Ann Gracey, int.Sept.29,1839.


James, of Lowell, a.27y., paper printer, s.David, of Scotland and Lovilla F. Colby, of Lowell, a.25y., paper worker, d.Aaron and Lavina, of Goffstown, NH, Aug.5,1844.*

DURRELL (Durwell)

Oren A., and Lucina Taylor of Lisbon, NH, int.Sept.16,1838.

Sirena A., and Jonathan Kelley, int.Feb.7,1847.

DURWELL (Durrell)

[Sarah A. int.], of Dover, and Rev. James D. Green, at Dover, NH, Nov.3,1825.PR53*


David, and Sally G. Mansfield, Apr.8,1832.*

DWANIEL (Dwinel)

Joanna, of Topsfield, and Nathaniel Hood, at Topsfield, Oct.16,1706.*

DWIER (Dwyer)

Joseph, and Elizabeth Horton, int.July30,1837.

DWINEL (Daniells, Dunnel, Dwaniel, Dwonill)

Susanna, of Topsfield, and Zacheus Norwood, at Topsfield, Dec.26,1745.

DWONILL (Dwinel)

Thomas, of Topsfield, and Dinah Brimsdill, at Topsfield, May23,1701.

DWYER (Dwier)

Edward A., and Sarah E. Clark, Dec.4,1844.*

Rogers, laborer, b. Ireland s.William, and Eliza Hassett, b. Ireland int.Oct.27,1849.


Eunice, of Durham, ME, and William R. Johnson, int.Apr.23,1837.

Sarah E., and William H. Smith, int.Feb.25,1838.


Elezebeth, and Stephen Avery, at Boston, 16:10m:1728.PR5

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